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Heathlander December 2014

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Mathematics and Science

The Heathland School is a member of the RFU Education Partnership FOR USE AT ROSE SIZES OF 25MM HIGH AND SMALLER


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Heathland Head Girl Leads Climate March with Speech


ne of the real highlights for the school community this term was the news of head girl Esha Marwaha’s involvement in the People’s Climate March toward the end of September. An active member of the Youth Climate Coalition, an organisation of 18-29 year olds committed to an environmentally friendly future, Esha has gained a wealth of experience in campaigning for environmental issues already. Initially inspired by one of Miss Budzynska’s Geography lessons (though keen to praise the inspirational nature of the Heathland School Geography department as a whole), Esha’s first environmental efforts were prompted by a discussion about Michael Gove’s plans to remove climate change from the National Curriculum. As a result of that conversation, she started up an online

campaign and petition in 2013 that eventually garnered an eye-watering 31,000 signatures. In addition, she wrote an article for The Guardian promoting her cause, took part in the UN conference for environmental sustainability in education, successfully ensuring that climate change was not removed from Geography lessons by the previous Education secretary along the way. This in turn lead to the opportunity to speak at the Climate March in September, where she was honoured to be given a prominent position in the running order; Esha hailed the crowd of 10,000 directly before Emma Thompson and Dame Vivienne Westwood. Speaking to her, it is easy to see why she has been so successful; Esha’s vision is clear: it is to show that young people should be given more power to speak to the government and be

Gerald Newns

Heathland inducted into London Schools Gold Club

given more power to help combat climate change. It is the youth of today that will be the ones dealing with the fallout of climate change if it is not appropriately dealt with. If it will be students’ responsibility to come up with the ideas in future, they should be able to have their say now.

Head girl Esha Marwaha


he school would like to congratulate Mr Newns who has been awarded a medal for exceptional service by St. John Ambulance. Mr Newns has served, entirely voluntarily, for 17 years. In addition to these commitments he ran the very well received First Aid Club last year, providing training for some of our pupils. The award, which had to be signed off by HRH the Queen, is well deserved recognition of Gerald’s voluntary work.

The Headmaster was pleased to collect this certificate on behalf of the school from the Deputy Mayor of London, Ms Munira Mirza. This recognises The Heathland’s exceptional achievement at GCSE and the school’s work in sharing good practice with other schools. December 2014 | The Heathlander | 1

Miss Pyatt, Bhashi de Alwis, Nabeel Khan and Alfie Noble (all 7Ke) selling in the Y7 Base

Charity Week Charity week was another reliable sensation this year that galvanised the whole school into bold activities and entrepreneurial ventures in order to raise as much as possible for our selected charities. This year, students voted to support Shooting Star Chase hospice care, the young people’s mental health charity Young Minds, and Unicef as our local, national and international charities respectively. Lunchtime hall activities also included some new events: House Bhangra and the Weakest Link teachers edition. The total raised overall was still being counted as The Heathlander went to press, but we are hoping to beat last year’s efforts and raise more than £13,000.

Oxbridge Interviews

Remembrance Service

Heathland alumni - Dr Paresh Mistry and Dr Aremi Nitkunan, now working as consultant doctors in London A number of students steeled themselves for practice Oxbridge interviews in November. Heathland alumni – now working as consultant doctors in London – assisted staff in the process, interviewing potential applicants for Oxford and Cambridge universities as well as for courses elsewhere in Dentistry and Medicine.

School Council Update

Sana Ahmed, Arman Uddin, Sruthi Boppana and Selai Saydzai have been elected to the School Council as Chair, Vice-Chair and Senior Officers respectively. They are keen to ensure that the student voice has an impact, and were heavily involved in charity week, organising our selection of lunch time events. Pupils are also encouraged to continue expressing any issues, concerns or improvements they have by approaching any school council member. 2 | The Heathlander | December 2014


ccompanied by Mr Hunter, a group of Heathland students from a range of years were asked to represent the school at Hounslow’s Service of Remembrance at the Civic Centre. The event marked Remembrance Day commemorations. Heathland students took a prominent place in proceedings, leading the singing of hymns. Students attending: Chris Norman 11Je, Lucy Rogerson 8Ba, Daniel Rogerson 11Pa, Kavi Noonan 8Ad, Safiya Wilson 10Ho, Jasdeep Seria 11Je, Tanvir Virdee 11Je, Antony Berner 11Je, Ridhi Dogra 8Je, Reece Williams 12Ke

Safiya Wilson (10Ho) was asked to read a commemorative bible passage

Y9 WWI Imperial War Museum Trip 30 Year 9 pupils took part in a workshop at the Imperial War Museum in conjunction with the 2014 centenary commemorations of World War One. Pupils were lucky enough to be able to handle and analyse original World War One artefacts, as well as finding out about individuals who took part in the war effort, including Victoria Cross Winners. They also visited the newly redesigned WWI exhibition. This included walking through a makeshift trench, and trying on some soldiers’ uniforms.

Kings College Medical Taster Day


s part of an event run by Kings College, students were given the opportunity to experience some of the exercises and lessons given to university medical students. The day involved several different workshops including drawing blood out of a fake arm, suturing skills and CPR. Pupils enjoyed the experience, and a number expressed a newfound desire to pursue a career in medicine.

Black History Month


o celebrate Black History Month in October, a group of students attended an event with children’s poet Valerie Bloom at the Paul Robeson Theatre. Students were thrilled with the engaging talk and had the opportunity to have their books signed afterwards.

Debating Victors

YPTE Competition Winners


fter coming joint first in competition heats, Aqib Khan and Sunny Mehta of the Senior Debating Team will proceed to the next round in both the Cambridge Union and Mace Debating competitions. The boys were delighted to triumph over independent and Grammar schools. We wish them luck in the regional rounds.

Bushra Amjad (12Ad), Joanna Hodgkinson (12Je) and Simran Karwal (12Di) have been crowned international environmental champions, winning a video competition run by Eurostar and the Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE). The short that they filmed, edited and starred in won them a trip by Eurostar and the unique opportunity to present their views on the environment to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The event was attended by other MEPs, including Lucy Anderson MEP, who hosted the event. December 2014 | The Heathlander | 3

CERN Visit

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Accompanied by Miss N Head, Miss L Turner and Dr D Hallwood, seventeen A-Level Physics students spent their October half term at CERN headquarters in Geneva. CERN physicists are probing the fundamental structure of the universe, and hoping to answer some of nature’s most fundamental questions. Students were given intensive early morning lectures, as well as cross-border tours to their colossal particle accelerator. Both staff and students were exceptionally grateful for the unique experience. It has more than encouraged those thinking about taking Physics at university next year.

Y7 Geography Trip

Year 7 Geographers’ first fieldtrip saw them exploring the local urban area in Hounslow. Trekking toward Lampton Park, they applied their newly gained fieldwork skills, including field sketches, environmental quality surveys and soundscapes.

18 talented students from Years 8 to 10 dazzled a packed audience at Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford earlier this term, with their production of Othello. A highly stylised and professional performance, the work of the actors, their student directors and Mrs Farooq were praised highly by the members of staff present.

During the first week of October, students from 10D1 and 10G1 were given the opportunity to take part in Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge. The competition’s overall aim is to promote the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public. Students participated in a variety of lively workshops, turning the usually peaceful library into a hotbed of freeflying opinion and debate.

Shere The second Year 7 fieldtrip brought the young Geographers to the rural village of Shere, in Surrey. While in Shere, the Geographers gathered data on the environmental quality of the small picturesque village. It also allowed them to draw comparisons and contrasts between rural and urban environments.

Oxford Gifted & Talented

German Day

22 year 13 students graduated from the Brilliant Club Scholars’ programme at St Hughes College, Oxford. To complete the course, students attended 6 tutorials with PHD students, and produced an assignment of undergraduate standard; all received highly positive feedback on their work. As part of the graduation day itself, they attended bonus taster lectures and a study skills sessions. 4 | The Heathlander | December 2014

Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge

On Thursday 2nd October, Heathland pupils marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with our annual German Day celebrations. Freshly baked goods from the German Bakery in Ham were sold, resulting in a packed Year 7 base. The canteen put on a special German menu to mark the occasion also.

Maths Challenge

Poetry Slam

Y13: (L-R) Amrita Padda (Bronze), Kulveer Pal (Silver, Best in Y13), Apurba Biswas (Br.), Taabish Khan (Br.), Mukarram Chaudhry (Br.), Usamah Yamin (Br.), Kabir Bhandal (Br.), Ashish Singh (Br.). Not featured: Zeshan Khan (Br.) 21 students received certificates in this year’s Maths challenge. Liam Gourlay (12Ba), who won a gold certificate, finished best in school, and won a place in the next round: the Senior

Y12: (L-R) Kavan Matharoo (Bronze), Abhishek Arora (Br.), Sahil Sharma (Br.), Priya Bhardwa (Br.), Charlie Harvey (Br.), Bhavya Meda (Silver), Alex Gough (Br.), Lavannya Patil (Br.), Arun Hallen (Br.), Dhruv Tuteja (Si.), Jayant Mahajan(Br.), Rohan Dhupar (Br.), Liam Gourlay (Gold, Best in the School) Kangaroo competition. Special mention must also go to silver certificate winners Kulveer Pal (13Gr), Bhavya Meda (12Gr) and Dhruv Tuteja (12An).

Friendship Club

Dickens World

A Friendship club has seen a successful start to the year for the third year running. Students are eagerly queuing up waiting to come in and find out what exciting things are in store. If the activities in the photos interest you, come along to 163M during lunchtime on Fridays.

s a reward trip for an excellent start to the year, KS3 English students were taken to Dickens World in Central London. They were given a tour round Dickensian London, around contemporary shops, characters and illusions. According to the pupils, the highlight of the trip was in the Victorian school, when Dr Purchase found himself moved to the front corner of the class, and a dunce’s cap strapped to his head.

On October 2nd, KS3 students descended upon the English suite to take part in the Heathland School’s first Poetry Slam as part of National Poetry Day. The crowd of bustling students was roaring from the off, and our judging panel of teachers were exceptionally impressed. Many congratulations to the ‘humblingly brilliant’ Lucy Rogerson (8Ba), whose poem based around the central role of music in her life took first place.

French Play

1066 Campaigns

Japanese Taster Session


n Friday 26th

September the Languages Department organised a range of Japanese taster sessions for pupils and teachers. Language lessons included practical skills such as greetings and numbers; some classes had a go at writing some of the characters. Teachers were pleased to hear a continual barrage of newly learnt salutations at the school gate that afternoon.


ear 7 have been undertaking an enquiry into 1066 during their lessons and creating election campaigns for their chosen King of England. The campaigns were wonderfully well presented and resourced, and a vote was held in each class to decide who should win the contest.

Two Year 10 French classes were very fortunate to see a French play performed by two enthusiastic French actors. They spoke clearly and were very patient with us, so we understood everything. However, they did not hesitate to get the students involved in the play itself, helping us practise our listening and speaking – mostly voluntarily. Chris Paice (10Di) December 2014 | The Heathlander | 5

Sixth Form Globe Trip Accompanied by Ms Cotterill and Ms Randles, 20 AS and A2 students visited the Globe Theatre in Central London at the start of November to take part in a King Lear study day. The students were given a lecture by some of the Shakespearian experts there, as well as a tour round the exhibition.

Astronomy Club

Artist Visit



stronomy club, inspired by ESAs Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, decided to build their own comets. With dry ice, sand, ammonia, alcohol, carbon powder and soy sauce we created own very own Heathland School Comets which didn’t take 10 years to track down!

6 | The Heathlander | December 2014

he GCSE Boys Art Club are currently being given workshops by street artist, photographer and TV presenter Normski as part of the Oh My Dayz! project. As well as sharing his expertise, Normski has helped provide the boys with critique of their own work. He will return in January to provide an accompanying advanced darkroom workshop.

Braggs and beyond Some lucky sixth form physicists and chemists had the opportunity to attend ‘The Bragg and beyond: International year of Crystallography’ lecture at Queen Mary, University of London. The lecture educated us on the developments that crystallography has brought to science, as well as the history of the Braggs: a Nobel Prize winning father and son duo. The lecture proved to be extremely insightful with moments of humour as well as astonishment. Karishma Yadav (12Je

Eton Lecture – Green Chemistry


arlier in the term, we were invited to attend a lecture on green chemistry at Eton College. We learned about the importance of plastics in modern day life and the impact that their manufacture has on our environment. Overall the lecture provided an insight to the applications of chemistry in everyday life and broadened my interest in the subject Mustafa Quarashi (12Sh)

Rutherford Rockets 11 students went to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire for the KS5 Education Access Day. The day’s trip was fascinating: impeccably precise machinery, tours round the enormous facility, and lectures from a scientist working with the world’s most powerful lasers; of course it all paled in comparison to our marshmallow and spaghetti rockets. Narinder Gill (12Ad)


Y10 Artwork

Sociology Conference

30 pupils from Years 7-9 visited the Royal Opera House to see ‘Manon’, Kenneth MacMillan’s acclaimed tragic ballet. Their enthusiasm was shared by pupils from other schools also attending the special performance for secondary students. Afan Ali (7Ba) was certainly keen, telling us “I’d definitely come to see something like this again.”

Sky Lawyers

Returning for a third year, Sky have responded to the success of their lawyer programme at The Heathland School by doubling the number of lawyers and participants attending. 40 Year 10 pupils are currently attending six sessions, learning about different aspects of the law and about becoming a lawyer. Topics covered range from Social Media Consumer Law to the power of the police.

In November, Heathland students attended the Crime & Punishment Student Conference. Speakers included Sgt. Jack Rowlands (offering the chance to go on a real patrol with his team); infamous criminals such as Noel ‘razor’ Smith (convicted to 8 life sentences); and controversial ex-wife of jailed MP Chris Huhne, Vicky Price, who talked about her time in prison. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight into the reality of the criminal justice system, and a chance to develop relevant knowledge for the upcoming examinations. December 2014 | The Heathlander | 7 December 2014 | The Heathlander | 7

U13 Table Tennis Tournament Team

Sporting Highlights

Dean Bakasa (13Je) (back row, left of cup): gold medal at National Weightlifting competition, making him the current British Champion

Sophie Smith (11Ad) for the Senior Football Team who won 4-1 v St Marks

Term dates

Y9 Netball reached the semi-finals of the Borough rally this year. Back: Kaya Simon (Ho), Nikola Bernat (Je), Sirena Uka (Tu), Yukti Patel (Ho) Front: Yasmin Dawoodjee (9Je), Sharan Phull (Ke), Egle Aukstuolyte (Sh), Sarastina Oliveira Sivaratnam (Ho), Rashika Umathasan (Ke)

Sakariya Farah (9Tu), Onur Gucluer (9Pa), Karl Davis (9Ke) won both the 3x400m and 3x800m events at Hounslow Borough Cross Country event

Y10 Netball finished runners up in the Brentford rally: Miss Whitnall, Jasmine Johal (Ke), Isobel Doyle (Gr), Rosa Turner (Pa), Eve Robinson (Je), Emily Kearey (Ho), Yasmine Bawa (Tu), Nikita Williams (Pa), Rebecca Udoh (Ho) Katie Ruth (Je)

Y7 Rugby has gotten off to a quick start. Highlights include a 46-0 win over St James. Photo: Adeel Rawn (Tu), Abdelhamid Ibrahim (Sh), Muhmmad Ammoune (Gr)

Kai Watson (11Au), left, finished 4th overall in the TW Steel DMAX Championship, competing against men 30 years his senior

Asharrn Falconer (11Tu), Senior Rugby

Spring Term 2015 5th January – 27th March Half term week: 16th – 20th February Summer Term 2015 14th April – 17th July Half term week: 25th – 29th May Autumn Term 2014/15 Starts on 2nd September for new pupils 3rd September – 18th December 2015 for all pupils Half term week: 26th – 30th October 8 | The Heathlander | December 2014

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