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“COMMON PLACE” St. Louis Earth Day Festival April 21 In Forest Park See page 3 & Back Cover

“But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.” --Rachel Carson “In Wilderness is the Preservation of The World.” --Henry David Thoreau “The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” -- Chief Seattle “One Touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” -- John Muir “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

20 Years Of Solid Waste District Grants Grow Jobs & Community “Solid Waste grants have helped our business grow full circle. Customers send us their food waste and rely on the quality of our products.” Roy Gross - St. Louis Composting story page 5

St. Louis Composting Hosts International Compost Awareness Week...pages 26-27


The Healthy Planet magazine •

by Rick Hotton

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Let’s All Be good scouts For The Planet

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Vol. 17 No. 11

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very day is Earth Day. That is a great mantra to live by. Buy I am glad we have one day set aside to celebrate the planet that sustains us. The big question is will we sustain the Mother Earth in return. I have to laugh a bit when Global Warming skeptics pick a cold day in March and say, “Yea, so much for Global Warming.” I sometimes wonder if they have ever listened and learned past their own skewed ideology. I prefer to use the term Global Climate Change. So much of the global economy is based on predictable climate patterns for the growing of crops and other important commerce. When the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere goes up even by a tenth of a degree, weather patterns can change. Suddenly orange groves in Florida suffer hard freezes and other areas are hit with droughts or floods. The ice caps and glaciers are melting causing the oceans to rise. Hurricane patterns and strengths change, too. There is no doubt that we have contributed way too much carbon to our atmosphere causing what some call the “greenhouse effect”. Most scientists don’t waste their time debating climate change anymore. The data is so overwhelming even the most strident opponent has to choke on the olive in their martini. Why would someone oppose the concept of climate

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April, 2013 change? Do they think it is some secret liberal government conspiracy to destroy the American industrial complex and put people out of work? What would climate change scientists have to gain by trying to save the planet? Oh, yes, THE PLANET! There is so much talk of not leaving huge financial deficits to our children and grandchildren. Why then can’t we be just as concerned about leaving our future generations a planet that is at least in the same condition we found it. There was a saying in Boy Scouts, “Leave the area cleaner than it was when you came.” I would like to think that we can all be good scouts and do the same. Somewhere along the line, the topic of climate change and other green concerns became political footballs. I think this mentality is such a disservice to those conservatives over the years like Barry Goldwater and others who were and are staunch conservationists. Those who have a respect for the land and nature don’t have trouble with environmental issues so long as they leave politics at the door. And over the years we have allowed our politicians to take issues like the environment and health care and turn them into bargaining chips and political collateral. How could we allow the air we breathe, the water we drink, the grass we lie on and the mountains we hold in majesty, to become fodder to fuel the political angst in Washington. We need to keep up the work to improve both the process and product we call democracy. Our elected officials need to hear from us both on the phone, by email and in the voting booth. It won’t matter if our grandchildren are burdened by a huge national debt if there is no sustainable plan for the planet we live on. There are political issues and there are human issues. The health of our people and our planet should be governed by our human compassion and not our ego-driven ideologies. Happy Earth Day,

J.B. Lester; Publisher

April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine •


Celebrate “Common Place” at St. Louis Earth Day Festival April 21


ather in St. Louis’ favorite common place for this year’s Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April 21st from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Muny Grounds of Forest Park. At the 24th annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival, enjoy three stages of entertainment, learn about sustainable products and services offered by local businesses, meet area non-profits that share the mission of Earth Day, and participate in a variety of hands-on educational activities. A collection event for hard-to-recycle items returns to the Festival for a third year, including the DEA Medication Take-Back Initiative. The Recycling Extravaganza will take place in the parking lot of the St. Louis Community College Forest Park campus, off Oakland Avenue, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A full list of acceptable items, including everything from mattresses and appliances to batteries and carpet, is updated regularly online so you can plan your spring cleaning accordingly. Start the celebration early at Earth Day Eve – a family-friendly evening with food and music on the Festival grounds, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the corner of McKinley and Theatre Drives in the Earth Day Café neighborhood, presented by Wells Fargo. All are welcome and a donation of $5 is suggested to support St. Louis Earth Day. Big Brother Thunder and the MasterBlasters headline the event with their soulful energy and funky tunes. Before the Festival opens, join Trailnet at the Missouri History Museum for a guided bicycle tour of Forest Park’s ecosystems. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and the ride begins at 9:30 a.m. After your bicycle tour, head over to the Community Stage for free yoga, face painting, henna and an eco-art activity, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Return to the Community Stage area, just East of The Muny covered walkway, for the St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center’s “Great Green Re-Read Outside”. Throughout the day, visitors can select a book to keep and explore areas of the park where you can read outside, sponsored by Great Rivers Greenway. At 12 p.m., join the Honorable Mayor Francis G. Slay at the KDHX Main Stage for the opening ceremony, when Earth Day Action Grants will be awarded to successful projects. The Festival officially kicks off with the All Species Parade. All are welcome to join this costume

pedestrian parade through the event grounds, led by the Joia World Percussion Ensemble. A themed-neighborhood layout makes it easy for visitors to navigate the Festival and experience all the celebration has to offer. Visitors can explore the following neighborhoods: Alternative Transportation and Fuels by Ameren; Arts and Crafts; the Earth Day Café; Energy and Green Building; the Farmers Market by Chipotle; Home and Pets by Purina; Nature, Recreation and Wildlife; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; and, Wellness and Spirituality. Visitors are also invited to reflect upon their experiences and connect with the Earth at the Peace Garden, where activities will take place throughout the day. Over 30 Educational Exhibitors are scattered throughout the grounds, present in almost every neighborhood with a wide range of hands-on activities for kids and adults. Visitors can engage with ecosystem models, roleplaying games, or create something beautiful with ‘trash’. All are invited to help paint a Metro bus with Metro Arts in Transit and Firecracker Press, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The



Ameren exhibit provides information about energy efficiency and conservation, and the Chipotle Cinema in the Farmers Market area features short films about cultivating a better world. Over twenty food and beverage vendors will be serving up diverse, local cuisine and drinks throughout the Festival. Schnucks will be showcasing products from its Full Circle organic line in the Earth Day Café where you will find organic vegetarian jambalaya, empanadas, St. Louis style barbeque and everything in-between. Schlafly Beer will be serving Organic Pale Ale and other favorites. Stop by the Nature’s Own booth and enter for a chance to win free bread for an entire year! Presented by Nature’s Own, the 88.1 KDHX Main Stage will feature Andy Coco’s Rhythm Section Road Show and Little Rachel and The Loot Rock Gang; and, you can enjoy The Root Diggers, Shannon Wurst, Banjo Kellie and many more on the Folk School of St. Louis Café Stage! Musical performances begin at 11 a.m. and continue all day on both stages. The Green Strum Band Scramble

will close the Café Stage when participating musicians put their upcycled instruments to the test in front of local celebrity judges—hosted by Ryan Spearman and Kelly Wells of The Lulus. The Worm’s Way Community Stage features a variety of local entertainment, including dance troupes, a cappella performances, and theater groups, with special programming from the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis Educational Tour and the Wild Bird Sanctuary. St. Louis Earth Day encourages visitors to use alternative methods of transportation to reduce the event’s environmental impact and to reduce traffic in Forest Park. Metro is “Your Official Ride to Earth Day”, and the Forest Park/DeBaliviere Metrolink station is only a half-mile from the Festival, with the Forest Park Trolley connecting riders to the Muny Grounds. Trailnet will be offering free bike valet parking in two locations at the Festival. Park at St. Louis Community College to utilize our free shuttle service – hop on the St. Louis Lambert International Airport biodiesel bus or Super Park compressed natural gas (CNG) bus, leaving every 15 minutes on the hour between 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Take the Earth Day Challenge by bringing a reusable bag, refillable water bottle or using alternative transportation to get to Forest Park. Visitors who accomplish two of the three challenges receive an eco-friendly prize, like CFLs from Metro Lighting, Better Life products or Metro Transit day passes. St. Louis Earth Day is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to make every day earth day by cultivating environmental stewardship and engaging individuals, governments, businesses, schools and the non-profit sector in celebration, education and action to support a healthy and sustainable future. The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is grateful for the support and partnership of many local businesses, companies and organizations. This event is presented by Nature’s Own, Ameren Missouri, and Metro Transit and sponsored, in part, by Chipotle Mexican Grill, The City of St. Louis, KPLR 11/Fox 2, Missouri American Water, MO Department of Conservation, Schlafly Beer, USAgain, Schnucks and The Healthy Planet magazine. For detailed information and a complete list of sponsors, or to volunteer, visit








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Green Living

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Resources For Green Lifestyles

coalition report

by Kathleen Logan Smith Director of Environmental Policy Coalition For The Environment

groW Your eco-revolution


ature has transformative powers. Sprouting cucumbers, blooming squashes, and sweet ripe tomatoes transform kids into veggie-lovers, neighbors into friends, and neighborhoods into communities while building healthy bodies, healthy soil, healthier economies, and stronger ecosystems. Growing food exemplifies the wisdom of taking care of oneself and the environment, and nourishing community. Gardens achieve all of those goals. Communities that need healing benefit in numerous ways from growing food. One of the most recent inspirational stories can be seen in Ron Finley’s Ted Talk about Guerilla Gardening in south LA. Finley’s talk on “gangsta gardening” has received nearly half a million views on YouTube since it was posted in March. In an urban food desert Mr. Finley has inspired a community to grow its own healthy food. He describes his work transforming 7 foot easements into attractive food plots as “eco-lutionary.” St. Louis has its own community of people advancing healthy, local food on urban lots, in window sills, front yards and road sides. Whether you view growing food as an act of nurturing or of defiance, your options are huge. Plant a small potted garden, join a community garden, or convert your lawn to a garden. The St. Louis Metro hosts a vibrant local food scene with gardeners happy to share advice and often seeds. You will be taking an important stand against processed, industrial food, destructive farm pollution, patented seeds, and dietary diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. You’ll become more attuned to the cycles of nature, to your ecosystem, and your food. And of course, you’ll eat the fruits of your labor. For more inspiration, plan your trip to the Baker Creek Spring Harvest Festival set for May 5-6 this year in Mansfield, Missouri. Join thousands of growers, activists, artists, musicians, crafters, and a slate of informative speakers while your buy heirloom vegetable starts and home-baked goodies. You can also help transform the nation’s food policy by encouraging Congress to pass a Farm Bill this year that puts soil health and land stewardship front and center. The current market with record prices for corn and soybeans has skewed production toward those high-paying commodities and driven the conversion of unsuitable marginal lands under the plow as farmers seek more acres. Native prairie ecosystems and wetlands fall victim when prices are high. Amidst the market pressures to cultivate more and more marginal land, Farm Bill conservation programs that offer some incentives to protect soil and water quality have been cut repeatedly, while crop insurance programs assure farmers of income even when marginal lands produce predictably marginal or losing yields. As a result, the bulk of the incentives are skewed toward destruction. America loses ecosystems that infiltrate water, build soil health, support wildlife, and reduce pollution and taxpayers pay more to subsidize escalating crop insurance costs. Frankly we’ve seen the consequence of these scenarios before and we called it the Dust Bowl. Part of the solution is re-establishing the link between conservation standards and crop insurance subsidies in the Farm Bill, while reaffirming measures that prohibit subsidies on converted prairie and wetlands. The other part of the solution is for all of us to buy food from farmers we know, to rebuild local food markets, to enforce laws against monopolies, and learn more about our food and farmers. You can start by planting a seed. Join the Missouri Coalition for the Environment at Happy Earth Day!

April, 2013

EarthWorms Castings by Jean Ponzi

Shopping for a Better World


first pulled the Better World Shopping Guide out of my purse in a grocery story in 2007 – and it immediately changed my buying habits. I had a first-edition copy for a radio interview with author Ellis Jones, a sociology Ph.D. who has applied the book’s motto, “Every Dollar Makes A Difference,” in thousands of hours of research and distilled his findings into a format that has now sold over 100,000 copies and influenced corporate as well as consumer behaviors. The 4th edition of this pocket powerhouse today ranks over 2,000 products. The quick-read format covers 72 common-product categories, lists them by company, and gives each one an A to F letter grade. Grades are a compilation of company performance in five areas of impact: human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement and social justice. Clever and efficient, this handbook helps you quickly tell the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ and turn your shopping list into a socio-economic gamechange. With an average of $22,000 spent by each of us American consumers each year, our purchasing choices translate into dollar-votes that do – and could even more profoundly, with broader awareness and shopper participation - affect the corporations that currently seem to rule our lives. The book’s great strength is the depth and integrity of its information. Ellis Jones uses only data from independent third-party sources, no reports from companies, or from company-funded sources. He has about 50 sources today, combined into one Better World database. Jones told me in a recent interview that he has two “really gold-standard sources, Greener America and the fairly new B Corporation. These tend

to cite smaller companies with big integrity, and anyone who nails these certifications is GOOD.” He regularly checks the veracity of his sources as well as reviewing potential new ones. In addition to the product report cards, the Shopping Guide portrays Consumer America’s supply chain with a eye-opening and horrifically fun to read batch of Top Ten Lists: Biggest Success Stories/Disappointments, Bailouts, Lobbying, Small But Beautiful, Things To Change. Every product category page profiles a Green Hero and a Corporate Villain and gives you related websites and a capsule What You Need To Know about each product type. It was this last bit of info that arrested me, five years ago, standing in the frozen treats supermarket aisle. I loved Dove brand dark chocolate-coated French vanilla ice cream bites, and I was about to stock up on several yummy packs while they were on sale. I flipped to the CHOCOLATE page of my brand new Better World Shopping Guide. I was disappointed to see Dove products graded only D, but it was that page’s Need To Know part that hit me with a factoid like a ton of cocoa bricks: at least 40% of commercially produced chocolate consumed in the United States is produced by (emphasis mine) CHILD SLAVE LABOR. Wouldn’t any of us use our buying power to change that shocking fact, if we knew the story behind the companies selling us those not-so-sweets? Would we change our choices in every other store aisle? Now I only get my chocolate from sustainable sources. And in my public education work, a Better World Shopping Guide is on my table of talking-props alongside a Snickers bar and a box from Kakao Chocolates, my favorite local confectioner. And Ellis Jones’ 4th edition of research is in my purse, right next to my wallet. Dr. Ellis Jones will speak at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine in Belleville on Saturday, April 20 from 9-11:30 a.m. Tickets are available at Catch a podcast of Jean Ponzi’s KDHX-FM “Earthworms” conversation with Ellis Jones at

We provide a wide variety of commercial and residential recycling services metro wide with flexible schedules.

Contact us today:

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A new, locally-based, grassroots program connecting diners with restaurants that share their values. LIVE GREEN, DINE GREEN, SUPPORT GREEN!

For more information on encouraging your favorite k^lmZnkZgmlmh`^m\^kmbÛ^]hkmhÛg]k^lmZnkZgmlmaZm Zk^Zek^Z]r\^kmbÛ^]%`hmh3

April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine •


Recycling Is Growing a Greener St. Louis! St. Louis-Jefferson SWMD Grants Make Good Business Sense


etropolitan Square, the largest office building in St Louis, used a St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District (SWMD) grant to launch a workplace composting program in 2011. Tenant design firm HOK teamed up with onsite property manager Jones Lang LaSalle to educate other tenants and integrate organics recycling into existing single-stream collection. Over 48 tons of food waste was diverted from landfills in this program’s first year, averaging 4 tons per month. Program leaders have shared their process through the St. Louis Green Business Challenge, providing a template now in use by other businesses and commercial buildings. A few blocks away, tenants in the Laclede Gas Building have also merged building-wide composting with recycling and conventional trash collection. Design firm Arcturis joined forces with the Laclede Gas, McCormack Baron Companies and Urban Strategies green teams and their building management firm to obtain contracts for integrated waste management services.

Recycling and composting is part of learning in K-12 schools throughout our region, where 20 years of SWMD education grants have helped raise generations of people who act on their knowledge that their sustainable choices matter! Recycling is an anchor of local-government sustainability plans. SWMD grants have helped the City of St. Louis and municipalities in St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County serve residents with convenient single-stream recycling.

Food Waste Composting Joins Recycling to Generate Jobs, Boost Waste Diversion Locally owned hauling companies Blue Skies Recycling and Always Green are multiplying the value of their SWMD grants through commercial collection contracts that support more than 15 steady jobs. Their recycling and composting services are flexible and efficient, meeting customer needs that range from single sites to high-rise properties to entire corporate and institutional campuses. St. Louis Composting has leveraged SWMD grants to ramp up processing capacity as food waste augments the organics they’ve composted since yard waste was banned from Missouri landfills in 1991. Compost collection business planning and marketing savvy yields environmental and economic benefits. Full-circle customers like Washington University and Missouri Botanical Garden are keeping foodservice waste out of landfills, then buying and using composted products. The rising profile of composting in public waste management services is motivating a broad range of customers to switch from commercial (and often toxic) fertilizers to locally-produced organic soil amendments, for uses from backyard gardening and urban farming to RainScaping and stabilizing soil erosion. SWMD grants have helped non-profit St. Louis Earth Day establish programs that deliver high-pro-

With recycling as a requirement in Green Building standards, construction waste recovery businesses are thriving – including Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore outlets that leverage SWMD grants to promote re-use, support home ownership, and help restore whole neighborhoods! SWMD grants help many kinds of locally-owned businesses meet changing recycling needs, by supporting equipment purchases, facility upgrades and job creation. file public education along with recycling services. Recycling On the Go now partners with almost 70 annual public events to recover recyclables and organics. The Green Dining Alliance is helping area restaurants reduce waste and boost sustainability overall. In the last year these programs touched nearly a million people with positive demonstrations of green practices in fun, festive settings. This work supports two full-time and two part-time positions and 13 seasonal staff, including clients of St. Patrick Center through their Veterans Go Green job-training program. SWMD grants and technical support for Lambert St. Louis International Airport are yielding top-flight results. The millions of people who travel through or

Missouri’s Solid Waste District Grants 20 Years of Investments with a High Return • Over $5 million invested in Missouri’s economy annually • 25,000 jobs generated statewide • Tens of millions into state and local tax revenues • Educating more than a million Missourians • 50% waste diversion rate • Thousands of citizen volunteers engaged

Thanks to the St. Louis-Jefferson SWMD... • Curbside and drop-off recycling are available region-wide. • Convenient single-stream recycling is provided in most communities. • Food-waste composting added to yard-waste collection is boosting diversion of organics that make up nearly 20% of municipal waste streams.

work with the airport encounter highly visible recycling systems. Our visitors meet sustainability in their first impression of metro St. Louis and the state of Missouri. Lambert is one of this region’s top economic engines, employing about 10,000 people through airlines, tenants, vendors and operational staff, who now engage with strong green standards. With SWMD grant assistance, airport staff have also established a food waste composting partnership with concessionaire HMS Host, Inc., diverting nearly 10 tons of organics in this program’s pilot phase. Lambert’s sustainable measures impact aviation, manufacturing, tourism and other key economic sectors, and are receiving extensive coverage in local, national and trade media outlets. Learn more at

As recycling and food-waste composting become the norm at public events like the Best of Missouri Market, St. Louisans of all ages, from all walks of life, get the green-living message - festively!

• Regional special collections safely dispose of waste tires, electronics, household hazardous waste. • Local enterprises have built systems to recycle garden pots, mattresses, holiday lights, asphalt shingles, construction waste, pharmaceuticals, carpet – and more! • Re-Use entrepreneurs distribute medical equipment, building materials, manufacturing and household discards – and more! • $40 million in recycling grants have leveraged over $60 million in additional investments over 20 years. • Over 900 waste-reducing projects have been implemented in our region. • Technical expertise is continually provided to communities, businesses and non-profits.


The Healthy Planet magazine •

Green Living


Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Resources For A Greener Life


USGBC Growing Green Awards Honor Those Transforming the Community and Built Environment by Katie Rietz, Growing Green Awards Committee Co-Chair


n March 28th the Missouri Gateway Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council held their fifth annual Growing Green Awards banquet at the Palladium to announce and celebrate 2013 winners. Nearly 200 attendees joined to celebrate the accomplishments of all the nominees. Winners and nominees are outstanding individuals and organizations that are active in transforming the built environment. They share a passion for making our region more sustainable. THE CoMMUniTy CHAMpion AWArd went to old north St. Louis restoration Group. For Old North, community is more than a collection of buildings and sustainability is more than the built environment. As a result they have developed programs and activities to cultivate relationships among longtime residents and newcomers. Many programs, such as a farmers' market, community gardens, and a neighborhood-owned grocery co-op enable residents to enjoy healthier lifestyles and enhance community connections. These are a few examples of Old North’s commitment, community spirit, and leadership in creating a diverse, vibrant and sustainable community in the city of St. Louis. Southwestern illinois College won the EdUCATion AWArd. The Sustainability and Green Economy Center at SWIC provides leadership, guid-

ance and resources to help the college implement sustainability projects, which fall into five areas: green curriculum, green campuses, green communities, green collaborations, and green careers. SWIC is recognized as a statewide leader in sustainability and runs its campus in ways that minimize environmental impact while reducing costs. The Liberal Arts Building Addition was designed to comply with LEED Gold Certification standards. rECoGniTion For innovATion was awarded to SWT design for their commitment to sustainable design and environmental stewardship through their involvement in the Sustainable SITES InitiativeTM (SITES). For over 15 years SWT Design has sought after and implemented innovative technologies to solve complex design problems. Solutions have brought to fruition environmental, social and financial advances in the St. Louis region with impacts recognized worldwide. The firm led the site design and construction of Novus International Headquarters, one of the first projects to be certified by SITES. As of today, this 3-star rated project is currently the highest-rated landscape project in the world. SWT Design became the first design firm whose campus certified under SITES, earning a two star rating. SWT Design’s team members have played an integral role in the advancement and adaptation of the SITES rating system, using measurable evidence from its projects as examples. Courtney Howard from Cannon design was awarded the EMErGinG LEAdEr AWArd. Courtney volunteers at community gardens in St. Louis and has chosen to reduce her own carbon footprint by not having a personal vehicle. Instead, she gets around town by walking, riding the Metrolink or using a hybrid WeCar. At work, Courtney is also in the process of developing a food waste composting system that can be implemented by a 100 person office. Courtney's dedication and enthusiasm prove that she is an emerging leader in initiatives to improve to the environment. The award for opErATionAL ExCELLEnCE went to parkway School district. Due to their diligence and dedication to improving the environment, Parkway saw a 1.2 million kilowatt hour reduction in electricity use in 2012. Also in 2012, Parkway contracted the largest solar project in the state, enacted single stream recycling and composting programs that together topped 960 tons of materials diverted from landfills, and developed a water bottle filler program that logs the number of bottles of water that have been avoided since installation. Parkway School District models sustainability for all of us. Even more impressive, they are instilling habits in their students that will last a lifetime. patty Maher from Tiger Lily development won the rESTorATion CATEGory for her dedication to city revitalization by preserving St. Louis’ architectural treasures. Tiger Lily Development has been committed to preserving historical properties by applying Missouri Preservation Historical and ENERGY STAR standards. This ensures that the restorations have cost effective utilities while maintaining the buildings historical integrity. Patty is dedicated to continuing quality craftsmanship which can only come from hiring quality trades people. This focus ensures that these homes will outlast us; their longevity measured in centuries rather than decades. USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter congratulates all the 2013 Growing Green Award winners and nominees for their work to make the built environment a more environmentally friendly, prosperous and healthy place to live, work and learn. Learn more about the winners and nominees at

April, 2013

Make your Green BAll date for Food, Fashion, Philanthropy, Fun!

Friday, April 26th • 7-11 p.m. • Moonrise Hotel • 6177 Delmar by Jean Ponzi


himmer into your emerald sequins and shake your teal tuxedo tails at the 4th annual Green Ball. On Friday April 26 from 7 to 11 p.m. even the moon glows Green over the Delmar Loop, as sustainably-chic Moonrise Hotel presents this gala event. Date-friendly tickets at $50 include an evening full of fun: creative cocktails, beer and wine, local-food delicacies (above) Jean Ponzi, Green Fashion Contest MC, addresses the crowd. and deserts, Lindy-hopping (below) Two EarthWays Center volunteers donned in special green garb. to music of The Trip events, the Green Ball Daddys and the chance to will be Earth Friendly. mix with our town’s Carbon offsets for travel mover-and-shaker chamand electricity will be propions of Green. The vided. Materials will be Green Ball benefits the printed on recycled paper EarthWays Center of and food waste will be Missouri Botanical composted. Decor will be Garden, supporting some eco-friendly, paper and of our region’s best susglass waste will be recytainability education cled and guests will enjoy work. And Garden mem“St. Louis’ Finest” tap ber tickets are just $40 water instead of drinking each. from single-use bottles. A Green Ball highlight Free valet parking will returns this year: the fabutreat carpools with four or lous and funky Green more Green Ball guests. Fashion Contest. An Guests may purchase expert panel of fashion raffle tickets for premium and style judges will baskets featuring ecoaward Best Dressed prizes friendly goods, gift certifito three winners. Whether cates and weekend getyou wear recycled, handaways donated by local made, eco-friendly, vinbusinesses. tage or simply and All raffle proceeds will superbly colored green, also benefit the your creative attire is EarthWays Center. encouraged. Shine in the While Missouri Botanspotlight of sustainable ical Garden’s mission is to protect and predesign! serve plants, the EarthWays Center focuses The Moonrise Hotel, located at 6177 on educating and motivating the greatest Delmar in the Loop, employs extensive green threat to plants and the environment: people! efforts including hotel-wide composting and EarthWays provides sustainable living prorecycling, a solar-powered rooftop bar and grams for students, teachers, community rotating “moon” and an electric vehicle leaders, businesses, municipalities, and green charging station. building professionals and contractors in “We’re extremely pleased to partner with Missouri and Illinois. Discover EarthWays the Moonrise for this fourth year on the Resources at Green Ball to raise awareness of sustainability and Missouri Botanical Garden’s efforts Go paperless: purchase your Green Ball in this area,” says Glenda Abney, director of tickets online at or the EarthWays Center. “We’re looking forby calling 314-577-0291. Find 2013 Green ward to a great turnout to demonstrate how Ball updates on Facebook. our choices that affect the environment can See you on the Green carpet, Friday be exciting, beautiful and fun!” evening April 26th, at the 2013 Green Ball! To highlight the importance of sustainable

April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine •

THE 2013

GET YOUR GREEN ON and celebrate the EARTH under the moon! Join us for the fourth annual Green Ball A celebration of all things GREEN in St. Louis Benefitting the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden

Friday, April 26, 2013 from 7–11 pm The Moonrise Hotel—6177 Delmar in The Loop Creative green attire encouraged $50 general public; $40 Garden members Swing to live music by The Trip Daddys Be creative with reuse in the Green Fashion Contest Sip creative cocktails, local beer and wine—open bar Savor cuisine featuring locally-sourced delicacies Enjoy Vivant Entertainment and Lindy Hop St. Louis Try your luck—amazing raffle and silent auction Carpool with four or more for complimentary valet parking

For tickets or more information visit 314.577.0291

The Healthy Planet TheHealthyPlanet

St. Louis’ Green & Natural Living Magazine St. Louis’ Natural Living Magazine



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April, 2013

Ffresh R E S H fare FARE Eco-FriEndly Eating by Kari Hartel, RD, LD Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search


arth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd and always serves a good reminder that we need to be nourishing our bodies while also taking care of our planet. Of course, we shouldn’t be thinking about how our eating habits affect the world around us only in the month of April, but rather yearround. Let’s try to focus on making small changes every day that will ensure that our environment stays healthy. Here are some ways we can protect Mother Nature while eating foods that are both delicious and healthy. don’t Buy Plastic Bottled Water Bottled water is extremely harmful to the environment. A lot of fossil fuels are used to manufacture plastic water bottles and they pollute our world. In America alone, we purchase 29 billion water bottles each year, using about 17 million barrels of crude oil. If we recycle all of those bottles, this would help prevent them from ending up in landfills or polluting our beautiful streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. However, only one out of every six water bottles is actually recycled, and the process of recycling takes energy. Instead, purchase a reusable water bottle and use water from the tap. Water from the faucet is safe (local governments regulate it) and is better for our bodies than sugary beverages.

Offering various tools to support your healthy Offeringwhile various tools atosupportive support your healthy lifestyle, building community. lifestyle, while building a supportive community.

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Thur. & Fri: 4-8 pm Thur. & Fri: pm11-4pm Sat: 11-6 pm •4-8 Sun: Sat: 11-6 pm • Sun: 11-4pm Mon - Wed:Closed Mon - Wed:Closed

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Purchase Sustainable Seafood Seafood is good for us because it’s low in fat and the type of fat it does contain is the healthy kind (omega-3 fats). Choose sustainable seafood that isn’t overfished and won’t have the biodiversity of its habitat negatively affected. According to the Marine Stewardship Council, seek out fish and shellfish that come from a healthy population, are caught or farmed utilizing methods that won’t harm marine life and come from farms or fisheries that are managed responsibly. This month, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri are hosting April Showers, a personal-care item collection that will be distributed by Operation Food Search. Such items are important to health, hygiene and self-esteem. Please donate at Dierbergs Markets. For more information on Operation Food Search, please call (314) 726-5355 or visit our web site

Purchase local Food I hate to sound like a broken record, but the importance of buying locally cannot be overstated. If we purchase foods that have been grown or raised right here in St. Louis, we’re cutting down on our “food miles,” which is the distance our food must travel. We can reduce our carbon-footprint by purchasing food close to us, which supports our local farmers. Additionally, purchasing items at one of the many St. Louis area farmers’ markets will ensure that we’re getting an ample supply of fresh, colorful fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Stick to Seasonal Stuff If we purchase our produce according to when it’s in season, we’re doing our environment a favor. By purchasing produce during

Our cafe is mostly raw (some cooked), 100% gluten-free, and vegan with low/no Our&cafe mostly raw cooked), 100% gluten-free, andtryvegan with low/no salt oil.isWhether you (some are a strict vegan, or just looking to something new, salt &isoil. you are afor strict just&looking to tryclasses something new, there sureWhether to be something youvegan, here. or Yoga meditation are donation there isand surearetoaccessible be something for you here. Yoga of & flexibility. meditation classes are donation based, to everyone regardless based, and are everyone regardless flexibility. We know thataccessible making thetocommitment to changeofyour health isn't easy! We know that making the commitment to change your isn't easy! Our various classes and programs are designed to supporthealth you on your path to Our various classes and programs are designed to support you on your path to radiant health. radiant health.

its peak season, we’ll not only save money because we don’t have to incur the cost of shipping, we’ll save our environment by cutting down on consumption of fossil fuels used to haul those fruits and vegetables from where they are in season to us here in St. Louis, where they may not be in season.

Available at Cafes, Restaurants and Grocers Throughout The St. Louis Area

April, 2013

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Connie’s Green Grocery...

Organic Produce Delivered to Your Home or Office!

HEALTHY, FRESH, CONVENIENT by Jason & Jessica Asher


e are a local, family-owned and operated business that delivers fresh organic produce to your front door. Eating healthy is very important to us and we know that it can be difficult and inconvenient to find a variety of fresh organic produce in our area. Our service makes it more convenient and affordable to eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Getting started is simple...all you have to do is go to our website, choose the box that suits your needs and how often you want to receive your delivery (weekly or every other week). We currently offer 5 different boxes to choose from. All of our produce is either certified organic or from local non-certified organic farmers. The contents of the boxes change from week to week based on what is in season and price. Since we source our produce fresh weekly based on how many deliveries we have scheduled, we are able to limit the waste. This allows us to give you the most for your money and offer free delivery. Our deliveries are prepared the same day as your delivery and if you ever receive an item that is not to your satisfaction, just let us know and we will make it up to you. There are no commitments and you can cancel at anytime. You can also change which box you receive and place your delivery on

hold for vacation if you need to skip a delivery. It is not necessary to be home to receive your delivery. We leave the delivery in a shaded area or where ever you have instructed us to place it. Some customers leave a cooler outside and we gladly transfer the delivery items and keep the packaging to re-use. We currently deliver to most of the St. Louis metro area. Please visit our website and enter your zip code to see if we currently deliver to your neighborhood. If not, you can leave your email address and we will contact you when we expand to your area. If you are also interested in other items besides produce, our customers will soon have the ability to add all natural local meats, dairy, and grocery items to their deliveries. If you are interested in trying our service or to learn more, please visit us online at See our ad for a special offer for readers of The Healthy Planet. Sign up now to have Connie’s Green Grocery conveniently deliver organic produce and local produce right to your front door.

CHOOSE EAT HEALTHIER... For YourTOValentine’s Meal Choose Choice Saint Louis! • We specialize in ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE & VEGETARIAN MEALS • Wedding & Baby Showers • • • • • • •

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Corporate Events Soups Salads Sandwiches Mediterranean Dishes Desserts: including Gluten Free Cakes • Box Lunches • Catering • Gift Baskets • Gift Cards


Our healthy choices are cooked fresh daily.

Visit us at 7807 Clayton Road, 63117 314-932-1230


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April, 2013

Chesterfield Amphitheater To Host 22nd Annual Earth Day Entertainment, Recycling & Eco-Friendly Products & Much More

We promote a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through nutrition and a healthy, natural lifestyle. At The Natural Way, you’ll find additive and chemical-free foods, high quality herbs & vitamins, and items for people following special diets or who have food allergies and sensitivities. We carry natural household products, pet products and bulk foods, too. Bring in this ad and saVE 20% Off your purchase Offer does not include sale items • Offer good at any location


tart making plans now to attend the 22nd Annual Earth Day event in Chesterfield to be held at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. The Chesterfield Citizens Committee for the Environment will host the event on Saturday, April 27 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. The Festival will be at the Chesterfield Amphitheater at 631 Veteran’s Place Drive and the drive-thru recycling collection will be held on the parking lot at Central Park located at 16365 Lydia Hill Drive. New features this year include live music by the Woo Daddies, a found-item musical performance for children called Recycled Sounds – Chesterfield Stomp. Petropolis will be doing a dog tricks and enrichment demonstration. Also new this year is a youth science competition. Several food trucks will be on-site offering refreshments. All of this is in addition to the already-popular features of our annual event, including drive-thru recycling and environmental vendors. At the drive-thru recycling collection, residents can bring nearly anything you can think of to be recycled including: • appliances & electronics • cardboard, plastic, newspaper, and glass • tennis shoes, clothing, and other textiles • tool batteries • light bulbs • new and used building materials • buttons, beads, board games, and children’s books Free confidential document shredding will be provided by Cintas (five-box limit). The Citizens Alliance for Positive Youth (CAPY) and the Chesterfield Police Department will be collecting prescription and over-the-counter medications,

inhalers, ointments and patches. Additionally, the Girl Scouts will have a collection point for Operation Food Search.

12:15p.m.– Musical Performance Continues by the Woo Daddies 1:00 p.m.– Serengeti Steve– Reptile Education Show The event will include numerous vendors and exhibitors offering recycled / eco-friendly products for sale and environmental information. The Committee will be giving away native trees and plants, and native flower seeds while supplies last. Craft activities for kids will be led by Chesterfield Arts, Home Depot, and St. Louis Teachers Recycle Center. There’s something for everyone! For more information on the event and recycling in Chesterfield, go to the website and click on the Earth Day button or call 636-537-4000.

ON sTAgE ACTiviTiEs iNCluDE: 9:00 a.m.– Opening Ceremonies & Tree City USA presentation 9:30 a.m.– Performance of Recycled Sounds – Chesterfield Stomp 10:00 a.m.– Petropolis Dog Tricks & Enrichment 10:30 a.m.– Performance by Soorya Dance Company 11:15 a.m.– Musical Performance by the Woo Daddies Noon– Winners of Science Competition Announced

Graduate to one of our party rooms.

Reserve one of our party rooms today to celebrate graduation and enjoy:

7EBSTER'ROVESs17 Moody Ave. Central West End 4747 McPherson

St. Charles

100 N. Main St.


7434 Village Center Dr.



2490 Taylor Rd. 1732 9th St. 1.855.223.5842


April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine •

Come celebrate Chesterfield’s

22nd ANNUAL EARTH DAY There’s something for everyone: • eco-friendly products for sale • educational exhibitors • on-stage entertainment • youth science competition Stop by and get a free native tree!

Drive through our free recycling area, where you can properly dispose of: expired/unwanted medications; confidential document shredding; newspaper, glass, plastic, and cardboard; household electronics and appliances; tool batteries; light bulbs (fluorescent and CFL); textiles such as clothing, towels, rugs, and athletic shoes; new and used building materials and supplies; buttons, beads, board games, and children’s books. FESTIVAL SCHEDULE: 9:00: Opening Ceremony 9:30: Recycled Sounds—Chesterfield Stomp 10:00: Petropolis Dog Tricks & Enrichment 10:30: Performance by Soorya Dance Company 11:15: Musical Performance by the Woo Daddies Noon: Winners of Science Competition Announced 12:15: Musical Performance Continues by the Woo Daddies 1:00: Serengeti Steve—Reptile Education Show 2:00: Festival ends

The event is hosted by the Chesterfield Citizen’s Committee for the Environment. Event will occur rain or shine. Giveaways are first-come, first-served, while supplies last.

Event location: Chesterfield Amphitheater, 631 Veteran’s Place Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63017 Drive-thu recycling: Chesterfield Central Park parking lot, 16365 Lydia Hill Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63017 For more information visit, or call 636-537-4000.



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YOGA SOURCE CLASSES & WORKSHOPS GET A HANDLE ON ADJUSTMENTS: An Adjustments Workshop for Teachers and Aspiring Teachers, with Kim Winn Sat., April 6 • 3-5:30 pm - $40 FOUNDATIONS OF VINYASA SERIES: Standing Poses Workshop, with Sat Inder Sat., April 13 • 3-5:30 pm - $40 YIN YOGA FOR RUNNERS SERIES with Julie Bergfeld Sun. April 14 & 28, May 5 & 12 1:00-2:15 pm $60 for Series or $16 for a drop in SUN. EVENING OPEN LEVEL THEMED CLASSES with Jen Jones Sundays, 5:15-6:45 pm $16 for a drop in or use class card

For more information visit


1500 S. Big Bend, 2nd Fl Richmond Heights, MO 63117



Continuing Education Workshop Schedule thru August 2013 (see our website for Sept.-Dec.)

WE’VE MOVED!!! 10073 Manchester Rd, Ste. 100 St. Louis, MO 63122

Intro to Reflexology · 4/7 Reiki II · 4/12 & 4/13 Geriatric Massage I · 5/17–5/19 Touch for Health I · 5/25 & 5/26 Pranic Healing Level I · 6/22 & 6/29 Clinical Acupressure I · 7/11–7/14 Reiki Mastery · 7/13 & 7/20 Touch for Health II · 7/27–7/28 Magic of Hot Stone Massage · 8/9-8/11 Intro to Reflexology · 8/18

Learn To MediTaTe For opTiMaL HeaLTH Primordial Sound Meditation a program developed By deepak Chopra, M.d.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, best selling author and leader in the holistic health field, has revived Primordial Sound Meditation. This ancient form of meditation uses mantras, or Primordial Sounds, which are selected for each individual. This simple mantra technique, which is practiced twice daily, allows our awareness to go beyond the activity of our mind to the stillness of our spirit. This process allows our bodies to gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue. The result can be improved health, more satisfying relationships, increased creativity, and renewed enthusiasm for life. Primordial Sound Meditation can be learned by people of any age, culture, and educational background. It is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy greater peace, freedom and fulfillment. About the Instructor, Shirley Stoll, B.S., M.A. - Shirley has been involved with meditation since 1995 and is certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and affiliated with the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. As a former teacher, she combines her love for teaching with her commitment to meditation.

Our next class will be April 13 & 14 at the Mercy Center in St. Louis (800) 796-1144 • •

April, 2013


Hypnosis Certification Classes through

Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis Three Options Available:

Rev. William Mitchell, CI Former adjunct faculty, SIU School of Medicine, Board Certified Instructor and Hypnotist

1) Traditional Classroom and Clinical Practice Sessions National Guild of Hypnotists Curriculum as well as the text book, Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomenon in Psychotherapy by Dr. Edgette. All students will hypnotize volunteers from outside the class as well as other students.

Hypnosis Certification Training 101-103

In St. Louis, MO, June 17-22 9am-6pm • Cost: $1,500 Books $250. Advanced Classes for Practitioners

2) Shadow Class – Hypnosis Training in Clinic. Students observe clinical sessions conducted by William Mitchell and will hypnotize actual clinic clients. Cost: $1800. Books $250.

3) Online video learning combined with resident clinical practice by arrangement with the Faculty Certification Class in St. Louis, Missouri. Cost: Video Learning $400, Resident Clinical Practice $600, Books $250

Speed Trance: Rapid Inductions Training

Instructor: John Cerbone, BCH,CI from Staten Island,New York St.Louis ,Sat. April 27 2013, 8:30am - 5pm Cost: $277 Early Bird Register by April 1st $220 • Call 800-662-3040

NGH Complimentary Medical Hypnotism Certification

Instructor: Chaplain Scot Giles, D. Min. May 25 & 26, Decatur, IL Rev. Giles has a Hospital Practice in Chicago focused on Oncology and Pain Patients. Cost: $375 Certification and One Year in Practice Require. (Exceptions Only with Prior Approval)

How to Use Evidence Based Therapies with Hypnotherapy

Saturday, June 22 in STL 8am-5pm. with Richard Nongard, LMFT from Tulsa,OK • CEUs for Mental Health Professionals Cost: Early bird Register by May 30, $220 Register Later = One Day Total Price, $277 This course will introduce the psychological theory and methods of evidence based treatment protocols to improve intervention outcome, response and its integration into a systemic process of hypnotherapy.

Why Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis?

• Professional focus give students the ability to earn an income as a hypnotist • Theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be a respected professional • All of our instructors are successfully practicing in the field • Curriculum approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists • Learn from professionals how to move from what you are doing into an exciting, challenging, and rewarding new career • Add to your current profession a powerful set of skills for change

To learn more about becoming a hypnosis professional,

contact William Mitchell at


April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine •

Education & Enrichment Your DNA Could Save Your Life


everal years ago, Eddie Weller D.C., found himself facing a life threatening illness. After developing a heart arrhythmia in his 30’s, Dr. Weller visited specialists looking for a cause and a treatment. He underwent countless tests yet no one seemed to be able to explain or treat the problem. He had witnessed traditional medicine fail and knew that there had to be a better way to heal his body. He also knew that developing this treatment would give way to methods to treat other people facing the same dilemma. He consulted cuttingedge research of physicians around the world and realized the need for this practice to be brought to the Midwest. What he developed was a program called bioindividual nutrition or “eating for your DNA.” This treatment plan uses the patients’ blood sample to define a genetic baseline and identify chemical imbalances that cause disease. Their proprietary blood panel is more comprehensive than traditional blood work and looks at biology as well as pathology. This practice is currently used by high-level athletes to reach peak performance but has a more widespread application in treating and preventing

disease. By looking at this chart of bio-markers, he is able to formulate a regimen that treats a patients specific DNA to avoid disease- despite family history. “As an upper cervical chiropractor, I understand that there are many components to health. I teach patients how to make their nervous system function optimally so that they feel better,” says Weller. “What I needed to know was how to use nutrition to fuel my body to function as well as my nervous system.” Dr. Weller has spent the past 3 years compiling this plan to use DNA as a map to better fuel his body and cure his arrhythmia. He treats patients with ailments ranging from Cancer to Alzheimer’s, anxiety to lethargy, in his office in Ballwin. He also teaches a health and wellness event, called The Agape Lifecourse. The lifecourse incorporates the same methodology and inspires participants to take control of their health naturally. The lifecourse will be held April 20, 2013 and will feature speakers such as biological dentist, Dr. Michael Rehme. Anyone experiencing an unresolved health diagnosis is instructed to visit or to call Dr. Weller at (866) 585-0732.

The Agape Lifecourse, April 20, 2013, inspires participants to take control of their health naturally.

St. Louis’ oldest, established school of massage offering an accredited and holistic program of study!


The HEALING ARTS CENTER has moved! Our New Address is: 10073 Manchester Rd., Suite 100 St. Louis, MO 63122 Beautiful New Facilities!

New Bookstore • More & Larger Classrooms! Beautiful New Student & Professional Clinic Rooms Massage Therapy • BioCraniopathy Accupuncture • Chiropractic Loads of Parking! Come Visit Us!!!

Massage Therapy Training • Summer Classes Start May 26



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April, 2013

Education & Enrichment Supplements: Friend or Foe? by Julie Evans-Vitale


ecently there’s been talk that vitamins and antioxidant supplements may do more harm than good. This is both true and false. The deciding factor being the type of supplements: whole food or synthetic. A whole food supplement – one made from real food sources – is distinguished by the ingredients listed on the label. You should see things such as carrots, beets, kale, spinach, etc. In natural sources like these, the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant ratios are perfectly balanced to meet your nutritional and functional requirements. It’s the package of nutrition that’s available in food sources that nature intended for you to eat that is essential for you to live and live healthfully. Vitamins aren’t just chemicals; they are organic complexes which are essential for life. Each one plays a unique and important role in the body. Vitamins are made up of many components: enzymes, coenzymes, trace element activators, minerals, and antioxidants. These components are synergistic, meaning they cannot do their job without all of the components. As you can see from the list above, antioxidants are just one part of the vitamin complex. How can you tell the difference? If the ingredients on the label are things like thiamin, riboflavin, tocopherols, etc., your vitamins are most likely synthetic. The “recommended dietary allowance” (RDA) on these vitamin labels may be impressively high – 1000% for example. The truth is that your body cannot absorb that much at one time. As much as 90% of these vitamins will be discarded by your body. An easy check is that your urine will often be “radioactive yellow” when taking a vitamin based on synthetic vitamins. Also, don’t be fooled by the use of

the word “natural.” This can be used on the label when only 10% of the ingredients are natural. As a nation we are becoming more conscious of chemicals in our foods and household items, but we are ingesting them in mass quantities in our supplements; thinking we are doing our body good! The common pharmaceutical practice is to isolate a part of the vitamin complex, multiply the quantity, and load up on what amounts to a partial vitamin. When single components are isolated and concentrated like this, you frequently don’t get the expected results. Vitamin C is an excellent example of this. We associate vitamin C with ascorbic acid. In reality, ascorbic acid is only one part of the vitamin C complex. There are at least seven other components of the vitamin C complex that are needed by your body to properly utilize the ascorbic acid. If you don’t supply the body with the necessary components, the body will find them elsewhere, usually in the tissues, bones, and cells. So as you load up on ascorbic acid, you slowly become deficient in other nutrients. It’s a little like eating an eggshell instead of the egg. I have only scratched the surface of this subject to alert you that there is a big difference between supplements. Our bodies are amazing, and the role that vitamin complexes play in sustaining life is extremely important. Remember that synergy and potency are much more effective than quantity. Don’t buy four tires, when what you really want is a car. Finally, one size doesn’t fit all with respect to vitamins any more than it applies to shoes. You have specific and individual nutritional needs. Make an appointment with a nutritionist to see what vitamins you should be taking. For more information please contact Nutrition Clinic at 636-386-3333 or visit

“Anticipation” with

Chaplain Paul

Carly Simon had a hit song that was on the charts for a long time titled “Anticipation”. As a love song, it had a great appeal. Some of the lyrics are: We can never know about the days to come But we think about them anyway, yay And I wonder if I'm really with you now Or just chasin' after some finer day Anticipation, anticipation Is makin' me late Is keepin' me waitin'

Anticipation! When it is attached to hope, positive dreams and acceptance of things in the moment, it can be a good thing. The song ends on a positive note…..even though the outcome of her dream is not known….. She stays focused on the now: So I'll try and see into your eyes right now And stay right here 'cause these are the good old days (These are the good old days)

So, are these the good old days for you? Or, has your anticipation turned into something very different, something very negative and painful?

When I was a Hospice Chaplain, I learned some valuable lessons about anticipation…anticipation that can be very difficult to deal with. Families and sometimes even the patient would get caught up in what I would call “Anticipatory Grief” They would be so absorbed in the pending loss that was coming; they could not be in the moment with each other. They lived in the pain, fear and trauma before it really happened. They couldn’t stay with the opportunities that were still available for love, joy, connection and meaning. They couldn’t be in the now. They were in the future living the anticipated pain. It was almost impossible to console them or help them. I often felt so powerless. In my work now as a Chaplain in Holistic Medicine I see another disturbing manifestation of anticipation. • Anticipation that I won’t get better, Anticipatory Guilt, Anticipatory Failure and Anticipatory Rejection These are just a few. These dynamics are so destructive and painful. People end up living in a perpetual state of “Flight or Fight” so that it is impossible for them to maintain “Purpose”, “Meaning” and “Hope”. They become detached from their spirituality and end up inflicting their bodies with a load of toxic, negative emotion that fosters illness and disease. If you are struggling with negative anticipation, I can teach you how to eliminate these destructive dynamics and to be available for the “NOW” of your life. For more information, please feel free to contact me, Blessings and Peace, Chaplain Paul Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div. Director for Medical Spiritual Wellness Prevention and Healing, Inc. Office 314-432-7802 • Cell 314-440-1527 E-mail

A Gathering Place Massage School Seeking Massage Training?

A Gathering Place offers training and services in bodywork and massage, providing healing for the whole person - Body, Mind, Spirit. Registration: 2001027271

Call 314-739-5559

Wellness Education Center/Healing Specialties Deep Tissue Massage • LaStone Therapy • CranioSacral Therapy Body Wraps • Vibro-Acoustic Sound Therapy

12061 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043

April, 2013

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$0 :2 $/ 04!!/ New In St. Louis!

 ª×á ÜĄ ,ªì¥e×z þ ¥@ n ‘× ¥…þ ª||nÓá ª| ‘¥[ªš¥b Á  šª×á ÜĄ »ªì¥e× @¥e [ª »šnánšþ Ón׎@»ne  þ Qªeþ ü‘ᎠŽþ»¥ª×‘×z Ž@ûn ×ìÓ»@××ne áŽn …ª@š  ×ná |ªÓ  þ×nš| üŽn¥  ×á@Óáne Žþ»¥ª×‘×Á þ»¥ª×‘× Ž@× …‘ûn¥  n @ ¥nü ªìᚪª™ ª¥ š‘|nÁ  |nnš QnáánÓ @Qªìá  þ×nš| ¥ªü áŽ@¥  nûnÓ Ž@ûn ‘¥ áŽn »@×áÁ

2o !’f‘¡oԒ\A þ¼¦«Ø’Ø «¦}oÔo¦\o Ôo\«†¦’Ăof :’››’A¡ !’â\o›› AØ Îþ¼¦«â’Øâ «} âo <oAÔ êĄĄ§Ï }«Ô ’Ø ü«Ôš ü’⏠AR’â «¦âÔ«› Aâ -oÔØ«¦A› !«â’ûA⒫¦ þ¼¦«Ø’Ø ›’¦’\ ؒ¦\o êĄĄä ’¦ 0¼Ô’¦†}’o›f A¦f o\AâíÔc  o AØ o›¼of í¦fÔofØ «} \›’o¦âØ Ø⫼ Ø¡«š’¦†c ¡A’¦âA’¦ A oA›â’oÔ üo’†â A¦f íØo þ¼¦«Ø’Ø ü’⏠«âoÔ Øo›}‘’¡¼Ô«ûo¡o¦â ’ØØíoØc ›’šo ¼A’¦ \«¦âÔ«›Â Λ› þ¼‘ ¦«Ø’Ø ’Ø Øo›}‘þ¼¦«Ø’Øc Ø«  o›¼ ¼o«¼›o ›oAÔ¦ «ü â« íØo âo’Ô «ü¦ ¦AâíÔA› þ¼¦«â’\ ؚ’›› â« \A¦†o A¦f ’¡¼Ô«ûo âo’Ô ›’ûoØ  A¡ A âoA\oÔ «Ô \«A\ AØ üo›› AØ A þ¼¦«âoÔA¼’ØâÂÏ ØAþØ !’â\o››Â ’Ø ofí\A⒫¦ A¦f RA\š†Ô«í¦f AØ A ¼Ô«âoØâA¦â ¼AØâ«Ô o›¼ ’¡ \«í¦Øo› \›’o¦âØ \«¦\oÔ¦of AR«í⠏oA›â A¦f üo››‘ Ro’¦†Â o Ôo\o’ûof âo /o›’†’«¦ A¦f þ¼¦«â’Ø¡ üAÔf }Ô«¡ "A⒫¦A› 풛f «} þ¼¦«â’ØâØ ’¦ êĄĄ§Â o ’Ø A›Ø« âo ’‘9«\A⒫¦A› -AØâ«Ô «} A Ø¡A›› \íÔ\ ’¦ 0⫦’¦†â«¦c Illinois, üoÔo o ›’ûoØ ü’⏠’Ø ü’}o A¦f \’›fÔo¦Â Î!þ }A¡’›þ íØoØ þ¼¦«Ø’Øc ¡þ ü’}o ›«Ø⠄Ą ¼«í¦fØ ü’⏠þ¼¦«Ø’Ø A¦f  íØo ’â â« o›¼ oÔ \«¦âÔ«› ¡’†ÔA’¦oØ $¦o «} «íÔ †’Ô›Ø Af A }oAÔ «} Ô«››oÔ \«AØâoÔØc ¦«ü ؏o ›«ûoØ 0’ý ›A†Ø A¦f A›› âo ԒfoØÂÏ 2’Ø þoAÔc /oû !’â\o›› o›¼of A ¦í¡RoÔ «} \›’o¦âØ ›’šo "A¦\þ ooRo ¾›«Øâ ³Ąä›RØ¿ «} 0¼Ô’¦†}’o›f Ôo›oAØo ؒ†¦’}’\A¦â A¡«í¦âØ «} üo’†âc Îâ üAØ ü«¦foÔ}í›{ }âoÔüAÔfØ ’â üAØ oAØþ â« Aû«’f âo }Aââo¦’¦† }««fØ A¦f  Ø⫼¼of A›› ¦’†â ⒡o ئA\š’¦†{Ï !A¦þ \›’o¦âØ ›’šo âo }A\â âA⠏þ¼¦«Ø’Ø f«oØ ¦«â ’¦û«›ûo fÔí†Ø ü’⏠ؒfo o}}o\âØ «Ô ØíԆoÔþÂ


@šš 1ªe@þ ªÓ @ . /[Ónn¥‘¥…z

é²ÛÜ¦s¦¦¦¦ Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic Two Cityplace Dr. 2nd Floor St. Louis, MO 63141 • (Creve Coeur) I-270 and Olive


The Healthy Planet magazine â&#x20AC;˘

Ages 1-6


Gifted Resource Council Summer Academies


June 3-August 9

Make a person magically appear! Ride a unicycle! Twist animal balloons to take home! Sound fun? This is only the tip of the iceberg at Abra-KidAbraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one-week entertainment camps! We offer four different programs at community centers and schools throughout St. Louis, all summer: magic, circus stars, comedy, and balloonatics. Half or full day. Ages 6-12. Each culminates with the kids putting on a family show! Plus, you often get a nightly show of new tricks they learned that day! Goals are to develop presentation skills in front of a group, build confidence, and have fun! For schedule & details visit or call 314961-6912.


April, 2013

Animals ... Animals . . . Animals . . . The only summer camp of its kind anywhere! Campers feed monkeys, walk llamas, hold baby kangaroo, play with puppies and so much more.

YMCA Day Camps

Lewis & Clark Summer Institute Our Jr Vet program is a perfect fit for anyone who is thinking about becoming a veterinarian (and it looks GREAT on college applications.) We offer over 100 activity choices including two Zip-Lines, Climbing Walls , Archery, Riflery, Survival Skills, Crafts, Pottery, Cooking, Crime Science, Theater, Animal Care and More. Visit or call: 573-458-2125 and request your free brochure.

hot glass, pottery wheel, jewelry making, digital darkroom, fashion and textile design, painting and drawing and more. Teens 15-18 can become a Summer Camp Intern and work with the younger campers and our artist instructors. New this year is a two week high school immersion camp in collaboration with Saint Louis University, July 22-Aug 2. Visit for more information.



This summer, have fun in creative art Abra-Kid-Abra Camps Give your child a summer to camps for ages 4-18 at Craft Alliance remember! Countryside offers the in the Delmar Loop and Grand Center. One week morning and afternoon camps and late afternoon following daily activities: pony rides, Montessori teen camps are available June 3-August 9. Explore class time, swimming instruction/free swim/water play, art activities, outdoor play and gardening.



YMCA Y MCA C Camp amp Lak Lakewood ewood is an overnight overnight camp for for bo boys ys and girls ages 6-17. Campers Campers experience experience life life lessons through through setting character, goals, making friends, building character char acter,, and having FUN! acter

1-888-FUN1-888-FUN-YMCA YMCA www

Find us online!

April, 2013

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â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Early 20th Century â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Math â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Rocketry â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Science â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Ancient Egypt â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Ecology

June 17-28 â&#x2DC;&#x2026; July 1-12 â&#x2DC;&#x2026; July 15-26

Countryside Montessori Summer Camp

Gifted ReSOuRCe COunCiL SuMMeR aCadeMieS

experiments, simulations, and a fantastic physical activity component make it an unforgettable summer. Three two-week, full-day sessions are offered at centrally located Crossroads College Preparatory School, for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Extended care is available. Call 314-962-5920 for brochure/application.

S St.t. LLouis ouis LLanguage anguage IImmersion m m e r s io n S Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s c h o o l â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s S Summer um m er C Camp am p


HuMane SOCiety SuMMeR PROGRaMS CALLING ALL KIDS! Do you love animals? Do you want to have fun and learn lots of fantastic facts about animals? We have the perfect classes for you. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worryâ&#x20AC;ŚNO homework or tests! The Humane Society of Missouriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Animal Adventures programs are three-hour â&#x20AC;&#x153;animal encountersâ&#x20AC;? where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn about your favorite finned, furry or feathered friends and make a great keepsake to take home. Check out the fun and register at or call 314/951-1572. Tell all your friends! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a cool way to spend part of a hot, summer day!


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OUTDOOR adventure camp


J une 3 rd - J uly 26th


Camp Camp VoilĂ : VoilĂ : (French) (French) June June 24-28 24-28 Camp Camp Ni Ni Hao: Hao: (Chinese) (Chinese) July July 8-12 8-12 Camp Camp OlĂŠ: OlĂŠ: (Spanish) (Spanish) July July 15-19 15-19 & 22-26 22-26 Camp Camp Freunde: Freunde: (German) (German) July July 29-Aug 2 9 -A u g 2 Presented P resented by by th the he German German School School Association A s s o c ia tio n

Explore Explore a different different language language and and culture c u ltu r e each each week week with with fun fun games, games, crafts, crafts, music, m u s ic , aactivities ctivities & ffield ield ttrips. r ip s .

Bonjour! Ni hao! Guten Tag! ÂĄHola!

Camps Camps are are from from 9am-4pm 9am-4pm daily, d a ily , before before & aftercare aftercare available. a v a ila b le .

! L


R Registration egistration fforms orms oonline nline aatt w w w .s llis .o r g oorr ccall all 3314-533-2001 14-533-2001 fo for more ore iinformation. n fo r m a tio n . or m


! !

T The he S St. t. Louis Louis Language Language IImmersion mmersion Schools S c h o o ls 4011 4011 Papin Papin Street Street â&#x20AC;˘ 63110 63110


Choose from six great Summer Academies at Gifted Resource Council. Academy Americana will recreate the CHANGE that permeated the early 20th century, while Ancient Academy re-visits Ancient Egypt. ECO Academy entrepreneurs create and run an environmentally friendly business. Space Academy cadets launch their own rockets and explore the significance of robotics as they study space. Jr. Science Searchers and Math, Marvels & More students delve into oceans, rainforests, math, science and creative expression. Extraordinary teachers, field trips,

Raintree Learning Community Summer Programs


Our younger campers will enjoy daily pony rides, water play, Montessori class time and art activities. Countryside offers a ten-week summer camp from June 3rd -August 9th. Camp hours: 8:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. with a Full Day Option (8:15 a.m.-3:15 p.m.) or Extended Hours (7:00 a.m.5:30 p.m.) You can register for as little as two weeks or for all ten weeks! Countryside is located at 12226 Ladue Road in Creve Coeur and was established in 1964. Call 314-434-2821 or visit to learn more.


for ages 2½ to 6

Raintreeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wildlands Trek takes brave adventurers off the beaten path and into the mysterious and fascinating wilds of our city. Whether trekking through the forest at Castlewood or running through flowering prairies at Shaw Nature Reserve, campers will learn the science and art of our great outdoors.

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Degreed/certified teachers


Field trips every week! Science experiments Special guests! Art activities Organic meals







Community service Before & after care

Raintree Learning Community (636) 386.0900




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April, 2013

y SUMMER CAMPS y Animal Adventures Summer Classes • 3-hour animal encounters • Learn about finned, furry & feathered friends • Play fun pet-related games & make crafts • A cool way to spend a hot day! Humane Society of Missouri Summer Programs



Circus Camp

Comedy Camp

Camps are offered all summer at a community center or school near you! Choose from Magic Camp, Circus Camp, Comedy Camp or Balloonatics Camp We do birthday parties, too!

6-12 years - throughout St. Louis (314) 961-6912

t. Louis

YMCA Camp Lakewood

Lewis & CLark institute summer Programs The Lewis & Clark Institute is celebrating 31 years of “getting kids excited about learning.” The summer program for grades K to 8 offers classes in animation, cooking, ceramics, movie making, chemistry, aviation & engineering, creative writing, glass masters, Mississippi River ecology, woodworking, stained glass, and more. The camps are offered in two, three-week long sessions. First session is June 3 – June 21. Second session is June 24 – July 12. Program will be at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 9 S. Bompart, Webster Groves. Call 314-918-1400 x. 25 for brochure or visit

JCC Summer Programs

raintree Learning Community summer Programs From prairies to riverbanks, woodland to wetlands, young adventurers will see it all. Campers will go off the beaten path as they explore the wild side of our city. Whether trekking through the forest at Castlewood or running through flowering prairies at Shaw, campers will learn the science and art of our great outdoors. Raintree’s Wildlands Trek is guided by degreed and certified teachers who will help each young child explore the mysteries and magic of the outdoors. With field trips every week, special guests, art encounters, science experiments, and community service, it’s sure to be a fascinating summer at Raintree!

rosati-kain summer CamP Come have fun and learn a new sport or hobby at Rosati-Kain High School! R-K is offering five weeks of full or half-day camps for sixth through eighth-grade girls beginning the week of June 3 (camp will not be held the week of July 4). In addition to traditional athletic camps, R-K will also feature exciting new specialty camps including: art, knitting, cheerleading, jewelry making, cooking, photography and a “Master Class” theater camp. R-K camps are a great opportunity for young women to discover their full potential and

Ackermann’s Swim Program to build lasting friendships. Registration and the camp brochure are online at For more information, please contact

st. Louis Language immersion sChooL’s summer CamPs Immerse your child into language and culture this summer at The St.Louis Language Immersion School’s Summer Camps. Camp Voilá (French) is June 24-28, Camp Ni Hao (Chinese) is July 8-12, Camp Olé (Spanish) is July 15-19 and July 22-26 and Camp Freunde (German) is July 29-Aug. 2. Explore a different language and culture each week with fun games, crafts, music, activities and field trips. Camps are from 9am-4pm daily with before and aftercare available. Registration forms online at or contact Anne Carr (314) 533-2001 or for more information. Early bird discount ends April 5th!

April, 2013

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Rosati-Kain Summer Camps

St. Louis Language Immersion School’s Summer Camps

Ymca of Greater St. LouiS DaY campS

Chesterfield Montessori Summer Camp

Saint LouiS Science center Summer Science BLaSt

Get ready to have a blast! Sign up for Summer Science Blast at the Saint Louis Science Center and find amazing summer adventures. Learn to fly a real airplane. Design and build your own robot. Build and launch your very own rocket! Explore the science behind cooking and more! For 2013 we are offering a full summer of our popular early childhood programs! Camp opens June 3 through August 2. We offer camps for ages 4-18. Halfday, fullday, and flexible extended care options. Online registration now available! Call (314)289-4439 or visit /SummerScienceBlast.aspx to get a brochure.

encore acaDemY, ScHooL of performinG artS

cHeSterfieLD monteSSori Summer proGram

Ymca camp LaKeWooD

YMCA Camp Lakewood is an overnight co-ed summer camp for children ages 6-17 of all abilities. Campers

Teaching 4-11 year old children to swim in Kirkwood for over 60 years Like us on e-mail: 1044 Curran Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122

Nominated for best Summer Sports Camp in 2011 by St. Louis Magazine

Craft Alliance Summer Art Camps experience life lessons through setting and accomplishing goals, making new friends, building character, experiencing cultural diversity, and having FUN! Located 75 miles south of St. Louis near Potosi, MO, with 5,000 wooded acres and a 360-acre private lake, Camp Lakewood is a place where lifetime memories are made. From archery to water activities, arts & crafts to zip lines and so much more, each child is nurtured to reach their full potential guided by core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith., 1-888-FUN-YMCA.

Ackermannʼs Swim Program

See website for dates and application

Saint Louis Science Center Summer Science Blast

TIME TO BE A KID. For more than 130 years, Y camps have been providing kids opportunities to learn, have fun, and create lasting friendships. Y camps have something for every interest – from traditional outdoor camps to dozens of “specialty” camps involving exciting adventures and themes, sports, games, arts, dance, and much more. Sign up at any one of 17 Y branches that offer camps. Ages 3 to 16. Camps run all summer from May 28 to August 9. Half-day and full-day camps available. Check out our DISCOUNTS! Call 314-4361177 or register online at

Enter the world of the theater for the child interested in performing! Our camps explore musical theater, drama and improv, through the use of drama games, skits, dressing in costume to create characters, and learning songs from Broadway and Disney movies. There is always a performance for family and friends on the last day of camp! Most camps are held in Webster Groves for children 4 to 13. All camp information is on our website or you can call Diane Reeves at 314 651-3801 or email



Chesterfield Montessori School offers a quality, funfilled summer program for children ages 2-1/2 –12. We have a beautiful facility on five acres with a large swimming pool and two tennis courts. CMS offers a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities, including swimming and tennis lessons, gardening and an AMI Montessori education. Enrollment is half or full day. Extended care and catered lunch are available at additional cost. Sessions run from June 3rd through August 16th. For students elementary age and older, special programs include Kitchen Science, Fine Arts, and Dramatic Arts. Enrollments are being accepted. To learn more about this exceptional summer program, contact Chesterfield Montessori School at or (314) 469-7150.

acKermann’S SWim proGram

Teaching children 4-11 the life skill of swimming and water safety in Kirkwood for over 60 years. Providing children a non-competitive, safe, teaching environment in which to build confidence and self-esteem. Group swim lessons in 4 heated pools with different water levels for progressive safe learning. Enrollment by one or two week sessions. Hours 9:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Well organized program with large playground. Red Cross Certified Teaching Staff. CPO on staff. Drop off and Pick up at curb. Visit and download application. 1044 Curran Avenue, Kirkwood, Mo 63122. email:

J DaY campS

J Day Camps: a camp for every kid, pre-K through grade 10, from May 28 – August 9! New this summer: Water Park Camp, LEGO® camp, Girls Field Hockey, Maryville University Basketball Camp and expanded sports and arts camps, too! Campers swim in our sparkling pools nearly every day, and receive Red Cross swim instruction. Kids love our awesome staff and parents love our beautiful facilities, two convenient locations, pre- and post-care, and lunch-for-purchase option. Inclusion services are available. Register now for our popular specialty camps. Everyone is welcome at the J! Download brochure at Questions? Contact Sara: 314.442.3432 or

Morgan StreetTheBrewery Healthy Planet magazine •


Where a Good Time Is Always Brewing! Restaurant • Brewery • Banquets

April, 2013

CRAFT BEER GUIDE Where Beer Is Brewed & Imbibed In The St. Louis Area

WHAT’S ON TAP ON THE MENU Pumpkin Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta Summit This, Summit That Hummus With Smoked Duck Unbendable in Girder Portabella 1957. Grilled Revived in 2002Salad by the 8th generation of Black Bear Fresh Veggiethe & new Herbed Pasta Griesedieck brewers, GBOrzo proudly continues St. Alpha Brewing Company Honey Wheat Pan Roasted Salmon Louis' rich brewing heritage. PO Box 31203, St. Louis. 14091 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Doppelbock Hickory Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf 63131. 314-966-6061. Country Fried Chicken Breast Anheuser-Busch, inc. Hill Brewing Company Pork Tenderloin TAPS ON DECK One Busch Place, St. Louis. Munich11970 Helles Borman Brew Burger Dr. Suite 250, St. Louis. Augusta Brewing Company Edwin BuddingKirkwood Lager station Brewing Company 5521 Water Street, Augusta. Irish105 Stout East Jefferson, Kirkwood.


Buffalo Brewing Company 3100 Olive Street, St. Louis. Cathedral square Brewery 721 N. 2nd St. 3914 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis. St. Louis, MO 63102 Crown Valley Brewing Company Phone: 314-231-9970 St. Genevieve, MO. exit #6 Brewery 5055 Highway North, St. Charles. 4 Hands Brewing Company 1220 8th Street, Saint Louis. Granite City Food & Brewery 11411 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur. Griesedieck Brothers Brewery Co. The Griesedieck family has been involved in the brewing industry for over 245 years, spanning two continents, surviving the Napoleonic Wars, two World Wars and Prohibition. At its peak, Griesedieck Brothers Brewery produced over 1 million barrels of beer and was the hometown brewery of St. Louis, preferred over all other local brands until the brewery's sale to Falstaff

O'Fallon Brewery left unfiltered creating a natural 26 West Industrial Drive, O'Fallon. cloudiness. Some of the ingredients Perennial Artisan Ales that give Shock Top its unique flavor 8125 Michigan Ave, St. Louis. include coriander and other spices saint Louis Brewery / schlafly Tap room along with fresh orange, lemon, and 2100 Locust Street, St. lime peels. Shock Top has received Louis, 63103. awards in consecutive years at the North American Beer Festival. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Shock Top at Morgan street Brewery schlafly Bottleworks many local restaurants and pubs. You can also purchase Brewing for nearly two decades, 7260 Southwest Ave, Shock Top at area grocery stores, convenience stores, When We’re Open: Morgan Street Brewery is an St. Louis, 63143. and other retail locations. Mon:Closed – award-winning craft microbrewery Visit to learn more and to find Open for Private Events Enjoy Responsibly Tueshand-crafts – Sun: 11am-2:30am Established in 1991, Schlafly Beer has always© 2012had a Brewing Co.,out that 1,400 barrels of to purchase Top today. Shock Top Shock where Top ® Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, St. Louis,Shock MO six row Brewing Company simple mission: to brew great beer and throw great partheir own distinctive beer. We proPA Closing Date:1/18/13 Trim: 10.25” x 6” Brand: Shock Top BW 3690 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis. ties. Today, Schlafly brews over 50 styles ofAECDbeer each duce styles in every color spectrum, including Honey AD QC: CS Bleed:none Item #:PST201210296 Publication: Healthy Planet Live: 10” x 5.75” Job/Order #: square One Brewery year, from its flagship Pale Ale, to AMseasonal favorites Wheat, Maibock, and Oatmeal Stout. We also brew sea1727 Park Avenue, St. Louis. including Summer Lager and Pumpkin Ale. It has two sonal beers that compliment the changing St. Louis seaThe Civil Life Brewing Company brewery restaurants in St. Louis: the Schlafly Tap sons. Morgan Street’s Golden Pilsner won the World 3714 Holt Ave, St. Louis. Room, built into a reclaimed turn of the century printBeer Cup Championship in 2010. The Honey Wheat is Trailhead Brewing Company ing house, and Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, also one of our top sellers, followed closely by Vienna 921 South Riverside Drive, St. Charles. which features a solar panel array, an organic vegetable and Maibock. Enjoy a "Brewski", which is a sample of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company garden, and regular farmers markets. For more inforfive of our beers currently on tap, along with an excelis a craft brewery located in the mation about Schlafly Beer and events, visit lent variety of foods prepared by Culinary Institute city of St. Louis, MO. It is our graduate Trisha Donze in one of the oldest buildings on shock Top ambition to be a consistent and Laclede's Landing. Beers are now available in sixShock Top is a traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale. meaningful contributor to the packs and are also available on tap at other fine dining Available in six different varieties including Belgian vibrant craft beer culture and genestablishments around town. Learn more at www.morWheat, Raspberry Wheat, Wheat IPA, Lemon Shandy, eral community of St. Louis. In, call 314-231-9970, or stop in at Pumpkin Wheat, and Midnight Wheat. Shock Top is January 2011, we began brewing our beers, which are 721 N. 2nd St., St. Louis, MO 63102.



Morgan Street Brewery Where a Good Time Is Always Brewing! Restaurant • Brewery • Banquets

WHAT’S ON TAP Golden Pilsner Pumpkin Summit This, Summit That Black Bear Honey Wheat Doppelbock Lacto-Vision TAPS ON DECK Edwin Budding Edwin Budding Lager Irish Stout Maibock

Beer Divergency– NOW IN BOTTLES.

721 N. 2nd St. St. Louis, MO 63102 Phone: 314-231-9970

ON THE MENU Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta Hummus With Smoked Duck Grilled Portabella Salad Fresh Veggie & Herbed Orzo Pasta Pan Roasted Salmon Hickory Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf Country Fried Chicken Breast Pork Tenderloin Brew Burger Six-packs now available! When We’re Open: Mon:Closed – Open for Private Events Tues – Sun: 11am-2:30am

April, 2013

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available around the St. Louis area both on draught, and in bottles. Our taste room and large outdoor biergarten combine to create a unique destination; a casual place to hang out and experience a 'litte bit of Bavaria', offering a wide selection of beers accompanied by small plates of cheeses, meats, featuring authentic German servingware (glasses /steins), imported biergarten tables and of course traditional German biers. Prost! David Wolfe. 3229 Washington Ave, St. Louis. William K Busch Brewing Company 9216 Clayton Rd Ste 119, St. Louis

BreW PuBs/restaurants Cicero’s Family owned and operated since 1977. Cicero's is one of the pioneers of the St. Louis craft beer scene with more than 200 beers from around the world, including 55 on draught, since 1996. They also offer award winning pizza, pastas, desserts and wraps. Full dinner menu until 12:30am Monday through Saturday and 11pm on Sunday. One of St. Louis' first live music venues. they still host shows throughout the week from local as well as touring bands from all over the world. Cicero's offers excellent Italian cuisine with American stylings. On Wednesdays Cicero's has a free beer school where you have the opportunity to learn about the large number of beers they offer. 6691 Delmar Blvd, St Louis, MO 63130.(314) 862-0009. International tap House 161 Long Rd. #107, Chesterfield 1711 S. 9th Street, St. Louis Bridge tap House and Wine Bar 1004 Locust, St. Louis Iron Barley 5510 Virginia, St. Louis the scottish arms 6-10 South Sarah St., St. Louis


Dressel's 419 N Euclid Ave., St. Louis Llywelyn's Pub ® Llywelyn’s Pub is a true Celtic pub serving up Celtic /American fare & world-class spirits. If you're looking for a place to watch the next big game, we offer HD TV's, free Wi-Fi, and over 60+ domestic & craft beers to choose from. Or hop aboard Llywelyn's trolley on your way to the stadium or dome! Plus, enjoy outdoor seating, happy hour specials Sun-Fri and banquet areas for your next party. Ready for a great time? Llywelyn's features Live Music every Friday and Saturday night highlighting St.Louis’s favorite local bands. With 5 convienent locations, you’re sure to find a pub near you. It's all at Llywelyn's Pub. Celtic for good times. 4747 McPherson Avenue, St. Louis; 1732 9th Street, Soulard; 17 Moody Ave., Webster Groves; 7434 Village Ctr. Dr., Winghaven; 100 N. Main St., St. Charles. Craft Beer Guide continues on page 22

Pioneers of the St. Louis Craft Beer Scene Established in 1977 55 draft beers - Menu Changes Weekly More than 150 Bottles Free Beer School on Wednesdays

Best Craft Happy Hour in St. Louis! 4-7pm Monday through Friday - $1.25 off all 55 drafts Deep Discounts on Appetizers Serving full menu Late night



6691 Delmar Blvd.

In the Historic U City Loop



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April, 2013

CRAFT BEER GUIDE Where Beer Is Brewed & Imbibed In The St. Louis Area

The Fermenation of St. Louis Wine & Beer Making


relocating. We were fortunate that a larger space was available in The Lamp and Lantern ack in the day, sometime before 1986, we used to be known as Village, and more importantly it was easier to find and just 2 doors down from Ace Wine-Art of St. Louis. There was a change of ownership and name Hardware. We finished the move Thanksgiving and we became Bacchus & Barleycorn, Ltd. In week, and not a moment too soon as the holithose days you could get a galday rush was on. Dave’s been lon jug for less than a buck. We work hard to offer brewing beer and amazing customer service. 1991 brought another change of ownership when Koelle Sure everyone says they have making wine for Paris bought the store. That good customer service, we’re over 24 years. was when it was still on shooting for amazing! To us Clayton Rd a lot closer to St. He has a great depth that means having: Louis. They changed the name • The largest selection of of knowledge and wine and beermaking ingredito St. Louis Wine & Beermaking and moved it to loves to share that ents and equipment on the web The Lamp and Lantern Village so that you can get what you with everyone. in 1992. Luckily a fiercely need. loyal following developed because it was diffi• Super friendly staff that has a great cult to find back then. knowledge base to help you make better beer The business grew into St. Louis’ only real and wine. source for wine and beermaking knowledge, • Dedication! We’re not a garden center or ingredients, and equipment. In 2006 David liquor store that also has homebrew supplies. Deaton bought the shop and it was bursting at This is what we do! the seams. By 2009 it had outgrown it’s space Dave’s been brewing beer and making wine and we needed to look at the daunting task of for over 24 years. He has a great depth of


St. Louis Wine & Beer Making shelves are filled with ingredients needed to brew yourself a batch or two. knowledge and loves to share that with everyone. He and the crew love to make and share great beer and wine with friends and family. We would love to help you share a bit of yourself with the ones you love! To learn more

about St. Louis Wine & Beermaking, visit their web site at, stop in at 231 Lamp & Lantern Village in Chesterfield, MO 63017, or give them a call at 636-230-8277. Cheers!

St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival will be held in Forest Park's Central Fields

(mention this ad to receive pricing).

Friday, June 14th and Saturday, June 15th. There will be one session Friday night, a day session on Saturday, and an evening session Saturday night. Watch The Healthy Planet magazine for Festival updates in our May and June Editions.

For the Beginner or the Expert Home Brewer 231 Lamp and Lantern Village, Chesterfield, MO 63017


Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm Weekends 10am - 4pm

10% Off! • Ingredient Kits

• Hops & Yeast

Worm’s Way Missouri 1225 N. Warson St.Louis MO 63132

• Fruit Bases

• Hydrometer

• Grains

Mon-Fri 10 am-7 pm Sat & Sun 10 am-6 pm 314-994-3900 expires 09/30/2013

April, 2013 Blueberry Hill 6504 Delmar, St. Louis John D. mcgurk's 1200 Russell Boulevard, St. Louis Schlafly Tap room 2100 Locust Street, St. Louis Schlafly Bottleworks 7260 Southwest Ave, St. Louis

SToreS Friar Tuck Beverage 4635 Highway K, O'Fallon 9053 Watson Road, St. Louis Lukas Liquors Superstore 15921 Manchester, Ellisville whole Foods market 1601 S. Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis 1160 Town and Country Crossing Dr.

Home Brewing St. Louis wine and Beermaking 251 Lamp and Lantern Village, Chesterfield St. Louis Wine & Beermaking is this regions largest and premier supplier of knowledge, equipment and ingredients for Wine and Beermaking. They also provide for making Mead and Saki. Classes for teaching the art and science of brewing happen Monthly at the store which also has Testing/Lab equipment and chemicals. Everything for beginners and professionals alike is available at St. Louis Wine & Beermaking, your one stop shop @ 231 Lamp & lantern Village in the NW corner of Hwy 141 and Clayton Rd. intersection. On line @

The Healthy Planet magazine • Schnucks Stores Craft Brews! At your neighborhood Schnucks, you’ll find hundreds of craft and microbrew beers including an impressive selection brewed right here in St. Louis! We’re proud to carry beers from some of the most respected brewers. Don’t forget to ask about ordering barrels or kegs for parties. Check in-store for craft beer tastings and seminars! For our beer and wine experts and locations, visit Trader Joe's 48 Brentwood Promenade Court, Brentwood

worm’s way 1225 North Warson Rd., St. Louis Worm’s Way Missouri offers a great selection of Home Brewing and Winemaking supplies, including equipment kits, ingredient Kits, malt extract, fruit bases, bottles, yeast and hops. We are the purveyor of indoor organic gardening supplies, including high-intensity lighting, fluorescent lighting and nutrients for soil and hydroponics. We have been in business for more than twenty-five years and are happy to offer our expertise to our customers. Located at 1225 N. Warson, Saint Louis, MO 63132 They are open Mon-Fri. 10AM-7PM and Sat.,Sun. 10AM-6PM. 314-994-3900.


Urban Chestnut Brewing Company: A New World - Old World Beer Divergency


lagers & ales, we also strive to be respected for our actions as CBC is an unconvena business member of the St. tional-minded yet tradiLouis community. We like to tion-oriented brewer of call these actions ‘Urban craft beer located in the city of St. Efforts’- intentional measures Louis, MO. It is our ambition to be undertaken by Urban Chestnut a consistent and meaningful conto help us to be a better global tributor to the vibrant craft beer culand local citizen. Our efforts ture and general community of St. span from the sustainability Louis. methods we employ during our In January 2011, we began brewing process to a concerted brewing our beers, which are availemphasis in aiding local notable around the St. Louis area both for-profit organizations to on draught and in bottles. Our reach their fund-raising goals. Midtown taste room and large outSustainability wise, UCBC door biergarten combine to create diligently works to reduce our a unique destination; a casual place carbon footprint by recycling to hang out and experience a 'little all qualifying materials and by bit of Bavaria' where we offer a composting all biodegradable wide selection of traditional waste. Additionally, we German biers and American craft donate all of our spent grain beers accompanied by small plates from our brewing process to of locally produced cheeses and local farmers who use these meats in a setting that features imported biergarten tables and nutritional solids to feed their authentic German glassware and livestock. Recently we cele(top) Urban Chestnut’s solar panels. steins. brated our 2nd anniversary, (bottom) The popular biergarten. Florian Kuplent, our Bavarianwhich also marked the first full born and educated brewmaster, provides over two decades year of the installation of our solar power array. We take of international brewing expertise to our beers. We like to pride in noting our offset of 10 tons of carbon, or the equivcall our brewing philosophy, “Beer Divergency” – a ‘new alent of approximately 250 trees during that period. world meets old world’ brewing approach wherein UCBC Regarding our aid for local non-profits; although we are a contributes to the ‘revolution’ of craft beer through artismall brewery we do our best to donate beer or offer items sanal creations of modern American beers, and pays ‘revthat these entities can use to raise operating funds. erence’ to the heritage of beer with classically-crafted We are proud of our Urban Efforts and of our distincofferings of timeless, European beer styles. tive beers …to learn more please visit us online at As we endeavor to create our high-quality offerings of Prost!

Enjoy Responsibly

© 2012 Shock Top Brewing Co., Shock Top ® Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, St. Louis, MO





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Dorothy Tomasic

Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You And Transform Your Life

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Arpil, 2013

Women's Health Specialists of St. Louis is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive health care for women in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Caring for your complete health care needs is what distinguishes us in the health care community. We provide each individual patient with the most up to date health information and compliment our care with alternative and natural therapies including nutritional testing, supplements and Bioidentical Hormones. Our team of providers are dedicated to exceptional treatment and care of our patients. We focus on the quality of a women's life and it is our commitment to each and every patient. Please call our office at (314) 292-7080 for an appointment. All of our providers enjoy the opportunity to educate women about women's health. In addition, we would like for you to continue with welcoming our newest provider, Dr. Laura Eastep, M.D. She has new patient appointments available, so give us a call.

specializes in Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT Works), an empowering holistic healing therapy that quickly transforms your stress, relationships and health with Energy, Intuition and Forgiveness. Stress relief, inner peace, health and more loving relationships result when you let go of issues of the heart.

You will benefit from this unique approach that quickly gets to the root of issues, allowing awareness and release of limiting beliefs that contribute to patterns of unwanted emotions or behaviors that prevent you from living the life you were meant to live. Dorothy offers a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to see if EPT is right for you.

456 N. New Ballas Rd., Ste. 386, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 314-292-7080 â&#x20AC;˘

ESSENTIAL CONNECTIONS Dorothy Tomasic, M.A. Certified EPT Works Practitioner 636.821.1158

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Does your belly hurt? Is your food fighting you? Do you feel tired all the time?


State of the art blood test identifies intolerances to specific foods, preservatives, additives, environmental chemicals, molds, herbals, pain medicine and antibiotics. The offending food can then be removed from your diet, allowing your GI tract to heal. Get back to VIBRANT HEALTH! 3016 Locust, Suite 104


April, 2013

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Five Dangerous and Pervasive Green Myths

A ST. LOUIS’ SCIATICA SPECIALIST Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment for Many Lower Back Disorders & Spinal Related Complaints

Dr. Goben is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and has been practicing years. years. for over 12 twelve

Dr. Matt Goben Webster Family Chiropractic 249 W Lockwood ave Webster Groves, MO 63119 • (314) 961-2020

lthough a variety of polls illustrate that environmental consciousness is at an all-time high around the country, there is still a resistance to change. Driving this resistance is bad information; outdated, now-irrelevant facts have become cultural truisms. Below are the 5 most pervasive myths about an eco-friendly lifestyle—and the real information to refute them. Myth #1: “Going green, building green, living green is so expensive.” Not anymore. Five years ago eco-friendly products and services were priced higher than traditional products and services. However, as demand for these products grew, the pricing lowered and is now competitive. In addition, government tax incentives for green building or remodeling have significantly leveled the playing field. In addition, one must consider the life cycle costs of a green investment. If it does cost more upfront, what are you getting in return? Improved indoor air quality (which can augment good health and contribute to increased productivity)? Utility bill savings? Tax credits? Myth #2: “The green lifestyle is so overwhelming; you have to commit so much time and energy to it.” Many people think that going green is an all or nothing proposition. That not only do you have to recycle, but that you also have to remodel, compost your waste, take your own shopping bags to the store, etc. to truly make a difference. The intensity of the green movement has, in some way, contributed to this anxiety about green. The truth is, going green is a process and can only be done little by little. Start by taking your own shopping bags to the grocery store. The next time you need a new furnace or water heater, consider replacing it with a higher efficiency model. Instead of thinking about redoing your entire house, commit to using non-toxic finishes and paints. Little by little, green choices will become automatic—and easy to make and implement. Myth #3: “A green lifestyle is hard to maintain.” People think that green technologies and products are inherently more difficult (read: frustrating) to operate/use. They hesitate on installing high-efficiency or geothermal systems because of unfamiliarity. While it is true that a learning curve does exist, green technology installers have also been trained to educate users about the day-to-day operation and simple maintenance of the technology. On the other end of the spectrum, green products are often so simplistic they can be made at home. White vinegar and lemon juice is the perfect all-purpose green cleaning agent, and baking soda is a perfect all-natural odor absorber—no training

needed. In addition, all energy saving light bulbs don’t have the slow to brighten feature and work just as well as traditional bulbs and low-flow or dual flush toilets are just as, if not more, effective than regular flush toilets. Do your homework before making decisions. Myth #4: “It doesn’t matter one way or the other if I adopt green practices.” If you’ve bought into the fact that our environmental problem is so complex and dire that your efforts will not make an ounce of difference, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by The Nature Conservancy, 29% of Americans believe that adopting greener lifestyles won’t make a difference on the environment. This is incorrect; every effort makes a difference, especially since more than 40% of all the energy created in this country goes to the creation and running of manmade structures. Still don’t believe me? If everyone in the country elected to buy one package of 100% recycled napkins (instead of one package of non-recycled napkins) that act alone would save 1 million trees. Myth #5: “Green structures look weird, plus eco-friendly housing is just a fad.” Green construction and remodeling is not a fad. In fact, it has been around since settlers chose to orient their homes toward the sun to maximize light and heat exposure and the first city planners built residential structures near main street so occupants could walk to essential places. Green building is about the more efficient use of time, money, materials, and resources. It is a way to make spaces more functional and appealing. Good green remodelers know to respect the character of the home or the neighborhood and, in almost all cases, you would not be able to tell a green home from a traditional home. According to a survey conducted by The Nature Conservancy, only 42% of American adults are familiar with the term “environmental sustainability” and even fewer than that believe it is possible to live that way. Although reports suggest that more than 90% of Americans are recycling, there are still some deeprooted prejudices and misconceptions about what it really means to go green or adopt green practices into your daily lifestyle. We are intimidated by the propaganda, by the feeling that one change will not be enough to matter. We are scared, under-informed, and, as a result, readily believe what is reported. It is time to make going green an accessible alternative by providing accurate information and highlighting ease of implementation. About Rethink Renovations Gail Griswold-Elwyn founded Rethink Renovations in 2007 to offer green construction, design/build, and full lines of cabinetry and furniture that minimize environmental impact. For more, please visit or call 314-3238845.

ECO-CONSCIOUS Please call 314.323.8845 or visit for mor more e information.


by Gail Griswold-Elwyn, President, Rethink Renovations


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April, 2013

St. Louis Composting Celebrates International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) With a Heaping Helping of Community Events May 7-11 Linda Wiggen Kraft • Green & Growing Editor

The Garden as Art and Art in the Garden -- Love it Slowly There is one day of the year dedicated to slow time looking at art, like what we did as toddlers, but here is an intimate connection between with the added awareness of adults. Slow Art Day is sculptures, gardens, landscape and peoan international event held in over 200 locations ple at the two block long Citygarden in around the world on the same day in April. Groups of downtown St. Louis. people gather at museums, The interplay of nature galleries and sculpture in woodland area, parks to experience art in a grassy hills, steep rock different way. Participants walls, grass, water, and arrive and are given a list sky with the hard surby volunteer hosts of faces of sky scrapers, about five pieces of art to red abstract lines of spend slow time with. metal, a giant hollow Each piece is experienced head, a horse with a 3D for ten minutes or more by star on its back, white looking, touching (at rabbits, media screens Citygarden sculptures are and other totally hands-on), smelling (if hands-on sculptures appropriate), tasting lets us enjoy a unique (maybe not a good idea and internationally here), listening to, writing acclaimed urban art about, sketching, contemgarden in an expanded plating and maybe even way. The art is not limmeditating upon. After all ited to the sculptures. the art is slowly observed, The trees, plants and participants gather to hardscape of the garshare lunch and experiden are all chosen for ences. For many it is like their shape, line, colthe first time experiencing ors, and in some cases a slow food feast versus Slow Art Day in St. Louis will be held fragrance. The native always having fast food, at Citygarden on Saturday April 27th. plants and landforms except this is slow art that are sculptures in themfeeds the soul. selves and like all parts of Citygarden, worthy of Slow Art Day in St. Louis will be held at spending some slow time experiencing. Citygarden on Saturday April 27th. To experience the What is “slow time” experiencing? Most of us gardens and art of Citygarden slowly, sign up online don’t remember how we took a walk as a toddler. at All participants must regEach step revealed a new wonder that caught our ister via the website under St. Louis venue. More info attention. We were filled with delight and curiosity is on the site. about small treasures found in each step. It took a Linda Wiggen Kraft is a garden designer and long long time to walk even a few feet. We looked artist. This is her fourth year as co-host of Slow Art closely and examined bits of our surroundings closeDay St. Louis. Her work can be seen at her website up and sometimes upside down. But as we grew older and blog at She can speed replaced the toddler’s pace and slow time lookbe contacted at 314 504-4266. ing disappeared.

by Linda Wiggen Kraft



hether experienced or aspiring, St. Louis Composting encourages gardeners from across the bi-state area to join in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), May 5-11, 2013! This year’s theme is “Compost... Nature’s Way to Grow!” Planned activities span the globe with events scheduled across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and Australia. Composting advocates will encourage everyone, everywhere, to compost. St. Louis Composting is doing its part by hosting community events May 7 and at two of our composting centers plus a workshop May 11 at Valley Park. Enjoy complimentary BBQ, snacks and veggies that grow GREAT in St. Louis Composting’s compost and soil blends. All events start at 11 a.m. May 7 at the Fort Bellefontaine Compost Facility in Florissant, Mo. (13060 County Park Road) May 8 at the Belleville, IL Facility (3521 Centreville Ave.) and

registration required. Just show up ready to COMPOST! For many families in the bi-state region, “Nature’s Way to Grow” means planting a backyard vegetable garden – the ultimate way to go green and assure that the produce they set on their tables is same-day fresh and packed with nutrition. As any seasoned vegetable gardener will attest, the best way to boost yields is to condition garden soil with compost. Compost delivers four primary benefits, all of which are beneficial to the environment. • Compost improves plant/turf quality. Compost reduces spring transplant shock and over the long term, decreases plant stress response to drought, disease and insects. Because compost piles generate intense heat, compost is free of weeds, insects and insect eggs/larvae. Compost also reduces salt damage and provides nutritional balance. • Compost helps soil stay productive year after year. Water, whether from clouds or from a sprinkler, leaches chemical fertilizers out of soil, quickly stripping it of nutritional properties. Conversely, compost binds with soil and releases its nutrients over multiple years. • Compost “fixes” problem soils. Compost reduces compaction in heavy soil, enhances the productivity of sandy soil and increases top-soil and soil fertility in rebuilding wornout soil. Over time, compost makes any type of soil easier to work. • Compost holds six times its weight in water. This magical property reduces the need for irrigation during periods of drought. But, perhaps most important to remember when planting is that using all-natural, STAcertified compost completes a 100% efficient recycling cycle! Join St. Louis Composting in getting hands-on with a heaping helping of compost May 7-11, 2013. If you are unable to attend any of our ICAW commemorative events, participate at home! Take a stab at starting your own compost pile or stop by for some of our Black Gold Compost to incorporate into your lawn, landscape beds and/or garden. You’ll see the benefits! To learn more, visit our website at

Free BBQ May 7, 8 & 11 in Florissant, MO, Belleville, Ill. and Valley Park, MO

Then, at noon, Saturday, May 11 at Valley Park, St. Louis Composting will present its popular “Give Compost a GROW at Home” workshop. Learn all about compost from the experts – including alternative composting methods and options – and how to start your own compost pile. Home composters will be available to order plus those who complete the workshop will receive one free cubic yard of compost to take home! (Free compost available only May 11, 2013.)

If you’d like to put your garden on the path to producing an abundant crop in 2013 and beyond, this is the workshop to attend! No

April, 2013

The Healthy Planet magazine â&#x20AC;˘


NATUREâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S WAY TO GROW


Visit St. Louis Composting on May 7, 8, & 11 for lunch and learning during International Compost Awareness Week! Lunch at Fort Bellefontaine Compost Facility May 7 at 11am Lunch at Belleville Facility May 8 at 11am Lunch and Learning at Valley Park Facility May 11 at 12pm â&#x20AC;&#x153;Give Compost a GROW at Homeâ&#x20AC;? Above image is the 2013 ICAW Poster Contest Winner hosted by the USCC - more information at

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45-06*4 .0

5841 Mine Haul Rd. 618.233.2007

39 Old Elam Ave. 636.861.3344

560 Terminal Row 314.868.1612

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FORT BELLEFONTAINE $0.1045'"$*-*5: 13060 County Park Rd. 314.355.0052

More details at



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April, 2013

Get A 5-Year Guarantee On Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs Mycorrhizae occurs naturally in the soil, but in areas where there’s been heavy pesticide use or the soil has been disturbed by heavy construction, the fungus is considerably diminished. By adding a product like Myke to tree and shrub roots when you plant, it’s like giving them a strong dose of TLC. Studies have shown that roots with mycorrhizae spread over the available space twice as fast, and you reduce watering needs by 30%. It’s also nontoxic and safe for pets. Save your receipt for the life of the guarantee, and you’re in the clear. As president of the St. Louis Hydrangea Society, I’m certainly going to give it a try when I plant this year. I’ll also be adding it to existing plants. I always tell my kids that if an offer sounds too good to be true, than it is. But I think in terms of Myke, you can’t go wrong! Kim Reiss works at Sugar Creek Gardens in Kirkwood, Mo., a nursery that specializes in unusual perennials, annuals, shrubs, roses, and vines. She is also head of the St. Louis Hydrangea Society.

By Kim Reiss

Edible Native Flowers: From The Garden To Your Table by Cindy Gilberg

The petals of native roses, such as the wild prairie rose, can be used to add color and a mild sweet flavor ur gardens are ready to burst forth with to desserts and jellies. The flower petals of both pink all their bounty and soon we can enjoy beebalm (Monarda) and blue anise hyssop (Agastache fresh-picked edible crops. Take eating foeniculum) are yet other summer-blooming flowers local a step further and explore native edible plants, that add a variety of color. Anise hyssop has an intriguincluding edible flowers. Edible flowers rank high on ing licorice flavor while beebalm tends to have a mild the list of eye-appealing additions to gourmet dishes minty flavor. The large perennial hibiscus is a source of and add color and subtle flavor to many of our comlarge flowers that come in white, pink and sometimes monly prepared dishes. even red. These flowers can be brewed for tea or sliced Many edible native plants are and added fresh to dishes for also ornamental, making them additional color. excellent choices for developing The list of more unusual an edible landscape. Buy plants flowers to try includes elderberfrom a reputable source rather ry, a large shrub that grows in than foraging for plants whose moist soil. Large umbels of identity you are unsure of. The white flowers appear in sumplants mentioned here are easy mer, followed by rich purple to find. Ask at your favorite local berries later on. Note that most garden center. Refer to the of the elderberry plant—roots, Buyers’ Guide list at www.growshoots, stems and leaves—is Redbud which includes not only poisonous! Remove the flower garden centers but also nurseries mail order, etc. Add to umbel just as the florets are opening, dip in a fritter batyour calendar the annual Shaw Nature Reserve ter and then dust with powdered sugar. This makes a Wildflower Market—May 10th & May 11th ( info at delightful dessert! One that I have not yet tried is Prior to using edible native weed. All milkweeds have a very bitter white sap. Pick plants, always research how to identify, harvest and the flower clusters while they are still in tight bud, prepare them, since some are quite specific. place them in hot water, bring to a boil for a few minAt the top of my list is a delightful spring flower— utes and then rinse. Repeat the hot water/boil treatment the violet. While many gardeners try to get rid of viotwo more times to remove the bitter sap and serve with lets, I cherish mine. Each year I anxiously await the butter. arrival of violet flowers to sprinkle on top of my spring There are many more edible native plants to look green salads and soups. This beautiful addition into as well as a number of non-native edible flowers. enhances the presentation of so simple a dish. They can A quick internet search will yield all sorts or informabe added to ice cream, yogurt, cakes and are used in tion. Remember—identify the plant, the plant part to be making jelly. The leaves are also edible, though should used, how to prepare it, wash it before using and start be eaten in small quantities. Violets are the host plant with small quantities if you have never eaten it before. for various fritillary butterflies, a plus if you like butAnd then, enjoy! Cindy Gilberg is a Missouri native and horticulturterflies. (Who doesn’t?) Another great, yet overlooked, ist whose work includes design and consulting, teachedible flower makes its appearance in spring—the reding and writing. Much of her work focuses on native bud. This small native tree is one of the earliest to plants, habitat gardens and rain gardens. Cindy’s probloom in our woodlands with branches enveloped in jects include work at Shaw Nature Reserve and its clusters of mildly sweet pink flowers. Add these to Native Plant School, the Shaw Profes-sional everything from salads to desserts; sometimes I add Landscape Series and the Deer Creek Watershed both violets and redbuds for a color explosion in my Alliance. You can ontact Cindy at 314-630-1004 or otherwise drab salads.



ounds crazy, right? “What’s the catch?,” or maybe the fine print is so fine (and confusing) that you’re sure you’re being duped. I’m pleased to report that with the use of a new product – Myke, short for mycorrhizae – they truly guarantee every newly planted tree or shrub for FIVE YEARS. I was skeptical at first, but after learning more about the product, it makes sense. Mycorrhizae (pronounced My-cor-rye-say) is fungi that form on the roots of many plants. The fungi benefit from the plant’s food and nutrients, and in return, they send out small roots into the soil to absorb nutrients and water. Everyone’s happy! So if mycorrhizae actually makes it easier for a plant to absorb nutrients and water – then any plant treated with the fungus will have an advantage in times of drought, stress, and even some diseases. Drought and stress? Did someone just say “Summer of 2012?”


Up to $927.00 in Free Options* Buy 1 Organic All Natural Latex Mattress and you receive:

• Free Organic 300 ct. Sheet Set... 150.00 * • Free Organic Wool Mattress Pad... 339.00 * • 2 Free Organic Shredded Latex Pillows... 218.00* • Free Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector...145.00 * • Free Delivery... 25.00 • Free Set Up... 25.00 • Free Recycling of Old Mattress Set... 25.00

Held Till A Over pril 1 2013 5,

*NOTES: See store for details. Purchase of Tranquility, Serenity, or Serenity Pillow Top Organic Mattress. Values based on king size. Other sizes available. Twin includes 1 pillow. Delivery, Set up, and Recycling includes 25 mile radius of STL Beds.

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LA VISTACSAFARM located in scenic Godfrey, Illinois on the bluffs of the Mississippi River


4350 L evi s L an e , G o d f r ey, I l l i n o i s 6 2 0 3 5



April, 2013

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EPA Recognizes MEtRo Lighting With 2013 EnERgy StAR® Excellence In Retailing Award


t. Louis company, Metro Lighting, was honored recently by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the national 2013 Excellence in Retailing Award for Lighting. The award is given to organizations for their efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in significant cost savings. Award winners like Metro Lighting, Sears, Lowes and other major retailers are selected from over 20,000 organizations that participate in the ENERGY STAR program. Only one Excellence in Retailing Award for Lighting is given nationally and this is the third year for Metro Lighting to receive the Award. “Metro Lighting couldn’t be more proud of its three Energy Star awards. The East & West Coasts are considered the premier green building & environmentally conscious areas of the US, coupled with the fact Missouri has one of the lowest electrical rates in the nation, it is a huge accomplishment to receive this award considering our competition,” states Nicholas Frisella, Metro Lighting’s Special Projects Manager. Missouri’s electrical rate is approximately $0.07 per kilowatt hour, almost two cents lower than the national average. The electrical rates for the states of California, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut’s average out to be well over $0.15 per kilowatt hour, resulting in much more energy-focused consumers and retailers.* Metro Lighting is recognized for offering and marketing a wide selection of energy saving and ENERGY STAR-rated products, implementing environmentally-focused programs such as a fluorescent light bulb and ballast recycling program, installing solar panels, installing energy saving lighting controls, offering vehicle charging stations at two locations, switching out over 10,000 incandescent bulbs to LED and participating in community events with a focus on the environment and energy savings. Metro Lighting also donated the lighting & exhaust systems to the nation’s first ever Active House located in Webster Groves, MO. “We have a critical partnership with ENERGY STAR,” explains Frisella. “More and more of our customers are looking for products that save money

and protect the environment. By offering products that have earned the ENERGY STAR we are working to fulfill our customers’ needs and saving them energy dollars, while helping address needed changes that help our environment.” About Metro Lighting Metro Lighting is a locally-owned and operated family business in St. Louis, MO. In 1967, Metro Lighting consisted of one delivery truck and a basement garage overflowing with circuit breakers, wire, and conduit. From these humble beginnings, Metro Lighting has grown into Missouri's largest lighting distributor. Metro Lighting’s eight locations serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County & Cape Girardeau. Metro Lighting provides energy efficient lighting solutions to Missouri residents every day. Its American Lighting Association certified sales staff receives training from Energy Star, Ameren Missouri, IMark, NAED and numerous lighting manufacturers’ education programs. It offers a full line of Energy Star qualified light fixtures, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), LED recessed cans, ceiling fans and exhaust fans. Metro Lighting provides other energy efficient lighting solutions including fluorescent re-lamping and ballasting, LED technologies, occupancy sensors, dimming control solutions, commercial energy audits and much more. For more information on Metro Lighting please contact, Sarah King at 314-645-5656. About ENERGY STAR ENERGY STAR was introduced by EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with energy use. Today, the ENERGY STAR label can be found on more than 60 kinds of products as well as new homes and buildings. Last year alone, Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved $18 billion on their utility bills and prevented greenhouse gas equivalent to those of 34 million cars. Products, homes and buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR prevent emissions by meeting strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the EPA. For more information, go to * U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-861.

Better Soil Means A Better Lawn or Garden! We Can Help You Get “Better Soil”

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GOT DON'T • Organic -fungus controlsLIKE CHEMICALS? • Kelp liquidA andBUG dry PROBLEM LOOKING FOR BENEFICIAL INSECTS? • Organic vegetable Seeds WE CAN HELP! • Seed meals Order your beneficial insects for one of covers our pick up days and we can help you • Floating row • Organic Composts understand how to use and Gluten how apply them to your garden or home. • Corn 5 varieties • Organic Soils • Diatomaceous Earth Lady Bugs • Parasitic wasps (trichogramma) • Praying Mantises • Organic food-grade• Lace wings • Organic Fertilizers • We do soil tests, too! Beneficial Nematodes (grub controll) Whole Grains • Organic Chicken Food We carry theJune majority Order ahead and pick up •on of these dates: April 13th, May 11th, 8th of 15one types of cover crops • Organic insect controls these products in 4lb - 50lb Orders must be placed one week prior to the delivery date


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8621 Hwy N, Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 Mon-Fri 9 to 7, Sat 8 to 7, Sun 10 to 5 8



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animal world news The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. — Gandhi

Springtime Preventative Health For Your Pets by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM


t's just about springtime and we are all excited about leaving our winter cocoons and blossoming into backyard explorers, often joined by our beloved pets, either dog or cat. The first issue regards updating your annual examinations and immunizations. Each veterinarian will host their own healthcare program for your pets, so take the time to visit, have your pets examined and update the appropriate and needed immunizations, per direction. If your cats explore the outdoors unsupervised, or even stay outdoors during spring and summer, be sure to have them tested for feline leukemia and feline immunologic virus(FIV). Follow up with proper vaccinations for the feline leukemia. Unfortunately, most vets will not honor the value of FIV, or FIP(feline infectious peritonitis), vaccines as being useful. Rabies is a vaccine required by law, as humans can be infected by the same strains of virus that affect our pets, or wild animal carriers like skunks, foxes, bats, and more. Fecal examinations are also a necessary part of the annual, or better, the biannual visits to your veterinarian. Parasite infestations can go undetected for years sometimes, until your pet undergoes other disease or stress that suppresses the immune system, and allows a recrudescence of clinical disease associated with any number of internal parasites like hookworms, roundworms, whipworms or protozoan coccidia. A fresh sample is always best, not dried or not much older than a few hours. Ticks and soon after, fleas, begin to appear in the woodlands and grasslands. As we explore our yard spaces, guess what. Our critters pick up these parasites, we call ectoparasites. Ticks can spread any number of diseases like Lymes(not in Missouri, officially), Erlichiosis, and more. Most exams include a heartworm blood test for mosquito borne disease, but also may include testing for these other tick borne diseases as well. They can be very insidious regarding their clinical onset, as they tend to hide inside body cells or blood cells, and again, with undue stress, they may invigorate themselves and become a problem. Signs and symptoms may be very general-

Look For Our

Spring Pet Care Guide Coming in our May, June & July Editions. To be a part of this Guide, Please call 314-962-7748 by April 15.

ized, showing only fever spikes, lethargy, loss of interest in play and a decrease in activity overall. Again, these issues are often ruled out in the course of your physical examination. I usually encourage folks to initiate preventative tick and flea products by early to mid April, depending on the weather conditions. Wet and warm will encourage the seasonal presence of ticks and again, fleas a bit later. Heartworm disease is most usually treated with preventatives year round. That is our own clinic recommendation, and likely, what you will hear from your own vet as well. There are a number of products on the market, and again, visit to your vet will clarify any number of alternatives. All products also provide preventative protection against intestinal parasites mentioned above. Newest products have expanded protection against whipworms as well, a more difficult parasite to discover on very intermittent fecal exams. All in all, preventative care for your pets, including the one or two times annual exams, go a long way to protect your pet's health and well being; and, ensures a safe and fun time in the yard and surrounding woodlands. Have a great and enjoyable spring season! Fondly, Dr. Doug Pernikoff

Dr. Doug’s

Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic

• Full service veterinary clinic with an in-house laboratory. • Laser therapy for Dogs/Cats -Arthritis treatment -Non-invasive -Pain alleviation -Skin conditions • Digital X-ray • Low cost spay and neuter • Exotics are our specialty

Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

636-530-1808 32 Clarkson-Wilson Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017

April, 2013

Neels Pharmacy Is Compounding Specialist For People & Pets Alike by Jon P. Frieda

sions, topical dermatological creams, salves and gels, bio-identical hormone eels Pharmacy was established in replacement, dental preparations, trans1932. Over eighty dermal pain gels and oral pain cockyears and four gentails, hospice preparations, rectal and erations later, our vaginal suppositories, and more. pharmacy has never changed Our goal is to serve as a reliable and hands. We are a family business and dependable resource for the St. Louis we strive to treat all of our cuscommunity by helping individuals and tomers and patients like family. families to achieve optimal health, wellRecognizing a need for custom ness, and vitality. In addition to our compounded prescription medicawide selection of clinical nutrition suptions for humans and animals, plements, herbal and homeopathic Neels Pharmacy has established remedies, aromatherapy, and skin professional relationships care, the lost art of pharmaceutiRecognizing a need with many physicians and cal compounding for humans veterinary clinics throughanimals is our passion, and for custom compounded and out the St. Louis communia long standing part of our famty. Over the years we have prescription ily tradition that remains alive compounded thousands of and well at Neels Pharmacy medications for medications for humans today. and pets. In order to make humans and animals, From our family to your the administration of medfamily, we respectfully invite Neels Pharmacy has you to experience the Neels ication a more pleasant experience for both the ani- established professional Pharmacy difference. With spemal and owner, we make cialized training and over fifty relationships with compounds for canines, years of combined compoundfelines, birds, lizards, and many physicians and ing experience, at Neels you more; animals as small as a will enjoy peace of mind, knowveterinary clinics mouse all the way up to ing that you can approach your large animals including health concerns with confithroughout the kangaroos, ponies, and eledence. St. Louis community. phants. In short, we love For more information about animals! compounding medications please contact Neels The compounding of medications by pharPharmacy at 314-849-3123 or visit online at macists is a long standing part of pharmacy that remains an important component to patient care. Compounding is the mixing of one or more drugs to fill a doctor's prescription. At Neels Pharmacy, there is no such thing as a one size fits all scenario. We specialize in customizing prescription medications to meet the unique COMPOUNDING SPECIALISTS: needs of each individual, and aid physicians and Natural Hormone Replacement, veterinarians to treat disease and disorder in humans and animals more efficiently and effecPain Management, Veterinary tively. Are you looking for With a doctor’s prescription, we can formua new human & veterinary late individualized dosages and strengths. We compounding pharmacy? can eliminate preservatives and additives that If so, look no further. can cause allergic reactions. We can integrate several drugs into one combination, add or Neels has been a Compounding eliminate flavors, and much more. We specialSpecialist since 1932. ize in compounding chewable animal treats, flavored sprinkle capsules, solutions and suspen8 Crestwood Executive Ctr.


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ANIMAL HEALTH & HEALING The St. Louis Leader in Holistic Therapies Dr. Garden voted “Best Veterinarian” in 2006 St. Louie Tails Readers’ Choice Awards TERESA GARDEN, D.V.M.

and associates

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Humane Society Summer Classes

COOL FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME! (shhhh….parents, it’s fun with a purpose!) by Suzanne K. Gassner


HHHHHH……..summertime and the living is easy, at least for the kids. With extra time on their hands, this is a wonderful opportunity for children to gain some insight into our animal friends and learn how they can help make the world a better place for pets…and people! Our Animal Adventures are fun three-hour creature encounters that are interactive, engaging and fun for everyone! Each class features at least one guest speaker and includes a makeand-take craft and fun stuff to take home so they can learn even more about the creatures they love! We’re treating you to a bite-sized menu of programs here but you can see a complete list of our summer programs on our website and even register online at ! Argggg……….welcome all animal crazy swashbucklers to our Pawrates of the Carribean: Shelter Pet Island adventure is full of hidden treasures. This shelter is loaded with hidden treasures! Take your adventures to a new level — YOU be the pirates and seek the hidden treasures….hint…..they have fur and four paws! Help us hunt for the golden prizes. We’ll map the progress of our animal friends and dig for answers that promise a golden future for our pets. Come on buccaneers…..let’s raise our flags of kindness, set sail and build a better world for our animal friends! Are you itching for a good time? Are you vetting to be a veterinarian? Is science your scene? Are animals in the running as a career choice for you? Slide on your safety goggles, snap on your rubber gloves and join us as we introduce you to the many science careers you can choose to help animals. Visit our surgery suites and peer in our microscopes as we exam-

ine heartworm tests, view intestinal worms and identify pesky bugs. This camp is full of all things yucky! We’ll give you the symptoms and you make the diagnosis and conclusions. Visit with our veterinarians and ‘try on’ a career in animal medicine. Diagnosis? A flea-riffic time! Kids will be able to explore the world of veterinary medicine in our Mad Scientist Camp. Bet you didn’t know that our Rescue Ranch is full of interesting farm animal characters! One creature knows how to open up all the stalls and let the other animals out at night and another can dance on his hind legs! And look out David Beckham, we even have a featured creature who can play soccer with a giant ball! You have to visit us at the Ranch to find out who can do each of these amazing things and more while we enjoy guided tours and hayrides! Farm animals are more like us than you think. With love, affection and gentle guidance, our rescued farm animal friends have flourished and overcome their sad beginnings to shine like the stars they are! With kind kids like YOU learning how to help them….their futures look bright! In fact, you might want to wear your shades! Don’t forget your sack lunch; we’re having a picnic too! Share your Lunch with a Llama is a never to be forgotten animal adventure! Our summer programs 2013 are overflowing with fun your child won’t want to miss! Sign up today! Space is limited so visit us online at

Our Animal Adventures are fun three-hour creature encounters that are interactive, engaging and fun for everyone!

Does Your Pet Suffer From Allergies, Dry Skin, Itchiness and Doggie Odor?

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Could Your Dog Have Diabetes? by Teresa Garden, DVM


iabetes is a common endocrine disorder in dogs. The disease develops when beta cells within the pancreas are destroyed via an immune-mediated process. This results in impaired insulin secretion from the pancreas. Genetics and other diseases may be implicated in causing diabetes. Breeds at increased risk are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Beagles, Schnauzers, Miniature and Toy Poodles, and Pugs. Females are at three times greater risk than male dogs. Average age of onset is 7-9 years. Diabetes can occur with concurrent diseases such as Cushing's disease, urinary tract infections, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis, and neoplasia. Dogs are afflicted with type 1 diabetes which is insulin-dependent. Clinical symptoms pet owners will notice are increases in drinking, urination and appetite, lethargy, weakness, or blindness from cataracts. Your veterinarian can readily diagnose diabetes by performing blood and urine tests which will show increased blood glucose and the presence of glucose in urine. Diabetes in our pet pooches is treated with insulin, diet, exercise, and supplements. The goals of treatment are to eliminate clinical signs, slow or prevent cataracts, treat concurrent illness, and prevent blindness. Intermediate-acting insulins given twice daily are chosen to treat dogs with diabetes. Vetsulin is a good choice for a newly diagnosed diabetic dog. It is a zinc insulin derived from pork which is very similar to the dog's own insulin. Another insulin commonly used is Humulin N, a human origin insulin. Insulin must be kept refrigerated. Prior to injection, the bottle of insulin must be rocked gently back and forth to fully mix the crystalline solution. The dosage is measured accurately with an appropriately matched insulin syringe. Insulin is injected under the skin and it is important to change or rotate injections sites for better absorption. Insulin should be given at regular 12 hour intervals after your dog has eaten her meal. Your veterinarian or veterinary technician will teach you how to give the injections. While the challenge is daunting in the beginning, most pet owners become very proficient and confident giving insulin to their pet. Some dogs will look forward to their injection since they can be rewarded with their favorite treat or toy afterward. Diet also plays a role in the successful treatment of diabetes in our dogs. Your veterinarian


Dr. Teresa Garden is chief veterinarian /owner of Animal Health & Healing, a full-service holistic and conventional veterinary practice in the Maplewood/Richmond Heights area.; phone: 314781-1738.

Dr. Ava Frick DVM, CAC

We are having an Underwater Treadmill Starter Package special!

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may suggest feeding a particular prescription diet based on your dog's individual level of health. Companies such as Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina, and Iam's make various diets to assist in treatment of diabetes. These diets help with gluco-modulation while aiming to achieve optimal body weight. They often are higher in fiber and protein and lower in starch and fat. It is advised to feed two meals daily at regular times. The insulin is then given after your pet has eaten her meal. Regular exercise is advised. It can promote weight loss in overweight diabetics and may increase glucose transport. At Animal Health & Healing we employ supplements to help our diabetic patients have a better response to insulin therapy. Various antioxidants can alleviate stress on many tissues and organ systems and improve overall health. Cataracts, uveitis, and retinopathy can be treated and prevented with an ophthalmic blend of antioxidants taken orally. The omega-3-fatty acids EPA and DHA are given to increase insulin sensitivity which will reduce insulin resistance in our patients. Fish oil can also be used to treat diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy. Glandular therapy can decrease destruction of pancreatic beta cells if employed soon after onset of disease. Pancreatrophin PMG by Standard Process is our product of choice. The response to treatment can be monitored by both pet owner and veterinarian. As a pet owner, you should notice a decrease in excessive drinking and urination within 2-3 weeks of starting therapy. Your veterinarian will perform blood and urine tests to monitor your dog's response to treatment. At home glucose monitoring can go a long way toward improving the quality of life of diabetic dogs and their owners. Your veterinarian can discuss using the Alpha Trak Blood Glucose monitoring system for this purpose. The prognosis for diabetes is good. With prompt diagnosis and proper treatment diabetic dogs can enjoy many years of good quality life. Treatment of this chronic disease requires commitment and diligence from pet owners. Their efforts are rewarded by seeing an increase in vitality and longevity in their loyal 4-legged friends.

SAVE $100 ON 5 SESSIONS. UWTM is great for arthritis, obesity, post-op, lameness, paralysis, and general conditioning.

Rescue Dog Specialist Bob Laut, Behavior Expert

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Young People & Their Families

Air Racers, The World’s Fastest Motorsport, Roars Onto The Giant Screen At The Saint Louis Science Center’s OMNIMAX® Theater


ir Racers, a breathtaking exploration of the fastest race in the world, is now showing in the OMNIMAX ® Theater at the Saint Louis Science Center. Air Racers provides a unique insight into the legendary Reno National Championship Air Races. Narrated by Paul Walker of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, the documentary film takes moviegoers to Northern Nevada’s Valley of Speed to experience, from inside the cockpit, the intensity and high-speed thrills of a sports event like no other, captured for the very first time for the giant screen. Air racing dates back to 1909 just six years after the Wright Brothers’ inaugural flight. A young American named Glenn Curtiss won the very first air race in Reims, France, when he completed two laps in 15 minutes with a top speed of 46 mph. In the Thirties the sport evolved into multi-pylon air races that were held in Cleveland and Los Angeles, before being resurrected in Reno in 1964 by WWII flying ace Bill Stead. The concept remains much the same to this day: pilots fly as low as 50 feet above the ground and up to 500 mph and turn left around an 8.5 mile oval course marked off by giant pylons. “Racing at Reno is unlike any other experience,” said Steve Hinton, air racer pilot, “it’s such a rush! The ground is going by you at 800 feet per second and the adrenaline’s pumping thorough you.” This visually stunning film follows the true story of 23year-old Steve Hinton, Jr., a rookie pilot from California and son of Steve Hinton, Sr., a two-time National Air Race champion. The younger Steve wants to continue his father’s legacy by winning in the most challenging and unpredictable racer class, the “Unlimited”. At twice the speed of a Nascar®

elite pilots fight for position, wingtip-to-wingtip and head-to-head, with Hinton’s WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane in the world’s fastest motorsport. Air Racers is an action-packed, entertaining and visually stunning film presented in 2D at IMAX theatres and digital cinemas. In the immersive OMNIMAX® Theater environment moviegoers will discover the thrill of air racing from the pits to Reno’s roaring sky, an exceptional world filled with passion, competition and excitement combined with top-notch air show performers, including the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. For more information about Air Racers, please visit:

April, 2013

Keep Your Teeth Healthy For Life!

In our office we believe the most important thing we can help our patients do is to keep their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. It is easy if you are willing to take it one step at a time. The first step is simple. To help you get started, take advantage of our special offer below.

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• A Professional Cleaning (unless gum disease is present) • A Complete Examination, including necessary X-rays • Personalized Consultation offer expires expires April Offer May 30, 31, 2013 2009

Want To Enjoy Healthy Teeth and Gums...For A Lifetime?

Dr. Winsome Henry-Ward “Excellence In Dentistry” 8390 Delmar Blvd. Suite 1001 Saint Louis, MO 63124

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Dr. James Feinberg

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Child Clinical Psychologist

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For more than 25 years, helping boys & teenage boys excel academically, socially, & emotionally through:

• Pet Assisted Therapy • Play Therapy • Talking Therapy Where caring, competence, and integrity make all the difference. 10900 Manchester Road, Suite 201

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Specializing In Alternative & Complementary Remedies COmpOunDIng spECIALIsts: Natural Hormone Replacement, Pain Management, Veterinary • Clinical Nutrition & Supplements • Homeopathy • Herbal Remedies Bring in this Ad For A • Aromatherapy • Teas • Personal Grooming Products

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Patrice Neels Frieda, R.Ph., C.C.N. Pharmacist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist Consultation available by appointment

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Psychotherapy and Homeopathy

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Constipation naturally

Cathy Schram Q: I know that I am not eliminating on a regular basis and I often need the help of laxatives. What can I do to improve this situation? A: Constipation is a serious problem in our society. A lot of people believe that regularity means having a bowel movement once a week or once every three days. This is not healthy. Bowel movements after each meal, or at least once a day are normal. If you do not eliminate on a “regular” basis, the waste ends up putrefying in your body, which can lead to gas, bloating, indigestion and other more serious problems. Most people end up reaching for a laxative, which they become dependent upon, leading to more problems. The natural approach would be to increase dietary fiber, exercise and drink plenty of water. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains is very important. Just by following these suggestions, you can make a big change in your bowel habits. Another way to increase fiber is with psyllium hulls. The hulls have a remarkable ability to absorb water many times their own weight, which makes them swell. This exerts a gentle pressure on intestinal walls, stimulating them to contract normally. However, psyl-

lium must be used with plenty of water, and it should not be used if someone has a bowel obstruction. If you feel you still need to take a laxative, try an herbal one containing one or more of the following herbs: turkey rhubarb, cascara sagrada, dandelion root, or burdock. Senna is also a great laxative; however, you only want to use this on occasion, as it can become habitforming. Cascara Sagrada is probably the most popular natural laxative because of its mild nature and the fact that it is non habitforming. It is even gentle enough for small children and the elderly. Please see your health care professional if chronic constipation persists. This herb information is for health education purposes only. It is not intended to replace the services of licensed health practitioners. Consult with a physician for any condition that requires professional care. Do you have questions about herbs or vitamins? Send them to Cathy Schram, CNHP and Certified Herbalist. Write to: Herbs & More, 16021 Manchester Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011.


Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis Unlike most tests, DITI is:

• non invasive • painless • no radiation • FDA approved • safe implant screening • endorsed by the United Breast Cancer Foundation DITI is a totally non-invasive clinical imaging procedure used to detect and monitor a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. It is the only method available for visualizing pain and pathology. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is offered at convenient locations in St. Louis and adjacent regional areas.

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Balancing Hormones For Patients With Thyroid Conditions action between these two endocrine systems is extremely significant and yet it is often over-simplified and undert is estimated that 80% of the popevaluated. According to Dr. David ulation has some form of horPeterson at Wellness Alternatives, “In monal dysregulation or imbalour practice, we counsel many women ance. Hormones are chemical who are confused about the interactions messengers within the endocrine sysbetween their thyroid hormones and tem that play a significant role in the regulation of body functions. Hormone D. Haikal, RN their female hormone balance. Genetics may load the gun, but nutrition, stress, imbalances and thyroid conditions are at and the environment pulls the trigger. epidemic levels- this means that for many Managing hormones for patients with thyroid women, their present state of health is negaconditions requires the physician and the tively affecting their relationships, job, energy, patient working together to find the goldilocks finances, sleep and general happiness. zone.” Optimization of thyroid hormones can be Do you suspect that you may have horof great benefit for reproductive hormone balmone issues in addition to a thyroid problem? ance. A lack of proper thyroid hormone levels Achieving optimal endocrine health and wellinfluences PMS, irregular cycles, low libido, being requires testing and identifying the infertility, miscarriage, endometriosis, PCOS, influencing factors contributing to hormone uterine fibroids, dysfunctional bleeding, imbalance. Some of the many components that severe menopause, and osteoporosis. At contribute to overall hormone disruption are Wellness Alternatives, we have seen hormonal environmental triggers, stress, adrenal fatigue, symptoms completely disappear without furinflammation, diet, nutritional deficiencies, ther female hormone intervention simply contraception, overweight, aging, autoimthrough the proper thyroid care alone. mune conditions, and compromised gastroinHowever, for patients with more complex patterns of hormone dysregulation, a more satistestinal health (which occurs when the natural factory endocrine balance can be attained by flora is destroyed with antibiotic use or testing, finding the root cause of the imbalinflammatory GI conditions). Get tested; get ances and regulating thyroid AND female treated; get better. reproductive hormones. Functional Medicine offers natural options Genetic tendencies drive our endocrine for faster, better outcomes for patients with systems but dietary factors, stress and envicomplex thyroid and hormone conditions. A ronmental turn them off and on. year from now you will have wished you had It is very important for the person who is started today. already diagnosed or who suspects they may We can help. Wellness Alternatives. 636have thyroid symptoms be evaluated and treat227-4949. ed for female hormone imbalances. The interby Debbie Haikal, RN


April, 2013

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rude Awakening: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life By Simon Yu, MD


f you have chronic medical problems with many unexplainable symptoms and if you have been told you have an incurable medical condition and if you wake up in the morning feeling constantly overwhelmed with a sense of impending doom and a sense of hopelessness, consider reading Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book, Change Your ThoughtsChange Your Life. It may truly change your life. I just finished his book. This book is his interpretation of Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu’s work, the Tao Te Ching. Change Your Thought-Change Your Life, Wayne Dyer’s lesser well known book among many books he wrote on self-help is full of wisdom based on the eastern philosophy of Taoism. Five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, Lao-tzu in China dictated 81 verses which are regarded by many as the ultimate commentary on the nature of our existence. The classic text of these verses, called the Tao Te Ching or the Great Way, offers advice and guidance that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good. Some of the quotes include: (You may substitute Tao with God or Universal Force) 1st verse: The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The Tao is both named and nameless. As nameless it is the origin of all things; as named it is the Mother of 10,000 things. 7th verse: Heaven is eternal- the earth endures. 18th verse: When the greatness of the Tao is present, action arises from one’s own heart. When the greatness of Tao is absent, action comes from the rules of “kindness and justice.” If you need rules to be kind and just, if you act virtuous, this is a sure sign that virtue is absent. Thus we see the great hypocrisy. 38th verse: A truly good man is not aware of his goodness and is therefore good. A foolish man tries to be

good and therefore not good…The highest virtue is to act without a sense of self. The highest kindness is to give without condition. The highest justice is to see without preference. 41st verse: The Tao is hidden and nameless; the Tao alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment. 45th verse: The greatest perfection seems imperfect, and yet its use is inexhaustible. The greatest fullness seems empty, and yet its use is endless. 58th verse: When the ruler (Government /Congress) knows his own heart, the people are simple and pure. When he meddles with their lives, they become restless and disturbed. 63rd verse: Practice non-action. Work without doing. Taste the tasteless…See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things. 67th verse: I have three treasures, which I hold fast and watch closely. The first is mercy (compassion and love). The second is frugality (moderation and simplicity). The third is humility. From mercy comes courage. From frugality comes generosity. From humility comes leadership. 71st verse: Knowing ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness. Only when we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick. The sage is not sick but sick of sickness; this is the secret of health. 79th verse: One with true virtue always seeks a way to give. One who lacks true virtue always seeks a way to get. To the giver comes the fullness of life; to the taker, just an empty hand. 81st verse (last verse): True words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not true. Those who have virtue do not look for faults; those who look for faults have no virtue….Heaven does good to all, doing no evil to anyone. I hope you tasted and enjoyed the short random versions. I just highlighted some of the important teachings


Oral-Systemic Connection: Fix The Cause, Not The Symptom By Michael Rehme, DDS, CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist)


dental journal article described, at length, the Oral-Systemic connection, i.e. the influence the teeth and gums have on the whole body (the “system”) and vice-versa. It referred to the overwhelming attention this topic is receiving in both the dental and medical literatures. As an example, the common knowledge in dentistry is that, if left untreated, periodontitis (inflammation of the gums) causes progressive bone loss around teeth, looseness of the teeth and eventual tooth loss. Periodontitis is a very common disease affecting approximately 50% of U.S. adults over the age of 30 years. As if that’s not bad enough, here’s an even stronger message. The author of the article listed numerous unfavorable effects of periodontitis on the rest of the body: heart disease, stroke, pulmonary dysfunction, preterm, low-birth weight babies, osteoporotic diseases, diabetes mellitus, and even neuropathological syndromes such as Alzheimer’s disease. Understanding the Oral-Systemic connection in the dental community is a huge breakthrough. I was excited to see what I have been practicing for many years finally come to light in a mainstream dental journal. However, I was sorely disappointed (that’s why I’m not naming the article). The article repeatedly focused on “preventative periodontal management” and to “maintain regular periodontal checkups.” By doing so, the article reported, potential systemic complications will be reduced significantly. What a disappointment. The article started with an incredibly important premise and totally avoided the real conclusion. Ask yourself: If we continue to manage the condition are we solving the problem? Chronic, systemic inflammation will continue to persist throughout the body until we learn how to balance body chemistry. Proper body chemistry is imperative to good health. When your body is balanced you’ll have good health. When your body is imbalanced you’ll have disease. Answer this: Where can you see your own skele-

ton? Seriously, you can see your skeleton. The answer: When you smile or open your mouth. Your teeth are the only visible part of your skeleton. Your mouth is the easiest place to see what is happening, not only to your teeth and gums, but to your health in general. The junction formed by your teeth and the biologic seal around them is very sensitive to blood-sugar, hormonal, immune and stress changes, to name a few. This gummy junction serves as a good monitor of inflammation and connective tissue breakdown both in the mouth and elsewhere. If your diet deviates 10% from your biological norm, it may show up first as dental disease, inflamed gums or dental decay. If it deviates more, you may get arthritis. Even greater deviation and you may suffer a heart attack or even get cancer. These diseases often indicate a lifestyle and diet which is not healthy and for which your whole body is no longer able to compensate. I don’t believe periodontal disease is the underlying cause of many systemic problems. I believe it is a symptom that manifests itself along with other imbalances or chronic diseases that are occurring elsewhere in the body. There is however, a common link that may help solve most imbalances that lead to disease: nutrition. Nutritional support is one step in the process of correcting imbalances in the teeth, gums, and body. As you understand the undeniable importance of this “OralSystemic” connection, your motivation for nutritional support will dramatically increase. Dr. Michael Rehme, DDS, CCN is one of the few Dentists in the U.S. that are Certified Clinical Nutritionists (CCN). He practices Biological Dentistry that includes mercury free, tooth colored fillings; healthy dental materials; balancing body chemistry; and nutritional therapy. For articles and information about Biological Dentistry and patient success stories visit or call his office 314-9972550. Attend a free monthly presentation and discussion by Dr. Rehme on Biological Dentistry the third Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Please call to verify the date and reserve your space.

every third Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us. According to Quantum Physics and Quantum Effects, you can create your own reality: It can be the Rude Awakening of your reality and/or you can Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life. Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Alternative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about alternative medicine as well as patient success stories, and Dr. Yu’s revolutionary health book Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients, visit his web site at or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion by Dr. Yu on Alternative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.

of Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching to stir your interest. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer did a wonderful job on the interpretation of the Tao Te Ching in the context of modern day spiritual growth and the Inspiration of Life. If you feel overwhelmed with unresolved emotional conflict with guilt, shame, anger, blame, jealousy, or fear, your chronic medical illness may not be what you think, what you have been told, or what has been diagnosed. It is good to start reading Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life. Re-connect with your past, present, and the future. Get counseling with your priest, rabbi, spiritual leader, or counselor. If you are not affiliated with any religious group, check out Phyllis Spark’s Soul-Esteem Center. Rev. Phyllis Spark will take you to a new dimension of metaphysics and spirituality. Be inspired! Chaplain Paul Johnson is available at our Prevention and Healing Clinic to guide you in your Medical Spiritual Wellness. He and I conduct a Medical Spiritual Wellness support group

For a copy of Dr. Yu’s new book,

Discover overnew

Accidental Cure, visit his website

avenues new to

nues healing Build your immune system Learn to heal incurable symptoms Take charge of infrared your health Offering Thermography

Learn to heal “incurable” symptoms and take charge of your health.

FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS Second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm Topics: Cancer, Heart Disease/Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, ADD/ADHD, Food Allergies...

Prevention Inc., Dr. Simon Yu, MD a d take &c Healing a

10908 11710Schuetz Old BallasRd. Rd 5 314-432-7802 to reserve space FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS S

CONNECTING It Just Makes Sense me, Biological means YForOUR HDentistry EALTH dental materials and procedures in tune BETWEEN YOUR TEETH AND BODY with my entire body. It means dental and physical wellness go hand in hand, for life.

FRee Seminars

You may not realize it, but your teeth and gums may be Bmaking IOLOGICAL ENTISTRY IS your ABOUT CHOICES. you illDor weakening immune system.

Uncover the Tooth and Body Connection... Hidden infeCTiOnS. UnreSOlved illneSS and how your teeth and gums can induce illness.

• find out what may be happening between your teeth Discover dental compatible with wellness. and body and what to materials do about it. • discover how infection and illness transfer teeth between Balance acid-alkaline chemistry between and body the teeth and body. Learn about dentistry mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings. • Understand how biological focuses on your overall health. • learn aboutSupport dental materials that are compatible with wellness your immune system with nutritional therapy. and those that aren't. • Understand options for mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings. FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS • discover how certain dental procedures may negatively influence your body. Third Tuesday each month, 6:30 pm 8 Call to reserve space • explore“Biological nutritional therapy that specifically a healthy Dentistry” is a non-specialty interest areasupports that requires no specific mouth. educational training.

Third Tuesday each month, 6:30pm Call to reserve space

“Biological Dentistry” is a non-specialty interest area that requires no specific educational training.

MICHAEL G. REHME, DDS, CCN & ASSOCIATES BIOLOGICAL AND GENERAL DENTISTRY FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN 314-997-2550 8 CCN, Certified Clinical Nutritionist 8 NW corner Ballas & Clayton


Art & Tweed Bike Ride, April 13


hile in Milwaukee last summer, I headed out for a nice walk along beautiful Lake Michigan. There’s a great park area that edges the lakefront there, the kind of space that invites walking, reading, Frisbee-tossing and any number of fun events. Cresting a hill, I came upon the most fun, maybe craziest, event ever—a festival of bicycles. But it wasn’t just any festival; it was the Tour de Fat, aptly named to celebrate vintage bicycles with fat tires (and there may have been some of that brew by the same name also involved). The festival had packed the lakefront with bicycle enthusiasts of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and garb. Truly, people had gone over the top to decorate their bicycles and themselves. Helmets covered in leaves, Viking helmets, costumes, bicycles with wheels woven with ribbons; bicycle frames covered with fake leopard fur---nothing was off-the-rack here! And clearly EVERYONE was into the art and the fun of the festival. One area featured artist-modified bicycles, some with square “wheels,” others with multiple wheels (really, one bike had six wheels) or shoes

NEW EXHIBITS Through April 12 A MODEST OCCUPATION Presented by threewalls (Chicago) and Luminary Center for the Arts; 2644 Cherokee; Through April 13 BRAVE NEW WONDERLAND Hunt Gallery, 8342 Big Bend; for info, call 314-968-7171. Through April 18 BEYOND THE HORIZON, ACROSS THE DIVIDE Juried works documenting travel; Framations Gallery, 218 N. Main in St. Charles; for info, call 636-724-8313 or visit Through April 20 SHIFTING GROUND The Gallery at Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar; for info visit Through April 28 WILLIAM E. JONES: “KILLED” New Media Series; Gallery 301, St. Louis Art Museum; for info, visit April 5-May 3 LIZ GILBERT: HISTORIES IN AFRICA, 20 YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Opening reception, 5-7 p.m.; May Gallery; Big Bend; for info, call 314-246-7673. April 5-May 4 ALEX COUWENBERG: SWELL CARMON COLANGELO: GLOCAL DIPTYCHS CHRIS KAHLER: DISEQUENCING ERIC MINH SWENSON: THE MAKING OF LA FONDA Opening reception, 5-9 p.m.; Bruno David Gallery, 3721 Washington; 314-531-3030 April 5-May 7 EVERYDAY BEAUTY Works by Julie Wiegand and Nancy Pierson; opening reception 5:30-7:30 p.m.; Bonsack Gallery at John Burroughs School on Price Road; April 5-June 16 TRACE CHARAK GALLERY: TAMMIE RUBIN Works by artists from Korea; opening reception, 6-8 p.m.; Craft Alliance, 6640 Delmar; for info, call 314-725-1177 or visit April 12-May 11 A BROKE LINE: GREG EDMONDSON Reception on May 11, 6-10 p.m.; Good Citizen Gallery, 2247 Gravois; 314-348-4587 or April 18-May 6 STUDENT EXHIBITION St. Louis Community College at Wildwood, 2645 Generations Dr.; 636-422-2000 or visit April 19-May 14 NILA PETTY: CERAMICS ANDY VAN DER TUIN: ANIMAL MASKS Opening reception, 6-10 p.m.; East Gallery, Third Degree Glass Factory, 5200 Delmar; for info, call 314-367-4527visit April 19-May 8 JURIED STUDENT EXHIBITION Opening reception, 4:30-6:30 p.m.; StLCC-Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery.

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ARTful Living St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor instead of treads, and people trying to ride them, just to experience these artistic variations on the theme. When a fantastic band took the stage and began a set that got everyone dancing—and I mean everyone—it was just simply irresistible. Forget the walk, I joined the dancing. What do bicycles have to do with art? Clearly, children understand the joyful connection of bikes to art. When I was a child, my bicycle had colorful streamers that fluttered off the handlebars. And surely you, too, knew kids who painted their own bikes, stuck decals all over them, or tucked baseball cards into the spokes to make a clattery noise. Every school picnic began with a parade featuring bicycles decorated with crepe paper and flowers. In the late 1800’s, European bicycle posters raised advertising to the level of fine art. Just look at those posters for Cycle Plasson, Manege Tivoli or the

famous Cycle Gladiator – oh, wow! These posters, formerly pasted in shop windows, now hold places of honor in art museums. Now, to get to the point, I’ve told you all that to tell you this: On Saturday, April 13, the first-ever Art and Tweed Bike Ride comes to St. Louis………and you’ll want to be a part of it. Dress in your finest knickers and caps to experience art and history. (For safety’s sake, wear a helmet over your cap). Participation is free but, for $5, there are commemorative T-shirts while the supply lasts. Registration starts at 10 a.m. and cyclists pedal off at 10:30 a.m. starting from the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum on the Washington University campus. Then cycle onward to the St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park, the Contemporary Art Museum and The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts on Washington and finishes at the World Chess Hall of Fame in the Central West End. There will be an origami workshop at The Pulitzer, inspired by the dis-

ARTful Happenings April 7 MUSIC OF ROBERT CHAMBERLIN 2 p.m.; free; Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust; for info, call 314-968-7032. April 7, 14, 21, 28 FAMILY SUNDAYS: CREATURE FEATURES Free activities for all ages; 1-4 p.m.; St. Louis Art Museum; April 8 MARTHA HART & PAULA KASICA: CHAMBER MUSIC FOR THE VOICE & HARP 7 p.m.; Moore Aud., 470 E. Lockwood;314-968-7032. April 10 ARCHITECTURE TOUR Learn about Tadao Ando’s Deux Bateaux, by “Mike” Ochonicky; Beyond the Horizon, Across the Divide exhibition building; The Pulitzer; 3716 at Framations Gallery, through April 18. Washington; 7-8:30 pm; to register, call 314-446-2057 or visit April 11-13 April 3-6 LEVERAGE DANCE THEATRE DEBUT: FROM WARRIORS TO ARTISTS CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS UNITING VETERANS SEEN UnSEEN 8 p.m.; Krantzberg Arts Center in Grand Center; for ticket & COMMUNITY THROUGH THE ARTS Starting at 10 a.m. daily; free; Regional Arts Commission, info, 314-772-7778 6128 Delmar; for info, visit & April 12 BACH’S LUNCH Noon; free; Moore Aud., 470 E. Lockwood; 314-968-7032. April 5 April 12-13 FIRST FRIDAY Grand Center galleries and venues; 5-9 p.m.; free; DJ CHARIS CONCERT: 20 SEASONS OF LOVE Superconductor Anna Zachritz spins British pop & rock at the St. Louis Women’s Chorus celebrates 20 yrs. of making a difference in the LGBT community; 8 p.m.; $17 advance tickets; Contemporary; Robert G. Reim Theatre, 111 S. Geyer Road; for info, call April 5 314-664-9340 or visit ALIENS & ASTRONAUTS Let your creative inner-alien out; come dressed in costume to April 12-13 celebrate the Planetarium’s 50th anniversary; St. Louis OPEN CALL: IN THE HEIGHTS Singers, dancers, actors (ages 14-18) invited to audition for Science Center; 5050 Oakland; for info, visit COCA’s summer musical; 524 Trinity Ave., to schedule audiApril 5-6 tion, 314-725-6555 ext. 130 or visit SEEING SOUND: VISUAL MUSIC FILMS Co-sponsored by New Music Circle; free screening on April April 12-29 6; Moore Auditorium, 470 E. Lockwood; for info, visit JANE EYRE Presented by Mustard Seed Theatre; Fine Arts Theatre at Fontbonne , 6800 Wydown; April 5-7 April 13 EURYDICE Conservatory of Theatre Arts Productions; 7:30 & 2 p.m., ART & TWEED BIKE RIDE 10:30 a.m.; begins at Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum; for respectively; Emerson Theatre; for info, call 314-968-6929. info, visit April 6 April 13-May 4 TeamSTAGES: PNC ARTS ALIVE FAMILY SATURDAYS BROADWAY OUR WAY Youth troupe; 11 a.m.; $10; Sheldon Concert Hall, Sat. 9:30-11:30 a.m.; registration required; Craft Alliance at Kranzberg Center, 501 N. Grand; 314-534-7528 x 302. Washington; 314-533-9900 or


April, 2013 played work of artist Sophie Calle. Complimentary snacks will also be provided. It’s a totally ‘green’ and healthy way to add some art to your weekend. Support for the route and the ride organized by Trailnet; more info can be found at Cycle on!! Last month, to a packed house at The Sheldon, Regional Arts Commission announced the results of their groundbreaking Artists Count survey. With input from over 3,000 area artists (that’s right---there are a LOT of artists in the St. Louis area), the data collected is impressive and prompted RAC to consider what artists need most to be creative. RAC realized that the cliché of “starving artists” is too often too true. The artist’s life is not always easy, and usually involves multiple jobs (at the same time) to keep afloat. To assist artists with the purchase of equipment, supplies, travel to galleries and shows, etc., etc., RAC announced it will annually award each of ten selected artists with a $20,000 fellowship AND provide artists support grants of $500 to $3,000 to fund projects, creative opportunities and needs. Funding is typically given to agencies; the idea to directly fund individual artists is novel----much needed and so much appreciated. RAC’s income is derived from hotel tax: the arts attract tourists; tourists provide the tax funding---it’s one beautiful circle for St. Louis! Thank you, Regional Arts Commission, for your strong support of artists. April 14 IGNITE / ILLUMINATE POETRY READING Presented by St. Louis Poetry Center; 1:30-3:30 p.m.; free; Kranzberg Arts Center, 501 N. Grand; 314-534-7528. April 17-21 MACBETH Presented by StLCC-Meramec Theatre; 7:30 p.m. (2:30 on 4/21); Meramec Theatre, 11333 Big Bend; 314-984-7562. April 18-20 2013 GREATER ST. LOUIS JAZZ FESTIVAL Presented UMSL, Touhill & Jazz St. Louis; annual celebration of education and performance; April 19 BENEFIT: AN EVENING ON BROADWAY St. Louis Wind Symphony and Muny vocalists perform Broadway tunes, dinner, cocktails, dancing to benefit St. Louis Wind Symphony and The Foundry Art Center; $50 per person; 6:30 p.m.; 520 N. Main; for tickets, call 636-2550270 or visit April 19-20 UNION AVENUE OPERA: TROUBLE IN TAHITI 8 & 3 p.m., respectively; 733 Union Blvd., for info, call 314361-2881 or visit April 20 5th ANNUAL VARIETY SHOW Dancing, juggling, singing, magic; benefits Whole Kids Outreach Program ; tickets $10; 2 & 7 p.m.; Chesterfield Performing Arts Theatre (in YMCA), 16363 Burkhardt Place in Chesterfield; for info, call 636-391-5678. April 24-28 LEGALLY BLONDE 7:30 & 2 p.m., respectively; Browning Mainstage Theater at Loretto Hilton Theatre; for info, call 314-968-6929. April 24-May 18 WORLD PREMIERE: SMASH/HIT! Presented by the Black Rep; Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square; 314-534-3810 or visit April 26 ART AFTER FIVE CONCERT: DUKE OF BACHATA Music of the Dominican Republic; 7 p.m.; free but tickets required (at front desk); Grigg Gallery at St. Louis Art Museum; for info, visit April 26 UNIVERSITY WIND ENSEMBLE Free; 8 p.m.; Touhill Center for Performing Arts on UMSL campus; for info, call 314-516-4949 or visit April 26 NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE 7 p.m.; $3; Community Music School; 314-968-7032. April 26-27 THEATRE: ALMOST MAINE Free; 7 p.m.; St. Louis Community College at Wildwood; 2645 Generations Dr.; for info, call 636-422-2000 or visit April 27 EXHIBITING BLACKNESS: AFRICAN AMERICAN & THE AMERICAN ART MUSEUM Lecture by Bridget Cooks, PhD, Associate Professor at University of California-Irvine; presented by St. Louis Art Museum; location to be determined; reservations required, call 314-655-5444 or email For more ArtFul Happenings visit

April, 2013

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If you would like to have your professional resource listed, call 314-962-7748 today!

N At U R A l H E A l t H , H E A l i N G , c o U N s E l i N G , c o A c H i N G & c A R E Transformational Speaker Kimberly V. Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC “Anything is Possible” Soul of a Poet, Mind of a Scholar, Heart of a Healer

314-275-8188 •

Alternative Hospice

Mary Magill, R.N.,

Founder and Executive Director 1749 Gilsinn Ln., Fenton, MO 63026

(636) 343-3839

Dr. K. Shane Neifert 12401 Olive Blvd. #202, Tempo Medical Building

314-576-1495 •

Looking for a captivating speaker to inspire transformational change? Kimberly Schneider is the author of Everything You need Is Right Here: 5 Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles and the AudioBook Terrible Beauty: Poems and Reflections for Precarious Times. An Adjunct Professor of Communication at Washington University-St. Louis, Kimberly is a reg-

ular contributor to Great Day St. Louis television show. Kimberly has over thirty years of speaking experience in diverse settings. She enjoys engaging and inspiring audiences on topics including thriving in crisis, manifesting miracles, transformational communication, ethics and unconscious limiting beliefs. Kimberly’s keynote talks and custom workshops

combine riveting stories, on the spot coaching, experiential exercises and original poetry. To book Kimberly for your event call 314-275-8188 or email Go to to request Kimberly’s Free Conscious Manifestation eCourse and you’ll receive the first chapter of her book at no charge.

Alternative Hospice is a locally owned, community based end of life program, dedicated to being an advocate for our patients and providing them with a high standard of holistic end of life care. We strive to empower our patients and their caregivers with the knowledge and information that they need to make informed decisions

regarding their care. Our focus is on comfort, quality of life, and facilitating of a peaceful passing with dignity, respect and love. Alternative Hospice is a physician directed, nurse coordinated program of care. Dr. Joseph Flaherty with St. Louis University Medical School Department of Geriatrics serves as our

Medical Director and guides our team. Our team is seasoned in conventional end of life care and several are experienced in complementary care techniques… the body, mind, and spirit in rhythm. Our values include: integrity, accountability, respect, trust, compassion, and passion to serve. Volunteers needed, please call 636-343-3839.

Dr. K. Shane Neifert of St. Louis Spine & Health Center offers a unique set of healing talents to his patients. He views each patient as an individual and seeks to find and correct the ‘weak links’ in their health. Based on his findings, he works to strengthen areas of weakness, which optimizes the patient’s overall health. He facilitates this healing using natural techniques ranging from chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, ener-

gy balancing, and detoxification, to emotional freedom technique, hormone balancing, nutritional counseling, and allergy testing and treatment. Many use these talents to maintain their body’s own healing potential. The office of St. Louis Spine & Health is equipped with the latest in technological advances in natural healing including Foot Bath Detoxification and Spinal Decompression which addresses sciatica and her-

niated, bulging, and/or slipped discs. Also offered within the office are the services of a superb, licensed massage therapist, Sharon Maust, who is qualified in multiple approaches to massage. St. Louis Spine & Health is located at 12401 Olive Blvd. #202, which is found in the Tempo Medical Building (approx. 1 mile west of Hwy 270 on Olive Blvd). Call for more information at 314-576-1495. • Weight Management o Weight loss o Weight gain

7649 Delmar St.Louis,Mo 63130

Combining traditional training with a cutting edge holistic approach, Deborah specializes in helping people change their eating habits to achieve optimal health. As an experienced educator with a teaching degree, she excels at motivating individuals to improve the quality of their wellbeing.

For more information on the BioMat Call 314-725-6767

The BioMat’s quantum energetics allows the body to fight disease and heal with a naturally strong and efficient immune system. It is composed of 17 layers of technology, combining Far Infrared Rays (FIR), negative ions and amethyst crystals. Time spent on the mat relieves pain and joint stiffness, reduces stress and fatigue, boosts the immune system, burns calories and many other healthful benefits. Infrared Rays, nature’s invisible light and most

beneficial light wave, penetrate skin and increase circulation to detoxify the body of harmful toxins. The FIR can increase blood flow and clean the arteries (which means it can help lower blood pressure), release toxins, increase metabolism, heal soft tissue and relax muscles. Negative Ions are Nature’s Energizer. Ion particles cleanse and purify the air we breathe. Amethyst bolsters the production of the hormones

and strengthens the cleansing organs, the circulatory system and blood, the immune system and body metabolism. Be proactive about your health and well being. A good nights sleep on the BioMat or a mere 30 minute nap, can go a long way to ensuring a healthier, happier you. Call The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit to schedule an appointment to try the BioMat. 314.725.6767.

St Louis Aquatic Healing Center offers state of the art, cutting edge alternative health therapies for health, healing, balancing and detoxification. Many of our therapies can only be found at St Louis Aquatic such as: The MG-PRO, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise, widely used in Eastern Europe for 30 years with extensive research behind it; cleaning and

promoting cell repair and regeneration; The Quantum Pulse frequency generator, successfully eradicates many viruses and pathogens; Watsu/Wassertanzen, warm water shiatsu therapy to relieve pain and revitalize organs, and Cranial Sacral Therapy in the pool, all the benefits of CST amplified by the water. We also offer T-Zone, Whole Body Vibration for health and fitness, Nutri-

Energetics Systems (NES) health evaluation and therapy to promote the body’s natural healing and detoxification, far-infrared sauna, ionic foot soaks, ear candling, lymphatic drainage, other therapeutic massages and much more. Call, email or visit our websites for more information. 314-432-5228,,,

An Integrated Approach To Healing & Wellness

Deborah Zorensky, rD, LD, CCN


St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center Kathleen Huber Christ Licensed Massage Therapist Internationally Certified in Watsu/ Wassertanzen Water Massage

Natural Peacefulness For The Whole Body

314-432-5228 •

Cutting edge nutrition for: • Autism • Auto-Immune Disorders • Cancer • Digestive Problems • Fibromyalgia • Food Allergies & Sensitivities • Learning Disabilities

For more information contact Deborah Zorensky, RD, LD, CCn, Clinical nutritionist at The Center For Mind, Body, Spirit, 7649 Delmar, 314-725-6767.

H o l i s t i c D E N tA l c A R E BioLogiCAL DENTiSTry Michael g. rehme, DDS, CCN & Associates

314-997-2550 at the corner of Ballas & Clayton Roads

ronald Schoolman, DDS rodney Lofton, DDS

636-458-9090 16976 Manchester Road, Wildwood, MO 63040

Our approach to holistic health includes the entire body and the oral cavity is no exception. We are dedicated to serving our patients and promoting a level of health care that carefully evaluates and reviews the use of dental materials, dental procedures and also offers dietary and nutritional support for each and every individual that is seen in our office.

Did you know that examining the mouth can reveal the presence of illnesses or unstable conditions in other areas of the body? If you feel like you’ve just about exhausted all your options in your search for better health, have your mouth examined with a different approach in mind. Get motivated, get educated, and get ready to participate in a

health-oriented lifestyle that will provide dental alternatives and a nutritional foundation designed to help support your own body’s healing powers.

The focus of holistic dentistry is to consider the mouth as a part of the whole body. We use materials and methods that are more compatible biologically with the body instead of the traditional dental materials. Examples of non-compatible materials are mercury fillings, non-precious heavy metal crowns, bridges and partials or dentures. Alternatives to fluoride are used

for the prevention of cavities. Proper alignment of the jaws and teeth are the foundation of how the body perceives itself in space. The result of improper alignment can result in symptoms of headache, ears ringing, loss of hearing, pain in the head and neck and clenching or grinding of the teeth. Good nutrition is inseparable for good

health. If your diet consists of food and drink made with white flour, sugar and no fresh fruits and vegetables, your body is likely to be acidic with resultant more medical and dental problems. For your dental evaluation contact our office for an appointment by calling 636-4589090 or email at

For more information visit our website at


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April, 2013

HealtHy Planet HaPPenInGS April 3 Green FAir At StLCC FLoriSSAnt VALLey 10:30am-1:00pm. St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley 7th annual Green Fair. The Green Fair will take place outdoors in the Quad area of the Florissant Valley campus, 3400 Pershall Road in Ferguson. In the event of inclement weather, the Green Fair will take place in the Student Center Multipurpose Room. April 5 triViA niGht At the SouL-eSteem Center Doors open at 6 and Trivia begins at 7pm at the SEC, 105 Progress Parkway, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. Tickets are $20 per person and $160 for a table of 8. Light snacks, soda, beer and wine are included. Cash prizes, silent auction, 50/50 and raffle items will be offered! Bring your friends and family! Tickets are available on-line at (click on the eventbrite link), or by calling 314-275-7685. Remaining tickets sold at the door. April 6, 8, 10 rio + 20: WhAt Went WronG? Airs on KNLC Channel 24 4/06 at noon & 4/10 at 5:30 pm and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 4/08 at 8:00 p.m. What was Rio +20? Why did so many regard it as a failure? Green Time connects by skype with Anne Petermann, of Global Justice Ecology Project. She explains that privatization of nature under the “green” economy is causing massive land grabs around the world. April 9 inteGrAtinG ALternAtiVe mediCine With ConVentionAL mediCine FREE Monthly Seminar and Discussion - Integrating Alternative Medicine with Conventional Medicine - Learn how to build your immune system and take charge of your health. If you are suffering from chronic conditions, you'll learn why you don't have to live with your "incurable" symptoms anymore. Topics covered include: Cancer, Heart Disease/Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Nutrition, and many more. You should come to this discussion also if you feel, "My Doctor said everything is fine! Then why do I feel so lousy?" Second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm at our healing clinic - Prevention and Healing, Inc., Dr. Simon Yu, M.D., Board Certified Internist, 10908 Schuetz Road, St. Louis, MO 63146, Weaving Internal Medicine with Alternative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer. Call to verify meeting date; seating is limited, arrive early, 314-432-7802. See patient success stories at April 9 SuStAinAbiLity in PrACtiCe At hiGher eduCAtion inStitutionS Two nearby universities are in the spotlight April 9 for their latest outstanding pursuits of sustainable design, construction & operations. Their presentations, sponsored by the Missouri Gateway Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, will provide snapshots of current sustainability projects “right in our own backyard.” Meeting attendees will learn about several Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville initiatives, including a successful campus bike-share program and a half dozen construction projects currently in progress that are seeking LEED certification. Also on the agenda will be Missouri Science &Technology’s campus-wide geothermal energy efforts integrating holistic environmental stewardship into education, research and administrative activities. Images of their Solar House Team and Solar Village in Rolla will round out the evening’s program. The meeting will be held at Alberici Headquarters, 8800 Page (63114) April 9 starting at 5:30 pm with networking. The presentation will begin at 6:15 and conclude at 7:30 with Q&A. Besides USGBC, the program is co-sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Chapter of Construction Specifications Institute. USGBC-MGC members, CSI members and full-time students are admitted free. Non-members pay $20. Pre-registration is required at or by calling (314) 577-0225. April 9 & 23 hAVe heALth QueStionS? 6:00pm. Join us the 1st/3rd Tuesdays of each month at Atlas Institute of Health for a doctor hosted workshop on health and upper cervical spinal care. Attendees will receive a complimentary neurologic exam and gluten free pizza will be served. Reservations call 636-527-3015,

April 11 WhAt'S uP With GLuten? Since Roman times bread has been referred to as The Staff of Life, a necessary staple of the human diet. Today, more and more people have some to suspect that breads, specifically gluten, may be having a significant negative impact on health. What is it about gluten anyway? Gluten sensitivities have been proposed as a possible factor in thyroid problems, attention deficit, skin conditions and digestive health problems. If you suspect you have Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) how can you know for sure? Join Dr. Gould for an informative class on the nutritional science and physical impact of gluten. Cost: $5. Held 4/11, 6:30 pm at Whole Foods Town and Country, 1160 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Town and Country, MO 63017. To register call (636) 527-1160 or visit April 12-13 the 2nd AnnuAL WebSter uniVerSity SuStAinAbiLity ConFerenCe themed Sustainability: Our Common Future, will be held April 12 and 13 at the campus. View link... April 13 & 14 PrimordiAL Sound meditAtion CLASS Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation program developed by Dr. Deepak Chopra. Class will be held at the Mercy Center, 2039 North Geyer Road, St. Louis, MO. Contact Shirley Stoll for more information or registration: 800-706-1144 or Learn how to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Resolve to meditate in 2013! April 13, 15, 17, 2013 StoP the tAKeoVer oF nAture Airs on KNLC Channel 24 4/13 at noon & 4/17 at 5:30 pm and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 4/15 at 8:00 p.m. Fred Raines and Henry Robertson look at environmental problems with schemes like emissions trading and cap-and-trade. They explain that “reversing the trend toward a globalized financial economy” means both supporting local efforts and managing a commons sustainably.

April 15 Free introduCtory CLASS on the WorK oF byron KAtie The Work of Byron Katie is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that ends suffering. It is a method that enables people to inquire into their stressful thoughts and set themselves free. Bestselling author and teacher Byron Katie often says, “I can’t let go of my stressful thinking, but I inquire into it and it lets go of me.” Through The Work, many have experienced this phenomenon and have found deeper peace, more intimate relationships and a growing sense of rightness with themselves. It also helps bring peace to those with tough bosses, disputes with parents, dealing with emotions surrounding divorce, loss of loved ones, and more. Free class to be held at 7pm by Bryan Wagner, Certified Facilitator, at Community Acupuncture of St. Louis, 2006 S. 39th Street, STL. For directions and more information,

April 15 Free monthLy WeLLneSS SuPPort GrouP Come and enjoy an evening of fellowship, learning opportunities in Medical Spiritual Information and exercises to strengthen your journey in managing your plan of care and treatment. Support Group Leaders: Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. and Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div. When: Third Tuesday each month (with an occasional exception) at 6:30 pm. at our healing clinic, Prevention and Healing, Inc., Dr. Simon Yu, M.D., Board Certified Internist, 10908 Schuetz Road, St Louis, MO 63146, Weaving Internal Medicine with Alternative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer. Call to verify meeting date, 314-432-7802. For more information, read the article on our web site at titled "New Medicine, New Biology: Spiritual Wellness, Spiritual Assessment, and Spiritual Care."

April 15 ConneCtinG your heALth betWeen your teeth And body FREE Monthly Seminar and Discussion. Connecting Your Health Between Your Teeth and Body. You may not realize it, but your teeth and gums may be making you ill or weakening your immune system. Hidden infections. Unresolved illness. Find out what may be happening between your teeth and body and what to do about it. Discover how infection and illness transfer between the teeth and body. Understand how biological dentistry focuses on your overall health. Learn about what dental materials are compatible with wellness, mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings,the impact of dental procedures, how certain dental procedures can influence your body, and nutritional therapy that supports a healthy mouth. Third Tuesday Each Month, 6:30 pm at the Holistic Dentistry office of, and presented by, Dr. Michael Rehme, D.D.S., C.C.N. (Certified Clinical Nutritionist), 2821 N. Ballas Rd, Suite 245, St. Louis, MO 63131. A Healthy Choice for Dental Care. Call to verify seminar date and reserve your space at 314-997-2550. See Patient Success Stories at

April 20 do you hAVe An unreSoLVed diAGnoSiS? 9-5. Restore your health today by balancing your body chemistry to heal naturally, without the use of medicine. DNA based nutrition, exercises and product demonstrations holistically improving your health and wellness. Register today: or call 1-866-585-0732.




April 20 WebSter GroVeS herb SoCiety 41St AnnuAL herb SALe Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the First Congregational Church in Webster Groves, at Elm and Lockwood Avenues, from 8:30 to 2 pm. Not just the largest of the herb sales in the St. Louis metro area, but the one with the greatest selection of herbs- All from Missouri growers meeting the certification requirements of the State of Missouri. No other sale has the varieties of basils, lavenders, rosemarys, thymes, sages, mints and more as found at the WGHS sale. This year visitors will be offered their very own personal assistant shopper and multiple ideas for theme gardens. The Scholarship Raffle prize will be a basket of items made from Elderberries-the 2013 Herb of the Year. There is no entrance fee and plenty of free parking. For more information call 314-739-9925 or 314-303-8548. April 20 Free SeminAr: Are you SuFFerinG From PeriPherAL neuroPAthy? Are you dealing with chronic pain and numbness in your feet or hands? Do you wake up at night because your legs and feet will not stay still? Are you having difficulty walking? Are Balance Problems and vertigo preventing you from living your life? Dr. Adam Hughes, DC is presenting a free seminar on Peripheral Neuropathy on April 20th at 12 p.m.. Dr. Hughes will be discussing basic information about Neuropathy and why it occurs. He will also be presenting functional and natural ways to help support those with Neuropathy without the use of drugs or surgery. If you or someone you love is suffering from this condition, than this is a seminar you do not want to miss. Seats are Limited. Please R.S.V.P. and call 314-646-0013 to reserve a spot. The seminar will be held at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Ctr. in Brentwood. 2001 S. Hanley Rd, suite 220. April 20, 22, 24 A darker Shade of Green Airs on KNLC Channel 24 4/20 at noon & 4/24 at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and KNLC Channel 24-2 4/22 at 8:00 p.m. International agreements could actually hasten the destruction of forests. Jim Scheff, of Kentucky Heartwood, cautions against losing sight of the importance of forests for a variety of species, medicines, spiritual uses, subsistence gathering, and various other ecosystem services. April 22 eArth dAy FeStiVAL See page 3 or back cover.

APRIL 23 - MAY 5 FABULOUS FOX THEATRE 314-534-1111 •

April 22 the eFFeCtS oF Poor nutrition, toXiCity, & deFiCienCy Are your food choices and environment affecting your health? Now, more than ever, we must all learn the proper tools to improve and protect our health. In this class, you’ll learn strategies to choose the right foods and supplements to avoid nutritional deficiency and toxicity. Our instructor, Esther, is a holistic health practitioner who is passionate about nutrition, having healed herself from debilitating Lupus symptoms through nutrition and complementary therapies. Class will be held Monday, April 22 at 7:30pm at Holistic Fitness, 7501 Murdoch Ave, Shrewsbury, MO

April, 2013 63119. (Office is near I-44 at the Shrewsbury Ave Exit). Space is limited, RSVP with your phone and email address to 314-6473999 or Class is only $10, payable at the door. April 22 EffortlEss WEight loss 7-8 p.m. Diets typically don't work but making small changes in your daily eating can yield big weight loss results. Two of our practitioners, Noel Jensen, L.Ac. and Julie Evans-Vitale, CSN, CPT, will share “Ten Simple Rules for Good Eating” that will help you lose weight, feel great adn improve your health. This lecture is free to the public and will be held at Nutrition Clinic, 116 Holloway Rd, Suite B, Ballwin, MO. Call or email to RSVP as space is limited. 636-386-3333 or April 23 AmEricAn rEd cross EArth dAy fAir You’re invited to help the American Red Cross celebrate Earth Day 2013 at the Earth Day Fair at the Red Cross Biomedical Services Missouri-Illinois Regional Headquarters at 4050 Lindell Blvd. on Tuesday, April 23, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Door prizes, giveaways & raffle prizes. Our goal is to educate visitors about Earth Day and the participating organizations. For more information call (314) 658-2109. April 24 frEE clAss, BrAin PoWEr nUtrition Do you experience brain fog, inattention, poor memory or mental fatigue? Well, here is a class you will not want to miss! The brain is truly the command center for the body. Attention difficulties, brain fog and fatigue can all be signs that your brain is in need of balancing and nourishment. There are foods to eat or avoid that may impact the health of the brain. Nutritional supplements can have a positive impact as well. Cost: Free. Held 4/24, 7:00 pm at The Healing Center, 734 DeMun Ave in Clayton. For details or to register call 314-727-2120 or visit April 26 EArth dAy crAft fAir & ElEctronics rEcycling Jefferson Intermediate School in St. Charles is hosting an Earth Day Craft Fair and Electronics Recycling event. Craft Fair, 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Electronics & appliance recycling is from Noon to 7 pm. Jefferson Intermediate School, 2660 Zumbehl Road, St. Charles, MO 63301. April 27 coffEE & conVErsAtion thE Art of sUstAinABlE liVing Saturday, April 27 10AM - 1PM. Indoor Galleries. Learn what you can do to be “green”, including tips and resources on reducing, reusing, recycling and composting, energy efficiency adn water conservation. Increase our environmental literacy and make a green work of art. Join Laumeier docent, Katy Mike Smaistrla, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Missouri, St. Louis for this workshop on sustainable living. FREE. For more information call 314-615-5277. April 27, 29, may 1 rEdd AlErt Airs on KNLC Channel 24 4/27 at noon & 5/01 at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and KNLC Channel 24-2 4/29 at 8:00 p.m. Jim Scheff explains how a forest differs from a tree plantation and how it would be possible to cut native forests under the REDD agreement. He describes how forests can be changed from being a carbon sink into a carbon source. April 28 Using yoUr intUition With AromAthErAPy 1:00 – 4:00 pm. For those seeking to discover what lies beyond the chatter of the mind. Donna Nicks will offer practical tips on how to trust your hunches in choosing the best essential oil to use. Enjoy the lecture, take part in a spiritual exercise and get hands-on experience making a personalized essential oil product. Cost: $20. Held at Cheryl's Herbs. Visit Please call in advance for a reservation 314-6452165. may 4 hUgE PlAnt sAlE EVEnt!! The Webster Groves Women’s Garden Association will offer truckloads of donated perennials from local gardens (including hosta, ferns, woodland plants, daylilies, butterfly favorites, and Plants of Merit) with Master Gardeners on hand to answer your questions. The event will also feature annuals & hanging baskets, container gardens, “Garden Treasures” Resale, and a Westlake Hardware gift certificate raffle! Just in time for Mother’s Day! Come see why patrons return to our sale year after year! Join us rain or shine Saturday, May 4th, 8a.m. to 1p.m. at the Webster Groves Masonic Lodge (12 E. Lockwood, next to City Hall at Elm). Proceeds benefit community gardening projects and horticultural learning outreach in the schools.

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