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the heritor February 2018

Fostering Postive Relationships Between Neighbors and a Better Neighborhood for All

“Even if you live in a big city, everybody lives in a small town. We identify ourselves by our neighborhoods - ‘I live in the Village, or in Chelsea.’” - Karin Slaughter

“Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there.” - Franklin P Jones

Letter From The Editor ~By Sarah Tavarez First of all I would like to thank everyone for your kind words in regards to the first edition of the Heritor in November. I appreciate the support and look forward to producing many more newsletters and hope to improve with each one! I would also like to thank everyone who attended the Christmas party. There was a ton of great food, games and crafts for the kids and pictures with Santa. We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting more of our neighbors! I can’t wait to do it again next year! In this edition you will notice that we have started including paid advertising. Since we have made the newsletter mostly digital, I am happy to say that the proceeds from those ads go directly to the Heritage Heights Neighborhood to help fund future events. If you are interested in advertising in future editions please contact me at Current rates per issue are: Quarter page: $25 Half Page: $45 Full Page: $65 Here is what we have coming up: Saturday March 31 10:00 AM at Kennedy Park- Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! A special thanks to Heather Schall-Sokasits for organizing the hunt this year. Volunteers are needed to donate and help stuff eggs. Please contact Heather for more information. Tuesday May 1st 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Messiah Lutheran - All Neighborhood meeting. We are looking for volunteers to serve on the board and to help plan future events. Pizza and soda will be served. Also looking for input on membership fees, fundraising events and what events we should plan in the future. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

News From The City Of Madison ~By Beth Godfrey In June 2017, the City of Madison hired OPN Architects to design the interior of the planned 20,000 square foot new Pinney Library. The library will relocate three blocks east to the Royster Commons development to be constructed at 515 Cottage Grove Road. Three public information meetings have been held since July to engage library users in the design process. Library staff, working with OPN, have analyzed collection data, workflows, community needs, demographic data, and user input to create a floor plan. The community engagement process has noted a strong interest in a inclusive design that will welcome all patrons. Established in 1966 the library branch moved to its existing location, a former drugstore, in 1996. At double its current size, the new Pinney will have upgraded technology, enlarged collections, a bigger community room, at least five study rooms including one designed for families, dedicated spaces for children and teens, “makers’ space” for MPL’s Bubbler program, and an enclosed outdoor patio. MPL’s first PlayLab, which will promote early literacy for children up to age 5 and feature open-ended materials to foster self-determined play, will be located here. In late September 2017 the city signed a purchase agreement with Ruedebusch Development and Construction for the library condominium. RDC will construct two 4-story mixed-used buildings with a total of almost 90 apartments along Cottage Grove Road at Dempsey. The first floor library in the west wing will be connected by an atrium entrance to the east wing with 16,000 square feet of commercial space. The designs for this phase of the Royster development, by Knothe & Bruce Architects, were approved by the city in February 2015. Also in 2015, the Madison Public Library Foundation launched a capital campaign to raise $1.5 million in private contributions for the $10.2 million facility. Funds in excess of the goal will be used to seed a permanent endowment for the branch. To date, over $1 million

News From The City Of Madison Cont.

(71% of the goal) has been raised. To contribute online select The Capital Campaign for a New Pinney Library: OPN designers, along with Library and city Engineering staff, will now finalize the floor plan, evaluate furnishings and finishings, and prepare construction documents. The interior build-out of the library condo is scheduled to begin next February with the new Pinney expected to open at the end of November 2019. A three-dimensional concept walk-thru video of the preliminary floor plan has been created by OPN Architects: https://vimeo. com/253691837. To follow project progress:

Heritage HeighTs Restuarant Review FOREQUARTER 708 1/4 E. Johnson Street Madison, WI 53703 | (608) 609-4717 | Fair warning, this is less a review than a testimony from a satisfied customer - my wife volunteered me to write this review of Forequarter, which is our favorite restaurant. It therefore follows that I highly recommend this restaurant, and this testimony will explain why that is, but it is definitely not a restaurant for everyone. To better understand why it is such a perfect restaurant for my wife and I, but it might not be for you, some background on us is necessary. My wife is a vegetarian and I am a foodie, and since we began going out our preferences have been informed by each other - most of my meals no longer have meat and my wife now knows what shallots and umami are. The perfect restaurant for us is therefore a restaurant that focuses on foodie things - farm to table, seasonal, adventurous flavors - with a strong vegetarian section. Of all the restaurants we have tried in Madison, Forequarter fills this niche better than any other. It is worth noting that they have a strong meat and fish menu as well (they are associated with the Underground Collective including the butcher after all) - and so you do not have to eat vegetarian. We ate there most recently in early January and the meal was quite good. We started with the only mainstay on their menu - fried mushrooms. While all the other dishes on the menu turn over seasonally, the yearround availability of mushrooms has allowed this dish to remain for quite a few years. They are umami-rich shittake mushrooms fried and then finished in a shallot vinaigrette. This dish has remained for years because it is unique and well-executed. A very nice opener to our meal, although it was a bit much for just 2 people. When we ordered it as a party of 4 during other visits it was better-sized. Along with that I had a New York sour and my wife a punsch-drunk rum. Mine was excellent, while her’s was just a bit too weird for us. For our main dinner we had a beet & bulgar risotto and ricotta herb dumplings in a mushroom broth. (Here again I’ll note they have more mainstream stuff, you can get a ribeye steak or a pork loin) We loved both dishes and had neither before. The risotto was beautifully cooked, a bright red color with a nice balance between the grains, the beets, and the cheese. The dumplings weren’t much to look at, and they were fine, but everything around them and particularly the broth stole the show and was simply great. We ended up spending around $70 for our meal that included 3 drinks. The atmosphere is unique, in that it’s tiny and pretty informal - there are 6 tables and a bar to eat at, but that leads to an intimate experience. The service tends to be the weakest element as the informality can lead to under-performance, but it’s by no means a deal-breaker. Overall, we like this restaurant a lot, and if you value unique food, and don’t mind paying a fair price it we think you will too.

Thank you to Trevor and Bridget Lapham for this months review of Forequarter! If you are interested in reviewing a restaurant or business for future Heritors, contact me at

The Real Estate Update Because Knowledge is Power

~by Sarah Tavarez - Associate Broker - Keller Williams

Heritage Heights By The Numbers 2017-entire year

Fourth Quarter 2017 Sold

2016 2017


Avg Avg Price List 214950 214950

Avg DOM 7


250840 256330



2016 2017


Avg Avg List Price 222597 224242

Avg DOM 14


224384 247163


Heritage Heights finished the 4th quarter of 2017 with strong sales. A total of 10 homes sold compared to only 2 in the same time period in 2016. For the year, there were a total of 38 homes sold compared to 33 in 2016. The strong sellers market has continued into 2018 driven by high demand and a lack of inventory, especially for homes priced 300,000 and below. Avg price for the year did go up somewhat. The difference in average price in the fourth quarter is much more dramatic, but because there were only 2 home sales in 2016, it is not a reliable metric. The strong sellers market has continued into 2018. So far this year in Heritage Heights 4 homes have sold(closed) and 3 more are under contract. There are currently NO HOMES AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!! Competition is fierce this spring for good homes. If you have been considering selling your home, this may be the time. For the city of Madison as a whole, 4th quarter sales saw an increase from 606 homes sold in 2016 to 686 homes sold in 2017. For the year, home sales were flat with 3221 homes sold in 2016 and 3218 homes sold 2017. The average home price increased from $295,710 to $311,084 underlining the effect that lack of inventory is having on prices. Please note that for consistency I am only looking at single family homes, not condos. It is imprtant to note how strong sales have remained through the cold season this year, when we normally see a significant dip in home sales compared to the warm month. The strong competition for good homes for sale means that many people who were looking during the warm months, continued to look through the winter and into this spring season. The factors contributing to the inventory shortage have not changed. Low levels of new construction in the more affordable price ranges (below $300,000), more of the older generation are choosing to remain in their Sarah Tavarez home rather than downsizing to condos, and people in all age 608-213-5971 ranges remaining in their homes longer on average than in past years means fewer homes to sell. On the flip side, as the economy improves more buyers are feeling confident enough to invest in a home of their own, plus the large younger generation of millenihablo espaĂąol als are buying homes in increasng numbers leading to high levels of demand. If you are interested in receiving a monthly market update for your zip code please contact me at

The Real Estate Update Because Knowledge is Power

~by Sarah Tavarez - Associate Broker - Keller Williams

A special thanks to our guest columnist, Joe Long of Waterstone Mortgage How much will my mortgage cost me and how much money will I really need? That’s a good question! You know there are lot of common misconceptions about how much money you need down to buy a house. Financial “Experts” on TV, or people that have an old school understanding will tell you that 20% down is the minimum. The truth is, 20% down is just hard to come by! The average first time home buyer in the United States currently puts down 6% of their purchase price, and the average homebuyer, excluding cash purchase puts down 11%! Far from what the “Experts” are telling us on TV. In fact, many loan programs do not require a down payment at all. If you have good credit, a good job, and reasonable debt, there’s a good chance you can get a mortgage. We are very lucky in Wisconsin to have the WHEDA loan program, and there are many other Zero Down options as well. The question of how much can you afford depends on 2 things. 1) how much will the lender give you and 2) how much do you want to pay for? See, there’s no such thing as a “one-size fits all” mortgage. How much you want to spend depends on your budget of course, but also your lifestyle. Historically people spend about 28% of their gross income on housing, but that number can be higher in a lot of circumstances, and in most renters cases it does exceed that number. I always say where there’s a will, there’s a way. The best time to plant a tree was in the past, and the second best is today. You might not be ready to buy right now. Maybe credit is an issue, maybe you had a previous bankruptcy or foreclosure and you think you just can’t. Did you know there are loan programs that work as soon as 2-3 years out of foreclosure?! Another common misconception is that paying off collection accounts and credit cards will actually raise your score. Did you know that could actually drop your score? If you want to buy a home, find a team of real estate professionals you like, and trust their advice. If you are willing to do the work, you can own a home sooner than you think! Joe Long ~ Loan Originator NMLS #288316 200 River Place, Suite 130 Monona, WI 53716 Office: 608.729.5379 Mobile: 608.354.4171 Fax: 866.661.0850 Email: Visit My Website

Our creative neighborhood

Submit your or your child’s artwork, poetry, short stories etc. to be featured in this section. With this edition of “Our Creative Neighborhood” we are featuring two professional artists who live here in the Heritage Heights!

Lindsey Nelson check out her Etsy store at :

Contact Keith and Karen Eirich at 608-2490573 or to schedule a tour of their studio and pick out the perfect piece!

Heritage Heights Featured Business                             

  


 

   

      


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Lindsey Nelson - Baby Squirrel Studio Creator and Artist 608-957-3714Call: 608-957-3714Inline image 1

Gail Rutkowski - Century 21 Affiliated Realtor - Associate Broker 608-345-8737

Sarah Tavarez - Keller Williams Realtor - Associate Broker 608-213-5971

Josh Klemons - Reverbal Communications Digital Storytelling and strategy for brand of all shapes and sizes

Melissa Earney - Earney Paper Boutique 414.534.4101

Keith and Karen Eirich - Stylistic Designs Wire wrap jewelry and unique floral designs/home accents. Studio open by appointment 608-249-0573 Cristian Tavarez - Tavarez Construction LLC Handyman Extraordinaire 608-213-3140

Tyler Idste - Wisconsin MOOVers LLC 608-692-5692 Rebecca Wigg-Ninham About Body Mind & Spirit 920-360-0452

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Heritor feb 2018  

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