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Hometown Heroes A Salute to Our First Responders

Bu lletin Burnet

Injured or fallen, but not forgotten BY GLYNIS CRAWFORD SMITH THE HIGHLANDER

Texas Rangers and other Texas Department of Public Safety and law enforcement officials swelled a crowd in Horseshoe Bay on Jan. 21 of this year, to memorialize Ranger Stanley Keith “Stan” Guffey. Members of the Hill Country 100 Club were there as well, standing ready to honor a fallen ranger just as they honor and support local injured first responders and the families of the fallen. The January event this year marked the 30th Anniversary of the death in the Ranger Guffey during the rescue of a two-year-old kidnap victim in Horseshoe Bay on Jan. 22, 1987. The Texas Department of Public Safety and its Texas Ranger division, the Texas Ranger Association, retired Texas Ranger Association, the City of Horseshoe Bay and local businesses sponsored the event for the unveiling of a Texas Ranger monument from the People of the State of Texas. “Texas Rangers are woven from a special fabric,” Guffey said Josefina Garza Guffey Jennings, Guffey’s widow, when she addressed the crowd. “It is not that Rangers are extraordinary men; it is that extraordinary men, and now women, join the Texas Rangers.” “We, the Rangers of today, understand our reputation is built on the shoulders of Stan Guffey,” said Texas Ranger Chief Randall “Randy” Prince. “Without hesitation, he put his life on the line to save a child...We are eternally proud and humbled by the sacrifice...” Guffey’s killer was Brent Albert Beeler, a parolee from Houston who was wanted for forgery. He made his way to Horseshoe Bay, where he barricaded himself inside a house. He murdered the family’s 22-year-old maid, Denise Johnson, and demanded $30,000 and a car for release Kara Leigh Whitehead, daughter of Bill and Leigh Whitehead. When the car was delivered, Guffey and Ranger Sgt. John Aycock were concealed in the back seat. Guffey in an exchange of gunfire. The Texas Ranger Medal of Valor was awarded to him, posthumously, and to Sgt. Aycock in 1987. another in 1995 for the rescue of a child in a hostage situation. Horse-

Bagpipes play as a color guard stands at attention. Page 2 › HOMETOWN HEROES

shoe Bay Police Chief Rocky Wardlow, a former Texas Ranger, presented Guffey’s widow a buoy that is a duplicate of the one that now designates the Horseshoe Bay Police Patrol Vessel as the PPV Stan Guffey. The 100 Club continues to honor local first responders who include: Burnet Paramedic Daniel Hampton died Sept. 18, 2015, as the result of injuries received when the ambulance he was driving crashed with a Peterbilt tractor trailer rig stopped in the same lane of traffic for a left turn. A second paramedic, Timothy Pierce, and a patient the two were Hampton transporting to a medical facility also were injured. See Fallen, page 4

The Horseshoe Bay Police Department patrol vessel, at left, was named officially the PPV Stan Guffey on Saturday, Jan. 21. Guffey’s widow, Josefina Garza Guffey Jennings is presented a replica of the buoy that now resides on the PPV Stan Guffey.

At the monument in front of the Horseshoe Bay Police Department dedicated Saturday, Jan. 21, to the late Texas Ranger Stan Guffey are the sons and widow that survived him Jan. 22, 1987, when he was killed in the line of duty. They are, from left, sons Mike and Stacy Guffey; Josefina Garza Guffey Jennings, and sons Chris and Travis Guffey.

We Salute Our First Responders! Thank you for all you give for the lives of others.

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Caring for those who serve and protect us and our loved ones.

The Hill Country 100 Club was formed by a group of concerned citizens and businesses in 2001. This all-volunteer organization’s primary purpose is to support activities necessary to help families of First Responders who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty, creating an untimely financial burden.

The 100 Club also focuses on helping first responders by providing scholarships for those who chose this profession, as well as recognizing them among their peers at an annual meeting and awards banquet. The 100 Club is proud to serve those who serve our communities in Burnet, Llano, Blanco and Lampasas Counties.


(Lifetime - $1,000 or four payments of $250 each)

• BUSINESS Membership: $250 Annually

(Lifetime - $2,500 or four payments of $625 each)

• FIRST RESPONDER Membership: $50 Annually (Lifetime - $500 or four payments of $125 each)

For more information email: Or visit our website at: Or call 830-693-5595 hc100club/

Supporting those who have pledged their lives to serve our community! HOMETOWN HEROES ‹ Page 3

Fallen, continued from page 2

Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD) Capt. Terry T. “Ted” Young was seriously injured in the line of duty while manning a patrol boat on Lake Marble Falls on July 4, 2015. His craft was struck by another and multiple surgeries and a long recovery were required before he was able to return to the force. Police Chief Mark Whitacre presented him with the MFPD Purple Heart in December that year. Burnet County Deputy Sheriff Francis “David” Blake died Oct. 3, 2009, while responding to an emergency call. His patrol car hit a deer and veer off Texas 29 West, about seven miles west of Burnet. Briggs Volunteer Fire Fighter Chad Wessels was killed Dec. 11, 2005, as he responded to a fire near Briggs. The tanker truck he was driving left the road and struck a tree, rupturing the fuel tank and igniting the fire Wessels that claimed him. Tow Volunteer Department Fire Fighter Ronald Sanderson died in July 5, 2013, running into his own burning home to look for his wife and three children, who had safely escaped through another door. He had moved away from Tow, but returned and had not been re-listed in the ranks officially only because of schedulSanderson ing problem and was restored to his unit posthumously. Llano County Deputy Sheriff Andrew Harrison “Andy” Taylor died May 9, 2005 from a gunshot wound inflicted by Eric Richard Wolfe during a Kingsland traffic stop the day before. Taylor also was a member of the Llano Volunteer Fire Department. Then Llano County Sheriff Nathan Garrett presided over the dedication of a Taylor memorabilia at the Llano County Law Enforcement Center that June. The memory of Burnet County Constable William ‘Oscar’ McCarty was restored 71 years after his death in the line of duty. The lawman who was shot in the line of duty after responding to a disturbance at the Marble Falls movie theater on April 11, 1942. McCarty was Precinct 4 Constable, as was Burnet County Deputy Christopher Jett at the time his son, Marshall, adopted a memorial project in the course of his Eagle Scout qualification. The memorial at the Burnet County Courthouse Annex, 810 Steve Hawkins Parkway in Marble Falls. Historically, there have been some others who have been killed in the line of duty, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, which is dedicated to fallen officers. Deputy Sheriff Samuel B. Martin died Sept. 11, 1876, as a result of gunshots suffered four days earlier while trying to arrest a suspect for stealing hogs and cattle. He was 25. That suspect turned out to be Page 4 › HOMETOWN HEROES

Joseph Olney, who would later join up with the Clanton Gang in Tombstone, Arizona, and was allied with famed outlaw Johnny Ringo. Burnet City Marshal John W. Wolf, a former Burnet County sheriff, was shot on May 10, 1892, by Constable John Taylor, who was upset that Wolf had arrested his son. The constable came to the police station and shot Wolf in the leg and he succumbed to the wound two days later. Wolf had been a city marshal for 10 years. Sheriff Nimrod Johnson Miller was killed Sept. 1, 1881, when he was shot with an arrow and beaten by several suspects while en route to Indian Territory (modern day Oklahoma) to arrest a suspect. Miller Miller’s body was never found. Details of his demise were not learned until a prisoner in Fort Smith, Arkansas, confessed that he witnessed the murder. Miller had served with the department for four years and was 37 at the time of his death. Llano County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Nowlin was shot and killed in San Saba County April 5, 1888, while serving a warrant issued in Jeff Davis County. Nowlin, accompanied by a citizen, had gone to the man’s home which was just over the county line. When they approached the home, the man came out of the house with a shotgun. Because the man was known to Nowlin, he informed him that he had a warrant for him. As the two discussed it Nowlin provided the warrant and the man began to read it. While reading it, the suspect suddenly raised his shotgun and fired at Nowlin, striking him. The citizen immediately went for help and returned with a doctor. Nowlin died two hours later. The suspect was arrested and sentenced to 24 years in prison for murdering Nowlin, 25, who had only been on the job for a month. Llano County Deputy Sheriff James B. O’Bannon was shot and killed with his own revolver during a struggle with a prisoner on July 23, 1884. O’Bannon was helping the prisoner, C.C. Davis, get bond posted when the man suddenly grabbed the deputy’s revolver. A struggle ensued and the suspect shot O’Bannon twice. The man fled and was later apprehended in Grayson County after stealing a horse. He was returned to Llano County to face charges for killing O’Bannon. The first elected sheriff of Llano County, Sheriff Samuel Lee Lockhart, was stabbed to death on Jan. 9, 1858, after telling several men to stop gambling. As he started to walk away, one of the men, a William Taylor, ran up behind Lockhart, reached around to his front and began stabbing him with a butcher knife. The suspect was arrested by a deputy in Williamson County and returned to Llano County. Lockhart had been sheriff for only two years. Lockhart Mountain, a granite dome near where he was killed, was named in his honor.

An Eagle Scout project by Marshall Jett, son of former Precinct 4 Constable Christopher Jett, resulted in the placement of a memorial to fallen Constable William “Oscar” McCarty at the Burnet County Courthouse Annex, 810 Steve Hawkins Parkway, Marble Falls. Below, McCarty’s grandson meets with Marshall and Christopher Jett, who is now a captain with the Sheriff’s Department.

Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable William ‘Oscar’ McCarty


Caring for those who serve and protect us When the emergency call comes in Burnet, Llano, lanco and ampasas counties first responders spring into action. aw enforcement fire emergency medical ser ices and many other law enforcement and ser ice personnel ha e dedicated their li es to protect the people in the communities they ser e. There are dangers present in e ery emergency call and if any one of them ends in tragedy, the Hill Country 100 Club stands ready to lend a hand and more. The ill Country 100 Club is an all olunteer 01 c non profit organization with the primary purpose to support acti ities necessary to help families of first responders in Burnet, Llano, Blanco and Lampasas counties who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. One of the most recent such incidences occurred in September 01 . urnet aramedic aniel ampton lost his life in the line of duty when a Burnet EMS ambulance collided with an 18- wheeled tractor-trailer rig on Texas near iberty ill on Sept. 1 01 during a patient transfer. As the community mourned the loss of Hampton, the members of the Hill Country 100 Club immediately stepped up. ithin days of the tragic e ent ampton s family recei ed immediate assistance to help them through their time of need. The community said goodbye to a re ered first responder and the family was not forgotten. ou e got our bac so we e got yours ” said Club resident Jay C. ard about first responders and the mission of the Hill Country 100 Club. “There are a lot of people in our area who are not familiar with what we do and we re ta ing steps this year to get the word out with membership dri es and community outreach.” Since the first Club was started in ouston in 1 1 to date Texas counties are co ered by 100 clubs. The ill Country 100 Club was formed by a group of concerned citizens and businesses in 001. e want e ery business and indi idual in our area to now much these first responders mean to us ” said director ewey ollingsworth one of the founding members of the Hill Country 100 Club. That s why the fol s in this organization wor hard year in and year out so that, if the unfortunate time comes, these indi iduals that are protecting us recei e our help.” ny business or indi idual interested in supporting the Club is welcomed. ndi idual memberships in the ill Country 100 Club are a ailable for 100 per year with lifetime memberships a ailable for 1 000 or four payments of 0 each. usiness memberships are 0 per year with lifetime memberships a ailable for 00 or four payments of each. First responders are encouraged to participate as well. irst esponder memberships are a ailable for 0 per year with lifetime memberships a ailable for 00 or four payments of 1 each. e are ery honored to assist irst esponders when they are in need. They are here for us hours a day days a year ” said board member and past chairman obert ahlstrom. The 100 Club is an organization where e eryone can show their appreciation to these men and women who wor wee ends and holidays to pro ide each of us a safe place for our families and friends. I encourage e eryone to join our team so we can continue our support

for our e eryday heroes.” The Club s annual fundraiser golf tournament is set for Sept. 18 at Escondido Golf Club in Horseshoe Bay. Last year teams competed for cars and other prizes. nyone interested in forming a team is encouraged to call now to sign up before all of the team slots are ta en. Call Joe at 0 or d at 1 1 . f you don t play golf and would still li e to support the 100 Club we ha e hole sponsorships a ailable and donations are always welcomed ” said ollingsworth. f you want to get in ol ed we can find a way to ma e that happen ” he added. The Club also sponsors a scholarship program. Scholarships are a ailable to high school students within the region who want to pursue a career in any of the listed first responder fields police fire and emergency medical ser ice. ach year the organization see s out those students who ualify with a minimum G of . to apply for a 1 000 per semester scholarship with a 000 per year maximum. Any student who wishes to be considered for one of the scholarships should make application through the particular school s counselor who o ersees scholarship applications. nce applications are recei ed they will be re iewed by the ill Country 100 Club oard of irectors and applicants selected will be notified by the board. “We are excited to be able to continue our annual scholarship program to those students interested in pursuing a career as a police officer fire fighter or S member ” said ard. Current Hill Country 100 Club board of directors include Jay ard ewey ollingsworth d roo s anny eid Craig aydon Joe oltslag Joe ollac ill ussey obert ahlstrom renda Goble a e cGaugh oc y hite ran lagg Jeff obinson Tony ippenger ic i orris ran Shubert and ichard antzow. or more information isit or aceboo at

First responders came from all across Texas and as far as Massachusetts to honor the life and service of Burnet Paramedic Daniel Hampton, killed in an ambulance wreck Sept. 18, 2015, and memorialized among friends and community members on Sept. 24, 2015.

Burnet EMS Coordinator Lealand Raiford escorts the helmet of paramedic Daniel Hampton, who lost his life in a wreck during a patient transfer on Texas 29 just west of Liberty Hill in 2015. Hampton was the first on duty death for the department. HOMETOWN HEROES ‹ Page 5

Above, the Marble Falls Police Department recently gathered with other city first responders before the Fourth of July festivities at Lakeside Park. Pictured are front row from left, Capt. Ted Young, Capt. Glenn Hanson, Sgt. Barry Greer, Officer Aaron Garcia, Sgt. Robert Talamantes, SR Tim Mc ntyre, Sgt. Trisha Ratliff, Sgt. BJ elson, Sgt. Justin Boucher, Lt. Steve Eckstein, EMS Michelle Schwake and Communications fficer Melanie Boucher. Back row are fficer Justin Schlaudraff, fficer Andrew Howe, Sgt. Jimmy Cole, Sgt. Tom Dillard, fficer Cory Munoz, fficer Chad Eberle, Chief Mark Whitacre, Fire Marshal Tommy Crane and ire Chief Russell Sander.

At the left, members of the Marble Falls Area Volunteer Fire Department pictured are, seated on truck from left, Josh Klingenberg; vice president Cole Davis; Justin Sander and Bobby Amick. Standing on the truck are Thomas Jacobs; Tim Elkins; Capt. Cory Adams and Chris Savage. Standing in front of the truck are president Manny Trinadad; Troy Goetz; Tommy Salem; Jim Gallagher; Fire Marshal Tommy Crane; Mitch Geller; John McGee and Chief Michael Phillips. Not Pictured are Asst. Chief Chuck Dear; Alex Dunavant; Tom Couch; David Sander; Angie Sierra and Donald Hooper.


Marble alls ire and Rescue B Shift members include, from left, firefighter Jason Blackmon, engineer Randy Rankin, firefighter Jonathan Morrison and Capt. Chris Harrison. Marble alls ire Rescue A shift, from left, are firefighter Ken Schwake, firefighter Jeff Beltran, Capt. Coy Guenter and engineer Kelly estreich.

Marble alls ire and Rescue C Shift members include, from left, Capt. Sam Stacks, firefighter Rowan Arnold, firefighter Russell Daniel and engineer Any Sanguinet.

lano County Texas Parks ildlife game wardens Josh Padgett, left, and Jake Scott. TP D Region 7 Capt. Cody Hatfield is not pictured among the game wardens under his command.

lano County Texas Parks ildlife game warden Ken Stannard receives recognition from the Hill Country 1 Club.

Marble Falls Fire Rescue administration are, from left, Chief Russell Sander, administrative assistant Lynnette Courtney and Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal Tommy Crane.

Burnet County Texas Parks ildlife game warden Brent Whitus.

Burnet County Texas Parks ildlife game wardens Braxton Harris, left, and Ronnie angford receive recognition from the Hill Country 100 Club. HOMETOWN HEROES ‚ Page 7

Sgt. David Murphy • Cpl. Jose Colombo Sr. Trooper William Talamantez • Trooper Marc Chambers Trooper Josiah Burzynski • Trooper Marcus Gonzales Trooper Kevin Henneke • Trooper Garrett Huntington Trooper Bryan Lietz • Trooper Rico Nelson Trooper Steven Petrick • Trooper Frank Randolph Trooper Shannon Simpson • Trooper Jesse Strength Trooper Andrew Thomas • Trooper Joey Van Gundy



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Granite Shoals ire Chief Austin Stanphill

The Granite Shoals Police Department patrols the city on land and from the waters of ake BJ. n the GSPD patrol boat are, from left, officer Ginni Kirkparick and John rtis, Chief Gary Boshears, Sgt. Paul Chrane with hat on and Sgt. Chris Decker. ot pictured are Sgt. Scott Dulaney amd officers eon ngersoll, Tim dwards and Thomas Broyles. At top, Granite Shoals ire Department members JC Huggins and ieutenant Jonathan Curlee received Mayor’s awards for special contributions to the city. Above, Granite Shoals ire Rescue’s an Mayne is dressed in full bunker gear as he talks to a little one about fire safety. thers on the GS ire Rescue roster include Assistant Chief Tim Campbell, Capt. Jake hitecotton, t. Brian McCarty, t. Bryan alker and firefighters Katie Bradford, ee Buckley, Charles Garner, Geoff Heisler, David ackey, Chris McDonald, Jon Morrison, David Pegues, Ken Schwake, David Short, Dustin Short, athan Short, Marcus Villareal and Rafel Villareal. At right, Cassie Volunteer Fire Department firefighters pose in front of some of their equipment at department headquarters in northwest Burnet County. rom left are Chief Derrick Curtis, irefighter Michael Bradshaw, ieutenant Kevin Cokendolpher, irefighter Chuck Schoenfeld, Captain Bill Pennington, irefighter Chris Kelley kneeling , irefighter d Schaefer, Assistant Chief aura Schneider and irefighter Joshua ugent. ot present for the photo were irefighter ayne ehring, Safety fficer Ben Schneider, Reserve irefighter and lifetime member loyd Killebrew and Tender perator and lifetime member Sam Phillips. Photo courtesy of Marnie Schoenfeld HOMETOWN HEROES ‹ Page 9

First ResponderS To show you our thanks for your service...

We are offering a

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Above A shift of Burnet County deputy sheriffs are ready to protect and serve. They include, from left, Deputy Brian Richey, Deputy Tracy eems, Sgt. Steven Clark, Deputy ric Molina, Deputy Paul Kowalik and Deputy Kyle Ciolfi. eft The administration at the Burnet County Sheriff’s Department has been working hard since taking office in January. Standing outside the allace Riddell Center, from left, are Capt. Ricky Bindseil, Administrative Capt. Chris Jett, Sheriff Calvin Boyd, Chief Deputy Mike Cummings and C D S Capt. Dwight Hardin. ot pictured is Jail Capt. Matt Kimbler.

Members of the Burnet County mergency Services District o. 9 fire department include, front row from left, Butch Baty, Curtis Raetz, Hector Valdez and Patsy ester. Back row are Donna all, ogan Mc emore, Philip Mason, Scott Hannusch, Don Conley, Donnie Conley and Gary all. HOMETOWN HEROES ‚ Page 11

Just a small token of our thanks to all our


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Meadowlakes honors local first responders The City of Meadowlakes is home to about 1,800 souls, too small for a fire or police department, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t grateful to the units that serve them. n fact the eadowla es roperty wners ssociation will dedicate a small par to first responders on Sept. 11. e decided to dedicate the ar for irst esponders on Meadowlakes Drive at Fairway ane in a ceremony at 10 a.m. on onday Sept. 11 ” said Jerrial afer an member already working on the details of the event. e want to in ite all first responders and city officials in the area to join us and any who wish to spea can contact me at jsummers nct .com.” “In addition to a small water feature the par will ha e xeriscape landscaping and a stone with bronze pla ues representing each of the national law enforcement S and fire rescue serices ” said Joe Summers president. The City of Meadowlakes is

part of urnet County mergency Ser ice istrict and they are ser ed by the arble alls rea olunteer ire epartment arble alls rea mergency Ser ice istrict and often officers of the arble alls olice epartment and urnet County Sheriff s epartment. The city is contained within 1 acres of land on a e arble alls and the is responsible for the par s. n 01 the association dedicated eadowla es emorial ar near the entrance to the city to honor the men and women of the military. The new small par just south of it is designed to be an additional daily reminder to passersby of the city s respect for those who serve. “Veterans Memorial Park and irst esponders ar are the brain child of Jim oods who facilitated these projects when he was assigned the responsibilities of all of our par s in 01 ” said Wafer. e ser ed as par s administrator for two years before becoming our secretary.”

The irst Responders Park is the newest park in the community and honors our civilian law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency medical service personnel in our community, our state and our nation, who risk their safety to protect ours. The focal point is a water feature adjoining the memorial bronze casting and inscription. The park will be dedicated on September 11, 2017.

First Responders

You’re Invited... The Meadowlakes Property Owners Association (MPOA) would like to cordially invite all first responders, city officials, and the public to join them on September 11, 2017 for a park dedication ceremony. The MPOA has estatblished a small park, located at Meadowlakes Drive at Fairway Lane, which will be dedicated to first responders.

Please come out and join us in recognizing our local heroes. WHEN: TIME: WHERE:

Monday, September 11, 2017 10AM Meadowlakes Dr. & Fairway Lane

Thank You for YourService! Anyone who wishes to participate or to speak at this ceremony, or needs additional information, may contact MPOA President Joe Summers at:


Members of the Horseshoe Bay ire Department are, from left, engineer Joe Bates, firefighter Chase Higginbotham, chief Joe Morris, engineer Ryan Guthrie, firefighter Jacob s uivel, firefighter Chris Harrison, engineer Josh ail, firefighter Jonathan ewis, firefighter Terry hite, assistant chief Stephanie Black, firefighter Kyle Schmidt and engineer Keith Payne. ot pictured are captain Brad Casey, captain Jeff som, captain Josh imberley, engineer Ben Miller, engineer Jeremy Schwartzer, firefighter Travis McDaniel, firefighter Carlos Almaguer and firefighter Thad Martin.

Some of the Horseshoe Bay Police Department includes nvestigator Kevin Ard, fficer Bill Pond, t. David Vaughn, fficer Daren Roberts, nvestigator Don Johnson, Communications perator ran Altum, Capt. Jason Graham, Chief Rocky ardlow, fficer David Allen, fficer Richard Ciolfi, Assistant Chief Garth Davis, Code nforcement fficer Dan Ross and nvestigator Steve Boyd. Page 14 › HOMETOWN HEROES

Proudly Supporting our Hometown Hero First Responders!

Thank You to All Firefighters Police Emergency Medical Service Personnel


Burnet County Constables are Precinct Constable Missy Bindseil, Precinct 2 Constable Garry Adams, Precinct Constable Jimmy Ballard and Precinct 1 Constabe eslie Ray.

At the Cotttowood Shores Police Department are Chief Johnny iendo, right, with officers J.J. Castro and t. Gregory Palmer. ot pictured are officers Jason Bartholomew and Christen Moller.

Cottonwood Shores Volunteer Fire Department members include, back from left, firefighters Tyler Burleigh, Cameron Crawford, Justin Monzon, Richard razier, John Marr, t. Janet Taylor, t. uke Knight and Chief Adam Hernandez. ront row are firefighters Preston ong and Janelle ong. ot pictured are Asst. Chief Mark Pederson;Capt. arry Baggett; firefighters Robert Hogeda, Miguel Briceno, Bill Plumley, Mary Ann Plumley and Steven Houser; chaplain Martha ogan; and instructors Travis Hockensmith, illiam Mattson, Johnny Caraway, Buddy Bowers, and Heather Hyslop.


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For the food, the feeling and the friendship! It’s a marvelous blending of ideas and wonderful change from the ordinary. It’s familiar, yet different, and it’s just plain “great eating”. In order for you to experience our “RUSSO’S CUISINE” we suggest you try our selections “our way”, however, your server will be more than happy to apply your suggestions and recommendations. If necessary we can easily help with dietary considerations.

Our Hours: Lunch & Sunday only Brunch Wed-Sun: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. • Dinner @ 5 p.m. Wed-Sat ------------------------602 Steve Hawkins Parkway • 830-693-7091 • HOMETOWN HEROES ‹ Page 17

Pictured, from left, are the current members of the Bertram Police Department: A.J. Cotton, James Threadgill, Travis Simer, Bock (the K-9), James Brown, Benjamin Beaty, and Chief J.J. Wilson. Not pictured is Donnie Rodriguez.

Current members of the Bertram Volunteer Fire Department are (from left): John Brizendine, Verice Lewis, David Custer, Martin Vaszquez, William Kennedy, Chief Bobby Huffstuttler, Nick Payne, Kutter Alexander, Taylor Chism, James Huffstuttler, and Larry Taylor. Page 18 › HOMETOWN HEROES

Members of the Burnet Police Department include, by rank, Chief Paul Nelson, Captain Jason Davis, Lieutenant Nolan Hicks, Corporal Lance Besancon, Corporal Devin Vyner, Investigator Brandon Bertelson, nvestigator Steven Vollmar, Animal Control fficer Phillip Brizendine, School Resource fficer arry amb, Patrol fficer Chad Heiligmann, Patrol fficer John Gerac, Patrol fficer Alex Holt, Patrol fficer Mark dwards, Patrol fficer Matt mrie, Patrol fficer Myron Hall, Patrol fficer Ron Sillavan, Administrative Assistant Debra Armstrong.

Burnet ire Department members include, from left, Clint Golightly, Richard Holifield, Trey Policarpio and Jen Reid. Back row are Chris Castillo, John Schwartz, Michael Payton, Michael eighman, James Schuetz, Caleb Meadows and J.J. Miller. HOMETOWN HEROES ‚ Page 19

The Briggs Volunteer Fire Department is one of only two departments in Burnet County with a 5,000 gallon pumper truck. Front row are Joseph Nielsen, Bill Francis, Melinda Wessels-Renfro with baby Harper Renfro and Travis Tschoerner. Second row are Randy Hansen, Rock Dufner, Stevie Minton, Chief Landon Renfro, Kristin Renfro, Paige Tschoerner, Melisa Zaversnik and Dawn Rothermel. Back row are Kaylee Wessels (girl on truck), Joseph Zaversnik and Jonathan Nielsen. Not pictured are Chris Youngblood, Tyler Hoelscher, Josiah Youngblood and Debbie Tschoerner.

Briggs Volunteer Fire Department EMTs stand in front of the new SUV they received through a grant. They are Jonathan Nielsen, Joseph Zaversnik, Melinda Wessels-Renfro, Kristin Renfro, Landon Renfro, and Travis Tschoerner. Not pictured are Chris Youngblood, Tyler Hoelscher and Josiah Youngblood. Page 20 › HOMETOWN HEROES

Members of the Hoover Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. pose with one of their fire trucks while waiting for donors at a recent breakfast taco fund raiser. rom left are Safety fficer athan McGinty, Asst. Chief Rustey ard, Captain Michael Bradshaw, irefighter Justin Hakes, ieutenant Marc Talamantez, Chief Joe Schneider and Captain Daniel Dilworth. ot present for the photo were firefighters Robert ichols, indsey aters, Jay Difilicia, acho Silvas and Mickel ofton. Hoover Valley was chartered in 198 and has two fire engines, brush trucks and support equipment.

The four ower Colorado River Authority CRA Rangers who serve in Burnet County are, from left, are Ranger Alan Stephen, Ranger Scott sbell, Sgt. uis Valdez and Ranger Matt Derossett.

Kingsland Volunteer ire Dept. firefighters have their gear lined up for this year’s A uaBoom parade on ndependence Day. rom left are Chief Darryl Miller, probationary irefighter Joshua ry, irst Assistant Chief Joey ittenburg, irefighter Jared Arp and irefighter Robert Barnett. ot present were Second Assistant Chief Michael Aponte, Treasurer Secretary Cody oung and firefighters Danny Stone, Victor Cooksey, Devin heeler and Gerald est. HOMETOWN HEROES ‚ Page 21

Dedicated to James Warren Cooper, ELB4510 East Lake Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department July 2006 to April 2017

Training Officer and Captain of Station 3

You maybe gone, but you will never be forgotten.

To say thank you for all your selfless acts...

We would like to offer FREE* Chip repair to all First Responders for the month of August. Toll Free: 1.800.216.1571 Burnet: 512.756.8446 Lampasas: 512.556.6363 Marble Falls: 830.798.2755

Thank you to all first responders for your dedication and hard work. For protecting your communities and making it safe.

May God watch over you all. Be safe.

*Limit one per household. In Shop Only


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Oakalla VFD members include, from left, Walt Hinton, Colton Roehrig, president James Smith, Stephanie Smith, Chris Mick, Tyler Mick, John Arp, Wallace Gorman, Kay Wiley and Ned Roehrig. Not pictured are chief Aaron Weeks, Adan Ramos, TC Coffman, Mary Baldree, Christina Roehrig and Richard McDuff.

Just back from fighting a grass fire off Texas 29 in lano County, members of the Buchanan Volunteer ire Department gather around their relatively new fire engine. rom left irefighter Stephen Murphy, irefighter Dennis Sisk, irefighter Jennifer Griffin, irefighter Jeremy ee, irefighter Tim Gardner, irefighter Thoma Simpson, Capt. Mike Butler, Asst. Chief Chad Mitchell, t. Jason Hughes, Chief Mark Hutson, irefighter Tommy Phillips, Safety fficer Mike Clark, irefighter Cassie Hopkins, Capt. Adam ehmann, irefighter Amanda ehmann, irefighter Michael McDavid, irefighter Todd Thompson, irefighter Mary Katherine ’Rear, t. ade illiamson, irefighter Andrew Brenneman. ot present were firefighters Mike Armatta, Gabriel DeGroot and Gary ave. HOMETOWN HEROES ‚ Page 23


Hometown Heroes: A Salute to Our First Responders  

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Hometown Heroes: A Salute to Our First Responders  

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