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NEWSLETTER No. 4 7 April 2011

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OUR SCHOOL VALUES We work hard to learn We respect ourselves and each other We value acts of generosity

IN THIS ISSUE…… Junior School Uniforms

Parents & Friends NE Vista Athletics STAR group Premier’s Reading Challenge

Additional dates for your Calendar Last day of Term 1 15th April 2011 Dismissal at 2pm Student Free Days Monday 2nd May Monday 25th July

GOVERNANCE GIVES DIRECTION Our 2011 Governing Council is set to take up the improvement agenda to move the school forward with dedication, energy and generosity of spirit. Office Bearers have been elected and Sub Committee convenors are keen to take up the work on behalf of the community. Congratulations and thank you to the following parents: Jim Rouse Chairperson Mardi Lammas-Turner Deputy Chairperson Steve Marriott Treasurer, OSHC Dawn Westmoreland Secretary, Monitoring& Review (inc Communications Renee Love Grounds & Facilities Meagan Marriott Fundraising Michail Darley Monitoring & Review (inc Communications Karen Barraclough Andrew Cool Linda Friganiotis Jim Wallace We also acknowledge the membership of Frances Bedford and Julie Hahn as valuable Community members, Stephanie Attenborough and Sarah Williams representing the voice of students, and staff from Junior, Middle and Senior School-Alison Denee, Sheralyn Oakey and Kris Neilsen. This is a very small group of committed people whose challenge is to represent the views of 1125 students and their parents. Your support is critical to enable them to do a magnificent job on your behalf. Dates of SubCommittee meetings and events will be published on the website and term calendar. If you have an interest in grounds design, co-ordinating and organising fundraising events, strengthening communication with the community about determining what is unique and remarkable about The Heights and ensuring finances are healthy and strongly support student learning, then please take up the invitation to join a Sub Committee. Three vacancies are yet to be filled so please contact the school if you would like to nominate for parent membership.

Teacher Professional Learning Program Monday 2.45-3.15pm Week 9: R-12 Gifted Education: NAPLaN/ACER reading entry test/TER data for Ignite students. Data indicating levels of growth & achievement

Week 10: Daymap training to record and monitor attendance

Teachers were able to work together on these activities during the ½ hour early closure.

School Closure Day: Monday 5th September (Show Day)

The SRCs are also taking on the challenge of responsible citizenship. Last year they developed a School Environment Management Plan in partnership with KESAB and AuSSI-SA beginning with the focus on litter and littering. All classes R-12 are responsible for taking 41 bins to the bin enclosure to be emptied by the Groundsmen every Tuesday and Friday. They collect clean bins and take them back to their allocated yard location. All students are responsible for ensuring an area of the yard is litter-free and participate in yard clean ups when required. Despite the daily challenge of the hungry crows and constant wind the strategy is having an impact. This year the SRCs have identified gardens (Junior School), recycling and aesthetics (Middle School) and solar panels and rainwater tanks (Senior School) as their focus for sustainability. The SRC commitment to the environment is admirable and we are proud of their commitment to the community.

Helen Calvert Principal


JUNIOR SCHOOL UNIFORMS Effective from the beginning of the 2011 school year, Junior School students should not be wearing maroon polo’s, windcheaters or jackets as this is no longer the Heights School uniform and was endorsed by the Governing Council in 2009. Navy polo’s, windcheaters and jackets can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Maroon woollen jumpers are still able to be worn. The new Uniform Shop is open Tuesday 8:30 – 9:30am and 10.40 – 11.05am and Thursday 2:45 – 3:30pm. Appointments can be made at other times by phoning 8263 6244

Congratulations to Erin Carnie-Bronca who has been successful in gaining a position in the Primary Schools’ Music Festival North Orchestra for the 2011 concert series. Erin plays the flute.

Payment by instalments for uniform is available; please talk to the Finance Office to arrange this. Uniform information including order forms and a sizing guide is available on our website. orm&catid=44:uniform&Itemid=405 You can also order and pay for uniforms online using Bizgate.

PARENTS AND FRIENDS NEWS We’ve had a great start to the year, a successful Sports Day BBQ which earned nearly $1000, we have welcomed some new members and preparations are well underway for our Mothers’ Day stall next term. Students will be able to purchase items for their Mums ranging from $2.00 - $6.00. Junior School students will be taken to the Resource Centre during the day. All other students are welcome at recess and lunch time. Please come along to our lunch on 12th May at Para Hills Community Club – you will meet a great bunch of parents and be made to feel very welcome. Hope to see you there! Term 2 Meetings & Events: Thursday 12 May. Social Lunch-12pm, Para Hills Community Club Friday 6th May – Mother’s Day Stall Monday 16th May 9am meeting Friday 27th May – Biggest Morning Tea th Monday 20 June – 9am meeting th

Further details Lyn Albury: Ph. 8263 6244 or 0488 027 346

Congratulations to Brodie Latham (Year 6) for coming fifth in the South Australia Baseball League’s Best and Fairest for 2010/2011 season in the Under 12 Minor League. Well done Brodie

Walking School Bus Every Friday Morning

Just a reminder…… The Finance Office is open to receive and receipt payments from 8:30am Monday to Friday. Sonja Hahn PLEA FROM THE LIBRARY . . . We are on the search for volunteers to assist us in the Library. Tasks include such things as desk duties, shelving and covering. If anyone can spare any time through the week please contact us. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon!


STEPHANIE ALEXANDER KITCHEN GARDEN NEWS…. Does anyone have surplus fresh fruit or vegetables from their garden? We can use these in our kitchen. Please phone Kylie on 8263 6244 We are in need of volunteers to help us run our garden as effectively as possible. You can help by supervising a small group of students. Classes are held on Tuesday. Our garden needs one more black compost bin to complete a rotating compost system. Do you have one laying around doing nothing? Please contact Kristin on 8263 6244

NE VISTA ATHLETICS On Wednesday 30th March, 62 Middle and Senior School students represented The Heights School in the annual NE Vista Athletics Carnival held at SANTOS stadium. A full program of track & field events was offered and success was enjoyed by a wide number of students. The Heights finished 3rd overall in Pool B at the conclusion of the day. Special thanks goes to the group of Year 11 helpers on the day who acted as officials for timekeeping and discus: Holly Ott, Hayley McAteer, Talia Stopp, Sam Hateley, Stephanie Earle and Bonnie-Lee Talbot.

The Heights School Athletics Team 2011 The full list of individual place getters were: Paige Gerlach (3 firsts) Elysha Willis (3 firsts) Adelena Sanders (2 firsts, 2 seconds, 1 third) Kaytlan MacKay (2 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds) Sandene Jones (2 firsts) Briianka Roberts (2 firsts) Tylor Austin (1 first, 2 seconds) Grace Lees (1 first, 1 second) Jessica Zanoli (1 first, 1 second) Luke Rayson (1 first, 1 third) Richard Nkengurutse (1 first) Dominic Macura (3 seconds) Chantell Zanoli (1 second, 1 third) Charlotte Taylor (1 second) Jason Oria (1 second) Ben Schulz (1 second) Dylan McLean (2 thirds) Damon Hoad (2 thirds) Meedo El Hamra (1 third) Brittany Sparks (1 third)

Chloe Paton (3 firsts) Vanessa Bach (3 firsts) Anne Hatchard (2 firsts, 1 second) Jack Nelligan (2 firsts, 1 second, 1 third) Courtney Roberts (2 firsts) Ryan Llewellyn (1 first, 2 seconds) Chelsea Shirlock (1 first, 1 second) Jason Russell (1 first, 1 second) Arshdeep Singh (1 first, 1 third) Henry Beggs (1 first) Taylor Jachmann-Evans (1 first) Alex May (2 seconds) Dylan Williams (1 second, 1 third) Blake Penney (1 second) Tom Nelligan (1 second) Jordan O�Doherty (3 thirds) Rebekah Garrigan (2 thirds) Daniel Chandler (1 third) Kirralee Bates (1 third)



BASKETBALL UNDER 12s RESULTS 3/3/11 Heights Magic (10) were defeated by Heights Fireballs (18) 10/3/11 Heights Magic (24) defeated St David’s Slamdunkers (2) 17/3/11 Heights Magic were defeated by SFX Boomers

AFTER SCHOOL SPORT RESULTS BASEBALL 19th March: Heights 16 defeated St Agnes 2 Well done Josh Lake – 2 home runs, including 1 Grand Slam Home Run th 26 March: Heights 10 defeated Ardtornish Red 9 2nd April: Heights 17 defeated Ardtornish Blue 8 TEEBALL 19th March: Heights 25 lost to St Agnes 26 26th March: Heights 30 defeated St Davids 29 Well done to the whole team

AFTER SCHOOL SOCCER (Lyn Albury) Would you like to play Indoor Soccer for The Heights in Term 2 and 3 after school? If so please let me know as son as possible. Even if you are already part of a team, you still need to tell me you want to play next term. We then know how many teams to nominate. Please phone 8263 6244 or 0488 027 346 CANTEEN Due to the power being interrupted during the school holidays, some lines may be unavailable towards the end of this term. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

STAR GROUP Over the past few months STAR group has been working hard to take advantage of the excellent nights for viewing and astrophotography as well as getting the new members familiar with many terms used in astronomy. We have had a few successful Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) Public Viewing Nights. These viewing nights enable the public to come and have a look through ASSA members' telescopes as well as the 10” LX 200 Meade and the 16” Dobsonian which the STAR Group operate on these nights. Our most recent viewing night was on the 11th of March. We did plan to go to Stockport Observatory for ASSA Star Party and take the 16” Dobsonian with us but unfortunately the weather was against us and we weren’t able to go. We are hopefully going to attend the next one in a few month’s time. We have started some lessons with the new members learning the basics with Mr. Elmer Varga and the older members learning about astrophotography with Mr. Andrew Cool. We have also boosted our fundraising efforts and are helping a disabled resident with some gardening and maintenance. We are selling The Professors Tasty Technology lollies to raise some money for some much needed astronomy and computing equipment. An ASSA member organized the donation of six surplus P.C.’s from the RAA and one of our STAR Group parents organized a donation of computer monitors and keyboards to STAR Group though their work. The next few ASSA Public Viewing nights are: Friday 8th April Friday 13th May Friday 10th June MARK THEM IN YOUR DIARY/ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW! Please check the ASSA website: before making your way down just in case the night is cancelled due to bad weather. On Saturday 19th of March the Moon was the closest to Earth it has been in 18 years. The STAR Group was set a task of photographing the Moon. This was set as a competition to see who could take the best image. This was judged in two categories - scientific value, judged by Mr Perkins, and artistic value, judged by Mrs Bourn. The winner in the scientific value was Jamie Warren and the winner in the artistic value was Maddy Cool. Both received a $25 JB HI-FI voucher. We are in the midst of planning another similar competition for the near future. Nikita Mickan, 906 and Jamie Warren, SS17. Scientific Value winning photograph. taken by Jamie Warren.

Artistic Value winning photograph taken by Maddy Cool

PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE 2011 We are really happy to announce that students at The Heights School are already busy completing their Challenge for 2011. For anyone not familiar with the program, students have to read at least 12 books appropriate to their reading levels prior to 9 September.

• • • • • •

The Challenge is open to ALL students from Reception to Year 12. Students can read a combination of books from the Challenge booklist and books of their own choosing. Students from Reception to Year 7 must read at least 8 books that appear on the PRC list. Year 8 and 9 need to select at least 4 books from the list Years 10 – 12 can choose books of their own choosing Book lists and further information can be found on the website:

Everyone is encouraged to read more than the 12 books. This information is still recorded. Students who meet the Challenge by the 9 September receive either a certificate or a medal later in term 4. This is the eighth year of the Challenge and it really helps develop a love of reading and supports students with their literacy development now and for life. We really enjoy running the program and hope that you will encourage and support your child. Please speak to any of the library staff or your child’s teacher for more information.

Happy Reading! From the Library Staff: Ms Sullivan Ms Simpson Ms Potts Mr Powell

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” ~Richard Steele, Tatler, 1710

YEAR 8 IGNITE CAMP TO WOODHOUSE On 24th of March, fifty five students from 807 and 806 attended an overnight camp at Woodhouse Scout Outdoor Centre. The students stayed at the Old House. On the first day we completed an orientation course that lead up around most of the grounds. We used a Karaoke machine to back up our performance on Thursday night. Below are comments from some of the students who attended the camp: “I found camp extremely good fun. It was great getting to know people from our class and 806. I made a lot of new friends. Orienteering was probably my favourite outside activity, along with the games we played at night time. The karaoke was so funny, I didn’t stop laughing. Woodhouse was an amazing place, I would love to visit there again soon!” Emily Westmoreland (807) “I really enjoyed the camp. I thought that it was very well organised and a great place for the camp. The cook was really good and I loved the vegetarian food that she made for me.” Amy Shirlock (807) “I think camp was really enjoyable because we did lots of fun activities and games. We have made many friends in 806. I most enjoyed the orienteering course on day 1. It was good to get away from school.” Reece (807)