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Carrots with parsley and honey Equipment: • • • • •


Peelers Chopping board Knives Tablespoons Saucepan with lid

• 9 carrots • 3 tablespoons butter • •

3 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoon parsley

What to do: •

Get a pan and put a little water in the bottom and set on the stove.


the carrots and cut off the ends.

Cut the carrots into rounds about one cm thick and put into pan.

Wash and chop the parsley finely with a small sharp knife or kitchen scissors and put into the pan with carrot.

Dot carrot and parsley with butter and dribble with honey.

Put on the lid of pan and steam over moderate heat until tender.

Add a touch more water if necessary to stop food sticking to the bottom of pot.

The butter and honey will carmelise the carrot and it will turn a golden colour.

Cook until tender.

Serve whilst warm or cool.