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The Rotary Club of The Hills-Kellyville Monday 14th April 2014 Weekly Bulletin Issue 5 No.37 Program for Club Meeting Monday 14th April 2014

Jim Sifonios - Cambodia Door Rotary Grace Loyal Overseas Club

Duty Roster tonight: Ray Campbell Alex Traill Toasts: Bob Low Michael Griscti

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Easter Sunday – Jazz at the Pines



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Rotary Four-Way Test

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Of the things we think say or do:

Our Lord our giver of all good

Is it the TRUTH?

We thank thee for our daily food

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

May Rotary friends and Rotary Ways


Help us to serve thee all our days



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Science Forum – Shivani Shah



Jazz at the Pines

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Next Meeting: 28th April, 2014 (No meeting 21st April – East Monday) Program Tai Chi Association

Duty Roster Door Rotary Grace Loyal Toast

Jim Sifonios Gordon Scoble Ian Pearce

Happy Birthday to Ian Pearce on the 19th ; Shirley Griscti on the 24th and Bev Low on the 27th. Celebrate in style, folks No Anniversaries at all in April

Toast to Overseas Club Tonight we toast the Rotary Club of Cambridge, England - District 1080, to celebrate the visit from Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. .

Dan Murphy Roster (No Dan Murphy’s on 19th)

26th April, 2014 Michael Griscti and Alan Jones


President’s Message Hello fellow Rotarians, Last week Steve Bourke from the Hills Basketball Association gave us a very interesting insight into the popularity of the sport in the Hills area. Steve, the fulltime General Manager of the Hills Basketball Association Inc., described in detail their facilities in the Shire and the thousands of thousands and adults that benefit from the sport. He is passionate about the association and plans to extend the existing facilities subject to finance availability as the sport is growing at a tremendous pace. The existing facilities have reached maximum capacities and whenever possible outside organizations also use them for exhibitions and training. Don’t forget Easter is coming fast and with our first Jazz at the Pines on Easter Sunday 20th April we need everyone’s support to make this a great event. At tonight’s meeting, Jim Sifonios will be talking about his recent trip with Vivien to Cambodia. This is a partners’ welcome meeting. For your diary there is a board meeting this coming Wednesday 16th, 7pm for 7.30pm at Jim and Vivien’s home. President Rob Summary of Last Meeting – Monday 7th April 2014 Apologies Alan Jones; Rod Tilden; Ray Campbell and ilf van Emmerik

. President Robert Mackay greeted members, and welcomed guest speaker Steve Burke from the Hills Basketball Association. President Rob spoke about Jazz at the Pines, reminding Members that we will need all hands on deck on Easter Sunday. He indicated that a very supportive email from DG Graeme Davies had been received. Treasurer Keith Stapley, spoke in relation to the Bourke Breakfast Program saying that a report on the ABC News had been released stating that the State government was now committed to supporting breakfast programs in 12 high needs primary schools. Many of these were in Kylie Pennell’s area, including Bourke Primary. It appears however that the commitment is for just $3000 per annum for each school, which would

not fund the project. Treasurer Keith will be contacting MP Dominic Perrottet to discuss. The agreement with Council for our Club to run the Jazz at the Pines program was signed on Friday and Members should look out for coverage in the local papers. Keith said that there are currently 76 bookings, for the Easter Sunday event, so it is looking very promising for a great

3|Page turn-out, as long as the weather is kind to us. Please make a diary note that the next one after Easter Sunday is Sunday May 18th.

Bobby Redman, PR Director / Conference Chair, directed Members to information regarding the International Convention in this week’s Bulletin.

Keith also spoke about the Gardens Competition saying that we are looking at re-starting this competition to run through the Orange Blossom Festival. We have applied for a grant under Community Event Funding to cover our costs.

Bobby circulated information regarding Hornsby Rotary’s Las Vegas Night that had come to her as Bulletin Editor.

Graeme Rohan, Community Service Director, said that Saturday had been a good day at Dan Murphy’s. He raised the subject of whether we would be in a position to help out at the Sydney Convention and the matter was to be discussed at this month’s Board Meeting. Ian Pearce, Vocational, said that plans for the Awards Night, which was now going to be a joint event with the Rotary Club of Winston Hills were well underway. Letters have gone out to recipients. As President Elect, Ian said that Alan Jones had agreed to take up the Club Service Director’s role, and Robert Mackey the International / Rotary Foundation position. We are still seeking to cover the positions of Community Service Director; PR Director and Newsletter Editor. PE Ian reminded the incoming Board that District Assembly is on April 12th.

Bobby reminded everyone that the Entertainment Book for this year would have some available for sale from 14th April. Jim Sifonios, Youth, spoke about a request from District to provide accommodation for Youth Exchange Students coming from various parts of Australia to attend the International Convention – accommodation is required from Saturday 31st May to Thursday 5th June (refer article in last week’s Bulletin for more information). Jim had received an invitation from Hills Shire Council to attend the launch of a new program – the Sydney Hills Business Award for Community Contribution. He was unable to attend and was seeking a Member to represent the Club. We have received two nominations for incoming Youth Exchange Students seeking Club Hosting. Information would be circulated to the Board for review. A meeting was to be held with Peter Fowler at Rouse Hill Anglican College as a possible school should the Club go ahead.

The raffle draw was won by Bob Low (again!!!!!) – Sadly for Bob, the Joker is still in the pack.

Guest Speaker – Steve Burke The Hills Basketball Association The Hills Basketball Association is the 2nd largest in NSW. It started in the early 80s, working out of several rental sites and by the mid-90s had grown enough to consolidate and find a suitable venue at Fred Caterson Reserve. At that stage there were 700 Members, there are now 4000 registered members. The game appeals to all ages from 5 to 65 years old; and you don’t even have to play the game to enjoy it as many members are involved as volunteers and officials. Competitions are run 7 days a week and include those for local teams just out for a bit of fun to the rep team, The Hills Hornets, who play against other Sydney and Regional Teams. The game is played at local, State and National level.

4|Page Basketball is a popular sport and Steve says they don’t really need to advertise to find new players. Development Officers go out to schools, which is enough to catch the kids’ interest. The Club have had many Junior members, playing for the State and at National level. The venue at Fred Caterson Reserve currently has four full size courts and hosts a number of other indoor sports including wheelchair sports. When there are no sporting events they hire out the premises for expos and fairs. Due to the popularity of the Club they are now looking to expand by building two more courts, additional changing rooms, a new grandstand, a function room and some more offices. This is a big call as although they received some upfront government funding in the early days, they are pretty much self-funded for the on-going operation of the Club. Congratulations are definitely in order for the great job that Steve Burke is doing in Managing this Club.

Sydney Convention News – excerpt from Corroborree Edition 5 One of the real highlights of the 2014 Sydney Convention will be the outstanding Billabong House of Friendship, located close to the Olympic Park Railway Station and Registration Hall – and just a five minute walk to the main plenary hall, Allphones Arena … A real life mini zoo, 350 Rotary and commercial booths, a man made ‘Billabong’ water hole, world class entertainment, multiple cuisine choices, tea and coffee stations, large seating and rest areas, internet café, and even a wine and oyster bar will provide many attractions for local and international Rotarians, partners and friends. Convention registration will take place from Thursday afternoon from 3 pm and the Billabong House of Friendship will open on Saturday, May 31, at 9:30 am.

News from the Rotary family You will all remember Imogen Wadlow, who was sponsored by the Club, some years back, to attend the Science Forum. Imogen is back in the news as one of the 10 finalists from around the world to present at the World Conference on Youth in the Environmental category. If she is successful she will be heading off to Colombo, Sri Lanka in May. To vote for Imogen (the only Australian in the running), head to and follow the link.

Have you ever wondered ……? - Why does a round pizza come in a square box? - Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough money? - Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? - Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?

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