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Reflection Park

September 11, 2020

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Come to Reflection Park on Saturday, September 11th at 8:30 a.m. to renew our 20 year promise to Never Forget...

2 • SEPTEMBER 2021



177 & 175 Brookfield Rd

39 Roamingwood Ct

417 Northgate Rd




34 Grandview Dr

106 Thornwood Ter

8 Fairway Ct

108 Brookfield Rd

2255 S Highpoint Dr


207 Boulder Rd


100 Navaho Ln

26 Windemere Ct

3097 Northgate Rd



7 Wildwood Ter

277 S Fairway Dr





Eileen & Harry Talalas

Dave & Marie Kovaleski







89 Rockway Rd




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Linda & Robert Amos










Meghan Gapp



Heather Carney


BROKER/OWNERS Charts and statistics are based on information from the Pike/Wayne MLS for the period of 1/1/2021 through 8/13/2021. If you have a real estate contract with another real estate broker please disregard this letter. All information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.





Board President’s Message


he Board of Directors proclaimed July 24, 2021 as “Lake Ariel Volunteer Fire Company Day’ in The Hideout. This was in recognition of, and gratitude for their 105 years of dedicated and outstanding service to the community. It also coincided with the first Annual Ryan’s Angels Golf Tournament and Dinner honoring three beloved Hideout members we lost: Jack Ryan, Mike Dekenipp, and Frank Santulli. Board Chairman Rick Yocum presented the proclamation to the fire department and to Roxanne Ryan and Joanne Dekenipp. By all accounts the tournament was a huge success and marked the first large scale event at the Main Lodge since the COVID-19 pandemic and renovations were made. Special thanks to Alex Lutzi and the golf course staff and Ashley Fonzo and the Food and Beverage Team for their efforts to make it a successful event. Best of all, the tournament raised $5,000 in much needed funds to the fire company.

On August 14th the Board approved the recommendation of the Budget Committee’s proposed 2022 budget. The proposed annual assessment will be $1,900 or $50 over last year. This 2.7% increase is less than half of the current inflation rate of 5.4% and consistent with the past several years. This is mostly due to increases in expenses

we have incurred in the area of wages which are projected to increase from $3.7 million to $4.33 million, a nearly 17% increase. Employee benefits are projected to increase by approximately the same percentage. While I like to see people earning a fair, living wage, it’s astounding to see the large salaries and sign-on bonuses being offered by area businesses. The Hideout is not immune to this trend and this adjustment is necessary to remain competitive and to recruit and retain the top talent. In addition, we know that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s goal is to make the minimum wage $15 an hour and we need to move toward that goal to prevent huge increases in the near future. Each one-dollar hourly increase is $2,080 in wages increased yearly per Hideout employee. Many other parts of the budget have been significantly reduced to help make up the gap, but the $50 increase translates into $4.16 per month. The total budget will be $10.35 million. Of this $8.29 million, or $760,000 over 2021, funds Hideout operations and $1.87 million provides funds to maintain and improve our amenities. Of this budget, $6.9 million comes directly from the assessment and $2.54 million, or $204,000 over 2021, is from amenity income. Let’s hope for a successful winter and summer season to generate

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 3


additional funding Special thanks to Community Manager Larry Frotten, Finance Manager Debra Tramantano, and Frank Palm and the entire Budget Committee for this early budget. A copy of the budget is available on The Hideout’s website under the “Resources” tab. By the time of publication, the ballots for Board elections will be arriving in your mailbox. This year, due to changes the membership approved to our bylaws, members will be permitted to vote electronically or with the traditional paper ballot. This is being done for the convenience of the membership and to hopefully increase voter participation. Please take the time to vote. I thank all the candidates for running for the Board and to the Nominating Committee for their efforts. On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their cards, texts, phone calls, flowers, and donations to the Stephen Siller Towers to Tunnels Foundation on the loss of my father Andy Miller. He loved visiting the Hideout and will be sorely missed by all his friends at the Clubhouse and Tiki Bar. ■

for your choice of

POA Board Candidates

by Friday, October 1st! YOUR VOTE


For more information on Committee & Board of Directors Meetings, please visit the Event Calendar on The Hideout website. Sign in at: and find the calendar under "Member Central."

4 • SEPTEMBER 2021



Community Manager’s Message


embers and Staff

A/C systems.

Our recreational Summer is coming to a close and we will be preparing The Hideout for the coming Autumn and Winter seasons. This summer we did see more rain than we would have liked however we have managed. We also lived through a continued shortage of staff as did most businesses not just in this area but globally. We appreciate members understanding the limited hours and unfortunate delays in service we know you have come to expect. The pandemic has created significant challenges for businesses and for those unfortunate to have been affected with health challenges. We have completed the budget process for 2022 and submitted the recommendations to the Board of Directors who approved the budget recommended by the administration and Budget Committee. We would like to acknowledge the work done by the Budget Committee, chaired by member Frank Palm and the other members from our community who served. Their guidance made a challenging process easier. We would also like to acknowledge Debbie Tramantano, Financial Manager for her hard work and efforts in getting a budget completed in a timely manner and her professional approach in her presentations both to management, the Budget Committee and the Board of Directors. We thought this would be an ideal time to share with you some of the many accomplishments we have undertaken to enhance and update the infrastructure of The Hideout. Maintenance has continued the stormwater and swale work throughout the community. Equipment was purchased to assist our staff in completing these projects. All the swale work is being done in house avoiding costly outside contractor expenses. We began this year with 18 projects and currently 5 remain to be completed before the end of the year. We will complete installation of a new salt shed at the maintenance facility. Unfortunately. this was the year where we had unexpected failures with 7 A/C systems, requiring replacement and repairs. We added 3 new systems to buildings that did not have any and made some significant improvements to some. We are in the process of establishing a maintenance program for our heating and

The mailbox locations in both the South section and North sections were enhanced with new asphalt. We also have paved the POA parking lot and Antler Rd (the roadway to the POA). We are experiencing challenges in getting the many areas that require line painting completed. The Ski Hill is also undergoing some major improvements. We have completed the installation of 2 magic carpets which will replace the rope tows. We have added 3 new snow guns which will greatly improve our ability to make snow. We have replaced an unsafe water supply system with a much improved and safer system at Deerfield Lake. Deerfield Lake provides water to the hill for snowmaking. We are hopeful we can complete the relocation and improvement of our ski hill rental facility. The Clubhouse has new awnings for the deck. We will also be completing maintenance free vinyl siding on the Clubhouse, the POA Administration building and the Woodworkers building. Public Safety has replaced the aging patrol boats used for Lake patrol and rescue. A new communication center has been completed and will be brought online in the near future. We have resurfaced our tennis courts and will be adding a roof type cover over the Bocce courts. These are just a few of the enhancements we have made. Some are very visible and some are not. One that is not visible is the work we are doing, underwater at the Roamingwood Dam. The structure is old and in need of some maintenance which will be completed in the next month, Work on the dam is very costly, however is mandated by safety concerns and various federal and state agencies. We continue to work at improving our existing amenities and our ability to continue to serve The Hideout community. We appreciate all of you who have shown understanding in these difficult times. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve and we thank you for all your support. ■



Chairman's Message


s we start the transition from summer to autumn, we in The Hideout have much to be thankful for. Our Recreation Department staff did a wonderful job this summer. We had special community events, sports camps, kids camp, and sports clinics and lessons. As well as the varied and enjoyable programs at the Nubia Malkin Art Center. A special thank you goes out to our outstanding lifeguard team. They had several rescues this season and they kept us all safer in our lake and pools. Talking about keeping us safe, our Public Safety Department had a busy summer. The Boat Patrol did their part to keep everyone safe on our lake. Public Safety patrol cars can’t be everywhere but if they saw an issue it was addressed. Their efforts kept our many walkers and vehicles safer. Our Maintenance Department in addition to their everyday responsibilities were out at all hours to clean-up fallen trees after summer storms. Our Golf Maintenance crew did a great job maintaining our golf

course. The Food and Beverage Department, despite staffing issues, provided us with delicious food and kept the Tiki Bar open. When you see a staff member thank them for all they do. September is also when we vote for Board of Director members. This year there are 3 open seats and 4 candidates. To increase community participation the membership has the option to vote electronically or by paper ballot. Whether you are full-time or part-time there is no reason for not voting. This is your community. Please read the election packet that was mailed to you. The packet contains the instructions for both electronic and paper voting procedures. With electronic voting you can vote at any time and from any place. Be well and stay safe. ■


Public Safety Corner


s our busy season comes to a close I hope that every one has had a very safe and enjoyable summer. This past summer season was one of the busiest I have seen.

With the ending of the summer season I would like to pass on a few helpful suggestions dealing with home security. Many of these suggestions are just simple steps you can take to help make your home a safer place for you and your family. Burglars won't find your home an "easy mark" if they are forced to work in the light, if they have to take a lot of time breaking in or if they can't break in without making a lot of noise. Research shows that if it takes more than four or five minutes to break into a home, the burglar will go elsewhere. Most insurance companies provide discounts for devices that make a home safer i.e. dead-bolt locks, window grates, bars, camera’s and smoke / fire / burglar alarms. When improving the security of your home, don't exchange security for personal safety. Don't make your home such a fortress that you are unable to escape in case of a fire or other emergency. Take the time to review these recommendations and see how you can apply them to your home.

lights and motion detectors, mounted out of easy reach, can reduce the darkness a burglar finds comforting. 4. Simple security devices -- nails, screws, padlocks, door and window locks, grates, bars and bolts -- can increase the amount of time it takes to break into your home. 5. Invest in a burglar alarm. The most effective ones also ring at an outside service. 6. Establish a routine to make certain that doors and windows are locked and alarm systems are turned on. 7. Avoid giving information to unidentified telephone callers and announcing your personal plans in want ads or public notices (such as giving your address when advertising items for sale). 8. Notify the Public Safety Department if you see suspicious strangers in your area. 9. Don't carry house keys on a key ring bearing your home address or leave house keys with your car in a commercial parking lot or with an attendant.

Cluster mailboxes within The Hideout are limited. The United States Postal 1. Take the time to "case" your house, Service has advised The Hideout that their policy is to revoke and/or reassign 10. Don't hide your keys in "secret" just as a burglar would. Where is the the box of individuals who do not retrieve their mail for places outside your home -- burglars easiest entry? How can you make it a period of three or more weeks. Please be sure to pick usually know where to look. ■ more burglar-resistant? MAILBOX ADVISORY up your mail from your box on a regular basis. If you 2. Trimmailboxes trees and shrubs doors and Cluster withinnear The Hideout are limited. The United States are unable to retrieve your mail from your box for windows, shrubbery can add to your Postal Service has advised The Hideout that their policysee is toPublic revokeSafety and/or Please an extended time, you should make arrangements privacy but privacy is a burglar's asset. reassign the box of individuals who do not retrieve their mail for a period with the Lake Ariel Post Office to have mail held promotions on page 5 3. Force any would-be burglar to of three or more weeks. Please be sure to pick up your mail from your box or forwarded and ask how to preserve your box confront a real enemy, light. Exterior on a regular basis. If you are unable to retrieve your mail from your assignment. ■


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 5


Recreation Corner


s we close in on the end of summer, I would like to thank all the community members for their patience and great attitudes with last minute changes, rain dates, and short staffing. We really had an awesome summer here at Recreation and look forward to hosting more events in the fall.

Kenny Baux was promoted to Sergeant

Kelly Slattery was promoted to Corporal

The Annual Boat Regatta will be held on Saturday, September 4th at 2 p.m. To register your powerboat, jet ski or dock, please call Recreation during office hours at 570-6303733. It will start at Roamingwood Marina and the decorated boats will parade around the lake for the judges and spectators. This year’s theme is “Heroes”. Show us how you interpret the word “hero” with your decorations. Prizes will be awarded to: Best Decorated Power Boat, Best Decorated Jet Ski, and Best Decorated Dock. Winners in each category will receive a free boat registration for the 2022 year, a $95 value. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! The Recreation Committee meets every third Thursday of the month in the Multipurpose Room at the Indoor Sports Complex. Currently the committee is full, but we always encourage community participation. This is an open meeting. These meetings are a great way to propose ideas, get information about upcoming events, and create new events and programs here at The Hideout. For example, the 2021 committee initiated the resurfacing of our outdoor tennis courts. When I first got hired a few years ago, this project was just an idea. Together, we

got the ball rolling and three of our outdoor tennis court locations are completely resurfaced and they look amazing. Our department is currently working with Recreation USA in hopes to finalize everything as soon as possible for an awning over the bocce ball courts. This was another idea that was brought up at our Parks and Recreation Committee meetings. I would like to thank all of our seasonal summer staff for an outstanding job this year. Our lifeguards, aquatics staff, camp staff, and everyone who helped keep The Hideout one of the best communities in the area is appreciated and applauded. While most communities and facilities struggled to keep their pools open, camps going, and host different events during this summer (mainly due to staffing issues), The Hideout’s young men and women stepped up and provided a great environment for community members and our staff. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to The Hideout. On behalf of the Board of Directors and POA, we want to recognize the below individuals for their heroic efforts rendering selfless and humane life-saving assistance to The Hideout membership during the rescue of distressed swimmers. We commend and thank you for your dedication. ■

Etienne Busnel

Max Kattermann

Michael Roudik

Molly McDonald

Brandon Downs was promoted to Corporal

Brianna Werny was not able to attend the event.

THANK YOU ALL! Daniel Hawthorn was promoted to Corporal

Patricia Mills


Communications Corner


would like to thank you for following the "official" Hideout POA Facebook page. We keep it as up-to-date as possible with what to do in The Hideout, amenity hours and schedule changes, as well as amenity closures. It is a valuable form of communication between the administration and the membership. You can find us by searching @thehideoutpoa on Facebook and look for The Hideout Flower! In last month's article, I mentioned that I am excited for The Hideout 52nd Anniversary Weekend Celebration in the planning for July 2022! I am still requesting anyone who has historical knowledge of our great community or any ideas for the celebration to please email me at It is hard to believe it has been 20 years since 9/11. I will spend this month thinking of all we lost, of the families left behind, and the heroes of 9/11. I am

fortunate to see Reflection Park when I go to work each day. If you have not stopped by the park, it is worth the trip. Have questions or suggestions for a particular Hideout department? For your convenience, the Management Team's contact information is on page 7. If you have any ideas for The Hideabout Newspaper, The Hideabout Extra, The Hideout POA Facebook page, The Hideout TV Channel, email blasts, or The Hideout Website, give me a call at (570) 630-3707 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your time in The Hideout! ■

Food & Beverage Corner


s we wrap up the summer, I want to thank the Food & Beverage team for their hard work and dedication. We had less hands than we have ever had for a summer at The Hideout! While it wasn’t always easy, we want to thank you all for baring with us. Looking forward to the fall, we have some great entertainment lined up at the Clubhouse! More trivia nights, jukebox Friday’s, a new menu, live music, and more! Take a look at our events calendar or grab a copy at the Clubhouse so you’re sure not to miss a thing! Keep an

eye out for our new menu making an appearance later this month! Lastly, the Ski Hill Grill will be opening soon for breakfast and lunch. As many of you saw last year, it turned into a quick and convenient spot to grab breakfast on your way to work or to call an order in on Sunday mornings so it was ready when you arrived. There is still some time to submit your entry to rename the Ski Hill Grill. Entries can be dropped in the ballot boxes located at the POA, Clubhouse, and Rec Center. We hope to see you all there! ■



Registration Corner


LEASE DRIVE WITH CARE. BE ALERT. OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT. Our children are back in school. Kids will be walking our roads to meet the busses that will be entering The Hideout to transport them to school. Summer has come and gone, and what a busy season it was. Although the weather did not always fully cooperate, our members, their guests, and renters made great use and creating wonderful memories at all of the amenities in The Hideout. Due to a system update, some gate access cards or clickers may fail to open the gates. Should any member have this problem, please call the Registration

Department at (570) 698-4100, ext. 0 with the last five digits of the card number. The clicker number can be located inside the device. Thank you for your understanding. Please visit our website: www. for access to The Hideabout Newspaper, upcoming events, permit applications, forms, and documents. Social Membership and Permanent Guest/Vehicle Access Pass Registration forms can also be located under the resources tab. ■

NOTICE: There is a non-perishable food item drop-off box at the Main Gate for any member who would like to donate. Please refrain from leaving food at the Main Mail Box area. Thank you!


Facilities Corner


eptember is here already!

As the season starts to change the facilities dept starts their change as well. The summer season is over and our team performed above expectations. The stormwater system throughout the hideout has undergone some amazing improvements and we will continue this project throughout the fall and into the winter months. The new drainage ditches and culverts pipes have already begun to help reduce stormwater damage as well and allowing the water to make itself to our lakes and streams. This project will continue over the next few years until the entire community has the outdated system replaced. We understand that some areas are worse than others so when you see the crew out working on this system, please keep in mind at some point this will be completed throughout. As most of our members are aware we had some housekeeping issues over the last 2 months and we are just about at full staff again. We welcome Katelyn, Nicole and Leanora to our house keeping staff. The beaches and pools had a few hiccups but were corrected quickly. We are looking into doing some minor changes and repairs for the 2022 season. The tiki bar is slated to be expanded this year and that is in the first phase and we are awaiting plans from our architect. During the months of September and October our maintenance staff will be preparing the parks, beaches and pools for the winter. We will also be preparing all of our vehicles and snow removal equipment to get ready for the upcoming snow events. This team will also be installing snow markers throughout the community to help guide our crew and snow placement and areas of concern so if you see the fiberglass stakes within

our community, please understand this is to help out the members as well as our team for snow removal procedures. We are in the process of getting 2 new trucks for the maintenance dept and they are now being built. As we all know materials and supplies are backed up so we are hoping to have these trucks by November so we can out fit them with snow plows and salt spreaders. The new salt shed is almost completed. The concrete was poured in late July and had to cure for 30 days. The structure should be installed in sept and ready to store salt. The main lodge needed some repairs to the section of roof over the public safety office and that was completed in august. The ski hill is getting some muchneeded changes. The new dock was installed in august at Deerfield Lake next to the pump house. This new dock will allow the ski hill staff to safely monitor the new water line that will be installed to pump the water from the lake to the ski hill to make snow. The old system was not safe and at certain points the pipe froze or had debris in the pipe causing issues for snow making. The new system will prevent that section around the dock from freezing and eliminate debris from getting into the pumps. The ski hill ice skating rink is in the initial phase to be converted into the new rental shop which will create a better flow for our members and store all of our equipment properly. The ice-skating rink unfortunately never froze due to the type of building and changing this into the rental shop was the best option. ■




Published monthly for the members of the Property Owners Association of The Hideout, Inc. Lisa Green - Hideabout Editor / Advertising (570) 698-4100, ext. 107 2020-2021 POA BOARD OFFICERS Andrew Miller, President Lou Delli Santi, Secretary Michael Terranova, Vice President Jerry Restaino, Director Richard Yocum, Chairman Paul Spiese III, Director

Debra Tramantano, Assistant Treasurer Larry Frotten, Assistant Secretary Jill Metschulat, Assistant Secretary


Larry Frotten - Community Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 103 Ryan J. Hill, M.S.Ed. - Assistant Community Manager Environmental Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 122 Debra Tramantano - Financial Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 115 Brooke Craven - Human Resources Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 105 Joseph Kozuch - Public Safety Director (570) 698-4100, ext. 143 Lisa Green - Community Relations Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 107 Annmarie Rossitto - Clubhouse Operations Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 159 John Boandl - Recreation Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 163 Dennis Polhamus - Facilities Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 136 Michael Kline - Golf Course Superintendent (570) 698-4100, ext. 186 Vionette Bourne - Registration Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 106 Donald Yocum - IT Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 110 Alex Lutzi - Golf Pro Shop Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 183 Craig S. Rafaniello - Project Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 132 Charles Swody - Ski Hill Manager (570) 698-4100, ext. 171

Articles must be submitted by the fifteenth of the month. Submit all material to: The Hideabout Editor, 640 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. For advertising rates, contact Lisa Green at (570) 630-3707. The Hideabout published monthly, serves over 4,100 Hideout property owners. Articles do not necessarily represent the views of The Hideout POA. The Editor reserves the right to reject any advertising or articles for publication. Also, the acceptance of advertisements does not constitute endorsement by The Hideout POA for any advertisement of any business, products, and/or services. The Hideout is not responsible beyond the cost of advertising for any advertising errors. Ad proofs are developed by The Hideabout for use in The Hideabout Newspaper only. The advertiser does not have the right to reproduce the ad in any other place or publication. Any concerns with ads placed in The Hideabout Newspaper must be addressed by the fifteenth of the month. Thank you.

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 7

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MAIN GATE Did you know that The Hideout has had a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program in place since Spring 2019?

Members that are observing feral/community cats roaming around their property can get enrolled in the TNR program by completing the online, PDF fillable “Consent to Trap Form” available here Are you interested in getting involved as a C Alley Cats volunteer or wish to make a donation to their non-profit organization? Please email or call them at (570) 226-6780.

8 • SEPTEMBER 2021

Good Times at the Clubhouse!



SEPTEMBER 2021 • 9

10 • SEPTEMBER 2021


Running in the 2021 Board of Directors Election FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Committee wishes the Membership to be aware that answers to some of the questions below are opinions voiced by the candidates. We ask that the Community Membership exercise caution and judgment in drawing factual conclusions.

Richard Yocum

Hello Hideout members, My name is Richard Yocum and I am running for election to the Hideout Board of Directors. I currently serve on your Board of Directors since being appointed to fill a vacancy in May of 2019. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to the Hideout community by providing you with a little background. I grew up and lived on Long Island NY. I met my wife Beth during high school and this year we will be celebrating our 49th anniversary. We raised three wonderful children and have been blessed with six beautiful grandchildren. I worked for Nabisco in the sales division for 43 years before retiring. We purchased our home in the Hideout in 2013 and a year later we made The Hideout our permanent home. We have a goldendoodle named Dolly

and most days you can find us enjoying the dog park. After moving here full time, I was asked by a person at the dog park if I could take over filling the “doggie bag” dispensers. I said yes and continue doing that today. That was the beginning of my involvement in our beautiful community. Prior to serving on the Board, I was a member of the Recreation Committee and then, when the Board decided to reactivate the Governing Documents Committee, I applied and was appointed to that committee as well. I joined the Garden Club 5 years ago and currently serve as its president. Every year I sign up to use the woodworking shop. Being able to use that impressive amenity has come in handy many times. Since being appointed to the Board,

they have elected me to serve as Treasurer for a year and then this year as Board Chairperson. I am proud to be a member of this Board and what we have accomplished over the last few years. Our community is celebrating its 51st anniversary and the need to maintain and update our facilities and amenities was and still needs to be a high priority. A cost effective way for us to accomplish this is to give our talented maintenance staff the right equipment. By doing this we would not have to pay outside contractors to do what we can do in-house. This community is now able to have many of our costly storm water and other projects, such as the lodge interior, performed by our own staff. I am asking for your vote this September. I have a record of being

involved in and committed to our community through committees, the Garden Club and now as a member of your Board of Directors. I will always look for ways to save money to keep dues as low as possible, but never by sacrificing the safety, financial integrity and need to maintain and update our community.

Richard (Rick) Yocum

learn how things work in the community and how to effect change. In 2019, I was appointed by the Board to fill a Board vacancy. Being on the Board is just like being a member of team. It is important to remember that as a Board member you are only one of seven and must respect each other as a person even though we may disagree on an issue. Last year the Board elected me as Treasurer and this current year as Board Chair. Since moving here, I have shown a commitment and willingness to get involved in our community and I look forward to serving our membership in the future.

concerns are addressed, then we can get to the fun stuff. By fun stuff, I mean improving an amenity by expanding its use for the benefit of the membership. There are many amenities that would benefit from an improvement. We could expand the deck at the Tiki Bar, or we could enclose one or both porches at the clubhouse to accommodate more member usage. While these and other ideas are great, I feel we should be improving an under used amenity which we already have. That amenity is the ski hill. The ski hill and tube run are a great amenity when mother nature cooperates in the winter. However, this amenity sits mainly vacant for the rest of the year. We could make this area a warm weather destination. We already have the long magic carpet at the tube run. Why don’t we use it for a tube run in the warm weather. A removable runner can be installed that will accommodate the tubes we already have. On the ski hill we can install an alpine slide and/or a zip line. As I said, this is an amenity that already exists. With some updates and additions we can have a four season amenity.

Board of Directors. Since being appointed to the Board I have learned how complex running a community of 3600 homes really is. There are many moving parts that need to be coordinated and the engine that keeps all those parts moving is the budget. Putting the budget together is what interests me the most. Over the last few years your Board of Directors has focused on maintaining and repairing our amenities. With a few odds and ends left to do, the interior of the Lodge has been totally redone. We have replaced old and worn equipment. Provided new equipment to allow our staff to be more efficient and tackle projects without hiring outside contractors. Maintenance of our facilities and amenities must always be the number one priority of our capital budgets. The proper compensation of our staff must always be a priority of our operational budget. However, once we are caught up with the needed major maintenance expenses of our community, we can look forward to expanding and even adding to the amenities enjoyed by our membership. Bringing the budget to a point when we can afford to add to our experiences in The Hideout is my main objective.

Sincerely, Richard (Rick) Yocum ■

2021 Board of Directors Election Newsletter Questions for Board Candidates

1. What experience do you have either in committees or groups within The Hideout or in your professional life? Please explain how you feel these past associations will be helpful in your work as a Board member. Beth and I were part timers in 2013. We enjoyed our time here and decided to start attending Board meetings just to keep ourselves informed on what was going on in the community. If there was a Board meeting, when we were here, I made sure that I would attend. In 2014, we made the Hideout our fulltime home, and continued to attend Board meetings. I soon learned that the Board also held Workshops once a month. After attending a few workshops, I realized that these meetings were sometimes more informative than a regular Board meeting. It was during these meetings that one gets to hear the Board discuss community issues and agenda items for the Board meetings. While attending Board meetings, I realized that many of the changes the Board votes on are recommendations made by the various committees. So, I joined the Parks and Recreation Committee and soon thereafter became a member of the Governing Documents Committee. Also, during that time I joined the Garden Club and became a member of the Woodworking Shop. The best part of getting involved in the community is meeting many of the wonderful people in The Hideout. Being involved has given me the opportunity to talk with many people. Just by having a conversation and listening one learns what some members like about the Hideout and their dislikes. Also, being involved has given me the opportunity to

2. As a Board member, how will you prioritize amenity improvements? Which amenities do you believe need the most investment in the next budget and do you have any specific ideas you can offer to give insight into items that need improvement? Our community is 51 years young, and we have a large number of amenities. We have pools, beaches, tennis and pickleball courts, ballfield, ski hill, recreation and art centers, golf course, etc. Also, a Lodge, Clubhouse and Ski Lodge. The trick, as is asked, is how to prioritize an amenity improvement. First, all our amenities must be evaluated by what is needed for the safety of our members, our staff, and the structural integrity of an amenity itself. Once the safety concerns are addressed then our second priority must be maintaining what we already have in place. This can include everything from replacing old equipment in the fitness center to roof replacements. While safety and maintenance priorities need to be addressed, the result may not always be visible to our members. Once the safety and maintenance

3. What interest you in running for the Board of Directors and which aspect of the Board interests you the most? If elected, what main objective do you see yourself improving on for the community? From the moment we settled into our home here, we knew the Hideout was a special place. If we are sitting outside and Public Safety passes by, we say “this is why we live here”. If we are at a pool, beach, or ski hill we say “this is why we live here”. I can say that phrase over and over at all the many amenities The Hideout offers us as members. Being able to continue to say “this is why we are here” is my reason for running for the

4. What is your long-term vision for the community to create a clean and stable environment while continuing economic growth? The environmental issues facing us over the long-term involve the continued maintenance of our dams, lakes, streams, forests, and green spaces. One the ways to assure this happens is to continue our efforts to deal with ground water and storm water run-off. This will result in less erosion and water damage to our common areas, roads, and private properties. ■


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 11

Running in the 2021 Board of Directors Election FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Committee wishes the Membership to be aware that answers to some of the questions below are opinions voiced by the candidates. We ask that the Community Membership exercise caution and judgment in drawing factual conclusions.

Richard A. Guiffredo My name is Rich Guiffredo and I’m running for The Hideout Board of Directors. I’ve been an owner here in The Hideout for 11 years, and have been living here full time since 2010.

I am a retired NYC Firefighter (20 years), but have had several other careers in Finance and business since then. Although having a full and satisfying career with the FDNY, when comparing it with my additional knowledge and experience in the business world, I believe that it would prove beneficial to

the owners of The Hideout. I have also been a restauranteur. I owned and ran a very popular restaurant in Staten Island from 1986 to 1996. Some of you probably have eaten there. The Elm Park Inn enjoyed an excellent reputation as a top restaurant in Staten Island at the time. In addition, I’ve owned and operated over 30 concession stands outside of Yankee Stadium with several partners from 1980. - 1986. I’m sure I’ve sold you a hot dog or a souvenir along the way!

After my endeavors in the food business, I spent ten years as an auto financier. Later, I was hired by one of the nation’s leading Truck Auction Houses (Taylor & Martin). I was entrusted to purchase entire fleets of trucks to be sold at auction. So as you could imagine, the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired through the years would not only be applicable to being a Board Member, but in my opinion, prove very beneficial to our wonderful community. I believe that I could be instrumental

in helping to improve the quality of life here in The Hideout, and I would appreciate your support and consideration for this important position. Thanks! Rich Guiffredo ■

2021 Board of Directors Election Newsletter Questions for Board Candidates

Richard A. Guiffredo 1. What experience do you have either in committees or groups within The Hideout or in your professional life? Please explain how you feel these past associations will be helpful in your work as a Board member. 1. My professional life began as a Firefighter for twenty years, I also owned and operated a successful Restaurant in New York, and was responsible for running the Concessions at Yankee Stadium. My training in the above areas include, EMS training, Sensitivity training, and Heavy equipment operations, all which would benefit and be helpful being a Board Member.

Devon E. Delk

HONEST. . . . OPENMINDED. . . . WILLING. . . . qualities you can expect from me as a Board member. My professional and volunteer experiences evidence all three. My move to the Hideout in 2018 followed an online search for a POA community in the Northeast that was within a reasonable commute to family in NJ. I specifically looked for a POA or HOA community rich in amenities and activities, one managed with fiscal responsibility and adequate reserves. The Hideout met all my search criteria. As a matter of fact, a survey recently conducted by the Board demonstrated that The Hideout definitely offers “the best bang for your buck”. Our well-maintained community provides recreation and social opportunities and we have more services for lower fees than any other POA/HOA community within 100+ miles. Serving on Committees gives residents a voice in the management and decision making, assuring that members have a say in the governing of our community. I currently serve on the Public Safety and Governing Documents Committees and enjoy socializing at

2. As a Board member, how will you prioritize amenity improvements? Which amenities do you believe need the most investment in the next budget and do you have any specific ideas you can offer to give insight into items that need improvement? 2. I feel the Amenity that needs prioritizing in our community is The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse needs solid Staffing, consecutive Food Quality, and adequate Service. Our Clubhouse has the potential to be a 5 Star restaurant when the mentioned concerns are addressed. As a resident of the Hideout having a restaurant that you can be proud of is key to keeping the members happy, and not to mention profitable. My second amenity that need attention is the

Recreation Center and considering the growing interest in Pickleball. Investing in Pickleball courts and adding tournaments which seem to be in demand now, not only will this satisfy members, but will also be lucrative.

Mah Jongg, Book Club, Sportsmen’s Association and artistic endeavors at the Art Center.

goal setting and successful outcomes; worked with local real estate agents to foster a positive relationship, resulting in higher occupancy and increased receivables; worked with Board Attorney and City Codes Department to mandate the cleanup of delinquent properties. Although the community I served in Florida was much smaller than The Hideout, the challenges were the same, just on a smaller scale.

Volunteer Experience: My most relevant experiences occurred as a volunteer Board member for a Homeowners’ Association with 435 homes, serving consecutively as Grounds Chair, Secretary, Vice President, President and a second term as Secretary for a combined total of thirteen years. The Board managed all areas of operation including grounds maintenance, security, equipment, facilities, communication, social activities and finance (budget). Under my leadership: established a Community Emergency Response System certifying 20-residents to form a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); succeeded in reducing receivables (dues collections) by thousands of dollars and improved on-time payment of dues; led an in-house community reserve study resulting in fiscal responsibility in capital expenditures; fostered a collegial, solutions oriented team approach to Board operations resulting in realistic

3. What interests you in running for the Board of Directors and which aspect of the Board interests you the most? If elected, what main objective do you see yourself improving on for the community? 3. I am running for the Hideout Board of Directors for multiple reasons, one being I am a resident and enjoy the lifestyle here and want to keep The Hideout a place where all residents have a great quality of life. I also want to work with other

Professional Experience: As the Pupil Accounting/Transportation/ Security Supervisor in a school system of just under 10,000 students, projected class-by-class enrollment, ensuring compliance with State mandates for class size and conforming with teachers’ contract requirements. Projections were typically within a 3% margin of error. Scheduled a fleet of 23 school buses and 8 special education vans for the transport of 4,000 students. Managed the government free and reduced lunch program for 1,500+ students. I am experienced and capable of managing logistical problems. As school system liaison with a local police department,

Board members to make decisions more transparent for all who reside here. 4. What is your long-term vision for the community to create a clean and stable environment while continuing economic growth? 4. It is important as a long-term vision of The Hideout that all Amenities available to members are financially successful and keeping cleanliness and safety a priority. Not only residences but I want first time visitors who enter The Hideout to be impressed at the multiple amenities we offer and how organized we operate our community. There are so many great memories to be shared in the present and future concerning the Hideout. ■

facilitated an undercover operation at the local high school which resulted in the apprehension of a drug dealing custodian, without endangering staff or students. I also worked with administration to insure the removal of a teacher who was inappropriate with students (and was later arrested). I am comfortable dealing with sensitive issues and working toward solutions when opinions are divided. The Hideout must continue to select qualified leadership to assure fiscal responsibility, thereby preserving our status as a Gold Star 4-season community where we vacation and/ or live full-time. Maintenance of our infrastructure is paramount and must be skillfully managed on a day-to-day basis insuring that major unexpected repairs/ expenditures are minimized and the need for increased or new assessments

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12 • SEPTEMBER 2021


Running in the 2021 Board of Directors Election FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Committee wishes the Membership to be aware that answers to some of the questions below are opinions voiced by the candidates. We ask that the Community Membership exercise caution and judgment in drawing factual conclusions. Devon E. Delk (continued from page 11) eliminated. Responsible long-range planning will provide a “road map” which, if followed, will assure a successful future for The Hideout. Community involvement through service on Board committees is critical to the success of The Hideout and I will work to increase participation. Communication with the membership via email blasts and The Hideabout newspaper is vital. I will work with management to maximize the effective

use of these tools. We have a state-ofthe-art sports complex, clubhouse and banquet facilities, golf course, marina, beaches and hiking trails. Continuous maintenance and proactive scheduling of activities will encourage full participation and attract members to an active, healthy lifestyle. Our dedicated security staff and local volunteer fire departments stand ready to serve and protect. We must continue to support their equipment

needs and training programs to keep them prepared. Owning a home in The Hideout not only gives us opportunities for recreation and socialization… it must also remain a sound investment. Only by continuing to select qualified leadership will we be able to guarantee members that our investments remain sound. Our staff must be viewed as community assets. Competitive salaries and on-thejob supervision and training will assure

retention and competency. We want our property values to increase and we must maintain our amenities and require adherence to our governing documents to keep The Hideout homes desirable and marketable.

2. As a Board member, how will you prioritize amenity improvements? Which amenities do you believe need the most investment in the next budget and do you have any specific ideas you can offer to give insight into items that need improvement? Amenities, the “fun stuff” of the community, not only provide opportunities for recreation and play, amenities are key to attracting home buyers and renters. Priority should be placed on those amenities which show wear and tear because of their frequent use, age and/or safety concerns and safety must always carry the highest priority. I have noticed that several amenities are not listed on our community website. We have a large and current lending library, a campground with RV storage capability, a state-of-theart golf simulator, playgrounds and sports fields, arcade and miniature golf. We should promote these on our website. If creating a “wish list” for new amenities, I have heard requests for an indoor pool and would like to discuss feasibility. We also have sufficient space for a frisbee golf or par course. As a Director, it will be my job to listen to the managers responsible for our amenities (through the Community Manager), listen to the requests of Membership and be judicious in the management of our annual budget.

3. What interests you in running for the Board of Directors and which aspect of the Board interests you the most? If elected, what main objective do you see yourself improving on for the community? An effective and efficient Board works collegially to oversee the operations of the community, giving guidance to and through the Community Manager. My considerable experience on an HOA Board has given me insights on what a Board should, and should not, see as their responsibility. Day-to-day management of our multi-million-dollar association is the job of our Community Manager and staff. As a Director, I shall serve as part of a group which provides oversight, direction and allocates funding to see those directives achieved. From a personal standpoint, I enjoy being part of a team. I like the camaraderie of teamwork. I enjoy doing research and problem solving when facts have been collected. I like working with the public. And I want to be sure that my investment in the community did not end with the purchase of a home, but will continue through direct participation in the maintenance and development of my investment. My primary objective is to listen to membership and ensure that members have a representative voice on the Board via my participation.

4. What is your long-term vision for the community to create a clean and stable environment while continuing economic growth? Our community has grown dramatically over the years and due to the flight from the cities during the preceding twelve months, we find ourselves essentially “sold out” of available homes. There are some unimproved lots remaining, but those too are being sold and developed. This begs the question, “Do we open new areas to property development or do we maintain what we have?” I think we can consider both. Our lack of cell coverage in the North Section of the Hideout is an infrastructure issue that must be addressed. We have undeveloped acreage that could be utilized, adding to our annual income and attracting new members. Members should be encouraged to recommend amenities they would like to see developed/improved upon. We must maintain and develop our amenities so that we continue to provide safe, attractive and entertaining opportunities for all. If properly and judiciously managed, we will continue to be the premier homeowners’ association in the Poconos, a place we are proud to call home. ■

I own my company, Worldwide Construction Equipment. I buy and sell construction equipment all over the world. As a business owner for over 20 years. I am very familiar with budgets, income/ expenses, hiring/firing employees, along with the day-to-day operations of running a multi-million-dollar company. I am very proud of my company that I have built, from a tiny desk in my basement to converting a two-car garage into an office space that is shared with five other independent sales contractors. I pay attention to the details, my word is my word, because without that, you really have nothing to stand on. My strongest assets are that I always do the math to find the most cost-effective way, I take care of problems that arise right away, and I hold my employees accountable. If an employee costs me more money than they

make for my company, clearly, then this job is not for them. If an employee makes a mistake, I will do what I can to help them, but ultimately, they are responsible for their actions. I say what is on my mind. You will always know where I stand.

home, whether primary or secondary, is an investment in itself, and you have also invested in a business. Think about this for a moment. Yes, the Hideout IS a community, but it is also a business. There are budgets, income/expenses, employees and payroll along with day-today operations. As homeowners we need to protect our investment, we need to pay more attention as to how our money is spent. I am looking forward to have an opportunity to show you all my abilities as your board member.

I am looking forward to serving on the Board of Directors and appreciate your support in the upcoming election. Thank you. ■

2021 Board of Directors Election Newsletter Questions for Board Candidates

Devon E. Delk 1. What experience do you have either in committees or groups within The Hideout or in your professional life? Please explain how you feel these past associations will be helpful in your work as a Board member. The call to service has always been part of my life, during my education years, in my employment and especially during my retirement. An unabashed extrovert, I gravitate toward opportunities to join in and get things done. Gifted with leadership skills, I have often held titles of Director, Editor, Supervisor, Chairman, Board Member. Since moving to The Hideout, I have served on the Governing Documents and Public Safety Committees as well as serving as coordinator for the Hideout Book Club. As a member of an HOA community in Florida, I served on the Board for thirteen (13) years as Director for Grounds Maintenance, Security, and in the offices of Secretary, Vice President and President. Each of these memberships and leadership opportunities have taught me the values of listening, fact finding research, negotiation, and cooperative problem solving I am a solutions oriented problem solver and will serve you well.

Robert L. Tressler II My name is Bob Tressler and we purchased our vacation home in the Hideout August, 2011. We had spent the previous 13 years as seasonal campers at Keen Lake in Waymart. Life changes presented us with the opportunity to look for something more permanent, something we could use year-round. We are an active family of skiers, golfers and prefer lakes and mountains over oceans. Oddly enough, as close as we were to Waymart, and as many times as we have been to Hamlin, Hawley, Claws & Paws and Camel Beach, we never heard about the Hideout; even though we knew we had driven by the main entrance quite a few times. With the help of the internet, it was pure chance we came upon this community. After careful consideration, and looking at many other options in this area, we decided the Hideout had the best value for our money.

Although retirement is some 10+ years in the future for me, I have been “trying it on for size” and spending more time in the Hideout, taking advantage of this extra time to use the amenities during different times of the week, not just on the weekends. I like to ride around the Hideout, look at all the homes and their improvements, and how the Hideout looks overall, and what kind of impression we make for potential homebuyers. I always think to myself, we can do better. We can do better with how our money is spent. We can do better with our amenities. Your

Bob Tressler II ■


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 13

Running in the 2021 Board of Directors Election FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Committee wishes the Membership to be aware that answers to some of the questions below are opinions voiced by the candidates. We ask that the Community Membership exercise caution and judgment in drawing factual conclusions. Robert L. Tressler II (continued from page 12)

2021 Board of Directors Election Newsletter Questions for Board Candidates

Robert L. Tressler II 1. What experience do you have either in committees or groups within The Hideout or in your professional life? Please explain how you feel these past associations will be helpful in your work as a Board member. 1. I am currently on the Recreation Committee in the Hideout. I have volunteered for the local Moose lodge in Bristol PA, and have ran many committee’s throughout my life. It’s those experiences that have taught me how to listen, to be more observant and to anticipate what people are expecting from the Moose lodge. Everyone has ideas, and I welcome all input. When an idea is presented, I always ask how can we make this even better and how can this run more efficiently? I have also learned from serving on the Recreation Committee that while it’s impossible to please everyone, there are some options that do work for some, and there is always an alternative to provide other options for members. 2. As a Board member, how will you prioritize amenity improvements? Which amenities do you believe need the most investment in the next budget and do you have any specific ideas

you can offer to give insight into items that need improvement? 2. All amenities would be treated equally and need to be addressed as such. There isn’t one amenity that is more important than any other amenity. Some may need nothing, others may take a full revamp and a complete mind reset as to how we use them in the future if, in fact, they are in the future. The Hideout has recently been through an enormous change with the amount of home sales that increased this year in an astonishing amount of time. I feel some of the amenities have just been left behind over the years. The main lodge was recently remodeled with new flooring, paint etc., and it looks fantastic. But why did it stop there? Again, what can we do to make this even better and run more efficiently? The Tiki bar needs major attention as we are all aware of. I would have to see budgets and profitability to make a proper assessment. My idea would be to add additional decking and rearranging the bar, perhaps making it a different shape, so that when you are sitting at the bar, you have the view of the lake, not the back of the bar. How about dining by the lake on the weekends? I am aware that the club house went through a recent renovation, with The Bistro. It’s a shame the front of the clubhouse wasn’t revamped as well to include more

The deadline to Vote in the 2021 Board of Directors Election is Friday, October 1, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. The Vote Count is Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

4. What is your long-term vision for the community to create a clean and stable environment while continuing economic growth? 4. Our forest is loaded with dead timber, and I feel we are not managing this at all. We seem to be more concern with deer culling than the forest. We need to 3. What interests you in running for the talk with our neighbors that surround the Board of Directors and which aspect Hideout. We need to clear our fire breaks of the Board interests you the most? If elected, what main objective do and work with our local fire companies based on their recommendations. The you see yourself improving on for the dead timber is only creating tinder box. community? 3. I would like to see the community strive We can chip the dead wood back into the forest. And when we do take down trees, for more harmony. Decisions are being made that punish the masses for the sins we need to replant to ensure a healthy of a few. Employees AND members need forest. Continuing economic growth in the Hideout can be accomplished with to work together and give one another the re-evaluating and re-assessing what we mutual respect they deserve. Each needs each other; and one is not more important already have. Let’s enhance what we than the other. The Hideout needs to already have and exhaust the possibilities turn itself around; and become thePOA place of taking them to the next level. Is the HIDEOUT BOARD OF DIRECTORS you WANT to work. Not the 2021 place that is OFHideout ready for something new? It might SCHEDULE MEETINGS talked about as where NOT to work. We be the right time. We need to research, FRIDAY 2021 profitable, WORKSHOP MEETING 1 PMa microscope, ZOOM can make theJANUARY Hideout 15, a more look at everything with we can change our reputation and we can and ask the question are we prepared SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2021 REGULAR MEETING 9 AM ZOOM take all of our amenities to the next level to take on something new? Maybe an we all deserve. Make us place people Amphitheater dog park ZOOM in the field. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12,the 2021 WORKSHOP MEETING by the 1 PM are envious of. This all takes time and The changes and possibilities are endless SATURDAY FEBRUARY 2021 9 AM ZOOM an effort from everyone,20,members andREGULARbeMEETING assured that with New comes changes employees, of this community. maybe the time is now FRIDAY MARCH 12, 2021 WORKSHOP MEETING 1 PM ZOOM for the changes to start. ■ outside dining, string lights, umbrellas to make it more appealing. Of course, these are ideas, but the bottom line is the cost. I would have to see budgets and profitability to make a proper assessment, but I do believe this can be done.


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14 • SEPTEMBER 2021


ENVIRONMENTAL PAGE From: Ryan J. Hill, M.S.Ed., Assistant Community Manager and Environmental Manager be sure to contact What’s “Hiding Out” in our them and inquire Greetings, With September having arrived, if any vacanthe hot summer days we’ve grown Community this Month? cies exist and to accustomed to these past few months will sadly be coming to a close. Be sure to make the most out of this remaining time with family and friends as our forest’s leaves will soon be changing rapidly as temperatures drop down and we transition into Fall 2021. Be sure to follow the PA DCNR’s Instagram account to keep up to date on when the peak foliage change will occur in our region of the state when planning day trips and photo opportunities. A big thank you goes out to all the community members that called or emailed us regarding wild turkey sighting’s in the community during July & August. All data has been submitted to the PA Game Commission for their biologist’s review and it’s safe to say that the community’s turkey flock is continuing to look very healthy and widespread. Speaking of our forest, members typically begin seeing large silken mats emerge at the end of tree branches around August/September. Please note that these are Fall Webworms, not Gypsy Moths. For more information on Fall Webworms, please review the corresponding article in this publication regarding this common, naturally occurring pest. With the start of changing weather, lake users are reminded of a few important items this year. • All boats must be removed from Roamingwood Lake no later than September 20th this year. We encourage owners of registered watercrafts to take advantage of storage facilities outside of the community so as to alleviate the number of devices being stored on any particular lot. The Recreation Department facilitates limited boat storage opportunities at the campground area, so

discuss associated costs.

• Roamingwood Lake will commence its drawdown activities this year starting on September 20th, and will result in a 5’-10’ drawdown for ice damage prevention, shoreline vegetation control, and for repair work to the outlet tower. Please note that the lake level will be fluctuating slightly this year given the scope of repair work that will be occurring, with the majority of the drawdown occurring throughout October.

The Fall Webworm, Hyphantria cunea Drury


re you driving along our roadways and wondering what those large webbed tents are at the end of tree branches? What you are seeing is the webbed tents of Fall Webworms. Here in The Hideout, we have populations of Eastern Tent Caterpillars (who make similar webbed tents but only at the crotches of trees), Forest Tent Caterpillars (who spin silken mats but not tents), and Gypsy Moths (who do not make webbed tents at all). ETC, FTC, and GM are present as caterpillars in the spring and early • Does your dock display your lot number? Board motion 01-25 requires summer, and are not active this time of that all dock owners are to identify their the year. docks in a visible manner. As you are The large webbed tents are indeed prepping your docks for winter, take unsightly, but do not suggest the tree the time to identify your dock with your is being killed. The larvae will consume lot number. The Environmental Depart- and skeletonize leaves, forming a ment, in conjunction with Public Safety, protective silken web up to 3 feet in will be enforcing this requirement length over an area of foliage they wish moving forward. to consume. • Cold water kills! If you are boating on So, what should you do if these are any lake or waterbody, especially this being seen on your tree? Best practice coming Fall where water temperatures suggests that you simply poke or cut drop, always wear your life jacket. a hole in the webbed netting, if safe to Boaters are required by law to wear do, which will expose the webworms life jackets in vessels that are less than and allow natural predators, such as 16’ in length between November 1 and April 30.

birds and other insects, to prey upon them. Info courtesy of: factsheets/fall-webworm ■

The TNR Program to address feral cats is still in action. Want to get involved or donate? Be sure to contact C Alley Cats at or visit or their Facebook page to see how you can assist their non-profit organization. Keep in mind that donations for the TNR Program to get additional cats spayed, neutered, and rabies shots, can be made at any point of sale location here in the community. ■

Photo courtesy of: John Goldman

Check out: @HideoutEnvironmental on Instagram

Image courtesy of: Note: Images not to scale


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Get paid to pancake! We’ve reopened our doors and now we’re looking for quality individuals to help fill positions such as:



Competitive pay rates Full time or Part time hours available Health benefits (Medical, Vision & Dental) Paid vacations • Flexible hours • Meal discounts

Expires 4/30/21

CALL ANYTIME or apply online at! If you or someone you know might be a good fit under the blue roof, reach out for more information on these current open positions at the number Expires 4/30/21 Expiresbelow! 4/30/21

seafood fr a diavolo mussels, c al amari, spic y tomato broth

Lake Ariel IHOP 570-689-9112 560 main s tree t | honesdale | 570 647 4933 |

20 • SEPTEMBER 2021


CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THE HIDEOUT Don’t let your vacation home turn into a weekend job.



(570) 698-7759

Yard Clean-up & House Staining Fully Insured - Free Estimates Insurance Estimates Prepared • Decks, Carports, Docks • Kitchens & Baths • Roof Repair • Popcorn Ceilings-Sheetrock • Drainage Problems • Ceiling Fans Installed • Sewage Pump Emergency Service • Yard Clean-ups • Locks Installed

• Basements Finished • Screened Porches • Weekly Home Inspections • Masonry Work & Foundations • Pressure Washing • Tree Work & Log Splitting • Marble & Tile Work • Rain Gutter Installation


• Painting & Staining • Landlord House Maintenance • Skylights Installed • Vinyl Siding • Gravel & Driveway Lighting • Sliding Doors Added • Landscaping & Lawn Care • Excavating & Backhoe Work • Waterproofing Basements


From The Pro Shop

By: Al Lutzi, Pro Shop Manager


Golf Course & Pro Shop hours: beginning 9/7/21 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. weekends and holidays 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week - weather permitting

olf leagues: The Tuesday morning and Thursday night men’s golf leagues are winding down with only a couple of weeks left. The Hideout Women’s Golf Association league plays on Monday mornings at 9 am. This league started in early June and ends around Labor Day. The weather has not cooperated during the month of August. We have received in excess of 8 inches of rain from just two weather events.

Summer hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 am until 5 pm. Weekend and holiday hours are 7 am until 5 pm. Hours will change after the Labor Day Weekend

Golf Tournaments: The Miles/Ciampa invitational was held on August 28th. We had 66 participants. All golfers received a beautiful golf shirt. The weather cooperated although it was cart path only everyone had a great time.

Remember to fix your ball marks on the greens replace divots on the fairways and rake sand traps. Please follow the cart restrictions posted each day in the HASG Golf League Pro Shop as well as the signs posted on the course. Remember no driving of carts By: John Martino on the par three holes ever. That’s holes Hey, what a great summer season of #3 #6 and #10. golf! The only problem all summer were two rainouts and the darn summer went Please replace your divots on the so fast!! The HASG golf league grew to fairways. We have had excessive play fifty members and we rotated the players on the course this year and with the amongst each other so for the most part wet conditions it is taking its toll on the everyone got to know each other and course. We have a wonderful amenity made new friends. with this course be courteous of your fellow golfers. At the time of this writing, we were still

Here is a list of the remaining tournaments for 2021. Tournament date Time


Saturday 9/18/21 9/11 Help-a-Hero AM and PM - Sessions 9 holes Saturday 9/25/21 9:00 am

Fall Classic

Tournament sign ups can be made by contacting the Pro Shop 30 days in advance of the event date. This year’s Club Championships are under way need to be finished the first week of September. Saturday, September 4th is Golfers Appreciation Day. Hot dogs and refreshments will be served from 10 am till 4 pm at the flag pole for all golfers.

We take Tee times up to 7 days in advance. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled Tee time. If you need to cancel please call the Pro Shop so we can fill in the reservation time.

looking forward to our ending luncheon which should have been attended by fifty people. We also should have had Mike Kline and Donnie from the course, Annie from the Pro Shop, Mike our Ranger and of course, the Illustrious Al Lutzi the Pro We are now selling beer on the course Shop Manager. All these people do such in addition to the water and Gatorade that a great job all year long keeping our golf course going that we wanted to thank is available. ■ them for their work. Also, Lisa Green who sees that this article gets into The Hideabout every month, Thank You Lisa! If you wish to golf after normal operating hours you must call the Pro Shop and advise the staff. Walkers only. You need to have a golf pass or make prior payment prior to starting your round. No motorized carts after 5 pm.

Golf Course & Pro Shop hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. weekends and holidays 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week - weather permitting

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 21

This season was so great that quite a few people told me that it was their favorite day of the week! Jill Eulitz

distinguished herself as an exemplary golfer and was in the lead at the time of this writing in total average score and second in average putting. Wow, she also was named the first female captain in the league and next year we will expand that category. Lou Dellisanti is in the lead of total average putts by .6 of a stroke. So that should have been a fun battle at the end. The closest to the hole on the second shot on hole six was a tremendous success with 100% participation and everyone having great fun with it. We had 38 different golfers share in some of the pots with two more weeks still to play. I look forward to next season and many more laughs and good times. Meanwhile, everyone have a great fall and winter and practice your golfing!! Also a special thank you to Bill Wagner who started the ball rolling while Audrey and I were still in Florida, by taking names and signing people in. Thanks for your help Bill. ■

22 • SEPTEMBER 2021


2021 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - July 24, 2021

Call to Order: 9:10 a.m. Quorum: Yes Present: Richard Yocum, Chairperson; Andrew Miller, President; Marie Krauss, Treasurer; Louis Delli Santi Jerry Restaino, Director; and Paul Spiese, Director. Other: Larry Frotten, Community Manager; Ryan Hill, Assistant Community Manager and Environmental Manager; Debra Tramantano, Financial Manager; Brooke Craven, HR Manager; Jill Metschulat, Executive Assistant; John Boandl, Recreation Manager; Lisa Green, Community Relations Manager; Joe Kozuch, Public Safety Director; and Ashley Fonzo, Manager of Amenity Services. Pledge of Allegiance

Participants notified the meeting is video and audio recorded. Members instructed to hold questions until the appropriate point in the meeting and supply their name and lot number. Members attending by Zoom may use the chat box or raise hand feature to ask questions. Zoom participants were requested to provide their name and lot number to verify membership and keep attendance records. 1. Approval of Minutes: 21-83 MOTION: RESOLVED TO approve the July 24, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda as presented. Motion made by Andrew Miller, seconded by Michael Terranova, and passed 7-0. 21-84 MOTION: RESOLVED TO approve the June 26, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion made by Marie Krauss, seconded by Lou Delli Santi, and passed 7-0. 21-85 MOTION: RESOLVED TO approve the July 16, 2021 Board Workshop Minutes as presented. Motion made by Lou Delli Santi, seconded by Jerry Restaino, and passed 7-0. 2. Board of Directors Comments: Marie Krauss Certificate of Appreciation. Rick Yocum, Chair, presented Marie Krauss with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Board for her dedicated service to the community as a member of the Board of Directors. Marie is scheduled to sell her home in The Hideout next week. Marie was Treasurer/Director from 2016 – 2019; Director from 2019-2020 and Treasurer/Director from 2020-2021. Marie stated that it was a pleasure to serve on the Board for the past 6 years. As with anything, there are good days and bad days, but she hopes to only remember the good. Marie purchased her property in the community in 1986 and has been a full-time resident since 2002. She has made many friends and worked on many projects with her fellow Board members. Marie’s most recent project which she

began for future boards to finalize is an indoor pool. Marie is moving to Summit Point in Scranton and invited visitors. Marie thanked everyone.

21-02 PROCLAMATION: Now therefore, be it resolved that the Hideout Board of Directors, do hereby proclaim Saturday, July 24, 2021 as The Lake Ariel Volunteer Fire Company Day in the Hideout, Lake Ariel Pennsylvania in recognition of and gratitude for their 105 years of dedicated and outstanding service to the community. Motion made by Andrew Miller, seconded by Michael Terranova and passed 7-0. The Proclamation will be presented tonight at the banquet to raise funds for the Fire Company. 3. Management Reports: (Questions or Comments will be taken after each report and pertaining to the reports) a. Financial Manager, Debra Tramantano To date, $6,464,000 has been collected in dues revenue. There are 3,442 lots paid in full which is 184 lots less than budgeted or 94.7% of the budgeted 3,625 lots to be paid in full. Delinquent dues collected to date total $119,829 which is favorable $58,000 over the total budgeted amount of $62,000. Delinquent dues collection is due in part to hiring a collections attorney and a focused effort on the part of staff. Amenity income at the close of June 2021 was $1,347,186. This is $224,00 over the budgeted $1,122,921. The favorable income is primarily due to the $237,715 received in rental fees which was budgeted at $220,343 for the total year. Rental income at this point is 8% over budget. Amenity expense as of the close of June 2021 was $3,777,718 which is over the budgeted $3,690,866 by $86,852. The deficit is primarily wages as anticipated and should be covered by the additional amenity income. Transfer fees of $322,920 were collected through June 2021 which is 89% of the total year budget of $361,000. To date, $1,286,305 of the $2,526,355 capital budget was spent. The anticipated amenity income should provide sufficient funds to carry operations through the end of the year. b. Community Manager: Presented by Ryan Hill, Assistant Community Manager/Environmental Manager. Ryan greeted the members. The Hideout official fireworks display was fantastic. Public Safety. Only 2 citations were issued for illegal fireworks this Fourth of July holiday. Members are complying with the messages sent about the rule prohibiting fireworks. The Hideout Emergency Management Plan includes instructions on evacuations and tabletop exercises for management will be scheduled with Public Safety later this fall. An automated emergency notification system to notify members of an emergency and

procedures is forthcoming. Pools, Beaches & Lakes. July is lakes appreciation month. The Hideout is proud of maintaining the high quality of its bodies of water. Lifeguards executed 7 saves at the pools, beaches and lakes as of June 25 and The Hideout is proud of its staff. The Recreation Department aquatics is fully staffed with 27 lifeguards and a total 35 aquatic staff. Recreation. The Fishing Derby is happening today and weigh in is scheduled for Noon at the Marina. There is a new disc golf course at the Ski Hill and this offers a challenging opportunity. Family Bingo is scheduled for August 4 and a concert on the Ski Hill is scheduled for August 21. The children’s recreational camps are ongoing. The handicap chair lifts will be restored to functioning today as the actuators are received and being installed. Lakes & Watershed Projects. Brooks Lake rehabilitation of the weir arm will commence next week and run through mid August. There was a weather delay on this project. Pathways and walkways access in this area may be restricted during the repair work. Four new wetland islands will be installed on August 4 and Ryan is looking for volunteers to assist with native plantings on the islands. Details for stormwater grant work in the area of Ridgeview and Lakeview West are being settled with the Wayne County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency to install the nutrient separating baffle box. Traffic control is coordinated jointly between Public Safety and the contractor. Construction should conclude by the end of September. Underwater grout repairs to the Roamingwood Dam outlet structure are estimated for sometime after Labor Day and will be determined as the time nears because it will require lowering the lake level. The lake level is usually lowered in late October, but that is too late in the year to perform the repairs so the draw down date may need to be earlier this year. Please watch for additional information on the Roamingwood Lake drawdown date. The inflatable bladder required for this project is ordered and work should be completed approximately one week after it begins. The compressors in the aeration units at Deerfield Lake need replacing. This releases micro bubbles to reduce silt and aquatic vegetation in the Lake. Food & Beverage. This department is extremely short-staffed. Line cooks and prep cooks are needed. Please contact the HR Department if you or someone you know is interested. Food truck Wednesdays are scheduled in August as an alternative and details are forthcoming. Two experienced bartenders were hired and will start working in the near future. The kitchen at the Tiki Bar will be closed for the next two weeks. Alcohol is still being sold as food is available from the snack shop. Rentals. Rentals are booming so a new staff member, Florence, was hired to

process the applications. There are 210 registered short-term and 66 registered long-term rental properties. These 276 total rental properties are a small percentage of the approximately 3,200 developed lots and approximately 3,800 total improved and unimproved lots in The Hideout. Facilities. This Department is doing an excellent job. Dennis Polhamus has a ton of projects ongoing including stormwater mitigation and salt shed construction. There is talented staff in this Department. Dennis assists with environmental and permit processes. There are 18 new homes being built in The Hideout and a record number of ECC permits have been processed this year. Ryan thanked everyone for their patience. Golf. Golf had excellent sales this Fourth of July holiday even though it was raining on the 4th. July 5th was the best day this year. Water on Hole 2 is drying nicely. Closing. Ryan stated that he looks forward to working with the members on a daily basis. 4. Unfinished Business: None (Questions or comments with regard to Unfinished Business) 5. New Business: (Questions or comments with regard to New Business) 21-86 MOTION: RESOLVED TO, approve the unbudgeted capital expense not to exceed $6,000.00 for the replacement of four (4) compressors with required installation accessories and sales tax for one of the two aeration cabinets at Deerfield Lake due to the compressors being outside of the warranty period and needing to be replaced for effective lake management efforts. Motion made by Andrew Miller, seconded by Jerry Restaino and passed 7-0. 21-87 MOTION: RESOLVED TO, approve the unbudgeted capital reserve purchase of a planer for wood workers at a cost not to exceed $3,221.90 upon the recommendation of management to replace the existing planer which is broken and unrepairable. Motion made by Jerry Restaino, seconded by Michael Terranova, and passed 7-0. 21-88 MOTION: RESOLVED TO, approve the use of Vote Now, LLC to perform the electronic voting portion of the 2021 Board of Director election including electronic proxy while The Hideout processes paper ballots under the Bylaw procedures as in past practice. Motion made by Lou Delli Santi, seconded by Michael Terranova, and passed 7-0. RESCIND 21-79 MOTION RESOLVED TO rescind Motion 21-79 passed on June 26, 2021 approving the unbudgeted purchase of USPS parcel boxes for the mailbox (continued on page 23)


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 23

2021 Board Meeting Minutes - July 24, 2021 (continued from page 22) locations at an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 as this is a budgeted operating expense and not an unbudgeted capital purchase. Motion made by Jerry Restaino, seconded by Marie Krauss, and carried 7-0. Larry clarified that the North Mailbox location has no oversize mailboxes for packages. The Post Office does not offer these mailboxes but directed where they could be purchased. One will be added to the Main Mailbox location and two will be added to the North Mailbox location. This was a rescind and not an amendment because a motion is not required for budgeted operating expenses.

6. Committee Recommendations: None. (Questions or comments with regard to Committee Recommendations) 7.General Comments and Questions Lot 4009: Member questioned the position of Director of Amenities as reported in The Hideabout was posted or a job analysis performed. She feels this is a redundant position because all departments have managers. Larry indicated that the position was reviewed but not posted because an existing staff member had the qualifications to fill the position. The Hideout tries to promote internally to reward good employees. The managers are busy putting out fires so does not have the time to evaluate processes for efficiency. The main focus of this position is oversight of all Food & Beverage locations as this is too much for one person. They will be tasked with creating a Food & Beverage manual for consistency. Eventually the position involves reviewing all amenity processes. Each new hire and/ or promotion involves a 90-day review period. The job description can be sent directly to the member if requested after the meeting. Member feels it is redundant to have managers managing managers. Larry indicated that this is the nature of business to provide a supervisory chain of command for accountability. Member suggested outsourcing food and beverage amenities. Larry indicated this was done years ago, but there was not control of cost and member service. Currently all food and beverage businesses are experiencing staffing issues. This new position is a redirecting of staff in an effort to generate more income to mitigate dues. Lot 3469. Member asked Board for assistance to work with policing group to schedule more coverage at the north end, specifically near Cliffwood Hill. Complained about speeding in the area to policing group and they only patrolled the area once in a year. Member feels more presence will result in a general slowing of traffic to avoid a citation. Michael Terranova, Board liaison to Public Safety Commission, indicated to the member that he would be happy to meet with him privately to get the matter resolved. Larry Frotten reported that he is receiving a daily radar log by patrol vehicle, but there are 42 miles of road and only three cars on the roads at a time. An emergency call requires a minimum of 2 cars which

removes them from the road and radar. Larry will review the logs and evaluate the management of resources. He is aware that Public Safety Patrol has been more active near South Fairway. Larry also noted that a routine schedule for radar and locations is not effective so radar must be sporadic and in various areas. Lot 4365. Member reported that on the road near North Beach, a skateboarder fell on the road and was rendered unconscious. The response time for Public Safety was 10 minutes and the ambulance was 15 minutes. He gave credit to a lifeguard who removed the skateboarder from harm’s way. Asked for faster emergency number such as a direct dial or shorter call number. Larry Frotten responded that when Public Safety is notified, they contact 9-1-1 and then dispatch in-house Public Safety. The 9-1-1 calls were tested and the response time was good. Issues arise if there are 3 calls at any one time because there are only 2 ambulance services in the area – Hamlin and commercial Commonwealth. Commonwealth expanded their coverage area so may take longer. Sometimes, Moscow Ambulance has to be dispatched because they are the next closest ambulance service. Larry will look into obtaining a more direct Public Safety emergency number, but recommended members call 9-1-1 in emergency situations as the 9-1-1 call center also notifies the gate after they dispatch emergency services. Member suggested signs should be reflective to be visible in low light. This will be looked into. Lot 1634. Member indicated that at the trash and recycling facilities, staff actively discourages recycling and directs members to just throw it in the trash. This especially happens close to 8 when recycling is already closed and locked. Larry indicated this may be happening when the recycling bins are full and cannot be changed at that time; however, he will look into this concern and the report of closing early. Member is having difficulty with insurance and driver’s license because there is confusion regarding the legal address. The Hideout advised that the legal address is the lot number and street name, but and Pike County GIS office and the PennDOT driver licensing center advised that the emergency number is the legal address. Larry Frotten, Lou Delli Santi, and Jill Metschulat clarified that the lot number is the legal address for Deed purposes and the emergency number is for emergency services and 9-1-1 calls only. Jill spoke with the GIS office, County Commissioners and Tax Assessor’s offices in Wayne County last year and confirmed this information. The legal address cannot be changed because it is on the plat plan maps, Deeds and in the County Assessor’s computer system. Jill will follow-up with the member after the meeting to resolve this matter. Lot 187. Member inquired as to the status of the main gate project and the

cell tower. Larry Frotten reported that the front gate project is in the permit process with PennDOT so all work is on hold for this year. This item will be added to the 2022 budget in anticipation of PennDOT approval of the proposed changes. At past meetings it was noted that highway occupancy permits were not obtained from PennDOT when any of the gates were installed and PennDOT is requesting permits and compliance on all gates before any additional work may be approved. Michael Terranova updated the status of the cell tower. A contract was received from a company to lease land to build a cell tower. The contract is under legal review and more information should be available in the near future.

Lot 2049. Member expressed concern over blighted properties, unregistered cars under covers, dead trees on properties that jeopardize power, and high grass. Member also commended facilities for the great job on stormwater projects, but indicated that it is difficult for members to get into 4-feet deep ditches lined with riprap to remove leaves or otherwise clean the ditches. Larry reported that there is an active program addressing blighted properties and a meeting was even held yesterday to discuss additional avenues to bring such properties into compliance. A contractor is engaged to cut dead trees on Hideout property and members are notified of potential hazardous trees on their property when they come to the attention of the Environmental Department. The Hideout did look into purchasing equipment to vacuum leaves from swales, ditches and culverts, but the equipment is costly and funds were needed for other equipment. The Hideout is not interested in operating a business and charging for this service, but recognizes a need to assist with stormwater management. Lot 2374. Member questioned that there is no food offered at the Tiki Bar. Larry stressed that there are only 4 cooks on staff at this time and they cannot accommodate the demand, and all the hours at the various locations. There is access to food on the licensed premises as the snack bar can provide the meal for members at the Tiki Bar. Lot 175. Member suggested cross-training of staff to keep the Tiki Bar open and possibly expand the hours of operation or close the Clubhouse when slow to open the Tiki Bar when the beach is busy. Larry confirmed that staff is cross-trained for both locations, but there are limitations on cross-training for positions due to age restrictions. Some bartenders are repurposed as servers, etc.; However, employees under 18 cannot tend bar or serve alcohol. There is also a staff shortage of cooks, servers and bartenders so there are no employees to cross-train from kitchen and front-of-house service. The Hideout cannot close the Clubhouse during advertised/posted operating hours to open the Tiki Bar during advertised/ posted closed hours.

Member gave props to the lifeguards and the maintenance staff for jobs well done.

Lot 4009. Member inquired if there are updates on how the POA plans to manage short-term rentals as last month it was reported that legal is looking into options. Larry indicated that he is watching the registered rental property numbers and they are still quite low – under 10%. The legal opinion received was that the Protective Covenants grant members the right to rent their properties and that The Hideout may restrict rentals, but if a lawsuit is brought over the matter, The Hideout would lose. The Board also reiterated that the covenants may only be revised once every 10 years and that 80% of all members must vote on the change. The next available date to vote would be in 2030, but it is unlikely to get 80% of all members to vote. 8. Board adjourns without Executive Session: 10:40 a.m. Motion made by Michael Terranova, seconded by Paul Spiese, and passed 7-0, BOARD BUDGET REVIEW: Friday, August 13, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., POA and Zoom MEET THE CANDIDATES: Saturday, August 21, 2021, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., Main Lodge and Zoom NEXT BOARD WORKSHOP: Friday, September 3, 2021 at 1:00 p.m., POA and Zoom COMMUNITY BUDGET REVIEW: Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., Main Lodge and Zoom BOARD 2022 BUDGET VOTE: Saturday, September 25, 2021, 9:00 a.m., Main Lodge and Zoom Watch the website Events Calendar on the Members’ Portal for meeting information. Respectfully Submitted, Jill Metschulat Executive Assistant/Assistant Secretary ■

24 • SEPTEMBER 2021




Excavating Inc.


Fully Insured • Free Estimates • Paving • Sealcoating • Sewer/Water Lines • Driveways • Grading • Hauling • Top Soil • Gravel • Foundations


News & Notes from Hamlin Community Library


Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Your Mess! Residential • Rental Properties Commercial Cleaning Pick up the phone & we’ll clean your home.

570-878-6007 /SimplifyNEPA •

hat do you know about your local library? Here in Hamlin we’re always looking for ways to improve our service to the community. Your free library card grants you access to vast online resources, as well as onsite computer access, WiFi, computer assistance, a large collection that includes interlibrary loan of almost any resource you could need, a variety of programming and so much more. For a small fee we offer fax services, copying, used books and DVDs, and we’ll even take your passport photo. Did we mention we’re a passport acceptance facility? Come on by, or call, and we’ll give you all of the information you need to complete the application process. The pandemic may have slowed us down, but we are still moving towards a goal of providing the most comprehensive service we can. The Hamlin Community Library has seen a surge in new patrons, and we are thrilled! We hope everyone who visits the library feels welcomed and accommodated. But we could use your help, too. Our Friends of the Library is disbanding after years of loyal support to the library. This means we are solely responsible now for our own fundraising. As a non-profit organization we must raise 50% of our

operating revenue through our own efforts. In order to meet that need, we are asking for your financial assistance. Additionally, we are well aware that we couldn’t open our doors without generous volunteers, and an active Board of Trustees. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or applying to be on the Board, please stop in or call the library. Ask for Lynn or Joy, and we will give you more information about the opportunities available. We want to do everything we can to remain relevant for many years to come. We look forward to meeting you soon! We will be open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm. Friday and Saturday 9 am - 1 pm. Check our website,, for up-to-date information, or as always you can drop in or give us a call at (570) 689-0903. ■



Environmental Control Committee Meeting Minutes - June 25, 2021 Call to Order at: 9:00 am Pledge of Allegiance: Present: Mike Burns – Chairperson, Larry Lieberher, Ron Phelps, Dennis Polhamus – Facilities Manager, Tim Kresge – Permitting Officer, Paul Spiese – Board Liaison, Tina Fairfax, Larry Frotten – Community Manager (Guest) Excused: N/A Motion to approve the meeting minutes of 6/11/2021: Minutes approved as written Permits issued 6/11/21 – 6/24/21: Discussion of when township permit is needed. PROJECTS (Dennis) 130 Underwood Lane New Home Skrabal Issued – 21-667 Cornerstone Building Solutions 446 Lakewood Road New Home Lore Issued – 21-736 Five Star Modular 1931 Grandview Drive New Home Kislitskiy Issued – 21-737 S.I. Victory Construction 1662 Windemere Lane New Home Tsiarlotski Issued – 21-738 S.I. Victory Construction 3630 Chestnut Hill New Home Doctor Awaiting Tree Inspection D & D Modular Homes REVIEW/DISCUSSION LOT VIOLATIONS/CITATIONS: Citations are being written. We will be concentrating on overgrown vegetation and debris. STORMWATER UPDATE: We are

plugging away on Grandview Project. To date there have been zero complaints. We have obtained a mini excavator to facilitate these projects. SKI HILL PUMP HOUSE: Discussion of that the needs of this project are and the best way to go about accomplishing it (i.e., plans, permits, etc.). Employee safety is the foremost important issue here. LOT 2401 UPDATE: There will be a phone conference with the attorney today. Larry explained the issue in greater detail. LOT 4041: Discussion of issue with this lot including query on involving the township and issuing citation for non-compliance with Hideout rules & regulations. Dennis will pull the historical file to see what has been done. NEW BUSINESS BALD EAGLE: Discussion of language being inserted in permits covering working in areas where eagles nest. We will reach out to Ryan regarding this. CAMPGROUND: The road dust project has been completed. There is currently nothing in the budget to cover issues at the Campground. A long-range plan is needed. We can increase the Dry Storage in-house relatively inexpensively this fall with cameras and lights. RS&W GOLF COURSE WATER PROBLEM: Has been found and rectified.

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 25


Hideout Woodworkers Meeting Minutes - July 13, 2021 A meeting of the Hideout Woodworkers was called to order at approx. 7 pm on 7/13/21 at the woodworker shop by Ken Wenz. Pledge of Allegiance: The group said the pledge of allegiance to open the meeting. Sickness and Distress: Nothing new at this time. Correspondence: Nothing new at this time. Prior Meeting Minutes: Ray Lubanski read the meeting minutes from the last meeting held on 6/8/21. The meeting minutes were accepted and seconded for the report as read. Treasurer’s report: Dave Dimmick read the Treasurer’s Report. The report was accepted and seconded as read. Shop Needs / Old Business: Everything is squared away for the Rail runners game on 7/20/21. John Gaspari is working towards arranging for our annual picnic. There is a concern about having enough people when talking with the various parties we are looking at. The Rebhune classic is still set for September. The exact date is still to be


Ken Wenz has a training class for 17 people scheduled for 7/17/21. A number of suggestions were made on how best to insure that new members sign up with Rec and pay their dues prior to taking the training class. Bob Addieg will raise these issues during the scheduled Public Works meeting. A new planer has been ordered. Waiting for a delivery date. Some parts were ordered for the small planer. Bob Fezza requested Rec to order the parts. Maintenance did come to the shop and emptied the tubs, barrels, dust collectors, etc. We do not know what their regular schedule is. One of the work benches has cut marks in it. This is another example of a user not caring about safety regulations or the care of the shop environment. Wednesday golf is running just fine. New Business: Nothing new at this time. Miscellaneous: Nothing new at this time. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 pm. ■

Meeting ended at: 10:10 am Next Meeting: Friday, 7/9/2021, 9:00 at the POA Board Room ■


POA Office Hours:

Help Keep Our Community Clean

Sunday and Monday closed

Don't Litter

$250 fine

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

26 • SEPTEMBER 2021

ente’s l DPizzeria AFamily


Garlic Knot Pizza!!

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Communications Committee Meeting Minutes - August 9, 2021 Called to order at 11:40 a.m.

This would be quite unfair to all the

Pledge of Allegiance

members that have paid for the additional passes for their guests.

Attendance: Terri Letteratis, Eileen Simon, Lyle Britton, Judy Britton, Bernadette Zumbo, Lisa Green, Community Relations Manager, Larry Frotten, Community Manager Excused: Lou Delli Santi Minutes of last meeting approved by Judy Britton, seconded by Eileen Simon Old Business: 1. Terri met with Craig of the Maintenance Dept at the Lodge to discuss the ramp access to the Lodge and Tiki Bar. It was agreed that a sign stating “Ramp Access” would be installed near the side of the building indication the ramp access. Also a new door is to be installed along with a button to facilitate opening the door. It was also brought to our attention that since The Hideout is a private community, we do not have to be ADA compliant however, for the benefit of our membership, we will do what is necessary to make the facilities accessible to everyone. 2. This issue of the locked gate that accesses the bathrooms in the pool area was discussed. The reason is that the pool requires a pool pass for all visitors and if the gate is opened anyone can walk into the pool without a valid pool pass.

3. Staffing is still an issue in our food service department and management is continuing their efforts to hire more staff. A full-time bartender has been hired. 4. Penn Dot has not yet approved our plans for the new Main entrance nor the North gate entrance. Items of Discussion: 1. Email Blasts – We have 3,258 members receiving these emails 2. Advertising – Table Tents for advertising are being used again in the Pub and brings in additional revenue. 3. There have been some complaints about the wait for food service at the beach snack bar. The following suggestion will be submitted to the appropriate manager: • A separate line just for ice cream orders • A Hot dog truck outside under the deck • Limiting the menu to items that are fast and easy to prepare 4. Speeding is a problem in the community. Public Safety is currently increasing the use of radar to curtail the speeding. 5. Penn Dot has not yet approved our plans for the new Main entrance or North gate entrance 6. It was suggested that The Hideout requirements for the sale of your home be published in The Hideabout, however it was determined that the Realtor selling your home is responsible to give you the requirements. Registration will be notified to have this information available in case of a phone call from a member but it will not be published in The Hideabout. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m. Next Meeting – Wednesday September 15, 2021 ■


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- Public Safety on YOUR community! - Long Range Planning - Communications - Golf There are many - Lakes - Public Works & Recreation to choose from! -- Parks Food & Beverage Call the POA Office - Wildlife & Forestry Management Ad-Hoc Committees if interested!

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28 • SEPTEMBER 2021



Public Works Committee Meeting Minutes - July 14, 2021 Call to Order – The meeting began at 10am Pledge of allegiance Present: Robert Addieg, Rich Straczynski, Michelle Popadynec, Michael Terranova – Board Liaison, Dennis Polhamus – Facilities Manager, Desiree Detres – Facilities Administrative Clerk Excused: Laura Rusnak, John Thompson, Craig Rafaniello Minutes from meeting on June 16th, 2021, for approval. Any changes, questions or comments: The minutes were approved without any changes. New Business Club House Awning: There was confusion on the install price. Took some time to straighten out but the company with be back to install awning in a few weeks. Line Painting: Called a few companies and only two showed up. Most companies that responded don’t have the equipment to do a community this big. Will continue to search for a company. Operation Golden Road: This is still being worked on. Salt Shed: Concrete is being poured. We have all our permits. Once it is cured, we will finish. It will take about 28 days. It will be ready in time to store salt. Old Business Ski Hill: We will not be touching the pump house building. We are building a 20 ft dock that members will also be able to use. Plan is to put a permanent pipe with a baffle box that sits on the bed of the lake that

will prevent any of the silt from getting in. Ryan Hill and Dennis finalized the permit application with Wayne County Conservation. We have two pumps to work with. We are going to build a lean to to store more equipment. The plan next year is to turn the Ski Rink into a rental building. As for the warming hut we reached out to the township. We have to get an engineer to give us plans to submit. We’ll be doing that soon. Road Repair: Like line painting we are waiting on contractors to contact us. Storm Water: Maplewood swale will be completed soon. We have a list of completed storm water work. The crew we have is working very hard to complete what they can by the end of the season. Siding: RFP meeting was had still haven’t heard anything. Woodshop doors are being replaced. Committee Member Comments, Requests and Suggestions • Replace staircase at the employee door • Replace rusty garbage can at the bottom of the ramp from downstairs door • Replace cigarette holder at the Main Gate • Move Porta Potty by the Mini Golf so sign can be seen • Alarm at the Wood Worker building should always be armed when not occupied Motion to Adjourn Motion by: Bob Addieg Michelle Popadynec Next Meeting : August 11th, 2021 ■

Andrew Thomas Miller 1931 – 2021 Andrew “Andy” Miller, of Jupiter, Florida, a former Westerleigh resident, died on August 4, 2021 after a brief illness. He was born to Andrew Thomas and Catherine (Ivers) Miller of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and lived most of his life on Staten Island. He was 89. Andy was a graduate of the 1950 class of Fort Hamilton High School and from there immediately enrolled in the US Marines where he graduated from Paris Island in 1951 and served his country during the Korean War, thereafter, being honorably discharged. A bond of which that was life long for him and his fellow USMC brothers. Upon Andy’s return from the Korean conflict, he was employed by New York Telephone, where he worked his way through the ranks for the next thirty-six years, winning various awards related to his work and service at New York Telephone. During Andy’s career he volunteered in many community outreach activities, such as the New York Telephone Community Outreach Committee, the American Cancer Society fundraising drives, and other charitable causes. Andy retired from the Staten Island office as the Manager of the Installation and Repair Department in 1988. In 1963 he married his wife, Patricia Miller (nee Murray) whom he shared a thirtytwo-year marriage with until her death in 1999. Throughout their marriage, they enjoyed vacationing on various cruises as well as Disney World and other Florida locations. Upon retirement, they settled in Jupiter, Florida, where Andy remained for the past twenty- seven years. In 2003, Andy met Jacqueline Kelly Miller, whom he married in 2005. They traveled the world and enjoying their remaining years with one another until Jackie’s passing in early 2020. Andy is survived by his loving sister Virginia (Richard) Sullivan, his children, Patrick (Rita) Miller, Maureen (Robert) McFeeley and Andrew (Brian Carchedi) Miller as well as his eight grandchildren, many nieces and nephews and his dear friends Michael and Irene Whalen of Jupiter, who brought Andy great joy and comfort during his illness. The family would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the staff of Trustbridge Hospice of Jupiter as well as the Brookdale in Tequesta for the care provided to Andy. In lieu of flowers, those wishing to express an act of kindness during this time may do so by donating to Stephen Seller Tunnel to Towers Foundation in Andy’s name.

Please be courteous to your fellow members and clean up after yourself at the beaches and parks. SEPTEMBER 17TH

Let’s keep The Hideout clean!


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 29



Chair: Iggy Rivera Members: Kirsten Dolan, Kent Fairfield, Karen Greenfeld, Bob Kravetz, Jim McLoone, Lori Muscaro, Judy Restaino, Jeff Silverman Staff: Ryan Hill Board: Andrew Miller Excused: Steve Flapan, Arnie Milidantri, Rick Nolte

Call to Order at: 9:00 am

Lakes Committee Minutes July 31, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 9:01 in-person and on Zoom followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written with a motion by K. Greenfeld, a second by J. Silverman and approval by all. OLD BUSINESS: Outlet Structure/Drawdown 2021-2022: The initial drawdown of Roamingwood will need to happen earlier this year as DSI (Diving Services Incorporated) needs it to be about 4” below normal pool elevation to safely enter the outlet tower, install the bladder and inflate it and secure it in place. Then the tower will be flooded so pressure is equalized inside and outside, and DSI can dive and perform the underwater grout repair. Once the work is done, the bladder can be deflated and repaired areas tested and inspected. The membership will be notified of this fluctuation of the lake. The drawdown will begin the week of September 18th-25th so boats will need to be removed earlier than normal, especially those stored along shallow coves. Some boating activity might still occur on the lake. After the work is done, the lake will be allowed to return to the normal level until the official drawdown begins in mid to late October. Fish Stocking 2021: 500 6-8” Walleye are pending for Roamingwood in the fall 0f 2021. ACT 13 + Growing Greener Grant Project: Pre-construction meeting date and time are being determined. Kohr’s Excavating confirmed on July 28th that the 11 drop basins are in the process of being made with anticipated delivery mid-to late August. Kohrs submitted a Change Order of an extra $2,800 to cover installation expenses related to the internal components of the NSBB (nutrient separating baffle box). This expense, along with $6,000 for 1 representative from Oldcastle Manufacturing, is a reimbursable expense. The project should be completed by the end of September. BioChar: Socks are deployed and soaking. One at Deerfield got damaged during a storm event, and two were removed from the Holiday Park inlet because of too much activity there. Entrance Pond Fountain: It will remain in place until October. Brooks Spillway Rehabilitation Project: Work activities commenced on July 26th and will go until early August. Wood Duck Nesting Boxes: The box at Windemere and the one downstream of Roamingwood Dam, having shown no activity in 3 years, will likely be relocated to the island on Brooks and somewhere on Deerfield or Big Spring Pond. Macrobac Laboratories: Weekly sampling

for E. Coli and Total Coliform are being done all summer at the main beach, the north beach and the marina. The results showed that nothing came close to exceeding the limits for recreational swimming activities. Tract 29: Spraying for reed canary grass will occur in the fall. Truxor Work: The work at Deerfield occurred on June 23rd and 24th, and the staff reported that the lake is in excellent shape from an aquatic vegetation standpoint and shouldn’t need a second harvest . Dam Inspections/EAPs/O&M Manuals: R. Hill requested Givler Engineering to contact PA Dam Safety to update “Operator” and “Owner” information, and the NOTICES page of this year’s dam inspections report needs to be completed and submitted to PA DEP. Buoys: If the drawdown happens earlier than normal this year, the buoys will be removed earlier. Floating Wetland Islands: Princeton Hydro is planning on planting and installing the new islands in Brooks on August 4th or 5th. R. Hill is looking for volunteers to help plant on the 4th. A PALMS application has been submitted to possibly cover the bulk of the cost of 4 new islands slated for Deerfield in 2022. NEW BUSINESS/OPEN DISCUSSION: Life Preserver rings: The door hinges for the 12 life ring stations were lubricated by Public Works. Tabletop Exercise Planning: The Public Safety director will be assisting in the arrangements for this event to occur later this fall. Water Quality Monitoring Event: On July 22nd the second water quality monitoring event took place at all three lakes and the Entrance Pond. The third will take place on August 10th and the fourth on September 2nd. Monitoring of the swimming areas will continue, and caution is advised if windblown accumulations of algae are present in these areas. Deerfield Lake Pump House: The pump house will be receiving a floating dock and small ramp. Windemere Pond: A beaver who had dammed up the area near the dam was trapped, and some trees near the dam will be removed. Fishing Derby: On July 24th the bass fishing derby hosted by Recreation at Roamingwood was attended by 24 adults and 24 children. Deerfield Lake Stop Log: Was replaced on July 15th, and Dr. Givler was notified. Chinese Mystery Snails: They are an invasive species, and their sighting at Deerfield on July 15th was confirmed by PA Fish and Game. A shoreline assessment of Brooks and Roamingwood on July 24th produced no additional sightings. Aeration Compressors at Deerfield: One compressor in one of the two cabinets was blown and the other three in need of replacing. Approval was received to replace all 4 this year as unbudgeted capital, not to exceed $6000, and the compressors in the other cabinet will be replaced in 2022. Entrance Pond Boat Ramp: A work order

Environmental Control Committee Minutes - July 16, 2021 SKI HILL UPDATE: Applying for Dock Permit. We have permit for the pipe. Dennis is researching getting a Baffle Box Present: Mike Burns – Chairperson, so the pipe doesn’t rest on the bottom Larry Lieberher, Ron Phelps, Paul Spiese as well as a secondary filtration system. – Board Liaison, Dennis Polhamus – The pump house doesn’t need any work, Facilities Manager, Tim Kresge – Permitting however we are getting another pump. Officer, Tina Fairfax We are aiming to have this project be completed by mid-October. An RFP has Excused: N/A been sent out to convert the Ice Skating Motion to approve the meeting minutes of Rink into the Rental Shop. 6/25/2021: Approved as written. Motion: NEW BUSINESS Ron Phelps, 2nd Mike Burns CULVERTS: Larry expressed how Permits issued 6/25 – 7/14: Permit list impressed with the culvert work that will be sent to committee members a few is being done by the Maintenance days early so they can review prior to Department. Dennis explained that we the meeting. Motion to approve permits. Motion: Ron Phelps, 2nd Larry Lieberher. now have the equipment and crew to do the work. He has received no complaints Permits approved by unamious vote. We to date. need to add a statement on New Home permits indicating that Port-A-Potties must DAM OUTLET STRUCTURE: Bubble is be on site during the building process. being tested. The project has not begun yet as there has to be a certain amount of LOT VIOLATIONS/CITATIONS: The water flowing to do this project. It is slated current Citation Spreadsheet was for Aug./ Sept. The Carp Barrier has been distributed to the committee for review. repaired. Discussion included a lot which has received many citations. It was explained BROOKS LAKE: Slated to be repaired in that this lot now has rented a dumpster August. is planning to list the lot for sale. Dennis informed the committee that there has been HOUSEKEEPING: Dennis informed the committee that he is looking one Stop Work Order issued. There was discussion of concerning lots. Tim will take at the possibility of outsoucing the a look at them and cite appropriately. We Housekeeping function. He has met with a few companies. His plan is to keep will also contact Lake/Salem Township to two staff members on for overview and ascertain if they can be of help on certain management. issues. EXECUTIVE SESSION STORMWATER UPDATE: Stormwater Pledge of Allegiance:

efforts are moving along well. We have had no complaints regarding stormwater issues this summer, despite all the rain. Larry explained to the committee RS&W’s systems for detecting water issues.

was sent to Public Works on July 22nd for installation of a 10’ gravel ramp of 2B and modified stone. No permits are needed. Phoslock: The second and last treatment of Brooks for the season was done on July 28th by PH. Oversized/Unregistered Watercraft: Public Safety has cited several oversized and unregistered watercraft on Roamingwood. J. Silverman stated that there are several Starcraft boats that are 11” wider than most 17’ boats and 4” longer according to the manufacturer’s specs and should be investigated. Swampy Area Feeding into Deerfield: The property owner in that area is open to collaborating together on phosphorus/ nitrogen reduction efforts. They spoke with management on July 28th. This will be

Meeting ended at: 10:00 am

Next Meeting: Friday, 7/23/2021, 9:00 at the POA Board Room ■

revisited in 2022, and several BioChar bags might be deployed there. Aquatic Vegetation: Mike Hartshorne from PH will be in the Hideout in August and will do a shoreline assessment for weed growth and will remedy if necessary. Leaves in Culverts: Facilities has been notified of the problem and is looking at acquiring a vacuum device to do some of it. The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 with a motion by K. Greenfeld and a second by L. Muscaro. The next meeting will be on August 28th. The September meeting will take place on September 18th, and the October meeting will be on November 6th. Respectfully submitted, Judy Restaino ■

30 • SEPTEMBER 2021

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32 • SEPTEMBER 2021

Ryan’s Angels Tournament


by: Brian A. Carchedi

On July 24th, the sun was brightly shining as the 72 golfers lined up to play 18 holes of golf at the first Ryan’s Angels Tournament. The Clubhouse provided breakfast and lunch for the hungry golfers, and Nurnberger Bierhaus donated a keg of German beer. Throughout the 18 holes, golfers tried to win a cash prize of one thousand dollars or a Ford Bronco from Wayne County Ford on the Third Hole. Following the tournament, 120 guests descended on the Main Lodge – for many of which it was their first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. The evening’s emcee was Board President Andrew Miller, who kicked off the festivities by honoring the service of Board Treasurer Marie Krauss. Board Chairman Rick Yocum presented the Lake Ariel Volunteer Fire Company a Board Proclamation in recognition of their years of dedicated service to the community and three beloved members of the community lost in the past year: Jack Ryan, Frank Santulli, and Michael R. DeKenipp. This event was a great way to honor them by doing what they loved: playing golf, eating, and having a good time with friends. The event after expenses raised $5,000.00 for the Fire Company! Event sponsors also included: Worldwide Construction Equipment, The American Homes Group, Jukesbox Classic, Forged Ingrain, Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, Peter Carchedi Financial Services, and our friends in our great Real Estate offices at Weichert, Re/Max Best, and Century 21. Ryan’s Angels would like to thank The Hideout employees, especially those in the Pro Shop and Food and Beverage - as well as the members who participated in making this event the success that it was. Please be on the lookout for the date of next year’s Tournament Day. See you next year!! ■


September Recreation Activities Wed Sept 1 Chair Yoga w/ Ruth Piptone 10:30-11:30am in the MPR $5 per person (Weekly) Wed

Sept 1 Quilters Room 1pm

Thurs Sept 2 Crafters 1pm at Quilters Room (Weekly) Fri Sept 3 Beginner Pickleball Lesson 12-1pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly) Fri Sept 3 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts $5 per person (Weekly)


Sept 14 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts (Tues., Fri.).


Sept 15 Quilters Room 1pm

Wed Sept 15 Chair Yoga w/ Ruth Piptone 10:30-11:30am in the MPR $5 per person (Weekly) Wed

Sept 15 Bocce League 2pm-4pm at OSC (Weekly)

Thurs Sept 16 Crafters 1pm at Quilters Room (Weekly) Fri Sept 17 Beginner Pickleball Lesson 12-1pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly)


Sept 4 Boat Regatta 2pm at Marina


Sept 5 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Courts

Sat Sept 18 Pickleball Lessons Beginners 1-2pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly)


Sept 6 Labor Day Federal Holiday


Sept 18 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly)


Sept 19 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Courts (Weekly)


Sept 6 Pools and Beaches Close for Season at 7:00 p.m

Mon Sept 6 Walking for Wellness 8am-9am at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly Monday through Friday)

Mon Sept 20 Walking for Wellness 8-9am at the RSC Indoor Courts (Monday through Friday

Tues Sept 7 Mohegan Sun Bus Trip – Leaves Art Center 10am, departs Mohegan 4:30pm

Tues Sept 21 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts (Tues., Fri.) $5/person


Sept 7 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts (Tues., Fri.).


Sept 8 Quilters Room 1pm

Wed Sept 22 Chair Yoga w/ Ruth Piptone 10:30-11:30am in the MPR $5 per person (Weekly)

Wed Sept 8 Chair Yoga w/ Ruth Piptone 10:30-11:30am in the MPR $5 per person (Weekly) Wed

Sept 8 Bocce League 2pm-4pm at OSC (Weekly)


Sept 9 Crafters 1 pm at Quilters Room (Weekly)


Sept 10 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm Lodge Courts (Weekly Tues. & Fri)


Sept 10 Pickleball Lessons Advance 12-1pm, Indoor Courts (Weekly)

Sat Sept 11 Pickleball Lessons Beginners 1-2pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly) Sat

Sept 11 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly)


Sept 12 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Courts (Weekly)


Sept 13 Mini Golf Open 11-7pm (Weekly)

Mon Sept 13 Walking for Wellness 8-9am at the RSC Indoor Courts (Monday through Friday)


Sept 22 Quilters Room 1pm


Sept 23 Open Play Pool lower level of Clubhouse 1-4pm (Weekly)

Fri Sept 24 Beginner Pickleball Lesson 12-1pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly) Fri Sept 24 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts $5 per person (Weekly) Sat

Sept 25 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly)

Sat Sept 25 Beginner Pickleball Lesson 1-2pm at the RSC Indoor Courts Free (Weekly) Sun Sept 26 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am-4pm at RSC Courts (Weekly) Last day summer schedule Mon Sept 27 Walking for Wellness 8-9am at the RSC Indoor Courts (Monday through Friday) Tues

Sept 28 Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm at the RSC Indoor Courts (Tues., Fri.)

34 • SEPTEMBER 2021




Falls Prevention Awareness Week

Due to BROKEN or FROZEN PIPES, SEWAGE BACK-UP, WET BASEMENT, alls Prevention Awareness Week Fis a national health campaign LEAKS, DAMP CRAWLSPACE... observed on the first day of fall to By: Bernard J. Povanda, PT, COMT, FAAOMPT


EMERGENCY WATER REMOVAL Certified Mold Remediation Basement Waterproofing Crawlspace Waterproofing Moisture Control





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Providing convenient, close-to-home, proven care for all of your physical therapy needs in the Hamlin community for 35 years. Make the CHOICE!

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increase awareness around falls prevention. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four older adults fall every year. Falls can result in hip fractures, broken bones, and even head injuries. Vision, medications, environment, balance & gait and chronic conditions are all common factors that can lead to falls. There are six steps the National Council on Aging mentions in their awareness campaign. Taking them into into consideration can help you or your loved ones reduce the risk of falling and find ways to keep healthy and independent for as long as possible. There is one particular that we help so many of our patients with: balance and gait. Through the proper physical therapy program, we evaluate each patient to determine what factors are affecting his or her balance and gait. Chronic conditions such as arthritis, stroke, and diabetes can often affect older adults due to the fact they these often result in decreased mobility, pain, depression, and possible side effects from different medications. Through an 8-visit, 4-week program, we assess the patient’s general health, their lower body strength, balance, and aerobic endurance to create an individualized plan for them. Not only do we help improve balance and build strength, but by doing so, we help each patient build confidence. So often it’s fear that can reduce activity in older adults. If you or a loved one has any fear of falling, contact your local physical therapist for an evaluation. Prevention is the key in avoiding falls! ■


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 35

2021 Youth Triathlon Photos from Sunday, August 1st Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners!

21st Annual Adult Triathlon was Sunday, August 8, 2021 Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners!

36 • SEPTEMBER 2021


October Recreation Activities Tues. Oct. 5

Open Play Pickleball 1-4pm Lodge Courts (Weekly Tues. & Fri) Weather Permitting/ISC

Sat. Oct. 9

Wed. Oct. 6

Walking for Wellness 8am-9am at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly Monday through Friday)

Sat Oct. 9 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am - 4pm at RSC (Weekly)

Wed. Oct. 6

Crafters 1 pm at Quilters Room (Weekly)

Wed. Oct. 6

After School Open Gym 3:15-5:00 pm (Weekly Mon., Wed., & Thurs.)

Sun. Oct. 10 Mini Golf Open 8am-8pm (Weekly Monday through Saturday)

Wed. Oct. 6 Walking for Wellness 4-5pm at RSC Indoor Courts (Weekly M,W,F) Wed. Oct. 6

Chair Yoga w/ Ruth Piptone 10:30-11:30am in the MPR $5 per person

Fri. Oct. 8 Open Play Pool Lower level of Clubhouse 1-4 pm (Weekly) Sat. Oct. 9

Zumba w/ Ashley 9am-10am in the Aerobics room $10 per person (Weekly Sat.)

Flea Market 9am – 3pm at Laurel Park Campgrounds (No Rain Date)*

Sun. Oct. 10 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am – 4pm at RSC (Weekly) Sun. Oct. 10 Salvation Army Collection RSC MPR 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.* Mon. Oct. 11

Columbus Day Federal Holiday


Fall Festival 1pm at OSC*

Oct. 16

Sun. Oct. 17 Mini Golf Open 12-5 p.m. -- Closing for the Season*

Sat. Oct. 9 Tennis Clinics & Lessons 10am – 4pm at RSC (Weekly)

Mon. Oct. 18 Open Play Pool Lower level of Clubhouse 6-9 pm (Weekly)

Sat. Oct. 9 Mini Golf Open 8am – 8pm (Weekly Monday through Saturday)


Sat. Oct. 9

Indoor Court prepaid bookings Saturday evenings 5 – 8 pm (Weekly)

Oct. 23

Children’s Halloween Party 1pm at the RSC

Sat. Oct. 30 Halloween Trunk or Treat 2-4pm at Main Lodge Parking Lot*


Lake/Marina Rules ***** New for 2021 -All dock owners must identify their docks in a visible manner as recommended by management. The dock owners lot number must be displayed on their dock and visible to see from the lake side. Numbers will be available to purchase at Recreation, or at your own discretion. 1. All watercraft owners are required to register their boats and pay the appropriate fee(s) with the Hideout Recreation Department. Additionally, all owners of watercraft (20 horsepower or more) must have a minimum of $250,000 bodily injury liability insurance coverage and $50,000 property damage liability coverage. Owners of watercraft nineteen (19 horsepower) or less (not including electrically powered) must have at least $100,000 in liability insurance. Electrically propelled watercraft(s) needs a State Registration but does not require a Certificate of Insurance. 2. A Certificate of Insurance for the appropriate amount of liability coverage from the insurance company listing the Hideout POA as a co-insured party must be presented at the time of registration. 3. Personal watercraft and motors must be available for inspection accompanied by a current State Registration. 4. The maximum size for any registered watercraft cannot exceed 90 horsepower unless registered before June 1983; Personal Watercraft, i.e. Jet Skis and Wave Runners are subject to a Maximum of 110 Horsepower, Provided the PWC has a 4 Stroke Engine, Maximum Horsepower for a 2 Stroke Engine is 85 Horsepower. 5. The maximum length of watercraft permitted on Hideout lakes is seventeen (17) feet unless registered before June of 1983. 6. All lake activities must comply with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. For a complete listing of PA Fish and Boat Commission Safety Rules and Regulations contact Northeast Region office at (570) 4775717. 7. All power watercraft must travel in a counter-clockwise direction. 8. Double water skiing (including towing of two skiers/two tubes) is prohibited on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. 9. The PA Fish and Boat Commission regulated the minimum age of all watercraft/ PWC operators. No person 11 years of age or younger may operate a watercraft/ PWC propelled by a motor greater than 10 horsepower. No person 12 to 15 years of age may operate a watercraft/PWC propelled by a motor greater than 10 horsepower without obtaining a Boating Safety Certificate, a copy of which must be on file at the Hideout Recreation Department. Furthermore, anyone 12 to 15 years of age may not operate a PWC with any passengers on board 15 years of age or younger. 10. All persons in a watercraft must be seated while in operation. 11. Launching and landing of water skiers from docks or shoreline is prohibited. 12. All power watercraft must observe the

one hundred (100) foot minimum swell speed regulations when operating near all regulating buoys.

30. Watercraft may not be anchored within 100 feet of any roped swimming area or park areas.

13. Water skiers directly ahead of or behind another boat are prohibited.

31. A moving watercraft shall not overtake or pass another watercraft within the 100-foot swell rule.

14. Each water skier (including tubers) must wear U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices. 15. When water skiing or tubing, there must be one observer facing (spotting) the skier or tuber at all times. 16. Water skiing and/or use of personal watercraft(s) (PWC’s) is prohibited before 8:00 a.m. and after sunset or when visibility becomes poor. 17. All boating activity must cease on any lake during electrical storms or conditions that may result in personal injury. 18. All watercraft must be equipped with U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable personal flotation devices for each person on board. 19. Placing of buoys in Roamingwood Lake is prohibited except when authorized by Association management. 20. Inflatable rubber rafts, without attached motors, are to remain within one hundred (100) feet of the shoreline if they are approved to carry only two or fewer occupants. Rubber rafts approved for three (3) or more occupants may go beyond this limit and must be registered as a non-power boat with the Recreation Department. 21. Main Lodge docking facilities are reserved for all watercraft; these facilities are intended for temporary use only and are restricted to 30 minutes per watercraft. 22. All users of sailboats must maintain a proper lookout at all times. 23. Rowboats with or without motors are not to occupy marina dock slips. 24. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on frozen lakes at any time. 25. Guests are not permitted to register any type of power watercraft for use on any Hideout Lake. 26. Deerfield and Brooks Lakes are reserved for fishing and non-powered boating. Electrically trolling motors are permitted. 27. An immediate fine of $500.00 and the potential suspension of lake privileges will be assessed for the following infractions (Amended by the POA Board/1998): •Operating a watercraft on any lake which is in excess of established horsepower and length regulations on any lake; •Misrepresentation of documents required for registration of watercraft. 28. Marina space renters failing to remove their watercraft by designated date shall be subject to a fine plus costs to remove and all subsequent costs incurred. This violation may result in suspension of future dock use. 29. Washing of watercraft in launching areas, beaches, and lakes is prohibited.

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 37 Exceptions: Use of Alewife and Golden Shiners for bait are prohibited No harvesting of Hybrid Striped Bass. A fine of $125.00 per fish not immediately returned to the water will be imposed for failure to comply.

32. Personal watercraft operators must possess a Boating Safety Education Certificate pursuant to PA Commonwealth Statute, effective January 1, 2000. The Statute provides for a $50.00 fine for the first offense and a $100.00 fine for each subsequent violation of the Fish & Boat Commission Regulations. (Amended by the POA Board, April 29, 2000)

(Amended June 6, 2015).

33. A mandatory fine of $250.00 for the first offense and $500.00 for the second offense will be assessed to anyone who has not successfully completed the Boater Safety Education Course regarding the operation of PWC.

39. Members are urged to use extreme caution while fishing from rowboats or canoes. Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Devices are required for each occupant on all types of watercraft on all waters in the State. Any boats using a motor must be registered with the PA Fish Commission. All boats used on any waters in The Hideout must be registered with the Recreation Department and display the current year’s registration sticker.

34. A mandatory fine of $50.00 for the first offense and $100.00 for the second offense for anyone who fails to possess a Boating Safety Certificate while operating a PWC. 35. A mandatory fine of $500.00 will be assessed to anyone who operates a watercraft in a reckless manner. In addition, the Board reserves the right to suspend the Lake and Marina privileges of said violator. 36. Everyone fishing must display a current Membership Badge along with his or her Pennsylvania Fishing License (required of all persons 16 years of age and older). Violators are subject to fines by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as well as the POA. 37. Roamingwood Park: Open fishery to harvest fish per Pennsylvania State Fish and Boat Commission Regulations but recommend catch and release. Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions: Exceptions: Use of Alewife and Golden Shiners for bait are prohibited Bass - Cut state limits in half. Therefore: Jan 1 - Apr 17 and Nov 1 - Dec 31: 15’, 2 (combined species) Apr 18 - Jun 12: NO HARVEST Jun 13 - Oct 31: 12’, 3 (combined species) Walleye - NO HARVEST (year round) No harvesting of Walleye or Grass Carp. A fine of $125.00 per fish not immediately returned to the water will be imposed for failure to comply Deerfield Lake: Open fishery to harvest fish per Pennsylvania State Fish and Boat Commission Regulations but recommend catch and release. Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions: Exceptions: Use of Alewife and Golden Shiners for bait are prohibited No harvesting of Grass Carp. A fine of $125.00 per fish not immediately returned to the water will be imposed for failure to comply Brooks Lake: Open fishery to harvest fish per Pennsylvania State Fish and Boat Commission Regulations but recommend catch and release. Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions:

38. Fellow members for various recreation activities share the lakes in The Hideout. It is essential that all who fish clean up their sites before they leave. Litter, including bait containers, fishing line and plastic and paper wrappers are unsightly and a potential danger to our wildlife friends.

40. Ice Fishing is not permitted on any of the Hideout Lakes. 41. Dock spaces involve a waiting list for members that, once selected, dock space remains with the member in good standing each year, contingent upon payment of the yearly season rental fee. CAUTION: ALL FUELING AND REFUELING OF WATERCRAFTS MUST COMPLY WITH BOATER SAFETY HANDBOOK WITH REGARD TO VENTILATION AND FUELING. *****NOTICE***** Effective September 28, 2013 – At the Executive Session of the Board of Directors the Board passed the following resolution to improve our lake water quality as well as boating safety on Roamingwood Lake. The motion reads as follows: To decrease both the noise on and oil pollutions in Roamingwood Lake, Effective January 1st 2014 all new gas powered boats being registered for the first time in the Hideout must be equipped with FOUR STROKE MOTORS. The maximum horse power remains at 90hp! The boat length restriction will remain at 17 foot, but will no longer be measured by the Recreation Department. Also, to eliminate concerns and confusion on how a boats length will be measured before it can be registered in the Hideout, effective January 1st 2014 all new boats being registered in the Hideout for the first time must present official documentation (copy of title or registration) from the State in which the boat is registered that shows that the boat’s length does not exceed 17 feet. ****Used boats owned by a Hideout Property owner and were previously registered for Roamingwood Lake and are sold to another Hideout Property owner for use on Roamingwood Lake will be considered “grandfathered” and will be exempt from the Four Stroke Motor only restriction. ■

38 • SEPTEMBER 2021



SEPTEMBER 2021 • 39


40 • SEPTEMBER 2021


Automatic Generator Systems Ductless Heating & Cooling Electrical Services

570-698-9696 GORINKERINC.COM

To advertise in: The Hideabout Newspaper, The Hideabout Extra, on The Hideout TV Channel, or on The Hideout Website Classified Pages, call Lisa Green at (570)630-3707 or email her at

"Where comfort and peace of mind are more affordable than you think." This is a good time to review definitions of property lines, setback, and easements as applied in the Hideout. When you hear that someone has a setback, you usually expect something not so good. It’s a completely different case when the term is applied to property boundaries. Setback Lines actually protect your property! Building set-back lines are usually intended to govern permanent structures like your house or garage. What is a Setback? A setback is a defined space in which no structures (as defined by Land Use Code) may be located, except where specifically allowed by the Code. Setbacks are required along front, rear, side property lines and additionally with some “easements.” How are Setbacks measured? In most cases, setbacks are measured from the property line. However, when measuring a front setback line abutting a public street the setback is measured from the center line of the right of way. Your property line is coincident with the edge of the right of way. Since the right of way can contain unimproved shoulders, you should not assume that your property line is at the edge of the curb or paved edge of the road. Typically, your property line is several feet from the road improvements. Unlike rights of way, utility access easements do not always coincide with


property lines. The easement may be located partly or entirely on your property. When a front yard setback is required from an easement located on a property, the setback is measured from the interior edge of the easement. Are Setbacks required from anything else? In most cases, buildings may not be built over utility easements (e.g., power, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and telecommunications) without written approval from the associated utility. We all have easements on our Hideout property lots. These easements are shown on your recorded plat Land Survey and title report. How large a Setback is required? That depends on where the property is located and whether the setback is along a front, rear, or side property line. For example, in the Hideout, the following Setbacks are required: Front - 25’; Rear - 25’; Sides - 10’. Also, within these setbacks there are “easement lines” (Front - 10 feet, Rear - 10 feet, and each Side - 5 feet). Please note that the 25 foot front area starts at your property line, not at the edge of the road. The property line to the road is POA property. Also, in Pennsylvania, only a state licensed surveyor may set the property corners. What is an Easement? An easement is defined as a right that one party has to

use real estate that is owned by someone else. The rights of the easement holder regarding usage of the property are specific and typically limited. Property ownership or possession is not impacted by an easement. The property owner gives up only defined rights on that portion of the property that is used for purposes of the easement. Common easements are those that are given to public utilities such gas or telephone companies to run lines under/over private property. Utility easements such as power, phone, water and sewer are examples of easements that benefit the Hideout. Such is the case with RS&W. As a general rule, the grantor of the easement can make any use of that property as long as it does not unduly interfere with the rights granted to the easement holder. Typically, the owner granting the easement cannot build/ place structures or obstructions within an easement area or otherwise hinder access to that area. A utility easement grants the utility company the right to use and access a specific area of a property. The area covered by the easement is usually clearly defined in the text of the easement, and the easement is attached to the property deed so that it will persist even when the property is transferred or sold. Utilities can request an easement for any number

of reasons. A classic example of a utility easement is an easement which allows the power company to run electrical lines along a property, and to install utility poles if the property is long enough that the lines cannot pass over the property without support. The utility has the right to utilize a strip of land for the lines, and to enter the land to access the lines for maintenance and repair, which can include tree trimming, replacing rotted utility poles, and relocation of any conduits, cables, wires, towers, and poles. What about these Property Easements? Every Hideout property has “easements” – legal rights that others have to use parts of a land owner’s property. Despite their prevalence, easements are often misunderstood and in some instances, people are not even aware that easements exist. As a property owner you can benefit from a basic understanding of easements. That understanding helps you avoid problems (permanent placement of landscaping, trees & shrubs, rock gardens, landscape lighting, fences, etc.) that can arise within the easement area. By keeping these areas free of plantings or other obstructions, you can enjoy what you have planted without worrying that it may be in jeopardy in the future. ■



Dates subject to approval & changes. All meetings are held at the RS&W Office at 10am (unless otherwise indicated)

Sept 22 Oct 9 (9am)

Nov 24 Dec 22

Service Hours of Operation Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM—3:30 PM Rates for Service Scheduled Service Hour Rates: Service Call - $50.00, minimum Water On/Off - $20.00 Unscheduled After Service Hour Rates: Service Call - $75.00, minimum Water On/Off - $75.00 Other Rates: Sat., 10:00 PM to Mon., 7:30 AM Service Call - $85.00, premium Water On/Off - $85.00 On Holidays, Premium Rates Apply

We are VERY EXCITED to be making the following announcement: Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association Agent of South Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority has received formal approvals from regulating agencies and USDA (funding sources) to advertise bidding for the upgrading to the wastewater treatment plant upgrades. All project documents and engineering designs have been reviewed and approved to be compliant with all State and Federal requirements and, as required, has been reviewed to be compliant with Open and Free Competition. This project is estimated at a cost of $10,500,000 including an awarded a $4,210,000 grant to assist Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association. This project includes extensive upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant facility, that has been in operation for nearly 40 years now and serves over 4,000 properties within the Hideout Community. Most of the treatment equipment and facility buildings are original and will be updated in this 10.5-million-dollar renovation. The project includes upgrades and replacement of equipment at the wastewater treatment plant, which includes: • * rehabilitation of two 1.0-million-gallon equalization tanks and associated aeration system • * rehabilitation of two secondary clarifiers units • * replacement of two aerobic digesters • * replacement of emergency generator • * replacement of electrical equipment, which power all plant operations and related electrical controls • * rehabilitation and repurposing of the existing Control/Operations building • * the addition of a maintenance garage • * new chemical feed for copper removal • * replacement of chorine disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) disinfection • * miscellaneous pumps, valves and ancillary equipment replacement and Odor Control. With these treatment plant updates, and in concert with the recently upgraded low pressure sewer & water infrastructure, this puts these systems as one of the most advanced systems in the country. These wastewater treatment plant upgrades can improve operations and continue to provide reliable State and Federal regulatory complaint service to the community. In addition, the grant will provide for stable rates in the near future. —Jack Lennox, Executive Director, RS&W

RS&W Election 2021 ATTENTION Members!

RS&W’s staff is on-call 7 days per week; 24 hours per day. If you have a water or sewer emergency, call (570) 698-6162, wait for operator and press OPTION 1, to leave your name, lot number and phone number where you can be reached and your call will be returned promptly. All non-emergency service calls require 24 hour notice to schedule an appointment during regular working hours.


2021 Holiday Schedule


Monday, September 6— Labor Day


Thursday, November 25— Thanksgiving


Friday, November 26— Day After Thanksgiving


Friday, December 24— Christmas Day (Observed)


Friday, December 31— New Year’s Day (Observed)

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 41

Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association

ROAMINGWOOD SEWER & WATER ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 6, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 (570) 698-6162 Check out our website at:

2021 Proposed Meeting Schedule

Ballot packets have been sent out to all Hideout Members in good standing. PLEASE read all instructions carefully and return the ballots as instructed. Not returning a ballot as indicated, can lead to it’s disqualification. Our customer service representatives will make every effort to contact property owners whose packet was returned to us, for updated address or the ballot envelope needs a signature or signature verification.

The Annual Water Quality Report can be found online by


New homeowners who have recently purchased a property and did not receive a ballot packet, please contact our office at (570)698-6162 Option #3, during our hours of operation. We can mail you a packet or you may stop in and pick one up. All ballots MUST be returned by September 22, 2021 by 4:00PM. No exceptions.

42 • SEPTEMBER 2021

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Your Student’s Vision Is a Big Deal 30% OFF ALL Frames and Lenses* Family First Vision Center 1315 A Lake Ariel Hwy. Lake Ariel, PA 18436

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44 • SEPTEMBER 2021


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Good News

is a section in The Hideabout where members have an avenue to report good news, show their appreciation, or praise our wonderful community. Good News should be sent to: The Hideabout Newspaper, 640 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 or email

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parting notes It is with both sadness and happiness that I leave The Hideout and my position on the Board. I built my house in 1986 and have lived here full-time since 2002. I have served on the Board of Directors of The Hideout for the last six years minus two-and one-half months (the minus because my house sold so quickly.) My sadness comes from moving away from all the wonderful people I have met here, many of who have become valued friends. My thanks to all of you for your confidence in me. This is a great community with so much to offer the residents and guests. My happiness comes from remaining friends, as I am moving to an apartment in Scranton. I am only a phone call and a short drive away from The Hideout. My house in The Hideout has a young family to take care of it while I only have to phone management to have the toilet unclogged.

please contact Lisa Green at

I am starting another phase of my journey through life. Hopefully, many of you will join my new friends on this journey with me. I have a proper quilting studio in the apartment, so all is good. I will still travel but do not know the destinations yet. I know I will also become involved in more activities in the Scranton area.

or by phone at (570) 630-3707.

I wish all of you the best on your continuing journey through life. I have so many memories of The Hideout, which will be with me forever.

submissions, and content. If you have an idea or would like to submit an article for consideration,

Thanks for your Kindness! Marie Krauss Former homeowner and Board of Director ■ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Good Morning, I would like to extend a thank you to Public Safety for working so hard to keep the youth safe on Sunday, August 1st, at the Youth Triathlon. You helped make sure the youth triathlon was both organized and a success for the community.

All Home Exteriors & More! 570-862-6775 Have Moss or Algae build up on your roof? Call us....we have a solution!

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Thank you again, and we greatly appreciate all that you do. Fallon Valentin Assistant Recreation Manager 640 The Hideout Lake Ariel, PA 18436 P. 570-698-4100 x 227 ■


Salem Township Board of Supervisor Minutes - July 12, 2021


he regular monthly meeting was held on Monday, July 12th, 2021 as advertised due to date change. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 6:30PM with all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was then recited.

The minutes of the June 8th, 2021 meeting and also the June 21st, 2021 Special meeting were approved as presented with no comment or corrections on a motion made by Robert Wittenbrader 2nd by Vincent Rivezzi with all in favor. There was no Planning Commission meeting. New Business: The Wayne County Aging Office sent the annual agreement for use of the Senior Center. Discussion held Supervisor Swingle will contact to discuss rates. Motion to table made by Robert Wittenbrader 2nd by Vincent Rivezzi with all in favor. The American Recovery Plan funds have not been received yet and information on uses and requirements will be updated. Budget update maybe required. Old Business: The Neville Trailer park Engineer has submitted to DEP for review and approval for installation of a new waste treatment plant. Correspondence: Ms. Williams wrote the Township with request of approving internet services to expand their coverage area. The Township noted

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 47

2021 Employee Appreciation Day!

Adams CATV and Verizon were the two in this area currently. Although service through Verizon is spotty the Supervisors noted to send request and information to the Township Solicitor for review and comments. The Wayne County Township Officials Association sent a letter to the Supervisors noting a meeting with the County Commissioners to review and discuss the ARP Federal funds and possible uses. Park Updates: Park looks good. Attorney Updates: None Public Comments: Mr. Owen was present to voice his concern over the fact that only 1 State Police officer is in the County at night. He had an incident of catalytic converters stolen from a few cars in his place of business stolen. The officer that arrived noted that coverage in Wayne County was 1 officer overnight. Mr. Owen believes the Township should consider police coverage of town officers and possibly share that expense with Lake Township. With the increase in recent population many more people are here and crime may increase. No decisions made.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and POA, we hosted an Employee Appreciation Day on August 11, 2021, to recognize their hard work and dedication throughout the busy summer season. These individuals help make The Hideout a great place to live, work, and grow!

With no other comments or questions a motion to adjourn was made by Merel Swingle 2nd by Vincent Rivezzi with all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 6:50PM Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Wargo-Secretary/Treasurer ■

Lake Township Board of Supervisor Minutes - July 6, 2021


he regular monthly meeting of the Lake Township Board of Supervisors was held at the Lake Township municipal building on July 6th, 2021. The Meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Supervisors, Scottie Swingle, Timothy Jaggars and Fred Birmelin were present. The meeting was called to order at 7PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was then recited. T. Jaggars moved to approve the minutes of the regular monthly meeting held on June 1st, 2021, carried 3-0. F. Birmelin moved to approve the treasury report for June 2021, carried 3-0. Public Comment: None Subdivisions: None Correspondence: 1) Maplewood Fire Co provided its June 2021 Activity report showing 38 alarmed responses 30 of them medical calls; they held 5 trainings and work nights. Maplewood Fire Co. noted their Annual Chicken Barbeque will be held July 17th, 2021 starting at noon. 2) The Wayne County Township Officials Association wrote advising of an informational meeting with the County Commissioners reviewing and discussing the Federal ARP funds, uses, and requirements. Roadmaster’s Report: S. Swingle

reported that during the month of June the crosswalk at the Lake Ariel Fire hall was painted. Continued work on the Wallace Road, tree work and stump removal. Tree work on the Bob Black road was also done.The Township looked at skid steer machines for purchase. After reviewing and testing the John Deere Skid steer was purchased through the state purchasing program. Lawns and building maintenance at both Township properties. Old Business: 1) Playground update. The forms for footers are in possibly pouring concrete tomorrow, July7th, 2021. Playground equipment scheduled for installation July 19th, 2021. Installation of the rubber ground cover will be scheduled following installation. 2) NPDES permit for the Lake School Property work site is in the process. The plan has been sent to the Wayne County Conservation District for paperwork compliance. After that approval it will be sent to DEP and back to the Conservation District for Permit issuance. New Business: 1) None Additional Public Comment: None S. Swingle moved to pay the bills and approve the payroll and to adjourn the meeting carried 3-0. Jennifer Wargo, Secretary ■

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Experience Life at the Villa!

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Fine dining Community Outings Daily Activities Nursing Staff available 24/7 Housekeeping services Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Methodist services available • Chapel, Ice Cream Parlor, Personal Care Home Movie Theater, Beauty Salon, 570-842-5274 Gazebo/Courtyard and much more

48 • SEPTEMBER 2021








440,625 (14,688) 2,708 -

440,625 (14,687) 875 875

(1) 1,833 (875)

0.0% 0.0% 0.0%

440,827 (27,708) (111) -

3,090,864 (102,813) 17,564 1,820

3,084,375 (102,809) 4,375 4,375

6,489 (4) 13,189 (2,555)

0.2% 0.0% 0.0%

3,085,787 (193,955) (1,642) (100)











383 25

1,000 167

-61.7% -85.0%

284 123

1,460 173

7,000 1,165

-79.1% -85.2%

4,234 10,968










11,766 2,101 15,325 18,425 23,074 39,335 4,405 980 360 5,270 108,179 19,191 93,890 498 22,241 28,469

7,000 1,180 13,600 18,100 14,233 37,500 4,950 540 225 3,943 34,004 17,235 72,325 2,624 25,600 70,966

4,766 921 1,725 325 8,841 1,835 (545) 440 135 1,327 74,175 1,956 21,565 (2,126) (3,359) (42,497)

68.1% 78.1% 12.7% 1.8% 62.1% 4.9% -11.0% 81.5% 60.0% 33.7% 218.1% 11.3% 29.8% -81.0% -13.1% -59.9%

26,239 1,197 18,130 10,806 9,538 37,961 2,009 1,975 40 4,980 49,372 12,599 71,455 760 20,943 -

92,902 14,613 69,249 141,786 91,370 90,603 133,947 16,047 7,690 3,235 34,335 432,386 112,639 399,783 2,472 61,611 49,899

48,450 22,360 93,300 143,575 87,600 99,638 137,100 11,727 3,780 2,655 26,843 176,849 104,345 330,738 18,672 60,600 146,799

44,452 (7,747) (24,051) (1,789) 3,770 (9,035) (3,153) 4,320 3,910 580 7,492 255,537 8,294 69,045 (16,200) 1,011 (96,900)

91.7% -34.6% -25.8% -1.2% 4.3% -9.1% -2.3% 36.8% 103.4% 21.8% 27.9% 144.5% 7.9% 20.9% -86.8% 1.7% -66.0%

66,468 18,861 64,677 138,310 65,526 38,293 117,768 6,630 3,865 2,237 15,910 183,717 82,383 272,436 2,833 32,917 1,857
























118,933 995 15,534 9,900 76,473 43,243 17,954 26,278 10,415 165,225 528 53,173 140,254 13,792 101,147 (221) 22,544 25,612

112,922 1,321 13,170 9,587 41,799 42,909 19,065 26,915 6,407 128,463 802 34,124 119,011 15,317 65,439 1,667 10,717 37,391

(6,011) 326 (2,364) (313) (34,674) (334) 1,111 637 (4,008) (36,762) 274 (19,049) (21,243) 1,525 (35,708) 1,888 (11,827) 11,779

-5.3% 24.7% -17.9% -3.3% -83.0% -0.8% 5.8% 2.4% -62.6% -28.6% 34.2% -55.8% -17.8% 10.0% -54.6% 113.3% -110.4% 31.5%

116,053 1,136 15,185 12,727 53,189 39,283 21,931 26,574 6,434 131,628 543 56,685 112,291 10,081 85,213 119 8,872 12,845

766,732 7,493 190,743 30,471 127,803 238,738 62,857 161,264 49,173 1,036,596 5,143 221,688 878,577 87,416 531,089 1,229 90,176 142,152

790,454 8,854 143,646 29,549 75,785 259,264 55,818 178,958 40,574 900,739 6,464 238,871 833,074 107,219 458,073 11,667 40,610 198,274

23,722 1,361 (47,097) (922) (52,018) 20,526 (7,039) 17,694 (8,599) (135,857) 1,321 17,183 (45,503) 19,803 (73,016) 10,438 (49,566) 56,122

3.0% 15.4% -32.8% -3.1% -68.6% 7.9% -12.6% 9.9% -21.2% -15.1% 20.4% 7.2% -5.5% 18.5% -15.9% 89.5% -122.1% 28.3%

747,305 8,494 163,722 28,161 101,981 207,827 60,712 155,375 40,234 928,877 5,373 234,577 773,478 85,809 491,716 2,861 22,368 112,090

































129 81,250

905 630,000

905 630,000


0.0% 0.0%

905 568,750









(617) (142) 198








129 90,000

129 90,000





0.0% 0.0% -256.9%



(5,540) (992) 10,587






Prior Year (2020) BUDGET



(107,167) 1,106 (15,534) 5,425 (58,048) (20,169) 21,381 (26,278) (6,010) (164,245) (168) (47,903) (32,075) 5,399 (7,257) 719 (303) 2,857

(105,922) (141) (13,170) 4,013 (23,699) (28,676) 18,435 (26,915) (1,457) (127,923) (577) (30,181) (85,007) 1,918 6,886 957 14,883 33,575

(1,245) 1,247 (2,364) 1,412 (34,349) 8,507 2,946 637 (4,553) (36,322) 409 (17,722) 52,932 3,481 (14,143) (238) (15,186) (30,718)

92,902 14,613 69,249 141,786 91,370 90,603 133,947 16,047 7,690 3,235 34,335 432,386 112,639 399,783 2,472 61,611 49,899

766,732 7,493 190,743 30,471 127,803 238,738 62,857 161,264 49,173 1,036,596 5,143 221,688 878,577 87,416 531,089 1,229 90,176 142,152

(673,830) 7,120 (121,494) 111,315 (36,433) (148,135) 71,090 (161,264) (33,126) (1,028,906) (1,908) (187,353) (446,191) 25,223 (131,306) 1,243 (28,565) (92,253)

(742,004) 13,506 (50,346) 114,026 11,815 (159,626) 81,282 (178,958) (28,847) (896,959) (3,809) (212,028) (656,225) (2,874) (127,335) 7,005 19,990 (51,475)

68,174 (6,386) (71,148) (2,711) (48,248) 11,491 (10,192) 17,694 (4,279) (131,947) 1,901 24,675 210,034 28,097 (3,971) (5,762) (48,555) (40,778)

(680,837) 10,367 (99,045) 110,149 (36,455) (169,534) 57,056 (155,375) (33,604) (925,012) (3,136) (218,667) (589,761) (3,426) (219,280) (28) 10,549 (110,233)










NOTE: These financials are internally prepared for the use of the Hideout POA Board Members and Management and are subject to audit adjustments.

VARIANCE FAV (UNF) 7,007 (3,247) (22,449) 1,166 22 21,399 14,034 (5,889) 478 (103,894) 1,228 31,314 143,570 28,649 87,974 1,271 (39,114) 17,980 181,499




429,053 A

428,855 B





SEPTEMBER 2021 • 49



































3,009,068 A

2,998,481 B







































7,609,085 7,761,860







































(19,934) D

NOTE: These financials are internally prepared for the use of the Hideout POA Board Members and Management and are subject to audit adjustments.

Footnote Explanations A: Dues Related Income stated on an Accrual Basis. B: Dues Related Income Budget based upon 2021 Actual Dues Billings less Allowance for Bad Debt. C: Current Year to Date Surplus (Deficit) 2021. D: Forecasted Surplus (Deficit) 2021. Forecast Adjustments Adjustments have been made to keep amenities in line with budget Budget Variances 1 Operational dues collections are on track with budget; Delinquent dues collections have exceeded budget 2 Investment income: $12,000 budgeted, $1460 earned YTD 3 Ski Hill: Revenue unfav $24K; expenses unfav $47k 4 Maintenance: Revenue fav $4k; expenses unfav $135.9k 5 Administration: Revenue fav $255.5k; expenses unfav $45.5k 6 Pools & Beaches: Revenue fav $3.8k; expenses unfav $52k 7 Lodge/Tiki Bar: Revenue unfav $96.9k; expenses fav $56.1k 8 All other amenities on track with budget


50 • SEPTEMBER 2021


THE HIDEOUT POA, INC 2021 Capital Expenditures - As of JuL 31, 2021 New Capital Projects


Project #



Spent to Date

Under (Over)


3,500 1 17,000









Ski Hill








Bocce Ball court pavilion/roof





Electric Trolling motor/batteries/charger (for row boats)





Batting cage




Toro 3500D Rough Mower

Golf Maintenance



Buffalo Turbine Mower

Golf Maintenance




Jacobsen Greensking IV Plus (mower)

Golf Maintenance




Install air conditioning in Maintenance bldg

Facilities Maintenance



Chevy F550 with Dump & Plow (Used)

Facilities Maintenance




5 Fireproof filing cabinets

Facilities Maintenance




Front Gate Project (Main Entry Construction)-Phase 2





POA Office - Upstairs Expansion Construction




Clubhouse Deck Design (Plans)





Meat slicer






Beer cooler (bar pub)






Walk-in Cooler





Jonas Event Management Software (inc 1st yr training)





Double door freezer




***Snow Mobile

Ski Hill





***New Wheel Loader

Facilities Maintenance





***Salt Spreader

Facilities Maintenance






Facilities Maintenance





***Auger Attachment

Facilities Maintenance





***Frozen Beverage Dispenser






***Mower for Ski Hill

Ski Hill





***New Machine Trailer

Facilities Maintenance





***ADA Lift Chairs

Pools & Beaches








Backup generator for Public Safety Four new two-way radios Radar Display Units (4)

Public Safety Public Safety Public Safety

10-45 10-46 10-47

3,500 10,500 17,000

ABDI Proprietary Scanfast - license scanner

Public Safety



Public Safety Communications Center

Public Safety


Commercial swing set for playground Laurel Pk

Laurel Park

Pole Barn

Ski Hill

Ski Hill Renovations (trf from main gate project) 100 New Kayak rack storage spots (Marina)

6,000 343 10,367 87,000 465

3,500 41,846


7,400 (26,378) 1,158 60,000 48,375 (675)

(674) 3,127 4,000

487,766 Adjusted Budget


Capital Reserve Projects Vehicle, Hybrid replacement for #104 or potential new 170 Montauk boat (replace whaler) potential sell/trade-in

Public Safety Public Safety

10-40 10-41

55,000 45,500


50,780 46,779

Replace North and Main gate cameras

Public Safety





4,220 (1,279) 1,000

CCTV Cameras

Public Safety






Upgrade to Turbo-net software (GPS tracking vehicles)

Public Safety





Waterline Replacement

Ski Hill




Ski Hill Renovations (trf from main gate project)

Ski Hill



Buoys for lakes





Chemical controls box for North Pool (1) & Main pool (2)

Pools & Beaches





New heater for North pool

Pools & Beaches





Repair Kiddie Pool

Pools & Beaches




North Recreation Tennis Court Repair & Color Coat







Recreation Center Tennis Court Repair & Color Coat







South Recreation Tennis Court Repair & Color Coat





2 NordicTrack commercial treadmills (replacements)






Pressure Washer

Golf Maintenance






Golf Cart Path Repair

Golf Maintenance






Road Paving - RS&W - Funding 10 Yr Ph I (9 of 10)

Facilities Maintenance






Road Paving - RS&W - Funding 10 Yr Ph II (7 of 10)

Facilities Maintenance






Road Paving - large Projects

Facilities Maintenance






Stormwater maintenance allocation

Facilities Maintenance






Miller Road Renovation

Facilities Maintenance




Fence-In Trash Area

Facilities Maintenance






Secondary containment for gas tanks Maint Bldg

Facilities Maintenance






Vegetation management/tree removal

Facilities Maintenance





Additional recycling compactor (replace 2 open tops)

Facilities Maintenance




Replace Salt Shed

Facilities Maintenance






Replace roof on maintenance bldg

Facilities Maintenance






Woodshop Siding





Dam Safety and Maintenance

Lakes & Environmental





Floating Wetland Island for Brooks, Replacement

Lakes & Environmental






Brooks Lake Rehabilitation Project (dam safety)

Lakes & Environmental






Roamingwood Park Landscaping

Lakes & Environmental






Stormwater Grant (Act 13 & Deerfield GGG) - cost

Lakes & Environmental






Stormwater Grant (Act 13 & Deerfield GGG) - reimbursable

Lakes & Environmental






Front Gate Project (Main Entry Construction)-Phase 2




Docstar Softcare - I Year





Anti-virus for workstations and servers




Computer Inventory Upgrade




ADBI Server to Wmware Upgrade




Microsoft Office licenses/Windows 10 licenses



APC Netshelter rack for server room


APC Smart-UPS for server room & workstations


POA siding

11 45,000


39,849 1,800 2,314 563 55,000

18,000 (356)


22,307 12,000




































Clubhouse Landscaping (Shrub Removal & Replace)







Horizontal bottle cooler Dry Storage Shelving Clubhouse siding

Clubhouse Clubhouse Clubhouse

60-41 60-42 60-43

1,300 2,750 30,000


2,020 2,733 -

Two-door reach in Freezer for snack shop






Lodge Accessibility Ramp Plans







Tiki Bar Renovation (compliance)







Lift Umbrellas & Bases (15)





Replace exterior doors at Lodge and POA downstairs







***2-Way Radios/Ski Patrol

Ski Hill






Lakes & Marina





***Mini Excavator

Facilities Maintenance





***A/C Unit Replacements

Facilities Maintenance





***Stackable Banquet Chairs





Reimbursement for magic carpet lift tow

Ski Hill


1,875,175 * Prior Carry Over

Adjusted Budget





(720) 17 30,000











**Emergency Repair/Replace ***Board Approval


**** Reallocation

Adjusted Budget

172,742 2,535,683

+ Savings Permanent to Offset Other Projects

NOTE: These financials are internally prepared for the use of the Hideout POA Board Members and Management and are subject to audit adjustments.




2021 BILLING 5,287,500 1,275,000 375,000

76.216% 18.378% 5.405%

Billed 3750 1,410 340 100







185 * 783 1,736

1st Quarter 2021




2nd Quarter 2021

809,213 283,643 204,180 1,297,036

448 142 108 698

11.7% 4.1% 2.9% 18.70%


93,771 93,771

51 51

1.4% 0.0% 0.0% 1.35%







455,530 * 1,458,680 3,186,698


Budget 3625

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 51


6.6% 21.0% 45.9%

James Wilson Funeral Home, Inc. Lake Ariel • 570-698-5811 Milton James, FD, Super

Home of the Lake Region Crematory

YTD Dues Analysis: $6,491,715 collected through Jul 31, 2021; *Total includes member accounts that prepaid in full and credits toward 2021 dues from 2020 in the amount of $90.606

Hideout Adult Bowling League

2021 Actual Year End Dues Collections COLLECTION BUDGET 3625 3625 PROJECTION







% of $ Budgeted

September 8, 2021 - April 20, 2022


Meet – Wednesdays – 12:30 p.m. 2021 Delinquent Dues Collections AMOUNT AMOUNT COLLECTED BUDGETED YEAR TO DATE DELINQUENT DUES COLLECTED






% of $ Budgeted

Have More Fun – Meet New Friends Join Now


Call Reggie (570) 698-7429

NOTE: These financials are internally prepared for the use of the Hideout POA Board Members and Management and are subject to audit adjustments.

AREA WORSHIP SERVICES ST. THOMAS MORE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 105 Gravity Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Mass Saturday 4 p.m.; Sunday 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Father Stephen Stavoy. (570) 698-5584.

ST JOHN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 564 Easton Turnpike, Hamlin, PA 18427. Services of Holy Communion Sunday 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Reverend Ronald R. Miller, Ph.D. (570) 689-9260.

ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, 334 Saint Mary’s Church Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Mass Saturday at 4:30 p.m.; Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Father Stephen Stavoy. (570) 698-5584.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 815 Church Street, Hawley, PA 18428. Sunday Service 10 a.m. Pastor William Samford. (570) 226-4835.

SALEM COMMUNITY CHURCH, (United Methodist Congregation) 613 Hamlin Highway, Hamlin, PA 18428. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Reverend Dr. Jeff Rarich. (570) 689-6011. LAKE ARIEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 110 Maple Avenue, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Sunday Service 9 a.m. Pastor Don Gillchrist. (570) 226-6713. LAKEVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 431 Purdytown Turnpike, Lakeville, PA 18438. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Pastor Don Gillchrist. (570) 226-6713.

GRACE RIDGE CHURCH, 201 Tenth Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Sunday Service 11:30 a.m., and 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at The Vineyard, 761 Terrace Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Reverend Michael Lyle. (570) 253-5451. CROSS ROAD ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 803 8 Route 435, Elmhurst Township, PA 18444. Sunday Service 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Communion on first Sunday of the month. Pastor Aaron Schappell. (570) 842-1454. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 1606 Route 507, Greentown, PA 18426. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Reverend Chè Weber. (570) 676-5861.

HAMLIN ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 613 Easton Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Pastor Kenneth Claflin. (570) 689-2630. NEWFOUNDLAND MORAVIAN CHURCH, 985 Main Street, Newfoundland, PA 18445. Sunday Service 10:45 a.m. Pastor Mark Newman. (570) 676-8201. TEMPLE BETH ISRAEL, 615 Court Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Every other Friday Service 7:30 p.m. Rabbi Elliott Kleinman. (570) 253-2222. TEMPLE HESED, 1 Knox Road, Scranton, PA 18505. First Friday of the month Service 6 p.m., all other Fridays Service 8 p.m. Rabbi Daniel Swartz. (570) 344-7201. ST. PAUL’S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, 405 Church Street, Hawley, PA 18428. Sunday worship at 10:15 a.m. Reverend Adam Reinhardt (570) 226-2411 Email:

CANAAN BIBLE CHAPEL, 30 Hemlock Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. Sunday Service 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pastor Daniel Henwood. (570) 937-4848. Home of Canaan Christian Academy. MONASTERY OF ST. TIKHON OF ZADONSK, 175 Saint Tikhon’s Road, Waymart, PA 18472. Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. Midnight Office, Hours & Divine Liturgy and 4:30 p.m. Vespers and Matins. Satuday: 7:40 a.m. Hours & Divine Liturgy and 4 p.m. Vigil. Sunday: 9:10 a.m. Hours & Divine Liturgy and 3:50 p.m. 9th Hour, Vespins and Matins. Abbot Igumen Sergius. (570) 937-4067. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF HOLLISTERVILLE, 23 Pond Road, Moscow, PA 18444. Sunday Service 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pastor Jim Sheridan. (570) 689-3071.

52 • SEPTEMBER 2021


THE HIDEOUT POA, a Gold Star Gated Four Season Recreational Community in NEPA is seeking candidates for the following:

FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT Join a team that takes pride in providing members and guest with a great dining experience! The Hideout Clubhouse consists of a pub for casual dining or enjoy a fine dining experience in our restaurant. Our Chefs take pride in offering many seasonal as well as favorite American Cuisine dishes. Come be a part of the Clubhouse Team. We are seeking the following positions: LINE/PREP COOKS DISHWASHERS BUSSERS SERVERS BARTENDERS HOST/HOSTESS SNACK BAR ATTENDANTS

RECREATION DEPARTMENT RECREATION OFFICE COORDINATOR Assists in the coordination of daily operational office related tasks. Is involved in the successful management of the Recreation Sales Office. Assist in merchandise ordering, work orders, stocking, and oversee inventory for Recreation and Art Center. Schedules staff for RSC, game room, and special events. EXPERIENCE & OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • Experience in general office operations required. • Knowledge of Outlook and other Microsoft office programs. • Inventory control experience preferred. • Strong organizational skills. • Demonstrate a positive attitude and able to work as a team player. Able to work independently and interdependently. • Valid PA. Driver’s license


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 53

PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT PATROL OFFICERS (FULL-TIME/PART-TIME) Ensure the public safety of Association members, guests, employees, and contractors. Maintain the enforcement responsibility for adopted Rules and Regulations. Maintain radio communications with North Gate Control Center and other patrol vehicles. • • • • •

EXPERIENCE & OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 years or older and possess a valid Driver’s License. Certification in ACT 235 preferred. Available to work weekends, holidays and occasional overtime for full-time positions. Work is performed inside and outside with exposure to inclement weather and unpredictable situations. Hideout issued uniform provided.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS (FULL-TIME/PART-TIME) Coordinate emergency responses from Police, Fire and Emergency Response personnel. Maintain Command and Control Center for the Community. Keep radio communications between Control and Patrol Vehicles open at all times. Issue guest, visitor and contractor passes as warranted. EXPERIENCE & OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • Must be 18 years old. • Ability to communicate effectively with members, guest and vendors. • Basic knowledge of Radio Communications a plus. • Basic knowledge of First Aid/AED/EMT a plus.


October 9th 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. in the Quilters room, located under the Clubhouse. We are selling Quilts, Wall Hangings, Table Runners, Placemats, Christmas Stockings, Holiday Decor, and more! We also have some beautiful baskets that we will be selling raffle tickets for.

All proceeds are used for supplies to make lap quilts and walker bags to donate to local hospitals. Thank you!

Hideout Book Club

The Hideout Book Club invites everyone to our discussions held the third Thursday of each month at 4 p.m. If you have any questions, please email: The Hideout Book Club: 2021-2022 Book Selections September: West With Giraffes Book Lynda Stephenson Ruttledge Club October: The Four Winds Kristen Hannah November: The Book Woman of Toublesome Crcek Kim M Richardson

54 • SEPTEMBER 2021


MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT MAINTENANCE LABORERS (PART-TIME) Seeking seasonal Maintenance Laborers to perform a variety of semi-skilled tasks in the construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings, facilities and common areas. EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS: • General knowledge of maintenance and preventive maintenance of machines, mechanical equipment and building components. • Ability to operate and maintain equipment and power tools and operate light trucks, tractors and light construction equipment. • Ability to perform physical labor. • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) provided. • Demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction. • Must be available weekends and holidays. • Must possess a valid Driver’s License.

CUSTODIAN (FULL-TIME/PART-TIME) Employee performs physical work necessary to maintain a high-standard of cleanliness, orderliness, appearance and sanitation in all Hideout amenities and public areas. EXPERIENCE & OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • Basic understanding of commercial building cleaning methods and procedures; • Knowledge of the materials, supplies and equipment utilized in cleaning activities. • Knowledge of safe use of cleaning products and chemicals. • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) provided. • Must be available weekends and holidays. • Must possess a valid Driver’s License.

APPLY AT Click on Employment

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants age 14-17 must have a PA Work Permit (may be obtained through School District) Applicants will be subject to a PSP Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Certification and FBI Criminal Record Check w/ fingerprints upon conditional acceptance of employment (paid by POA). Applicants may be subject to Substance Abuse Testing upon conditional acceptance of employment (paid by POA)


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 55

Alex Heule, a guest of Frank Palm, took this picture from Frank’s dock.

2021 Hideout Bass Fishing Derby - July 24th COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES

Wildlife and Forestry Committee Meeting Minutes - August 12, 2021 Present: Ryan Hill, Paul Spiese, Cathy Long, Fred Sakacs, Laura Rusnak Absent: N/A Excused: N/A Guests: Joseph Piotrowski Start Time: 11:00AM Pledge of Allegiance Motion to Approve the July 8th 2021 Minutes: Made by Laura, Seconded by Fred End Time: 12:01PM Motion to Adjourn: Made by Fred, Seconded by Laura Community/Feral Cats: Committee discussed 2021 Season stats to date: 25 Kittens & 54 Adults processed. Total consent to trap forms on file/properties enrolled to TNR: 81. Management will revisit with C Alley Cats to confirm veterinary arrangements. Deer Management: Committee highlighted that the annual Deer Management Open Forum meeting will be held on Thrs August 12th 2021, Main Lodge, 6PM-8PM with USDA and Game Commission. Event was advertised in August Hideabout, two email blasts, and on the Environmental Instagram page. Cathy recommended that for next year to try and avoid a Thrs event due to other meetings occurring at that time for golfers. Gypsy Moths: Committee discussed that Biobase Pest Solutions, LLC will return in November 2021 to assess forest defoliator populations. Fall webworm tents likely to start emerging towards end of Aug, often confusing members as gypsy moth larvae. September Hideabout article will discuss Fall Webworms. Hemlock Trees at Roamingwood Park/Landscaping Project: Project complete. Continuing to evaluate plant establishment and weed control. May need to acquire additional plants this fall when plants go dormant and temps cool

down. Spotted Lanternfly: Committee supported the idea of promoting either a SLF Circle Trap building workshop or sharing educational resources such as youtube clips now that winged adults are emerging. Management will evaluate. Geese Management: Committee discussed that goose management efforts have subsided for the year and also discussed how the PA Game Commissions manages the resident goose population in the commonwealth starting in September. Birth Control/Deer: No new updates. Committee has always kept this as a point of discussion as a potential nonlethal way of addressing deer. Fertility control tests and studies have yielded limited effectiveness. This approach has reduced applicability, especially for large populations of free-range deer. Implementation of such a program would be far more costly than that of lethal control methods, and herd reductions would still be necessary to reduce damage as fertility control does not directly reduce deer numbers. Sterilized deer would still cause damage to the forest understory and deer to vehicle collisions, significantly limiting any sort of progress within a community’s deer management plan. The PA Game Commission offers a rigorous permit process in place for fertility control of white-tailed deer. However, the PA Game Commission considers all methods of fertility control (contraception and surgical sterilization) as experimental and as a research project. Results should not be expected in the short term, and it could take up to 10 years to see any real benefit. Clear goals, objectives, measures, and anticipated outcomes would need to be outlined in the proposal for fertility control to be considered. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is

unaware of any fertility control that has been shown to have acceptable results (to a community) over the long-term in an open population setting (deer move, plus the infertile deer can still cause property damage or be hit by cars, and often no population impact is observed even in closed systems for a decade). Nuisance Animals: No updates from management or committee. Wood Duck Boxes: Management elaborated that the Windemere Pond nesting box and the Ariel Creek/ Roamingwood nesting box are on que to be relocated to new areas, perhaps at the Brooks Lake island or near Deerfield Lake and will be completed in next few weeks. Nature Trail: Committee discussed that the trail markers were installed on 7/30 every .25 miles + decals and mileage. Also, the trail sign/brochure holder, and boot brush work order had been submitted. Project confirmed as completed after meeting had ended. Trail maps were updated and made available at Recreation, Registration, and at the trail sign. Educational signage with QR codes still on the to do list later this fall. Paul suggested the idea of a memorial bench to honor John Goldman along the trail system. Committee supported this idea and Management will look into completing this in 2021. Native Vegetation Meadow/Deer Exclusion Zone: Committee discussed that wooden posts had support beams installed on 7/20 by Facilities. Leaving area be for the time being. Lots of flowers blooming and have seen deer frequenting area. Cathy indicated area looks to be doing well. New Business/Comments/Questions:

Committee discussed that the National Wildlife Federation enrollment process has been fairly slow as of late. Management will re-evaluate advertising efforts. Committee supported the idea of doing a trial run with the two composter units by moving them outside of the hideout harvesters area and making them accessible outside the fenced location for member and staff access. Will coordinate with clubhouse staff on putting “green” material in and maintenance staff on “brown” material. Management will finalize tracking efforts and advertise the opportunity to the membership. Management highlighted that the annual turkey sighting survey project is well underway with lots of sightings coming in. Committee discussed that the secretary position is still open for the recording of meeting minutes if any committee members are interested. The Songbird mortality event occurring throughout PA was discussed and that the latest news update was that the cause remains unknown. Chinese Mystery Snail was found in Deerfield Lake on 7/15 & Water Chestnut was found in Brooks Lake on 8/2. Both sightings had positive ID’s by trained individuals and were reported through USGS, PA IMapInvasives, and the PA Fish & Boat Commission. Cathy made the recommendation to include Phragmites as a point of discussion moving forward. Committee reviewed and discussed a committee membership application, and will be making a recommendation to the board at their next scheduled meeting. Next Wildlife & Forestry Committee meeting will occur on Thursday September 9th, 11AM in person at the POA and also via Zoom. ■

56 • SEPTEMBER 2021



Serving the Tri-State Area for Over 30 Years • Additions • New Construction • Masonry • Excavating • Roofing • Electrical • Plumbing


• H Vac • Bathrooms • Kitchens • Stone Work • Decks • Driveway Repairs


SEPTEMBER 2021 Employment Congratulations

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on your accomplishment!

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NAME Joseph MichaelKozuch Moore Philip Edward Williamson Alexander Romeo Badiu Michael John McCabe Bettina Corma CharlesBehnke H. Bertani Jeffrey Lisa D. Williamson Donnamarie Bachmann Jill C. Metschulat Leonora Marie Mocerino Jill C. Metschulat John Boandl Theresa G. O’Shea C. Metschulat Donald Mundrake Theresa G. O’Shea James Aleckna Brooke Craven

DEPARTMENT YEARS Public 34 Public Safety Safety 8 Public Safety Safety 17 Public 4 Recreation 1 Public Safety 16 Recreation 21 Public Safety Nubia Malkin Art Center 20 Public Safety 7 Administration 2 Public Safety Administration 25 Recreation Administration 13 Administration 2 Golf Maintenance 13 Administration 1 Facilities 12 Administration 7

Please remember to be courteous to your fellow members & pick up after your dog. Thank you!

Dryer Vents Cleaned Only $80

ENTIRE HOUSE STEAM CLEANED with FREE Teflon protection (up to 1,000 sq. ft.)

DEEP CLEAN CARPET & DEEP CLEAN CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CARE, LLC. UPHOLSTERY CARE, LLC. 570-630-2338 570-630-2338 With this coupon. Not valid With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior with other offers or prior services. Expires 9-30-21 services. Expires 9-30-21

FINE ORIENTAL, WOOL & SILK RUG SPECIALIST •Dry cleaning-certified •Locally owned & operated for over 15 years •Expert with heavily soiled condition •24-hour flood damage cleaning •Pet odor removal •Teflon protection •Drapes & blinds cleaned •Additional Services: -Air duct cleaning -Powerwashing -Window washing





up to 12 vents - with FREE sanitizer





East PA Garage Floor Coating Specializing in garages, basements, porches, patios, and more. Residential, commercial and industrial.

(dry clean products not included)

DEEP CLEAN CARPET & DEEP CLEAN CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CARE, LLC. UPHOLSTERY CARE, LLC. 570-630-2338 570-630-2338 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Expires 9-30-21

With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Expires 9-30-21

CALL US AT 570-498-2628 PA017473

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 H I D E A B O U T N E W S PA P E R - S E C T I O N 3 Your Local Audiologist


· Dr. Joseph Motzko Audiologist, CCC-A Dr. Motzko is a highly skilled audiologist who strives to ensure that his pa�ents enjoy all the benefits of hearing. He is a graduate of Wallenpaupack High School and lives in Hawley with his wife and two children.

· · · ·

Comprehensive hearing evalua�ons using the latest in diagnos�c technology The latest digital hearing aid technology, including rechargeable and Bluetooth In-the-Ear and Behind-the-Ear Styles Free 2-Week Take Home Trial Free ba�eries for life All insurances accepted

2591 Route 6, Suite 101, Hawley, PA

(272) 336-0560


To advertise in The Hideout, call Lisa Green at (570) 630-3707 or email her at

Want your commitee event listed in the Hideabout Newspaper and Hideabout Extra? Just call Lisa Green at (570) 630-3707 or e-mail her at

PA 0 1 7 0 0 0

58 • SEPTEMBER 2021




We thank the Lake Ariel Fire Company for all they do for The Hideout. Please help support our Volunteer Fire Company! Online Gate Access Hideout Members can register guests online. No need to call the gate.

You not only have the ability to register your guests online but also on your mobile device.

1. Members must be in good standing 2. Members must first fill out the registration form to setup a login on our website at: The Registration form is under the Resource tab then click on Gate Access. 3. You will receive a confirmation from The Hideout once you register.


2021 BULK PRICING Minimum Washer/Dryer Mattress/Box spring Twin/Full Queen/King Carpet 8x10/10x12 Hot Water Heaters Dresser/ Table Couch/Sofa Gas Grill Toilet/ Sink Outside Furniture Tires

$20 $50 $20 $30 $25 $30 $25 $40 $20 $20 $30 $10

Members Construction Debris SUV $50 Pickup Truck $125

Dump Truck $200

Contractors Construction Debris Pickup Truck $150 Dump Truck $225 Items that are not permitted-Electronics, Light bulbs, Refrigerants, Hazardous Waste and Materials, Oil, Fuel, Car batteries, and Chemicals. The Fees listed above are based on per drop off.


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 59

Important Information You Should Know THE SPEED LIMIT IN THE HIDEOUT IS


Please watch for our pedestrians.

A dangerous condition arises on busy weekends from vehicles parking on the side of the road on Lakeview and Woodpoint Court. Vehicles parked on the side of the road in this location impede traffic and could possibly block access to the area by emergency vehicles. Due to this condition the Board has passed a motion deeming Lakeview and Woodpoint Court “Emergency Access Roads.”

Please observe all signs and Association rules for the safety of our members, guests, and staff.

No parking will be permitted on the side of the road in this area. The Public Safety Department will aggressively enforce this rule. Anyone who parks in this location will be subject to a $150.00 fine and a $300.00 fine for repeat offenses.

25 MPH

in designated Safety Zones fines are doubled. We have many children and adults out riding bicycles and walking dogs.



When your guests come to visit, please make sure that they know your lot number when registering at the gate. This will expedite entrance into the community.

All Hideout Members must have a current Amenity Badge on their person in order to use any of The Hideout Amenities. Guests must also show their guest badges at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule!

HAVE GUESTS COMING TO THE HIDEOUT FOR A VISIT? You can register your guest online or using your mobile device including Apple, Android and Blackberry. To register please visit The Hideout website and click on “On-line Guest Registration” to fill out the form. Once signed up, you will receive an email with directions.

SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP CARDS In order to use our Food & Beverage licensed facilities, you must either be with a member or have the member purchase a social membership card for you. Social Membership cards are available at the Clubhouse.


ATTENTION VETERANS If you have a chronic illness or injury which occurred while you were in Military Service, you may be entitled to compensation. However, you must first file a claim with the Veteran’s Administration. For additional information, please contact Disabled Veteran Bob Addieg (570) 698-8337. No fee involved.

HIDEOUT DIRECT NUMBERS 570-630-3700 570-630-3723 570-630-3728 570-630-3729 570-630-3731 570-630-3732 570-630-3733 570-630-3734 570-630-3735 570-630-3736 570-630-3737 570-630-3738

Registration Maintenance Main Lodge Security Ski Hill Clubhouse Reservations Main Lodge Recreation Nubia Malkin Art Center Fitness Center Golf Pro Shop North Gate Dispatcher Main Gate

HIDEOUT PHONE NUMBERS Dial area code (570) then the number POA Office POA Fax North Beach North Pool Recreation Fax Main Pool Mini Golf Woodworkers’ Shop Golf Maintenance

698-4100 698-9457 698-7013 698-7011 698-6580 698-7014 698-4086 698-6269 698-6384

149 150 151 155 156 160 164 165 170 180 244 300

HIDEOUT WEBSITE The Hideout’s website has a public side as well as a private side. To register for the private side, please go to the home page and click on the “Member Login” button and then hit Member Registration. Your member number will be on your Dues Statement.


EMERGENCY - 911 / (570) 698-6317

HIDEOUT TV - CHANNEL 920 To reach the following, please dial (570) 698-4100 plus ext. number Maintenance Main Gate North Gate

Main Lodge Public Safety Office Clubhouse Bar Clubhouse Reservations Main Lodge Hideout Quilters Recreation Nubia Malkin Art Center Fitness Center Ski Hill Golf Pro Shop Game Room Registration

132 140 142

Like us on Facebook - go to and enter “Hideout Property Owners Association” in the search bar.

BIRTHDAY CORNER Please contact Lisa Green at to announce your child’s birthday in The Hideabout Newspaper. Submit by the fifteenth of the month for the next issue. Your picture will be returned upon request.

GOOD NEIGHBORS CLUB The Hideout Adult Social Group (HASG) believes in neighbors helping neighbors. Although the Good Neighbors Club is a function of the HASG, we are pleased to offer medical equipment to all Hideout residents. Many people in the Hideout have donated medical equipment which they no longer have need of. These items are now being kept in a storage closet in the Indoor Sports Complex. There are lots of walkers and crutches, some canes, numerous potty chairs and shower seats, a few wheelchairs and a scooter. If you have need of any of these for yourself or if a guest is coming for the weekend and is in need of one for that time period, you may borrow one by stopping in at the Recreation office (570-630-3733), and someone will show you to the storage closet. Please remember to sign out whatever you are borrowing. If you are unable to get to the Indoor Sports Complex, please contact Judy Restaino at 570-698-9840, and she will arrange for you to get what you need.

60 • SEPTEMBER 2021


Keep Recycling Successful - Single Stream Recycling

Acceptable Items: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Milk Cartons Aluminum Cans Glass Bottles (green, clear, brown) Tin & Bi-Metallic Containers: (including aerosol cans) Aseptic Milk/Juice Cartons Juice Boxes Aluminum Foil (pie plates, etc.) Plastic Containers - 1-7 Frozen Food Cartons Paper Egg Cartons Newspaper Magazines & Catalogs Kraft Paper (brown grocery bags) Chipboard/Box Board White & Colored Ledger Paper Notebook Paper Construction Paper Soft Covered Workbooks, Telephone & Paperback Books Junk Mail (incl. envelopes & coupons) White Envelopes Computer, Fax, & Copy Paper

Unacceptable Items: • • • • • • • • • •

NO Trash Please NO Diapers remember to NO Clothing rinse your containers NO Styrofoam BEFORE you NO Plastic Bags recycle them! NO Caps or Lids Thank you! NO Food NO Compost NO Yard Waste NO Greasy Pizza Boxes

NEW Trash & Recycling Area Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 6:00 8:00 8:00

a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m.

to to to to to to to

8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

Trash & Recycling Center (570) 698-4100, ext. 133


SEPTEMBER 2021 • 61

Happy 74th Birthday to the United States Air Force! founded on September 18, 1947

“Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win” The Hideout Swim Team sponsored the 2021 Rubber Duck Race at the North Pool...FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!

62 • SEPTEMBER 2021


New Hideout Members Welcome to the NEIGHBORHOOD!

Lynn & mike Vasquez Long Island, NY Raymond & Danielle Owens New Milford, NJ Darold K. Smith Greenville, TX Lauren Vidas Philadelphia, PA

Heidi A. Quackenboss Allison & Jason Petite Heather Lanza, Franklin Ruiz & Victor Trillo Montclair, NJ Smithtown, NY New York City & New Jason & Hillary French Jersey Goshen, NY Robert & Kim McFaline New Jersey Brian & Linda Rubio Matt & Karen Sherwood Saddle Brook, NJ Huntsville, AL Brad & Susan Slovikowsky Jarman & Marissa Lincoln Park, NJ Mazzacone Family Russell Beacon, NY Maplewood, NJ Lisa & Charles McKaney Robert & Sandra Manci Sound Beach, NY ``````````````````````` Branchburg, NJ

Millie’s Garden

I love being in my garden. Planting, watering, watching for the first little sprout to come up, and waiting for the first buds to open and show off their beautiful petals of many colors is always a joy to see. Not only is my garden my happy place, it’s my own personal gym! Digging, lifting rocks, planting seeds, raking, watering, and yes, even weeding are all great ways to get a great workout! And when people who are driving by stop to enjoy it too, well that makes it all worthwhile!


Join us to meet new people and HAVE FUN!

NEW TO THE HIDEOUT? Searching for an activity for the winter season? Well, then The Hideout Adult Bowling League is your answer!

Our League is comprised of resident men & women, it’s starting September 8 - April 20, 2022. We have lots of fun times ahead, including weekly prizes, our annual Holiday Party and an End of Season Awards Banquet (bonus: Each team member gets prize money in the form of a check!).

SO, BE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Bowling is every Wednesday afternoon starting at 12:30 p.m. located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. We still have vacancies to me filled. There’s no time like the present, so call Reggie Hadley, League Secretary, today to register at (570) 698-7429

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 63


Not By Chance

She’s cute and she’s fuzzy We cuddle and play She wakes in me smiles Throughout my whole day She makes me feel wanted In ways like a spell She listens to my gripes Not a soul would she tell She brings out my best She never will test She knows what to say And just when She’s my Cat She’s me Hat She and I are a pack Most of all She’s my very best friend.

Our meetings come not by chance. By God they are arranged, That we might share burdens and blessings… Some different, some the same. That we might comfort and support each other As we laugh and cry and pray, And keep in mind and heart Our friendship every day; And as we stand by in peaceful times, Or when troubles come like storms, We’ll go through them together ‘Cause that’s what friends are for!

WOLRAD/2021 WOLRAD is the pen name of Mark Darlow, a Hideout resident since 1984. WOLRAD offers to share his poetry for free at Darlow also welcomes comments on his website

HIDEOUT SPORTSMAN’S ASSOCIATION Since 1995, The Hideout Sportsman’s Association has strived to improve the knowledge and skill of its members and neighbors in matters related to the proper care and handling of firearms, the management of shooting ranges and to develop fellowship, sportsmanship and good citizenship among its members. To that end, The Hideout Sportsman’s Association will partner with a local state-ofthe-art indoor shooting range to offer courses in basic beginners pistol shooting and safety classes. These courses and others will be offered through The Hideout Sportsmen’s Assoc. for a limited time. Interested individuals should contact Michael McAleer at (570) 780-8002 for details. ■


The HASG was formed in 1980 to provide an opportunity for Hideout members, including renters, age 40 and over, to meet with and socialize with other members of our community. If you enjoy meeting new friends, socializing with old friends, and like to party, then the H.A.S.G. is for you. Typical events include dinner dances, picnics, luaus, a “social” golf league, local outings, travel, and anything else you can think of that involves socializing, dining, and just generally having a great time with wonderful friends new and old. The H.A.S.G. meets the second Thursday of each month (except December) at 1:00 p.m. at the Main Lodge. Refreshments are always served. All interested Hideout members are welcome to attend our meetings. Let us know you’re coming and a member of our Welcoming Committee will greet you. For more information please contact: Barbara Kelczewski (570) 503-0855, ■

64 • SEPTEMBER 2021

570.290.3961 or 570.335.1763


Lake Ariel


~ HOURS ~ Tues.-Thurs: 11 am to 8 pm Fri. - Sat: 11 am to 9 pm Closed Sunday & Monday 163 Ledgedale Road Greentown, PA 18426

-Hours Subject to Change-

Everything for Farm, Home, & Garden AWS3171004F1 03/20 Printed in the USA


Elaine Isabel Smith Notary Public, Tags, Titles and Transfers

1137 Tresslarville Rd. Lake Ariel, PA 18436


Fax 698-5198

621 Easton Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 Complete Notary Service, Motor Vehicle, ATV & Snowmobile Tags, Titles & Transfers



570-226-5670 570-226-5672

Hours: Mon., Wed. & Fri. 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sat. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Tues. & Thurs. Please call. •

manishk • Printed: Thursday, 23 January 2020 at 5:47:41 pm

1446 Hamlin Hwy, Lake Ariel, PA 18436

Tree Removal – Tree Trimming – Lot Clearing – Stump Grinding – Tree Removal – Tree Trimming – Lot Clearing – Stump Grinding – 24 Hour Emergency Service Truck/Climbing Service – 24 Hour Emergency Service –– Bucket Bucket Truck/Climbing Service – Rapid response – Affordable Prices Prices ––“Known forfor ourour Cleanup” Rapid response – Affordable “Known Cleanup” FREE ESTIMATES – LICENSED - FULLY INSURED

FREE ESTIMATES – LICENSED - FULLY INSURED Check out our reviews on Google – Facebook – Web Check out our reviews on Google – Facebook – Web

Furry Friends We Care for your pets like Family


Pet Sitter Diana Luce

Cell: (914) 213-9636

DALE ORLANDO -Psychic Intuitive -Spiritual Messenger -Energy Clearing

Past, Present, Future

862-268-4881 461 Cortez Rd., Jefferson Twnshp, Pa. (15 mins from The Hideout)

Let The Hideabout help to grow your business!

Call (570) 630-3707


A Message from the Communication Committee to Members of The Hideout


he Communication Committee of The Hideout has a mission to enhance dialog between POA members and various departments within The Hideout. The committee is concerned that during the pandemic we have had little interaction with members of The Hideout community and feedback has been limited. We welcome all suggestions from POA Members on ways to improve living in our community. Please email any comments or concerns to one of the committee members listed below. Your input can make a difference! All correspondence will be confidential and acknowledged and discussed at our monthly meeting. Committee members email addresses:

CLASSIFIEDS HOMES FOR RENT • Book your Vacation or Full Time Rentals with your Hideout Specialists, Re/Max Best. 570-698-7299/ 800-577-5005,, Editors note: look for their ad on our website at

2022 RENTAL • Spring Break Rental March 11-March 18, 2022. Orange Lake Resorts, Orlando 2 Bedrooms, sleeps 6, 2 Baths, Washer, Dryer, 5 minutes from Disney. Call 698-1282 for details.

Lyle Britton - Terri Letteratis - Eileen Simon - Judith Townsend Britton - We’re listening! Thank you! ■

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 65

WATERPROOFING & MOLD REMEDIATION • Do you have water coming into your basement or crawlspace? Are you tired of that damp, musty odor all the time? Does anyone suffer from allergies, but only when they’re at this home? Well don’t suffer these problems anymore, call the experts around the corner! INTEGRA-CLEAN & DRY 570-676-8862 WE CAN HELP!

All classified ads are due by the 20th of the month to run in the following month’s Hideabout. Payment is due before printing. DON’T FORGET YOUR PHONE NUMBER!

Want your commitee event listed in The Hideabout Newspaper & Hideabout Extra? Call Lisa Green at MEET (570) 630-3707 PEOPLE or e-mail

LOCAL COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS -AMERICAN LEGION POST 807 MEETINGS - 2nd Thursday of month, 7:00 p.m. Hamlin Sr Center. Seeking members and old friends. -KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS #7403 MEETING - 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at St. Thomas More Church Hall. -DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS WAYNE COUNTY CHAPTER #114 MEETINGS - 2nd Wednesday of month, 7:00 p.m. Cordaro’s Rest. Honesdale. John Miracle (570) 698-6816. -THRIFT SHOPPE - open 2nd & 4th Saturday of month at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hamlin, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Free Clothing Day - 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10:00 a.m.-noon and 5:00-7:00 p.m.

-ST. THOMAS MORE/ST. MARY’S FOOD PANTRY - open 2nd & 4th Wed. of every month. 9:30-11:00 a.m. -HAMLIN FIRE & RESCUE BINGO - Every Sunday & Wednesday at Bingo Hall (behind Hamlin Fire & Rescue on the hill). Doors open 5:00 p.m. Games start 6:00 p.m. -THE ROTARY CLUB OF HAMLIN/ LAKE ARIEL meets Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at RPlace, Rt. 590 in Hamlin. Public is welcome to attend.

To advertise please call Lisa Green at (570) 630-3707 or email her at

Obituary Guidelines To submit an obituary (Hideout members only) please follow the guidelines below (350 words or less). To include a photo, please email or deliver/mail to: The Hideout POA, 640 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 • The person’s full and complete name, date of birth as well as date of death • Names of husband or wife and names of children, number of grandchildren

• Add where he or she went to school and graduated from • Services/Mass/Cemetery information.


We are always seeking new article ideas, submissions, and content. If you have an idea or would like to submit an article for consideration, please contact Lisa Green at or by phone at (570) 630-3707.

66 • SEPTEMBER 2021


Please DON’T

Professional Grooming & Boarding

Graduate of Merryfield Academy of Animal Technicians

Ask for Lisa or John

(570) 226-6178

(Yes, Mozart is still our Mascot!) Referrals available

Power washing too!



∙ 229 Mount Cobb Highway, Hamlin, PA 18427 ( 570-689-4071 ∙ 250 Sunrise Ave., Honesdale, PA 18431 ( 570 253-3540 ∙ 653 Rt. 739, Lords Valley, Hawley, PA 18428 ( 570-775-0598 ∙ 20 Oak Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764 ( 845-252-3955 ∙ Rt. 507 & Brink Hill Road, Greentown, PA 18426 ( 570-676-9860 Boom Truck - Fork Lift Service - Prompt Delivery

(570) 689-2539


Let our local businesses know that you saw their ad in THE HIDEABOUT NEWSPAPER!

(570) 470-4748

Teal Feather Shoppe (570) 878-6778

Artisan Wares Vintage Treasures Unique Gifts


(570) 676-5253

Designer Kitchens 1 Commercial St., Honesdale, PA 18431 - 570-253-6600

w w

REAL ESTATE Understanding Functional Obsolescence & Your Home an a perfectly useful home “expire”? The answer is yes. If you’ve never heard of “functional obsolescence,” now’s a good time to familiarize yourself with the term. Sometimes a perfectly nice home in fine shape simply won’t sell. Fresh paint, fine curb appeal, a solid neighborhood… and no offers. Sellers are baffled and irritated. “But I’ve been living in this home ten years! There’s nothing wrong with it!” Often the culprit is “functional obsolescence.” Never heard of it? You’re not alone. Investopedia defines it this way: “A reduction in the usefulness or desirability of an object because of an outdated design feature, usually one that cannot be easily changed. The term is commonly used in real estate, but has a wide application.” Functional obsolescence can creep up on a home owner, as when a built-in technological feature is no longer useful. Some homes in the 1970s and 80s had old solid-state intercom systems for communicating between rooms. What was cutting edge then is a retro eyesore now. Built-in entertainment center kiosks or furniture are also a good example of this.

Did you know?

According to the American Osteopathic Association, one in five teenagers will now experience Home owners can introduce functional some form of hearing loss. That rate obsolescence with poor renovation is roughly 30 percent higher than it choices. Renovations should always be made with an eye on the possibility that was 20 years ago. Though various a home will be sold down the line, but factors have contributed to that occasionally an owner will ignore this. increase, the AOA notes that many Take, for example, the massive kitchen experts believe an increased use renovation which takes an unreasonable of headphones among teenagers bite out of the living room. is partly to blame. Listening to Inconveniences an owner has put up headphones at high volumes for with over the years can be classified as extended periods of time can lead functional obsolescence as well. If you to lifelong hearing loss for children have a second floor without bathrooms or and teens. Parents can encourage a bedroom which must be accessed by walking through another bedroom? That’s children and teenagers to listen to a design flaw that can bite you when it’s music at reasonable levels when time to sell. using their headphones, and one Neighborhoods can introduce a degree effective way to control volume of functional obsolescence as well. When without sacrificing sound is to use an smaller, older home on a large lot is over-the-ear headphones instead dwarfed by modern homes with more of earbuds. The Cleveland Clinic space, the home itself may lose appeal or notes that over-the-ear headphones value in buyers’ eyes. are generally more effective than If you’re thinking of selling or buying, earbuds at cancelling outside you should be familiar with the idea of functional obsolescence. Either you’ll want noise. That allows over-the-ear headphone users to listen to to eliminate the problem or you’ll need to realize the problem will be an issue for you music at lower volumes, which can should you choose to sell one day. ■ significantly reduce their risk for noise-induced hearing loss. ■

By: Terri Ditty, Associate Broker



Do you have a birthday announcement that you would like to run in The Hideabout Newspaper? Child or grandchild to show off? Catch a big fish? Send your picture to: or mail to Lisa Green, Hideabout Editor, 640 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 Notice: There is a non-perishable food item drop-off box at the Main Gate for any member who would like to donate. Please refrain from leaving food at the Main Mail Box area. Thank you!


M&D PLUMBING (570) 352-6716

Licensed & Fully Insured NO JOB TOO SMALL!


Have a question? Here’s who to call... POA

(570) 698-4100

Amenities Phone Extensions NM Art Center....................ext. 164 Food & Beverage............... ext. 151 Main Gate........................... ext. 140 Main Gate Direct Line........ 630-3738 Main Lodge......................... ext. 155 Main Pool........................... 698-7014 Mini Golf............................. 698-4086 North Beach....................... 698-7013

Perry Behr 631-374-8027 #PA143702

North Gate.......................... ext. 142 North Gate Direct Line....... 630-3737 North Pool.......................... 698-7011 Quilters............................... ext. 156

1494 The Hideout • Lake Ariel, PA 18436 Candace Riedel

Jerry Notaro

VACATION RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1067 Deer Valley Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436

570-591-1670 / 570-390-0874

“We do the work, so you don’t have to.”

Ski Hill................................ ext. 170 Woodworkers..................... 698-6269

SEPTEMBER 2021 • 67

Automatic Delivery

Locklin's Bottled Gas, Inc. Ask your neighbor about our service and friendly and personable office staff!

Competitive Pricing Family Owned (570) 689-7100

& Operated Hamlin, PA 18427


•BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating •Fees 1/2 of other Accountants •BBA in Accounting •20+ Years Experience •Tax Preparation •Bookkeeping •Payroll Ray Labutis

(570) 698-7465

1002 Forest Lane POA Member


Serving The Hideout Community For Over 10 Years

Dial (570) plus number

CBS Construction, LLC

Golf Maintenance...............698-6384 Maintenance....................... 698-4100, ext. 133



North Gate Emergency...... 698-6317


Recreation.......................... 698-4100, ext. 160

We specialize in custom bathroom, kitchen, & interior work. Go to our Facebook page for pics of completed jobs and inspiration!

Fitness Center.................... 698-4100, ext. 165 Registration........................698-4100, ext. 100 Golf Pro Shop.....................698-4100, ext. 180 Public Safety Patrol Office..698-4100, ext. 145

Retired NYCMOS

Fully Insured

PA 025881

Game Room.......................698-4100, ext. 244

Utilities RS&W..................................(570) 698-6162

Other Helpful Numbers Call serviced within 24 hours! Most same day!


Emergency Dial “911”

State Police.........................(570) 253-7126 Geisinger CMC.................... (570) 703-8000 Geisinger, Wilkes Barre...... (570) 348-1120 Regional Hospital of Scranton.(570) 348-7100 Moses Taylor, Scranton...... (570) 770-5000 Wayne Memorial, Honesdale.........................(570) 253-8100

Check out our website at: for everything and anything happening in The Hideout.


Precision Tree Co. ...branching out to meet your needs!

570-241-3048 Tree Trimming & Removal Stump Grinding Storm Damage & Cleanup Landscaping Services 24 Hour Emergency Service References Available

• Free Estimates • Fully Insured Visit our website:

68 • SEPTEMBER 2021


ADVERTISERS’ DIRECTORY A to Z Maintenance Page 20 Agway - Lake Ariel Page 64 Al Dente’s Pizzeria Page 26 All American Computer Repair Page 64 All-Out Logging & Landscaping Page 18 Apple Maintenance Inc. Page 42 Aristrocraft Construction Co. Page 19 Aurel’s TV & Appliances Page 44 Axe Works Page 16 Beth’s Heavenly Scent Page 66 Brothers’ Lawn Care & Construction Co. Page 17 BTM Flooring Page 43 Canine Connection Page 66 Carey Construction Page 30 Carman Electrical Svc., Inc. Page 27 CBS Construction, LLC. Page 67 Century 21 - Hamlin Office Page 3 CG’s Vacation Rental Page 67 Chapman Family Enterprises, LLC Page 45 CM’s Construction, Inc. Page 27 Colors Unite Painting Page 67 Countryman Home Improvements Page 64 Cover All Painting Co. Page 46 Crum Tree Service Page 64 Dale Orlando Page 64 Deep Clean Carpet & Upholstery Care Page 56 DESTINY CONTRACTING Page 67 DIRLAM BROS. LUMBER CO., Inc. Page 66 Disaster Blaster Page 42 Driftwood Cove Marina Page 64 Duffy Plumbing Page 26 East PA Garage Floor Coating Page 56 Eastern Residential Solutions Page 57 Elaine Isabel Smith Notary Public Page 64 Family First Vision Center Page 43 Five Star Modular Inc. Page 16 Forbes Pest Control Page 67 Furry Friends Page 64 Gouldsboro Chimney & Furnace Cleaning Co. Page 66 Greentown Grill Page 15 Hamlin Motorsports Page 17 IHOP Restaurant - Lake Ariel, PA Page 19 Integra-Clean & Dry Page 34 J. Moody & Co. Jewelers Page 31

James Wilson Funeral Home, Inc. Page 51 Jake’s Carpet Page 18 Jim Histed’s Plumbing & Heating Page 67 John T. Bolles General Contracting Page 56 John’s Italian Restaurant Page 42 JT’s Painting & Contracting Page 30 Kanga Roof Page 18 KBS Enterprises Page 30 Koberlein Septic Page 42 Laurel’s Hometown Cafe Page 16 Locklin’s Bottled Gas, Inc. Page 67 M and D Plumbing Page 67 Maiocco Excavating Inc. Page 24 Mike’s Walk-In Carpet Page 31 NATIVE Food & Drink Page 19 New Wave in Recreation Page 64 Nurnberger Bierhaus Page 15 Physical Therapy Assoc. of NEPA Page 34 Pirate’s Cove Marina Page 44 Precision Tree Co. Page 67 ProJan Cleaning and Restoration Page 43 Putman’s Tree Service Page 45 Ray’s Tax & Accounting Services Page 67 RE/MAX BEST Page 2 Rif’s Place Page 45 Rinker Inc. Page 40 Scotty’s Services Inc. Page 31 Sergio Rumayor Independent Senior Health Insurance Rep. Page 43 ShingleMe Roofing Page 43 Simplify Clean, Organize, De-Clutter Page 24 St. Mary’s Villa Page 47 Stag Tree Specialists Page 57 State Farm Page 44 Superior Plus Propane Page 27 Teal Feather Shoppe Page 66 The Hearing Center Page 57 The Roof Brothers, Inc. Page 46 Tommy Gun Shooting Range Page 15 Trust Mortgage Page 15 Vinny’s II Pizzeria Page 64 Vonderhey Blacktop Page 66 Wood-Stone Home Inspections LLC Page 24

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The Hideabout September 2021  

The Hideabout September 2021  

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