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Little Shop OF Horrors

March 7-8, 2014

Special Edition: Musical 2014 Volume 91; Issue 9

2 • Special Edition

Little Shop Horrors

Cover Photo and pictures by Sarah Weise


What is Little Shop of Horrors?

What is the musical to you?

The stars of the show are not only Audrey and Seymour, but the stage crew who are the “underground playmakers” of the show. The sorcery they perform can’t be topped with their perfection of lights and soundboard. “We design as we go, pitch our own ideas for the set,” said Sean Ober, a junior stage crew member. “Our biggest challenge is definitely sound, along with the ropes. They’re pretty crazy to keep track of and manage.”


“Musical theatre is like an addictive substance, there’s nothing like the crowds and producing something people can really enjoy.” ~Ally Kornides, sophomore, ensemble

Adam Sarp plots Alex Jabbour’s death while getting his teeth worked on by Alex’s character, Orin.

“I started to do theatre in 5th grade and initially hated it, the show I did was just bad, but now I’m going to school for it. Theatre is neat-o.” ~Lindsey Anna, junior, ensemble “I’m in the musical because I was no longer able to do ballet after I had a knee surgery but the ballet and dancing opportunities offered in the high school have been may way to get back into dance.” ~Jessica Yasher, senior, ensemble “I always thought musical was a little bit lame but when I actually joined I had a ton of fun. My mind was blown.” ~Jake Ballard, senior, ensemble

What truly brings a show to life is the charming music that adds depth and meaning to the plot. This year four students, Josh Auman, Jason Geiger, Sophia Polander, and Matt Warren, are playing alongside professionals in the pit. Polander enjoys the oppurtunity. She said, “Playing with professionals is a great learning experience especially for techniques. Plus, you can even make some new friends.” Audrey II, played by Maddie Wilson and Matt Squier, is a blood thirsty space plant.

The Musical Experience in Five Words


Ms. Surden

Assistant Director

Carly Lubic

Student Director

Mr. Sheridan




















“There’s a big difference between music in choir and in a musical. That’s the key of being a musician though, being able to sing in different styles.”

“My favorite part is how the cast evolves from being so rough to being so impressively smooth and creating a truly great show.”

The ensemble floods the stage for a large dance number.

“First you must understand the genre because you can’t take it seriously or it seems dumb. You have to see the subtle underlying humor in the ridiculousness of the plot and the ridiculousness of the characters. Once you accept the intent of the show it’s even more enjoyable.” - Mr. Sheridan

Urchins and ensemble come together in street garb as they break into a tune.

Dylan Pal, Lindsey Ferguson, and Adam Sarp clean up the flower shop after the man-eating Venus flytrap becomes famous.

Pit Conductor


“When I get emotional it’s because the cast isn’t meeting my expectations and I always know that they can be met.”

Compiled by Olivia Marcanio and Sarah Weise


“Little Shop of Horrors,” the renowned comedy horror musical, will be performed by Greater Latrobe High School in the Senior High Auditorium on March 7 and 8. Created by Alen Menken and Howard Ashmen in the 80s, the play depicts a luckless florist, played by Adam Sarp, who manages to raise a flesh-eating monster plant to the backdrop of 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop, and Motown music numbers. A little romance is thrown into the mix as well with Lindsey Ferguson playing Audrey, Adam’s love interest. A supporting cast of over 40 students will help add to the famed craziness of the musical too. Mr. Krack and Ms. Surden are directing with student directing from Carly Lubic. Mr. Sheridan will direct the pit. Student tickets are $10 apiece with adult admission priced at $15. Tickets can be purchased in the Auditorium, online at, or by calling 724-539-4298.

Mr. Krack

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“If you pick something that everyone likes, well, then you’re boring.” The glitzy urchin ensemble sings out the plot to “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Audrey, played by Lindsey Ferguson, worries about her new boyfriend, Seymour.

Seymour, played by Adam Sarp, fights with Orin, Alex Jabbour, about selling Audrey II.

“Feed me, Seymour”-Audrey II