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TERRY’S CATERING hass beeen servinng the Bloominngton and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. WE OFFER serv c ring. WE CAN CATER anythhing B s to elegant sit-ddow wn dinnne . Consider Terry’s Catering for your next outdoor wedding reception, company picnic, graduation party or any other off-premise event.



Editor Brooke McCluskey, right, with new bride Darby Ulery Wiik. Photo by Angie Cinnamon Photography.

My dear friend Darby held her wedding in a downtown New Orleans park. The event was as cute and unique as she is. As guests gathered around the altar—nestled in the roots of an enormous tree—Darby surprised everyone by riding up in a vintage pedicab and honking hello. At the end of the ceremony, as the bride and groom kissed, a jazz band burst into song and led the wedding party on a victory dance through the streets of the Big Easy. Maybe you envision your big day as a bit like Darby's—funky or in a faraway place— or maybe you're yearning for something more traditional right here in Indiana. Either way, the South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide is here to help. There's a lot of wedding information out there. This magazine specializes in local, local, local. Experts from local dress shops, hair salons, florists, venues and much more are featured within these pages. We're here to give hints and tips with a southern Indiana touch, so you can easily find everything you need to make your wedding dream come true. Be wed, be happy and be you!

Brooke McCluskey, Editor



T Mismatched on Purpose rend The cheerful charm of mix-and-match

You love your best friends because they are unique—so why shouldn't your wedding celebrate individuality too? Many couples are dropping uniformity and creating one-of-a-kind events by mixing and matching.

DRESSES AND TUXES. This may be the most recognizable new trend in intentional mismatching—a bridal party that is dressed similarly but not identically. There are several ways to make it happen. One is through the use of color—for example, keeping the style identical for each bridesmaid, but dressing each in a different color within your color scheme. This can create a sophisticated spectrum of color and with interesting photo possibilities. Another mismatching option is to keep everyone in the same color or range of tones, but allow each person to choose a different style. This can even extend to sewn-in dress gems, accessories and jewelry. And we're not just talking about women here—the same mix-andmatch concept can apply to suits, bow ties and shirt colors.



BOUQUETS. If mismatched dresses are too bold for you—or your guests—a range of colored bouquets, flower crowns or lapel buds adds a fresh touch to a traditional wedding. Most florists have experience creating floral displays that complement, rather than match, an overall color scheme. Talk to your florist and work together to find a charming mix. DÉCOR. Everyone has a friend who purchased dozens of identical candleholders, vases and other wedding decor items, which all went into a closet or donation bin later. Avoid same-item overload by selecting a personalized mix of décor items you like enough to display in your home for years after the wedding.

CHAIRS. With mix-and-match chairs, necessity—having enough chairs!—combines with style to create the perfect blending opportunity. The secret is similar to mixing bridesmaid dress styles—either mix up the color and keep the shape the same, or mix up the shapes and stay in a tight spectrum of color. Borrow dining chairs from friends' sets to create this look—at the bridal party table, if not the whole room. Matching ribbons tied to the chair backs keeps the look cohesive. CHINA. Remember "shabby chic"? That eclectic style, famous for its weatherworn corners and vintage prints, has a new sister called "china chic." Mismatched dishware—whether in bright hues or muted tones—lends an eclectic style that will never be replicated at another wedding. It's a sophisticated way to avoid using plastic dishes and it's a great way to incorporate the help of family members who want to contribute—"Can I borrow your china?" SHOES. The notion of mix-and-match has especially fun possibilities when it comes to shoes. Some couples choose to pair traditional bridal wear with unconventional footwear—for example, cowboy boots, sneakers or flip-flops. Talk to your photographer to arrange a few photos where the shoes take center stage. Fun footwear has a way of making people smile, so you may find that these are some of your most beloved wedding photos. wg


DollarSavers Surefire ways to stay within budget

SKIP SATURDAY. The most popular day for a wedding—locally, and nationwide— is Saturday. This brings a premium price for securing a venue. Consider Sundays and weekdays and save significantly.

TRIM THE LIST. You already know that more people means more cost. "Each guest requires a char, a chair cover, a chair sash, a dinner plate, a salad plate, a fork, a spoon, a glass, dinner, drinks—well, you get the idea," says Morgan Banks of Ashley Weddings in Bloomington. But also consider that more people can mean more stress and less time spent with each guest. An intimate list is not just a budget saver—it can be a sanity saver too!

SET THE BAR. Any wedding planner will tell you that an open bar is one of the biggest budget busters—and nothing crashes a party faster than telling guests the bar is closing abruptly. Instead, consider offering just one signature cocktail for free, like a Banana Banshee for a Halloween wedding or a Caribbean Sunrise if you're planning to Honeymoon in the tropics.

talk MONEY It’s been true for years: When couples argue, it’s usually about money. Planning a wedding within a budget can be a real-world test of how you and your spouse-to-be will handle money as a unit—and can teach you valuable skills for your marriage. “Communicate with each other,” says Karen Earley-Mullis, marketing manager at the IU Credit Union. “Be honest about each individual’s feelings toward money. And then communicate some more.”

PLAY WITH FOOD. The formal wedding dinner may be on its way out, along with its high price tag. New budget-friendly trends include hiring a chef to make small hors d'oeuvres in front of guests, bringing in a food truck stocked with selected items and creating a food station where guests can create custom doughnuts, French fries, s'mores or other cheerful treats.

Weddings are very special, very personal, and about creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Located in Downtown Bloomington, let chef Daniel Orr and the FARM-bloomington team help you organize the perfect wedding event, any size from two to 1,000 or more, our place or off site.

If you are planning a casual wedding or an elegant soiree we promise to make it memorable. 108 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, IN 47408

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a wedding story

inspired by this magazine! Gillian and Scott, a recently-married Bloomington couple, took inspiration from a photo they spotted in the 2015 issue of South Central Indiana Wedding Guide. The walking pier floating in lovely sea grass bay, shown in the small inset photo, brought to mind a place they had spent special times together. It instantly became their dream wedding location. But Mother Nature had other plans. When Scott called to reserve the pier, he discovered it had been damaged by winter storms. Undeterred, he made a reservation and hoped it would be repaired by the wedding date.

Gillian and Scott held their ceremony on a walking pier that resembled a photo from last year's Wedding Guide. Courtesy photo.

On July 9, 2015, Gillian and Scott were married on the newly-rebuilt pier at Gray's Beach in Yarmouthport, Mass. This time, Mother Nature granted them a day with a clear blue sky.


a d-i-y f-y-i Creating décor yourself can be a great way to save money and ensure everything at your wedding has a personal touch. "There is a small crafty side in all of us," says Katie Spohr, special events and booking manager at the IU Auditorium, "which means that we can all somehow make a centerpiece out of a garage sale find … I had a bride who found a bunch of vases at Goodwill and painted them to match the color of her wedding. Once she was finished with them, I never would have guessed that she paid next to nothing for them." But the do-it-yourself-er should be aware that there are some risks. Pinterest, Instagram, and websites like are full of inspiring ideas, but pulling them off can add stress—right before the wedding, when you are already handling many other details. Wedding blogger Cherie Hanham, who also works as special events coordinator, recalls a bride who regretted taking on 24 sets of handcrafted paper table decorations. "It was D-I-Y gone B-A-D!" Hanham says. "She was actually incredibly talented at creating oversize origami art from handmade paper. But doing that many large pieces, trying to get them perfect … She called me in tears shortly before the wedding. We quickly bought other table décor and hung a few origami pieces from the ceiling." wg


For more informationn, call (812)825-2200.





Floating Floral hair decor



Wearing flowers in your hair is a timeless way to add a pop of color and style. A fresh wedding trend for 2016 called "floating floral" calls for a delicate sprinkling of flowers spaced throughout the hair, worn down or partially down. With careful placement, the flowers seem to perch like butterflies poised to take flight. As the bride walks down the aisle, guests can see the flowers cascading down the neck or back. Creating this memorable look requires a combination of floral and hair styling knowledge. Larger flowers like lilies and dahlias are not ideal. Small to medium size flowers like rosebuds, daisies, freesia, or small orchids will lend themselves to being scattered through your hair. Talk to a florist about wiring the flowers for hair use and how they should be preserved. If a hairstylist is creating the look for you, arrange to have it done just before the wedding—and ask the photographer to take a few hair shots before the ceremony, when the blooms are at their freshest. Bring extra bobby pins and hair products to ensure the flowers stay in place. The style can also be created with artificial flowers, but beware—a cascade of beautiful blossoms beckons your guests to take a closer look. wg Hair International Day Spa & Salon offers more hairstyle options on page 44.

No Rm arge

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l o c a l

w e d d i n g

Adrian Josh &

By Kasey Husk

Photos by Cory & Jackie, Wedding Photographers,




ine lovers Adrian and Josh Bateson each planned on Adrian had moved back to Indianapolis from New York taking a small swig of wine during the wine ceremony City. About four years later, during a photo session on the IU campus, Josh got down on one knee before the Sample portion of their customized wedding. Gates. But when the couple’s June 13 nuptials arrived, so did an Wedding planning meant compromise for the couple, impulsive change of plans. especially since Adrian always imagined having a large church “We were going to take only one sip, but it was hot,” recalls wedding while Josh preferred something smaller. But one Adrian, laughing. “So I chugged it and then he chugged it.” thing they immediately agreed was that Bloomington—a place The playful moment was par for the course for the fun-loving so significant to their relationship—would be both the location couple, whose spirit was in evidence throughout a wedding and a theme for the nuptials. characterized by a combination of sweetness and fun. As such, a local favorite—Mother Bear’s pizza—would be The Bloomington-themed ceremony and reception, which served at dinner, with Upland beer on tap. IU-themed corn included games of corn hole and beer pong, was held at the hole sets and beer pong tables added another playful Showers Inn in Bloomington. Bloomington touch. Though both Josh and Adrian attended Indiana University, The laid-back couple reached out to family and friends as they neither had met in person before becoming friends on began to set the details of the wedding. A former coworker Facebook in October 2009, “back when it was cool to have made the couple’s cake and mini cupcakes. One friend served as many friends as possible on there,” Josh jokes. The couple as DJ, while another sang "Ave Maria" during the ceremony. started talking, and by Christmastime the couple planned to Adrian’s cousin got ordained to perform the ceremony. meet in person when Adrian was in Indiana visiting family. The date turned into a days-long event, however, when Josh’s “It is cool the way it worked out—to think about how they were all pretty close friends, people we’d known pretty well Christmas plans fell through and Adrian’s family insisted he and knew were good people, who just honestly wanted to stay for the holidays. help us make our day so special and so perfect,” Adrian says. “I didn’t even know what I was in for,” Josh says of Adrian’s Perhaps the most emotional part of the process was writing large family celebrations. “We tried to keep it as casual as their own ceremony, which they did together. Each also wrote possible, but everyone knew something was there.” their own vows to each other, to be kept secret until the big Adrian’s family members would be proven right—a fact they moment. haven’t let the couple forget, they joke—when within months




Private Dining Room Available for Rehearsal Dinners. Please contact our Event Coordinator: A BLOOMINGTON LANDMARK SINCE 1976 | 812-339-0900 | THE-UPTOWN.COM HT-6277148



Photos by Cory & Jackie, Wedding Photographers,

“I had just gotten done with my vows, and before I knew it Josh just reached across and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips,” Adrian says. “I was like, ‘you can’t do that!’ … I knew I’d used the right words in my vows.”

Josh's look: Josh knew he wanted

a slimmer fit European-style suit, but couldn’t find any locally that quite fit his specific vision. Instead, he ordered a custom-made suit online to get the modern look he sought at a budget price. To commemorate the day, he had an abridged quotation from astrophysicist Carl Sagan embroidered on the inside: “Vastness is bearable only through love.” He also sported “the most beautiful tie I’d ever seen” and cufflinks fashioned from Indiana quarters, a nod to the couple’s affection for the state.

Adrian's look: A first trip to hunt for wedding dresses proved overwhelming for Adrian. Instead, an unexpected Wednesday afternoon appointment, which ran well after closing time, provided the intimate environment she needed to say yes to the dress: a white

strapless, lace gown with a sweetheart neckline. A video chat with her mother sealed the deal. “She saw it and got emotional and I got emotional and I knew this is the dress I need to buy,” she says. Mint green earrings added a pop of color to her look, to match Josh’s tie.

The venue: Josh and Adrian looked

at other Bloomington venues first, but when a waitress suggested checking out the Showers Inn, they decided to give it a shot. The venue immediately captured their hearts, says Josh. “With the oldstyle historic house and the courtyard in the back, it was small enough that it was that intimate setting, and the parking lot was big enough to throw up a tent.” Adrian felt it too. “We decided then and there.”

The engagement ring: Josh had his grandmother’s diamond reset in a platinum solitaire setting for Adrian’s ring. Josh’s grandmother is close to Adrian and Josh and insisted that Josh take her diamond to propose, a gesture that was deeply meaningful to both of them. wg


Barn Charm

R u s t i c e l e g a n c e c al l s for at t e n t i on t o de t ai l You know that friend who always seems to wake up looking fresh-faced and perfect? Chances are there's a lot of planning behind that beauty. Barn weddings are the same way—what appears to be raw, effortless charm takes some skill and staging.

expanses of green grass, textural wood structures and enchanting vignettes set up to emphasize the countryside setting.

But even in venues that are well-prepared for weddings, barn ceremonies are tricky. Weather, mud, bugs, allergies Megan and Ryan Kemp, featured on page 22 of the and are hard to control. A wedding coordinator can help keep chaos at bay. The Kemps worked with Morgan Banks, Wedding Guide, chose The Loft at Walnut Hill Farm in Bedford for its rustic appeal. The Kemps sought something of Ashley Weddings Bloomington, to set the stage for their romantic, organic and natural, and the The Loft—with its barn wedding. Morgan handled all the little details that can make a couple go crazy, and used her artistic eye to gentle hills and majestic weather-worn barn—suited their style. A quick look at the Kemps' wedding photos shows make sure country charm was front-and-center for guests.




Beauty Things to keep in mind for barn and rustic weddings: Barn bling. Budget for the cost of any extra lighting and décor you'll need to keep the space feeling warm. Accessibility. If you have guests with mobility issues, you may need to arrange special parking and walking routes. Critters. Mosquitoes are the main culprit—and can be battled with cheerful baskets of bug spray—but all kinds of bugs and rodents can be unwelcome guests. Make sure your caterer is prepared to deal with pests. Weather. You might think rain is the main threat to a country wedding, but most barns have weathered decades of storms. The real issue is summer heat—so give shade and breeze with parasols, hand fans or electric blowers. Wedding coordinator Morgan Banks created this custom server and flower display using a dresser as the base. Courtesy photo.

"The bride has amazing taste and I and my team were so excited to put everything together and make her vision come to life," she says. For the Kemps' wedding, for example, Morgan tucked armfuls of roses, peonies and other flowers—all in gentle colors of dusky pink and white—into the top drawer of a white dresser, which seemed to burst forth from the grass to hold a serving tray. She developed the idea earlier and displayed a flower dresser at the Bloomington Bridal Show, where Megan saw it.

Attention to rustic detail helps Sycamore Farm create a magical atmosphere. Barn interiors include reclaimed wood, original horse stall fronts, oversize chandeliers and accent lighting. Paths and fence-lines across the property await photo-ready bridal couples—and sometimes a horse stops by for an impromptu photo moment. wg

Allergies. This is one of the trickiest issues to address. If your guests have hayfever or animal allergies, the best thing you can do is warn them well in advance about possible triggers— or offer an arrangement of allergy medication in the bathroom. Shoes. You—and your guests—might want to skip the high heels for a barn wedding. Uneven ground is part of the charm, but it calls for sturdy shoes.

"Megan said, 'Yes, please!' and so we did it," Morgan says. At Sycamore Farm Bloomington, a 20-acre horse farm that dates to the 1800s, a country theme is combined with modern amenities and lots of room for ideas. The property includes two barns, a pavilion, a patio and expansive acreage for tents, games and custom setups.


Scent to Help E xt r a f l o we r s a re a br i gh t s u r p r i s e f o r ret i re m e n t c o m m u n i t i e s

The moment your wedding ends, your bouquets and centerpieces will still be bursting with scent, color and cheer. Why not send a smile to a local senior living facility? It's a concept that's blooming as couples incorporate recycling into their lives and weddings. In some cities, flower donation has become so popular there are nonprofit organizations set up to match donors with recipients. Random Acts of Flowers—active in Chicago, Knoxville and Silicon Valley—repurposes flowers into floral gifts for patients in healthcare facilities. In Milwaukee and Chicago, Petals for Patients brings flowers to terminally ill hospice patients and their families. While south-central Indiana doesn't currently have an organization quite like these, you can still put your extra blooms to good use. Local retirement communities generally accept flowers with open arms. For example, Bell Trace, located on Bloomington's east side, welcomes flower donations. Simply bring them to the main lobby desk and staff members will distribute them throughout the facility. The Wedding Guide received the same feedback from numerous local senior living facilities—Yes, please! The only caveat was that some residents have allergies, so please donate flowers by bringing them to a staff member who can handle distribution carefully. wg

Charm. Beauty. One-of-a-Kind.

– It’s a memorable experience.


| BALLROOM 101 West Kirkwood Avenue | 812.332.0053 HT-6277598



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Sweet As with many parts of a wedding, the key to getting the honeymoon you want is to plan ahead. “Don’t wait until the last minute!” stresses the team at AAA Hoosier Motor Club in Bloomington. “The most common mistake couples make is waiting till too late to book their honeymoon.” While last-minute deals can be found, odds are you’ll find your dream vacation priced itself out of your budget instead.


Caribbean destinations like Jamaica, Mexico and Aruba are classic honeymoon locales, says Cindy Groner at AAA Hoosier Motor Club. “Gatlinburg, Tenn., is also a popular choice, as is Hawaii.” Near or far, find your spot on the map and start planning your dream vacation.


Wedding DREAMING OF A WEDDING FA R F R O M H O M E ? “For destination weddings, we can sometimes tie in the wedding with the trip within your budget,”says Cindy Groner from AAA Hoosier Motor Club. Be open about the dollar amount you have to spend and “be realistic about what you want to do with what you have to spend.”

Music cal Attractions


From Cindy Groner at AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Have a budget in mind.

Know the type of trip you want to have— adventure, relaxing, touring, cruising, etc.

Plan for “down time” as well as active time.

If there’s a name change in the works, you should use your maiden/bachelor name or the name that appears on your government I.D. for flights and cruises.

Jacobs School of Music students are ready to perform at your next event!

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Never carry a large amount of cash.



Selecting the right ring “Remember that the cake will be eaten and the dress will never be worn again, but the wedding jewelry can last forever if well chosen and cared for,” says Barb Hays at Victor Settle Jewelry, which has been in business in Bloomington since 1958. Diamonds are usually evaluated by the four Cs—cut, color, clarity and carat. Browse, ask questions, and in the end, trust your jeweler. “An engagement ring does not need to be diamond, but some gemstones, such as opal and emerald, could be poor choices for a ring that will be worn so much,” Hays says. “Many grooms are opting for tungsten carbide for its scratch resistance or titanium for its light weight.” Some ring-buying don’ts, according to Hays: “Don’t be too trendy, don’t worry about his & hers matching, don’t wait till the last minute, [and] don’t try to one-up all your recently engaged friends.” “Opt for quality over size, no matter what the budget,” she says. wg



l o c a l

w e d d i n g

Megan & Ryan

By Kasey Husk

Photos by Wandering Heart Photography,




or Megan and Ryan Kemp, one of the best moments of their wedding came as, holding each other close, they danced for the first time as man and wife. Another came in the moment immediately after.


“A fast song like Jason Derulo’s ‘Want to Want Me’ came on and I started dancing and waved up my friends,” Megan recalls. “The entire wedding party and half the crowd jumped up and started dancing and didn’t stop until the end of the night.” That party atmosphere was just what the newlyweds hoped for as they planned their May 23 wedding at The Loft at Walnut Hill Farm in Bedford. The couple set out to create a wedding that combined elegance and comfort for themselves and guests alike. “The number one thing was having a good time and making sure our family and friends had a great party,” Megan says. “We wanted it to be comfortable, relaxing and provide actual good food instead of fancy food that people just tolerate. … Of course I wanted it to be beautiful, very organic and romantic as well.” The couple stumbled upon The Loft at Walnut Hill Farm, a rustic barn venue, by accident after their first venue fell through. They instantly knew the location—with its rolling hills and natural feel—was perfect for the “informal yet still elegant” ambiance Ryan in particular was seeking. In keeping with that idea, the couple chose comfort food for their first meal as man and wife—a barbeque feast of pulled

• One of a kind receptions rece for up to 225 guests • One large facility or can be divided into 3 separate rooms. • Perfect setting for your shower and rehearsal dinner • Extensive menu options available •Your family can continue the celebration by joining us for Sunday Brunch from 10 - 2




pork, chicken, mac and cheese and potatoes. A wooden bar, built by Ryan for the couple’s “lemonade cocktail hour,” added another rustic touch. As a wedding blogger by trade, Megan had no shortage of inspirations for her own big day, a task she says actually made choosing more difficult. Unlike many of the brides she writes about, however, Megan made a conscious decision not to pick specific colors for the wedding. “Everything kind of emerged naturally,” she says. “There was a lot of white, ivory and cream, and pops of peaches and corals in the florals … We just wanted it to be timeless and natural.” Still, when it came to certain details she knew exactly what she wanted. Flowers have always been a passion of hers, and she also describes herself as an unabashed “paper snob.” “I love signage and I think little intimate details make a wedding special,” says Megan, who commissioned several hand-drawn signs for the big day. One large sign, welcoming guests, was a quote that resonated deeply with the couple and with their hopes for the wedding: “You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are when you have done things in the spirit of love.” That sign now lives inside the Kemps’ home, as does another poignant piece of calligraphy commissioned after the fact: copies of the couple’s wedding vows, which they wrote themselves. Although Ryan admits he was initially resistant to

• Your out-of-town guests will enjoy their stay at Century Suites Hotel just across the lovely courtyard from the banquet center • Spacious one- and twobedroom villa-style suites • Large whirlpool tubs and fireplaces available • Ask about our packages

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Photos by Wandering Heart Photography,

the idea of writing his own vows, he says after the fact he was so grateful they did. And, Megan says, it was a task at which he excelled.

choosing a strapless, fit-and-flare gown with a sweetheart neckline that was “fully embellished, tons of bling all over it,” she says.

“I could not believe my eyes or my ears because they were so beautiful,” she says.

The proposal: Ryan has always shied away from public speaking of any kind, but when it came time to propose he conquered his fear. The couple went out for a late dinner before returning to their Bloomington home. About to go upstairs to slip into her yoga pants, Megan instead walked into the kitchen to find about 30 friends, decorations and, most importantly, Ryan down on one knee. “I wasn’t going to let my awkwardness of public speaking keep Megan from having the proposal of her dreams,” Ryan says.

Ryan's look: The budget-conscious couple chose Kenneth Cole suits from Macy’s for Ryan and his groomsmen, who could keep a nice suit for half the price of renting a tuxedo. Ryan chose navy blue suits with brown shoes, which he paired with suspenders. “I have always wanted to wear (suspenders), never had a real opportunity to do so, and thought, well, why not my wedding day?” he says. Megan's look: A seldom-flashy

Megan surprised family and friends by

the wedding were almost exclusively filled with bouquets—so it comes as no surprise that her bouquet and centerpieces were some of her favorite details. Working with Ryan’s aunt, a florist, Megan chose “a very textured bouquet. I liked the look of greenery, so I went with peonies and garden roses.” Greenery also lined the head tables, while the bridesmaids carried “textured and woodsy-looking” bouquets.

The cake: The couple chose a four-

tiered wedding cake adorned with greenery in Ryan’s favorite flavor—red velvet—because, as Megan jokes, “when the groom only has a few requests, you absolutely have to honor them.” wg

The flowers: Megan has always loved flowers—her Pinterest boards for


Tips from a Local Expert With 37 years in the special events industry, Chris Hoke has seen it all. He began his career in 1978 by renting equipment while attending Indiana University, and expanded his business by purchasing Southside Rental in 1988. In 1992 he launched Perfect Parties Tents & Events to better serve the local special events market. Here, Chris shares tips to keep in mind while planning your big day. Q: What should couples keep in mind during the early stages of planning? A: A wedding is a blend of two lives and that should be reflected in the planning of the event. A couple should express things that are important to each of them. Communication, consideration and compromise are the stepping stones of a successful wedding. Q: What advice would you give a couple on a tight budget? A: A wedding is one of the greatest life events two people can share. Because of this, a couple will tend to overreach their financial means. It is very important that they start with a realistic budget and stay the course. The creation of the new family is about the spirituality of the event and not the size of the wedding cake. Consider an "out of season" wedding and avoid June, September and October as a wedding month. These are prime wedding periods and those in the wedding business have little reason to discount. Also, bridal shows are a tremendous opportunity to shop many vendors in one day to find the one who can offer you an affordable solution. Q: Can you share tips for working with vendors? A: The sooner one begins, the better the opportunity they will have to secure the venue site and wedding professionals



they want. An early commitment to their vendors will lock in current prices and could provide a savings over future price increases. The planning and execution of a wedding can be time-consuming. A wedding consultant may sound expensive but their experience and guidance can be priceless. Many consultants offer limited services that are very affordable or a full package complete with planning, vendor coordination and "day of" management. Q: What mistakes have you seen couples make? A: Last-minute changes can have a negative cascading effect on a wedding. One change can require action by three to four vendors to execute. If just one of those vendors is not in the loop, it can create a problem with no time to fix. What seems like a small change can end up creating confusion and stress. Changes should be finalized two weeks in advance and all vendors should be notified. Another issue is lack of delegation. In an effort to stretch the budget, some couples will try to do it all themselves. As the wedding day approaches, they realize they have taken on the impossible. The couple should participate in the planning and creation of the decorations and sentimental details of the wedding, but labor tasks such as picking up items and setup of the ceremony and reception should be left up to friends, family and the wedding professionals. Q: What if something goes wrong during the wedding? A: Every effort should be made to execute the details to perfection, however things do not always go as planned. A wedding is not a professional production created to entertain the guest. A wedding is a celebration of the love shared by a couple, and a lifelong commitment, and that is what will be remembered. So if a groomsman faints or the limo shows up late, just roll with it because it's all just part of what makes a wedding your wedding. wg


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Boho Goes Bold



What is "bohemian," exactly, when it comes to a wedding? The word conjures up hippies and gypsies dancing in fields. In practice, bohemian weddings usually incorporate a freewheeling style, extra flowers, flowing fabrics and an artistic flair unique to the wedding couple. Bohemian style has been a popular wedding trend for years and has become a favorite among actors, musicians and other artsy types— but 2016 takes boho in a different direction. Luxury wedding writer Lauren Malamala calls the new bohemian style "bold bohemian" and "less 'cutesy' than its earlier versions." Dresses, while still flowy, are less hippie-fied and more structured with a slight Greekgoddess feel. Malamala recommends pairing boho bridal gowns with tuxes in airy colors like grey, cream or slate blue. Bridal couples who go bohemian shouldn't be afraid of some boho bling. In keeping with the overall sparkle-friendly trends of 2016, bohemian style can incorporate a bridal crown of gem-dotted flowers, curtains of glittering crystals and sparkling stones sprinkled throughout bouquets, lighting and décor. wg


Photo by: Lisa Walker Photography

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Shopping By Shape A Buyer’s Guide Apple Look for gowns that emphasize your waist; this will create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Petite Go for a clean, simple, classic design with small details only. A dress with an empire waist will also make you look taller.

Plus-Size Look for gowns with an empire waist, made from elegant, structured fabrics.

Small-Chested Interesting details like beading and ruching help create the illusion of curves.

Busty Look for simple, classic shapes that will display your dĂŠcolletage without showing too much.

Pear-Shaped Above-the-waist details will best flatter your figure.

Tall A simple silhouette will help emphasize your natural shape.

Combination When in doubt, an A-line design and an empire waist will flatter most body types.


Beyond the Tux 7 non-tuxedo options for men

The black tuxedo is a classic, but make no mistake—it's just one of many options. If the traditional tux doesn't suit you or your groomsmen, it's time to shake things up. Here are some of 2016's top trends for gentlemen.






1 Just the Vest

Instead of a tuxedo, try formalwear minus the jacket and let the vest become the highlight of the look. Suitable for both formal and casual weddings, vests have the bonus effect of being slimming due to their elongated form. Keep things crisp and traditional by having vests tailored like you would a suit. You can also take vests in a more casual—or even vintage-inspired— direction by choosing colored, tweed, or textured fabrics.

2 Black with Pop

A jacket or no-jacket option combines all black shirts, pants, shoes and such with a vibrant pop of solid-color neckties, flower boutonnieres or pocket squares. Depending on the garments chosen, this look can go from fairly formal—with traditional jackets and pastel-color ties—to an outright rock and roll vibe— sans jackets with skinny tailoring and ties in bright colors like magenta or teal.




7 3 Off Black

If you'd like to keep the look traditional but not stuffy, try tuxes or suits in charcoal grey or dark indigo blue. And consider whether a dark suit is even what bests suits the color scheme of the wedding. According to luxury wedding writer Lauren Malamala, airier colors like grey, cream or slate blue are sometimes a better match to décor and dresses that have a flowing, draping vibe.

4 Suspend It

Suspenders sometimes get a bad rap, but they've been around for hundreds of years and are currently making a fashion comeback—evident from photos on popular wedding blogs like and offbeatbride. com. Like other looks, suspenders can be high-fashion, rustic or quirky-chic depending on your personal taste. Paired with a long necktie, suspenders create a sleek and classic silhouette. Depending on the size and structure of a bow tie, suspenders add a sophisticated or funky

feel. Suspenders with polka dots or stripes can echo patterns from other aspects of the wedding. In any form, suspenders add a touch of personality—and make for lively wedding photos.

5 English Gent

Add some old world elegance to your wedding by upholding a tradition of tweeds, herringbones, muted paisleys and restrained plaids. The English heritage look is accomplished with an overall brown—rather than black or grey—ensemble, rich textural fabrics, brown leather shoes and buttoned-up details. Done right, it's clever and timeless.

6 Subtle Spectrum

Groomsmen in a tasteful spectrum of hues can add color to the event and offer interesting photo options. For example, a groom in navy blue is joined by groomsmen in a range of all-blue tones from azure to pale, which can be complemented by cream tones in bridesmaid dresses and décor. Unless your wedding is whimsical, keep the tones muted and the colors traditional for a cohesive effect.

7 Cardigan Chic

If the groom or groomsmen are suit-averse, try a trend that's wrapped up in comfort. Unabashedly casual, sweaters and cardigans have a throwback style that might be right for your less-formal event. Sweaters don't have to be sloppy—match them with fine neckties and dark tailored pants to keep the look cohesive among your groomsmen. Worried that cardigans are just too "out there" for your family? Use a jacket for the ceremony and ditch it after the kiss. wg


1960s Chic



It's retro, but oh-so-tastefully so. A top tux trend for 2016 gives a nod to the 1960s. The look is hip, slim-fit and makes a guy feel like he's straight out of Mad Men. How did Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra pull off the perfect tux? The key is precise tailoring to create a svelte, streamlined shape. To take 60s tux chic to the iconic level—think Sean Connery's early James Bond— talk to a tailor about silk cuffs and satin-edged lapels. Some trendsetters of the 60s even incorporated subtly ruffled shirt fronts, allowing the volume of the chest area to contrast with the crisp lines of the suit.

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The Marrying Couple Person 1 full name

Person 2 full name



Parents’ names

Parents’ names



Schools, occupation, organizations, military service

Schools, occupation, organizations, military service

The Wedding

Submitted by Phone(s)




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Spouse 1

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Full name

Full name

Name after wedding (if applicable)

Name after wedding (if applicable)

City and state

City and state

Parents’ names

Parents’ names

Parents’ city (cities)

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Honor Attendant

Honor Attendant

Attendant's city

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Relationship to Spouse 1

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City/relationship to Spouse 1

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Flower girl


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Ring bearer City/relationship to Spouse 2 Schools, organizations, employment

The Wedding Date/location Reception location

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Honeymoon destination


For The Herald-Times: Announcements will be printed as soon as possible after the information is submitted. Photo should picture the bride or couple in wedding attire. It should be vertical in format and professional quality. Your photo may be picked up at The Herald-Times and will be filed by the date when it appeared in the newspaper. Wedding announcements must be submitted within six months of the wedding date. Please print clearly. Feel free to continue on a separate piece of paper. The Herald-Times is located at: 1900 S. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN 47401

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT With so many dietary restrictions and lifestyles, inevitably someone on your guest list will present a challenge. Look over your options, talk with your caterer, and find the dinner, or lack thereof, that works best for you.


What It Is



Special Notes

Seated Meal

A selected entrée served at the table

Portion control, traditional

Less flexible for picky eaters or dietary restrictions

Can provide both a meat and vegetarian option; request preferences in advance on RSVP card


Guests serve themselves entrées and sides

Guests can pick and choose based on personal taste or diet needs

Estimating quantity can be a challenge—most guests eat more than “one serving”

Provide finger foods for kid-friendly options

Food Stations

Guests serve themselves assorted, often unrelated, foods. Ex: hamburger station, potato station, sushi station, candy station

Allows for variety, guests can pick and choose based on personal taste or diet needs

Estimating quantity can be a challenge—most guests eat more than “one serving”

Easily themed and personalized. Ex: Ballpark food if your first date was to a baseball game

Selected desserts only


Guests may expect to be fed

Put dessert-only on your invitations so guests know to eat before they come

Assorted appetizers provided with minimal seating

Focuses on socializing, allows guests to mix

Estimating quantity can be a challenge; standing too long may be difficult for some

A selection of heavy hors d'oeuvres can feel like a meal

Dessert Only Cocktail Hour


Pro T ips 34

✓ Take your guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences (gluten allergies, vegetarians, etc.) into account. You can request this information on your invitation RSVP cards. ✓ Fried food does not hold well on a buffet line, so steer clear of those options if you’ve chosen a buffet. ✓ Imagine how your food will look on the plate. Try to order foods that are a variety of colors and textures. ✓ Include your wedding vendors (photographer, videographer, DJ, etc.) in the guest count. ✓ Consider ordering appetizers so you’re not rushed to start the meal.


Take the

Cake! or Doughnuts... or Cookies... or Pizza...

Trying out cakes might just win for the best wedding task. Hit your local bakeries and sink your fork into chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and more. With fondants and icings of all colors, cake design and decorations know no bounds. And why limit yourself to cake? Here are a few out-of-the-cake-box ideas. Let your taste buds decide!

PILE OF PIES Offer your guests an assortment of pies, from pumpkin to cherry to lemon meringue. These can be full-sized pies, or mini-pies in single servings, and you can display them side-by-side or tiered to get that “wedding cake” appearance.

COOKIE CAKE Pick your favorite cookie, stack it in the traditional tiered fashion and you have a cookie “wedding cake.” You can also treat it like a dessert bar, offering as many types and styles of cookies as you like. Provide take-home boxes as an extra treat for your guests.

PIZZA TIERS Pile up the pies top to bottom with large to medium to small and you’ve created a tiered “cake” perfect for any pizza-loving couple. Plus, make one a veggie pizza and you’ve got options for your vegetarian guests.

DOUGHNUT TOWER Beautifully iced or adorned with flowers, a tower of doughnuts or doughnut holes can provide your guests with delicious, singleserving options. This can also allow for variety as designs can be created with different doughnut flavors.

CANDY CAKE Love candy as much as cake? Select your favorite and talk to a bakery. A cake base is a crowdpleaser, and the candy on top satisfies your sweet tooth.

CHEESY CAKE If you prefer savory to sweet, you can skip the frosting altogether with a “cake” made of tiered cheese wheels, either your favorite or a variety. Add fresh fruit for a dash of color and edible decoration.

SNACK CAKES Satisfy your sweet tooth with an artfully arranged tower of Twinkies, Ding-Dongs or Ho-Hos. Consider tiers of Sno Balls if your wedding is pretty in pink.

RICE-KRISPIE TREATS Capable of remarkable elegance, the ricekrispie square—or circle or star—can easily be your sophisticated wedding-day tiered confection. Or you can add rainbow sprinkles to match your playful reception décor.

Talk to your baker about options for diet-restricted guests, like those with gluten or nut allergies, or who eat vegan. Arrangements with single servings like cupcakes or cookies can allow for different recipes for different needs, all within the same beautiful, sweet display—but individualized desserts can also increase cost.


No Cake Freeze it Mistakes

Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake is frozen and saved for the first anniversary. Realistically, it might taste better if it commemorates your one-month anniversary ...


First and foremost, your cake should be delicious, so don’t order what you haven’t sampled.

Read the fine print


Discuss with your baker ways you can make your cake complement your ceremony, in color, theme, accents or display.

Look over the finalized arrangements from all of your vendors for errors or unanticipated charges. All humans make mistakes, and your wedding will likely be planned, staffed and organized by earthlings.


Your estimated number of guests should help you determine how large your cake needs to be to feed them all.

Also, unanticipated sales taxes and service charges can add up to budget trouble. If possible, inspect an itemized list. An unseen charge here or a missing set of linens there can throw you off in a hurry.


Look for cost-saving options, like one fully decorated cake for you and your new spouse, and less expensive sheet cakes in the same flavor for your guests.

AAA Honeymoon Registry

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set the bar

Most wedding guests love to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine. How many of those go on your tab is a point to discuss with your caterer—while you keep a close eye on your budget.

In Good Favor Traditionally, wedding favors are small gifts given to guests as a token of gratitude from the marrying duo. These can be almost anything from ornaments and chocolates, to tote bags, shot glasses, flip-flops, or a favorite local jam— any item that says you and “thank you.”

If small trinkets or edibles aren’t your style, you can find other ways to involve your guests. In lieu of favors, some couples make a donation to a charity, providing guests with cards that allow them to choose which charities receive donations.

An open bar (where you pay for all the beer, wine and liquor) is a gift to your guests, but the costs can be unpredictable. Thriftier options include a beer-and-wine bar, where only those two beverages are provided; or a signature drink, a single cocktail served that fits the theme or colors of your wedding. Cross off the option of a cash bar, however—as they’ve likely already given you presents, travel and time, it’s impolite to ask your guests to pay for their own drinks. Discuss your budget openly with your vendor and find a solution that works for you.


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Rustic. Elegance.


Just Dance You’ve seen the videos on YouTube—the couple, or even the entire wedding party, surprising all their guests with a perfect, choreographed routine. If it’s on your wish list, make it so. “Have fun!” says Barbara Leininger, owner of Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Bloomington, who has over 18 years of dance floor experience. “There are many options available for wedding couples. Just let the dance instructor know what [your] budget is and they will put together an appropriate package.” Keep your dance in mind as you plan your venue and even your clothing. “Do the bride’s dress, veil or shoes present any limitations for dancing?” Leininger asks. “Check on the size of the dance floor [to] make sure it will be large enough." And as always— “Don’t wait until the last minute," she says. "We suggest planning at least four to six months before the wedding [because] it takes time to learn and then practice so that they feel comfortable and confident.” It’s an investment of time, but Leininger has yet to meet a couple who didn’t think it was worth it. “Most couples say that taking dance lessons together was the most fun they had in preparation for their wedding.” wg


Take Selfies with Style There is no substitute for perfectly-poised professional wedding photographs. But selfies can offer a sweet, silly vibe that's hard to capture in posed photos. During the chaos of the big day, consider taking a moment for some selfies with your wedding party or closest friends. If nothing else, it's a great way to calm your nerves and loosen up before a formal photo session.

SELFIE SECRETS: Watch your light. Most cell phones aren't smart enough to account for backlighting and strong shadows. Try to keep the sun—or bright indoor lighting—at a 45 degree angle and don't allow strong lighting to be directly behind you. You want to see faces, not silhouettes. Get close—really close. The best group selfies have a sense of whimsy and camaraderie. Encourage your friends to squeeze together for a cozy and memorable shot. Flashlight at night. Ever seen a great night-time selfie? Not usually, but some people pull it off. Their secret is the flashlight technique, where one person uses a flashlight app to project a steady beam of light, and another person takes the selfie. It requires an extra step, but is perfect for night weddings. No bobbleheads! In an effort to appear slimmer, people often hold cell phones at a high angle and point it down at them, creating a bobblehead effect, where the forehead looks large and the feet look small. Unless this is the look you're going for, don't hold the device too high. App before sharing. Consider using a fast photo editing app, like Aviary, Cymera or Pixlr, before sending to friends. Sure, it's a selfie, but you still might want the opportunity to soften the background, add artistic effects or crop out anything objectionable.




Name Game


If you plan to change your name after the big day, here are a few key organizations to notify and documents to update. ❍ Auto registration ❍ Bank accounts/stock certificates/retirement accounts

❍ Wills—drawing up or changing beneficiary

we do.

❍ IRS/Social Security ❍ Passport

❍ Insurance policy— home, health, auto, life

❍ Post office

❍ Credit cards/credit reporting agency

❍ Magazine subscriptions

Weknowyou’vedreamtaboutthisday,envisioningwedding memories to cherish for a lifetime. It’s your wedding day and we’ll ensure it goes effortlessly with attention to every detail, guaranteeing you a truly memorable occasion.

❍ Pension plans

❍ Doctor/dentist

❍ Alumni associations

❍ Voter registration

❍ School records

❍ Employer payroll/ human resources

❍ Club memberships 302 S. College Ave.

❍ E-mail

I Bloomington, IN 47403 I p 812.336.3681 I

f 812.349.2981

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I lost 30 lbs in 43 days

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I lost 30 lbs in 40 days

“This program is the best thing that has happened to me in years! I’ve received personal attention, daily support, motivation and I lost nearly 30 lbs in 40 days! I have an overall sense of well being, and long lost energy has returned. By day three of being on the program I was already completely off my acid reflux medications. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally! People had all convinced me that being overweight and tired was just part of the aging process and something I have to accept. Well, I’m here to tell them all you’re wrong.”

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Clinically-proven, doctor-monitored weight loss.


l o c a l

w e d d i n g

Sarah Josh &

Photos by Abigail K Photography



By Kasey Husk


arah and Josh Robinson’s story began at Indiana University 10 years ago when a pair of shy teenagers met on their honors dormitory floor. So when it came time to begin the couple’s next chapter together, getting married on campus was a no-brainer.


“We wanted to get married where we first met and had a lot of happy memories,” Sarah says. The couple tied the knot July 4 in a simple, intimate ceremony that focused on the details most important to the Robinsons: good friends, good music and having a good time. About 100 people—including many college friends who traveled across the country to celebrate the milestone—attended the ceremony, held in a courtyard just outside the Indiana Memorial Union. Dinner and dancing followed shortly after in the Tudor Room at the IMU.

horn major at IU, provided live music for the ceremony, and a chocolatier cousin created wedding favors. “It was so nice to have the musician and our officiants and our families all have a special role,” says Sarah, who also carried a locket that belonged to her beloved late grandmother as an homage to the loved ones who could not be at the wedding. For Sarah, now a music teacher, it comes as perhaps no surprise that music selections would be vital for the big day. But for Josh, it was just as important. “We put a lot of effort—maybe too much effort, even—into specifying what to play and not play for the DJ,” Josh says. The couple wanted to ensure each song meant something to them and talked it over with their DJ from Sound Advice.

“We tried to stray from the real typical wedding reception dance songs and wanted to do our own things … there were The couple chose to go with a classic black and white for their a few mixed in that really made me stop and appreciate and colors, with pops of gold and champagne. Pomp& Bloom! think back to why that song meant something to us,” he says. created bouquets and floral arrangements, but the couple also For the couple’s first-dance song they chose “The Nearness took advantage of the scene's natural beauty. of You,” sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. The “Being in the garden for the ceremony, there was so much decision was a subtle nod to the couple’s love for Indiana greenery and flowers out there that we sort of let that speak University—the song was written by Bloomington native and for itself,” Sarah says. “It made sense for us to go with IU graduate Hoagie Carmichael. keeping it simple.” The best part of the day came during the wedding ceremony For their officiants, the couple chose another couple near to itself. It was the “moment where it really felt official, what we the hearts: Jeff Schacht and Kelli Skram, campus ministers for were doing,” Josh says. the Lutheran Campus Ministry that Sarah was deeply involved “There was a section where something really connected with with during her IU days. A close friend of Sarah, a French

Boutique Weddings & Events




HT-6277845 -6277845



Photos by Abigail K Photography

me, and I could feel that it did with her too because we were holding hands,” he recalls. “That was really special.”

Josh's look: Josh purchased Ralph Lauren black three-piece suits for his groomsmen, all longtime friends of his, joking that they could wear the suits again when the next member of the group married. Sarah's look: Sarah chose an Alfred Angelo strapless satin ballgown with pockets, topped with a lace jacket. The dress was the first one she tried on during a dress shopping trip that was supposed to be just for fun. “It was a complete surprise,” she says of picking the first dress she came across, which she purchased after trying on just

four more. “I think it was because the pressure was off.” Sarah’s bridesmaids wore classic black dresses. Her hair and makeup was done by Royale Hair Parlor.

handcrafted by her cousin. She also created personalized activity buckets for each of the children attending the wedding, to help keep them occupied.

The cake: The couple chose a four-

The rings: Keeping with their

layer creation from the IMU bakery, Sugar & Spice. The cake was half lemon, half vanilla and covered in vanilla buttercream, topped off with gold trim.

The signature cocktail: Inspired by

their Independence Day wedding date, the couple christened the cocktail they created from champagne, gin, lime juice, grenadine and sugar “The Sparkler.”

The favors: One of Sarah’s favorite details from the wedding was the chocolate-covered pretzel rods

personalities, the couple chose classic designs for their rings, including an unadorned gold band for Josh. Sarah’s engagement ring, a classic princess-cut solitaire, kept with her request to focus on the “symbolism of it, rather than … just a big, flashy ring,” Josh says.

The finale: In a nod to the couple’s Independence Day wedding, the couple—who "didn’t want to do a big exit"—snuck off with their bridal party at the end of the evening for fun photos with sparklers. wg




1 3 5

From Kelly Harding at Hair International Day Spa and Salon. Harding has been in the business for 38 years.

2 4

Schedule a consultation or practice session at least three weeks prior to your big day.

Your hair will be styled around any headpiece, tiara, or veil you may be wearing, so be sure to bring it (not just a picture of it) to your practice session.

Come with clean, dry hair, especially on the day of your wedding. Wet hair takes extra styling time you probably won’t have.

Wear a button-down shirt or one with a wide neck so you don’t ruin your ‘do when you change clothes.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you feel uncomfortable with your hair up, wear it down in soft curls. Your hairstyle should accent you.

BRIDAL PARTY ‘DOS Be sure to communicate with your bridesmaids about who will be paying for what when it comes to hair, makeup, manicures and pedicures. “If you have a tight budget, let your bridal party know that,” says Harding. “You can offer to pay a portion of the tab, but many brides do not pay for their attendants’ hair and makeup. Just make sure everyone understands that before they arrive at the salon. ... [And] if a bridesmaid wants to do her own hair and makeup, and you think she can, let her!”

Hair by Hair International Day Spa & Salon. Photos by Kathy Truss.



wedding day

t i K l a v i v Sur Aspirin or other pain reliever

Breath mints or gum


S m a l l e m e rg e n c i e s happen, so consider packing a kit with a few essential items and entrusting it to y o u r m a i n h e l p e r. Beard trimmer

Small sewing kit

Nail polish & nail kit for touchups

Cologne or perfume

Lint roller

Stainremover pen Granola or energy bar

Safety pins

Shoe Polish

Feminine products Toothbrush


Lipstick or any makeup that may need freshening


IU AUDITORIUM The elegant and spacious IU Auditorium foyers provide the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony or reception. Our exquisite atmosphere and attentive service are guaranteed to add a touch of class to your special occasion. For more information or to book a tour, contact:


Katie Spohr Special Events Manager (812) 856-3037


Photo: Eric Rudd Photography


I n d i v i d u a l i t y a n d f u n w e re t h e n a m e o f t h e game for Jerilyn and Matt Galley as they set out to plan their June 20 nuptials at the IU Auditorium. The couple, who chose navy b l u e , o r a n g e a n d c h a r t re u s e f o r t h e i r w e d d i n g c o l o r s , t a l k e d t o t h e We d d i n g G u i d e s i x m o n t h s p o s t - w e d d i n g t o re f l e c t o n t h e d a y. Photo by Ashley Athey Photography.

6 Months Later:

Reflecting on the big day

W h i c h d e t a i l s w e re m o s t i m p o r t a n t t o y o u ? “I think the biggest thing was we wanted to make sure our guests had fun,” Jerilyn says. “We didn’t need all these details to be perfect or to have all these different things. We just needed good music, good food, alcohol. We wanted it to be a celebration.”

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

By Kasey Husk

Perfect Fit •Alterations• Weddings/Speciaal Occasioons • Bust tlees, Bead din ng (addd & repairr), Veils • Rest tyle/R /Resizin ng • Formal Wear • Rush Service Availaablee •

The Galleys agree that seeing each other for the first time—as Jerilyn walked down the massive IU Auditorium staircase toward her groom— was the highlight of the day. Matt was overcome with her beauty, he says, and delighted to see her dress after months of teasing hints. As for Jerilyn: “We locked eyes as I was coming down the aisle. I don’t really remember the other people in the room and felt like we were connected at that moment.”

What would you go back and change? The couple, in hindsight, would have scheduled more time for photos and would have created a specific list of moments they wanted to capture.

What tips do you have for other couples planning a wedding?


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Jerilyn suggests that couples focus on what is important to them on their big day, rather than what other people might want or expect. The Galleys chose to have an adults-only reception because they wanted a party atmosphere, she says. They also opted to skip a wedding cake in favor a variety of pies. Jerilyn and Matt each cut into their own miniature pie—French silk for him, key lime for her—at the traditional cake-cutting moment. “I don’t eat wedding cake at other people’s weddings. It just doesn’t appeal to me,” Jerilyn says. “If I don’t eat cake at other people’s weddings, I don’t want to eat it at my own.” This streak of individuality ensured that Jerilyn and Ryan set the stage for a special and memorable wedding day at the IU Auditorium. wg


Leftovers with Donate excess food to a good—and local—cause Looking for a way to prevent your wedding leftovers from going to waste? With a bit of planning, you can put excess food to good use. For public health reasons, most food banks can only accept donations of new or packaged/canned foods. The Hoosier Hills Food Bank, a non-profit organization that delivers more than three million pounds of food annually to almost 100 local organizations, can't accept food that is opened, expired or not prepared in a commercial kitchen. However, they do have a program called Meal Share that accepts excess prepared food from delis, cafeterias and special events. Your catered event may fit their needs, so contact Dan Baucco at or 812-3348374 to find out.


animal organizations generally must be less than a day old and protein rich. Not all organizations can accept leftover-style food, due to storage and contamination issues, but there are a variety of ways to help. The White River Humane Society in Bedford, for example, is unable to accept prepared food donations—but if you have extra aluminum cans, they accept them year-round and use the money to benefit animals. Check with your caterer and cleanup crew about recycling aluminum. The Bloomington Animal Shelter can take donations of meat ready for immediate use. They have no longterm refrigeration or storage space, so

donations must be reasonably-sized. Make arrangements by calling 812-3493492. The Monroe County Humane Association does not have a shelter, but you can call 812-333-6242 for additional guidance about donating to animal causes. Beyond shelters, other options for donating wedding leftovers include arranging a donation to an individual family that fosters children or animals, offering food through a church bulletin, and giving non-meat dishes to someone who maintains a compost pile. One way or another, you can ensure your extra food gives nutrients to people, animals or the earth. wg

For a complete list of southern Indiana homeless shelters, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends calling 2-1-1, a free phone service that matches Hoosiers with specific local community resources. It can also be accessed at If you're in the Bloomington area, you can contact Community Kitchen at 812-332-0999, the Shalom Center at 812-334-5728 Mother Hubbard's Cupboard at 812339-5887 and Monroe County United Ministries at 812-339-3429 to see if your event's donated food would qualify. Are animals close to your heart? Food donated to HT-6275740


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Our preferred local sources

• Alterations Perfect Fit Alterations 4001 E. 3rd St., Suite 11 Bloomington 812-330-2800 Wedding/special occasions, bustles, beading (add and repair), veils, restyle/resizing, formal wear. Rush service available. See our ad on page 46.

• Dance Instruction Arthur Murray Dance Studio 1711 North College Avenue Bloomington 812-334-0553 Let our certified, professional instructors take the worry out of your first dance, now and forever. See our ad on page 38.

• Event Planner Ashley Weddings and Events PO Box 42 A Bloomington 812-330-1252 812-322-3952 Contact Morgan Banks We’re a professional wedding and event planning company, ready to design and flawlessly execute the next celebration in your life! See our ad on page 17.

• Finance IU Credit Union Bloomington 812-855-7823 888-855-MYCU (6928) IU Credit Union membership is a lifetime benefit. We offer products and services for every milestone of your life. Open an account today. See our ad on page 52.

• Formal Wear Andrew Davis The Men’s Store 101 W Kirkwood Avenue Bloomington 812-323-7730 Tuxedos to purchase, custom or rental, suitings for weddings and great giftsyou’re your wedding party. The Herald-Times Readers' Choice #1 for formalwear. See our ad on page 4.

• Honeymoon & Travel AAA Travel Agency 2310 N Walnut Street Bloomington 812-336-1700 Your honeymoon—our personalized service and expertise. Together—memories for a lifetime. See our ad on page 36.

• Jewelry Mementos Contact Sheila Brown 812-528-3572


Custom made brooch bouquets and handmade jewelry by Sheila Brown, using exquisite fine silk florals, pearls and custom jewelry. Specializing in bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid & flower girl bouquets. Contact Sheila at or 812-528-3572.



Custom made brooch bouquets and handmade jewelry by Sheila Brown, using exquisite fine silk florals, pearls and custom jewelry. Specializing in bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets.

Victor Settle Jewelry 403 S. College Avenue Bloomington 812-332-2676 Traditional and contemporary wedding jewelry, engravable toasting goblets, cake knives and servers, remount services and gifts for the wedding party. See our ad on page 21.

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• Limousine

Perfect Parties Tents & Events

Misguided Comedy Tours/ Wedding Limo

Things to rent for a special event. See our ad on page 10.

1014 S. Washington St. Bloomington 812-322-2211 Contact Sharon Phillips Stop worrying about coordinating a different ride with separate cars—your entire entourage can be with you every step of the way. Wedding transportation to: bachelor/ bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, salon & spa, to and from the ceremony. See our ad on page 42.

• Music/Entertainment Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Bloomington 812-855-7047 Our talented student musicians can create a unique musical experience perfect for your wedding or special event. See our ad on page 20.

• Rentals Master Rental Party Central 2002 W 3rd Street 812-332-0600 Contact Deron Lavin See us first for all your party needs! From china to linens, table and tents, we’ve got you covered. See our ad on page 31.

1717 S Walnut Street Bloomington 812-334-2219

• Salon, Cosmetics & Spa Hair International Day Spa 608 W Kirkwood Avenue Bloomington 812-339-5222 Contact Kelly Harding Specialties include multi-dimensional coloring, haircutting, Japanese straightening or relaxing, formal hair design, deep cleansing facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, all waxing services, reflexology, spa manicures or pedicures, and shellac nails. Gift certificates available. See our ad on page 9.

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio 1000 N. Walnut Street Groves Square Bloomington 47404 812-323-1885 The key to a picture-perfect look is beginning your beauty regimen in advance. Let Merle Norman help you with beauty details. See our ad on page 28.

• Venues & Banquet Services AMVets The Gathering 5227 W. Airport Rd. Bloomington 812-825-2200 New private rooms ideal for any occasion! Wedding area. Wedding receptions. Rehearsal dinners. Banquets. Catering. See our ad on page 10.

Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center 302 S College Avenue Bloomington 812-336-3681 Full-service catering and audio visual available in house. Wireless internet and complimentary parking. See our ad on page 39.

Chapman’s Restaurant & Century Suites Hotel 300 St. Rd. 446 Bloomington 812-337-9999 Let us make your special day extra special. Receptions for up to 225 people. See our ad on page 24.

Deer Park Management 1501 E. Hillside Drive Bloomington 812-32-EVENT Historic mansion, richly furnished, on 40-acre nature preserve with terraced garden and fountains. See our ad on page 28.

FarmBloomington 108 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington 812-323-0002 Contact Jordyn Weddings are very special. Weddings are very personal. Weddings are all about creating that once-in-a lifetime event. Let Chef Daniel Orr and the FARMbloomington catering team help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, family meet and greet, post- or pre-wedding day brunch or perfect wedding cocktail reception. See our ad on page 8.

Fountain Square Mall Ballroom 101 W. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington 812-332-0053 Contact Cathy Johnson Historic space turned into an elegant room. The adjoining kitchen and easy-to-access downtown parking have made it a popular spot for weddings and receptions of up to 150 guests. See our ad on page 18.


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Our preferred local sources Indiana Memorial Union

Legend of French Lick

The Sycamore at Mallow Run

900 E. 7th Street Bloomington 812-855-8855 Contact Bari Kuhlman

7328 W. County Road N. West Baden Springs, IN 46479 812-279-3935 Contact Scott Clampitt or Debbie Hicks

7070 W. Whiteland Road Bargersville, Ind. 317-412-3694

Fabulous food, creative cakes, stately ceremonies and rockin’ receptions. The Indiana Memorial Union is truly full service. See our ad on page 2.

Twenty-acre former celebrity estate, boutique hotel with six luxury suites, meeting venue seating 350, and French Lick 80-suite hotel. See our ad on page 27.

Indiana University Auditorium

Martins Barn on Knob Creek

1211 E 7th Street Bloomington 812-856-3037 Contact Katie Spohr

555 Little Salt Creek Run Bedford, Ind. Contact Amy Martin 812-508-9868

Elegant and flexible reception spaces for casual cocktail parties or lavish receptions. See our ad on page 45.

Catering, weddings and corporate events – Two authentic barns located on a beautiful 1,200-acre farm surrounded by corn and soybean fields. See our ad on page 51.

Irish Lion 212/220 West Kirkwood Bloomington 812-336-9076 Contact Sheanin McConnaughy Break away from the utilitarian meeting and venue space. Host your event in Bloomington's most unique atmosphere, a restored historic 1882 tavern, and our outdoor venue, The Glen. In the Heart of Bloomington's downtown city center. See our ad on page 11.

Lamplight Country Village 5290 E State Road 58 Elnora, Indiana 812-340-6400 Contact Christy Jones or Dee Bough Happily ever after – outdoor and barn weddings. Why buy? We rent! Beautiful and affordable barn weddings. See our ad on page 32.

Story Bed & Breakfast 6404 South State Road 135 Nashville, Ind. Contact Kate Ebel, Director of Events 812-988-2273 Historic country inn with Brown County charm. Indoor and outdoor weddings, fine dining and use of local and organic ingredients. See our ad on page 42.

Sycamore Farm Bloomington 812-824-2950 Located on a 20-acre horse farm. We have two barns, a pavilion, and a patio, plus room for tents, perfect for hosting beautiful weddings and private parties. See our ad on page 36.

Terry’s Catering Bloomington 812-333-0999 Terry’s has been serving Bloomington and the surrounding area for more than 35 years with quality food and outstanding service. We are proud to have been awarded 2012 Small Business of the Year. See our ad on page 3.



Surrounded by vineyards and natural elements, The Sycamore’s three event spaces offer you elegance and flexibility, and will serve as the perfect setting for your upcoming wedding, party, shower, professional event, fundraiser or other celebration. See our ad on page 37.

Uptown Café 102 East Kirkwood Avenue Bloomington 812-339-0900 Private room available for rehearsal dinners. Cajun-Creole-inspired breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Craft beer, fine wine, artisan spirits and classic cocktails. See our ad on page 14.

WonderLab Museum 308 W 4th Street Bloomington 812-337-1337 ext. 11 Offering a spectacular urban garden and a lively museum for creative weddings. Conveniently located on the B-Line Trail. See our ad on page 47.

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Catering ◆ Weddings ◆ Corporate Events Authentic 19 century barn equipped with heat and air conditioning FREE consultations for all our services We are located in Northern Lawrence County 30 minutes South of Downtown Bloomington/15 Minutes from Lake Monroe 555 Little Salt Creek Run, Bedford, IN 812-508-9868 ◆

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2016 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide  

The Wedding Guide is south-central Indiana's source for bridal trends, tips and expert advice. Online at

2016 South-Central Indiana Wedding Guide  

The Wedding Guide is south-central Indiana's source for bridal trends, tips and expert advice. Online at