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Saturday 13/11/2010 the Hermes 4ª

Strike hungry of Mapuches comuners Eleven comuners they will be procesed by the low counter-terrorist.This last eleen Araucanos compatriots their who continued in strike of hungry of the sixty-eight, who been since of the begining. It knows what for the day thirteen of october, were are oe procesed by the law counter-terrorist.They assumed their wrongs of violence in the Region of the Araucanía, to born of trucks and country lands although to justify give to know what are those the one medium posobles for what the takes in cont. Although s unbelieble what their process. Is also obviusly for they not to correspond to terrorist although they commit crime of type “normal” justice of the penal processing. Finaly the comers continued in strike waiting the devolution of yours earths and they continued refusing to instance of dialogue with the autoritys, although they dont beliebe in the solutions of that type. They refuse to medic intervention, saying to if they are forced by autority, in your hungry of strike, they are being to subdue to torture.

journalists: Garcia, Barrios, Martinez and Falcon.

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Saturday 13/11/2010 the Hermes 4ª This national reading Pag. 7 journalists: Garcia, Barrios, Martinez and Falcon.

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