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THE REST | From Page 25 the new trendy thing with paddle sports is stand-up paddling.” Stand-up paddle boarding evolved from long-board surfing in Hawaii and has been a part of island culture for a long time. It has enjoyed rapidly rising popularity in recent years as experienced paddlers have embraced the opportunity to apply old skills to a new experience. “Once I tried it, I was hooked,” Crimmins said. “Stand-up paddle boarding gave me a completely new perspective, not just looking out over the water but also looking down into the water.” Canoes and kayaks sit very low

in the water. Light refraction makes it difficult to see below the surface of the water from a sitting position. Standing on a paddleboard allows the paddler to observe straight down into the water, providing a much better view of aquatic life and landscape. Crimmins also touts the physical fitness benefits of stand-up paddle boarding. “It can be one heck of a workout,” he said. “You’re working your arms and trapezius muscles; you’re working your core big time. Your legs have to stabilize and balance you on the board.” Just about anyone who can

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stand up and has decent balance should be able to paddleboard. “You don’t have to be a gymnast,” Crimmins said. “Any average Joe can do it.” In all water sports, safety is paramount. All paddlers should wear a personal flotation device while on the water, regardless of experience or craft. To find more information, advice, or companions to float with, Crimmins recommends contacting the Hoosier Canoe Club. “For anyone looking to get into [paddle sports],” Crimmins said. “That is my go-to resource as a paddler in Indiana.”

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Adventure Indiana | Spring 2013  

South-Central Indiana's Adventure Magazine

Adventure Indiana | Spring 2013  

South-Central Indiana's Adventure Magazine