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Brunel Drive Modbury Heights South Australia, 5092 Ph: (08) 8263 6244 Fax: (08) 8263 6072 Email: WWW:

OUR SCHOOL VALUES We work hard to learn We respect ourselves and each other We value acts of generosity

IN THIS ISSUE Book Cup Parent News Arts News A letter from OSHC

DIARY DATES 9/8 Grounds Comm 4pm 9/8 Gov Council 7pm 15/8 Year 9 Boostrix 16/8 Yr 10-12 Parent Mtg 7:15pm


NEWSLETTER No. 9 4 August 2011

Junior School Assembly Dates: I am pleased to extend a big friendly welcome to our new reception children who started their schooling journey this term. They have now become part of a caring community that will nurture and enrich their learning. Meg McLeod is their teacher. We welcome Suzanne Wheaton (R/1), Vicki Mazis (English & SOSE), Craig Holyhrim (Design and Technology), and Lina Zhu Yildirim (Resource Centre SSO) who are replacing staff on leave in term 3, and Belinda Percey is providing learning support to some of our students. Review of the Site Improvement Plan was a focus for our student free day professional learning program. Staff provided evidence of action we have taken to achieve the improvement targets in reading comprehension, student achievement and attendance priorities and effectiveness of school operations (Litter, Time Out procedures, communication and staff Performance Development).We want to know what parents’ views are about the work we are doing. You will be invited to tell us what you think of the quality of teaching, the communication and relationships, the general environment of the school, leadership and opportunities for involvement in school life and decisions by responding to the annual Parent Opinion Survey. Parent Opinion Survey responses in 2010 indicated that parent satisfaction in all aspects is comparable to state and region. However with only 21 parents completing the surveys we were not able to get a true picture of parent opinion. In the next 3 weeks you will receive a ‘Parent Opinion Survey’ that we strongly encourage you to complete either online (randomly selected parents) or hardcopy so that we can address aspects of the school that many parents feel need improvement. You will get a strong sense of the quality of the educational service that our school provides by joining us for the Arts Week Showcase and Cabaret, Pedal Prix event, Book Week activities, subject information session and subject selection day, Wakakkiri, Festival of Music, Sports day and the daily lesson activities and excursions that have been planned for this term. Helen Calvert Principal

Friday 5th August Activity Room 2:15pm Friday 26th August Activity Room 9:00am Wednesday 14th September Activity Room 2:15pm Friday 30th September Activity Room 9:00am

SUBJECT SELECTION DAY YEARS 9-11 On August 29th there will be no lessons for students in years 9-11. Students/ parents will instead make appointments for that day with their teachers to select their subjects for 2012. Student/parent information sessions will be held before that day. For any queries, please contact either Kris Nielsen or Michail Darley at the school on 8263 6244.

UNIFORM SHOP TEMPORARY CLOSURE Please be advised that our Uniform Shop will be temporarily closed on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th of August (week 3). We apologise for any inconvenience.

Parent Opinion (contd) What did we do about the issues you raised in 2010? Parents, students and staff identified the cleanliness of the school and responsibility of everyone to look after and take care of the school as an area to improve. What did we do in response to this? The litter program is now successfully operating in every class. This includes:  Purchase of new bins (we now have a total of 86 bins to put litter into – 2 bins per class).  Modification (hole in the lid for easy litter disposal) and regular cleaning of all bins by the groundsmen.  SRC conducted a litter audit to identify litter ‘hot spots’ and consequent location of bins.  A twice weekly bin shuttle (every class collects a bin from their designated location and takes it to the bin enclosure area for the groundsmen to empty. Every class then takes a clean bin back to their designated location).  Yard clean up by every teacher and student in the school in designated areas when needed.  Purchase of buckets, tongs, gloves for every class to pick up litter.  ‘Bin’ awards were presented to every class that exchanged their bin every Tuesday and Friday for 10 weeks straight in term 1 – a perfect commitment to supporting respect for the cleanliness of the environment.  Conducting a survey of classes to get feedback about the effectiveness of the program.  Two teachers have written an anti-littering curriculum program for all year levels to be taught in SOSE lessons.  SRC have created a video for the school to promote anti-littering behaviour.

Have we made a difference? We believe there is less litter in the yard. The 2011 Parent, Staff and Student Opinion Survey response will verify this belief.

Parents and staff identified communication as an issue. A focus for school operations in 2011 is more efficient and effective communication strategies. What have we done to improve communications?  Daymap is the Learner Management System we have introduced as a new tool for communication with parents about attendance and reporting  Online booking system for parent/teacher/student interviews  Redesigned the school website  Online newsletter with email reminder and link to the newsletter online  “Early Warning’ letters to alert parents if there are concerns about work completion or quality of work BEFORE reports are received.

Have we made a difference? Unexplained absence has improved. The 2011 Parent, Staff and Student Opinion Survey response will give us more information. We do respond to what you tell us. We have tried to make improvements. We strongly encourage you to complete either the 2011 online (randomly selected parents) Parent Opinion Survey so that we will know if you think we are making a difference and be able to address aspects of the school that many parents feel need improvement. The survey also provides us with information about many aspects of the school that we do well. Teacher Professional Learning Program Monday 2.45-3.30pm Week 1: Site Improvement Plan review – How are we travelling? Reading Comprehension, Assessment techniques Week 2: ESL, Pastoral Care In response to feedback about the length of sessions enabled by the 2.30pm closure on Mondays, the ½ hour Professional Learning session was extended to 45 minutes. Teachers continue after 3.30 until 4.15 to extend this professional learning opportunity and from 3.30-4.30 on Wednesday in faculty and cluster learning teams

P.E. AWARDS Congratulations to The Heights students who entered the ICAS University Computer Competition. Ten students participated and were awarded Three Distinctions, Five Credits and Two Participation Awards. Well done to the following students: Year 3

Jessica Johnson (Participation)

Year 4

Angelina Modra (Distinction) Samuel Wallis (Credit) Alice Dall (Participation)

Year 5

Scott Carnie-Bronca (Distinction) Cameron Fellows (Credit) Dylan Grivell (Credit)

Year 7

Stephen Dowding (Distinction) Wilson Blaikie (Credit) Erin Carnie-Bronca (Credit)

KOREAN VISITS This term we have visits from 12 Korean students. Nine are primary age and four secondary. They are groups of six from two different schools. See the home page of our website for a more detailed article.

BOOK CUP 2011 The 2011 Book Cup Competition was hosted by The Heights School and proved to be an exciting and funfilled event. Students from East Para Primary School, Settlers Farm Primary School, Elizabeth East Primary School and The Heights competed against each other in answering a set number of questions based on five prescribed books. The two teams, the Social Team and the Champion Team were each made up of two boys and two girls and these students spent many weeks reading and re-reading the set books and answering questions about them. Our Social Team comprised of Marc Maslov, Paul Blyth, Amber Ownsworth and Steffi Cool while our Champion Team was made up of Stephen Dowding, Ben Sakovits, Ashleigh Lake and Erin Carne-Bronca. The results for both groups were extremely close with The Social Team coming second

Congratulations to the following students who have received Awards so far this year. Natalie McKellar Shane Hoffrichter Nikkita Schmitz Isaac DeVries William Howe Ashleigh Pedder Reannah Curl Aleesha Vockins Zac Perry Brittany Berry Alice Dall Tia Earle Johnathon Modra These students have all shown they can play games fairly, respect all other members of their own and other teams, use equipment appropriately and try hard in all PE tasks. I am very proud of you all! Mrs Rothery

and our Champion Team tying for third place (only two points separated first from third). All these students deserve our hearty congratulations! I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who helped make the day such a success; Beth Sztekel, Michail Darley and their graphic design students for the wonderful T shirt and book designs, Julie Simpson for enthusing the students and coaching their reading, Algis Laurinaitis and the Middle School Choir for providing music, Daniel Gale and 902 boys for helping to set up the Drama Space and Peter Bastian for giving up his time and providing assistance based on many years experience. I would also like to thank all the students who were reserves, who provided posters or who helped greet our visitors and gave other assistance on the day especially Stephen Dowding for his PowerPoint presentation and other technical help. Finally I would like to thank the parents and teachers who made the day by being our audience as, for all students involved, it was a valuable real life experience and all felt they had gained a lot by participating in the competition. The day ended with a hearty lunch, lots of laughter and many fond memories. Sandra Potts, Teacher Librarian

A big thank you to Robert Hall from Pioneer Water Tanks. Robert generously donated and delivered approx. 80m of 50mm poly pipe for the garden. He has also offered to donate more if needed. This pipe will be made into a greenhouse for students to grow plants from seeds. How exciting for our students to be able to see seeds germinate into produce that they then can cook in the kitchen. Thank you Robert!

FROM THE PARENT LIAISON COMMUNITY COORDINATOR…… VOLUNTEER’S LUNCH Invitations have been emailed or posted to all our Volunteers for this years’ Volunteers Lunch to be held on August 29th. If you did not receive your invitation please contact Lyn Albury on 8263 6244 or The lunch will be catered by our Year 12 Hospitality students and anyone who has been to this event in the past knows we are in for a treat! We hope you can make it. Please RSVP by 12th August. ADOPT A READING PARENT PROGRAM We have students from Reception to Year 7 who would greatly benefit from reading and being read to once a week for 30 minutes. If you can spare the time to help these children please contact Lyn Albury for further details

The Heights School is taking part in Woolworths Earn & Learn community program. This year, they are giving away more than $5 million worth of educational resources for Primary and Secondary schools all over Australia, including ours! th


From July 18 to September 18 2011, Woolworths will give you one Earn & Learn point for every $10 you spend in store (excluding the purchase of cigarettes, alcohol and gift cards). Points will automatically appear on your shopping dockets. All you need to do is save those dockets and place them in the special collection box located in the front office or give them to your child’s class teacher in an envelope marked Attn: Lyn Albury. You will be able to track our progress on our points barometer poster at school or online at At the end of the 9-week program, we can redeem our collection of points against a choice of more than 7,000 educational resources. The list is extensive and includes library books, classroom equipment, art & craft materials and much, much more... There’s no limit to the number of points we can collect, so your participation will really make a difference. The more points we earn, the more resources we can order! Thanks for helping!

Once again The Heights P-12 School is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools program with the aim of collecting vouchers for new sports equipment for our junior school. Vouchers will be available in all Coles stores from 11 August to 19 October2011. Our target is to collect over 25,000 vouchers. Last year our school collected just over 24,000 vouchers and for this the school received an outdoor badminton kit and soccer balls. The badminton kit contained thirty badminton racquets, thirty shuttle cocks, line markings and nets and posts to set up six full courts. The kit can be used by a whole class and is portable and able to be placed on grass or asphalt. We are appealing to parents and carers to collect as many vouchers as you can this year. By collecting and donating the vouchers to our school, and encouraging friends and family to do the same, you are helping to provide a healthy and active education for our children. A collection box will be located just outside CF3 (in break out area). Students can put dockets directly into the collection box, or they can give the dockets to Mrs Rothery or their class teacher. Please visit for more information about the program. Thank you for your support. Cherie Rothery (Junior School PE teacher)

After School Sport Results SOCCER 11 and under indoor soccer, 25/7/11, The Jets defeated Heights United 2 - 1 13 and under indoor soccer, 28/7/11, St David’s Strikers defeated Heights United 1 - 0 The players and parents would like to thank our coaches Courtenay, Lachlan and Liam who are Heights Senior School students. They put in a lot of time and effort out of school hours and are doing a fantastic job with our kids.

BASKETBALL Under 12's Grand Final for Season 1 Division 3 Heights Magic defeated SFX Comets 34 v 12. Fantastic results. New Season has started with Heights Magic 18 defeated by Silver Lightning 20. Under 14’s The New Heights Hot Shots were defeated by St David’s Cobras 10/22 - a great effort by all and welcome to all the new team members

Responding to Abuse & Neglect Education & Care Training Session Everyone wishing to work or volunteer with children and young people at the school must first undertake training in their child protection responsibilities.

We have a responsibility to support and protect volunteers and at the same time a very important duty of care to students. Our next training and induction for Volunteers will be: Tuesday August 30th 6.00pm – 7.30pm in the Resource Centre Thursday 15th September 9.15am – 10.30am in the Lecture Theatre Please RSVP to Lyn Albury or 8263 6244 so you can be informed of any changes and receive any necessary paperwork before the session

PARENTS & FRIENDS NEWS Fathers’ Day Stall – 2nd September Parents and Friends will be having a Fathers’ Day stall on Friday 2nd of September. Items will be priced from $2 - $6 Junior School students will be taken to the Resource Centre during the day to buy something. Middle/ Senior school students are welcome to shop during recess and lunch times.

Junior School Sports Day – 23rd September Parents & Friends will once again be supplying hot dogs for purchase for Junior School Sports Day. Look out for order forms later this month.

If you are able to help us distribute the food and drinks to the classes on the day please contact Lyn Albury Next Meeting Our next meeting is Monday 12th September We hope to see you there! It is so great to see new members joining us all the time! Jacqui Grivell and Tabitha Bentley have taken on the role of Co-Presidents until the end of the year. If you would like further details about how to be involved in all the great ways we support the school please contact either of them at the school on 8263 6244.


TEACHERS WIN LUNCHTIME NETBALL COMPETITION Throughout Weeks 7-10 of Term 3 the Netball leg of the lunchtime Sports Competitions took place. After remaining undefeated for six games throughout the minor round The TEACHERS team entered the final as red hot favourites against the Year 12 team LIGHTNING JETS. In a closely fought game of skill, final scores were tieddone before finally prevailed 21-18. Well done to the victorious TEACHERS team of: Miss team of: Mr Costello, Mr Remfry, Mrs Hart, Miss Richards, Mr Simes, Well to the the TEACHERS victorious TEACHERS

Mr Costello, Remfry, Mrs Hart, Miss Richards, Mr Simes, Miss Hambour, Miss Bament, Miss Janssan, Hambour, Miss Mr Bament, Miss Niven and Mr Jones who represented the team throughout the competition.

Upcoming lunchtime Sports Competitions are taking place for DODGEBALL, SPEEDBALL and BADMINTON throughout Term 3. Entry for all competitions is $2 per student and all proceeds are being donated towards Mr Costello’s Sydney Marathon Run for the Neurosurgical Research Foundation

ARTS NEWS The Arts Department are frantically preparing for Arts Week which will be held in week 4 across all campuses. The school aims to promote the Arts across the school, involving students from the Junior, Middle, and Senior School to showcase the Arts to the students, parents and community. We invite the school community to join us in celebrating the Arts. As can be seen from the week’s activities the school will be well and truly immersed in Creative Artistic pursuits.

There are two events that are being organised for our parents and friends to share: Our Annual Arts Showcase to be held on Wed 17th Aug at 6.30 pm in the Performance Space which features a range of items from Arts Week. The programme will include excerpts from Yr 10 drama production, our Festival Choir, as well as Musical performances by our Guitar Ensemble and The Heights’ Got Talent winners and featured soloists. There will also be an Arts Exhibition of selected student works on display. As advertised in the school newsletter at the end of last term this year for the first time we are holding a Cabaret on Friday 19th Aug starting at 7.30pm in the Performance Space. The Show is being set up in the style of Night Club Cabaret featuring an old scholar band and the Staff Band. • Tables of 10 can be pre booked • BYO Food, Drinks available • A relaxing night of Entertainment , Music ,Socializing Dancing and Fun • Cover Chage $10 a head (funds raised to go towards the Andrew Costello Sydney Marathon Run for the Neurosurgical Research Foundtion appeal) • As booking are moving slowly it would be of great assistance if members of the school community who wish to attend oraganise a table booking through the school by Monday August 8th.

Cabaret Return Notice To help with the organisation of bookings, please fill in the information to Name: ______________________________________ Student’s Name: ________________________________________ Number of seats ____________

Home Group: _________________

Table request to be seated with ______________________

ARTS WEEK 15th – 19th AUGUST 2011 TIMETABLE Monday August 15

Tuesday August 16

Art Quiz Art Exhibition Poster Competition Graphic Design Excursion

Art Quiz Art Exhibition Guitar Workshop Performance

Yr 10 Drama Production Romeo & Juliet Tribal Belly Dancing

Wednesday August 17 Art Quiz Art Exhibition

Thursday August 17

Friday August 19

Art Quiz Art Exhibition

Art Quiz Art Exhibition

Yr 8 Production


MHS Baroque Orchestra

African Drumming Workshops combined 12:15pm

IMS Rock Band

Song Writing Workshop

Yr 10 Colour Wheels Art Workshop

Anthony’s Abstract Art Workshop

The Heights Got Talent Finals

Piano in Concert

Multi Media Film Screening


Rotunda Day in Art Exhibition Winners announced Junior Drama production

Yr 9 Drama production Yr 11 Colour Wheels Art Workshop Cup Cake Art Home Ec

CABARET 7:30pm

Jump Rope for Heart Summary A big thank you to all those students and families who raised money for the Heart Foundation as part of our Jump Rope Day held on 29th June last term. We had over 100 students donate money to assist with research into heart disease and the prevention of heart disease. In total the school raised $4,417.45. This is a fantastic effort. I was particularly pleased with CF5 (Ms Weniton’ class). This class had donations other than from the students. Some students donated $1, $2 or $5 – each little bit counts. Well done to the following students/families who raised over $100. Brittany Berri - $505 Connor Whitrod - $225 Watson family (Jared and James) -$200 Rhyley Jarrad - $174 Alex Adcock - $150 Lucy Graham - $106.50 Wilmshurst family (Netasha and Taylor) - $100 Marriott family (Tiahne and Briony) - $100 Mrs Rothery (Junior School PE teacher)


Dear Families, FEE STRUCTURE CHANGE FOR VACATION CARE AND PUPIL FREE DAYS The Heights OSHC Advisory Committee, in conjunction with The Heights Governing Council, have been reviewing the fee structure for Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days in the OSHC program. Currently all cancellations made within 48 hours of nominated care in Before, After School and Vacation Care, incur fees that are charged at the Child Care Benefit rate for families. All other booking cancellations made before the 48 hours of care are not charged to families. Due to changes to The Children’s Services Award 2010, changes need to be made to our current 48 hour notice policy. Therefore, for Vacation Care only, all cancellations need to be made five business days before anticipated care for your child/ren. This means that instead of 48 hours notice, families will now be required to give five business days notice, of any cancellations. Any care that is cancelled within the five business days, will now incur FULL FEES for your child/ren. This means that families will not be paying the Child Care Benefit rate of fee, but the Full Fee amount of $42 per day. Changes have also been made to our Pupil Free Days. If you book your children into care on Student/Pupil Free Days, all cancellations that are made to those days, will now incur the Full Fee session amount of $42 for each child. Please note that there is no cancellation period with Pupil Free/Student Free Days. All cancellations made will now incur the full fee. We understand that it may take some time for families to get used to these new policies and procedures, however we believe it is necessary for these changes to ensure the viability and quality of our service. The Vacation Care policy will be effective as of the July 2011 school holidays. The Student/Pupil Free Day policy will take place as of Term 3 2011. These policy changes do NOT affect Before and After School. Therefore, the 48 hours notice of cancellation remains the same. We thank you all for your understanding in this matter. Please speak to Visnja if you have any concerns or queries regarding the new changes. Yours sincerely Visnja Tanjic Co-Director (On behalf of The Heights Advisory Committee and The Heights Governing Council)

YOUTH KONNECTIONS A Social group for BOYS WITH ASPERGERS 12-16 yrs 7:00-8:00pm Alternate Wednesdays during school terms (beginning 27th July 2011) Venue: TWELVE25 Youth Enterprise Centre 17-19 Wiltshire Street Salisbury Cost: $5-50 per session Make friends, support each other, share knowledge, learn new skills and gain information

TAFESA OPEN DAY Sunday 21 August 10am-4pm Adelaide City Campus & Adelaide College of the Art, Light Square Adelaide


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