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Merry Christmas!

The High Post A Publication of Greater Latrobe Senior High School

December 23, 2011

Volume 89 Issue 5

Mr. Mains Makes Predictions

With the winter season approaching, Mr. Mains gives his yearly prediction, “This week it’s going to warm back up and there’s a chance right around Christmas Eve and Christmas that there is a storm that could bring us at least a coating of snow and hopefully drop our temperatures down. But honestly, this winter is playing just the opposite than I thought it would. The long range models back in August thought it was going to be a strong winter season and that hasn’t panned out which isn’t good for snow lovers in our area. The latest round of models came out and it’s actually predicting a warm January, February, and March, but I think after it cools off for Christmas it will warm back up for New Years. There should be a two to three week stretch in January where we have our real winter.”

2 • GLSHS Embraces Holiday Season

Merry Christmas 2011! vided By Mrs. Photograph Pro


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“I am going to visit my family in New York.” ~Jillian McLaren, senior “I go to Oklahoma to spend time with family.” ~Brandon Harris, junior

“I’m going to get my wisdom teeth out over break.” ~Kati Jo Bozelli, senior

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“My family and I go to overly’s every year on Christmas Eve.” ~Ashlyn Whalen, junior

“We usually set a real tree and we decorate it with garland lights and ornaments. Some of the ornaments have been given to me by family and are really special.” ~Colleen Naeger, sophomore

Ally Bair

Photograph By

Ally Bair

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“I am spending time with my sisters while they’re home from college and ski/snowboard with friends.” ~Natalie Medic, senior

“I open presents at 11 a.m. on Christmas day.” ~Alyssa Barnett, junior “I am going to my grandparents in Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve.” ~Josh Smith, sophomore

Seniors Austin Faddish, Jonath an Skoloda and junior Larry Kun kle work togethe r to pack pretzels for the Westmor eland County Fo od Bank through the Kennmenta l Young Engin eers Program.

“Every year on Christmas eve, each of my family members and I get together and open one gift before Christmas day.” ~ Brandy Jacobs, senior

“One of my family’s Christmas traditions is my sister and I bake 25 different kinds of cookies on Christmas Eve.” ~Liz Hawk, junior

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“My family and I wait until Christmas day to put the star on top of the tree, by alternating between my siblings and me every year.” ~Christina Majorsky, senior

“On Christmas day, my presents are outside our front door.” ~Julie Marcinik, junior ~Compiled By High Post Staff

4 • The Season of Gifts!

Worst Gifts Ever... “You know those pigs that you squeeze and brown gooey plastic comes out. That was my main present from my mom was thirteen.” -Hazel Jackson, junior “I got lotion and perfume that I ended up being allergic to.” -Devon Watt, sophomore “My great aunt bought me a big Styrofoam peach.” -Tyler Frenchik, senior

The High Post

My Ideal Christmas Gift... “My two front teeth” -Taylor Smail, senior.

“Something special, from the heart, and well thought out” -Hannah Hemminger, senior

“A three-week old puppy under my Christmas tree in a box with a bow on its head” -Adam Kniffen, junior

“My favorite Christmas present would be Alexis Yazge with a bow” -Trevor Octavio, senior

“I got a coat rack.” -Maddie Wilson, sophomore “I got a pair of really ugly slippers that were two sizes too big. My grandmother isn’t good with style.” -Alexis Fannie, senior “I tried to make jewelry boxes for my friends, but when I gave them out they completely fell apart.” -Emma Firment, senior ~Compiled By Klaudia Long

“My ideal Christmas present is Trevor Octavio…to move away from Latrobe” -Alexis Yazge, senior.

“A bottomless bank account” -Britney Gaia, junior

Easy Gifts Under $10! 1. Gourmet coffees from Starbucks with a personal coffee cup or travel mug

2. Movie theater gift certificates to see “The Muppets,” “New Years Eve,” or “Twilight” 3. Home baked banana bread or chocolate chip cookies, include recipe

4. Chocolate covered pretzels 5. Teacup with box of herbal tea from Republic of Tea

~Compiled By Courtney Joesph

Merry Christmas! From, The High Post Staff

6. Fancy hand soaps or lotions from Bath and Body Works 7. Nail polish/beauty supplies from Wal-Mart

8. Pair of mittens or gloves from Old Navy 9. Paperback books by Sarah Dessen or C.S. Lewis

10. Scented candle from Bath and Body Works

~Compiled By Stevie Huston

The High Post  
The High Post  

Volume 89, Issue 5: A Publication of Greater Latrobe Senior High School, Latrobe, Pa. Special Edition! Merry Christmas from the staff!