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Volume 10, December 2009 This edition mailed on: November 23 2009

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1989 Bell 206 L3

S/N : 51328 TOTAL TIME: 2,473 ASKING PRICE: Please call CONTACT: Mark Clancy, 763-753-3700, More about this helicopter on page 20 INSIDE THIS EDITION: LORD receives supplier award, Sikorsky and Tada create joint venture, Eurocopter’s latest, THN’s Tid Bits, New AW159 takes flight, plus much more! December 2009


Lord Corporation receives supplier award for work on Korean utility helicopter LORD Corporation — a leader in the management of vibration, noise and motion control — was selected by Korea Aerospace Industry (KAI) as one of their top four Elite Suppliers for the Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) program. The award was presented Sunday night at the KAI Seventh Supplier Symposium in Sacheon, Korea. LORD earned the award for their work on the KUH including supply of the main and tail rotor spherical bearings and dampers for the aircraft. According to Bernie Chan, Director, Sales & Marketing, Aerospace and Defense, Asia Pacific, LORD is honored to receive this prestigious award from KAI as it recognizes LORD Corporation’s performance and contribution to the KUH program. At the KUH Roll-Out Ceremony, held on July 31, Mr. Choi, Jong Ho, KAI Vice President and Head of Airframe Development Department, said that KAI is very satisfied with LORD Corporation’s technical capabilities as well as their responsiveness. “LORD products not only perform well but help us save weight on the KUH,” he said.

The 8-ton utility transport helicopter, which is slated for first flight in March 2010 and production in 2011, is being developed by KAI under the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). Designed to carry 9 troops, the new helicopter is intended to replace many of South Korea’s existing helicopters. The KUH main rotor damper uses LORD Corporation’s Fluidlastic™ technology, which has become an industry standard for superior noise and vibration isolation, as well as energy dissipation applications, due to its combination of high performance, ease of maintenance and efficient use of space. Fluidlastic technology is currently featured in mounts, lead lag dampers and torque restraints in both fixedand rotary-wing aircraft. In this design, the fluid technology is an improvement over traditional dampers as it eliminates the problematic sliding seals typically found in hydraulic dampers. The dampers can be designed with straight viscous damping or inertial damping. This allows

performance to be tailored with temperature and frequency. LORD dampers are routinely designed to meet challenging operating conditions including cold temperature environments and small oscillatory displacements. Since LORD uses fluid to generate damping, a highly fatigue-resistant elastomer can be used in lieu of a highdamped elastomer. This feature allows for a small component size with high endurance life. While the KUH tail rotor damper is made of LORD customized elastomer and metal assembly, the main and tail rotor spherical bearings are made of highcapacity laminate (HCL), a technology which LORD was first to apply to helicopters to replace mechanical bearings in order to provide better vibration control and to reduce the number of parts. Since February 2008, LORD, KAI and Korean Air engineers have been working cohesively to design the four critical components. According to Dr. Yee, Seok June, Korea Aerospace Industries’ Chief Engineer for KUH Rotor System Design, support from the entire LORD team was remarkable.

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DART Helicopter Services announces Brazilian approval of Heli-Access-Step for the Bell 206 and Bell 407 model helicopters DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Brazilian approval for their HeliAccess Steps™ for the Bell 206, 206A, 206B, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206L-4 and Bell 407 aircraft models. DART stepped up to the challenge in designing the HeliAccess-Step™ for Bell Aircraft. DART recognized the industry need for lightweight steps that are strong and functional – steps you can depend on. DART offers a variety of steps for most types of aircraft. DART steps for the Bell 206 and 407 are torsionally stiffer to prevent the rolling or rotating often experienced with other available steps. They install on the crosstubes with a unique

duplex clamping system that self-locks when weight is applied to prevent the step from slipping. The dual clamping system makes installation easy and simplifies removal for inspection. DART has also recently received Brazilian approval for their high

crosstubes and their revolutionary Round-I-Beam Skidtubes, Replacement Skidtubes and Float Skidtubes for the Bell 206, 206A, 206B, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206l-4 and Bell 407 aircraft models. “The DART Heli-Access-Steps™ is compatible on both DART and

other high gear configurations and provides a sturdy alternative for Brazilian operators.” Quote, Bill Beckett, General Manager of DART Aerospace Ltd.

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December 2009


calendar of events January 2010 January 20-22 AHS Specialists’ Conference on Aeromechanics, San Francisco, CA,

February 2010 February 2-7 Singapore International Air Show 2010, Singapore, February 21-23 Heli-Expo 2010, Houston, TX,

March 2010 March TBA PAMA 2010 Aviation Maintenance & Management Symposium, March 10-12 HeliMex 2010, Toluca, Mexico, March 16-17 Aerial Fire Fighting Conference & Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada, March 20-22 HeliRussia, Moscow, Russia, March 24-25 Wildland Urban Interface, Reno, NV,

April 2010 April TBA MRO North America, April 11-13 HAC, Quebec City, QC, Canada, April 13-18 Sun-n-Fun, Lakeland, FL, April 14-15 Defense IT 2010, London, UK, April 20-22 AIAA Infotech & Aerospace, Atlanta, GA April 21-22 Search and Rescue 2010, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, April 25-30 MTLI, Wheeling, WV,


May 2010 May TBA AAAA Annual Convention, May 18-20 ITEC, Brussels, Belgium, May TBA CBAA Convention, Calgary, Canada, May 2-5 Fire Rescue Med, Las Vegas, NV, May 4-6 EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland, May 25-27 Heli-Pacific/UV Pacific 2010, Queensland Australia, May 28-30 Europe’s Festival of Aviation, Prague, May 31-June 2 St. Petersburg Int’l Conference on Intergrated Navigation Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia,

June 2010 June 8-13 ILA, Berlin, Germany, June 17-18 Air Power, London, UK, June 14-18 Eurosatory, Paris, France,

July 2010 July 14-17 ALEA 2010, Tucson, AZ, July 19-25 Farnborough International, UK, July 26-August 1 EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, WI, www.

August 2010 August 2-5 AIAA Guidance Navigation & Control, Toronto, Canada, August 25-29 Fire Rescue Int’l, Dallas, TX,

September 2010 September 13-15 AIAA Aviation Technical Intergration & Operations Conference, Ft. Worth, TX,

October 2010 October 11-13 AMTC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, October 5-7 Helitech Portugal, Airport Cascais, Portugal, October 19-21 AFCEA Infotech, Dayton, OH,

November 2010 November TBA Aerial Fire Fighting Conference & Exhibition, Spain, November 1-3 AHS International Meeting on Advanced Rotorcraft Technology and Safety Operations (Heli Japan), Ohmiya, Japan, November 15-19 Dubai Helishow 2010, Dubai,

February 2011 February 20-24 IDEX 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE, www.

May 24-27 AIRMED World Congress, Brighton, England, May 30-June 1 St. Petersburg Int’l Conference on Intergrated Navigation Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia,

June 2011 June TBA Paris Air Show, LeBourget, Paris, France,

July 2011 July 25-31 EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, WI,

October 2011 October 17-19 AMTC, St. Louis, MO,

April 2012 April 22-27 MTLI, Wheeling, WV,

May 2012 May 8-10 EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland,

June 2012 June 4-6 St. Petersburg Int’l Conference on Intergrated Navigation Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia, www.

July 2012 July 16-22 Farnborough International, UK, www.

March 2011 March TBA Heli Middle East, Doha Qatar, March 10-15 Avalon 2011, Geelonh, Victoria,

VoluMe 10, DeceMber 2009 This edition mailed on: November 23 2009

Your #1 source for the helicopter marketplace

April 2011 April 12-15 LAAD 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

May 2011 May 1-6 MTLI, Wheeling, WV, May 17-19 EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland,

1989 Bell 206 L3

S/N : 51328 TOTAL TIME: 2,473 ASKING PRICE: Please call CONTACT: Mark Clancy, 763-753-3700, More about this helicopter on page 20 INSIDE THIS EDITION: LORD receives supplier award, Sikorsky and Tada create joint venture, Eurocopter’s latest, THN’s Tid Bits, New AW159 takes flight, plus much more! December 2009


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With the year coming to a close, The Helicopter Newspaper (THN) is finishing strong. Over the past few months, we made many changes in order to improve the publication. We have received a lot of positive feedback and we hope it continues into 2010. Many events have taken place over the year, some good and some bad. Safety became priority number one and the FAA, together with the NTSB, has been brainstorming ways to create safer transports, not only for patients, but for crewmembers as well. When thinking back over 2009, who can forget the August 8 crash involving a sightseeing helicopter and a small plane? Tragically, nine people died in that accident, but there has been some good come from it. Talks continue in an effort to make the skies over the Hudson River, as well as other high-traffic sightseeing areas, safer. HAI’s president, Matt Zuccaro, was called to testify in front of Congress about the incident. As a result, Zuccaro released a statement, which was sent to out to HAI members. He made some very profound statements: “My frustration is the lack of facts, history, and logic displayed by the news media, elected officials, the public, and unfortunately our own industry. I think this complete overreaction to aircraft accidents occurs because such events are so rare, and people are surprised when they do occur. Imagine if everyone reacted this way to vehicular accidents. All roads would

be shut down, and all vehicle operations prohibited. “Case in point; about the same time as this aviation accident, a mother driving under the influence of alcohol just north of Manhattan, in the wrong direction, caused a head on collision resulting in the death of five children and four adults. I did not notice any elected official holding press conferences on the roadway; no hearings were held, nor were there demands to install available technology to prevent vehicles from being started by drunk drivers – even though drunk driving kills thousands each year. However, when a midair collision in airspace that has accommodated millions of safe operations for over 25 years occurs, those with a predisposition against general aviation seem to ignore facts and logic to advance their real agenda, whatever that may be.”

AuGuST 2009

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about EADS delivering the first H-72A training helicopter to the U.S. Navy, Eurocopter showed off their new products at the Dubai Helishow, which you can read about on page seven, and Agusta puts the new AW159 into the sky–see that story on page nine. My staff and I expect to cover many more exciting events at 2010’s Heli-Expo in Houston, Texas. If you have new products or services, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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Volume 10,

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INSIDE THIS EDITION: Bell Girls acceptin 429 achieve s certification, g insurance termsapplications for training Whirly , Common aviation and definitio ns August 2009


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for Part 135, this on CRM training first flight, for comments y of Sea Knight EDITION: Extensionå 45th anniversar INSIDE THIS Boeing celebrates propulsion first Photos from ALEA, community celebrates 1 Heavy lift helicopter September 2009

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portin TOTA PRICE: of trans nce helicopte 20 insura business ASKING : sales@nw on page • The aviation opter ground anatomy of CONTACT t this helic breaks abou ky ts • ON: Sikors NTSB repor THIS EDITI tid-bits • INSIDE • THN helicopters



er 2009



I agree that there has been a bit of over reaction. Although this accident was a horrible thing, and as Zuccaro says, one accident too many, knee-jerk reactions aren’t the answer to the situation. Finding out where the breakdown in communication happened is essential to keeping this kind of thing from happening again. On a somewhat lighter note, the helicopter industry seems to be holding its own where the economy is concerned. Forecasts were sketchy at the beginning of the year, but we’ve managed to hold on, making timely deliveries and introducing new and amazing products. On page 14, read December 2009


Sikorsky and Tata create joint venture in India to manufacture aerospace components Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. and Tata TASL to assemble Sikorsky S-92® Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) helicopter cabins. Sikorsky is a today announced the signing of an subsidiary of United Technologies agreement creating a joint venture Corp (NYSE:UTX), and TASL is a that will manufacture aerospace wholly owned subsidiary of Tata components for Sikorsky in India, Sons. including components for S-92® Both the joint venture agreement helicopter cabins. The joint venture and the cabin assembly contract FFC_UniversalHelicopterAd2008.psd @ 33.3% agreement builds upon a long-term stem from a Memorandum of contract signed in June 2009 for Understanding signed in February


2007 by the companies to explore the creation of aerospace operations in India. The cabin assembly contract signed in June 2009 has led to ongoing construction in Hyderabad, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, where TASL will assemble S-92 helicopter (RGB/8) cabins starting in 2010. The new joint venture will be positioned to

manufacture components for other aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as detailed parts for the Sikorsky S-92® helicopter cabin. It is expected that the joint venture operations will be housed in a second greenfield facility that will be constructed in Hyderabad, next to the cabin assembly building. Construction for the joint venture company’s facility is targeted for completion by 2011, with production beginning in late 2012. The formation of the joint venture is subject to the satisfaction of a number of regulatory and business conditions. “Sikorsky’s affiliation with Tata both strengthens our supply chain and extends our globalization effort to establish significant operations in regions where the need for rotorcraft and support is great. India is certainly a key aerospace region, and we are thrilled to team with Tata and help serve and grow the business there,” said Mick Maurer, Senior Vice President of Operations for Sikorsky. “We are happy to extend our relationship with Sikorsky to fabrication of detailed parts for the aerospace sector. This is part of our strategy to participate meaningfully in this space, and to enhance India’s capacities in this sector,” said Gen. Davinder Kumar, CEO of Tata Advanced Systems. The joint venture agreement was signed and announced at a ceremony attended by UTC Chief Executive Officer Louis Chênevert and Tata Sons Chairman Ratan N. Tata, in addition to Maurer, Gen. Kumar and other senior executives from the companies. Chairman Tata and CEO Chênevert both noted their two companies share much in common and that continuing to build their relationship will benefit both greatly. Both Tata and UTC are diversified enterprises with global operations and well-respected reputations. In 2008, UTC reported revenues of $58.7 billion, and Tata Group had 2007-2008 revenues of $62.5 billion. Both groups derive the majority of their revenues from outside their native countries, and both employ hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Eurocopter’s latest presented at Dubai Airshow Eurocopter, a division of EADS and the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer with a strong and long lasting presence in the Middle East region, will participate at the 2009 Dubai Airshow with two of its state-of the-art helicopters: the TIGER, the most modern combat helicopter will be performing daily flight presentations and a full scale mock-up of the EC175 in offshore configuration will be displayed on the EADS stand. The EC175, the latest helicopter of the Eurocopter civil range, is due to fly for the first time before the end of the year. Both aircraft are presented for the first time to the public in the Middle East. Dr. Lutz Bertling, President and CEO of the Eurocopter group declares: “We are extremely honored to display two of the most modern aircraft of our product range here in Dubai. We want to show Eurocopter’s commitment to always provide its customers around the world with the best mission capabilities we have developed over the years. We have had a long-lasting presence in the region and we are confident that we will continue our trustworthy relationship for our mutual benefit.” The TIGER helicopter is the most modern anti-tank and fire support helicopter, also designed for Scout/escort missions and air-to-air combat and is presented to several potential customers of the Middle-East region for the first time. The EC175 is the last generation 7-ton class aircraft capable of fulfilling missions in various segments including oil and gas, search and rescue, corporate and VIP transportation. Eurocopter has been present in the Middle East for over thirty years. Eurocopter’s commitment to meet the specific requirements

of civil operators and Armed Forces resulted in more than 650 Eurocopter helicopters flying in the Arab world both for civil and military operators. With the widest fleet of helicopters, Eurocopter can cover all kind of operations, including offshore, emergency medical service, homeland security, corporate transport and military missions. Recent significant contracts include the delivery to Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) of the first EC135 ‘l’Hélicoptère par Hermès’ as the ultimate style in flight, the delivery of EC225 to Oman, additional EC135 off-shore to PAS in Egypt, delivery of AS350 B3 Ecureuil to Frontier Corps in Pakistan, and several Dauphin N3 and EC155 helicopters for VVIPs of Gulf States. Eurocopter has also always been very active in providing the best support to its numerous customers in their daily operations. It was recently awarded the overhaul of several Puma and Super Puma military fleet in the Arab world. Eurocopter opened in 2007 a maintenance centre together with Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) its long-standing partner in the UAE. The agreement between both companies was renewed last month. Adding onto its existing platform in Abu Dhabi, this centre provides full maintenance and revision services for Eurocopter helicopters and reinforces the company’s customer support network in the region. A Technical Office has also recently opened in Islamabad, for the daily support of Eurocopter’s long-standing customers in Pakistan.

BLADE REPAIRS BY HeliBlade, Inc. • Composite • Metal • Main & Tail Rotor Blades • Bell • McDonald Douglas • Sikorsky • Distributor & Service Center for Van Horn Aviation, L.L.C. for STC 204 UH-1 Tail Rotors Pablo Martinez Ejarque 19797 Riversie Ave. • Anderson, CA 96007 Tel: 530-365-1278 • Fax: 530-365-3061



The Model 250 Series II Compressor Case overhauled to the latest configuration includes the following:

• Replacement of the gas path plastic lining

• Replacement of compressor vane assemblies as required

• Restoration of case front and rear pilot diameters as required

• Complete dimensional inspection To qualify for this special price, core unit of proper part number must be received with purchase order. Cores must be in AS REMOVED CONDITION with plastic remaining installed. NO F.O.D. CORE UNITS ALLOWED AT THIS PRICE

Repairable case part numbers 6 8 7 7 4 1 0 and 2 3 0 5 7 1 4 2 are THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE candidates for exchange.

US $4550.00 $4250.00

Tel. (816) 246-4527 Fax: (816) 246-5341 212 North Main Street, Unit D Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063 USA FAA CRS XV7R835J - EASA.145.5677

December 2009


thn tid-bits Scholarship for Aviation Maintenance Technicians Now Available

If you are about to graduate, or have recently graduated from an FAA approved Part 147 AMT School, you are eligible to apply to the Helicopter Foundation International (HFI) 2010 Bill Sanderson Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Scholarship Award Program. Enhance your studies and career options by attending one of the eight manufacturer courses: • Agusta Aerospace Corporation (A109 series) • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. (any model) • Eurocopter (except Super Puma) • MD Helicopters

(500/600/900 series) • Pratt & Whitney Canada, Inc. (PT6T, PT6B- 36/-37 or PW-206 engines) • Rolls Royce (250 engine - any model) • Turbomeca (Arriel 1 & 2 series and Arrius 2 series engines) • Schweizer (269C-C-1), (300C/300CBI) (This is a ten day course) For more information, contact Jose Orozco; Jose.Orozco@rotor. com, 703-683-4646.

Eagle Eye Solutions proudly announces the release of Helicopter Aerodynamics Vol. II This highly anticipated release of the second volume of Ray Prouty’s articles from

1992-2004 is a must for the rotorcraft library. The new Volume II was compiled by Shawn Coyle, author of the highly acclaimed Cyclic & Collective. “He has done it again,” said Matt Johnson, founder of Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC. “Shawn once again has spent countless hours compiling the works of Ray Prouty… Volume I was a huge undertaking and this new Volume II is certainly a musthave companion book.” The new Volume II has an assortment of new material and diagrams as well as much more history of helicopters and auto gyros. The book is 364 pages and carries a retail price of $44.95. The book is available at

http://www.eagleeyesolutionsllc. com/ (click on “BOOKS”).

Helena National Forest, MT, Telegraph Vegetation Project

The Helena National Forest is going to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for vegetation management actions in the Little Blackfoot drainage west of the Continental Divide. The purpose and need for action is to be responsive to the mountain pine beetle outbreak in this area, specifically to recover economic value of dead and dying trees. Additional purposes for the project include promoting desirable regeneration, reducing fuels and the risk of catastrophic fire, and maintaining diverse wildlife habitats. Comments must be received by December 14, 2009. The draft EIS is expected June 2010 and the final EIS is expected November 2010.

National Aerial Firefighting Academy (NAFA) Course Announcement

2009 DeceMber VoluMe 10,d on: November 23 2009

This edition


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S/N E: 2,473 call TOTAL TIM CE: Please 763-753-3700, cy, ASKING PRI Mark Clan CONTACT: elicopterb 20 mclancy@h helicopter on page

Tada create t this Sikorsky and lier award, flight, plus receives supp AW159 takes EDITION: LORD t, THN’s Tid Bits, New lates INSIDE THIS Eurocopter’s 1 joint venture, 2009 ! December much more

More abou


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The National Aerial Firefighting Academy (NAFA) is a training course for personnel directly involved in the aerial suppression/retardant delivery on wildland fires. There are a number of slots left for vendor attendance. All information for submitting nominations is included in the announcement letter. To view, please click here. NAFA will be held at the National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute (NAFRI) in Tucson, Arizona, January 11-15, 2010.

New AW159 takes flight AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the first AW159 multi-role military helicopter successfully completed its maiden flight at AgustaWestland’s Yeovil facility today with AgustaWestland Chief Test Pilot, Donald Maclaine, at the controls. The aircraft completed a range of general handling checks during the flight and performed as expected. It will be joined by two further aircraft in 2010 to complete the flight testing of the AW159 and the wide range of role equipment the aircraft will carry. Giuseppe Orsi, CEO, AgustaWestland, said, “The successful first flight of the AW159 is great company achievement. Designed and developed to meet the UK MoD’s demanding requirements for a multi-role military helicopter the AW159 will be the most cost effective, capable and advanced helicopter in its class. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians can be proud to have achieved this remarkable result on schedule and on budget, so confirming our commitment to maintaining critical design, engineering and technological knowhow in the UK to go on effectively supporting the MoD.” Nick Whitney, VP UK Government Business Unit, AgustaWestland, watching the historic event said “It gives me great pleasure to see the AW159 flying exactly on schedule as we promised in June 2006 when the contract was signed. The fact the AW159 programme has achieved every major milestone on time and on budget is great testament to the Strategic Partnering Arrangement and the commitment of our supply chain. The AW159 promises to continue the remarkable success the Lynx has achieved in service worldwide and we, along with our partners, are now focused on completing the development of the aircraft and delivering the first aircraft in 2011.” The maiden flight of the AW159, which will be known as Lynx Wildcat in UK military service, marks a major milestone in the development of this new six-ton multi-role military helicopter, 62 of which have been

ordered by the UK Ministry of Defence for the Army and Royal Navy, to perform both land and maritime missions. The first aircraft will be delivered in 2011 with the aircraft becoming fully operational with the Army in 2014 and the Royal Navy in 2015. The British Army’s AW159 Lynx Wildcat will perform a wide range of tasks on the battlefield including reconnaissance, command and control, transportation of troops and materiel, and the provision of force protection. The Royal Navy variant will provide an agile maritime capability providing anti-surface warfare capability and force protection and will operate in support of amphibious operations and be an important element in defending ships against

surface threats. There will be a high degree of commonality between the Army and Royal Navy helicopters that will mean that an aircraft can switch roles easily, principally through the changing of role equipment. The AW159 is powered by two new generation CTS800 engines, each

capable of continuously producing 1281 shp giving the aircraft exceptional hot and high performance. The aircraft has an all up mass of 5790 kg with a built in capability to increase that to 6250 kg. The cockpit includes a fully integrated display system utilising four 10x8 inch primary displays. Sensors include a nose mounted IR/TV imager

with built in laser designator and for the maritime variant the Selex Galileo 7400E 360 degree active array radar. The AW159 also has a comprehensive integrated defensive aids suite comprising a missile warning system, radar warning receivers and a countermeasures dispensing system. Additionally the AW159 will e capable of carrying a range of weapons including machine guns, torpedoes, depth charges and the Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon (FASGW). The AW159 programme for the UK MoD continues to be on time and on budget and was the first major project to be awarded under the Strategic Partnering Arrangement signed by the UK Ministry of Defence and AgustaWestland in June 2006. AgustaWestland has also signed partnering agreements with a number of key supplier on the AW159 programme including Selex Galileo, a Finmeccanica company; GKN Aerospace, LHTEC – a partnership between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell, General Dynamics UK, Thales UK and GE Aviation.

December 2009


ntsb reports WPR09LA411 DATE: Friday, August 21, 2009 LOCATION: Tonopah, NV Aircraft: Robinson R44 Injuries: 3 Serious. On August 21, 2009, about 1500 PDT, a Robinson R44 II collided with terrain near Tonopah, Nevada. The pilot and two passengers sustained serious injuries. The helicopter sustained substantial damage from impact forces. The local personal flight departed Tonopah about 1400. One of the passengers reported that the helicopter was providing aerial surveillance of a car that was in an off-road race. He recalled the helicopter being in a bank, and hearing a warning horn. The helicopter then descended rapidly into uneven terrain. It touched down on the skids, but turned as it went downhill, and the helicopter rolled over. ERA09WA478 DATE:Saturday, August 22, 2009 LOCATION: Ras Tanajib, Saudi Arabia Aircraft: Agusta SPA A109E Injuries: 5 Uninjured. On August 22, 2009, at 0506 UCT, an Agusta 109E helicopter sustained substantial damage during landing and a post crash fire at barge Arabyia 4, in the Persian Gulf, near Ras Tanajib, Saudi Arabia. The pilot and 4 passengers were not injured.

landing due to deteriorating weather. After landing on a wet, elevated platform, he exited the running helicopter, which was a common company practice during refueling and reloading operations. Moments later, the helicopter yawed to the right, slid off the platform and landed on the mast, resulting in substantial damage to the rotor assembly, left side fuselage and tail boom. The pilot later stated that he did not recall securing the flight controls before exiting the helicopter. An FAA examination of the accident scene revealed that the flight control friction locks were not tight, and that the landing platform was not level. A representative of the helicopter manufacturer stated that there was nothing published by the company that restricted a pilot from exiting a helicopter while it was running. However, there is a note in the pilot’s operating handbook for the engine shutdown procedure that states, “Pilot -- remain at flight controls until rotor has come to a complete stop.” A representative of the NAAA stated that although the practice of hot refueling was common in the industry, the practice of exiting a running helicopter was not.

ERA09CA485 DATE: Wed, August 26, 2009 LOCATION: White Plains, NY Aircraft: BELL 206L-3 ERA09CA482 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. DATE: Monday, August 24, 2009 The pilot stated that during LOCATION: Gumboro Township, takeoff from a dolly, the DE helicopter nosed down, contacted Aircraft: BELL 206 the ground and collapsed the Injuries: 1 Uninjured. landing skids. Post-accident The helicopter pilot stated inspection revealed that that he was conducting an the helicopter had not been aerial application flight before disconnected from the ground 10

power unit (GPU) prior to take off. The company did not have any written procedures regarding the placement or operation of the GPU. On this flight, the GPU had been placed behind the helicopter due to its “proximity to the taxiway.” The pilot did not report any mechanical malfunctions or anomalies with the helicopter. DCA09WA076 DATE: Wed, September 02, 2009 LOCATION: Kurnoon, India Aircraft: BELL 430 Injuries: 5 Fatal. On September 2, 2009, at approximately 0343 UTC, a Government of Andhra Pradesh Gad (Poll “c”) Bell 430 helicopter crashed enroute to Chitoor, India from Hyderabad, India. There were 2 crew members and 3 passengers, including the Secretariat of Hyderabad on board. The helicopter was destroyed and there are no reported survivors. The investigation is being conducting by the Central Government of India. The NTSB has designated a U.S. Accredited Representative as the state of manufacture of the engines. WPR09LA436 DATE: Thurs, September 03, 2009 LOCATION: Torrance, CA Aircraft: Robinson R44 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. On September 3, 2009, about 1300 PDT, a Robinson R44 was substantially damaged during a practice autorotation at the Zamperini Field Airport (TOA), Torrance, California. The pilot was not injured. The cross-country flight originated from La Verne, California about 1215 with an intended destination of TOA. The pilot reported he initiated

a practice auto rotation to the northern helicopter pad from an altitude of 800 feet mean sea level. As the helicopter descended through about 100 feet above ground level, he initiated a recovery by slowly applying power. The pilot stated that after applying power, he observed the engine and rotor rpm increasing towards the red line and attempted to regain control of the rotor rpm as the helicopter continued to descend. The pilot further stated that due to the low altitude, he decided to continue the auto rotation to the ground. Subsequently, the helicopter landed uneventfully and the pilot shut the helicopter down normally. Examination of the helicopter by an FAA inspector revealed that the tail boom of the helicopter was structurally damaged. The tail rotor drive shaft was separated from the forward attach point. The helicopter was transported to a secure location for further examination. CEN09LA575 DATE: Sat, September 05, 2009 LOCATION: Preston, TX Aircraft: SCHWEIZER 269C Injuries: Unavailable On September 5, 2009, about 1515 CDT, a Schweizer 269C helicopter was substantially damaged following a loss of engine power and subsequent autorotation into Lake Texoma near Preston, Texas. The pilot and single occupant were not injured. The flight had originated from Cedar Mills Airport (3T0), Gordonville, Texas, at an unknown time. According to the pilot, while conducting an aerial survey approximately 350-450 feet above the water, the engine

stopped producing power. Due to crowded beach conditions, the pilot elected to perform an autorotation to the water. Once the rotor blades had stopped the pilot and passenger were able to exit unassisted. Moments later they were picked up by someone in a personal watercraft. The helicopter was recovered to secure storage for further examination. ANC09LA098 DATE: Sun, September 06, 2009 LOCATION: Central, AK Aircraft: Robinson R44 II Injuries: 3 Uninjured. On September 6, 2009, about 1735 Alaska daylight time, a Robinson R44 II helicopte sustained substantial damage during a hard landing while on approach to a mountain ridge about 38 miles southeast of Central, Alaska. The pilot and the two passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and company flight following procedures were in effect. The flight departed the Fairbanks International Airport, Fairbanks, Alaska, about 1400. During a telephone conversation with the NTSB investigator-in-charge on September 15, the pilot reported that the purpose of the flight was to transport two maintenance technicians to various mountaintop radio repeater sites in the area. He said that before beginning his approach to the 5,657 feet msl site, he circled the area to determine the wind conditions, and then planned his approach into a 10 knot headwind. During the approach to the treeless, tundra and rock-covered site, the pilot said he encountered a strong downdraft, and the helicopter began to descend below his anticipated approach path. He initiated a go-around, but the helicopter continued to descend, and it landed hard, about 150 feet short and down slope of his intended touchdown point. During touchdown, the toes of the helicopter’s skids broke, and the helicopter rocked forward. The helicopter sustained

substantial damage to the right side of the tail boom. The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical problems with the helicopter. CEN09FA565 DATE: Sun, September 06, 2009 LOCATION: Arvilla, ND Aircraft: BELL UH-1B Injuries: 1 Serious. On September 6, 2009, at 0815 CDT, a Bell UH-1B experienced a separation of the tailboom during an aerial application flight in Arvilla, North Dakota. The pilot received serious injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged. The flight was being operated under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flght plan was filed. ERA09WA519 DATE: Mon, September 14, 2009 LOCATION: Perm, Russia Aircraft: ROBINSON R44 Injuries: 2 Fatal. On September 14, 2009, at 0700 UTC, a Robinson R44-II crashed 6.2 miles from the Perm Airport, Perm, Russia. The pilot and passenger were killed, and the helicopter sustained substantial damage. WPR09CA448 DATE: Mon, September 14, 2009 LOCATION: Irvine, CA Aircraft: Robinson R22 Injuries: 2 Uninjured. The flight instructor informed the PUI that the purpose of the practice autorotation was to demonstrate ways in which to reach a suitable landing zone in the event that an engine failure were to occur in an area with limited landing zones. The intention was to focus on the glide, with a power recovery before the need to flare. The instructor entered the autorotation while the PUI observed, but was not on the controls. The instructor was demonstrating s-turns, beginning with a right 90-degree turn, followed by a left 180-degree turn, and ending with a right 90-degree turn to bring the

helicopter back to the original heading. The RPM remained in the green arc or above during the entire maneuver. During the last right 90-degree turn, the helicopter passed through what the instructor estimated to be 200’ above ground level (agl), where he decided to discontinue the autorotation due to insufficient airspeed (40 KIAS), and a higher than expected rate of descent, which lead to a lower than anticipated height above ground. During the time it took for the instructor to decide to abort the autorotation, the helicopter had descended to approximately 20-30 feet agl. The instructor initiated a flare, and he focused on keeping the skids level, but the right skid hit a dirt ledge adjacent to the proposed landing spot that was approximately six feet higher than the surface of the intended landing zone. As the right skid impacted the ground, the helicopter pitched forward, and the nose impacted the ground. The pilot reported no mechanical failures or malfunctions at the time of the accident. WPR09FA459 DATE: Sun, September 20, 2009 LOCATION: Forest Grove, OR Aircraft: Robinson R22 Beta Injuries: 2 Fatal. On September 20, 2009, about 1309 PDT, a Robinson R22 Beta collided with terrain near Forest Grove, Oregon. The CFI and the commercial rated PUI were killed; the helicopter sustained substantial damage from impact forces and post crash fire. The local instructional flight departed Hillsboro, Oregon, at an unknown time. The operator reported that the PUI was preparing for a CFI check ride. The two airmen were going to practice autorotations with power recoveries. A witness with helicopter experience observed several uneventful autorotations, and then stopped watching. Another witness observed the helicopter descend rapidly until it collided with the ground. An FAA inspector examined the

wreckage on scene. He noted that the helicopter was upright, and there were no ground scars leading to the wreckage. The skids spread outward, and the main rotor blades bent upward about 18 inches from the hub. WPR09LA460 DATE: Sun, September 20, 2009 LOCATION: Valley Center, CA Aircraft: Robinson R44 II Injuries: 2 Serious. On September 20, 2009, about 1440 PDT, a Robinson R44 II collided with terrain during a forced landing near Valley Center, California. The pilot and private pilot passenger sustained serious injuries. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to the fuselage and tailboom. The local personal flight departed Montgomery Field Airport, San Diego, California, about 1300. The pilots reported departing Montgomery Field about 1 1/2 hours prior to the accident. They flew to Ramona Airport, Ramona, California, where pilot 1 performed traffic pattern practice. They then departed to a practice area near Valley Center. After stopping for a break, pilot 2 took the controls of the helicopter with the intention of performing a pinnacle landing on a large rock. The pilot stated that he was not familiar with the area, so he circled the intended landing zone, and made a slow descent. As they approached the landing zone at an altitude of between 50 and 75 feet agl, the pilot heard a popping sound followed by “silence.” The nose of the helicopter then dropped, and the pilot stated that he assumed the engine had failed. He then lowered the collective and performed an autorotation. During the landing sequence the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, and the tailboom became separated midspan. Fueling records obtained from Crownair Aviation, Montgomery Field, indicated that the helicopter was serviced with the addition of 29.5 gallons of aviation gasoline on the day of the accident. December 2009 11

About the author: Jim Gardner is a retired U.S. Air Force officer, a former commercial pilot, and an aviation insurance specialty broker with JSL Aviation, a division of J Smith Lanier Co., one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies in America, insuring people and business since 1868., 678-639-4108

the anatomy of

aviation insurance

Insuring aircraft during shipment It may be surprising to some how international in scope the helicopter industry is. Heli-Tech 2009 was held in Cambridge UK this past September. While a bit smaller than the Heli-Expo, which is held each year in the US, many of the same service providers, sales and broker companies, as well as operational users were in attendance at the show. It is truly a small community. It is commonplace for a helicopter located in India, for instance, to be bought and shipped to the end user in another country half way around the world. Many times the airframe makes a stop at one or several service providers for upgrades, paint and interior and/or overhaul. These facilities could be located in several different countries. For example, a ship bought in Japan by a broker might be shipped to U.S. for refurbishment. The engines might go to Canada. During the refurbishment process the broker may find a buyer for the ship in Brazil where it is shipped in whole or in part to another repair and services facility. It then undergoes the certificate of airworthiness process for that country before being delivered to

the end user. Helicopters can be insured for transportation via three methods: ocean marine insurance, inland marine insurance or through the helicopter hull and liability policy. An inland marine policy is used for purely domestic shipments and usually excludes ocean vessel risks. An ocean marine policy is used for international transportation, door to door, anywhere in the world, even the domestic portion of the trip. For international shipping, unless the distance is relatively short, these helicopters are rarely ferried to their final location. They are usually shipped by rail, flatbed truck, air, ocean vessel or a combination of the four. A great example of an inland marine shipping risk. In the October 2009 issue of The Helicopter Newspaper, there was an excellent article on the H.W. Farren Trucking and Rigging Company, which described how they have made a good business of shipping large, oversized helicopters overland via flatbed. It was interesting to see how a new helicopter was partially disassembled, shrink-wrapped, and loaded on a specially designed low-boy for shipping.


770-458-6047 • Flight training • Charters • Tours • Sales • Service 1 Corsair Drive, Suite 102 Chamblee Ga. 30341 12

The design, packing and tie down greatly minimized any chance of loss or damage during the transportation. A typical ocean marine shipping process: Using the example above, a Eurocopter used for spraying and purchased in Japan might be trucked from the initial location to a facility near the ocean port that specializes in preparing aircraft for shipping. It will then be disassembled, properly crated and packed in a steel container used for ocean cargo shipping and trucked to the docks for loading on an ocean vessel to Los Angeles. From there it might go by rail to the Eurocopter Service Center in the U.S. to be refurbished and reconfigured for use as an executive helicopter. Open shipping policies vs. single shipment policies: Many sales and broker organizations ship numerous aircraft of all types every year. They can obtain an open shipping policy with pre-negotiated rates, terms, conditions, and limitations. It works much like a monthly or quarterly reporting form in

which aircraft are added to the policy by simply reporting the details to the underwriter. Invoices are settled either monthly or quarterly, according to the terms of the policy, which usually includes a minimum and deposit premium. This allows them to expeditiously arrange for insurance without having to complete a new application process every time. A few companies can offer single shipment ocean marine insurance, but the rates are usually higher and the process is much slower. Three major issues for an ocean marine shipment that marine underwriters are concerned about are saltwater, security inside the container and opentop containers. Obviously saltwater spray causes rust and corrosion. Even in closed containers, underwriters prefer aircraft be shipped below deck. There are horror stories about rotor blades, propellers and other items not properly secured inside the container becoming dislodged during the voyage, careening off the six walls of the container for the remainder of the voyage and making minced

meat out of the remaining contents. For ocean marine shipments on any mode of transportation it is common to stack containers either on board or at the docking yard. For that reason, underwriters discourage opentop containers. It falls under the category of “Murphy’s Law”. On one shipment, the rotor head was protruding above the rim of the container requiring it to be shipped in an open-top container. Though the container was clearly marked “DO NOT STACK”, the crane operator unloading the containers, stacked another container on top, crushing the rotor head and damaging everything connected to it, resulting in a total loss. Information needed to complete an ocean or inland marine insurance application: Owner and/or Named Insured, Description of Goods and value, Origin and final destination, Mode(s) of transportation, Trip itinerary and approximate dates to include common carriers and vessel names, Shipped above or below deck?, The packing and shipping agent , Description of the type/method of packing – metal/wood crate container, enclosed or open top, shrink wrapping, etc., Are aircraft manufacturer’s approved containers and shipping instructions being use? Limits of insurance requested: Other common coverages available in an inland or ocean marine policy are temporary storage, contingency insurance and insurance against war risk, strikes, riots and civil commotion and/or terrorism. An Aviation Hull and Liability Policy May provide insurance during shipping. Some, not all, hull and liability policies sold by U.S. registered companies have broad language regarding the coverage provided for the aircraft when not in motion. While it may not have been the original intent to

include ocean and inland marine shipping because the policies are written on an “all risk” basis, unless it is specifically excluded in the policy language, insurance for shipment is probably included within the terms, restrictions and limitations of the policy. However, to be safe, it is a good idea to check prior to using this method of insuring your asset for transportation. Even if it is insured, care must be taken to understand the definition of “aircraft” as defined by the policy. For instance, the engines would normally be considered a part of the helicopter. One client was shipping a helicopter from West Chester, PA to Singapore, however, the engines were to be shipped separately once the overhaul was complete. The policy language allowed for both to be insured for shipment. Since the hull was arriving in Singapore ahead of the engines, it was important to make sure that no “spare” engine was installed on the helicopter prior to arrival of the shipped engines. Because of the way the definition of “aircraft” read in the policy, the coverage on the shipped engines would have been voided while the spare engines were physically on the aircraft. A full service aviation insurance specialty broker can be a valuable asset in serving a wide variety of aviation related insurance issues. If you don’t ship aircraft often, be sure to bring them into the conversation early, as the process is much slower than acquiring hull and liability insurance.

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December 2009


EADS North America delivers first H-72A training helicopter to the U.S. Navy ARLINGTON, VA–EADS North America has delivered the first of five H-72A training helicopters for the U.S. Navy, marking a new milestone in the company’s production of multirole helicopters for U.S. military services. The H-72A fleet will be based at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Md., where it is to be used to train test pilots from the U.S. military and allied countries. The H-72A shares the same airframe and is manufactured on the same production line as the U.S. Army’s UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter -- both of which are produced in Mississippi by EADS North America’s American Eurocopter subsidiary. “Not only is this the first H-72A we have built for the U.S. Navy -- it’s our first helicopter produced specifically to fulfill a


training mission within the U.S. armed forces,” said EADS North America Chief Operating Officer Dave Oliver. “The expansion of UH-72A/H-72A missions demonstrates the adaptability of the aircraft to a wide range of operational scenarios. We are certainly proud that a new generation of test pilots

will be trained using these highly reliable and versatile helicopters.” The Navy’s H-72As have several specific equipment additions for their pilot training mission -- including jettisonable cockpit doors, a cockpit voice and flight data recorder, a main rotor blade folding kit and an air traffic

advisory system. All five H-72As will be configured in the Naval Test Pilot School’s high-visibility white and orange paint scheme. Derived from Eurocopter’s proven EC145 multi-role helicopter, the Navy H-72As and Army UH-72As are among the most versatile and reliable helicopters in their class. They are equipped with a modern glass cockpit, and their highset main and tail rotors provide unparalleled safety, access and space utilization. The Army plans to acquire 345 UH-72As through 2016 in addition to the five H-72As being acquired on behalf of the U.S. Navy. In addition to the current production of H-72As and UH72As, EADS North America is offering the Armed Scout 645 variant for the U.S. Army’s armed aerial scout requirement.

airworthiness directives AD 2009-23-51 Sikorsky Model S-92A helicopters with main gearbox (MGB) assembly, part number (P/N) 92351-15000-042 or -043, with MGB housing, P/N 92351-15110042, -043, -044, or -045, installed, certificated in any category. This Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) is prompted by reports of cracks in the main gearbox (MGB) mounting foot pads and foot ribs. The manufacturer is investigating the root cause of these cracks. Contributing factors may include corrosion and the bushing press fit in the mounting foot bolt hole. This condition, if not detected, could result in loss of the MGB and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter. We have reviewed Sikorsky Alert Service Bulletin No. 92-63020, dated September 11, 2009 (ASB), which describes procedures for visually inspecting the MGB assembly mounting foot pads and foot ribs for a crack and corrosion. The ASB specifies a 10-hour recurring visual inspection. If you suspect a crack, the ASB specifies a fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) or a dye penetrant inspection (DPI). If you find a crack, the ASB specifies replacing the MGB before further flight. Also, the ASB specifies treating any corrosion. This unsafe condition is likely to exist or develop on other helicopters of the same type design. Therefore, this AD requires within 10 hours time-inservice (TIS), unless accomplished previously, and thereafter at intervals not to exceed 10 hours TIS, cleaning and inspecting each MGB assembly mounting foot pad and rib for a crack and corrosion. If no crack is found, the AD also requires applying a

corrosion preventive compound. If you find a crack, the AD also requires replacing the MGB before further flight. If you find corrosion, bubbled paint, or paint discoloration, this AD also requires you to repair the MGB before further flight. The actions specified in this AD are interim actions. RIN 2120-AA64 Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Model 407 and 427 Helicopters SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Bell Helicopter Textron Canada (Bell) Model 407 and 427 helicopters. This AD results from a mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) AD issued by the aviation authority of Canada. The MCAI AD states that, during a preflight check, it was observed that the swashplate link assembly bearing had moved in the lever race, making contact with the swashplate support. The MCAI also states that further investigation revealed that the bearing had not been staked correctly during manufacture. That condition, if not detected, could result in failure of a bearing, failure of the swashplate link assembly, and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter. DATES: This AD becomes effective on November 16, 2009. We must receive comments on this AD by December 29, 2009.

This Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) alerts you, owners, operators, and certificated repair facilities of TCM series engines with certain Superior Air Parts, Inc. (SAP) investment cast cylinder assemblies to help identify the cylinder assemblies listed in airworthiness directive (AD) 2009-16-03. At this time, the airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant AD action under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 39. BACKGROUND: On August 5, 2009, we issued AD 2009-1603 to require inspecting certain TCM engines with SAP cylinders installed. In AD 2009-16-03, paragraph (f), we provided additional information to aid in identifying affected part number (P/N) cylinders without having to remove the cylinder from the engine. Paragraph (f) states: “Look at the cylinder head for the P/N SAC 52001 I or SAC 55001 I, and the word AMCAST.” Since we issued that AD, SAP has informed us that the affected investment cast cylinder heads might have the letters “CP” and a revision marking as shown in the following Table 1 instead of the word “AMCAST.”

RECOMMENDATIONS: If your records show that your TCM engine has an SAP cylinder assembly, and you cannot see the part number on the bottom flange of the cylinder assembly, you can remove the valve cover and look for P/N SAC 52001 I and the word “AMCAST” or the letters “CP.” If either are present, your cylinder assembly is affected by AD 2009-16-03. For Further Information Contact: Peter W. Hakala, Aerospace Engineer, FAA, Special Certification Office, Rotorcraft Directorate, 2601 Meacham Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX 76137-4298; telephone 817-2225145; fax 817-222-5785 E-mail: For Related Service Information Contact: Carl Johnson, Superior Air Parts, Technical Support, 621 S. Royal Lane, Coppell, Texas 75019; telephone 972829-4689; e-mail: cjohnson@

SAIB: NE-10-07 Reciprocating Engine Cylinder: Identification Information for Superior Air Parts, PMA Cylinder Heads for Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) IO-520, TSIO-520, and IO-550 Series Engines. Introduction December 2009


money talk

by Sam Miller

Total ownership costs... Do you know yours? With the close of 2009 approaching, now is the time to review all aircraft expenses and project your total ownership costs. The stimulus tax benefits of purchasing an aircraft that is placed in service in 2009 might favorably impact your total ownership costs on future aircraft. Check with your tax advisor to determine if you can benefit from the bonus depreciation and the increase in the Section 179 expense limit to $250,000 offered with 2009 tax laws. As a matter of fact, you only know the real cost of owning and operating an aircraft when it is

sold. Everyone has projections, but sold is the key word here. The total ownership cost of any aircraft involves many factors. In most cases, ownership involves the reduction of taxes due to aircraft depreciation and the deductible expenses associated with fixed and variable operating cost. Generally, the aircraft will sell for a value greater than its depreciated book value. This requires paying taxes on any gain realized from the sale of the aircraft. If the aircraft is traded, the payment of taxes on the gain is deferred to the replacement aircraft by reducing the tax

basis in the purchased aircraft. Eventually, the taxes will be paid on any gain realized from a sale price greater than the depreciated book value. Until these taxes are paid, the amount of taxes owed can be viewed as an interest free government loan. How much money did the aircraft cost? The aircraft was purchased and operated until it was sold and all taxes were paid on any gain at disposition. Document the monthly after-tax cash flow of all income, expenses and tax benefits as a result of the aircraft purchase, operation and sale. Make sure you include fixed expenses, variable hourly expenses, interest, depreciation, aircraft improvements, overhauls, special inspections, resale value, and any taxes paid. By evaluating this cash flow using Net Present Value (NPV) you can determine the true total ownership costs of the aircraft. How? Net Present Value (NPV) addresses the time value of money. NPV provides a method to compare sums of money received at different times in the future against a lump sum of money received at the beginning of a cash flow. A sum

of money to be received in the future is not as valuable as the same sum of money received at the beginning of the cash flow. For example, $10,000 received today is more valuable than $10,000 received a year from today. Why? If the $10,000 received today is invested with 10% return per year, the $10,000 received today will be $11,000 one year from today. The $10,000 on hand today can be referred to as the “present value” amount or as the “net present value” amount of the $11,000 received one year from today that included the 10% interest earned. The interest rate used in “net present value” calculations is normally referred to as the “discount rate”. Using Net Present Value (NPV) to evaluate aircraft investments is an excellent method to evaluate aircraft total ownership costs. For further explanation of NPV, check the finance books in your local library or Google “NPV”. The AircraftCostAnalysis program can be used to evaluate total ownership costs and NPV. Obtain the details at www.

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Manufacturer/Model: MD Helicopters, Inc. MD 520N Total production (all variants): 99 First flight 1991 Comments: The MD 520N is the NOTAR version of the classic and versatile MD 500 Series. It incorporates the NOTAR anti-torque system, offering more power, higher operating altitude, and greater gross weight than the MD 500E. Engine(s): Rolls-Royce 250-C20R HP (takeoff) 450 shp Dimensions: main rotor 27.4 ft/8.3 m, Tail rotor NOTAR (R) System, Height 9.7 ft/2.9 m, Length 32.1 ft/9.8 m, Width 6.3 ft/1.9 m Empty weight: 1,586 lbs/719 kg Gross weight: 3,350 lbs/1,519 kg Useful load: 1,764 lbs/801 kg External: 2,264 lbs/1,027 kg Vne: 152 kts/282 kmh Max Cruise: 123 kts/229 kmh Max rate of climb: 1,546 fpm/7.9 ms HIGE: 9,300 ft/2,835 m HOGE: 5,600 ft/1,707 m Service ceiling: 13,200 ft/4,024 m Std fuel: 64 gal/ 242 lit Max fuel: 102.5 gal/ 388.5 lit Max range std fuel (no reserve): 210 mi/389 km Range with opt fuel: 335 mi/620 km VFR: Crew 1 Passengers 4 18

Manufacturer/Model: Eurocopter EC 155B1 Dauphin Total production (all variants): 79 Engine(s): Arriel 2C2 (takeoff) 935 shp/697 kw ea. Dimensions: main rotor 41.34 ft/12.6 m, Tail rotor 3.28 ft/1 m, Height 14.27 ft/4.35 m, Length 46.91 ft/14.30 m, Width 11.42 ft/3.48 m Empty weight: 5,816 lbs/2,638 kg Gross weight : 0,846 lbs /4,920 kg Useful internal load: 5,031 lbs/2,282 kg External: 3,527 lbs /1,600 kg Vne: 175 kts/324 kmh Max cruise: 143 kts/265 kmh Max rate of climb: 1,154 fpm/5.8 ms HIGE: 7,050 ft/2,145 m HOGE < sea level Service ceiling: >15,000 ft /4,572 m S/E Service ceiling: 6,000 ft/1,829 m Std fuel: 332 gal/1,257 lit Max fuel: 379 gal/1,437 lit Max range std fuel (no reserve): 427 nm/791 km Range with opt fuel: 498 nm/922 km VFR: Crew 1/2 Passengers 13/12

Manufacturer/Model: AgustaWestland Grand Total production (all variants): >180 Comments: Certified single-pilot IFR Category “A” single engine performance. Engine: (2) Pratt & Whitney PW207C HP (takeoff) 735 shp ea. Dimensions: main rotor 35.5 ft/10.83 m, Tail rotor 6.3 ft/1.94 m, Height: 11.4 ft/3.4 m Length 38.3 ft/11.7 m, Width 5.4 ft/1.6 m Empty weight: 3,660 lbs/1,660 kg Gross weight: 7,000 lbs/3,175 kg Useful load: 3,351 lbs/1,520 kg External: 3,406 lbs/1.545 kg Vne: 168 kts/311 kmh Max cruise: 155 kts/287 kmh Max rate of climb: 1,830 fpm/9.30 ms HIGE: 15,600 ft/4,750 m HOGE: 10,600 /3,050 m Service ceiling: 16,200 ft/4,940 m Std fuel: 152 gal/575 lit Max fuel: 213 gal/805 lit Max range std fuel (no reserve): 295 nm/546 km Range with opt fuel: 432nm/800 km IFR Crew: 1 Passengers 7

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Manufacturer/Model: Bell Helicopter 407 Total Production (all variants): 800+ Comments: Offers smooth ride with electronic engine controls, competitive operating costs, high useful load, and excellent hover performance. Engines: Rolls Royce 250-C47B HP (Takeoff) 813 SHP/606 kw Dimensions: Main Rotor 35 ft/10.7 m, Tail Rotor 5.4 ft/1.7 m, Height: 10.2 ft/3.1 m, Length: 41.4 ft/12.6 m, Width: 8.1 ft/2.5 m Empty Weight: 2,681 lb/1,216 kg Max Gross Weight Std: 5,000 lb/2,268 kg Max Gross Weight Alt: 5,250 lb/2,381 kg Useful Load Std: 2,319 lb/1,052 kg Useful Load Alt: 2,569 lb/1,165 kg External: 2,646 lb/1,200 kg, Vne: 140 kn/ 259 km/h Max Cruise: 133 kn/ 246 km/h Max Rate of Climb: 1,940 fpm 6.5 mps HIGE: 12,200 ft/3,718 m HOGE: 10,400 ft/3,170 m Service Ceiling: 17,600 ft/5,364 m S/E Service Ceiling n/a Std Fuel: 27.8 gal/484 L Max Fuel: 146.8 gal/556 L IFR Crew: n/a VFR Crew: 1 Passengers 6

Manufacturer/Model: Enstrom 280FX Shark Total production (all variants): 352 First flight 1984 Comments: Classic design, executive styling featuring fairings on landing gear and a covered tail rotor shaft, with high efficiency air inlet. Standard equipment includes throttle correlator, turbocharged engine, night lighting, and 24-volt electrical system. Engine(s): Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD w/Turbo HP (takeoff) 225 shp ea. Dimensions: main rotor 32.0 ft/9.75 m, Tail rotor 4.7 ft/1.43 m, Height: 9 ft/2.74 m, Length: 29.3 ft/8.9 m, Width: 7.3 ft/2.23 m Empty weight: 1,640 lbs/744 kg Gross weight: 2,600 lbs/1,180 kg Useful load: 930 lbs/422 kg External: 1,000 lbs/454 kg Vne: 102 kts/188 kmh Max cruise: 100 kts/185 kmh Max rate of climb: 1,450 fpm/442 mpm HIGE: 13,200 ft/4,023 m HOGE: 8,700 ft/2,652 m @ 2,350 lbs Service ceiling: 12,000 ft/3,658 m (max. alt.) Std fuel: 40 gal/159 lit Max fuel: 53 gal/201 lit Max range std fuel: (no reserve) 229 nm/424 km Range with opt fuel: 348 nm/644 km VFR Crew: 1 Passengers 2

Manufacturer/Model: Erickson Air-Crane S-64E Total production (all variants): 20+ First flight 1968 Comments: A purpose-built multi-mission flying crane, 2,650 gal (10,000 ltr) firefighting tank (salt or fresh water fill), and “Water Cannon” high pressure nozzle. Engine(s): (2) JFTD12A-4A HP (takeoff) 4,500 Dimensions: main rotor 72 ft/22m, Tail rotor 16 ft/5m, Height 25.4 ft/7.6 m, Length 88.5 ft/26.6 m, Width 21.8 ft/6.5 m Empty weight: 20,000 lbs/9,000 kg Gross weight: 42,000 lbs/18,900 kg Useful load: 20,000 lbs/9,000 kg External: 20,000 lbs/9,000 kg Vne: 115 kts/213 kmh Max cruise: 115 kts/213 kmh Max rate of climb: 4,000 fpm/1,200 mpm HIGE: 14,000 ft/4,200 m HOGE: 14,000 ft/4,200 m Service ceiling: 14,000 ft/4,200 m S/E service ceiling: 14,000 ft/4,200 m Std fuel: 1,350 gals/5,116 lit Max fuel: 2,450 gals/9,285 lit Max range std fuel (no reserve): 300 nm/555 km Range with opt fuel: 530 nm/981 km VFR: Crew 2 Passengers N/A

November 2009


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1989 Bell 206 L3, S/N: 51328, R/N: C-FYGB, 2,473 hours TT, Corporate configured, NDH, nice condition, 5-place seating, rotor brake, dual controls, particle separator, air conditioning, GPS, moving map, and hook provisions. Full details at: or call Mark Clancy: +1-763-753-3700

Bell 206B JetRanger, C20B Engine, Fresh FAA Annual, VVIP Config. New T/R Blades & Turbine Hot Section Inspection. Dual Controls, High Skids, Garmin GNS 430, Garmin GTX-327, King KCS 55a H.S.I., Garmin GMA-340. Price $599,950 USD. For full details visit www.206bell. com/12 or contact Apple International Tel: 423 652 0206 Email:

Hummingbird Helicopter-Delivery positions available in our next production run. Contact Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc., 407-322-9488,,

Jetranger B206BIII Dec 94, 3700 TT, Executive Leather Interior, Pop Out Floats, Excellent Rem Times, £399000, or 075259394349

2007 Eurocopter EC130 B4, S/N: 4346 TSN: 9 hours TT, Optional Equipment: Standard with Dual Controls. Asking €1.800.000. Please log into for further information.

2009 Bell 407, S/N: TBD, R/N: N407HH (reserved), Factory new “Green” – 3rd Quarter Delivery, Factory installed kit selection. Customized Configuration Available, Trade-In’s Considered, Corporate, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, Utility, Offshore, News Gathering. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700,


C-FXRJ , 205 Hours Since Overhaul - S/N 5122 is an impressive Corporate Configured helicopter in “Like New Condition” that was overhauled and converted to include all of the AS355-FX2-R improvements by Heli-Lynx in 2006, including upgraded C20R engines. Features include a Garmin Avionics package with Dual GNS 530 NAV/COM/GPS, Autopilot, Satellite Weather, Traffic Advisory System, and Executive Six Seat interior. Also included are High Skid Gear, Interior Sound Proofing, Hi-Visibility Doors, Left and Right Cargo Pods, Rear Baggage Extender and too many additional features to list. In a word - Immaculate! Price reduced to $1,995,000 USD. Contact TransGlobal Aviation 705-487-6222,

1979 Enstrom F-28C-2 (N5690P), 1712 TT, 1170 TTE, Excellent silver paint with 2-tone gray stripes and custom leather seats, $109,000. Please contact Spitfire Aerospace by e-mail at or Toll Free at (877) 659-9300.

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1983 AS-365N Dauphin VIP S/N: 6080, 3400 TT, Fresh Airframe Major Overhaul Contact:, Ph: +33 608 786 373, Fax: +33 153 016 550

1964 BELL UH1F, TT 4505.8, Fully restored in 2005, Mid-time components or better, radio pack, BLR Strakes & Fast Fin, Extremely well maintained. Includes 2001 Volvo 3500 gallon fuel tanker & fully outfitted 26-ft service van. USFS/OAS Carded & ready to go to work with USFS/ OAS contract. 406-777-1188

2001 Agusta 109E Power SN 11129, HB-ZDT. VIP configuration. 1,252 hours. One private owner. Located Switzerland. Exceptional. Full details at Contact Peter Leonard-Morgan, Loudoun Aviation, Inc, +1 (540) 751-9543.

Bell TAH-1P Cobra. TTAF 5195.1, this is a recently restored Cobra gunship. This is the trainer version of the AH-1S combat helicopter and can be legally owned by civilians. State Dept approval is required for export. It is fully restored to include all markings. Engine and components are low time and ADs are complied with. It is in current inspection and licensed in FAA Experimental/Exhibition category and is flying now. Dual controls, heat and AC ECU system, nose turret with simulated guns. VHF, GPS, and transponder. Price $1,395,000. contact, 360-754-7200

1990 Bell-412-SP, C-FCCK, S/N 36009, complete refurb., 0 timed engines & Cbox (3B’s), new paint & interior, all maintenance inspections completed, Sperry Autopilot, KMD-540 MFD with RDR-81 Radar, KLN-90-B, KRA-405, KTR-908’s, KXP-756, KNR-634, KDF-806’s, KN-63, Wire strike kit, Low skid gear, Alpine Exhaust deflector’s, rotor brake, Long line equipment now installed, pop out float kit and floats available. Contact Brad Emsland for more details. Westcan Aircraft 250-554-4202 or 250-376-1119 Fax,

For sale, Bell 206L-1C30P, N207OU, SN45706. Total Time, 11,000 hrs. New paint and good component times. The helicopter has been operated in the Las Vegas area doing FAR 135 flightseeing. Please contact Lash Larew,, 425-825-8411, for more detailed information

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2001 Bell 430, SN 49081, TT 1000, Single pilot IFR, leather interior, wood trim, excellent condition. Call 423-538-5111, email or

Toll Free Tel: 866-864-8237 • Tel: 478-988-0787 • November 2009



2001 Agusta 109E Power SN 11129, HB-ZDT.VIP configuration. 1,252 hours. One private owner. Located Switzerland. Exceptional. €2,250,000. Full details at Contact Peter Leonard-Morgan, Loudoun Aviation, Inc, +1 (540) 751-9543. 12-09

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1994 A109C SPIFR 5645 T, Utility Config with Many Optionals, Contact:, tel: +33-608-786-373, fax: +33-153-016550 12-09

Bell 1982 Bell 206B III, S/N: 3621, N407RV, 19900 TT, AC, AH, DG,TC, Garmin 150XL, sliding rear door, good times remaining! Free transition training! Ready for Immediate Delivery! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 12-09

Beautiful, EXTRMELY LOW TIME 1978 Bell 206 B3, Total time 2800 hour or so Jet Ranger. In annual and all AD’s complied with. Owner is a construction company and no longer has the need for such a wonderful aircraft as their needs have changed and now flies a Leer Jet. Immaculate records kept on the aircraft. One of a kind find for this low model exec ship. $499,500.00. Time component sheets upon request. All times are great. Look over the pics and contact Doc at 314 322 5660. Demo upon request. 12-09 1998 Bell 407, SN 53257, N999XX, 1147 TT, dual controls, rotor brake, Avidyne CAS-610 TCAD Traffic Advisory w/GNS-420 display, Flight Instrument Group, Garmin GNS-420, Bendix King Nav/Comm, Bendix King Transponder Freon Air Conditioning w/Dual Evap. For more info, call 772-220-1700 or visit www. 12-09

1976 Bell 206B III, S/N: 2025, N43CM, 6340 TT, good times remaining! Free Transition Training! NDH! Ready for Immediate Delivery! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 www. 12-09 PARTNERSHIPS AVAILABLE on two Bell 206 B3’s. So. California area preferred. Both helos on New 135, Part 91 usage also welcome. Call for details: Airlift 619-884-8353 12-09

2009 Bell 407, S/N:TBD, R/N: N407HH (reserved), Factory new “Green” – 3rd Quarter Delivery, Factory installed kit selection. Customized Configuration Available, Trade-In’s Considered, Corporate, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, Utility, Offshore, News Gathering. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09)

1991 Bell 412 HP, S/N: 36027 R/N: TBD, 8,823 hours TT, Offshore Configured. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09) 1981 Bell 412, S/N: 33041, R/N: N412AH, 4,647 Hrs TT. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, mclancy@helicopterbuyer. com (12-09)

2009 Bell 206 L4, S/N:TBD, R/N: N206UM, Factory new “Green” – 4th Quarter Delivery, Configured Factory “Green” with OEM Kits. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09) 1981 Bell 412, S/N: 33024, R/N: N80701, 11,530 hoursTT, Utility Configuration, Fresh 5-Year / 3,000 hr inspection, new paint & interior, newly repaired PT6T-3B engines, excellent airframe and engine component times. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, mclancy@ (12-09) 1989 Bell 206 L3, S/N 51328, R/N: C-FYGB, 2,473 hrs TT, Corporate Configured. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09)

1991 Bell 412 HP, S/N: 36023 R/N: TBD, 5,265 hours TT, Offshore Configured. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09) 1981 Bell 206 L1, S/N: 45676, R/N: N811SP, 6,483 hrs TT, Corporate / Private Configuration. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763753-3700, (12-09)

1994 Bell 412 EP, S/N: 36100, R/N: VH-EPK, 4,207 hours TT, EMS Configured. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09)

2009 Bell 206 L4, S/N: 52412, Factory new “Green”, December 2009 Delivery, Configured Factory “Green” with OEM Kits. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-7533700, (12-09)


Bell 206L3 1992 Long Ranger TTSN 3,675 White/ Blue /Red/ Blue cloth Int., King KCS 55A HSI, King KY165, KNA audio Panel, & More! Great times remaining! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 www.prestigehelicopters. com (12-09)

2009 Bell 412 EP, S/N: TBD, R/N: N412HB, New Production Helicopter, Available 4th Quarter 2009, Offshore Configured. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09)

1998 Bell 412 EP, S/N 36201, R/N: N412AT. Exclusively Offered For Sale. 5,760 Hours TT, Standard Configuration, Like New Condition. For Additional Information: Contact Mark Clancy 763-753-3700, (12-09)

For sale, Bell 206L-1C30P, N10761, SN45381.Total Time, 25,600 hrs. New paint and good component times.The helicopter has been operated in the Las Vegas area doing FAR 135 flightseeing. For Sale or LongTerm Lease. Please contact Lash Larew, lash@, 425-825-8411, for more detailed information 12-09 For sale, Bell 206L-1C30P, N1076T, SN45373.Total Time, 28,200 hrs. New paint and good component times.The helicopter has been operated in the Las Vegas area doing FAR 135 flightseeing. For Sale or LongTerm Lease. Please contact Lash Larew, lash@, 425-825-8411, for more detailed information 12-09

1990 Bell-412-SP, C-FCCK, S/N 36009, complete refurb., 0 timed engines & Cbox (3B’s), new paint & interior, all maintenance inspections completed, Sperry Autopilot, KMD-540 MFD with RDR-81 Radar, KLN-90-B, KRA-405, KTR-908’s, KXP756, KNR-634, KDF-806’s, KN-63, Wire strike kit, Low skid gear, Alpine Exhaust deflector’s, rotor brake, Long line equipment now installed, pop out float kit and floats available. Contact Brad Emsland for more details. Westcan Aircraft 250-554-4202 or 250-376-1119 Fax, 12-09

1980 Enstrom 280C (N427JJ), 2894 TT, 926 TTE, Recent paint & interior, accent color and new Nnumber included in price, Garmin 420, GEM610, Gyros, many extras, $134,900. Please contact Spitfire Aerospace at helicopters@spitfireaerospace. com or Toll Free at (877) 659-9300. (12-09)

Bell 206 fuselage SN1510, good shape, good condition. Call 631-588-2780. 12-09 1979 Enstrom F-28C-2 (N5690P), 1712 TT, 1170 TTE, Excellent silver paint with 2-tone gray stripes and custom leather seats, $109,000. Please contact Spitfire Aerospace by e-mail at helicopters@ or Toll Free at (877) 6599300. (12-09)



1964 BELL UH1F,TT 4570, Fully restored in 2005, Mid-time components or better, radio pack, BLR Strakes & Fast Fin, Extremely well maintained. Includes 2001 Volvo 3500 gallon fuel tanker & fully outfitted 26-ft service van. USFS/OAS Carded & ready to go to work with USFS/OAS contract. 406-777-1188 12-09

Bell 206B3 1976 N43CM Jet Ranger TTSN 6,340 hours since new, good times remaining! FreeTransitionTraining! NDH! Ready for Immediate Delivery! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 mikerussell1@att. net (12-09)

1997 Bell 407, SN 53197,TT 2410, leather interior, customer spec. paint scheme, T/R pedal lockout kit, wire strike protection, night scanner, New condition. Call 423-538-5111, email pschreuder@ or dberndt@edwards-assoc. com (12-09)

2001 Bell 430, SN 49081,TT 1000, Single pilot IFR, leather interior, wood trim, excellent condition. Call 423-538-5111, email or (12-09)

For sale, Bell 206L-1C30P, N207OU, SN45706. Total Time, 11,000 hrs. New paint and good component times. The helicopter has been operated in the Las Vegas area doing FAR 135 flightseeing. For Sale or Long Term Lease. Please contact Lash Larew,, 425-825-8411, for more detailed information 12-09

1980 Enstrom 280C (N280A), 1404 TT, 769 TTE, mid-time components, paint & interior in good condition, FX type fairing, KDM 150 GPS, many extras $135,000. Please contact Spitfire Aerospace at or Toll Free at (877) 659-9300. (12-09)

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Bell 206B JetRanger, C20B Engine, Fresh FAA Annual, VVIP Config. New T/R Blades & Turbine Hot Section Inspection. Extensive Range of Extras including Dual Controls, Bleed Air Heater, Nightscanner Search Light, Particle Separator, High Skids, Range Extender, Garmin GNS 430, Garmin GTX327, King KCS 55a H.S.I., Garmin GMA-340. Price $599,950 USD. For full details visit www.206bell. com/12 or contact Apple InternationalTel: 423 652 0206 Email: (12-09)

Bell 206B111 New Style JetRanger, S/N 3941, Year 1987, Fresh FAA Annual. Beautifully VVIP refurbished with new Bell Paint Scheme, Leather Seats and Thick Pile Wool Carpets. Extras include Bleed Air Heater, Particle Separator, High Skids, Dual Controls, King KX-165, King KT-79 & Gamin GMA-340. Price $679,950 USD. For full details visit or contact Apple International Tel: 423 652 0206 Email: sales@206bell. com (12-09) Bell 206 Series Helicopters for lease long term all Maintenance included, equipped and configured to customer choice. Short term lease e.g. Natural disaster relief also catered for. Worldwide Lease purchase and outright sales a specialty. Apple International Inc. Bristol TN. Email us on sales@206bell. com or call office 423 652 0206 or Cell 423 366 3466. Check out our web site (12-09)

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1999 EC-120B 3000TT  Air Cond, Dual Controls, Leather Seats: Contact: +33 608 786 373 ph 12-09 2004 EC-155B1 VIP 925 Hrs TT Sand Filters,Tinted Windows Contact:, Ph: +33 608 786 373 Fx: +33 153 016 550 12-09 1983 AS-365N Dauphin VIP S/N: 6080, 3400 TT, Fresh Airframe Major Overhaul Contact: marc., Ph: +33 608 786 373, Fax: +33 153 016 550 12-09

RR-250 overhaul and repair Parts • Sales FAA CRS #A9UR626J EASA Certificate #EASA.145.5481 Specializing in Rolls Royce 250 Series Engines

AOG Technical Services Available 24/7

Hablamos Español Dallas Shop: 10570 Olympic Dr. • Dallas, TX 75220 Toll Free: 800-909-7616 • Ph: 214-351-1284 Fax: 214-351-1286 • email: Mexico City: Ph: 52-55-2235-1516 • Fax: 52-55-2235-1515 email:

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1991,SN2475,AS350B-2 for sale.Total time 13,560. Used for flightseeing. No offshore history. Please call or email for component times, pricing and aircraft equipment. For Sale or Long Term Lease. 425-8258411, 12-09

C-FXRJ , 205 Hours Since Overhaul - S/N 5122 is an impressive Corporate Configured helicopter in “Like New Condition” that was overhauled and converted to include all of the AS355-FX2-R improvements by Heli-Lynx in 2006, including upgraded C20R engines. Features include a Garmin Avionics package with Dual GNS 530 NAV/COM/ GPS, Autopilot, Satellite Weather, Traffic Advisory System, and Executive Six Seat interior. Also included are High Skid Gear, Interior Sound Proofing, Hi-Visibility Doors, Left and Right Cargo Pods, Rear Baggage Extender and too many additional features to list. In a word - Immaculate! Contact TransGlobal Aviation 705-487-6222, martin@ 12-09

2002 AS350B2 2975TT, RH & LH Sliding Door, Dual Controls, Air Conditioning. Contact Marc Mongeau: +33 608 786 373 tel, +33 153 016 550 fax 12-09 1981 AS-355F1 AFTT: 3600 Hr, Private Use, Corporate Interior with Leather Seats. Contact: marc., +33 608 786 373 tel,  +33 153 016 550 fax 12-09

2008 Robinson R44 Raven II, Reference #: HE060209A, C-GKHA, S/N 12360, 63 Hours TTSN, King KY 196A Com, King KT 76A Transponder, Garmin 150 GPS,TK-7160 FM Transceiver, Kannad 406 ELT, Nine Hole Panel, Artificaial Horizon, Directional Gyro, Turn Coordinator. Contact TransGlobal Aviation 705-487-6222, martin@ for more information 12-09

1979 SA-300L PUMA 1500 TT,VIP Configuration and Utility Configuration, Contact:, Tel: +33 608 786 373,  Fax: +33 153 016 550 12-09 1978 SA365C3 IFR SN 5013, 8545 TT, Utility configuration, Optionals. Contact:   marc.mongeau@,  Tel: +33 608 786 373,  Fax: +33 153 016 550 12-09

(2005) Heli-Lynx Conversion -1981 Eurocopter AS355-FX2-R, Reference #: HE071008A, C-FXHE, S/N 5074, 5,556 TTSN, Complete Heli-Lynx Rebuild in 2005, Technosonic TAC 200A Audio Panel w/ Intercom, Technosonic TFM 138 VHF/UHF Radio, Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com/GPS, King KY 196A Comm, KT 76 A Transponder, USFS Avionic Fixed Parts, Flight Instruments. Contact TransGlobal Aviation 705487-6222, for more information 12-09


Hughes 2009 EC-130B4 Factory Delivery New March 2009, VIP, Air Conditioning, Cargo Swing, Contact:, Tel: +33 608 786 373,  Fax: +33 153 016 550 12-09 1991,SN2415,AS350B-2 for sale.Total time 13,880. Used for flightseeing. No offshore history. Please call or email for component times, pricing and aircraft equipment. For Sale or Long Term Lease. 425-8258411, 12-09

Hughes 300C 1989 SN1398 TTSN 5,805 Aux Fuel, Heater, KY 196A Com, KT 76A TXPR w/ mode C, Dual Controls & More! Price Reduced! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 mikerussell1@att. net (12-09) 1967 TH55 Hughes/Schweizer 269A, Normal category, 2-owner machine with spare M/R blade, cargo rack, modern avionics.  For more info. Pls. Email/call ken at 850-763-9000 sales@helitechinc. com (12-09)

R-22 Mariner B, 1989 1220 TT, 1 owner, primer aux/tank bubble windows art horizon Garmin GPS King 155 cargo hook MR blades 50 TT, like new inside/out, lost medical must sell. 209-662-4757 12-09 2009 R44 Raven II with 79 hours total time, Garmin 430, pilot side mounted Garmin 696, A/C, jet black exterior with tan leather interior. Contact Bulldog Aviation 501-425-1215, paul@ 09-10 R44 2000 Raven 1600 TTSN N436MR White/ Green with gray leather, 150 XL, KT76A, AH, DG, and more. Call Mike Russell 404-307-3254 (12-09)


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CURRENT INVENTORY & EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS: 1996 Kaman K-Max S/N: 16 18,196 hrs TT Utility 1998 Bell 412 EP S/N: 36201 5,760 hrs TT Like New 1994 Bell 412 EP S/N: 36100 4,206 hrs TT EMS 1991 Bell 412 HP S/N: 36027 8,823 hrs TT Offshore 1991 Bell 412 HP S/N: 36023 5265 hrs TT Offshore 1981 Bell 412 S/N: 33024 11,530 hrs TT Utility 2009 Bell 206 L4 S/N: 52412 New Select Config 1989 Bell 206 L3 S/N: 51328 2,473 hrs TT Corporate 1981 Bell 206 L1 S/N: 45676 6,482 hrs TT Corporate 1979 SA 315 Lama S/N: 2549 9,033 hrs TT Utility 1976 SA 315 Lama S/N: 2361 11,518 hrs TT Utility Contact:

Mark Clancy +1-763-753-3700 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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Hummingbird Helicopter-Delivery positions available in our next production run. Contact Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc., 407-322-9488,, 12-09

2008 RII w/AC -110 hrs TT. Metallic paint, leather, bubble windows, Bose headsets, AM/FM/CD, Pilot Console w/G420 & Traffic Display. Export & Delivery Available. Call Dave at 757-488-9044 or email (12-09)

MD Helicopters 1981 MD500D, S/N 911027D, 6351 TTSN, In shop for avionics/airframe refurb: New AFS filter kit, New Windows, New Paint to cust. spec. & installation of straight 500D instrument panel w/ flt inst group and radios. M/R blades avg 69% time remaining, 79 hrs since HSI. Fresh 100/300/Annual inspections 11/09. Numerous STC’d kits installed. Price $515K, Call for detailed equipment list & component times. 888-463-7953 or AACINC@ ATT.NET 12-09

1981 MD 500D, Reference #: HE052709G, CGSHT, S/N 911083D, 5,850 TTSN, King KY 196A VHF Com, King KT 76A Transponder, NAT AMS 43 Audio Controller, Garmin GPS 196, Kannad 406 AF-Compact ELT, Kenwood TK-705D FM Transceiver. Contact TransGlobal Aviation 705487-6222, for more information 12-09

2008 BII - 45 hrs TT. Nice equipment, sharp paint job - Great Price! Export & Delivery Available. Call Dave at 757-488-9044 or email hrheli@ (12-09)

2006 RII w/AC - 710 hrs TT. Metallic Astro paint, leather seats, bubble windows, 2 Bose headsets. Attitude & Heading Indicators, King Radio #1 & Garmin 420 GPS/Radio #2, Garmin 330 Transponder w/Traffic Display. Flown and maintained on Part 135. Export, Shipping & Delivery Services Available. Call Dave at 757-488-9044 or email (12-09) NEW 2009 RAVEN I, $292,133. White with Blue Trim. Contact: Florida Suncoast Helicopters, Bill Cooper, 800-391-2391 tfn

R44 II New 2009 SN12812 Black Metallic/ Gold Metallic/Tan Leather,Taped on N#, Garmin 430 & HSI, Garmin GTX330, Art Horizon, Turn Coordinator, 4 Bose Headsets, 4 point safety harness, 4 bubble windows, Kannad 406 ELT & more! 2008 Pricing! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 (12-09)

2007 R-22 - 450 hrs TT. Nice basic ship with heater, leather seats, King Radio & Transponder, and Garmin 400. Perfect personal ship or trainer. Expor t Ser vices and Shipping Available. Call Dave at 757-488-9044 or e-mail hrheli@ (12-09) NEW 2009 RAVEN II, $364,029. Viper Red. Contact: Florida Suncoast Helicopters, Bill Cooper, 800-391-2391 tfn NEW 2009 ROBINSON BETA II, List $244,000, Offered $212,933. White with Blue Trim. Contact: Florida Suncoast Helicopters, Bill Cooper, 800391-2391 tfn

R44 2007 N133AATTSN 290 Black Metallic/ Gray Leather, Taped on N#, 9 Hole Panel, Air Conditioning, Garmin 530 w/pilot side console & HSI, Garmin GTX330, Radar Altimeter, Art horizon, turn Coordinator, Bose Headsets, 4 point safety harness, 4 bubble windows, Kannad 406 ELT & more! Price reduced for quick sale! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 www. (12-09)

R44 2006 N122AA TTSNFOH 92 hours! Factory overhauled Nov 2008! Gold Metallic/ Tan Leather, 9 Hole Panel, Air Conditioning, Garmin 530 w/ pilot side console & HSI, Garmin GTX330, Art horizon, turn Coordinator, 2 Bose Headsets, ELT & more! Price reduced for quick sale! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 www. (12-09)

R44 I 2002 (IFRTrainer) N820DFTTSN750 Hours Green/ Gold/ Tan Leather, 10 Hole Panel, HSI, AH, TC, CDI/GS, Dual (2) Garmin 430’s,Marker Beacons, Bubble Windows, 4 Bose Headset Jacks, ELT 3000-10 & More! NDH! Priced for quick sale!! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254, (12-09) 2008 & 2009 New and used R44 Raven Is & IIs, Clipper Is & IIs & IFR Trainers. Many new and used listings. Deliveries from October thru May 2009. Choose color and options. Full factory warranty. Call Andres Kerllenevich 904-824-5506 or visit for details. 12-09 ROBINSON R22 BETA II with Garmin G400 GPS available for lease to flight school. Call 323-3761969 or email,Visit our website 12-09

The Ultimate Helicopter Dolly • Wireless remote controlled–take your helicopter in and out of your hangar while you sit in the cockpit • Eliminates ground handling equipment • Eliminates tugs and towing • Helps eliminate hangar rash • Saves time and man hours • 12 x 14 overall dimension • Built in GPU • Priced at $26,900 USD

Heliwagon is built to take care of our customers ground transportation needs.


TRADEWIND INTERNATIONAL LLC R44 II 2006 N3194W TTSN 1,070 White/ Silver/ Gray Cloth, Air Conditioning, Garmin 420 Garmin GTX327, Art horizon, 2 Bose Headsets, bubble windows, ELT & & more! Priced for quick sale! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 (12-09) R44 II 2005 SN10971 TTSN 890 hours NDH Red Met/Gold Trim / Tan Leather, AH, DG, Garmin 420 & more! Priced Reduced! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 (12-09)

R44 I 2002 (IFRTrainer) N820DFTTSN750 Hours Green/ Gold/ Tan Leather, 10 Hole Panel, HSI, AH, TC, CDI/GS, Dual (2) Garmin 430’s,Marker Beacons, Bubble Windows, 4 Bose Headset Jacks, ELT 3000_10 & More! NDH! Priced for quick sale! ! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 mikerussell1@ (12-09) R44 I 2001 N474BV TTSN 850 Hours Black/Gold/ Tan Leather, Garmin 420, AH, DG, Nat AA12, 4 Bose Headsets & More! Call Mike Russell 404 307-3254 (12-09)

2005 Robinson R44 Raven II, 225 hrs TT, NAT AA12S Audio panel, intercom, KY196A, KT76C, Garmin 420 GPS/COMM, artificial horizon, directional gyro, leather seats, bubble windows. Lane Aviation, Rosenberg, TX, 281-342-5451 OR FAX 281-232-5401,, www.laneav. com tfn

Schweizer 1996 Schweizer 300CB, N20059 ACTT:2385, ENGTT:385, SN:0053,  VFR, Very Clean, hangared, flyable ground wheels, cabin heater.  600 HR, 24 Mo Insp. completed 12/08.  $165,000. Contact Patrick at Adirondack helicopters, Inc.  (315)8684901 email: 12-09

1601 Knilans Road • Janesville, WI 53546

Helicopter Sales

Bell 206B, L • MD500 • AS350 • S300

Parts Sales

Large Inventory of parts Outright Sales and Exchange Components • Instruments • Accessories Bell • MDHC • AEC • Schweizer Rolls Royce • Lycoming Check our web page for a complete listing We buy helicopters and inventories

Call for HOLIDAY $PECIAL$– N388JA, a 2004 Schweizer 300CBi, 388 TTSN,VFR w/6pack Instrumentation, IFR config possible. Left Hand Pic,Very clean A/C, ‘04 paint, ‘04 interior, 3-seats. Negotiate with us. A/C located in St. Petersburg, FL. Call for pricing and details. OFFICE 727-823-5200 or FAX 727-823-5484. Visit our website at: www. (12-09)

Place your classified ad today!

• We need parts, components and inventories • Looking to purchase light turbine helicopters • We also buy helicopters that are in disrepair MASTERCARD/VISA Toll Free 800-585-7004 USA & Canada Only. TEL: USA 1+608-756-3632 FAX: USA 1+608-756-2606 email: web:

478-988-0787 •

December 2009



2006 Schweizer 300CBI, s/n 240, N153HT, 1300 TT, Garmin 430, heater, basicVFR trainer, very clean aircraft, Contact John at 570-656-6477 or john@ for more details. Please visit our website at 12-09

ROLLS ROYCE 250 COMPRESSOR CASE ASSEMBLIES. P/N 23057142. EXCHANGE PROGRAM PRICE US $4550.00. PHONE 816-2464527, FAX 816-246-5341, EMAIL, (02-10) Call for HOLIDAY $PECIAL$– SPECIAL#1! Straight From The Factory! SN 0352, N21447, a 2008 S300CBi. Let’s make a deal! SPECIAL#2! SN 0357, N2156J, 2009 Basic VFR 300CBi Trainer! For more details please contact: OFFICE 727-8235200 or FAX 727-823-5484. Visit our website at: (12-09)

Helicopters Wanted New 2009 Schweizer S300CBI, s/n 358, N21496, Garmin 430, heater, basic VFR trainer, motivated sales center! Contact John at 570-656-6477 or for more details. Please visit our website at hitechhelicopters. net 12-09

Need an IRS Tax Deduction? Donate Your Helicopter to Charity, email us: amberalert@juno. com 12-09

Ag Related Everything for the Ag Operator. Satloc Level III Sales & Service, Spray Systems, CP Nozzles, Dry Breaks, AgTex, Avtex Airforce/Navy Flight Suits Helmets. Light Weight, Noise Attentuated. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 573-359-0500, email to: 12-09

Engines 2007 Schweizer 300CBI, N511BH.TT921 hrs., dual controls, heater, flyable ground wheels,dual landing lights, Bendix/King Ky96A COMMS, Xponder, GPS Mount & VSI. Aircraft location: Norwood, MA. Contact: Blue Hill Helicopters, 781-688-0263. Visit our website for more opportunites: www. 12-09

Place your helicopter or helicopter-related item for sale in 478-988-0787 • 866-864-8237

Available with Special Pricing: E36161041 rotor seal; E3826779-1 housing aft defuser; E3826825-3 inlet guide vane; E3842347-1 pilot ring (outer); E3860404-1 gearshaft; E3860675-1 nut; E3846206-3 deflector; E3830155-2 primary manifold; E3860005-2 gear; E3860339-1 gear set. Contact Tulsa Propulsion Engines 918-756-6969 (04-10)

Equipment SIMPLEX has acquired the Helipod product line. Robinson spray and cargo systems are now available through Simplex. Call 503-257-3511 or visit www. for more information (12-09)

Lycoming VO/TVO-435 & 540, many new parts, 50% off! Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at (02-10) PT-6, Allison and Turbomeca parts.We have a small inventory of new parts, including consumables. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at (02-10) Action Aircraft is a full-service overhaul/repair facility for Rolls -Royce 250 series engines located in Dallas, Texas. We offer superior service and pricing in addition to free technical assistance. Engines, modules and parts available on outright and exchange basis. When you need RR250 engine overhaul and repair - “Take Action”. Please call phone 214-351-1284 or 1-800-909-7616, fax: 214-351-1286, email:, website: (12-09) UNIVERSAL TURBINE PARTS, INC.Stocking Supplier of Pratt & Whitney PT6A & PT6T Parts, Engines & Accesories. New, Overhauled & Serviceable. We Buy Turbine Aircraft, Engines, & Inventory. All Conditions. Call for Fax or a Quote Call USA +1 334-361-7853, FAX USA +1 334-361-0290 E-MAIL: (08-10) C-30P Gearbox and Fuel system overhauled. Westcan Aircraft PH-250-554-4202 FX-250376-1119, www. 12-09

HELI-LOADER for Bell L3 series helicopter. Used condition, 24V, made in Japan, runs great! Part Number: NHL-IV. Asking price $6,000.00 USD. Call: Jay Reeder @ 208-948-0506 or Email: jay@ 12-09

FOR SALE: Like New DART Heli-Utility-Pod for Eurocopter AS 350. P/N D350-602-011. Like new, with paperwork and hardware. $8000 USD. Call: Jay Reeder @ 208-948-0506 or Email: 12-09 Bubble covers, Engine covers, Blade tie-downs, engine plugs & blade covers at Bruce’s Custom Covers, 408-738-3959, bruce@aircraftcovers. com (02-10) Dyna Nav (Dynamic Navigation & Mapping Systems) provides GPS guidance systems for your aircraft. 604-465-0009,, www. 06-10

Your Aerial Dispersal Equipment Choice

• Spreaders

• Meterates

• Pumps

• Pumps & Valves

• Fire Gate Boxes

• Stainless Steel Booms

• Stainless Steel Valves

• Strainers

• Swathmasters

• Bomb Bay Fire Gate


Tr a n s l a n d • 2200 Seymour Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76301 Tel: 940-687-1100 • Fax: 940-687-1941 Se Habla Español • Call Your Authorized Transland Dealer Today 26

L-1 and L-3 Longranger Pop out floats, Complete. New Aeronatical on condition bags installed in 2002. Aeronautical Electric Valve. Westcan Aircraft PH-250-554-4202 FX-250-376-1119,, 12-09 New & Serviceable helicopter floats and fuel cells in stock includes all Bell models.We also repair and certify floats and fuel cells for most helicopters. Call 337-8390500 or email 12-09 LongRanger Cargo Hook & Beam Assy 206-706341-101 including provisions.Also have 206B/206L rotor brake, dual control, wire strike Kits and parts for sale Call Tradewind Int’l. 800-585-7004, 608-756-3632. Fax: 608-756-2606. Email: info@, (12-09) Chadwick Track And Balance units, complete. Full warranty. Heli-Tech, 850-763-9000; fax 850-7638712 (12-09)

Insurance Falcon Insurance is spreading the wings of insurance protection to helicopter owners and operators with the largest independantly owned insurance specialists in the country.We are dedicated to serving you. (12-09) The Right Aviation Insurance Broker makes all the difference in the world. The experience you need to get the job done right. Focused on service. We work for you, not the insurance companies. Jim Gardner & Rick Langley @ J. Smith Lanier & Co.  678  - 639  - 4108, 800-654-7892, x4108 or 4104,, Your team that can’t be beat. 12-09 Specializing in placing aviation/helicopter insurance. We have access to all markets, domestic and overseas. Your inquiries are appreciated. Phone: 562492-1217 Fax: 562-492-1147 Cell Phone 562-7568685 E-mail: Clemens Meuleman/CFM Aviation Insurance 12-09 Mid-Continent Aircraft Insurance Brokers - Over 59 years Risk Management Experience for Professional Operators. 800-325-0885, e-mail: Sharon/Laura 12-09

MISC. ITEMS The great new Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door features a self-supporting header frame, requiring a minimum 4-inch headroom, and the ever-fastmoving bifold door features the new lift strap technology that provides a quiet, smooth operating door. Schweiss Bifold Doors, at or 800-746-8273 (12-09) LOT FOR SALE: One-acre-square house lot, Plane Living Sky Park, 2,000 s.f., all-brick, covenants, 5 miles west of I-75, Exit 142, Public water, septic sewer. paved streets, curb and gutter, street lights. Lot is one of 13 directly on new sod runway, Google It! (Google photo before development). South side of Hwy 96 at 50 Lane Rd., Fort Valley, Georgia 31030, Save thousands and buy from owner. $49,900 includes closing costs. 478.987.2250 tfn LOT FOR SALE: Beautiful 2.73 acres wooded lot, 298’ wide and 400’ deep, Pine Ridge Equestrian Estates, Public water and septic sewer, Five miles from Crystal River, Florida, Covenant exclusive neighborhood, Community center, Pool & golf course. Mini-ranchettes with zoning that allows up to three horses and stables with your home. 27 miles of horse trails with access at rear of lot. GOOGLE IT! Citrus County, Florida, 3620 Stirrup Drive, Beverly Hills, FL. $94,900. David A. Eiland, Realtor, Realty Select Phone 352-563-5313, Fax 888-834-9437, Email:, Website: tfn Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors leads the bifold door industry in quality, innovation, design, and price. Our website at offers assistance with installing bifold doors, upgrading your existing building structure, and helping you find the best bi-fold door for your needs (12-09)

Operations For Sale, 100X100 Behlen heated aircraft hanger, with 30X15 office, central heat and air in office, Schweis 60’ Bi fold door, electric & water, completed in 2005, located at (47K) KS. Ideal facility for Ag operator, maintenance operation or corporate flight department.Price $265,000. Contact Randy Hardy @ 316-655-2322 or Dick Russell @ 316208-3140 12-09

Parts Pn-212-030-100-191 Bell 212/412 tail boom assy. Fresh shop visit to Alpine for Jig Check and partial Skin replacement. BLR strake kit installed, Ready to go. Westcan Aircraft PH-250-554-4202 FX250376-1119, www. 12-09 Tooling for Bell, Eurocopter, MD and Rolls Royce maintenance & overhaul tasks. Also stands, fixtures and work-aids. SAI: or contact Bill at or 604-5387673 12-09 H269C-1 Parts/Project machine for sale.  Mfg. Date:11-99 Reg:N2029H SN:101  98% Complete project ship new and used parts.  No blades; main or tail.  395TTAF.  $105k. Will consider parting out.  Call Patrick (315)868-4901 Email: PSDillon81@ 12-09 Bell Drive & Sump assy, 212-040-365-105, 2 NEW with Bell Certs. Contact Tulsa Propulsion Engines 918-756-6969. (04-10) Bell Quill Assy 212-040-208-003, 2 available with Bell Certs Contact Tulsa Propulsion Engines 918756-6969. (04-10) Top quality aircraft spares for Honeywell - TPE331, TFE731,T53,T55; General Electric - CF700, CJ610; Pratt & Whitney - PT6A, PT6T; and Rolls-Royce / Allison 250. Let the efficient customer service personnel at Tulsa Propulsion Engines take care of you! Two offices: Tulsa, OK 918-756-6969; Wichita, KS (316) 634-6969 (04-10) Bell-206B in for parts, undamaged aircraft, Complete, High Skid gear-025 Main Rotor Tranny, mast, Freewheel, C-20 Engine. C-20B compressor, Contact Brad with your needs. Westcan Aircraft PH250-554-4202 FX-250376-1119, 12-09 Bell Helicopter Tailbooms For Sale. 205/212/412 to 206B/L series and 407. Sold with Transport Canada Form 1 Certification, overhauled using Bell CSF Approved Jigs to ensure Structural Compliance for alignment. CHS, Mike Duck, Phone: 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-533-1517, (06-10)

NEW Tail Rotor Blades for UH-1H–FAA STC/ PMA SR02051LA, Carbon Fiber construction, 2400 hr service life, competitive pricing.Van Horn Aviation LLC, 480-483-4202, (12-09)

Enstrom parts. We have a small stock of new Enstrom parts. Check with us often. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at (02-10)

Parting out a 1995 Schweizer 300CB, drive train/ power train & many more parts. Pls. contact Ken 850-763-9000 Fax 850-763-8712 or email sales@ (12-09)

Bell parts. We have a nice stock of new parts for Bell 47, 206 and others. It’s worth the effort to check with us, or search our web site for your part numbers. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. (02-10)

Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, accessory parts for just about everything. Big discounts! 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at www.preferredairparts. com (02-10) Sikorsky parts. We have a growing stock of new Sikorsky parts. We can often save you time and money. Contact us or check stock on our web site. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at (02-10) MD Helicopter parts. We have a few new MD Helicopter parts. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. (02-10) Hughes parts. We have some new Hughes parts at big discounts. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. (02-10) Hiller parts. We have a small stock of new Hiller parts. Check with us often. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at (02-10) Eurocopter parts. We have purchased several inventories of new parts and are ready to serve you. Contact us, or search our web site for the parts you need. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. (02-10)

New STC Tail Rotor Blades, Part No. 204-2200101 for 204 UH-1 heliopters from Van Horn Aviaiton LLC. Contact HeliBlade Inc. Distributor & Service Center for these new and improved composite tail rotors 530-743-0151 (04-10) RR 250-C20B complete compressor 0.00 TSO new wheels. $45,000.00 USD exchange. Call 631588-2780. 12-09 ENSTROM PARTS, SALES & SERVICE Huge parts inventory, 20 yrs exp., loaner tools. AOG same day shipping a specialty, full time factory trained A&P parts man on staff. Get service advice with your parts. A.O.G. and Exports Sales New Garden Aviation, Ask for Tom 610-268-2048 Fax 610-2680342 12-09 BELL 47 PARTS FAA/PMA Approved Many in stock and ready to ship. M/R Grips for 1200 hours with no eddy current inspections. Fan Belts, Engine Mounts, Mufflers, Sprag Kits, “ No Bar” Control System and many other parts. texashelicopter@, or 972-399-1045 office or 972-790-6397 fax 12-09 Universal Turbine Parts, Inc. Stocking Supplier of Pratt & Whitney PT6A & PT6T Parts, Engines & Accesories. New, Overhauled & Serviceable. We Buy Turbine Aircraft, Engines, & Inventory. All Conditions. Call for Fax or a Quote Call USA +1 334-361-7853, FAX USA +1 334-361-0290 E-MAIL: (08-10)

Bulldog Aviation Go where you want to go.

• Located at Saline Co. Regional Airport (KSUZ) • We’ll trade for anything! • Flight instructors on duty

**We have an immediate buyer for a mid-time Robinson R22**

Parting out Bell 212 and 206 Fuselages, many parts available. Please phone or Fax your requests. CHS, Mike Duck, Phone: 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-5331517, E-mail: (06-10) UH-1H Composite main rotor blades for sale P/N 205-015-150-101 and main rotor blades  B model   P/N 204-011-001-015. Tail rotor blades Van Horn Aviation P/N 2042200-101 for the H and B models. Call Pablo at HeliBlade, Inc. 530743- 0151 (04-10) 1988 Bell-412SP in for parts, Complete undamaged aircraft, Serviceable Tail boom with strake kit, Twin pac, rotables, instruments, etc,etc Westcan Aircraft PH-250-554-4202 FX-250-376-1119, www.westcanaircraft. com 12-09 Bell 206L-4 New Low Skid kit for sale. Will trade for float kit for L-4. 631-588-2780. 12-09 Bell 206B Tail Rotor Gear Box as removed. P/N 206-040-400-13 outright. 631-588-2780. 12-09 Cascade Aircraft Conversions new Barrier Filter System. Reduce your TOT by up to 38º C. www.,, 509-635-1212 (06-10)

2009 R44 Raven II with 79 hours total time, Garmin 430, pilot side mounted Garmin 696, A/C, jet black exterior with tan leather interior

For more information on this and other aircraft, contact

501-425-1215 • December 2009


UH-1 Overhauled Components available exchange or outright; 204-012-101-141 M/R hub, 204-040-016-5 Transmission, 204-011-400-11 Swashplate & Support assy., 204-011-401-11 Scissors & Sleeve assy, 205-040-263-111 Input Quill, 205-040-200-1 gen. Offset Quill, (4) 204040-600-11 Hanger assy., 204-040-003-37 gear box 42, 204-040-012-13 gear box 90. Pac West Helicopters CRS PW6R1161J Tel/530-241-2402 “e” 12-09 UH-1Vertical Fin Spar Kits. Pac West Helicopters is an approved Distributor for the Global Helicopter Technology STC approved Vertical Fin Spar replacement which terminates AD99-25-12 action. Have your kit installed by us at our Cal. facility where we are able to perform extensive repairs if necessary, order your kit and install it at your shop, or arrange for us to install it at your location. For sales and scheduling contact Tel/530-241-2402 “e” 12-09

Fuel cell repair or replacement for all makes & models–FAA approved commercial crash resistant construction, flexible bladder nitrile rubber construction, all construction TSO-C80 certified, 2-year warranty. Contact Floats & Fuel Cells at 901-842-7110, (12-09) Floats & Fuel Cells–your N. american Eurocopter authorized repair facility with comprehensive repair capabilities for all makes & models, available for 24/7 shipping. FAA repair staion no. TH4R544M. 901-842-7110, (12-09) Support the helicopter industry...Become a member of HAI! Call 800-435-4976 or 703-683-4646, Email, or visit 03-10

Helicopters for every need: Cessna Caravans w/ wheels or floats Business Aircraft Specialists, Inc. Twin Otters Also Available. BASpecialists@gmail. com, (12-09) SIMPLEX is a world leader in aviation mission equipment. Call 503-257-3511 or visit (12-09)

Bell Helicopter Commercial and UH-1 Component Overhauls. 205/212/412/206B/L Series and 407. Quality Services, Competitive Pricing with Technical staff, specializing only in Bell Products. Contact: CHS, Mike Duck, Phone: 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-533-1517, E-mail: mike@helistructures. com (06-10) Specializing in Bell Helicopter Commercial and UH-1 Tailboom Overhauls. 205/212/412 Tailbooms, 206B/L and 407 overhauled using Bell Approved Jigs.Tailbooms overhauled to Bell Specifications. Certification provided Transport Canada Form 1. Mike Duck, 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-5331517, (06-10)

Services Bulldog Aviation–Go where you want to go! Located at Saline Co. Regional Airport (KSUZ), We’ll trade for anything! Flight instructors on duty. Call 501-425-1215, 09-10

CHS - your complete Bell Helicopter Repair and Overhaul Facility, supporting only Bell Helicopter Products from Component Overhauls to Major Inspections. CHS puts quality first. CHS #9-5225 216th Street Langley, B.C. V2Y 2N3 Transport Canada AMO#.137-96 and EASA.145.7112 604-533-1148 Fax: 604-5331517 (06-10)

Call for HOLIDAY $PECIAL$– WEST FLORIDA HELICOPTERS: Authorized sales dealer for Sikorsky Global Helicopters/ Light Helicopter Program. Details at OFFICE 727-823-5200 or FAX 727823-5484.Visit our website at: www.wfhelicopters. com (12-09) TRANSLAND~Your Aerial Dispersal Equipment Choice! We have Stainless Steel Booms, Pumps/Valves & much more. We look forward to serving you! Contact us Today. Please visit our website:, Se Habla Espanol 940-687-1100, 940-687-1941 Fax (06-10) Bell Helicopter Importations and Exports, Pre Buy Inspections, as well as Helicopter Appraisals. . Contact: CHS. Mike Duck, Phone: 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-533-1517, E-mail: mike@helistructures. com (06-10)

Specializing in Bell Helicopter Commercial and UH-1 Air Frame Completions/Refurbishments. Authorized Bell Helicopter Textron Customer Service Facility, specializing in Models 205/212/412, 206 Series, 407s. Quality Services, Competitive Pricing with Technical staff specializing only in Bell Products. CHS, Mike Duck, 604-533-1148, Fax: 604-533-1517, (06-10) D&D Avionics Services–Avionics & Modifications. Distributor of Skeyeview–Producing DVD quality video files with cockpit audio in a vidoe standard format for easy playback. 478-254-6552, tfn Rotor blade repairs by HeliBlade, Inc. a FAA Repair Station. Contact Pablo Martinez at 530-7430151 (04-10)

Magellan Aerospace Turbine Services LLC a FAA/ EASA Approved repair station, for A250, T53, CT58 and TPE331 turbine engines component overhaul or repair. For more information visit our website at or Call 623-9310010 12-09

Helicopter Component Repair: Metal bond and composite repair - fast and easy! Your one stop repair facility. Now producing High Heat Components. Contact : Helicomb International,Tulsa, OK 918-835-3999 (02-10) Component Overhauls & Part Sales, FAA,CRS, Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter, & MD  Approved CSF, Acclaimed Quality Service, Competitive pricing, Discount on Parts, Dedicated Friendly Customer Service. Contact Tom Sullivan at Sterling Helicopter. 215-271-2510 Fax 215-788-7319, E-mail: 12-09 Export / Import, Pre-Buys & Transport ANYWHERE! Aircraft Recovery. Contact Tom Sullivan at Sterling Helicopter 215-271-2510 Fax 215-788-7319 E-mail: tom@sterlinghelicopter. com 12-09 BELL 47 PARTS FAA/PMA Approved We have over 50 years of knowledge in the Bell 47 Model Helicopter. If you have a question or need a part contact us.Texas Helicopter Co., Inc. 972399-1045 office or 972-790-6397 fax or email us at or visit our web site 12-09

#9 – 5225 216th Street Langley, B.C. Canada V2Y 2N3 Phone: 604-533-1148 · Fax: 604-533-1517 AOG After Hours Phone: 604-818-4185

Services Provided:

Delivered directly to your mailbox via 1st class mail with your PAID subscription. $24.00 for 1 year (12 issues) $39.00 for 2 years (24 issues)

Maintenance Inspections • Structural Repairs using Authorized Bell Fuselage and Tailboom Fixtures Component Overhauls • Refurbishments • Composites Avionics Installations • Modifications • Spare Parts Sales Painting • Completions • NDT AUTHORIZED CSF for Bell Helicopter Models 204, 205, 206 Series, 212, 407, 412 and UH-1H TC Repair Station No. 137-96 · EASA Repair Station No. 145.7112

Contact us to subscribe:

866-864-8237 • 478-988-0787 28

Fulfilling our customer’s needs with the best service and most superior products.

Universal Turbine Parts, Inc. Stocking Supplier of Pratt & Whitney PT6A & PT6T Parts, Engines & Accesories. New, Overhauled & Serviceable. We Buy Turbine Aircraft, Engines, & Inventory. All Conditions. Call for Fax for a Quote Call USA +1 334-361-7853, FAX USA +1 334-361-0290 E-MAIL: (08-10)

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Borescope and Videoscope Repair Services.   Any brand or any model.  Your one stop source for the best value visual inspection equipment since 1981.   Check out our new products and rental units at  or call  Borescopes-R-Us at 931-362-4009 12-09


BLUE HILL HELICOPTERS, Norwood MA. Part 141 approved Flight Training, Photo Flights, Helicopter Sales/Services, Helicopter Tours. For more details, please visit our website:, Contact us at, 781-688-0263 Come Fly With Us! (12-09) Florida Suncoast Helicopters, Sarasota and Lakeland. Come fly with us - we offer training & tours. Authorized Robinson sales & service. Call: Sarasota: 941-335-1258 or Lakeland: 863-648-9680 tfn Helicopter Training in Hawaii.  “Excellence in Flight Training” at Mauna Loa Helicopters on Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island.  Come fly with us in the best weather in the US.  MLH offers: PVT, COM, IFR, CFI, CFII, ATP, FAA certified FLY-IT simulator, mountain course, external load training, and now offering fixed wing training.  MLH is 141 certified, and VA approved.  Student financing / student housing / college degree programs / International flight training / accelerated programs available. Call (808) 334-0234 or e-mail, (12-09)

SOFTWARE Helicopter Operators can calculate your breakeven, % investment return, profit potential, and produce annual & monthly cash flows. Project your financials without spending hours of your time. All reports are produced automatically and accurately after you provide your inputs. Types of analyses performed include: Company/Individual Ownership, Managed with/without Leaseback, Commercial Operation, Agricultural/Fire/Ambulance Operations, Joint Ownership, Fractional Ownership, and Charter/ Rental. Helicopter sales organizations can provide your prospects with customized & professional ownership cost analysis. This program is a great sales aid and management tool. FREE sample reports. Click REQUEST INFORMATION on the website or call 281-419-7443 tfn

TOOLS Make life easier - or at least make your engine and aircraft inspections easier using a flexible borescope from Machida, Inc. Call: 800-431-5420 or (03-10)

Heli OPS truck/trailer COMBO. Designed & built by experienced pilot. 5500 08 Chevrolet crew cab, 4-door, 4WD, 330HP Diesel, less than 1500 miles, never put in field service. 26-foot Better-Built gooseneck trailer, new 2200 Gal nurse tank, 500 Gal batch tank. 50 Gal pre-batch crane on truck bed to lift drums, 12-drum capacity on truck, all new tanks, hoses, pumps, valves, meters etc. Toolboxes & extra storage compartments on trailer. Radios installed on truck. Designed for 2-man crew pilot/driver. Call Mike at Silvaair 800-844-0904 or 205-602-0097 (12-09)

WANTED Bulldog Aviation had an immediate buyer for a mid-time Robinson R22. Call 501-425-1215, 09-10 Parts Wanted Bell 206 B&L, 204, 205, 212, 214 , MD, Eurocopter, & Allison. Looking for R/B, W/S, Duals etc. kits and parts. We buy inventories or By The Piece. Call Tradewind Int’l. 800-585-7004, 608-756-3632. info@ (12-09)

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2:18 PM

Universal Turbine Parts, Inc. We buy Turbine Aircraft Engines & Inventory. All conditions. Call or Fax for a Quote 334-361-7853; fax 334-361-0290 E-MAIL: (08-10)



List your flight school or training facility in THN’s Flight School Directory! 478-988-0787 or 866-864-8237

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S t o c k i n g d i s t r i b u t o r of P T 6 , J T 1 5 D & P W 1 0 0 p a r t s a n d e n g i n e s • N E W, O H a n d S V c o n d i t i o n

We b u y T U R B I N E A I R C R A F T, E N G I N E S a n d I N V E N T O RY. We m a n a g e E N G I N E O V E R H A U L S a n d R E PA I R S .

UNIVERSAL TURBINE PARTS, INC. 120 Grouby Airport Road Prattville, Alabama 36067

T 334 361 7853 F 334 361 0290

December 2009


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December 2009

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Dyna-Nav.................................. 14 Eastern Helicopter....................17 Edwards & Assoc........................3 Falcon Insurance...................... 13 FL Sun Coast..............................17 Hampton Roads Helicopters..17 Heli-Tech.................................... 13 HeliBlade......................................7 Helicopter Assoc, Int’l............. 32

2009 VoluMe 10, oCToBeR 30, 2009

This edition mailed

on: September

Volume 10, SePTemBe This edition mailed

the helicopter Your #1 source for

Your #1 source for thehelicopternewspa


R 2009

HelicopterBuyer........................ 24

on: August 24, 2009

the helicopter marketplac



Helicopters Northwest...............8

Global Distribution.

HeliWagon................................ 25 Enhanced Bell

Hi-Tech Helicopters...................17

205A ++

TOTAL TIME: (Airframe) 2382 ASKING PRICE: Please call CONTACT: Don Groenemann, 817-266-8788, John@gsaircraftsales or John Milko, 540-992-55 00, .com

TAH-1P Cobra BellTIME: 5195.1

TOTAL $1,395,000 USD 0 ASKING PRICE:, 360-754-720 CONTACT: sales@nwhe 20

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helicopter on page transporting • The business of Sikorsky breaks ground anatomy of aviation insurance • The INSIDE THIS EDITION: tid-bits • NTSB reports helicopters • THN 1 October 2009

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helicopter on page


INSIDE THIS EDITION: Extensionå for comments Photos from ALEA, on CRM training Boeing celebrates for Part 135, 45th anniversary Heavy lift helicopter of community 2009celebrates propulsion firstSea Knight first flight, AuGuST

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on: edition mailed

July 24, 2009

September 2009

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Mauna Loa Helicopters...........17 II R44 Raven binson R44 RavenIIII 2008 Ro binson R22 Beta 2006 Ro binson 2008 Ro 675, 45 TOTAL TIME:


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1146 .com SMOH BER: REG terDepot NUM 0, 3 HRS SERIAL : 2,20 htHelicop .com @Lig L TIME E: $315,000,for marketplace helicopter Dan the TOTA Your #1 source terparts PRIC 1371 ASKING : 805-512- insonhelicop 20 team CONTACT www.robpter on page British

Aviation, ’s this helico about Loudoun Tim McAdam hips, e fly with ION: Com r Champions THIS EDIT Helicopte more! June 2009 INSIDE s for World plus much challenge your tail... Protecting

This edition mailed


on: June 23, 2009

110, Pricing hrheli@hrh : Call for 88-9044,

Volume 10, May 2009ASKING PRICE Hynes 757-4 y Dave n, Whirl 20 Your on page CONTACT: #1 source certificatio on N62FA for the helicopter achieves Common aviati More about Bell 429 training,marketplac e EDITION: for INSIDE THISting applications tions August 2009 Girls accepterms and defini insurance


ns bi2EK 02 Ro N: N44

VoluMe 10, JulY

Preferred Airparts.................... 22



Prestige Helicopters.................12



Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors..............5 Your #1

Volume source

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helicop ter mar


helicopter on page



INSIDE THIS EDITION: Liability exposure sulfation: prevention of a contract pilot, and repair, Habits, Battery Eurocopter presents ALEA comes to Savannah, the EC175

Formally Universal Helicopter

TEL: 866-864-8237 or 478-988-0787

Spitfire Aerospace....................17

TOTAL TIME: 3,675 ASKING PRICE: Call for price www CONTACT: Mike .theRussell helicop 404-307-3254 mikerussel www.prestigehelicopt tern,

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April 2009

l 2009

1992 Bell 206L3


Bell UH-1H Plus

REGISTRATION: N703PH SERIAL NUMBER: 69-15602 TOTAL TIME: 4749.5 PRIcE ASKING PRIcE: cALL fOR com, 360-754-7200 cONTAcT: sales@nwhelicopters. on page 20 More about this helicopter

10, Apri

July 2009



Tradewind Int’l......................... 25 Transland................................... 26

2 Euro


REGISTR SERIAL ATION: PENdING NUM TOTA BER L ASKINGTIME: 9881: 1873 & , 7702 1087 PRIc cON E: TAcT : sach OPTIONS More STAR a.we about this helic tzel@helis TING AT $850 opter upp on page ,000 20, more INSIDE: on Helis Heli-Expo upport For 2009



ma NZ on review, page Helisuppo lly Univer 4 sal Hel rt NZ services, icopte Letters r to the Editor April 2009

Tulsa Propulsion....................... 27


Universal Turbine Parts.......... 29 Van Horn Aviation................... 16 December 2009



The Helicopter Newspaper - December 2009  

The December 2009 edition of The Helicopter Newspaper