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THE HEIGHTS SCHOOL SENIOR SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS Applying to all students in the Senior School The school, and the teachers working with students, will ensure that every opportunity is provided t o achieve the best possible results from studies at this school. However, we expect senior students t o demonstrate commitment, responsibility, respect and self discipline, in order to maximise their learning. This will be indicated as : 1.

I will attend school everyday unless prevented from doing so for medical reasons or reasons otherwise approved by the school. I will provide doctor’s certificates and other documentation to explain absences when they must occur.


I will attend punctually ALL scheduled lessons, as they appear on my timetable, including homegroup periods and the extended counselling sessions each week and any extra lessons arranged by agreement with teachers.


I will submit ALL assignments, complete ALL class work and homework and sit for ALL required tests.


I will fulfil my responsibilities in meeting ALL deadlines or negotiating deadlines according to the SACE/School policy.


My behaviour and attitude at school will be in accordance with that expected of a responsible self-disciplined, committed student who is trying to achieve the best possible results from the opportunities offered by the school and its staff. I will obey all the school rules and policies and behave respectfully towards other students and staff. (This includes use of car and off campus privileges).

I understand that these behaviours will support my learning. Student : ___________________________________________ ____________________________



Student Signature ______________________________________________________________________


Endorsed by H.G. Counsellor : __________________________ _____________________________



I have read and understood the Senior School expectations outlined above and agree to support the school and my child in meeting these expectations. Parent/Care Giver _____________________________________________________________________ (if student is under 18 years of age)

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