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Experts in the April 2014 edition Barry Nguyen 7 Benefits of Strength Training Barry is a strength and conditioning expert and physiotherapist who is an authority in lifestyle change and chronic disease therapy. He is the director of Physioeasy and is well known in the health industry.

Melanie Mcgrice 4 warning signs of a bad diet you may be ignoring Melanie is a dietitian who is the spokesperson for the Dietitian's Association of Australia. She provides lead support for all the dietitians in the Nutritionplus chain.

Clare Singleton Don’t let a stiff back stop you staying active! Clare is a sports physiotherapist and is the director of embrace sports medicine. She has a desire to help patients to help themselves Adele Braun Every massage is different, choose wisely Adele is a remedial massage therapist and expert in soft tissue therapies. She is leading wellness provider and also a director at Bodymotion Physiotherapy

Jono Freeman Training your trunk the right way Jono is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Sport Scientist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is a lecturer and is director of JF Health and Performance

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna The one thing we should do more Nathalie is an Mindfulness Coach and Life Vision Stylist.. She is passionate about showing people how to sustainably catapult their health and happiness to the next level.

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t has been a an exciting month preparing for the launch of our second edition of The Health Box magazine. What was planned to be a small, local publication promoting the physiotherapy service for myself and a colleague had suddenly taken a sharp turn and the magazine you are reading now is the result. Over the years I have been concerned regarding the quality of health information that is presented to the public. In reality anyone can publish a website and make it look like an credible source. We are currently in the information age, but I believe that it should be more accurately described as the age of information overload. It is quite exciting that we have some high profile contributors who have appeared on national media, large magazines, and also lecturers at universities. As in our last edition we also bring you up to date health research and health information from reputable universities and professional health associations. Our aim is to be a reputable source of health information that is easy to understand, provides practical tips for health improvement, and educates the public on health issues. It would be nice to eventually be distributed Australia wide and also gain a strong readership through our online version. This is no doubt a long road to walk down, but the journey has already begun.

Arthur Lee

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