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“One of the best things about cyclocross versus running or any other sport ... is that you can be a couch potato one day, and the next you can come out and be in the beginner race and after one (lap) you won’t even know what place you are in.” – Matthew Jourdan

ntense physical activity meets a heavy dash of silliness in one of the newest additions to the Indiana cycling scene, where falls are a given and getting muddy is practically a requirement. “You are kind of going out and playing on your bike like you did when you were a kid, playing in the mud and grass and jumping over things,” cyclist Bradley Hayes, 39, of Brazil, Ind. said. Cyclocross, affectionately described by one organizer as “redneck cycling,” sends cyclists racing across short grassy courses laden with obstacles, such as steep hills or barriers, that require them to dismount and carry their bikes a short distance. The sport came to Indiana in earnest in 2011 with the birth of the Indiana Cyclocross Cup, a seven-race series held in different locations through the state primarily in September, October and November. “It’s the fastest growing non-motorized sport for us in the Midwest,” said Matthew Jourdan, co-owner of the event management company Planet Adventure that runs the Indiana Cyclocross Cup. The series, now coming up on its third season, saw 125 to 170 competitors per race in 2012, up about 30 percent over the inaugural 2011 year.


Twin Caves in Spring Mill Stage Park

CARVED in STONE The great outdoors are even greater in Limestone Country! Thanks to the limestone terrain, we have rolling hills to hike, caves to explore, rivers to paddle and one of the best state parks around. So pack your sense of adventure, your walking shoes and carve out some time for fun and exploration in Limestone Country. (Luckily, we have some great spots to relax and spend the night, too!)


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t’s a sport that is attractive to both experienced road racers and mountain bikers and to complete neophytes, Jourdan said. Each race is separated by experience levels, from beginners to pro-level, so participants race against people at their own levels. And while in regular road races inexperienced riders might be pulled from a

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Adventure Indiana | Spring 2013  

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