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28 February 2011 No 2

We are fortunate to have teachers new to the school who have already brought their passion and creative approach to enrich the curriculum and learning programs for our students. We welcome Colleen Goerner, Kym Gray and Leah Overstreet, Marilyn Middaugh, Katie Hart and Sandra Potts to 10 year tenured positions; Joan Sullivan and Roger Schiano bring expertise in Resource Based Learning and Physics from their experiences as permanent employees; Kim Crocker, Beth Szetekel, Ian Benjafield, Daniel Quinlivan, and Emily Parker have established themselves as the strength of the next generation of committed professional educators. They all bring enthusiasm that complements and energises existing staff and teachers returning to the school.


Tuesday 1st March 7:00pm

Programs and excursions are already underway – Year 12 Sailing Camp, Clipsal 500 Physics excursion, Engineering and Sustainability Day, Year 6/7 Feed the Planet program, Year 10 extension Science option that capitalises on our partnerships with NAMIG and CSIRO, Engineers without Borders, Power and Sustainability research and inquiry project approach, Tactical Teaching reading program, Mangahigh. Our Automotive VET program has increased to accommodate more than 50 students from The Heights and other local schools and there is a considerable increase in our students enrolled in VET courses with neighbouring Trade Centres in schools – Electro-technology, Pathways to Construction, Hair and Beauty, Business Enterprises, Plumbing, Skilled Metals, 3D Animation and Health & Fitness We can also anticipate a strong contribution from parents new to the community and existing parents who step into the higher responsibility of governance as they nominate for Governing Council at the Annual General Meeting.

Venue: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen We invite all parents to reflect on what (Junior School) they can bring to enrich the community and strengthen the partnership with staff Come along and hear about the to make learning and education at The successes of 2010 Heights dynamic, challenging and and the directions for 2011. relevant for all students. Helen Calvert, Principal Ø Enjoy the culinary delights of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden

Ø Go online with us using Daymap and see how we are tracking your child’s attendance and progress. Post an electronic bulletin notice.

Road Reconstruction


Student Absences


Penang Exchange


The School Day



SS & MS Sports Day


Adelaide Cup Day


Open Morning 11am - 12:30pm

ROAD RECONSTRUCTION - LEDA COURT, VULCAN AVENUE & PALLAS STREET, MODBURY HEIGHTS Commencing late February 2011, the City of Tea Tree Gully will be reconstructing Leda Court, Vulcan Avenue and Pallas Street starting in Leda Court then Vulcan Avenue and then Pallas Street. The work will require Council to remove and replace isolated sections of kerb and gutter and the base before the new road base can be constructed. On completion of the road base, an asphalt treatment will be applied over the new length of the road base.

On Monday 28th heavy machinery will be in use, so the gate will be locked in Leda Court. These works will last approximately four weeks and the school will be advised when the gate will be opened again.

A plan of the proposed works is also available to view in the Foyter of the Civic Centre, 571 Montague Road, Modbury. If you have any queries regarding the work to be carried out in your street, please contact Joshua Bowen 8265 8629 or Tony Wilkey on 8265 8610. For on-site construction issues, please contact Gary Friel on 0408 805 400 between 7am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND PROGRAMS 2011 Penang Exchange We want to hear from twelve families who will host a student from our Penang Sister School in May early second term. Your child can then make the return visit during 2012 for only the cost of the airfare. Korean Trip Expressions of interest for our next trip to Korea in the Christmas holidays, January 2012 are being called for. Host Families Are you interested in being a host family for a study tour visit of 12 days from a Japanese or Korean student group? For further information or lodge an expression of interest on any of the above please phone Brian Harris on 0400 288 381 or leave a message with the Front Office for him to contact you.

T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provide Number: 00018A

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Parents of students with an NEP are invited to attend an information evening to meet staff who support their students. It is an opportunity for parents to also meet and discuss future Special Education Focus Evenings. For future information, please contact Katrina Meatheringham on 8263 6244.

TEACHER PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PROGRAM MONDAY - 2:45 - 3:15pm Week 3: Junior School - Overview of Comprehension Priority Middle School - Curriculum Planning Senior School - Strategies to support students to be successful with the new SACE, supervised study/tutorial sessions

Week 4: Junior School - Comprehension Action Plans and Professional Learning Program to support student improvement in comprehension skills Middle/Senior Schools - Analysis of Year 8 transition data Teachers were able to work together on these activities during the half hour early closure and continued after school hours until 4:15pm on Monday and from 3:304:30pm on Wednesday in faculty and cluster learning teams. Teachers new to the school are encouraged to participate in six sessions on Gifted Education on Tuesdays from 3:30pm from week 4. The program includes sessions on Understanding Giftedness, Identification and Profiles of gifted children, Models of Differentiation focusing on Blooms Digital Taxonomy, Social and Emotional Needs and Underachievement. Teachers from other schools are invited to register.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

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Congratulations Kaytlan Mackay who has been selected to represent Secondary School Sport SA at the forthcoming School Sport Australia Softball Championships in Toowoomba, Queensland from April 30 - May 7th 2011.

STUDENTS WHO ATTEND ARE MORE LIKELY TO ACHIEVE We have a strong focus on attendance and following up with families when students are absent without an explanation because we want our students to achieve and succeed. We have recently converted to a new Attendance Program, Learner Management System, to track daily and lesson attendance. How does the system work at The Heights? -

Families contact the school before 9:00am when their child is absent and provide an explanation for the absence. The student is marked absent with an explanation


Students who have not arrived at class/homegroup by 9:00am are marked absent without an explanation


Families of students absent without an explanation are sent an SMS message indicating the absence and requesting an explanation

This process will be followed by all students R-12. It is critical that we have an accurate mobile phone number so that parents can be informed and respond. Thank you to the vast majority of parents who routinely contact the school promptly when their child is absent. NEWSLETTER ARTICLES ON OUR WEBSITE AND THEIR LINKS: An article from Sarah Williams about our Korean Exchange Trip - An article from Jamie Warren - ‘A Dream Day in the Life of a Scientist’ Key Personnel 2011 - FROM FINANCE...... We still have several Entertainment Books available. They are still valid until 1st June for a “SPECIAL” price of $30. If you wish to purchase one, see Sonja in the Finance Office.

INFORMATION SESSION FOR PARENTS The Asthma Foundation of SA offers FREE information sessions on Asthma, Eczema, Allergy and Analphylaxis and Chronic Lung Conditions. These sessions are conducted at: Asthma Foundation SA 300 South Road HILTON S A 5033 For more information about asthma, or for dates and times of sessions, contact Breathe Better Information Line 1800 645 130

CREST SUCCESS.... CREST is a CSIRO project and stands for Creativity in Science and Technology. Late last year, 16 year 8 Science students were awarded CREST certificates for their work on a variety of projects. Students conducted scientific research on a topic of their choice, collected information, consulted with people, read books, collected data, analysed their data and then reflected on their findings. Some of the topics investigated were:


Does chewing gum improved memory? What is the most effective way to remove stains from clothes? What is the best way to prolong the life of cut flowers? Does practice make perfect? Does chewing gum affect the pH of saliva? Congratulations to all the students in 806 last year for successfully completing the requirements


START OF THE SCHOOL DAY Teachers rostered on yard duty and able to provide supervision for students on site. Students should not be inside classrooms. No student should be on school grounds prior to this time. (OSHC provide a service from 7:00am until 8:25am). The Resource Centre is available to students from 8:15am for quiet study


Warning bell sounds. Students should start to move to their classrooms.


Teachers on duty in classrooms to begin teaching. Students in classrooms to begin learning.

Parent Club Activities Term 1 2011 Next Meeting - Thursday March 24th at 9:00am in the Parent Room Lunch - Thursday 12th May Everyone welcome, please come along for a chat and coffee Mothers Day Stall – Friday 7th May We will be holding a Mothers Day Stall once again this year for students to purchase items for Mothers Day. Junior School classes will visit the stall with their teachers and Middle and Senior School students can come at recess or lunch time. Items vary in price from $2 to $6 and include cook books, candles, fridge magnets, book marks and travel mugs, and many more items. There is something there for every Mum. Sports Day – Monday March 7th We will be selling sausages, drinks, ice blocks and cookies at the Middle/Senior School Sports Day. If you are able to volunteer for an hour or so on the day to help cook the BBQ or in the kiosk please contact Lyn Albury on 8263 6244 / 0488 027 346 or email Cookie Dough We have a small amount of Cookie Dough left. Triple Choc, Choc Chunk, Oatmeal/Raisin, White Choc/Macadamia, Anzac and Christmas dough. $12:00 per tub. To order phone 8263 6244 and ask for Kylie May. After School Sport Baseball 12th February: Heights 9 drew with Ardtornish Red 9 19th February: Heights 16 defeated Ardtornish Blue 15

Teeball 12th February: Heights 27 defeated St Davids 25 19th February: Heights 18 lost to Ardtornish Red 21

U12 Basketball Results 3rd February: Heights Fireballs (18) defeated SFX Boomers (10) 10th February: Heights Fireballs (33) defeated SFC Comets (9) 17th February: Heights Fireballs (30) defeated Pedare Light (10) 24th February: Is the beginning of our one large team splitting into two teams which be Heights Magic and Heights Fireballs

WINTER UNIFORM ORDERS Please consider placing your uniform orders now for this winter. You do not need to pay for orders in advance; ordering now just ensures your child has all their warm clothes for this year. Orders placed with our supplier can take up to eight weeks to be delivered. Order forms can be downloaded from our website and are also available from the Front Office. There is a sizing guide available to download from our website to assist you with sizes.

Junior School Uniforms Junior School winter items that are purchased this year will be navy blue only. As the school is changing the uniform, you will no longer be able to purchase any of the maroon colours. Please order early from the Uniform Shop to ensure you are ready for winter.

MONSTER CAR BOOT SALE 26th MARCH 2011 7am until 1pm $10 to set up a ‘car boot’ or stall Clovercrest Baptist Church Car Park 2 Famechon Crescent Modbury North For further information please contact Daniel Stevens at the church