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Bloomington program offers soccer 101 and up WORDS | Holly Thrasher



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The women’s soccer crew practices at the Twin Lakes Recreation Center in Bloomington

occer, a favorite sport of many around the world, has an impressive presence in southcentral Indiana. According to Chris Doran, manager of Bloomington Soccer—located in the Twin Lakes Recreation Center—that’s no accident. “Bloomington’s soccer culture is richly influenced by the number of kids who play, the university community and the fact that soccer is an easy game to return to or try as an adult,” he says. And Doran would know: known to many in the area as “Coach Chris,” Doran has promoted, taught and coached soccer in Bloomington for nearly 25 years. He says that the diversity of participants, “means that on any given game night during our indoor season or any given pick-up game at Karst Park, you could be playing with [or] against a future college All-American, a past national champion, a

former national teamer or a parent of three just looking for exercise and the chance to be a part of a team again.” No matter where you fit in that spectrum, Doran is confident you can benefit from soccer in one way or another. “Don’t worry about fitness, don’t worry about not being good at it—just come out and try it!” Doran says. “Our women’s soccer classes have a variety of players—some are new, some are returning to the sport; some are fit, some aren’t. But it’s a safe environment to try the sport, learn it and have fun each Sunday afternoon. The women’s soccer classes offered by Bloomington Soccer at the TLRC are six weeks of hour-long sessions that offer a bit of instruction and the opportunity to play games.” But what if you’ve never tried it? Is it ever too late to learn? Doran thinks not, and says that for the soccer beginner of every age, there

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