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Garden spinach & silver beet in miso dressing Volunteer notes: This is a room-temperature salad. From the garden: Silver beet, rainbow chard, all varieties of spinach What to collect Big basket of spinach and silver beet

What to do • Wash the greens well, check under the leaves for caterpillars and spin dry. Large pot • Bring a large pot of water to Strainer the boil; quickly dunk the Tongs greens in for 30 seconds and Salad spinner drain. When cool, squeeze the Chopping knives excess water out well. Large bowl • Chop the greens well, then put them into a large bowl. Sauce: • Toast the sesame seeds until 1 tblsp sesame seeds golden brown. ½ cup miso • Quickly tip the seeds into a 1½ tblsp mirin bowl to stop the cooking and to ⅓ cup castor sugar let them cool. ½ cup rice vinegar • Finely dice the shallots and 2 shallots add to the bowl with all other sauce ingredients and mix well. Non-stick frypan and spoon • TASTE! Chopping knives • If the sauce is too thick, thin it Bowl down with a small amount of hot water. 4 nori sheets • Cut the nori sheets into thin Clean scissors lengths with a pair of clean Tongs scissors. 4 platters • Mix the salad well with the sauce, then divide onto the 4 Herbs and edible flowers for garnish platters. • Garnish with herbs and sliced nori and scatter edible flowers over. Recipe care of Desley Insall, Kitchen Garden at Collingwood College


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