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OUR SCHOOL VALUES We work hard to learn We respect ourselves and each other We value acts of generosity

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DIARY DATES 28/11 Parents & Friends 9am 29/11 Yr 6/7 Transition 29/11 Yr 8 2012 Transition 29/11 Governing Council Mtg & Dinner 5/12 Parents & Friends Lunch 5/12 Yr 6/7 Celebration


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It is at this time of year that we recognise the achievements and successes of many of our students both at the Year 12 Validation and Year 6-12 Celebration of Success. These occasions remind us of the remarkable abilities of our young people and affirm the community’s confidence in the capacity of our children and young adults to shape society in a positive, responsible and compassionate manner. I hope that parents and family who were able to attend these ceremonies enjoyed the occasion, that they felt warmly welcomed and that they sensed the school’s pride in their children was reflected in the organisation and atmosphere of the presentations and morning tea. We were pleased to have 2 new awards presented to our students. The Honourable Bob Gregory presented The Lions Club Encouragement award of $500 on behalf of the Lions Club of Modbury. Bronwyn Gallacher, a former student and winner of the Caltex All Rounder Award in 1994 sponsored and presented the CCL Consultants Best Female All Rounder award of $500 and the Most Improved Year 12 Student award of $250. Both these organisations approached us, offering these special awards to students. It is wonderful that members of the broader community and a former student want to recognise and encourage young people who contribute individually to making a difference in society. The whole community will have an opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of our children and young people at the Celebration in the Courtyard end of year community event for families. We look forward to seeing you. Please join us for the entertainment. Helen Calvert Principal

NEWSLETTER No. 15 25 November 2011

Please keep this date free to join us for a concert, stalls, sausage sizzle and much, much more….

6th DECEMBER 2011 6pm – 9pm Amusements Tea/coffee Icecreams

1 ream of paper = 6% of a tree and 5.4kg CO2 in the atmosphere 3 sheets of A4 paper = 1 litre of water I f you are reading this newsletter online you are making a responsible contribution to the environment. THANK YOU

In this issue is an order form for our Yummalicious Kitchen Garden Book! Good value at $20 Payable at the Finance Office or go to The Heights School website and pay via Bizgate.

Just in time for Christmas!

ASIA WEEK It was an asyik (awesome) week last week with an Asian vibe strong across the school. Have you had a chance to see the excellent displays of paper cranes, Asian artefacts and literature in the Resource Centre. Yes, we made over 1000, thank you for efforts from Junior School, Middle School, Senior School staff and friends of the school. Now about that wish….. The week started with a tight tussle for the Golden Chopsticks. The crowd cheered on and you could hear chopsticks clicking with the final being won by Kynan Herbert (yr 8). Students also demonstrated their skills in Kanji on the courtyard ground with chalk whilst listening to top 20 Korean Pop music. Tuesday was a slightly more academic affair (finishing with a Karaoke rendition of Baby by Justin Beiber). Students focused their thoughts and had hands and mouths close to the buzzers ready to be the first in. Anonymous 2 rose to the challenge and took prizes and smiles home. On Wednesday the year 6/7’s travelled into the city to visit the Migration Museum, Parliament House and SA Museum to continue to explore other cultures and celebrations. Staff at each of the locations commented on how excellent the students were in asking questions, following instructions and showing respect to the environment around them. ‘Selamat datang ke pasar The Heights’ was on the banner on the oval on Thursday as an entrance to a myriad of stalls representing different countries in Asia and put together by JS classes. There was a true carnival feel with flags flying, music playing, food tastings, activities, costumes and more. JS students had smiles on their faces as they explored and shared their learning with other students, parents and teachers. The week finished with a Spring Roll on a String and Kendama competition in the courtyard involving JS and MS students competing against each other. These were very popular events with hands going up everywhere to be involved. There were some classic and creative techniques to be the fastest to get through the challenge without losing your spring roll or using any part of your body besides your mouth. Overall it was an excellent week as a result of involvement from staff and students alike. I would like to make special thanks to Bob Powell and the Resource Centre staff for their support in setting up displays and supporting student learning, the JS staff for preparing their students for Market Day and the rest of the Indonesian Faculty for helping run events throughout the week. Terima kasih. Adrienne Niven Indonesian Teacher

HEIGHTS WIN CRICKET TRIFECTA The Heights have had a successful series of Super 8’s Cricket Carnivals, taking out a clean sweep of NE Vista Carnival Trophies for Year 8, 9 & 10, remaining undefeated across all year levels.

YEAR 8 TEAM- Alex Kobzeff, Jason Redshaw, Zac McGahey, Febi Mansell, Tyrell Sinclair, Josh Lake, Yoshewar Senthilkumar & Bryce Hartwig-Fossey

YEAR 9 TEAM- Hayden Smith, Ben Clark, Alex May, Amanda Wellington, Lachlan Roberts, David Kobzeff, Ryan Llewellyn, Alex Kobzeff, Jason Redshaw, Zac McGahey

The Year 8 & 9 teams both progress through to the metropolitan interzone finals on the 1st December. Mr Costello Sports Co-ordinator

YEAR 10 TEAM- Jonathon Ross, Alex Higgins, Luke Rayson, Jason Russell, Jayden England, Daniel McKeown, Josh Macey, Hayden Smith

Teacher Professional Learning Program Monday 2.45-3.30pm Week 5: P-12 Student Behaviour Management Week 6: Sub school matters In response to feedback about the length of sessions enabled by the 2.30pm closure on Mondays, the ½ hour Professional Learning session was extended to 45 minutes. Teachers continue after 3.30 until 4.15 to extend this professional learning opportunity and from 3.30-4.30 on Wednesday in faculty and cluster learning teams.

Congratulations to April Sims who on the weekend of November 12/13 competed in the U/25 State Ten Pin Bowling Championships at Salisbury BowlLand and in doing so, competed against people much older than herself. To show that the age difference and size of the field (some 70 other people) were of scant concern to her, April brought home a gold medal for female teams winner, and a silver medal for female doubles. As a consequence she is now ranked fourth in the state! Her best game on the weekend was an impressive 225. On the weekend of November 19/20, she was chosen to play in the Masters’ Competition. From the school’s perspective it is great to see young people who can meet the challenges and time demands of both study and sport, and still achieve great outcomes in both.


Our Dux Winners - Congratulations

Regan Wood & Bronwyn Gallacher Regan was awarded the CCL Consultants Most Improved Yr 12 student

Congratulations to Ben Geytenbeek who was won the Caltex All-Rounder Award. Ben is also the Dux of the School

Alphonse Ndaribwire, Mr Laurinaitis, Mr Button, Ms Robinson and Ms Calvert. Alphonse made & donated our new lectern to the school.

Athena Dawe & Bronwyn Gallacher Athen was awarded the CCL Consultants Best Female All Rounder

Congratulations to Holly Ott who was awarded the Northern District Industry Skills Award for an outstanding VET student at The Heights School Holly with Ms Calvert

CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS 2011 The school celebrated on Tuesday 22nd of November at the Celebration of Success 2011. In future newsletters, we will publish more photos.

Congratulations to Dani Stopp, Talia Stopp, Lisa Berry and Kadiya Olds who were recipients of the Makin Humanitarian Award given at our Celebration of Success on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 Dani Stopp

Talia Stopp

Kadiya Olds

Lisa Berry

Congratulations to Fergus Dall (right) and Andy Park (left) who received Gold Medals for their Outstanding Achievement in The University of New South Wales, International Competitions and Assessments for Schools Mathematics Competition in 2011.

C2C Concept to Creation For 12 weeks the Year 10 Ignite class was involved in the Concept2Creation (C2C) Program . This is funded by the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group (NAMIG) and aims to develop teamwork and problem solving skills valued by industry. The task was for students to work in teams, come up with an idea of something that they would like to make and then develop the idea and turn it into a working prototype. Our projects also included an electronic engineering focus so each group in the class had to develop an idea that incorporated a microcontroller to operate. The culmination of all of this work was a presentation of our projects, in combination with other schools involved, at an Expo held at the Golden Grove Community Arts and Recreation Centre, on Wednesday, 9th November, 2011. OUR CLASS SET UP DISPLAYS OF THEIR PROTOTYPES THAT INCLUDED POSTERS TELLING VISITORS OF THE TEAM’S IDEA AND THEIR JOURNEY IN DEVELOPING IT. A HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY WAS A VISIT BY HIS EXCELLENCY REAR ADMIRAL KEVIN SCARCE AC CSC RANR, Governor of South Australia who was introduced to a formal gathering of participants and invited guests by Zac Frimpong representing The Heights School. Zac did a fantastic job! Nhi Hin and Hamish Rouse also represented our school by collecting a plaque presented by the Governor to each school involved in the Expo.

Finally it is here!!!

Kitchen Garden Book! A collection of Recipes and Gardening Facts from The Heights School.

Over 60 recipes used in the kitchen classes, Gardening “how to” & top tips. Photos and other odds and sods.

Only $ 20 including G.S.T.

The long awaited Kitchen Garden Book is ready for purchase. Just in time for Christmas…Grab one for your own kitchen, what about a copy for Grandma and Auntie? Profits go towards 2012 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme at The Heights. Payment due by Thursday 1st December. Books will be ready for pick up on Thursday 15th December. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Kitchen Garden Book “Yummalilcious Food and Garden Grubs” payment is due by Thursday 1sr December. Payable at the finance office or go to The Heights School website and pay via Bizgate. I would like ……. Copies at $20 per copy Total: $……… Student’s name……………………………………………class teacher………………………………. Parent’s contact number………………………………

PE WEEK In week 4 of this term the students in Years 6 through to 10 were involved in Physical Education Week. This event is an initiative that was created by the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. This year it was celebrated by over 60 000 students state wide. The students at The Heights participated in a number of activities throughout the week that involved Home Classes competing against each other. Each morning, the daily bulletin had a quiz full of questions about past and present sports heroes, rules and origins. On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the students were involved in a sports competition during lesson 5 and 6 each day. Each year level competed against other Home Classes in 3 different sports in a round robin competition over the 3 days. The sports involved were Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball. The games were highly competitive, but more importantly all students were involved in playing, umpiring or scoring. Each activity through the week was allocated a various number of points. For example, each correct quiz answer was worth 2 points, umpiring a game was worth 2 points and winning a game was worth 5 points. Each day the points were added and a final score was recorded after the last day. Each year level had an overall winner. The winning Home Classes of PE week were: • 6/701 on 108 points • 806 on 85.5 points • 903 on 97.5 points • SS04 on 112 points Congratulations to all winning Home Classes of PE week. The week was very successful due to the support of all staff members, especially PE staff, the fortunate weather, but most importantly the enthusiasm and participation of all students. Katie Hart

Ian Simes addressing the Year 6/7 students prior to beginning Soccer

Year 8 students playing Ultimate Frisbee

A recount of Swimming – Friday 4th November Today was our last day of swimming lessons. It was the best one of the week because we all got to go on the water slide. Once we were up there we all had to line up from the stairs. When I started to go down it went pitch black for about 30 seconds and then it became light again. At the bottom it was a splash down. The whole week was amazing. By Ashley Briscoe CF5


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