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Every bride knows it:

There’s never a more important day to look your best than your wedding. While upstaging your bride isn’t cool, looking sharp is. That’s where we come in.

The team at Andrew Davis Bespoke has years of experience helping grooms look their best with styling twists that make your wedding suit exceptional at a cost much less than you might think. You - and your groomsmen - will look amazing in Andrew Davis Bespoke.

Wedding photos will last as long as your love, and the plan for that is eternity. Dress accordingly.

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TERRY’S CATERING hass been serrvingg thee Blooominngton and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. WE OFFER fulll service catering. WE CATER anything from m casuaal BBQs too elegant sit-down dinners. Considder Terry’s Catering for your next weedding receptionn, comppany picniic, graduation party or any otherr off-premiisee eventt.

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heartfelt moment A

We’ve had several weddings at my company this year—among them, my son Richard Canning to his new bride Aubin Canning. My fondest memory of that day was our mother-son dance. In the fleeting moments that we danced together, I saw my son mature from a fearless toddler—protecting his older sister from a park bully—to a strong, intelligent adult capable of defending and providing a safe haven for his own family someday. As young couples embark on their journey together, their wedding is often the hallmark of their union as one. In the pages of this year’s Wedding Guide, local wedding professionals and consultants offer their seasoned advice—from budgets and venues, to suits, hair and makeup. Their recommendations come from a place of experience and understanding. They offer words of encouragement and often provide cautionary tips on how to keep your wedding day moving along smoothly. Don’t hesitate to use their expertise to make this extraordinary day a memorable one for you and guests alike. I’m thankful to have played an integral part in my son’s wedding celebration and I’m happy to share a sprinkling of Richard and Aubin’s photos to complement an article or two. Our shared memories (both good and bad) will be a topic of conversation at family gatherings and reunions for many years to come. May your wedding day be filled with many fond memories, photos and stories that you revisit and cherish for a lifetime.

Marie Canning, Editor

P.S.—Our thanks to the the local wedding professionals and experts who make this magazine possible. You’ll find their wellqualified advice and recommendations throughout the guide and at






Fall has overtaken summer as the ‘it’ wedding season. Here’s what you need to know to throw the wedding of your dreams during peak season.

Along with adversely impacting our planet, global warming is influencing a less serious activity: weddings. According to The Knot’s 2016 wedding statistics, fall has overtaken summer as the most popular wedding season with 40 percent of couples planning fall ceremonies. Fall’s warmer months and cheaper fees are a huge selling point. “We’ve seen a lot more outdoor weddings, which can be very beautiful! I would advise making sure that you always have a weather plan—it will make the planning process much less stressful!” offers Ryan Sheets, Marketing Manager at IU Auditorium. For fall color fanatics, and to catch the most “brilliant” hues, check with your state or venue for a list of when leaves will be at their peak.


8 New Trends to watch for in 2018

Wedding bloggers, planners and popular internet sites disclose the year's top trends for 2018. Here’s what we discovered.

1 Navy appeal

More brides and grooms are choosing navy instead of black as the neutral shade in their wedding color scheme. You'll be seeing it more in invitations as well as bridesmaid dresses.

2 Formal is back

Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss Event Planning says, “We are anticipating a stronger presence of uber-elegant weddings in 2018.” However, it is formal with a bit of whimsical thrown in, so it's not stuffy.

3 More silver & chrome

“Silver and chrome are making a comeback,” shared Melissa McNeely of Events by Melissa McNeely in New York City. You'll find metallics EVERYWHERE! From jewelry to makeup, decor to floral, vases to candle holders.

4 Guests matter

Emily Sullivan of Emily Sullivan Events in New Orleans states, “For 2018 wedding trends, it's very much about creating an incredible experience for guests.” Couples are including more ways to keep their guests entertained to make the experience more memorable.

5 Let it hang

Suspended arrangements are in for 2018, reveals Chezelle Rodriguez of CD Weddings in Puerto Rico. “Couples are keeping their guest tables simple and focusing more on ceiling treatments.” Garlands help to move the eyes upward and give a lush and full floral look to ceremonial arches.



6 7 8 THE

Name Game

Unique food choices

Menu fare for 2018 weddings include roll your own sushi, family recipes, carnival food, wood-fired pizzas and even wedding breakfasts. Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss Event Planning in the Pacific Northwest says, “Couples want to present their guests with a new food experience, or one that resonates with their personal style.”

Beyond cake

Dessert bars have become the go-to choice for couples who want something besides the traditional cake. Nora says, “Creative desserts, such as popsicles, custards and ice cream sandwiches are what couples are serving at the end of the night.” However, wedding cakes haven't been discarded entirely. Couples still want a photo of their cake cutting ceremony in their wedding album—like their parents have in theirs.

Woodland wedding

You know that magical feeling you get when you take a stroll through the woods? Convey it through your “woodland” wedding theme. According to Taylor Green of Taylor Elise Events in St. Louis, brides are wanting a more “woodsy” look—think wood and natural accents, lush greenery and tons of texture.

If you plan to change your name after the big day, here are a few key organizations to notify and documents to update.

❍ Auto registration

❍ Voter registration

❍ Pension plans

❍ Bank accounts/stock certificates/ retirement accounts

❍ Employer payroll/human resources

❍ Magazine subscriptions

❍ Will – drawing up or changing beneficiary

❍ Alumni associations

❍ Insurance policy – home, health, auto, life

❍ IRS/Social Security

❍ Credit cards/credit reporting agency

❍ Passport

❍ Doctor/dentist

❍ Post office

❍ School records ❍ Club memberships ❍ E-mail


IU AUDITORIUM The elegant and spacious IU Auditorium foyers provide the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony or reception. Our exquisite atmosphere and attentive service are guaranteed to add a touch of class to your special occasion.

Photo: Cathy David Photography

For more information or to book a tour, contact: HT-369140-1

Katie Spohr Assistant Director for Events (812) 856-3037






Whether you dream of an endless train, a bold two-piece or ballerina-inspired crinoline, there’s a wedding dress that’s perfect for you. Here are a few trends to inspire your wedding day selections. 1. KEEP IT LIGHT This year, light, airy fabrics are everywhere. Stay clear of thick, compact materials, which weigh down the silhouette. Embroidered feathers add an ethereal touch to your gown. 2. DARING NECKLINES Transparency and lace are popular this season, as are illusion necklines (covered by a light, sheer fabric) and deep, plunging V-necks. Corsets are still a fashionable choice. 3. 3D DETAILS These days, the biggest names in haute couture have been showcasing a variety of dresses featuring 3D floral embellishments. Lace and rhinestones also add sought-after texture to your gown. 4. BOLD BLACK Black has been making an appearance on runways worldwide. While most designers use it in small touches (on hats, sashes or gloves, for instance), some are daring to unveil all-black dresses. Silver, grey-blue and light blue are also on the runways this season. 5. SHOW-STOPPING SHOULDERS Bare shoulders are on-trend. Popular dress styles include strapless, halter and off-shoulder. 6. DON A BOW Oversized bows are stealing the spotlight, especially as belts. Worn over the shoulders or in the back, they can even replace the traditional train.


Look for gowns that emphasize your waist; this will create the illusion of an hourglass figure.


Look for simple, classic shapes that will display your dĂŠcolletage without showing too much.



Go for a clean, simple, classic design with small details only. A dress with an empire waist will also make you look taller.


Above-thewaist details will best flatter your figure.

Look for gowns with an empire waist, made from elegant, structured fabrics.


A simple silhouette will help emphasize your natural shape.


Interesting details like beading and ruching help create the illusion of curves.

COMBINATION When in doubt, an A-line design and an empire waist will flatter most body types.




WEDDING FORMALWEAR 101 Picking out what to wear on your wedding day can seem like a daunting task, but if you're familiar with a few basic rules, shopping for your wedding day threads can be a fun experience. Plus, who hasn't wanted to be James Bond at least once in their life? So keep these rules in mind to look good on your wedding day, with or without the martini.

Choosing the groom’s suit 1. Let your bride have her day Make sure to complement your brideto-be, not overshadow her. Discuss your theme, colors, atmosphere and surroundings. Get a basic idea of what kind of dress she'll be wearing. If she's selected a more casual, shorter dress, the groom's suit should reflect this style. Sensibly, a black tux will not not work in this case. You will draw attention away from her, and your formal wear will conflict with her casual dress. 2. Outshine your groomsmen It goes without saying that the bride is


the star of the show at your wedding. But the groom is definitely the co-star. You should be easily distinguishable from your groomsmen. Deck them out to match each other but complement your suit. You still want to look like you belong together. 3. Tuxedo or suit? Tuxedos are reserved primarily for dressy events and emanate a sophisticated vibe. Is your wedding going to be formal, semi-formal, casual or playful? Decide on the overall style, then narrow down your selection. While a tuxedo lends itself to a formal event, a suit with vests or suspenders can be a versatile, costeffective option. 4. Buy your suit if you can Buying means you can get a suit tailorfit so you look every bit as dashing as Mr. Bond. If you think you'll be wearing it several more times after the wedding, it’s worth the investment. Andrew Mallor from Andrew Davis Clothiers comments, “We offer very


affordable/competitive suit packages at rental rates. You can see some on our website under weddings. They look expensive but are very affordable.” If you’ve decided on a tuxedo and don’t think you’ll wear it again, the more sensible option may be to rent it. 5. Think ‘timeless’ You don’t want to cringe at your wedding photos after ten years have passed. Going for a more classic look might be the route to take. Barn weddings are trending at the moment, but you may want to rethink wearing overalls or overly themed outfits to your wedding. 6. Keep accessories simple Suspenders and pocket squares are a nice way to add some individuality

to your formal wear. Don't over accessorize with hats, bracelets or chains. If you wear cufflinks, many experts recommend keeping it simple, in either gold, silver or onyx. 7. Start shopping early Grooms need to start exploring their formal wear options as soon as the bride and her bridesmaids have chosen their attire. Most importantly, your bride should accompany you to shop for your clothing. Remember,



• Always try on the suit at the first fitting and at the pickup. DO NOT let your groomsmen take their suits without trying them on. In case you need emergency alterations or even help with tying bow ties, the team at Andrew Davis is available on the day of your wedding to assist in any way.

she knows what her dress looks like and what will look best with it. Andrew also recommends “...not waiting too long to plan what you will wear. Your wedding pictures will last forever: dress for it. Fit is everything.“ You don't want to wear a suit or tuxedo that doesn't fit or looks awkward on you and your groomsmen. Look as sharp as you possibly can. Your bride will appreciate you for it.

• Register your wedding with a mens' formal wear specialist. • Make sure your party is aware of a deposit or partial payment due at the time of the fitting. • Don't order a suit from a catalog. If you can't see the suit or feel the fabric, you may be disappointed with what you receive.


HAIR “Get a haircut about one week prior to the wedding,” suggests Kelly Harding at Hair International Day Spa and Salon. NOSE Give a thought to the small details, like trimming nose hairs for all those closeups. FACIAL HAIR Get goatees, beards or moustaches neatly trimmed, or cleanly shaved off if your preferred look is smooth skin.“ Make sure your neck, sideburns, and all facial hair is cleaned up,” says Harding. “If you get a 5 o’clock shadow and the wedding is later in the day, shave again.” EYEBROWS Keeping the eyebrows clean and neat (not shaped, unless desired) can give a man a neater, more open face for a day of being in the spotlight. It’s also a good opportunity to eliminate a uni-brow.

Photo by B. Arnao

Extraordinary Celebrations Our commitment O it t tto b be th the BEST iin S South th C Central t l IIndiana di provides id you with th the mostt modern d selection of tents, linens, chairs, lighting, and more for your indoor or outdoor wedding.

Whether a small dinner party for twelve or an elegant wedding of five hundred – Master Rental’s exceptional customer service and personal commitment will create an event and experience that will exceed your expectations. It’s your special day! These memories will last a lifetime. You owe it to yourself to see why so many others have not only chosen Master Rental – but also emphatically refer us to other brides afterwards! Check us out online, give us a call, or stop by for a personal consultation at our on site Party/Event store.

2 0 0 2 W. T H I R D S T, B L O O M I N G T O N , I N • 8 1 2 - 3 3 2 - 0 6 0 0 M A S T E R R E N TA L PA R T Y. C O M • M A S T E R R E N TA L . C O M HT-368379-1


local wedding

Glitz & Glamour Couple does Roaring ’20s themed wedding on a budget By Kasey Husk Photos courtesy of Amanda Galloway of Silver Linings Photography with Assistant, Amy Knowlton

“I love her and that is the beginning and the end of everything.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald 12



Bloomington has always been a special place for s Indianapolis couple Nick and Kaylee Tate them. Choosing the city as the venue for their sought to plan their wedding, they knew nuptials, they say, was a no-brainer. they wanted something with “a little glitz and “We met there, he has family there, it is close glamour” for their big day. for my family all over Indiana,” says Kaylee. “We So when the couple stumbled on the idea of wanted to bring it back there and make it very modeling their wedding after the glamour of The much about us and how we met, and put in little Great Gatsby and the 1920s, they immediately things about our time at IU.” knew they’d found what they were looking for. The couple chose to handle wedding planning “We didn’t want it to be too ‘theme-y,’” themselves, as Kaylee had a background in the explains Kaylee, a senior recruiter for a healthcare field, having created her own major in event IT company. “But we wanted to pull from it as planning while studying at IU. That background, inspiration.” Nick says, meant she had “tricks up her sleeve” The couple’s Gatsby-inspired wedding bash to help keep the budget in check while achieving was held July 29, 2017, at the Indiana University the look the couple was going for. Auditorium in a ceremony and reception that One such decision was eschewing flowers combined both an upscale, classic vibe with altogether in favor of feathers, pearls and antique playful, personal touches. And—a given for the glassware for bouquets and decorations. Table couple who says their friends would universally decorations varied between tall arrangements describe them as “the most practical couple”—it Kaylee created herself with antique vases and was an effort undertaken on a budget. feathers, and shorter ones made from antique The Tates met through their fraternity candelabras. The couple also created a framed and sorority during their days at Indiana F. Scott Fitzgerald quote—“I love her and that is University, and while the couple has been the beginning and the end of everything”—that living in Indianapolis for a few years, the city of set the tone for the evening.


“We nickel-and-dimed it; we spent maybe $200 total on decorations,” says Nick, an integration consultant who also runs his own software development company. “A majority (of decorations) were bought from Goodwill, but nobody would have thought.” One of Nick’s favorite touches was the most frugal of all—an enormous mirror rescued from a trash heap near the couple’s home. The couple used leftover spray paint to paint the mirror gold, returned it to its frame and used leftover RSVP cards to create tags with guests’ names and table numbers. Total cost, Nick says, “$0.” Meanwhile, the couple also found that their chosen venue itself formed a beautiful backdrop all on its own, in particular the Hall of Murals in which their cocktail hour was held. While the couple originally thought their wedding colors would be blue and yellow in honor of their fraternity and sorority, once they chose the IU Auditorium they decided to rethink that decision. “I almost didn’t want to take away from that,” Kaylee says of the venue’s decor. “I didn’t want the bright yellow and blue to distract from everything they had going on (at the venue) with the gold and greens and the beautiful pictures.” Instead, the couple opted for understated mixed metals as their wedding colors. Kaylee dressed her


seven bridesmaids in coordinating Adrianna Papell gowns in varying styles, with each bridesmaid wearing either a champagne gold or a silver dress; or for her sister and maid-of-honor, a combination of the colors. Kaylee, who found her dress at a going-out-of-business sale, chose a strapless, form-fitting Val Stefani gown with a sweetheart neckline and full-body beading with a scalloped pattern—all details that called to mind “The Great Gatsby” to her. Her instincts were spot on—later, she learned the dress itself was from the designer’s Gatsby collection. She accessorized with a vintage-style hairpiece purchased from Etsy, as well as a necklace gifted to her by Nick on their wedding day.

The couple’s wedding ceremony included several family members, including Nick’s then-10-year-old brother Jake, a budding pianist. The couple had the family’s


grand piano moved to the venue for the day, and Jake and his instructor each provided accompaniment for the wedding ceremony. “It gave the ceremony a really great vibe because it echoed through the Auditorium,” remembers Nick, though he notes that moving the piano was not without challenges. The wedding also included several playful touches drawn directly from the couple’s history together that led to their coming together as husband and wife. Chief among these was the couple’s cocktail hour fare of pizza rolls and watermelon balls, a nod to the first time the couple spent time together at a party at Kaylee’s house one summer. When everyone got hungry, Kaylee cooked a massive amount of pizza rolls for the group, served alongside watermelon. “We explained the story of how we really met for the first time and how that was the first snack we had together, so we wanted to share it with everyone,” says Kaylee, noting that the story and even pictures from that day were on display at the wedding. “Everyone loved it, which is weird, because it is just pizza rolls,” she adds, jokingly.

hotography documented the couple’s big day. The Rings: After sneakily obtaining access to her private Pinterest ring board for ideas, Nick was able to surprise Kaylee with a vintage-style engagement ring that included a center diamond and channel diamonds on the side. He bought the ring and its matching wedding band from J.C. Sipe Jewelers in Indianapolis, a shop owned by family friends, and where his grandfather and father both purchased engagement rings for their wives. Kaylee, unaware of the family tradition, originally purchased Nick a tungsten ring from a big box retailer. However, that ring fell off Nick’s hand not long after the wedding and was replaced by a custom piece by J.C. Sipe. The Music: Tim Reed, of Carry Me Music Publishing, played piano for the ceremony, alongside Nick’s younger brother Jake. For the reception, the couple hired Dash DJ & Sound Productions. The Food: The couple chose Terry’s Catering to provide the meal on their big day, which both praised highly for their flexibility in working with their budget, and the quality of the food. (“I don’t know why you would go with anyone else,” says Nick.) They opted

for a buffet-style meal with barbecue beef brisket, chicken in a pesto cream sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, fettuccine with aioli sauce, salad and rolls as options. The Cake: The couple wanted cupcakes, but also wanted to do a traditional cake cutting at the wedding. Sugar Daddy’s Cakes and Catering came up with the perfect solution, allowing the couple to pick a three-tiered wedding cake with the bottom two layers being artificial. The couple cut into the top layer and dined on that, while guests had their choice of red velvet, white, chocolate or lemon poppy seed cupcakes.

The Men’s Apparel: Nick’s close group of friends included a man who was also getting married the same summer. Since the entire group of friends would be in both weddings, the men opted to select one gray suit for everyone to wear to both weddings. For the Tate wedding, the couple accessorized Nick and his groomsmen with black shoes, black belts, black pocket squares for a classic look, plus funky socks from each of their respective universities for a fun personal addition. The Primping: Kaylee had her hair and makeup done at Hair International Day Spa on the day of the wedding. The Printing: The couple ordered their invitations from VistaPrint. The Honeymoon: The couple booked a honeymoon in Jamaica through Travel Leaders of Indianapolis. wg



Things to keep in mind for barn and rustic weddings: BARN BLING. Budget for the cost of any extra lighting and decor you'll need to keep the space feeling warm. ACCESSIBILITY. If you have guests with mobility issues, you may need to arrange special parking and walking routes. CRITTERS. Mosquitoes are the main culprit—and can be battled with cheerful baskets of bug spray—but all kinds of bugs and rodents can be unwelcome guests. Make sure your caterer is prepared to deal with pests. WEATHER. You might think rain is the main threat to a country wedding, but most barns have weathered decades of storms. The real issue is summer heat—so give shade and breeze with parasols, hand fans or electric blowers. ALLERGIES. This is one of the trickiest issues to address. If your guests have hayfever or animal allergies, the best thing you can do is warn them well in advance about possible triggers—or offer an array of allergy medication in the bathroom. SHOES. You—and your guests—might want to skip the high heels for a barn wedding. Uneven ground is part of the charm, but it calls for sturdy shoes.

Sprriiinnng g Crreeeeeekk Evenntt Ba arrrnn


Georgous g Barn Setting for your Perfect Wedding Day! True Rustic Elegancee

1256 Harrodsburg Road, Springville • 812-863-7600 Military discounts available 16


Q: What makes a wedding successful? A: I would have to say that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so goes the success of a wedding. What all successful weddings have in common is the spirituality of the event—to enjoy the festivities yet appreciate the meaning. Whatever the budget, whatever goes wrong or right, every wedding is successful.

EXPE R T T IP S with Chris Hoke

Q: What is the most significant trend you've seen lately? A: Outdoor and barn weddings have gained tremendous popularity. The reason is very simple—they bring an intimacy that bonds those in attendance. It is an opportunity for everyone to disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with nature and those close to them. Q: How has social media influenced weddings? A: Social media has changed everything in the wedding market. The impact of social media reaches from the early stages of the planning process to the actual event and beyond. The detail and sophistication of today's weddings have been greatly enhanced through information warehouses like Pinterest. Real-time progress of the wedding can be shared through Instagram and Snapchat.

Chris Hoke of Perfect Parties Tents & Events has decades of experience with weddings and special events. Here are his tips for managing your big day.

Q: You encourage couples to attend bridal shows. Why? A: Brides can condense months of searching out providers into one day, meet them all and make an informed decision as to who best fits their needs. Wedding caterers provide samples of delicious food for taste-testing on site. Brides can register and have the opportunity to win free gifts. A photo booth is on site as a courtesy. It's a great way to start a wedding scrapbook.

Editor's note: The Bloomington Bridal Show is Sunday, January 14, 2018 at the Bloomington Convention Center, presented by Perfect Parties Tents & Events and co-sponsored by the South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide.



One Year Later A few tips from a recent bride with the benefit of hindsight By Lauren Bavis Photos courtesy of Matt Sprauge Photography


don't know how anyone can say the first year of marriage is difficult if they've spent the year prior planning a wedding. Don't get me wrong, wedding planning was fun—when it wasn't stressful, exhausting and infuriating. But a year after writing notes to dozens of people thanking them for being a part of the "best day of our lives," I can safely say that I love being married. I didn't love everything that led up to getting married. If you feel the same way, here are four things I wish I had known a year ago while planning my own wedding that would have saved a lot of frustration. Everyone will offer to help. Let them. No matter where they live, how busy they are, their level of experience or their relationship to you, everyone who finds out that you're planning a wedding will offer to help. It's overwhelming, but so is planning a wedding. If there are folks in your life who care enough to offer to


help, consider taking them up on it. I wish I had written a list of simple but necessary wedding planning tasks I could have delegated to anyone who asked to help. Can I help? Sure! You can gather the addresses of all of our friends from college and send them to me in a spreadsheet by the last day of the month. Can I help? Absolutely! How's your penmanship? It would be a big help if you could pre-address these thank you note envelopes. Can I help? Thank you! Here's $50. Will you go to the post office and buy a roll of stamps? Not everyone, you will soon find, really wanted to help. They were just being polite. That's why you also set deadlines for these tasks. Ask for addresses three months before you need to send your save-the-dates. Can you be free from noon to 1 p.m. next Thursday to come over and address envelopes? It will soon become apparent who you can count on and who you should tell you


appreciate the offer, but the only thing you need from them is an on-time RSVP. Also, don't strain your relationships with burdensome requests. It isn't fair to ask your closest friends and family to stay up late the night before the wedding putting together favors no one actually wants. Pinterest doesn't make perfect Pinterest might be the best and worst thing to happen to weddings since the invention of the “Electric Slide.” People have been cutting and pasting photos from magazines into wedding scrapbooks forever. But Pinterest is an infinite space for you to set your expectations too high. “Show me your Pinterest board,“ our baker said, extending her arm for my phone and grimacing like I was about to set her hand on fire. She didn't want to know our budget, or what flavors we prefer (which is the only thing that matters about a cake). She wanted to know what kind of frosting-covered ledge she would need to coax me down

from when she inevitably couldn't make my dreams come true. When I told her I didn't have any cake-related pins, our baker was thrilled to sit down to discuss how intricate our design could be within our price range, and even give us some tips on how we could save on decorations. The reactions from my makeup artist and hair stylist were the exact opposite. It turns out, “bridal“ is a pretty broad description when it comes to how you'd like to look on your wedding day. I spent the first 15 minutes of my prewedding consultation scrolling through Pinterest boards until I could better describe what would make me feel like the most beautiful bride. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. I found my ideas for place cards and bridesmaid presents on Pinterest. But if your wedding doesn't look exactly like the pictures, don't be disappointed. The filters are doing most of the work. Get a designated worrier Make no mistake—something will go wrong on your wedding day. No one will wake up on time. Guests who said they would come, won't, and guests who said they couldn't come, will. Your officiant will only arrive 10 minutes before the ceremony starts. OK, maybe all of those just happened to me, but something won't go your way on your special day, and it's better to worry about what you'll do now, than it will be on your wedding day. Who should the photographer call when he gets to the venue? Who should make sure the card box and guest book make it home safely with the bride and groom? These tasks and more are now the responsibility for your designated worrier. Find a trusted friend, relative or wedding planner with whom you can share your biggest fears. Make an action plan of everything that has

to happen on your wedding day, and where it all could fall apart, then preplan for every worst-case scenario. What happens if your florist is a centerpiece short? The designated worrier will cobble something together so no one even notices. What happens if grandpa gets lost on the way to the ceremony? Next to the directions on your RSVPs, list a number for your designated worrier. What if they call the bride anyway? The designated worrier has your phone and total authority to answer all calls, texts, Tweets and messages. It's a big job, but tell them not to worry. When your designated worrier gets married, has a kid or needs your help in a major way, you'll be there for them. Put away your phone I know custom Snapchat filters are

great fun for your guests, and I'll admit to posting a pic or two to Instagram during a wedding reception. But as soon as I was sure all of our booked vendors had arrived and all that was left to do was get married, I put my phone down on the nightstand in our hotel room and didn't pick it up again until early the next morning. And what did I miss in those hours? A few congratulatory texts, spam emails and Facebook notifications that I could look at from the airport terminal before heading out on our honeymoon. I got sick of hearing, “It all goes by so quickly!” But everyone who told me that my wedding day would be over in the blink of an eye was right. I wouldn't have wanted to give any of those precious moments to an app. If at all possible, try to impress that importance upon your guests, too. If you hire a photographer, you've paid someone to capture every moment of this magical day. Your guests should watch you walk down the aisle in real time, not through a camera. You don't have to make it a rule that everyone puts their phone in a basket before taking their seats for the ceremony, but encourage being in the moment rather than #inthemoment. wg


Wedding COUNTDOWN | “I will” to 9 months before • Discuss finances with everyone contributing to the event and set a budget • Set the date and ceremony/reception locations • Establish a guest list • Start thinking about the style and theme of your wedding • Start shopping for a gown

9 months to 6 months before • Mail out save-the-dates • Interview and book your vendors; don’t forget to get a signed contract • Choose your attendants; shop for their dresses • Order your stationery


8 weeks to 2 weeks before • Mail out your invites • Do a hair/makeup run through • Discuss insurance/bank account changes you’ll need to make • Send ceremony program, reception menu and place cards to be printed • Submit a shot list to your photographer and a setlist to your DJ • Finalize the seating chart and prepare escort/place cards • Confirm details with your vendors • Get your final dress fitting

1 week before

• Start looking into honeymoon locales

• Give your caterer the final headcount

• Register for gifts

• Pick up your dress; break in your shoes • Pack for your honeymoon

6 months to 4 months before • Book your hair/makeup help • Plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner • Shop for wedding bands • Reserve a block of hotel rooms for your guests • Finalize honeymoon plans

4 months to 2 months before • Buy attendants’ gifts • Get the mens’ fashions in order • Choose readings/music for the ceremony • Check marriage license requirements • Meet with your caterer to discuss menu & drinks • Order the cake • Pick out favors • Plan and shop for welcome bags for out-oftown guests • Arrange party rentals, if necessary • Book your wedding-night room



• Organize your payments and decide who will distribute them

Night before • Get a manicure/pedicure • Enjoy the rehearsal and dinner • Get plenty of sleep


Vintage Vintage weddings are still as popular as ever. Some couples can't imagine a more romantic wedding than to include oldworld treasures or special family heirlooms. Aubin Canning from Knoxville, Tennessee chose to include a bit of nostalgic glamour by wearing the gown that her grandmother and mother donned on their wedding days. She maintained the vintageinspired theme by trading in the traditional long veil for a birdcage style veil—a small piece of netting worn draped over the top or side of the face.

Say to for your special day! Hair • Makeup • Lash Extensions • Nails il Skin • Waxing g • Spray Tans

6 0 6 W. K i r k w o o d A v e . | 8 1 2 - 3 3 9 - 5 2 2 2 w w w. h a i r i n t . c o m Hair: Elaina Holguin (Hair International Day Spa)


P hoto graphy: Katy Davis


By Kasey Husk

local wedding

A Fun Celebration Large families, circle of friends made couple’s big day one to remember By Kasey Husk Photos courtesy of Amber Clark of Wild Heart Photography




hen high school sweethearts Mari and Hogan Stanger decided to tie the knot, they had few specific ideas about details like what wedding colors they’d choose. At the same time, however, the couple knew exactly what they wanted their big day to be like. “We just wanted to have a fun celebration with all our friends and family,” says Mari, a school psychologist in Bedford. “Our hope for our wedding was just to have an easygoing, fun day for everyone.” On June 17, 2017, the laidback couple got their wish, as they wed in front of about 220 family and friends in a wedding Mass held at St. Charles Catholic Center in Bloomington. A cocktail hour and reception followed at the Indiana University Auditorium. The party, the couple says, was almost like an enormous reunion because of the couples’ large families and circle of friends. “Because we had been dating for so long, everybody already knew each other or knew of each other,” says Mari, who started

dating Hogan about a decade ago. “So it was neat to have everybody there celebrating.” Ensuring their guests’ comfort and their own was a motivating factor behind many of the decisions the couple made in the run-up to their wedding day, including food and drink selection, and even Mari’s wedding dress. Purchased during an impulse wedding dress shopping trip in Cincinnati with her mom and sister, Mari found herself falling in love with the very first dress she tried on. The gown was a classic, highnecked tulle gown with lace detailing on the bodice, purchased from Wendy’s Bridal Cincinnati in the city’s “bridal district.” She accessorized with a veil from the same bridal shop, in addition to earrings from Blond Genius in Bloomington and shoes by Jimmy Choo. “(My dress) was just really comfortable and easy to move in,” she says. “After trying on some dresses, I realized really quickly that I didn’t want anything too big or uncomfortable.” For his part, Hogan took the opportunity to embrace


a “classic, retro look” with a black tuxedo from Andrew Davis Clothiers in Bloomington, paired with a black cummerbund and black bow tie. On the day of the wedding, he and his groomsmen also went to Hot Rods Downtown Barbershop for straight razor shaves. “I feel like whenever you get the chance to wear a bow tie, you should take advantage,” says Hogan, who is a history and social studies teacher in Bloomington. His groomsmen wore the same ensemble, also from Andrew Davis. Mari and Hogan, who are both Catholic, knew they wanted to consecrate their union within a church, and chose their home parish of St. Charles for the 2 p.m. ceremony. Walking out after the ceremony that made he and Mari officially husband and wife, Hogan says, was the highlight of the entire day. “You are so glad you are finally married,” he says of leaving the church after the ceremony, “and the party is about to start and you are going to hang out with your best friends and your wife. I’d say that is the climax of the day.” The couple’s reception began with a 5 p.m. cocktail hour in the Hall of Murals


at the IU Auditorium, followed by a buffet-style meal that featured foods the couple enjoys—stuffed chicken, vegetables, potatoes, pasta and salad. The couple had high praise for their caterer, Lisa James of Monrovia-based Heavenly Helpings Baked Goods and Catering. “Her food was delicious and she was great to work with,” Mari says. Hogan took over responsibility for selecting the beer for the couple’s wedding day, hoping to ensure he had something for everybody. Ultimately he chose Upland’s Dragonfly IPA for a taste of Bloomington brewing, Budweiser bottles for his father, and Miller Lite as a throwback to the couple’s college days. Mari and Hogan hoped for a lively, fun reception, and hired DJ Cole Blessinger of Blessinger Entertainment to provide the tunes they hoped would get people on their feet. Blessinger did not disappoint, the couple says. “There was a lot of dancing at the reception, a lot of people got out of their shell and had a great time,” Hogan says. For Mari, however, the best part of the night came when she and her new husband took a step away from the busyness of the wedding festivities for a private photo shoot on the Indiana University campus, including one on the


bench where Hogan proposed. “The photographer grabbed us in the middle of the reception and had us do some pictures then, just me and Hogan,” remembers Mari. “That was really fun because we were more relaxed and just having fun and not worrying about getting all the ‘necessary’ pictures.” The photographer: The couple hired Wild Heart Photography to document their wedding day. The venue: The couple “stumbled across” the IU Auditorium as a possible venue for their wedding reception, and was instantly drawn to it. Both Mari and Hogan attended IU, and have an affection for the campus and the historical murals that adorn the wall in the Hall of Murals, where the couple’s cocktail hour was held, which appealed to Hogan as a history and social studies teacher. The rings: Hogan, who describes himself as a “big time Bloomington guy” who prefers to shop local, purchased Mari’s ring from Gold Caster’s Fine Jewelry in Bloomington. He describes Mari’s white gold diamond ring as having a band that looks “interwoven” with small diamonds,s and

that twists to hold the center diamond in place. His own ring is a white gold band with a hammered finish. The bridesmaids’ dresses: After having her sisters and co-maids of honor try on about 34 dresses, Mari narrowed her favorites down to Alfredo Angelo gowns in four different styles, and let each of her seven bridesmaids chose the gown she preferred in the same blue color. The flowers: Mari and her bridesmaids carried bouquets of white roses and hydrangeas, while the floral arrangements for the tables were all white roses. Kroger’s floral department provided all the flowers. The cake: Mari enlisted a close friend of her mother’s to create her wedding

cake in her “famous” traditional vanilla. The three-tiered cake was topped with flowers. The primping: Mari, her mom and her sisters had their nails done at Nail World and Spa the day before the wedding. On the day of, the ladies had their hair and makeup done by Micah’s Salon and Beauty out of Seymour. The printing: The couple ordered their classic invitations from The honeymoon: The couple spent their first days as a married couple traveling the East Coast, visiting Maine and Vermont as well as visiting friends in Boston. Mari and Hogan booked the trip themselves.


“We just wanted to have a fun celebration with all our friends and family,” - Mari



for an unforgettable wedding reception

What makes one wedding more fun than an­other? There’s no need to look far: the se­cret is in the atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to organize a memorable wedding reception. THE THEME Begin by choosing the theme that will be the foundation of the wedding. This will guide you through your clothing and decorating choices, and it will even determine the wedding favors you offer and the meal the caterer serves. The theme can be a color or combination of colors, an era or a season, a country or a culture, an object or a shared passion. Above all, it should reflect both your personalities. If you're about laughter and interactivity, “WonderLab is the perfect venue to encourage mingling and fun,” notes Celeste Wolfinger from WonderLab Museum. “With our hands-on exhibits, your guests of all ages are sure to have a lot to do! We offer urban garden ceremonies and museum receptions.


The garden and museum can be rented together or separately. Schedule a tour to see how the museum can create a day of wonderful experiences for you!“ ENTERTAINMENT AND MUSIC If you hire an entertainer along with your DJ or musicians, you’ll have more fun at your own wedding. You’ll both be able to circulate amongst your guests, and there won’t be any uncomfortable lulls. A good DJ is a facilitator who can adapt to the age and tastes of the guests and keep the momentum going. Just be sure that anyone you hire can entertain according to your theme. SURPRISE YOUR GUESTS • Plan a unique arrival at the reception. • Set up a photo booth with wacky accessories. • Provide a unique guest book that can be a decorative item in your home after the reception. • Work out a dance routine to perform


to­gether or with your wedding party. • Have a karaoke machine for later on, at the reception. • Release disposable lanterns into the sky when it gets dark or plan some fireworks. • Hire a magician, a croupier with casino ta­bles or a caricaturist to en­­tertain your guests. • Serve custom cocktails pou­red by a professional bartender who can juggle bottles and do some spectacular bartending tricks. Ryan Sheets, Marketing Manager at IU Auditorium shares, “The best weddings I have seen or attended always include special details specific only to that couple. They are also not uptight about any small things that go wrong, and tend to go with the flow.“ Make your reception as subdued or as crazy as your imagination will allow, but remember, it's your day. Make it memorable!


Maid or matron of honor and best man duties Someone close to you has asked you to be their best man or maid of honor, a role you have happily accepted. But what exactly does this entail?

MAID OF HONOR • She offers practical and emotional support to the bride throughout the planning and organizing of the wedding including:

Below is a short list of duties. Research additional responsibilites online or in other books and guides. Don't hesitate to ask the bride or groom what they need as well.

BEST MAN The role of the best man is to support the groom in any way possible. On the big day: • He helps the groom dress.

• Helping with the invitations.

• He accompanies him to the ceremony.

• Shopping for the dress.

• Most importantly, he holds the wedding bands.

• Shopping for the bride’s bouquet. • Dealing with last minute surprises. • The maid or matron of honor gives a short speech during the reception. It’s a busy time for the maid of honor as well as for the bride.

• Like any good host, he is the first to arrive at the reception hall in order to welcome the newly married couple. • He makes the first toast of the evening. • He decorates the get-away car. (Enlist other groomsmen and bridesmaids to help.)

Without a doubt, the maid of honor is traditionally in charge of organizing the bachelorette party and the best man coordinates the bachelor party. A creative suggestion for a bachelorette party is to start with a relaxing day at the spa to relieve stress, followed by a gourmet meal, and ending with an evening dancing at a nightclub. For the men, keep the groom’s interests in mind when planning the ideal bachelor party. If he loves golf and enjoys playing cards, then an afternoon on the golf course followed by an evening on a floating casino is a guaranteed win.

In short, the privileged role of the maid of honor and of the best man is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, before and during the wedding. Don’t forget that if you've been invited to fill one of these key roles, it's because you are trusted. And that is an honor in itself!

Remember to enjoy yourself at the wedding. It will be over in the blink of an eye, so savor as much of the day as possible. After all, you're there to celebrate the happiest day of your friend's life.



Special Your wedding is going to be overflowing with meaningful gestures—bountiful affection, tender gazes, knowing smiles shared between you and your soon-to-be spouse, not to mention the kiss that seals your vows. A few clicks of the shutter You'll want those special moments captured by a professional photographer who knows how to be unobtrusive. If it’s documented well, it’ll be an extraordinary day that you can live and relive, over and over again. But what if the weather’s bad and the lighting in the hall is terrible? Don’t panic; a photo session can be scheduled a few days before or after the wedding. A great photographer will know how to immorta­lize your union, whether it's on your wedding day or not. Remember, a


moment captured is worth so much more than a moment forgotten. No matter how imperfect. With a photo booth and a few accessories at the reception, your guests can also pose for posterity. A few crazy snapshots will definitely help them remember the event. You can even ask your guests to send you a few of their favorite photos that they took during the festivities. A wedding filmed from every angle Guest interviews, staging, backstage cameras at the ceremony—it sounds like Holly­wood! A wedding videographer can record the timeline of this unique day as if it were a movie. You’ll be filmed from the moment you start wedding preparations until the end of the reception, freezing this day in time—forever.

WEDDING DOs & DON'Ts “The internet can be your best friend or your worst friend. Don't try to create the perfect wedding you saw on Etsy; create the perfect wedding for you!” recommends Kelly Harding from Hair International. “Read all your vendor contracts, so you know what services you have paid for and things not included. Read and share specifics with your family and wedding party about dos and do nots with the venue and other vendors,“ cautions Sharon Armstrong from The Loft at Walnut Hill. When asked what the most common mistake couples make on their wedding day, Celeste Wolfinger from WonderLab mentions, "Forgetting to bring a cell phone charger!" HT-381954-1



MAKEUP FIT FOR A STAR A picture perfect wedding begins and ends with a clearly defined look and style. Everything, from the decor to your makeup, can be orchestrated in detail so that your personal tastes and flair are remembered by all your guests and in your photo album. Treating yourself to a professional makeup session will ensure that you radiate your beauty and charm the way you want to on your wedding day. Make an appointment with a professional makeup artist as early as possible and be sure to plan a trial session to avoid any disappointments the day of your wedding. Before your session, keep in mind basic beauty secrets for good skin: drink lots of water, gently exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, and moisturize morning and night.

Treat yourself to a complete professional makeup for a truly polished look. If you prefer to do your own makeup, choose products that will last and are water resistant. Opt for a foundation with a natural finish and add a light touch of matte powder that will keep the shine off your nose in photographs. Choose a natural lipstick and a light touch of blush for your cheeks. The key to looking stunning and incandescent is not overdoing it. Invest in a makeup setting spray that will help you avoid having to do umpteen touch-ups during the day.

PHOTO TIP: Arrange for your photographer to shoot the moment your spouse-to-be first sees you in your wedding splendor. That glamorous and romantic reveal can be shared and revisted for years to come.

Photos of courtesy of Katherine Birkbeck Photography


1 Schedule a consultation or practice


session at least three weeks prior to your big day.

2 Your hair will be styled around any



From Kelly Harding at Hair International Day Spa and Salon. Kelly has been in the industry for 40 years.

headpiece, tiara or veil you may be wearing, so be sure to bring it (not just a picture of it) to your practice session.

3 Come with clean, dry hair, especially on the day of your wedding. Wet hair takes extra styling time you probably won’t have.

4 Wear a button-down shirt or one with a wide neck so you don’t ruin your ‘do when you change clothes. 5 Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you feel uncomfortable with your hair up, wear it down in soft curls. Your hairstyle should accent you.

BRIDAL PARTY ‘DOS Be sure to communicate with your bridesmaids about who will be paying for what when it comes to hair, makeup, manicures and pedicures. “If you have a tight budget, let your bridal party know that,” says Kelly. “You can offer to pay a portion of the tab, but many brides do not pay for their attendants’ hair and makeup. Just make sure everyone understands that before they arrive at the salon. ... [And] if a bridesmaid wants to do her own hair and makeup, and you think she can, let her! Hair by Hair International Day Spa & Salon



BRING IN THE PROS Most of our local experts agree: A wedding coordinator is worth the expense. “If a couple can afford it, hire a professional wedding planner, or, at least for the day of the wedding. I am not talking about family members or friends, but a true professional. They are worth their weight in gold. Weddings always go smoother with a great planner,” suggests Sharon Armstrong from the Loft At Walnut Hill Farm. At the beginning, the added cost might seem too much, but the stress you take off of yourself, your family and friends is worth it in the end. An experienced coordinator will have seen it all before, and will be able to troubleshoot and guide you through the bridal terrain—from vendors to venue to family-member freakouts to the latest and newest bridal trends. “Our brides work through every single detail with our experienced event coordinator, who will help them with every decision: room set, linens, menus, bar service, timeline, A/V and so much more,” says Jean Kautt of the Monroe County Convention Center. “Many items are included in the room rental price, which makes it easier to plan. No forgotten items or last minute surprises.”


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Engagement A



The Marrying Couple Person 1 full name

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Parents’ names

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Schools, occupation, organizations, military service

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The Wedding Date

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The Wedding Date/location Reception location

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state lines Planning a wedding in your own backyard is daunting enough, but what if it’s not even in the same state? By Shaylan Owen Photos by Shauna Devenport, SLD Photography


ur relationship is a love grown in synchronicity. My husband Matty and I first connected over the many similarities shared by our hometowns—myself, a ten-year Bloomington resident and Matty, hailing from Lawrence, KS. We’ve always been magnetic together and we often catch ourselves thinking the same things at the same times. Whether cooking something new in the kitchen, planning a trip or a dinner party, or plotting out our garden, it’s likely we’ll discover we are already in step with one another. In that same way, we both immediately knew we would marry in Lawrence despite the majority of our lives together being present in Bloomington. Confident we could plan and coordinate from a distance, we had three main reasons for choosing a location that would require some extra work and worry on our parts. First, and most importantly, our guest



list included Kansas natives for whom travel to Indiana would have been difficult or impossible. Second, the venue, a private barn owned by family friends John and Virginia Gaunt, had been Matty’s dream wedding location even before we met. And third, the Gaunt property, a former dairy farm lovingly cared for and curated by the family, allowed for parking, wedding, reception and photography all in one place. As an event planner, I am always focused on the guest experience, and maximizing the time our guests had to enjoy the day—and our time to spend with them—were most important to us. We decided early on we wanted the day to be as much about our friends and family as about us. By focusing on the guest experience and the flow of the event, setting our timeline and planning the day became much clearer tasks. The honest conversations about what we wanted our wedding to be,

who could help us make it a reality, and what aspects were most important to us, highlighted the lessons we learned along the way. Know Your Connections Family and friends — near or far—can be your greatest assets in planning your wedding. They may have specific skills to assist you, but remember they may have helpful connections of their own. We relied on a number of Lawrence-based recommendations in choosing many of our wedding vendors, including the caterer, florist and photographer. Also, Matty’s grandfather, a woodworker, built the cedar arch under which we were married, and our officiant was one of our close friends. Our families and friends were integral to the process and they made the day everything it was—and all we had to do was ask. Be Specific, Communicate Clearly Finding vendors and other contacts to fulfill your wedding needs is only the first step. We were able to visit Lawrence a few times during the year prior to the wedding, but we planned every trip to maximize our time to meet with our service providers and plan the event. Whether visiting your wedding destination is possible or not, make the most of your long-distance communication. Do your homework before making decisions with your vendors—the more clearly you are able

to share your vision, the better they will be able to make it a reality. We collected photos of floral arrangements, table settings, color schemes, fashion and anything else that would show what we could not express in words alone. All our vendors were amazing to work with, and they praised our concise communication for making their jobs easier. Be Flexible, Be Creative No wedding ever goes completely according to plan, but if you’re prepared to adapt, yours can still be everything you want. This is especially helpful when you aren’t present to manage every detail in person. Be receptive to occasional changes of direction and always have backup plans—even with months of planning, much of the week before your wedding will involve problem solving. In those moments, embrace your creative thinking and remember to breathe. Our wedding was no different. After our first florist became unresponsive midway through planning, we went back to our recommendations and found another who worked quickly to get up to speed with our plans, and her work was excellent. The wedding day was beautiful, but unseasonably warm (even for Kansas in late summer), and our ceremony took place outdoors, so we planned to open the bar early to allow our guests to have

cool drinks before the wedding. One of our best creative triumphs of flexibility was not a central feature of the wedding at all. The barn featured a lattice-like divider that separated the reception area from the the caterers’ staging area, but it needed to be covered. After failed attempts to do the job with tulle and fabric, I began to worry. Then I remember saying the word “sheer” and everything clicked. Seven $5 panels of sheer curtain later and we had the perfect flowing divider. As the wedding neared, we felt that, in addition to flowers, we needed a personal touch on each table. We combed Facebook for photos of us together, printed copies and framed them in thrift store frames. It was the perfect barn-chic touch. Make It Yours Neither Matty nor I are people bound by tradition for tradition’s sake, and that guided us as we made our plans—every element of our wedding was there because we wanted it to be. We chose to skip the ”Wedding March”—Matty’s father played our processional music, ”All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch, on his guitar. Instead of a large wedding cake (and all of the traditions that come with that) we worked with the caterer to serve five smaller cakes of different varieties. Knowing our digitally savvy guests, we created a custom Snapchat filter


geotargeted to the farm so everyone could share their own photos featuring our names and wedding date. This feature is affordable and available at Even our suits were reflections of us—we both wore navy, but intentionally chose not to match. My suit was a dark navy, and Matty’s a shark blue, were each complimented by tie and sock combinations that alluded to the other’s colors. To include our wedding party in our overall green-and-white theme, we gave them gift boxes containing either a light green tie or custom made green hydrangea pendant. At most weddings, the just-married are often barely available due to photography, greetings, and other obligations, so we strove to make sure our guests were never waiting on us to enjoy the festivities—and that we were never occupied so long that we couldn’t enjoy them, too! Early on

during your planning, talk with your partner about what you do and do not want to do at your wedding. Making the event yours is about sharing the special parts of your individual selves and yourselves as a couple with your friends and family—that is what everyone will remember most. After months of planning—much of it done by email, phone, and video chat from 500 miles away—we married on a warm September afternoon in front of a golden Kansas sunset. We shared that day with 100 of our family and friends, many of whom contributed their time, talent, and love to our wedding. During the months prior to that moment, we discussed one emotion more than any other, gratitude—for each other, our families and our friends—and that was the most prominent theme of all.


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Brown County’s Wedding, Banquet & Reception destination Book our Conference Center today! Luxurious, newly renovated Guest Rooms and Suite in a park-like setting just minutes from downtown Nashville, Salt Creek Golf Retreat and Brown County State Park


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WEDDING DANCE SECRETS TO SUCCESS You’ve seen the videos on YouTube— the couple, or even the entire wedding party, surprising all their guests with a perfect, choreographed routine. If it’s on your wish list, make it happen. “Have fun!” says Barbara Leininger, owner of Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Bloomington, who has over 18 years of dance floor experience. “There are many options available for wedding couples. Just let the dance instructor know what [your] budget is and they will put together an appropriate package.”

Keep your dance in mind as you plan your venue and even your clothing. “Do the bride’s dress, veil or shoes present any limitations for dancing?” Leininger asks. “Check on the size of the dance floor [to] make sure it will be large enough." And as always—“Don’t wait until the last minute,” she says. “We suggest planning at least four to six months before the wedding [because] it takes time to learn and then practice so that they feel comfortable and confident.”

It’s an investment of time, but Barbara has yet to meet a couple who didn’t think it was worth it. “Most couples say that taking dance lessons together was the most fun they had in preparation for their wedding.”


MAIN CONCERNS OF A BRIDE-TO-BE If you’re part of a future bride’s inner circle of friends and family, you might be expected to offer some tangible support during the wedding preparations. The guiding principle in assisting the bride-to-be is

to put yourself in her position and keep in mind her biggest concerns. Staying in an empathetic frame of mind will help you give good advice when she needs your opinion. She will likely be preoccupied by the following: 1. THE GOWN The dress has to be absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t. For some brides, the gown is something they’ve dreamed about since childhood. Help her choose one suitable for a princess. 2. THE INVITATIONS The first step is to draw up a guest list, design and order the invitations, then mail them out in ample time for guests to reply. 3. THE CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUE As early as possible, the bride and groom will have to choose a venue that suits their needs. Do they want to celebrate their union in a reception hall, a restaurant, on the side of a lake, or at a vineyard? Jean Kautt from the Bloomington Convention Center states, “Scheduling the venue is the biggest decision—football weekends can make hotel rooms impossible to get, which is especially important if you are having a larger wedding.” 4. THE WEDDING BANDS The rings are an important part of the wedding ceremony; they symbolize the love and commitment of the bride and groom. 5. THE FLOWERS What could be more beautiful than surroundings filled with flowers? The bride will want to be especially selective with the flowers for her bouquet, centerpieces and ceremony/venue decorations. 6. THE FOOD The largest percentage of wedding costs are usually attributed to food. “Shop around for your caterers. Some will give deals and include perks. You may opt for a buffet instead of a sit down meal which is more expensive,” suggests Sharon Armstrong from The Loft at Walnut Hill. 7. THE WEDDING CAKE Choosing a baker and a cake design is an important detail. The cake is a central element of every wedding reception. 8. THE GUEST FAVORS A small gift or wedding souvenir allows the bride and groom to thank their guests for celebrating with them. 9. THE MUSIC The bride and groom will want to choose music that has a special meaning for them, whether it’s for the wedding march, for the couple’s first dance, or for guests' entertainment.




Tropical Captivate wedding guests with a tropical experience. Liza and Tito Ramos from Long Beach, California gave their big day island flair by using a color scheme made up of brilliant pops of pinks, luscious greens and sandy tans. They continued the theme by decorating with palm leaves and bright, colorful flowers such as orchids, birds of paradise and ginger flowers. Liza's floral crown and bouquet positively exuded island appeal.

Photo courtesy of Marlon Austria

Photos courtesy of Sarah Orbanic



local wedding

Simple Beauty Couple takes a cue from nature for wedding day By Kasey Husk Photos courtesy of Tall and Small Photography




s two employees of a landscaping company, Zach and Victoria Young spend much of their days surrounded by natural beauty. When the time came to plan their wedding, then, the couple knew they wanted to embrace the simplicity and loveliness of nature throughout the big day. Zach and Victoria were married Sept. 30, 2017, in front of the Showalter Fountain on the Indiana University campus. A reception for 170 people followed at the IU Auditorium. “We are both pretty down-to-earth and wanted something that would be simple, but still beautiful and natural,” says Victoria, a part-time human resources manager at Nature’s Way Landscaping who is also currently studying accounting at Indiana Wesleyan University. Choosing the Indiana University campus for their

nuptials was a natural choice for the couple: Zach’s family’s business, Nature’s Way, has been landscaping there for about 30 years, he says. Zach, a horticultural manager at the company, jokes that the couple had the inside scoop on what the landscaping would look like in September. “It was just so beautiful with the fountain and the flowers,” Victoria says of choosing the outdoor location for the ceremony. “We didn’t need extra decor.” The couple chose green, gold and blush as their primary colors to help give the wedding a natural vibe, with Victoria’s five bridesmaids donning forest green floor-length gowns with lace sleeves from David’s Bridal. Victoria, meanwhile, walked down the aisle on the arms of her father and 6-year-old son, Benton, sporting a strapless mermaid-style gown with a lace overlay,


which she purchased from Unique Bridal Boutique in Knightstown, Indiana. The gown reflected the bride’s preference for understated elegance. “It was very classic, and it didn’t have any sparkle, which is the way I wanted it,” says Victoria, who notes she doesn’t typically wear much jewelry. For her wedding day, she wore a custom-made veil ordered from Etsy, a pearl bracelet given to her by Zach while they were dating, a ring borrowed from her grandmother, and gold dangle earrings purchased from Nordstrom’s. Victoria’s custom wedding ring, designed by Zach, working with Argentum Jewelers in Bloomington, also sported a botanical motif— appropriately enough for a couple whose proposal included 10 dozen red roses. The ring is a diamond solitaire in a rose-gold setting surrounded by a leaf motif, in which smaller diamonds are also incorporated. “I liked that she had something that


was only hers,” says Zach of the custom ring. For Zach’s wedding band, the couple chose a simple white-gold ring, also purchased from Argentum. While the couple is surrounded by live flowers much of the time, when it came to picking florals for the wedding, they chose to seek help from an expert—florist Cathy Teeters of Beautiful Weddings and Design Studio. Teeters created lush, textured bouquets that incorporated white and pink roses, eucalyptus, chunky succulent plants and some berry plants for a “natural look,” Victoria says. “We put a lot of faith in Cathy just because of how good she is,” Zach says. “Floral design is a little different than landscape architecture.” Other favorite details of the wedding included a wooden Indiana-shaped cutout that guests signed on the way into the wedding rather than a guest book. The cutout is now on display in the couple’s Bloomington home. Since


the couple had each lost a grandparent not long before the wedding, they also opted to create a “remembrance table” with photos and candles honoring their memory. “Most of our families didn’t know we were doing that, so when they saw it, it was emotional,” Victoria says. The couple also rented a photo booth for the reception, in which guests could pose with various props throughout the night. The photo booth was a hit, especially for the children in attendance, Victoria says. While Zach’s favorite moment of the day came when his bride was walking up the aisle toward their future together, for Victoria—who says her “nerves were shot” during that moment—the best part came later in the evening as she relaxed and everything sunk in. Victoria had known Zach was “the one” since the day when the two of them had braved hours in airports across the world with a then-toddler-

age Benton to go visit Victoria’s parents, who were living in Dubai at the time. On Sept. 30, she took great joy in seeing the embodiment of the two families coming together “officially”—on the dance floor. “We did our first dance, and after everybody came on the dance floor— aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids— everybody was having a great time,” Victoria remembers. “There were people dancing who I’ve never seen dance in their lives. It was really fun and just brought everyone together.” The photographer: The couple hired Bloomington-based Tall and Small Photography to capture their special day. The cake: The couple eschewed the traditional wedding cake because “we are at the age where everyone is getting married and it seems like no one ever eats the cake at weddings—at least, we don’t.” Instead, they purchased cupcakes in chocolate, white and raspberry from Underground Cupcakes

in Ellettsville, which created a cupcake tower topped with a small cake for the couple to cut ceremonially. The food: The Indiana Memorial Union catered the couple’s reception dinner, a buffet-style meal that included chicken, pork loin, mashed potatoes and green beans. Guests also enjoyed baconwrapped chicken and shrimp cocktail during the cocktail hour. The music: For the reception, the couple hired DJ Scott of The Dance Machine Entertainment Services in Bloomington to provide tunes for a dance-filled reception. Two Jacobs School of Music musicians, a cellist and a violinist, provided accompaniment to the wedding ceremony. The suits: Zach chose a slim-fit Tommy Hilfiger suit from Macy’s for his wedding day attire, which he dressed up with a black tie, pocket square and suspenders from online retailer The Tie Bar for a look that was “simple and classic.” His

groomsmen wore the same suits, but each received a pair of funky socks to match each man’s personality and add some fun to the ensemble. The primping: Victoria, her bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law all had their hair and makeup done by Hannah Shrum and Leslie Knox, owners of The Beehive Salon in Bloomington. The invitations: The couple ordered their photo save-the-date cards and classic, white, rose gold and black invitations from online realtor Wedding Paper Divas. The officiant: Rev. Jimmy Moore of St. Mark’s Methodist Church in Bloomington, Zach’s family’s church, performed the couple’s wedding ceremony. The honeymoon: The couple spent a six-day honeymoon at a Sandals resort in Barbados, which Victoria said was “beautiful and relaxing.” wg



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Beard trimmer

Small sewing kit

Nail polish & nail kit for touchups

Cologne or perfume

Lint roller

Stainremover pen Granola or energy bar

Safety pins

Shoe polish

Feminine products Toothbrush


Lipstick or any makeup that may need freshening

...your way


Sharon Armstrong from the Loft At Walnut Hill advises, “This is your day, be true to yourselves. Prioritize what is important to you as a couple. Learn from others, but do not get into the game of comparing, ‘out-doing’ or ‘upstaging’ a relative or friend’s wedding.” She also warns, “Wedding planning can be exciting and fun, but try to refrain from posting too much about your wedding plans on social media. This opens you up to unwanted opinions or criticism.”




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We know you’ve dreamt about this day, envisioning wedding memories to cherish for a lifetime. It’s your wedding and we’ll ensure it goes effortlessly with attention to every detail, guaranteeing you a truly memorable occasion.


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Avoiding Wedding Sticker Shock We all know that weddings can be expensive and will probably be the most expensive party you'll ever throw. However, armed with some knowledge, time and budgetminded planning, you can avoid sticker shock.

The Knot polled nearly 13,000 brides and grooms who wed in 2016 and found that the national average cost of a wedding is $35,329 (not including the honeymoon). Your costs could be higher or lower based on your choices.

Hair & Makeup $225

Officiant $278

Florist/Decor $2,534

Groom's Attire $280

Bridal Attire $1,564

Rings $6,163

Reception Band $4,156 Invitations $462

or Reception DJ $1,245 Ceremony Musicians $755

Wedding Cake $582

Favors $268

Catering $71 per person

Ceremony Site $2,197

Photographer $2,783

Videographer $1,995

Note: 2016 figures above are averages based on hiring professional vendors. Not all weddings cost the same. Charges will vary based on your city, economic climate, time of wedding and individual preferences.



Reception Site $16,107

Transportation $859

Event Planner $2,037

DON'T FORGET THE HONEYMOON! “Where are you going on your honeymoon?” is a frequently asked question of newlyweds. Amy Defatte from Travel Leaders observes that a common mistake many couples make is “Budgeting… not listing everything that they will have to pay for—including the honeymoon. They come in somewhat frustrated when ‘what’s left’ financially isn’t enough to cover the honeymoon they had in their minds.“


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Kelly Harding from Hair International advises, “Bigger in not always better; if the most important thing to both of you is to just have your family and closest friends together, don’t feel obligated to have an elaborate event.”

Saturday is the most popular day and therefore the most expensive. Most venues have reduced prices on Sundays and weekdays. If you can, “Have your reception take place between lunch and dinner times, and serve heavy hors d'oeuvres instead,” suggests Jean Kautt, sales manager at the Monroe Convention Convention.


“Spend most of your budget on the venue, food, alcohol and music. Do not spend on unnecessary props like signs, getting robes for your bridesmaids, or liquor before the reception,”cautions Sharon Armstrong from the Loft At Walnut Hill.

4001 E. 3rd St., Suite 11 Bloomington, IN 47401


Amy Defatte from Travel Leaders shares, “Write down the ‘musts,’ those things that you will not give up. That way when changes need to be made, you know what can go and what can't.” “There are great DIY options for decor, invitations, party favors and gifts for the wedding party,” comments Celeste Wolfinger of WonderLab. Some projects are tougher and more time consuming than others. So, avoid DIY overload and choose wisely.




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2018 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide by The Herald-Times  

Wedding ideas and inspiration from Bloomington, Indiana

2018 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide by The Herald-Times  

Wedding ideas and inspiration from Bloomington, Indiana