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The Rotary Club of The Hills-Kellyville Monday 10 February 2014 Weekly Bulletin Issue 5 No.28 th

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Tonight we toast the Rotary Club of Bangkapi, Thailand and congratulate them on their Disabled Children’s Outing and Super Fellowship Weekend which they have just held over this past weekend, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin.

Of the things we think say or do: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Last Meeting: 3rd February 2014 Program New Hope – Cambodia Nadia Rice President’s Message Apologies Suresh Prasad; Rod Tilden; Mike O’Connell; Brian King; and Bob Low

Next Meeting: 17th February 2014 Program Northwest Rail Link

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President’s Message Hello fellow Rotarians, Trust everybody is looking forward to attending the District Conference at Chatswood Sunday week, 23rd February. The program is now available on line. Our guest speaker last week was Nadia Rice who enthralled us with her dedication to volunteering in Cambodia. We wish her well and look forward to hearing from her again when she returns. Nice to hear Rod is on the mend and look forward to seeing him back in the club in the very near future. President Rob.

Time to wish Vivien Sifonios a very Happy Birthday for the 16th February. We hope you have a great day, Viv. We would also like to wish Alex and Helen Traill every happiness on their Wedding Anniversary, coming up on the 15th February. Well ,only a couple of weeks away from the District Conference, but as we are now past the final closing date for bookings, I’m afraid that if you haven’t already done so, you have missed out. There is, however, still time to book for this once in a lifetime opportunity – to attend the Rotary International Convention, being held from the 1st – 4th June. So far I am aware of 14 Club Members and partners having registered and at least one member who is hosting / billetting an overseas Rotarian and his partner. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you give it your serious consideration, because it is such a wonderful opportunity to really be involved with Rotary at it’s best….as a global organisation.


Last Meeting – Monday 3rd February 2014 - Reported by Bobby Redman President Robert opened the meeting by welcoming all members with a special mention for Bruce Pike and Haran Ramachandran, attending their first meeting for the year. President Rob also welcomed our guest speaker for the night, Nadia Rice who was here to talk about New Hope – Cambodia. Apologies were read out, as per the information on the front page of this Bulletin. President Rob asked Bobby to update Members on all her news, in regards to her retirement and move from Dural to the Central Coast. President Rob said that the Bunning’s BBQ, although reportedly occurring on their quietest Sunday this year was still beneficial, with around $500 worth of profit from the sale of 350 sausage sandwiches and 170 drinks. President Rob then mentioned that he had received a request from Ben Jackson of the Hills Community Volunteers seeking support for a new Youth Program in the Hills, in the form of running their BBQ on 13 th February. He said that he would follow up on this. He then reminded everyone that we were planing a joint meeting with the Inner Wheel Club of Baulkham Hills for 10 th March, and suggested it would be a good night for Members to bring any partners who were not members of the Inner Wheel Club. Secretary, Wilf van Emmerik, presented his report indicating that we had received a receipt for the donation we had made to North West Disability for the loan of their bus. We had also received a request from Dudley Mercer from the Blue Mountains for cook books and plant cuttings for victims of the recent bush-fires. Members needed to bring their donations over the next couple of weeks, as they were being picked up in the 3rd week of February. Treasurer, Keith Stapley, once more reminded members that half-yearly fees were due, and that he had invoices for those requiring them. Keith, whose wife, Lyn is President of The Inner Wheel Club of Baulkham Hills, elaborated on the joint meeting, speaking about the guest speaker, Dave Dennis, and his charity group, Drive for Life (Motto – Our Wheels will give them their Wheels), who have already raised half a million dollars for Northcott Disability Service. He said that they had a couple of big trips planned during the year, one to the Victorian High Country at the end of March / beginning of April and one to the Simpson Desert in September. Club Program Director, Ray Campbell, provided an update to the gaps showing in the calendar. -

Next week we have Mark Buckingham from Epping Rotary speaking about Social Media 17/3 Simone Kennedy – who is a Paralympics Cyclist and this year’s Australian Day Ambassador 31 / 3 Tracks and Trails – Boronia Tours

International Service Director, Alan Jones, reported on current activities. - Indian Prosthesis Project – information has been gathered and is now awaiting a decision from the Board - Jaffna Project – concerns that the District Committee in Sri Lanka have still not given their approval putting the project at risk. Alan also gave feedback on Rod Tilden, saying that he was gradually improving and now well enough to take calls from fellow Rotarians. Vocational Director, Ian Pearce, reminded everyone that the closing date for nomination forms for Awards Night is 1st April. Membership Director, Penny Hill, had nothing to report, but reminded Members to look out for people who may be interested in attending meetings.

4|Page PR Director, Bobby Redman apologised for errors in this week’s Weekly Bulletin. She reported that good coverage had been gained in the local media for Australia Day, with the press release and photos being published in the Hills Shire Times and on the website of the Hills News. Community Service Director, Graeme Rohan reminded Penny and Ian that they were rostered on for the Dan Murphy BBQ on Saturday. He also indicated that Haran was proposing another fund-raiser for ROMAC at Box Hill on Saturday May 3rd. Youth Service Director, Jim Sifonios, said that the Australia Day event was a great success and well attended and that a Certificate of Appreciation had been received from the Scouts for passing along to them all donations that were received on the day (it was noted that there had been a decision by the Board to increase this to $500). Jim thanked all those who participated and assisted in the preparation and the running of the event, with specific thanks to the following: Alan Jones (MC); Graeme Rohan (provisions); Ian Pearce (jumping castle and sound system); Thomas Cann (trees and equipment for planting them); Wilf van Emmerik (invitations to politicians); Bobby Redman and Dani Mitchell (costume judges) and all others who assisted on the day. President Rob thanked Jim for all his efforts in organising and co-ordinating this event. Jim then reported that information had been given to Kellyville High School about RYPEN. At the end of the Director’s reports, President Rob invited Haran Ramachandran to provide feedback on his trip to India. Haran reported that he and his family had had a wonderful time. They were given the opportunity to travel to Zinkapalem to view the water project there, along with PDG Bruce Allen. Haran has requested a time slot in order to present this report fully, but said that at this stage he could say that everyone there was extremely happy…saying that the smiles of the children, said it all. A date was set for the presentation on 24th February. The wine raffle was won by Alan Jones, but the jackpot was untouched.

Guest Speaker for the week was Nadia Rice, New Hope - Cambodia Nadia started her presentation by telling us how this time last year she had spent 4 months volunteering at New Hope Cambodia in both the school and the clinic, where she got to know the community and the families, whose children she taught. She said that during that time these children and their community became her friends. Nadia spoke about the impact the harsh environment had had on her – how her new friends are currently living amongst their own waste. “Not only is it disgusting, not only is it unpleasant, it is contaminating their water, it is making them sick and our kids are walking through it to get to school”. Because of this she is planning to head back there again, next week, to do what she can to change this horrible situation and give her new friends a cleaner and safer environment to raise their babies and families in. Nadia then told us about New Hope Cambodia and Mondul 3 village. New Hope Cambodia is a grass roots, rapidly growing NGO run by a local Khmer man by the name of Kemsour. The focus of New Hope is 'free education for all', however the organisation’s founder was unable to ignore the chronic malnutrition, ill health and horrific living conditions of its community. For this reason, New Hopes activities address the daily issues facing families and finds ways to work toward a better future. In 2007 Kemsour, purchased land in Mondul 3 and soon realised that there was a desperate need for food, education and health care. Much to the dismay of his new wife, Kemsour sold every viable asset they had to build a small grass hut to serve as his classroom. Kemsour taught English and Japanese and eventually founded the New Hope Cambodia organization.

5|Page Mondul 3 is located in one of the of the poorest slum areas in Siem Reap, Cambodia. New Hope is centrally located in Mondul 3 to allow the people easy access to its services. The village is now home to 300 families made up of army personnel, sex workers and displaced men, women and children. The people of Mondul 3 have no formal education. Living conditions are appalling, work opportunities limited and food scarce. Children often rely on elderly relatives and sibling for care, or are left to fend for themselves. In order to survive many girls fall victim to the sex trade and often have children themselves at a young age. Without help these girls have no future and many will die prematurely of sexually transmitted diseases. New Hope Cambodia provides a range of services to assist this village and its people. The main services provided are free education, health care and their outreach program. Education Program New Hope provides free education for 600 students daily, teaching English, math, computer skills, sex education, equality, sewing and sport. It also supports 250 students undertaking a formal Khmer education and provides funding for uniforms for the public schools, books and bicycles. The Health Centre New Hope, with the assistance of sponsors and volunteers, treats up to one hundred residents each day for burns, wounds, salmonella poisoning, infections and illnesses such as malnutrition, HIV, hepatitis, typhoid, tuberculosis and dengue fever. Preserving health and saving the lives of parents is fundamental to conserving the families of Mondul 3. In memory of his late wife, Helen, Queensland Pharmacist Chris Bonner contributed significant funds to enable New Hope to relocate and expand their medical facility. The Healthcare Centre treats up to 100 patients each day and its medical team performs approximately 1,800 consultations a month. All costs are covered by New Hope Cambodia. Outreach Program With the help of sponsors and donations, New Hope feeds 200 impoverished families and 50 starving babies each month. They also issue birth certificates and documents so families will be “legalized� and able to access the public health system, public education, and have the right to vote. New Hope provides education for women on family planning, childcare, and also repairs housing, installs water pumps and provides mosquito nets, blankets, and bicycles. Since her return to Australia, Nadia has managed to raise $25,000 which she is putting towards a special project called The Village Sanitation project which is currently being researched by the Clinic Manager, Jody. This project was something Jody and Nadia saw as a priority for the village and the people of Mondul 3. As described earlier, the village has no sanitation. There are no toilets at all through the village and people go to the bathroom where ever they find a spot. For obvious reasons this is making the village a very unpleasant place to live, unsafe and unsanitary for families to be raised. The waste is now getting into their water supply and making them sick. The project aim is to have environmentally friendly self-composting toilets placed into the village to combat this problem and prevent further children and their families from developing illnesses and requiring assistance from the clinic. Thus taking pressure of the already over crowed clinic and it medical supplies.

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