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to your formal wear. Don't over accessorize with hats, bracelets or chains. If you wear cufflinks, many experts recommend keeping it simple, in either gold, silver or onyx. 7. Start shopping early Grooms need to start exploring their formal wear options as soon as the bride and her bridesmaids have chosen their attire. Most importantly, your bride should accompany you to shop for your clothing. Remember,



• Always try on the suit at the first fitting and at the pickup. DO NOT let your groomsmen take their suits without trying them on. In case you need emergency alterations or even help with tying bow ties, the team at Andrew Davis is available on the day of your wedding to assist in any way.

she knows what her dress looks like and what will look best with it. Andrew also recommends “...not waiting too long to plan what you will wear. Your wedding pictures will last forever: dress for it. Fit is everything.“ You don't want to wear a suit or tuxedo that doesn't fit or looks awkward on you and your groomsmen. Look as sharp as you possibly can. Your bride will appreciate you for it.

• Register your wedding with a mens' formal wear specialist. • Make sure your party is aware of a deposit or partial payment due at the time of the fitting. • Don't order a suit from a catalog. If you can't see the suit or feel the fabric, you may be disappointed with what you receive.


HAIR “Get a haircut about one week prior to the wedding,” suggests Kelly Harding at Hair International Day Spa and Salon. NOSE Give a thought to the small details, like trimming nose hairs for all those closeups. FACIAL HAIR Get goatees, beards or moustaches neatly trimmed, or cleanly shaved off if your preferred look is smooth skin.“ Make sure your neck, sideburns, and all facial hair is cleaned up,” says Harding. “If you get a 5 o’clock shadow and the wedding is later in the day, shave again.” EYEBROWS Keeping the eyebrows clean and neat (not shaped, unless desired) can give a man a neater, more open face for a day of being in the spotlight. It’s also a good opportunity to eliminate a uni-brow.

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Whether a small dinner party for twelve or an elegant wedding of five hundred – Master Rental’s exceptional customer service and personal commitment will create an event and experience that will exceed your expectations. It’s your special day! These memories will last a lifetime. You owe it to yourself to see why so many others have not only chosen Master Rental – but also emphatically refer us to other brides afterwards! Check us out online, give us a call, or stop by for a personal consultation at our on site Party/Event store.

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2018 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide by The Herald-Times  

Wedding ideas and inspiration from Bloomington, Indiana

2018 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide by The Herald-Times  

Wedding ideas and inspiration from Bloomington, Indiana