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SPRING Awakening 2019


… feed your soul


“Our soul and our soul’s connection to the Divine Source... connects us all” Candice Thomas - Intuitive

Discover the magick of Ostara with Stuart and Dean James-Foy


Explore this sacred temple with author Robin Heath


With original Dragon Lady, Caroline Mitchell


With Earth Mysteries Researcher Rory Duff


By Philippe Ullens

More than just a feeling People have been coming to Avebury for thousands of years, seeking soul food to feed their souls...

Following several visits to Avebury and its mysterious crop circles, we bought the Henge Shop in 2006 and finally moved from Brussels to Avebury in 2016 to take over the management of the shop. The shop originally offered items and symbols to support people in connecting with the healing energy of the circle, but in the last few years it has become

much more. Our planet and its inhabitants are currently undergoing a major transformation, so we have created a hub where our guests can learn, discover and exchange information through our regular lectures, workshops and activities, held on the first f loor of the shop.

SPRING Awakening 2019

Call 01672 53922 9

www.hengeshop.c om www.hengeskulls .com Henge Shop, Hig h St, Avebury, Marlbor ough United Kingdom SN8 1RF

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What’s in store?

Spring Equinox heralds a time of fertility, growth and birth — an opportunity to explore new possibilities that feed your soul. In this first issue of The Henge Magazine, enjoy a wealth of experiences and insights from our contributors.

Consciousness & Communication Journey the sacred paths around Avebury with Jeremy R.J. White, investigate this ancient temple with Robin Heath and tap into awakening consciousness with Rory Duff. You’ll also meet the magnificent dragons with Caroline Mitchell and discover the gift of animal communication with Beth Lee-Crowther. Deepen your knowledge of Wicca with our resident witches, Stuart and Dean James-Foy, and manifest your desires with practical guidance from intuitive, Candice Thomas.

Dancing in Cosmic Circles We also introduce the Cosmic Classroom with Sue Coulson, an exciting learning space based in the heart of Avebury Henge, and Ivan Brownrigg takes you on a transformational experience with the Tarot. Spring is for dancing, so prepare to dance your soul awake with Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher, Rebecca Hanscombe. Uncover the phenomena of crystal skulls with magazine founder, Philippe Ullens. Plus, browse our reading room for insightful and inspirational books with Jane Easton, and learn about the meaning and beneficial uses of crystals with Trudy Gordine.

Wishing you a warm welcome, and look forward to celebrating this most wonderful season with you all.

Dominique & Philippe Ullens Custodians of the Henge Shop

Naz Ahsun, Editor

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Avebury Landscape ~ Robin Heath


Animal Magick ~ Psychic Beth


Awakening Consciousness ~ Rory Duff


Manifest What You Desire ~ Candice Thomas 48 Sacred Journeys ~ Jeremy White



We could not have taken our first steps without so much hard work from our many fanatastic contributors and collaborators ~ our warmest thanks go out to every one of them. Designer: Ida McConnell ~ A big thanks to Ida at Jackson Mcconnell for the design and layout of the magazine and help in conceiving the Henge Shop branding. Contact Ida to chat about brand consultancy, graphic design, brochure or ecommerce websites…  VIEW PORTFOLIO



We are living in times of transition which can be challenging. Yet beneath the surface something new is stirring…

'O u t o f ch a o s , s om e thing n e w ta ke s sh ape '

Transition Point

Healing Circles

In 2004, William Bridge wrote…

In Avebury, the stones have been there for

"Transition ~ Making sense of life's changes."

thousands of years, witnesses during the many

He describes, with a lot of common sense, that any

wars, transitions and periods of chaos that have

significant transition happens in three steps…

come and gone. They are the record keepers of what

1. We exist in point A within a given structure.

has gone before, providing a unique perspective

2. Over time, this structure starts malfunctioning

and a special space from which to explore life.

and/or becomes obsolete, melting away. In the

The stone circle is a giant mandala, a round

meantime, we find ourselves moving towards a

cloister of circular movement. C. G. Jung, the

new structure. However, before this one can be

psychoanalyst, used to recommend that his

created, we travel in “chaos”. Bridge compares

clients draw mandalas. It was his belief that this

chaos to the experience of flying in the middle

would centre them, improve their balance, and,

of grey clouds. The plane shakes, nothing can

in the centre, they would find their own centre.

be seen outside, the world is grey, shapeless and

Being aware of this while walking around the

a little scary. Yet, out of chaos, something

ancient stone circle has led to similar results for

new takes shape. To start with, it doesn’t look like much. 3. It is only when the first

so many pilgrims walking along the Ridgeway to Avebury and Stonehenge. It has connected them to their

structure is completely gone,

humanity again and the wonder

that the other one can develop

of being human. Afterall, our

fully: all of a sudden, a new

vocation is about becoming human,

world is there in point B, and

embracing our humanity, and

we are fully out of chaos.

Turbulent Times Right now, our point A seems to

discovering our balance and centre.

From Polarity to Unity For the last 2000 years, the world paradigm

have reached its limits and is touching

has been one of polarity: good vs bad, yin vs yang,

obsolescence: in politics, religion and business.

masculine vs feminine, right vs wrong, win vs lose,

Chaos surrounds us, some days more than

and to our detriment, it has impacted and limited

others; and sometimes our plane is shaking

our viewpoints and perspective of the world around

a lot, sometimes less. Chaos can be difficult,

us and disconnected us from our humanness. We

sometimes a bit depressing and is unavoidable:

can all feel how polarities have reached their limits;

this is normal in all significant transitions.

you only have to look at the crumbling foundations

6 The Henge Magazine   

of our society to see that our internal combustion

with the energy of the circle and the transition we

engine is falling apart, and, in the last 100 years,

are living in. We offer symbols to connect with the

our model has proven to be too self- destructive.

strong energy and the beauty of the circle wherever

Now, our challenge is to go beyond the polarities,

your final destination. Tai chi, qigong, yoga, reiki

beyond competition, beyond economic growth,

and meditation are practiced upstairs in the circle`s

beyond the intelligence of the brain, beyond

energy. Books, astrology, runes, dowsing, lectures

religions toward oneness, team‑work, happiness, the wisdom of the heart and being in partnership

"There is no path to happiness… Happiness is the path." A.J.Muste

and workshops are also available to supply guidance in the chaos between point A and point B. And the

with the Universe. This partnership is a communion

Henge Magazine is our latest evolution. A collaboration

experienced through community, collaboration,

with our generous contributors and team to share

co-operation, co-creation and compassion. It is no

beauty, knowledge and possibilities with you.

accident that the word communion and community stem from the Latin word communis, which means

Is this Heaven?

‘sharing’. This sharing is also the sharing of

Anita Moorjani describes in her book, Dying to be Me

knowledge, of beauty, of resources, ideas, viewpoints

her experience as she died of cancer, spent some time

and possibilities. We are moving toward a space where

on “the other side” and came back healed. Her next

there is no right path, as all paths are equally valid.

book, What if This is Heaven? encourages us to be more

More than just a Shop

aware of the beauty of the world around us, to step out of our fear programming, “If life is about the journey

At the Henge Shop, we have been feeling this transition

and not the destination, could it be that this is heaven – this

keenly and as such, our shop is evolving and moving

physical life we are living here on Earth?"

Have a good Journey…

The Avebury Landscape



The Avebury henge site was very nearly lost to us. We owe its existence to Alexander Keiller, the ‘Marmalade Millionaire’, who during the 1930s, poured his family inheritance into restoring the site. Before Keiller, there were only eight original stones left standing at Avebury. During the early eighteenth century, the inhabitants

down and replaced by new churches consecrated to

of Avebury village became engaged in the wholesale

the new God, built on the ruins of the earlier site.

toppling of Avebury’s huge stones and their subsequent

Avebury only just survived these two events,

reduction to building stone. If that great antiquarian

Keiller’s determination restoring the henge site into

and chronicler, William Stukely had not publicly

the wonder we can all enjoy today. But what is that

intervened, all of Avebury’s stones would have been

wonder all about, what exactly does Avebury do?

removed and the site totally destroyed. A single

Visitors regularly say that it sorts them out in some

generation would have demolished Avebury.

way, claiming a walk within the Avebury landscape

Darkest Days

helps them view life with a better perspective.

During Avebury’s darkest days, Stukely wrote, “And this stupendous fabric, which for some thousands

What does this prehistoric landscape actually do to its visitors?

of years, had brav’d the continual assaults of weather,

How does this happen and why? For what

and by the nature of it, when left to itself, like the

purposes were three of the largest stone rings

pyramids of Egypt, would have lasted as long as

in the world erected at such vast expense of toil

the globe, hath fallen a sacrifice to the wretched

within such an unfeasibly large ditch and bank?

ignorance and avarice of a little village unluckily plac’d within it.”

These questions have not yet been satisfactorily answered, either by archaeology or by

But this was not the first time

any other technique. We might have

Avebury had fallen into grave

the dating sorted, we do know

danger. Around 596 AD

where the stones came from, what

the Roman Church issued

the people ate and how they

a papal edict authorising

dressed, but we know almost

Saint Augustine to operate

nothing about what was going

a “destroy and rebuild “

on inside their Neolithic heads

policy concerning ancient British shrines. ‘Pagan’ temples which had stood since time immemorial were to be torn

8 The Henge Magazine   

to inspire them to build Avebury, evidently once a must-have item.

It is possible to search out highly relevant facts about Avebury, but many do

Robin Heath is a seasoned researcher, author and presenter on prehistoric and ancient science, a subject that has become a lost legacy to the modern world but can be found built into the design and construction of many megalithic monuments. Robin has written and published nine books and coauthored a further two. not fit the current model of prehistoric life and are rejected as irrelevant by specialist historians and archaeologists. One consequence of this closed shop policy is that the conclusions from two meticulous surveys of all the existing stones at Avebury were totally rejected and ignored, with no reasons given. Undertaken over several months by a retired head of engineering at Oxford University, Professor Alexander Thom published the results of his survey in Megalithic Remains in Britain and Brittany (Oxford, 1978), concluding that the builders had employed a measure of 2.722 feet in laying out the radii of the various arcs in the largest stone ring. This important information has been gathering dust ever since because, in archaeological circles, it remains a heresy to mention either Thom, a brilliant academic engineer, or his ‘megalithic yard’. Yet to fully understand

And this stupendous fabric, which for some thousands of years, had brav’d the continual assaults of weather, and by the nature of it, when left to itself, like the pyramids of Egypt, would have lasted as long as the globe, hath fallen a sacrifice to the wretched ignorance and avarice of a little village

unluckily plac’d within it. Stukely

Avebury, Thom’s survey turns out to be essential, as we shall now discover.

Avebury as a Temple The word temple is a very overused and grandiose word when applied

The Henge Magazine 9

Temple (noun) ~ An edifice in honour of a deity to megalithic and other ancient structures. How is it possible for so many commentators on as many documentaries refer to megalithic structures as temples without first having understood the specific and readily available rules that define how a temple should be designed and constructed?

Plato’s Universal Numbers The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of universal or ‘nodal’ numbers that were part of some ancient sacred canon (rule), by which the plan of creation

or for religious worship ~ origin derives from older form: Temlum, a sacred enclosure, a piece of ground cut off and set apart for religious purposes. Affiliated to Template (Templet), a plan, pattern or model that holds to a component form of a temple.

Sacred (adjective) ~ While we are into semantics, it may be helpful to include Sacred: a consecrated space or monument that is rendered holy, an inviolate space, and Monument: a record, a memorial. Origin, Monere, to remind, cause to think.

might be understood by humankind. He suggested that a temple has to be designed according to this canon of measure. For the radius of a circular temple,

applying Plato’s rule, Stonehenge is correctly identified

Plato suggested that, ideally, there should be 5040 of

as a temple, perhaps even our ‘National Temple’.

the chosen unit of length, making the diameter 10080

At Avebury henge, Thom’s survey showed the

units and therefore the circumference of the temple

module to be 2.722 feet, so the diameter then ought

31680 units (Pi in this system is taken as 22/7). The

to be 2.722ft multiplied by 10080, which is 27,438

unit of length or module is chosen appropriately for

feet. This, at nearly 5.2 miles, is ten times too big to

the intended size of the temple that is being created,

fit inside Avebury henge, whose average diameter

the decimal point being arbitrarily positioned.

is only one fifth of a mile. However, if one looks

At Stonehenge, the mean diameter of the sarsen

beyond the henge out into the wider Avebury

lintel circle is 100.8 feet, and its circumference is

landscape, this information reveals a previously lost

therefore 316.8 feet, which fits the canon. Stonehenge

and long forgotten Neolithic landscape temple.

employs perhaps the most ancient of units, the foot, and

The Hidden Temple in the Avebury Landscape Silbury Hill is the largest earthen mound in Europe. It is over 100 feet in height, its flat top conspicuous over much of the surrounding landscape. Far less publicized is a second, smaller earthen mound. At two-thirds the height of Silbury, this ‘stepped’ mound is located in the grounds of Marlborough College.

These mounds are both Neolithic, both conical, both have a flat top, and both have a slope angle of about 30 degrees. Silbury averages 520 feet in base diameter, Marlborough 278 feet. Marlborough mound lies almost exactly

10 The Henge Magazine   

due east of Silbury Hill and their distance apart, centre

align it to the cardinal points of the compass,

to centre, is 27,438 feet, previously shown to be the

another rule of a temple tradition that has just been

product of 10080 and 2.722 feet. These two mounds

demonstrated as having originated two thousand

therefore define the east-west axis diameter of a vast

years before Plato, during the Neolithic period.

circle, whose circumference is 2.722 x 31,680, which is

The circumference length, at 86,233 feet, is the

86,233 feet. Combining Plato’s ‘temple numbers’ with

product of eight, the year length and the month length

Thom’s megalithic yard of 2.722 feet, thus defines the

(in days). It recognises and incorporates knowledge

location and size of a circular landscape temple.

of the ancient 8-year calendar cycle of Sun, Moon

Does Avebury Henge fit anywhere in this?

and Venus where, after eight years or 99 months (lunations), these three celestial bodies repeat closely

The circumference of the temple circle cuts the

their positions in the sky, relative to the stars. The

henge through the geometric centre of the large

perimeter of the world’s largest stone circle, the outer

stone ring, and passes through the 3:4:5 triangle

ring at Avebury Henge, once contained 99 stones, a

‘template’ whose corners, Thom discovered,

further clue to its design purpose. To those who can

defined many of the arc radii of that same ring.

recognise such things, this suggests that Avebury was

Interestingly, almost all of Avebury’s buildings are

a temple dedicated to the Sun, Moon and Venus.

located outside of this circumference, which cuts the

This may explain the cause of the effects

centre of the henge at the latitude 360/7 degrees.

many visitors feel when walking around the

Curiously, from the equator to Avebury centre is one

Avebury landscape, a form that brings down

seventh of the distance around the earth, 3554.7 miles.

the sacred, by connecting sky with landscape,

At its northern-most point the circumference

the ‘as above’ to the ‘so below’, all fully in accord

of this newly revealed circular landscape temple

with ancient temple building traditions.

passes through Top Temple and Temple Farm,

Here is the original Temple of Avebury, and we should

confirmation of its original role. That the same unit

cherish its existence, for it was so very nearly lost to us.

of length was employed in setting out the temple

You can also find more information about Robin at

as Thom discovered at the henge rings provides further confirmation. The east-west orientation between Silbury Hill and Marlborough mound

The Henge Magazine  11

The Witches' Cauldron Stuart & Dean James-Foy

Welcome to the Witches’ Cauldron, a magickal guide for positive living. We are delighted to be able to share our enchanted lives with you. We are Stuart & Dean James-Foy, International Psychic Mediums, award-winning authors and Wiccans. We love Avebury, in fact we call it home from home, a place we visit as often as we can to charge our batteries much like we do with a mobile phone. Plugging ourselves into the energy of the place, linking with the ancestors and gaining insights and wisdom.

Coincidence? No, synchronicity!

‘Out with old and in with the new’, this is

We don’t believe in coincidence, only synchronicity,

perhaps where ‘spring cleaning’ comes from.

which is how we came to be involved with

It’s time to ‘Spring clean’ ourselves and let go of

The Henge Magazine. We attended a Literary

anything that doesn’t serve our highest good.

Festival at the Henge Shop, Avebury in July 2018 with our award-winning book, Parting the Veil:

What changes would you like to make?

How to Communicate with the Spirit World.

This a good time to use the energy of the season to

The book won ‘Best Psychic Book of 2018’ and teaches you how to communicate with the spirit world for yourself. At the event we met a fellow author, Naz Ahsun. We knew there was a reason for the meeting. In November

let go of anger, hate, resentment or jealousy. These thoughts play no part in a happy and healthy life. As Ostara is also a time of renewal, why not start to replace those thoughts with happiness, love, peace or contentment. You’ll reap the rewards in the long run. Ostara is a fertility festival. In the

Naz contacted us as Editor of The Henge Magazine and

northern hemisphere we celebrate the birth

invited us to be contributors. See, no coincidence, but

of spring and the quickening of the earth

the Universe aligning perfectly for a spiritual purpose.

and crops on or around the 21st March. The Goddess, as maiden, embodies the spirit of

Spring is sprung

spring as we see the flowers starting to bloom and the

Spring is here, new beginnings, lighter nights and

rebirth and renewal of the land. The God of nature

infinite possibilities for us all. In our tradition we

and the animals is youthful, reborn at Yule or Winter

follow the wheel of the year. A continual cycle

Solstice and begins to notice the Goddess, ready for

celebrating 8 sacred festivals throughout the calendar

their marriage on May 1st, the sabbat of Beltane.

year known as Sabbats. Ostara, is one of those sabbats and falls on, or near, the Spring equinox .

Two popular symbols of the season are the egg and hare. We’ve all seen the chocolate eggs

It is a time when day and night are equal in

available, but this is no coincidence. The egg is an

length. This is a time of balance and renewal.

ancient symbol of life, birth, rebirth and renewal.

12 The Henge Magazine   

HOT CROSS BUNS YY Full of ancient symbols. The symbol of the Sun (solar) cross and the Inside the egg is the perfect balanced symbol of the Goddess and God. The yellow yolk represents the God (Sun) and the white is the Goddess (Moon). Another symbol of the season and connected to the Goddess and the Moon is the Hare. The nocturnal Hare was seen as immortal, as it was believed both the Moon and Hare would die every morning, only to be ‘resurrected’ again the following night.

Celebrating Ostara YY Paint and decorate eggs or write your wishes on them so they may ‘give birth’ YY Host your own ‘Ostara’ egg hunt for everyone YY Wear something green YY Go into your garden or use a window box to plants seed. Care for them and watch them grow. YY Decorate a table top with symbols of the season, eggs, hare ornaments and spring flowers. YY Take to learning about essential oils or aromatherapy with their connection to flowers

circumference show this symbol perfectly. The four quarters of the cross represent the four seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

YY This in turn represents the Four sacred directions of North, East, South and West, and the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and Spirit being the centre. The cross also shows the two equinoxes ‘crossing’ with the two solstices. Who would have known so much ancient symbolism could be found in a hot cross bun!

SPELL-CRAFT  TRY OUR SEASONAL SPELL We have crafted a simple seasonal spell for you all to try at home. The word ‘spell’ means to bend or shape an outcome. Some people say, "I’ve never done that before”. We respond… “Have you ever blown your birthday candle out and made a wish, or have you ever lit a candle in a place of worship or at home in remembrance or to send good thoughts to someone?” That is a simple candle magick spell helping to manifest change. YY CREATING A SACRED SPACE Wiccans set up a sacred space or temple whenever or wherever they are. This space holds the magickal energy raised and keeps you fully protected from any negative influences. Most will cast a circle which is a boundary where your magick takes place. You can use a cord or rope to make out the magickal boundary of the circle or you can do it energetically through visualisation and focus. Stand facing the East (the direction of thought and new beginnings as we should always think before acting) and using your index finger move clockwise (Deosil or Sunwise). With your intent, which is vital in successful magick, cast the circle whilst visualising the circle appearing as you draw, knowing that it is really happening energetically, because it is. Always move clockwise once in circle as this is the direction of positivity and creation. Do this until you have turned 360 degrees and you are back at east. Do this a further two times so in all you have “cast the circle thrice about”. You are now ready to call upon whatever deities, spirits or angels you align with to help assist you in this blessing spell. Say…

“I call upon the divine (Goddess, Mary, Angels, Jesus or whoever you feel connected with) to assist me and bless me bringing balance and new beginnings”

BLESSING SPELL FOR NEW BEGINNINGS & BALANCE Timing ~ to be performed on a New, Waxing or full moon phase To prevent fire and serious injury, burn the candle within sight, keep out of reach of children and pets, never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.

YY Always ensure safety with candles and don’t forget matches or candle lighter.

YY ALTAR Magickal folk of all kinds use altars, a designated place of power where you can make offerings, light candles, burn incense and connect with the divine. The focal point of the temple if you like. This can be a small table, a dressing table or a beautiful piece of material like a head scarf placed on the floor in the circle temple you have created. Depending on space, place the following on the altar, and face East. If you are lacking space, next to each other is fine.

YY Place the altar facing North.

YY YOU WILL NEED Y Y 1 white candle or tea light (for purification and new beginnings) Y Y Olive oil (for anointing the candle) Y Y A sprig of fresh Rosemary (for purification and protection) Y Y Coarse Sea Salt (not processed) (for cleansing) Y Y 1 clear quartz crystal or a stone or pebble from the garden, represents Element of earth)

Y Y 1 sandalwood incense stick or cone or a feather (Element of air) Y Y 1 White candle or tea light as an altar candle (Element of fire) Y Y 1 Dish of water (Element of water) Y Y Small dish of Honey (as an offering to whoever you call upon for assistance)


At the top of the altar (North) place the altar candle.


Place the crystal or stone next to the altar candle (North/Earth).


The feather or incense to the right of the altar candle (East/Air).


Place the altar candle in the centre area (South/Fire)


Water dish to the left of the altar candle. (West/Water).

All other items to be placed where there is space. 6.

Firstly, light the altar candle and say… “May the light of this sacred flame bless my magickal working. So mote it be.” SO MOTE IT BE means “So must it be” ~ “So may

it be” ~ “So it is required”. This is akin to saying Amen at the end of a prayer.


Hold your hand above the water saying “I bless this water in the name of the divine.”


Then add the salt to the water and say,… “Let this salt purify this water of mine. So mote it be.”


With the sanctified water anoint yourself on the forehead and say… “I am now blessed and prepared to work magick.”

10. Pick up the white spell candle and anoint it firstly with the salt water saying… “I cleanse this candle of all energies and leave it neutral for my working. So mote it be.” 11. Now, anoint the white spell candle with olive oil and hold in your strong hand (the one you write with) Hold it aloft and say... “I charge this candle by the power of three, with the most positive energy. So mote it be.”

12. Light the spell candle from the altar candle and read this incantation 3 times... “Out with the old, in with the new, Blessings bestowed upon me, that come true. New beginnings start to unfold Happiness and health, I truly behold.” 13. Once you’ve said the incantation three times say… “So mote it be.” 14. Keep the candle in a safe place and allow it to burn down and go out. A candle lantern or jar is great to keep it safe. 15. Now take the sprig of Rosemary and place it in the purified salt water. Use the rosemary sprig to lightly f lick the water around your sacred space then onto yourself. As you do this say… “I cleanse and purify this sacred space and my sacred self.” 16. Take the bowl of honey and make an offering. Hold it high and say… “I thank the divine and Universe for your assistance, please accept this offering of honey with my gratitude~ Blessed be.” Place the bowl next to the candle and leave for a day 17. Now it’s time to open the circle. Stand facing East again. With your forefinger move around again sunwise, but this time you visualise the circle dissipating. 18. Do this thrice and on the third time face East and say… “The circle is open, may the energy of this temple join my wishes in the Universe. So mote it be.”

YY Your ritual is now complete. Feel it working and enjoy! Blessed Be ~ Stuart & Dean X


Animal Magick Elizabeth Lee-Crowther ~ Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium

Animals have many messages for us: about their health, their past, their welfare, as well as passing on messages and guidance. They very often have important messages for their owners and other people. Not only can animals be aware of what is going on in our lives, they also know about past events and if we are experiencing any difficulties in our own lives.   Communicating with an animal is a ‘ telepathic’ process between the animal and the animal communicator. Each animal is an

It is very important to acknowledge that Animal Communication is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. Only a Vet can make a diagnosis or a prognosis about an animal’s health and I recommended people see their Vet if they suspect their pet is

individual with their own personality,

unwell. I believe that so many people are able to

agenda and purpose. An Animal Communicator is

communicate with their pets and other animals

able to hear, see, feel emotions and sometimes pain

too and are unaware that they are doing so.

from the animal they are communicating with.

Animal Communication

As an Animal Communicator, I am able to interpret

Ever since childhood, I assumed that if you were

this into what the animal wants to say and how they

an animal lover or had pets, it was normal to sense

feel. It is a way for the animal to ‘express’ themselves

their thoughts, feelings and even pain. It was

through me, acting as their interpreter. My job is to

something that I experienced as natural as breathing

pass these messages on to their owner.  This can be

- I would even hear animal’s thoughts and see

a very enlightening experience for the owner who

visions from them too. Then, in 2003, I discovered

may well see their pet in a new light afterwards. It

the way I interacted with my pets and other animals

can make the bond between the two even stronger.

actually had a name ~ Animal Communication!

Deeper Understanding

At first, I was sceptical, doubting my ability, so

This can be particularly useful and enlightening, not

I decided to put my skills to the test by offering

only from animals who are well and happy but also

people Animal Communication Readings.

ones who are experiencing behaviour problems,

Enrich your relationship with your pet

illness, emotional problems and trauma.

I deliberately chose people and pets who lived far

In my experience, most animals are open to this

away and who I did not have prior knowledge of.

process. However, occasionally if an animal chooses

I would sit with a photograph of the persons pet,

not to communicate, I feel this should be respected.

close my eyes and then write down any ‘impressions’

If you have pets, this allows you to gain a deeper

that came into my mind e.g. the personality of

understanding of your animal’s needs, and an

the animal, likes and dislikes, background and

insight into the way they are behaving and why.

home life, health and behaviour issues.

16 The Henge Magazine   

To learn more about Elizabeth‑Lee Crowther, her animal communication work and workshops, please visit I would then relay this information to the owner, usually over the phone. The results and feedback astounded me, as my ability to communicate with animals was validated again and again. Now convinced that animals could really send ‘telepathic’ messages in this way, I started to help people locate lost and missing animals. Word spread quickly, and I was invited on many TV Shows to explain my work. These included Channel

Try this Exercise... YY In your mind focus on a question to

4’s Richard & Judy Show, Central

ask your pet, e.g. ‘Is there anything

News, Missing Pets Documentary on

you need or would like’?

ITV; I even went to Russell Brand’s house to talk to his cat, Morrisey!

I truly believe that most people have the ability to develop their Animal Communication skills.

Not only can it deepen your relationship with your pet, it can also enrich your life in deep and meaningful ways. If you are open-minded and an animal lover, there is every chance that you will be able to unlock this skill. 

YY Have the intention that your pet can hear this thought. Acknowledge what comes into your mind. It may be a thought, picture or even a feeling that you receive back. Do not dismiss it, or think you’ve imagined it.

YY Then, if possible, act upon it and note your pet’s reaction to being listened to and understood.

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i e s l e ll A . y We liv t e only to discover beau

f waiting.Kahlil Gibran o m r s a fo

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The Ancient Stone

The ancient stone sentinels of the Avebury circle stand in silence, awaiting the awakening of the modern human mind to the awareness of their purpose. For thousands of years they have patiently watched those who pass by.

Sue Coulson brings us cosmic and ancient knowledge from our planet and beyond.

Each footstep taken on this sacred ground has led the walker on a journey of wonder. The questions that arise here open a doorway within the self, to a place where the answers to life’s mysteries can be found. That could surely be the greatest gift that Avebury offers. As you stroll around the circles, round and round; once, twice or a thousand times, there is always something new to see, and some new shard of clarity offered to the questions that are pondered in this place. Each understanding in turn sparks another wondering, and so expansion, and a deeper knowing of self occurs.

YY Why Avebury? Broadhurst and Miller in their acclaimed book, The Sun and the Serpent bring us energetic insights, and offer a tantalizing explanation to the ‘Why here’ question, which must have been asked countless times. Here, positioned midway along the St Michael Ley, as it strides across the country from Norfolk to Cornwall, we find three crossing point of these oscillating earth currents which wind their way, caduceus like, along this east, west alignment. 3 times in 3 miles we find a union between the masculine and feminine flows, mirroring the three circles within the Avebury Henge. One masculine, one feminine, united within one sphere.

Oneness, and the balance of the creative forces

are expressed here.”

Vibrations of the Earth course along the energetic pathways which lead to and from this place, and the crystalline structures of the stones act as transduces; transmitting and receiving, gifting and preserving, exchanging energy between the Earth and the Stars. As above, so below.

Sentinels of Avebury The 160+ giant megaliths that stand here are

laid out on the land, different sections of the circle,

formed of local Sarsen Stone. These quartz-rich

different stones are activated to create vibrant ‘hot

boulders were originally plugged into the Earth,

spots’ at different times. In fact, the vibrations are in

like acupuncture needles, each creating a unique

constant motion, forever shifting and changing.

electro-magnetic standing wave. Although this bond

Equinox is always a potent moment of stillness,

is weakened by the modern concrete that now holds

as the Earth reaches a resting point. The Sun is

many of the restored stones in place, those who are

directly over the equator at this time, and the light-

sensitive can still feel the energies that flow through

rays strike the planet at 90 degrees, giving us equal

and around the Stones that are still standing.

day and night. Within the Henge, the energy feels

YY Ebb and Flow

omni-present and intensified in its suspension. This year the theme of balance is highlighted by

The ebb and flow of the Moon, the seasons of the

the fact that a Full Moon occurs at almost the same

Sun, and the greater cycles of the solar system

time as the zenith of Equinox. With the Sun opposite

and stars; all add their influence to the cosmic

the Moon at the seasonal shift, we are asked to

waves that pass through this special place.

consider polarity and equilibrium most deeply.

With many years of ongoing observation it is possible to recognise the patterns played out by these energetic rhythms. Like a giant medicine wheel

YY Equinox: 20 Mar 21:58 GMT | Full Moon: 21 Mar 01:42 GMT | 3 hours, 44 minutes apart.

An Active Stargate

upon expanding the capacity of our hearts to receive

The stars also have an active part to play in one’s

structures of Earth to develop their interconnectivity.

experience of Avebury, as specific locations around the landscape have been discovered to hold a connection with distinct stellar frequencies. Through

Love, and to amplify the capabilities of the lightAwareness of such possibilities is offered to those who circle the Avebury Stones. For many, this sacred site feels like the home of the heart. It awakens an

meditation techniques it is possible

inner-knowing of the Multi-Dimensional

to perceive, discern and interact

Self and of our collective star

with the starlight realms.

origins. There is a feeling of

For this reason Avebury

‘belonging’ as we embrace this

is referred to as an active

expansion in consciousness

Stargate, for it is possible

and acknowledge that we

to commune with the

are Cosmic citizens.

consciousness of other

Next time you are in

places and spaces here, as

Avebury, ask your heart

the veil between worlds is

what it knows about such

thin, and an awareness of the

things, and learn to trust

unseen realms is heightened.

what you hear in answer.

YY About Sue Coulson

YY The Ancient Mayans In mid-May we find the Sun in alignment with

Sue Coulson is a natural intuitive and a channel. She

the Stars of the Pleiades constellation, 60 days

is the founder of Cosmic Classroom™ in Avebury, UK.

after Equinox. Our attention is drawn to this

Her work is rooted in an understanding of the

stellar portal by the ancient Mayan culture, who

inter-connectivity of all things. She has actively

clearly believed this to be significant as it has

studied the energetics of Avebury for over 12 years.

been noted that the Sun reaches its seasonal

Sue is a certified Master of Crystology, an Access

zenith over their sacred pyramid at Chichen

Consciousness™ Bars Practitioner, and a spiritual

Itza, Mexico, at mid-day on the 20th/21st May.

event coordinator. She offers both indoor and

In Avebury one particular stone in the outer circle

outdoor meditation workshops to those awakening

becomes more active, strengthening a connection

to Multi-Dimensional Awareness, and is dedicated

with the Pleiadean Lightbeings who can always be

to supporting people who wish to expand their

found here. Dedicated events are facilitated to utilize

awareness of consciousness through group gatherings

this opportunity to receive light transmission and

and one-to-one sessions.

the loving guidance offered from these benevolent beings. In 2018 we were asked to focus our intention • •

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@CosmicClassroom | @SpiritTourExperiences.


I've been working with crystals in, The Henge Shop, since 2008 and have learnt to be guided by my intuition. I've come to understand that crystals (much like Tarot) are a very personal aid. My own private collection is made up of crystals that have chosen me, rather than me choosing them. In each issue, I will be offering my knowledge and understanding of specific crystals, based on my own experiences with them. I hope to aid you in your journey with these beings, trusting your own feelings and remembering, if you feel something different to what you read (anywhere), don’t reject it — you were drawn to that crystal for a reason. Sit with it, hold it, keep in near you and most of all, believe — allow it to aid you in your day-to-day life. YY Moonstone Keywords - Intuition, Femininity Moonstone is a beautiful crystal, which can connect us all to the feminine energy within the moon and her lunar cycles. For women, it can help enhance intuition, and can be at it’s most powerful if worn around the full moon. The key is to listen to your body as it can sometimes be overwhelming if held for long periods during this time. It is also a great crystal for men, helping you to increase the connection to your feminine side by stimulating the right side of your brain and aiding emotional balance.

YY Obsidian Keywords - Protection, Grounding Each one of us is made up of light and shadow and Obsidian helps us to love our shadow rather than reject it. It is said to be a good negativity cleanser helping us to clear negative energy from within ourselves and our immediate environment. Obsidian is particularly good for stimulating the Root Chakra, making it very grounding as well as protective – a great one to carry with you. It’s best to get a piece where the stone can touch the skin, but you can also keep it in your pocket.

YY Labradorite Keywords - Magic, Divination Labradorite encapsulates the wonderful

JOIN OU R MAILING LIST fo r News a bou events, o t our ffer and mor s e...

complexity of us as human beings and is a crystal that highlights our gifts. On first appearance it can look like any other crystal, but when you look closer, you realise there is so much more – the colours that lie within this crystal are hypnotising! Known as the stone of “magic”, Labradorite is said to activate the inner eye — making it a great crystal for divination. It also aids in the awakening of your deep-rooted abilities that may have been forgotten or simply unknown.

YY Sunstone Keywords - Creativity, Joy Sunstone is associated with Male energy and is connected to the Fire element. It is a very powerful crystal that if held for too long can feel overwhelming to some. It is said to dissolve any feelings of unworthiness, making Sunstone a great crystal for anyone looking to start a new journey – whether it’s a new job, a promotion or a new relationship. It can also energise your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, stimulating leadership and creativity. Sunstone's energy is the Yang to Moonstone's Yin, and both work well with Labradorite which brings magic to new experiences.

See more be autiful cryst als and a range of crystal sku lls for meditation a t the shop, o r on our websites...

www.hengesh ons/crystals www.hengesk

Henge Shop , High St, Av ebury, Marlboroug h, United Kin gdom SN8 1 RF

Crystal Skulls

Henge Shop custodian, Philippe Ullens, has been an avid collector of Crystal Skulls since he first encountered them in Sedona, Arizona in 2009. In fact his story goes further back in time. Over the next few issues, journey with Philippe and discover the mysterious wisdom of these powerful conduits. YY Episode 1 - The Discovery

YY Ancestral Roots

I have always related to stones. I loved to find palm stones

An important root in my relation to stones was planted by

in the dry streambeds and to find them as smooth as

one of my grandmothers: she gave me an Amethyst point

possible, and perfectly as possible so they would fit the

that she brought back from a trip in Iran. It is still on my

shape of my hands.

night table and was the starting point of my love for the

Around 1980, while visiting a monastery, I discovered

beauty of stones. On a small scale, I started collecting

that many monks would find themselves palm stones,

them. Eggs of Tiger Eye or Pietersite. Combining the

warm them up in their hands and keep them warm in

beauty of the stone, the smoothness in my hand and

their hands in their cold and humid cell.

the palmstone shape were among my favourites.

I experienced that some stones would heat up faster,

My fascination with these beautiful objects grew...

and others would stay warm for longer. Curious, I further

The company created to house my photographing

developed the ability of relating to stones through my

activities was named Blackstone; and the company


I set up with a Portuguese friend was called, Pedra Branca, which means, white stone. Together with my wife, we created an art gallery in Brussels selling, among others, stones & crystals.

YY Growing Connection As of 1989, with the development of Tai Chi, the energy in my hands became more intense, and thus the heat-exchange dialogue with stones as well. I would often meditate or daydream, walk or fall asleep with a stone in each hand. The awareness of how soothing and calming it was to play with stones in my hands grew. Through learning Reiki came the consciousness of how crucial the hand chakras are and an awareness of the sensors we have in the palm of our hands. In my perception, my left hand receives and listen and the right one gives and expresses. Becoming the owner of The Henge Shop gave me the opportunity to increase my experience and love of stones.


YY Cosmic Encounter In 2008, a visit to Glastonbury was the opportunity to see my first crystal skulls: it was short and superficial. I thought these 'things' were ugly and I didn`t want any of them in our shop ever! In 2009, we visited Sedona, Arizona with a group of friends interested in sacred places and Jungian psychoanalysis. There we had an especially profound encounter with Elizabeth Keller, who was also our guide whilst we travelled through the canyons, mesas and sacred places of Hopi and Navajos Indians, in that region. I recall one particular day, when we came upon a rocky table in the middle of the wilderness. The view was so stunning that we decided to meditate and contemplate. At that point, Elizabeth asked us if it was ok for her crystal skull to meditate with us. It was our first real encounter with a crystal skull: Heartstar. We discoverd that Heartstar had been around for a long time.

" I would often meditate or daydream, walk or fall asleep with a stone in each hand. The awareness of how soothing and calming it was to play with stones in my hands grew." Philippe Ullens

He had a reputation for his kindness, joy and humour. When Elizabeth brought us back to our hotel that evening, she told us that Heartstar wanted to spend the week with us. "Who is going to sleep with him first?" she asked. During that time, we dreamed deeply. All of us were very experienced in dream analysis and were writing down our nightly dialogue with our unconcious every morning. For all of us, the presence of Heartstar interrupted the continuity of that dialogue, introducing new and important images:

JOIN OU R MAILING LIST G et news on how to


this, 'piece of stone' was clearly a lot more than that.

YY This was a key first step in my relationship with crystal skulls. You will find out more in our next magazine... The Henge Magazine   27

Henge Shop Treasures YY What's in Store? Step into the Henge Shop and discover an Aladdin's Cave of souvenirs, gifts, tools and esoteric items. From our unique and exclusive crystal skull collection, symbolic jewelry, holistic products and spiritual symbols, you are bound to find something that resonates powerfully with you. We do our best to make sure that our products are ethically sourced and kind on the environment. Visit us in the Henge Shop in Avebury or make your purchase online shops… •

YY Sarsen Stone Crystal Skull Price £40 Carved exclusively for The Henge Shop, these wonderful Crystal Skulls are created using Sarsen Stone, and are locally sourced. Sarsen Stone was used to construct not only the Stone Circle of Avebury (and later some of the buildings and walls in the village) but the larger stones seen in Stonehenge too. Visit to find these and a selection of the other Crystal Skulls we have available, or pop into the shop to view our wider collection. See more sarsen skulls on our OUR HENGE SKULLS WEBSITE

YY Sarsen Stone Crystal Skull Dragon Price £40 Carved exclusively for The Henge Shop, these wonderful Crystal Skulls are created using Sarsen Stone, and are locally sourced. Sarsen Stone was used to construct not only the Stone Circle of Avebury (and later some of the buildings and walls in the village) but the larger stones seen in Stonehenge too. Visit to find these and a selection of the other Crystal Skulls we have available, or pop into the shop to view our wider collection. See more sarsen skulls on our OUR HENGE SKULLS WEBSITE

28 The Henge Magazine  

Come & visit us

in store or online. We'd

YY Locally-Sourced Luxury Lavender Soap Price £1.30-£3.30 Handmade in the beautiful Cotswold Hills, this soap is available in 2 sizes (25g or 75g), making it a great gift or souvenir that won’t take too much room in your bag. The Lavender essential oil used to create these wonderfully scented soaps are grown, harvested and steam-distilled on site at a third generation family farm, located within an hour and a half drive of Avebury. IN STORE & ON OUR HOLISTIC PAGE ~ HENGE SHOP WEBSITE

YY Chakra Crystals Set Price £7 Created in The Henge Shop using our very own crystals, this set comes with a Crystal for each of the 7 Chakras, as well as an information sheet, showing which Chakra each Crystal is associated with. One of a whole range of different sets. IN STORE & ON OUR CRYSTALS PAGE ~ HENGE SHOP WEBSITE

YY Jack-in-the-Green Price £10.90 This cheeky chap is one of a great collection of the Green Man wall plaques we have available. It is made from locally-sourced stone from the Cotswolds and bonded with Resin. He has a hole already in place on the back, so he is ready to hang as soon as you get him home and is also suitable for hanging outside. IN STORE & ON OUR SPIRITUAL SYMBOLS PAGE ~ HENGE SHOP WEBSITE

FIND US in the High St, Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RF CALL US on +44 (0)1672 539229

you e e s o t l o ve



There is a general overall feeling that s

event, is going to happen and that this

some kind of change is occurring, but t

More and more people are experiencing mental ill health in the UK: 1 in 6 adults are experiencing a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression and 1 in 5

adults have considered taking their

In particular the Blue Kachina Hopi Indian

own life at some point (Mental Health

prophecy predicts a seven-year transition period before we enter into the Golden Age.”

by the Centre of Disease Control and

Foundation 2016). In addition, a report Prevention stated that suicide rates in the USA between 1999 and 2016 have dramatically increased with relationship problems being the number one factor. It seems that emotional stress is affecting more and more of us whether we are rich or poor. Some people are realising that their work is increasingly meaningless and they are starting to look to change their occupations to ones where they can help people.

So, what is going on? Is it just a multiple of different factors, or is there something more tangible behind all of it? If so, what is driving it and what can we do

30 The Henge Magazine   




something really important, some really big cosmic

Rory Duff runs the Bristol Dowsing Group. To find out about his work, books and courses, visit:

s is already underway. People are beginning to feel that

they are not quite sure what that is. about it? Energy workers talk about experiencing increased synchronicity and how they are being swept up on some wave of change.

Could something like this provide us with answers? For possible answers to that question we can turn to two areas of science – Astronomy and Geobiology. What is happening right now is that our three magnetic shields are falling fast. The Sun’s

This time it appears to be one connected to our mind and our consciousness. What can be learnt from Geobiology is that Cosmic energy can hit us in three

“We have just begun the journey towards another evolutionary change.”

magnetic field, the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic field that our Solar system has been sitting in, called the Local Cloud, are all reducing in strength. This has resulted in much greater amounts of cosmic energy getting through to us.

ways and not just directly. The other two ways are via the Sun and via the inner core of our Earth. Continuous energy arriving at the Iron/Nickel inner core is converted into very low frequency sound energy. It is these sound energies and their frequencies that give rise to linear concentrations

of sound on the surface of the Earth which are known as the Earth Energy lines.

Earth Energies Abound

Science has shown that this energy can mutate

There are several types of Earth energies and

DNA. Greenland ice cores have been found to show

they can be found everywhere. About 1 in 4 of

changing amounts of the isotope Beryllium 10. This is

us live and work in places which have these

an indicator of levels of cosmic energy and the evidence

energy lines running through them.

suggests that there are great cycles over time when we

Since the advent of greater amounts of cosmic energy,

have higher then lower levels of this energy getting

these lines have doubled in their width and this now

through. This now seems to be linked to pulses of

means many more of us are affected by them. This

energy coming from the centres of active galaxies.

can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on our

The highest levels of cosmic energy in our past

own emotional attitude and the nature of a few of

seem also to be linked to major evolutionary changes

these lines. If we have a positive nature, this will be

over time. It now appears that, we have just begun

accentuated and these energies will make you feel really

the journey towards another evolutionary change.

The Henge Magazine  31

... continued fantastic. If you have more negative tendencies, these

to emerge onto the surface of the planet. The first pair

too will be amplified and this will not be so good.

fully appeared in June 2018. The final two pairs began to

Some of us are also living on one particular

arrive in December 2018. They will fully emerge in June

frequency of sound that is really not healthy for us at

2019. The initial consequences of this are the many more

all. This has been shown to lead to ill health, illness and

powerful intersections or nodes that will be created as

disease. Fortunately there are things that Geobiologists

these lines cross existing ones. This will lead to huge

are aware of that can alleviate these problems. A

amounts of extra energy coming through from them.

quick location check is often all that is needed. With regards to the evolutionary changes that

These new lines though will need to be integrated into the existing network of energies. This is something

are underway though, these energy lines are

that light workers and energy workers are now being

playing a really important part of the process.

drawn to do all around the planet. By the time this has

They can be unhealthy places to be if we are

been completed we will be fully immersed in a new

exposed to these energies for too long.

and extremely powerful cosmic energy environment

When we sleep, these new energies also begin to affect our subconscious mind in positive ways.” For really positive results though we can

that will have evolutionary consequences for us all.

The Knights Templar A recent discovery shows that the more powerful intersections have a connection to the Knights Templar.

meditate for short periods of time on the special

Both modern and old sacred sites seem to be linked

intersections of these lines. This can be highly

to these nodes and places where people pray or

beneficial especially on four particular days of the

meditated. Cathedrals like Chartres in France seem

year. These are the last days of the solar cycle, the

to have much in common in this way with places

same days as the ancient Hebrew Holy days .

like Glastonbury in the UK and even Jerusalem.

These special sites are where we find equal number

Newly discovered knowledge from symbols that

and pairs of earth energy lines all crossing over

the Templars left behind in some of their lesser

at one place (A symmetrical node). Avebury Stone

known sites is now beginning to help us understand

circle in the UK is one such place and it has several

more about what we should be doing at these

other sites nearby that are also great for meditating

places and what is possible when this is done.

with these energies – Oliver’s Castle, which is

Blue Kachina Hopi Indian Prophecy

not far from Avebury is one of these places.

Emperor Dragon Lines

One of these areas of discovery connects with some

More powerful places can be found outside of the UK.

particular the Blue Kachina Hopi Indian prophecy

These occur when the largest and most powerful lines

that predicts a seven-year transition period before

– the Emperor Dragons – cross over. For many years

we enter into the Golden Age. This time starts after

this only occurred in four places around the World.

the appearance of the ‘Twins’. It now seems that

With the increase in cosmic energy and the decreasing

the ‘Twins’ relate to the new Emperor Dragons

magnetic fields, new Emperor Dragon lines have started

32 The Henge Magazine   

of the major prophecies found around the World. In

that fully emerged earlier this year. If this is right, the Golden Age could come as soon as 2024. What we are told about this transition period in this and other prophecies is very similar to what many people are now experiencing. In particular we are told we must go through these mental challenges and that we must all fast and pray. If we can do this in sufficient numbers then we can all take

More about these prophecies and their interpretations and what the modern and ancient seers and sages say about these coming events can be found in the book Grail Found. You can also find more information about Earth Energies, dowsing courses that benefit and support you with the transition, books and documentaries by visiting,

advantage of the next evolution of consciousness. If this is all correct, then one of the things to emerge from the Knights Templar research and the latest Geobiology results is that we must prepare now for these coming changes. Not only must we be mindful where we now live and work, but we must increase our sensitivity and levels of awareness of these energies. One really good way to do this is to learn to dowse these energy lines. The key message we keep getting told though is that we must gather in group meditation at these sacred sites all around the World on these four key times each year. These are the last day of the Sun’s cycle - the day before the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The Henge Magazine  33

Tarot Toolkit with Ivan Brownrigg

In each issue, Ivan Brownrigg Tarot Reader, Teacher and Coach explores how and why the Tarot is such an effective window to veiw life through.

Ivan started learning the Tarot some 40 years ago under the guidance of his teacher, Leo. He reads with the Tarot of Frownstrong cards, designed by Leo and the research group Ivan worked with. He also has a diploma in Business and Life Coaching, is a qualified NLP Practitioner and facilitates a Meditation group. As a mentor with IBM Australia, Director of the International Association of Human Values, and a consultant with the Conflict Resolution Network, Ivan has enjoyed a varied range of personal development experiences.

Tarot ~ An Awakening Art Are you Awake?

What Awakens You?

Well you’re not asleep as you’re reading these

So what triggers such awakenings? For some, it

words, but are you truly awake – as in living in the

can be a loss, or suffering that acted as a catalyst

afterglow of an awakening moment or experience?

to see a transformed life beyond our pain. For

If so, you are blessed and know how precious such awakening moments are.

others, it may be induced by the beauty and stillness of an intimate moment in nature.

They are the times when our

For many, I surmise, awakening

awareness expands and seems to intensify. We transcend our normal, limited mental states and pre-occupations with day-to-day life, and experience a sense of elation. Our perceptions become

happens in spiritual practices.

“ An actual moment of

awakening may be short… however the after effects can

more vivid, more alive, and we feel a peaceful, authentic

be… life-changing”

connection with nature, other human beings, and all life. In its

An actual moment of awakening may be short in duration, however the after-effects can be long and life-changing, altering one’s perspectives, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. They inevitably have a highly therapeutic effect. The art, however, is then to stay awake! A small study at Leeds-Beckett

University of 90 ‘awakening experiences’

highest expression, we feel serene and

showed the most common effects were a greater

one with the whole world - a focal point at which

sense of trust, confidence and optimism. For

the universe becomes conscious of itself.

example, one person reported that, “even though

34 The Henge Magazine   

the whole experience was brief, it left me with a little piece of knowing and hope.”

Enter the Tarot I believe the Tarot can also play a role in awakening. It functions on many levels, not least as a highly effective learning and teaching tool. Many people do not see a way through their problems as they have no alternative point of reference from which to know the choices available to them. The Tarot can open a new window through which they can view their lives. It can be that wake up call, that starting point. There’s something profound about ‘seeing’ your life story at that time, depicted and represented by the icons, hieroglyphics and symbology of the cards. Read well, they enable us to see ourselves

The Tarot reminds us that it is not so much the

more from the perspective of the energies and

situations or circumstances that are the problems, it is

influences that shape the patterns in our lives.

what we are making them mean, how we perceive and

We often know instinctively what the cards are

respond to them that is shaping and defining our lives.

showing us, yet seeing the picture there in front of

Awakening to this and accepting personal

us, like a drawn-back veil, resonates more strongly.

responsibility, we become powerful. We

There is no judgement, no right or wrong, no good

feel a sense of confidence and trust that we

or bad – just what is, dispassionately shown for the

are truly the architects of our lives.

enquirer to do with what they choose. More conscious choice is the essence of what the Tarot offers.

So,how does it work?


All is exactly as it should be, given the choices we have made, it could be no other way."

And we are free to make new choices, which

The Tarot works largely through synchronicity –

create new thoughts and emotions, which lead to

described by Jung as the occurrence of related events

new behaviours and experiences, creating new

not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.

outcomes. Awakening expands our choices and

The seemingly random patterns in which the cards

inevitably brings the changes we aspire to.

fall are simply revealing parts of a greater pattern.

We are no longer victims, but creators. And if

They become a means through which communication,

we have created unwanted outcomes, then we

often on a psychic or intuitive level, can take place.

can create wanted ones too. This helps to instil

The awakening moments are when we experience

optimism and a renewed belief in ourselves.

a ‘knowing’ that we are the source of everything that is manifesting in our lives. That our thoughts,

A New Perspective

emotions and behaviours are resonating at the same

The higher motive of the Tarot is to show us that

frequency as the influences we are attracting, and

life’s journey is not so much about ‘finding’ ourselves

largely determining the outcomes we are experiencing.

- it’s about ‘creating’ ourselves. The True Self is not

The Henge Magazine   35

something one finds, it’s something one creates. When we truly assimilate this knowing into our hearts and minds, we awaken to possibility. Roused from the great Hypnos of life, we enter an awakened state of aliveness and empowered creativity. We awaken to ourselves. So, as we gradually emerge out of winter, we approach that pivotal point - the Vernal Equinox. It is an auspicious, awakening time. Light and dark become equal for a moment, then the afternoons begin to slowly stretch into evenings as the daylight waxes. There is a natural, joyful awakening phenomena taking place everywhere in nature. And there is no better time to enjoy an inspiring, awakening Tarot Reading at the fabulous Avebury Henge Shop.

To book your tarot reading or Meditation with Ivan, contact The Henge Shop on 01672 539229 or visit



Jane Easton has been a member of 'Team Henge' for several years. She is a qualified garden and floral designer and has been initiated into various holistic and spiritual schools. Armed with this knowledge and experience, she spends many hours sourcing the right material to sell in the shop. Her love of literature is clear, and she is very enthusiastic in sharing her passion for information with those who visit the shop; she loves to chat and compare! Jane organises regular book and divination signings, and is always on the lookout for new and inspiring Authors! For those who are seeking all things Spiritual, Health and Wellbeing, History and Geology, you will alwys find something on our shelves. YY Being Here Too - Short Stories of Modern Day Enlightenment

Ariel and Shya Kane / ASK Productions/Amazon/ Paperback £10.11/ Kindle £7.80 ‘When you are Being Here in the current moment…magic happens.' These award-winning authors share inspiring true stories about life, death and everything in between.’ This book teaches that being able to engage in what is happening in the present and allowing it to unfold naturally, can become a way of being. One of the keys is letting the past go and not worrying about a future that hasn’t arrived yet. The stories are written by a variety of people just getting on with their everyday lives whose experiences demonstrate how fortunate they are – how fortunate we all are – that life can and will support those of us who ‘let go’ and trust. Read this book and immerse yourself in the truly uplifting life experiences held within. It’s a good read and warm on the heart. Ariel and Shya Kane are internationally acclaimed seminar leaders, business consultants and the authors of several award-winning books.

YY Raising the Runes Jeremy R.J White / New 72 Publishing / £10 ‘No man or woman’s runic journey is right or wrong, better or worse than the next. It is just their story. So here is my story. Make of it what you will, but do not revere it as holy, or throw it away. You may use it as a tool to take the first steps on this wonderful path.’ JRJWhite. Jeremy is a Shaman, who teaches Northern Shamanic Studies and has a spiritual connection with the Viking God, Odin and the runes. In his first book, he takes you on a journey where you can discover the magic and profound wisdom of the runes. Written in Jeremy’s own unique and entertaining style, this book is easy to read and digest, and is a great introduction to the runes.

YY Life by Numbers Elizabeth Barber/ KDP/ £10.00 This unique book differs from the traditional numerology in that no personal birth dates or even your name are required for you to obtain the answers that you seek. In a similar way to how Cosmic Ordering works, you are asking the Universe for assistance. Numbers appear to us in many ways. If you have something that you need help with, this unique system will reveal a message of guidance. Using your intuition, you will be able to analyse the response before you. Elizabeth’s book offers you a fabulous dictionary of possible combinations and their meanings. Easy to use too and effective and very much worth keeping close by! Just remember to keep the mind open and trust the Universe.

YY Your Zodiac Soul John Wadsworth / Orion Spring / £14.99 Working with the twelve zodiac gateways to create balance, happiness and wholeness, Your Zodiac Soul is an Astrology book with a difference and invites you to explore the deeper elements of the zodiac. Your journey begins with Aries and ends with Pisces and author, John Wadsworth, takes you into both the light and shadow of each sign, whilst also offering a myriad of possibilities to help you discover a new perpespective. With easy to follow exercises and questions to deepen your understanding, this book is both suitable for beginner and advanced student. Interspersed with mythology and poetry, you are invited to journey deep into your zodiac soul and discover your gifts and overcome your self-limiting beliefs.


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REGULAR EVENTS ...more than just a feeling

Author Book Signings YY John Cowie - Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory Saturday 20th April 2019 John Cowie will be here in the shop signing copies of his work: "Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory." In the 3rd edition of his book, John presents further evidence to support his theories. Come and share your thoughts and questions with John. He will be delighted to meet you.

For more info, contact: or The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Kit Berry - Stonewylede Series Saturday 4th May 2019 Author Kit Berry will be here helping us to celebrate Beltane. Author of the "Stonewylde" series, Kit will be available for book signings and a chance to chat with her about her work (and upcoming projects).

For more info, contact: www.stonewylde.comor The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Beatrice Parvin - Captain Swing and the Blacksmith Friday 17th May 2019 Beatrice Parvin, will be here signing copies of her debut novel "Captain Swing & the Blacksmith" before an evening performance of the book at the Social Centre.

For more info, contact: or The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Adrian Incledon-Webber Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June 2019 Healer and Dowser, Adrian, will be here in celebration of Summer Solstice with his books, "Heal your Home", "Spirit & Earth" and "Intuition". Adrian will be available for book signings and to chat about his work. .

For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229



Henge Shop TALKS • WORKSHOPS • GATHERINGS YY Metatronic Healing Meditation Sunday 24th March 2019 11.30 -1pm - Suggested donation £10. Concessions £5 You are invited to this simple and nourishing session of healing with Archangel Metatron to open your heart, clear your mind and reconnect you with life in this season of burgeoning light. This session will be guided by Brendagh O'Sullivan and all are welcome, no experience is required. For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Holistic Wellbeing Day Retreat Saturday 27th April 2019 (2 spaces left) 10am - 5pm - £75 You are invited to join Carol from Haneys Holistic Wellbeing and Caroline from Tranquility Yoga, for a day of pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Throughout the day, you will learn to connect to your hearts and awaken the energies and power you have within! A nurturing time of self-exploration through yoga asanas, meditation, beautiful music and sensory essential oils....a day to truly rejuvenate and revitalise you, from the inside out!

For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY The Meanings of Beltane Saturday 4th May ~ Time tbc - £5 An intriguing Powerpoint presentation with Peter Knight about the meanings of this ancient fire festival. Includes prehistoric Beltaine alignments, the Cerne Giant, the amorous activities of ancient fertility gods and goddesses, the St Michael Line (a Beltaine alignment), and modern revivals around May Day, such as the Obby ‘Os at Padstow, May Kings and Queens, well dressings, maypoles and Morris Dancing For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Finding your Divine Power Within Workshop Thursday 9th May 2019 - 2pm - 5pm £ tbc We are all part of the same divine energy. We ARE that energy. We have all knowledge, insights, power & healing talents that we need to go through this life in abundance. However, just before we came here, we agreed that we would forget who we are. Forget that we have and are all that is. We agreed to grow up and believe what we were told by the people near to us. This workshop is about letting go of those old Belief Systems and reclaiming your true Divine Powers.


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For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229 The Henge Magazine   41

the only hours we live."Richar e r "Th e h a y t u d Jeff bea ours when eries the mind is absorbed by



Henge Shop TALKS • WORKSHOPS • GATHERINGS YY An Introduction to New Lemuria & Sacred Healing Flames Sunday 12th May 2019 10.30am- 4.30pm ~ £88 • BOOKING ESSENTIAL (Concessions before 2nd April)

Join Ankara as she gives you an overview of each of the seven Sacred major f lames, their attributes and how each one can assist you in a most profound, healing way. To balance and master these sacred energies within our life-stream is understood to be key to the Ascension process and achieving a life with love, ease, grace and mastery. Be prepared for a magical and deeply healing experience as you journey to the sacred flame temples where you have the opportunity to attune to and receive blessings from the Elohim, Archangels and ascended masters of the sacred flames. You will also learn about the associated Chakras and much more.

FOR MORE INFO contact Ankara at or The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY The Heart of Lemuria & Sacred Healing Flames Sunday 9th June 2019 • 10.30 - 4.30pm ~ £88 • BOOKING ESSENTIAL (Concessions before 20th May)

Join Ankara as she helps you hear the wisdom and offers guidance to delve into the practice, step-by-step, of the Lemurian Heart; the heart of the Divine, which begins with the return to our origins of consciousness. It is now the time to take back the ‘Torch’ in service to Mother Earth and all; awaken ancient memory; restore the gifts of divinity and mastery; develop self-luminosity and see the blessed light of Mother Earth shine with her song joined with the music of the spheres.

FOR MORE INFO contact Ankara at or The Henge Shop on 01672 539229 The Henge Magazine   43

Dragon's Lair


Living and working with the Dragon Realms is a little like being picked up by your heels and shaken vigorously. Nothing feels or looks quite the same ever again. I have been working with them now for over 15 years. Like all things in life, we pick things up and put them down again, return to it when the time is right, and continue where we left off. My journey with the Dragons is no different. What I have come to realise is that the Dragons were manoeuvring me exactly where they wanted me to be.

In the Beginning… The dragons entered my periphery vision during 2004

The energy connection we require on a

via a lady called Korani Connolly. Korani and I worked

spiritual level will make itself known to us.

together on the Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine, One

And seeing that some of us are more resistant than

Source; Korani as my Deputy Editor, side-kick, general

others (don’t listen as acutely as our peers may) get

sounding board, but most importantly as my friend.

dragon banging on the door, rather than the gentle tap

It was during 2006 that the dragons really came into their own during my Reiki I attunement. That point

of the angelics! Like the angels, the dragons have their own

was a game changer for me and I received one of my

personality and each one carries their own wisdom,

biggest downloads ever. The Clans (as I now know

support and teachings for us. They are immensely

them to be called) were flying overhead. That was the

powerful, creative, inquisitive and honourable beings

point they gave me my life’s work and the instructions.

that carry a lovely sense of humour, peppered with

Most of what the Dragons gave me that day took about 12 or more years to put into place. The instructions on workshops was the easy part. I

enormous compassion. I liken Dragon energy to that of the Noble War Horse.

began running workshops on Dragons, how to

Why Now?

connect and why they were here. The remaining

Dragons’ appearance now is testament that we are

part of their instructions were more difficult,

now ready. Dragon has been ‘bumbling’ about in

and, in all honesty, I didn’t feel ‘qualified’ or wise

the background for a long time, waiting for us as

enough let alone good enough to carry them

humans to be ready to hear, see and accept them.

out. That all took the intervening 12 years.

Some of us have been aware of them for an incredibly

Why Dragons?

long time, even life times in some instances. Finally, we are waking up spiritually in ways

Dragons, I have come to understand are, in simple

which were not accessible previously. The whole of

terms, another form of divine or spiritual energy. Like

human consciousness is lifting together. Now the

that of guides, angels, power animals and so on.

planet’s vibration has lifted, enough dragons are

able to connect with us. They are able to lower their energy enough so we can raise ours to meet them. Like all spiritual beings they are wise teachers and masters, and urge us to be kind to ourselves, to be honest, to break away from patterns and ways of being which are not in alignment to our true nature and spiritual pathway. The biggest one is to honour ourselves as human beings living a spiritual existence here on this planet we call home.

Types of Dragon Many of us are aware of the Eastern philosophy concerning Dragons. How they connect to the elements, of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I also believe there are wood dragons, metal dragons, and ice dragons (Ice Dragon is actually one of my healing dragons). There are also 3 other Clans of dragon:

YY Grand Masters Wise and compassionate beings who make extraordinary teachers. The Grand Masters carry both dragon and human form and have the ability to shift swiftly and easily between the two. They are also Ascended Masters, but not all Ascended Masters are Grand Masters.

YY Galactic Guardians These powerful dragons are the go between, between our world and that of the Galaxies. They include Lord Kathumi, Luna and others, which you can discover more of from my Dragon Path Oracle Deck.

YY Earth Walk Clan These dragons walk beside us daily, encouraging us, guiding us and supporting us. Helping us to be brave, to be honest with ourselves, to give us courage to change, to speak up, to keep moving forward. In short, to be the best version of us we can possible attain in this life time both spiritually and humanly.

Dragon Card for Spring Equinox YY Dragon of Transformation Reading As we welcome the warmer days, spring flowers, returning of colour and light into our lives, Transformation is about letting go of the dark. The darkness of us. Our fears, our self-doubt, anger and sorrow. Even frustration and self-limiting beliefs. We no longer need to own these experiences, their task is complete, like that of the receding winter months, acknowledge they have been there, thank them for the lessons, the experiences, but it’s now time to look forwards, to take the lesson, the understanding and build the life you want from it. To dwell here in the self-imposed pain, only serves to hold you in chains, to keep you held in winter and darkness. So welcome the light, rejoice in the spring and what it has to offer you. Forgive yourself and step forward. All the Dragons are here for us all to call upon, to help us traverse the complexities of life, so if you are feeling stuck, feeling rudderless, with no course set, call upon the Dragon of Transformation to help you set course and guide your way forward, to heal, to allow and Transform as you march into Spring as the beautiful brave soul you truly are.

YY Working with Dragons All of the Clans are in my oracle deck – The Dragon Path Oracle (available to purchase through the Henge Shop www. These took me 12 years to bring to life; I had to be ready and brave enough to step up and create them. I needed to be wise enough to believe in me and accept the fact that I talk dragons and that I wasn’t a total crazy lady!

YY I look forward to journeying with you again on the Dragon Path. Until next time… with love and dragon blessings x

About Car oline

Mitchell Caroline is the author of the Drag Path Oracle on Cards, drag 4th genera on whispe tion psych ic, tarot rea rer, workshop d facilitator. She is a reg er and Henge Sho u la r at the p both as a ta ro t re ader and running dra gon works hops. www.face /theorigin aldragonla www.caro dy linemitche PLEA SE CONTA CT THE HE NGE SHOP BOOK A R TO EADING

46 The Henge Magazine  

Manifest Wh


You are hardwired to succeed. I don’t you get vibrationally aligned or when you are otherwise perfect. You, right objects or experiences you desire the m This is the blessing of intuition. Intuition is the link between our Human and our Spirit. By Human I mean the collection of your memories, physical body and five senses, emotional feelings, thinking mind, and our subconscious beliefs. Our Human judges what we

The best kinds of questions to ask your intuition in order to manifest what you desire tend to be specific, open ended, and time bound. For example, asking...

YY “What’s the next step for me to take to get this outcome?”

think we can do based on patterns it has learned in the past. It fears. It self sabotages in order to keep us ‘safe’ from the very change we want. It is constantly creating our experiences from this place.

Our Spirit doesn’t follow patterns or rules It is our soul and our soul’s connection

YY “Who can help me do this right now?”

to the divine source, the energy that

YY “Where do I find the support I need now?”

to one reality or one time—it is

YY “What’s in my highest and best

divine perspective and intelligence.

interest to let go of right now?”

YY “What three things would help me the most right now?”

connects us all. Spirit is not limited connected to infinite possibilities, Neither is Spirit limited to fate or destiny, numerology or astrology. It doesn’t care about the past, is not limited by our subconscious beliefs or how we grew up. Our Spirit is constantly telling us exactly how we can manifest what we desire the most from right here, right now. Afterall,

48 The Henge Magazine   

hat You Desire



t mean that you have the possibility for success after n you think positively about what you want or when here, right now, have the ability to manifest the most in the fastest, easiest and best way possible.

Candice Thomas is an intuitive adviser who shows entrepreneurs & leaders how to make a tangible impact on the world. our Spirit gave us our desires in the first place. Spirit didn’t come here to tease us with a dream that we don’t have the potential to experience in this lifetime.

So how can you work in partnership with your Spirit? Use your intuition! When you start using your intuition on purpose your Spirit gets ‘louder’, more specific, and even more obvious to your Human. The process of returning to Spirit over and over again opens up phenomenal healing. I have witnessed clients permanently overcome imposter syndrome, procrastination, nagging, and extreme social anxiety in 90 days. Not by being positive or doing affirmations but by embracing and actively using their intuition, consequently releasing the deeper emotional wounds holding them back.

So, what is intuition? Intuition is more than a gut feeling, it is one of your best tools for manifesting exactly what you want. In the thousands of hours of client work I’ve done I have consistently seen a pattern as to how my best clients manifest exactly what they desire. These aren’t the only ways to engage with intuition but seem to be the easiest for the majority of people to follow:

1. Connect with Your Spirit Consistently Meditation is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to increase your intuition. The purpose of meditation is to consciously move beyond human thoughts and

emotions and tune into Spirit. Consistently meditating at least once a day, everyday leads to powerful shifts. There have been studies that show that introducing meditation into prisons and cities reduces crime. The repeated practice of meditation starts closing the perceived gap between your Human and your Spirit. If you don’t think you like meditation or don’t think you can do it, it’s more likely that you haven’t found the type of meditation that resonates with you. There are several types of meditation - from chanting to guided visualizations, to transcendental and more. There are also several meditation apps with an assortment of 5-minute meditations for people who think they don’t have the time. I have also created a special meditation for manifesting what you desire on my website.

2. Be clear about what you want emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually Being clear is more about helping you be honest about what you truly desire so that you align your human thoughts and intentions with your Spirit versus sending a mixed message into the world. Your Spirit has access to all possibilities of how to get from point A to point B. Spirit gives your brain ALL the options of how to do so. Your brain filters out everything that doesn’t match what you said you wanted. This is why if you’re vague with what you want, the guidance you receive from your intuition may be equally as vague or seem wrong. For example, a client of mine said they wanted to attract more clients. When I asked them what kind of clients they said “Anyone!” I disagreed with them.

The Henge Magazine  49

Manifestation Exercise To get into the energy, focus on what you want to manifest (see step 2). Use your imagination to see, feel, hear, even taste and smell what you desire as if it were happening now. Next, allow yourself to emotionally connect to the experience. This gets your Human over the ‘gap’ it perceives between you and what you want. It also allows your Spirit to download innovation and insights to you beyond your thinking mind. Once you are really feeling it, ask a who/what/when/where/how question to know what to do next.

This client had a habit of attracting customers that were consistently ‘high maintenance.’“That’s not true,” I said. “I’m sure you want clients who respect you and your work, who are ready for your services, who will get great results working with you, and will happily pay you on time.” That was met with a resounding “YES!” After they got clear about what they wanted in their own clients, they went to a dinner party, two days later, and connected with three people who were a perfect match! It’s not necessary to give any details about things you don’t care about or you genuinely aren’t sure about. For example, the person looking for more clients wasn’t sure how they would get clients but they did know that they wanted the process to be easy. Instead of trying to get specific about how to get clients, they

Remember to be specific. I always use

created intentions around, ‘it’s easy to get consistent

now as opposed to today/this month/this

clients, they come to me, I love the process, etc.’

year —there’s no telling how long a ‘day’ is in the Spirit realm since linear time does not exist to Spirit; Spirit does absolutely understand now as a period of time) ‘Bad’ questions are those questions that are too complicated, too vague (like many yes/no questions), or too specific. The vaguer you are the vaguer the answer from Spirit may seem. “Will this work out for me?” (Too vague

Questions to consider ZZ Are you being as specific as you can be with what you know you want? ZZ Are you focusing on the end result of what you actually want or are you trying to ‘figure it out’ with your brain? ZZ Are you hiding what you really want in order to seem more ‘spiritual’ instead of asking for exactly what you would like?

— of course it will work out whether

3. Ask Spirit How to Manifest What You Desire

you like how it works out or not)

Asking the right kinds of questions opens up a clear

“What do I do?” (Too vague - not time bound)

line of communication between your Spirit and your

“Tell me all the steps I need to take for the

Human in a way your Human can clearly understand.

whole project.” (too complicated - especially if you haven’t taken any steps so far) Of course, as you put this into practice you will see exceptions to these rules. Trust yourself over what’s written here!

50 The Henge Magazine   

When my clients work with me, most think that getting information from their intuition will be the hardest thing to do. They are very surprised when they realize it’s not only easy to be ‘psychic for yourself’ but that the more they practice engaging with their intuition the stronger it gets very quickly.

The best way to ask a question of Spirit is to get

When you receive clear specific guidance

into the energy of what you desire versus asking

from Spirit, take action on it as soon as possible.

a question when you are feeling stressed out and

The longer that you wait, the less likely you’ll

overwhelmed. Asking when you are stressed out

get the same result you would have gotten had

may cause your human mind to shut down and

you trusted the information you received.

override whatever you receive from Spirit.

4. Take Action on the Guidance You Receive

Because intuition is not tied to our human limitation many people will experience fear or overwhelm once they understand their intuitive guidance. This means

The hardest part of the intuitive process is not in

that you haven’t cleared a limiting belief within yourself

receiving the intuitive information but trusting it.

and that limiting belief is in direct conflict with your

When you ask Spirit a question, an answer will drop into your awareness. You may see an image, recall a memory, hear a word, get a strong knowing, a physical feeling that reminds you of a past experience, or

intuitive guidance. When this happens, the fear part of your ego will throw every emotion at you to get you to stop, ignore your intuition, and just keep doing the same-old thing. Consequently, many people who keep

something else altogether.

waiting for things to ‘feel

This is a very unsexy

right’ before they take

experience for most people

action stay waiting for

who would rather see a

years and years and years.

team of angels and Spirit Guides come down from heaven and tell them what to do every step of the way. The Human judges the ‘boring’ answers it receives as not really being intuition. Especially because most of the time those answers won’t seem magical or special. This is because

That’s why it’s important to allow yourself to be negative. When your doubts and fears come up, your Spirit is pushing through your Human’s limitations. Once you see the fear you can work on clearing that energy at the root cause. Following these tips are great first steps

your intuition has constantly been feeding you the

toward manifesting what you desire.

same information over and over again but you’ve been

If you’d like to learn more, then join me for a

ignoring or dismissing it. It’s also because intuition

workshop at, The Henge Shop Avebury, England

is not emotional. You’ll receive information but you

in June 2019. Watch out for details on

won’t receive any emotional feelings connected to it.

You may have a sense that it is the truth but you won’t

Happy Manifesting!

necessarily feel brave about it. Remember, your intuition will always be your very first response to the questions you ask. Your immediate second response will be how your Human judges the information it receives.

The Henge Magazine  51

The Original Dragon Lady


Caroline Mitchell

One-to-one sessions available Join Caroline at the Henge Shop, via Skype or Zoom or at her beautiful tranquil workspace in rural Hampshire.

Book today on 07824 374073

Caroline is also available for Tarot readings, spiritual and dragon workshops.

Caroline Mitchell Simply Dragons Caroline Mitchell the Original Dragon Lady the_original_dragon_lady

Find Caroline online

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When I was asked to contribute to the first edition of this magazine, I thought I would give readers an insight into the magic of the Runes. As much as I tried, it kept getting blocked, and then I understood why. I have walked my shamanic path for many years, but I never really felt welcome in Avebury until three years ago. I was shown in a vision that I must walk the land

candles, mugwort and my shamanic staff, which is

and connect clients to the real magic of the sacred

decorated with nine bells to let the inhabitants of the

sites, so I started my ‘Walking With Wizards’

nine worlds know I am coming and to not fear me.

tours. I am a land guardian of Avalon and walk on the green fields of Glastonbury regularly. I know which spirit dwells in each nook and cranny of this area. A client contacted me in the Winter and wanted me to escort her guests across

We took the slow walk up to the burial chamber where I said a prayer and spat on the ground at the entrance before we both entered. It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust to the dim light within. I lit the candles, smudged with the mugwort, left the apples as offerings to the Fae

England visiting the most

and filled my horn with mead.

scared of places, including Avebury. In Glastonbury I

Saxon Sumble Rite

had earnt my right to walk

Next, I performed a Saxon

the land, through dedication

Sumble Rite, drinking from

and connection to the wights

the horn three separate times.

of this place. I was sure I had no permission to walk the hallowed

Once to honour the land spirits of place, secondly to call my Gods and

land of Avebury until I had asked the ancient

thirdly to thank my own ancestors for allowing

guardians and beings that dwelt in that earth.

me to stand in this time. On each of the three rounds

I went on a shamanic vision to ask my guides where to start in this place,” BENEATH THE EARTH AT WEST KENNETT,” was the answer I received.

the first drop is always given to the Earth. The last drop is left for the Faeries (Fae) of the hill. Julie stood in silence as I began to shake the bells

Journey to West Kennett

of my staff and chant the runes to take me into

So, on a brisk January morning, I set out on my quest

stepped across the veil and into the other world.

to connect with the ancient ones of Avebury. My girlfriend, Julie, came with me. I took mead, apples

54 The Henge Magazine   

shamanic vision. It was but a few moments before I I noticed that two beings were with me in the burial chamber, sat in each corner.

Visit Jeremy R.J White’s website for detials of his readings, courses and his Walking with Wizards tours. Opposite me, on the right was a calm and peaceful old man, dressed in grey furs. In the left corner was a scruffy old woman, in close proximity to where Julie was standing. The old woman addressed me in a coarse, angry voice. “Who is this? What right do you have to call on us? Be gone and take this frightened little girl with you.”

She then lashed out at Julie, who instantly squealed and pulled me from the vision.” “I don’t like this, I feel like

something just attacked me and wants me out of here.” she said. “OK J, I’ll meet you outside in a bit, I have to finish this if I am to bring clients here.” Julie left the cavern and I crossed back into vision. Both beings were still there, and the old woman challenged

“ There is a very powerful

energy that lives in there that must be respected, honoured and listened to.”

me as soon as I crossed the veil. “Be gone boy, you are not known to us.” She spat. Then the old man gently spoke. “He may be a stranger, but he comes showing respect. What is it you want from us?”

The Henge Magazine 55

... continued “Nothing more than to be allowed to escort travellers to this holy site. To sit, say prayers and give thanks.” I said as I turned to the old woman once more. She snarled but nodded her head as did the old man. I bowed in return, left the vision and returned to the world of man. I stepped back outside into the bright light

the divine Goddess Freya, escorted us all the way that day, even to the crop circle at Hackpen Hill.

At the beginning of each season and at the end I go to give thanks and offerings.” I myself will journey whilst inside but I made

an oath not to do that with clients. That is always done outside and on top of the burial mound. There

to find Julie quite upset; what had happened

is a very powerful energy that lives in there that

inside had freaked her out. What was really

must be respected, honoured and listened to.

strange was that she had a scratch on her cheek that wasn’t there before. We decided that it wasn’t a good place for her to visit in future.

The Return In the Summer, I returned with a large group of women from the Middle East, on a holy pilgrimage to follow the Michael leyline across England. Before we could enter the stone circle of Avebury, we had to show our respects at West Kennett first. There was obviously a price for me to pay as I had to push one of them in a wheel chair across and up the stone field. This group was very interesting as they had their own messages and songs to bring to the land - a lot of the time I just held space whilst they did their thing. At West Kennett they sang their holy songs within the tomb, as they did, the swallows that live there during the Summer months flew back inside and just rested peacefully on the stones. I realised that the birds live in North Africa for half the year, so this was a familiar sound to them, a song of home. After the ladies had finished their ceremony, I entered the shrine to speak with the spirits. The old man said, “Good work boy.” And the old woman just huffed her shoulders at me. Outside I could hear the women start to sing once more, they held their hands to the sky as a Red Kite (Hawk) hovered above. This raptor, the symbol of

56 The Henge Magazine   

"The wo

de r n rld will ne o w f ver star ve for want o


ant of wonder.� GK Chesterton w r o f nly o t u b


∙ d r a go n s ∙ c


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r yst a

∙ st a

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n sk

∙ sk u

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ll j e w

star b

e ll e r y

e i ng s ∙

s k u ll j e w e ll

∙ d r a go n s

e r y ∙ d r a go n s ∙ c

∙ c r y s t al s h u m a

We have one of the largest collections of crystal skulls

n sk


st ll s ∙

r yst

um al s h

in arbe

a n sk

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i ng s ∙ s ∙ star b e

w e ll e r y ∙ d r

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er y ∙ dragons

a go n s ∙ c r y s t a l s ∙ h


YYUnable to visit? Have questions? Come and visit us at the Henge Shop in the

in the world, with many

mystical Avebury stone circle in the UK or

beautiful, rare and unique

browse the collections online. If you have a

specimens ~ impossible to

specific requirement we'll do our best to help

describe with words!

you find the right spiritual stone for you.

CALL US +44 (0)1672 539229 ∙ BUY ONLINE

sk ul



Soul Dance

Revitalise your soul through Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Ecstatic Awakening Dance (EAD) may appear to be a 21st century invention, but the free form of ecstasy inducing rituals & movement has been around for thousands of years. Globally people have always come together to dance in celebration, in bonding a community and simply to just let loose the burdens of an, often, otherwise mundane life. Through the ages, dance has taken on many forms and been embraced and rejected by whole cultures, religions and societies. With the resurgence of interest in practices that can allow us to drop out of our busy stress-filled lives in a timely way, and tune into what feeds us (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), it is now that Ecstatic Awakening Dance has come of age.

What is Ecstatic Awakening Dance?  EAD is a powerful - and fun – way to get out of your heads and into your bodies; to turn off the chatter of the thinking mind, to release stuck emotional energy and to access a deeper part of yourself that is connected to Source.

The Five Stages of EAD

There are 5 stages to the Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ experience which are designed to gently release the mind’s grip and bring you into your body in a safe contained way that allows you to gently release on all levels.

The use of movement, music and the very

1. Body Warm-Up

powerful tool of breath to ignite our life-force,

Here you are invited to drop into sacred space

moves you past your resistances (whether these be

using breath and movement to awaken the body

physical, emotional or mental), and awakens your

from the soles of your feet up to the crown of

heart to your true ecstatic nature.

your head.

EAD is done mostly with eyes closed so that you

2. Shake

go inside and can be a witness to your process... It’s not about getting lost in trance but about waking up into the HERE AND NOW so that you experience yourself and life more fully!

This powerful, ancient method allows the body to shake and tremble all over. Eyes are closed and breath is deep and relaxed. Its purpose is to shake off stress and tension and to awaken your

You go at your own pace so this dance can be

life force which is often ‘sleepy’. The effect is

accessed by any age or ability.

refreshing, energizing and balancing.

60 The Henge Magazine   

What are the Benefits of EAD? YY Stuck physical energy and emotion can surface easily to be safely released.

YY Internal visions and dream-like states

that give us insights and inspirations into our lives.

YY A sense of self-empowerment. YY Relief from everyday worries and the general chatter of the mind.

YY Clarity of thinking from a higher perspective.

YY A sense of calm, peace, joy and bliss. YY A warm open-hearted space in which you

Rebecca Hans combe

Rebecca is the Director and Lead Train er of the School of Ecstatic Movement. Sh e is co-founder of the Wild Chocolate Clu b and Mama Wisdom Ecstatic Awakening Da nce for Pregna ncy and Birth with Zoë Maso n.

Find a class o r be

w w w.schoolo

ema il: rebecc

come a teache r...

fecstaticmov a@ sc hoolofecs taticmoveme

feel connected and whole.

YY A connection with the Divine/Spirit, and a sense of oneness and wonder.

YY An experience of ecstasy and liberation. 3. Ecstatic Energy Dance

5. Grounding

With eyes closed drop into the rhythm of your own nature, learn a simple breathing technique called the Breath of Fire. This ignites the letting go process by super oxygenating the body and brain, revitalising you at a cellular level, freeing the mind from its incessant chattering and allowing a “whole-brain” activity. It allows you to gain access to a deeper level of Being, through the dance. The more you can let go and surrender to the dance, the more the ego will get out of the way and the dance will move through you.

Now complete the process with a simple guided visualization where you can ground yourself and come back to normal waking consciousness.

4. Stillness When the music stops, so does the dance and you simply drop to the ground in stillness, relaxation and integration.

YY Follow Your Bliss Everything is energy and energy is always in motion! There is great rushing of energy that is bought to you as you have the courage to repeatedly step into the dance. Through that door, we welcome you with a smile and a recognition of your courage to find your way home to your most precious gift. The School of Ecstatic Movement is celebrating 11 years of delivering a standard of excellence through its teacher training & workshop programme. The Henge Magazine   61

Astrology for the Soul with John Wadsworth

John has been working as a professional astrologer since 1993 and teaching astrology since 2000, running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University. He also teaches night-sky astronomy and runs a mobile planetarium for schools.

The Journey of Your Zodiac Soul: Twelve Gateways to Wholeness Every day, from sunrise to sunrise, the twelve

study of the zodiac wheel’s twelve imaginal

great star constellations of the ecliptic circle

faces can help us to re-member who we are and

wheel around us in the sky, each one rising and

how we are connected to the world around us.

setting, in turn, every twenty-four hours. Over the course of a year, the Sun passes through

The Zodiac as a Medicine Wheel

each of these signs visiting, in turn, each of the

In popular astrological parlance, the zodiac

twelve figures, whose particular natures reflect the

broadly describes twelve different personality

various stages of the seasonal cycle and the ever-shifting dynamic balance of light and dark. As an agricultural calendar the original

types, and we ally ourselves to one of its twelve tribes, each with its own totemic figure. By drawing up a chart for the moment of

inspiration behind the

one’s birth, we can go

zodiac may have been

much deeper, as the

to mark the twelve

precise positions of

labours of the year,

the planets in the

which also points us

signs and houses

more profoundly to

of the horoscope

the twelve labours of

are revealed to form

the soul. In my recently published book, Your Zodiac Soul, I imagine the zodiac wheel as an ancient emblem of the soul, an

a configuration that is unique to each one of us. As an experienced professional astrologer, interpreting

alchemical route map of life’s journey imprinted on

people’s birth charts is my primary occupation.

the human psyche. Following a cyclical narrative

However, in my book I have taken another

rich in image, symbol, and myth, this experiential

approach, and demonstrate an experiential journe

62 The Henge Magazine   



The Spring signs of Aries, Taurus & Gemini are linked to fertility, prosperity and pollination."

through the twelve signs that is known to the psyche

the community takes stock, plans ahead and

and common to us all, one that is part of our culture’s

pulls together its collective wisdom, praying

collective wisdom tradition. I show how each sign

and fasting in preparation for Spring’s return.

offers up a medicine, an essential truth or teaching. As a medicine wheel, the zodiac presents us

The Spring Equinox

with a series of stories, constellated around twelve

The wheel traditionally begins at the Spring

root archetypes, each articulating a different

Equinox with Aries, as light first begins to overtake

dimension of the soul’s journey. These serve as

darkness in the season, and this has long been

gateways of enquiry and initiation, where we can

recognised as a new year marker in astrologically-

engage with the imbalances in our psyche, come

based calendars. In ancient Mesopotamia, new

to realise where our own personal wheel gets

year was calculated as the first full moon after

stuck, and work imaginatively to restore balance,

the Spring Equinox, the day after the Sumerian

integrity and a sense of wholeness to our being.

goddess Inanna’s return from the Underworld. The equinoctial Aries ingress is also still

The Seasonal Cycle

observed as the new year in Iran, as Nowruz,

The zodiac is based around four turning points in

following the Zoroastrian tradition, and marks

the year, the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and the

the beginning of the Baha’i calendar.

Summer and Winter Solstices. These mark the ingress of the Sun into the four cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn, which act as seasonal markers. While the summer signs of Cancer, Leo and

In this Spring issue, let us consider the first three signs of the wheel in a little more detail.

YY Aries (21st March - 20th April)

Virgo reflect the fruiting, ripening and harvesting

Aries the ram, or springtime lamb is where we are

of the crop. The Autumn signs of Libra, Scorpio

presented with the medicine of courage, and the

& Sagittarius reflect the withdrawal of Nature’s

impulse to burst into life like buds on a branch.

verdancy, as leaves fall and are composted; nights

This impulsive fire sign, is quick to anger and

lengthen and with that, a deeper engagement

carries the shadow of rage, but it also teaches

with the mysteries of death and renewal. In the

us to come first, and to experience life fully

Winter signs of Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces,

as it appears to us, in the here and now. The

The Henge Magazine  

Your Zodiac Soubyl

blished John’s book is pu P: £14.99 Orion Spring, RR ing extensive free John is also offer and mpany the book resources to acco t your own birth help you interpre lable at: chart. This is avai

om www.yourzodiacsoul.c

challenge is laid down to us at the first gateway: Seize the day and live for the moment; stake your claim to be fully yourself, and sow your seed with focus and intention.

YY Taurus (20th April - 21st May)

In the second sign of the wheel, Taurus, light is increasing, t sweet-scented blossoms are out, and everything in the garden

is growing. Here, our guiding image is the bull or sacred cow, as the fiery Arien seed of life becomes embodied through the five senses in this sensuous earth sign. Taurus offers us a horn of plenty and reminds us to practice gratitude; for what you appreciate, appreciates. We should be mindful of getting fixated on our bellies or our bank balance in the shadows of this gateway. The practice here is to slow down, take stock of what we have, notice how that is sustaining us, and accept that, right now, it is enough.

YY Gemini (21st May - 21st June) In the third sign, Gemini, the chattering twins are buzzing with information, as the pollinators conjure up the magic of language and trade in the air element. Here we learn to articulate our intentions, to exchange ideas, to use words creatively to manifest what we want. Thinking and speaking creates our experience of the world, so we must be mindful of gossip and complaint. Remember that your word is your bond with the universe. •

64 The Henge Magazine   



use of all the desir a c e b d es "I do nte a w I t not ha ve to ask my heart wha as the essence of al w t i r o l of t I hav g n i cl I e ever k d i d e n o nown, just desi re: to know Beaut y." St. John of the Cross

SWINDON 105.5 The local radio Station at the Heart of its Community is proud to support The Henge Shop and its special relationship with Avebury and wish all success to its new magazine. The Henge Shop also Sponsors The Outer Limits Radio Show which explores the mysterious, esoteric and spiritual worlds.

Outer Limits :: Wednesdays at 10pm Tune into The Outer Limits every Wednesday from 10pm on 105.5fm, listen online, or download our App. If you miss it check out the podcast at…

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...more than just a feeling

Community & Connectivity YY Cosmic Classroom ~ Meditation with Sue Coulson Friday 5th April ~ SPEAKING WITH THE STAR NATIONS (intermediate - some experience required) 7.30-9.30pm EVERY FIRST FRIDAY ~ STAR NATIONS (all new clients)  12pm-1pm EVERY FIRST SUNDAY ~ CRYSTAL SKULLS (returning clients) 1.30pm-3pm Sue is based here at the Henge Shop and she leads a Crystal Skull meditation and regular full/new moon meditations in the circle. Contact •

YY Earth Healing Meditation& New Earth Energies Meditation One Sunday per Month 2pm-4pm ~ £8.50 donation Ankara was part of the national Earth Healing Network that were guided by Archangel Gabriel and star family from Arcturus in the early ‘90s. In-depth info on Facebook or contact Ankara on

YY One-to-One Freedom Consultations ~ Counselling with Tiffany Jarvis Thursday Mornings ~ £60 Tiffany Jarvis has 20 years experience counselling adults & young people, and has created a unique model of life coaching to uncover the cause of situations you may find yourself in. Join her for relief and freedom from waht is interfering with your happiness. Click here for a full description & to book

YY Meditation ~ Ivan Brownrigg Thursday Evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm ~ £5 Focus on creating new patterns which shape your behaviour, and lead to new experiences. Contact Ivan 07791 234562 •

YY Tarot Reading ~ Caroline Mitchell or Ivan Brownrigg Alternate weekends ~ from £20 We have two regular Tarot readers. Caroline of Simply Dragons & Ivan of Avebury Tarot. Contact the Henge Shop on 01672 539229 or pop in for more information • BOOKING IS PREFERRED FOR ALL EVENTS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED


YY Reiki with Reiki Master Helen Ramsay ~ via appointment only Contact or call 07990 513930

YY The Outer Limits Radio Show and Podcast, Sponsored by The Henge Shop Wednesdays 10pm-11pm Join the Outer Limits team each week and explore the esoteric, spirtual and mysterious. With guests and a weekly cosmic update. Listen live, online and on demand via their podcast. Text in your questions to 07900171453

YY Tai Chi with Terence O'Connor Terence O'Connor is available by appointment to teach T'ai-Chi either in a 1-to-1 class for £45 or a group session of 4 people for £25 per person.

Contact Terence on or 020 7978 8898 for more information

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REGULAR EVENTS ...more than just a feeling



e is f ull of radiance."John O c n e s e `Don er pr o hu h , e y t u a e has B " T r ue n o s r beaut y i a pe s numinous. When


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. Have a Somaoyur..readers,

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ul your so

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Magick and Ritual Discover the wonder of the Fae, with our special Fae feature from Fae Magazine’s Karen Kay. Add a splash of soul colour with the Divine Decorator, Klara Goldy. In this issue meet our new regular contributor: Sunday Times bestselling author, Theresa Cheung. She’ll be introducing us to the daily power of ritual and how it can positively impact our lives.

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“Rediscovering our inst inct ive and intuitive connection with Nat ure can inspire us all…” Ian Banyard

you in our wonderful Summer Spirit issue!

The spirit of summer is well and truly with us full of light and promise. It is a time for celebrating the life-giving force of the sun. And in our summer issue, our contributors certainly bring you life, colour, healing and so much more…


your soul

journey… We’ll be sharing more Soulfood with

What’s in Store for Summer?

E! 21st JUN


THANK-YOU for your company on our first

Discover how to interpret your dreams with Sunday Times best-selling autho r, �eresa Cheung


Uncover the science behind spirit uality with Steve Taylor from the Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List



Tune into the healing power of Nature with Ian Banyard



Explore the elemental world of fairies with FAE magazine’s Karen Kay



with Philippe Ullens



with John Wadsworth

Explore the Druid path with the Head of the British Druid Order, Grey Wolf and rediscover your connection with Nature through Natural Mindfulness and Ian Banyard. Needing to find balance? Then re-balance you with the healing power of the Havening Technique and Janie Whitmore.

Spirit and Science We also delve into the science of spirituality with Watkins’ author, Steve Taylor and explore astrology on a soul level with astrologer, John Wadsworth. Plus, much more from our regular Soulfood contributors.

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Come and join me and let’s celebrate Summer... and Autumn... and Winter!

Naz Ahsun, Editor

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