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Spring 2018 Newsletter

On the Cover

Demo days at Syracuse University’s Archbold Photo by Andy Stoffle

A Note from Jeremy For the past 11 years, I have traveled to Albany to attend the presentation of Best Company awards. Each year it gets harder to get the motivation to drive the 2+ hours after work and then drive home at 11 pm. This year was no different. As a matter of fact, I almost didn’t go this year and assumed they would just mail us the plaque. In the early years, a group of our team members went out and we filled an entire table. As years progressed, fewer and fewer people wanted to make the trip so I started heading out alone. I would skip the social hour and arrive at what I thought was the point during the program where they would start the presentation of the awards. Each year the banquet has gotten larger and larger, so I would sneak in and find my spot at a table of strangers, wait to be called, and then leave as soon as I collected our plaque.

categories. My fingers are crossed, hoping we are not the first on the medium company list…no, #19 is William Matar, PC. The announcements continue and we are not called as they cross into the top 15, then we approach the top 10, which is the highest ranking we have reached in the past. They call #10… It’s not us! The announcements continue… Now we approach the top 5 and we still haven’t been called. At this point I am really wishing more of our team attended to celebrate what could be a #1 ranking. Number 5 called, not us, number 4 called, not us. Then, just when I thought we could make the top of the list, we are called at #3. A slight wave of disappointment crosses over me, but then it quickly passes with excitement over being so high on the list.

This year, after what seems like hours, the awards presentation finally starts at 8:15 pm. Like the last few years, I sit at a table with a group of people I don’t know. We exchange pleasantries and express support for each other as the awards presentation begins. This year the company groupings are split into three categories: small, medium, and large. In the 10 previous years, small and medium businesses were in the same group. This year they announce 19 companies in the medium category, 27 in the small, and 24 in the large.

What does it mean to be one of the top three Best Companies to Work for in NYS? I think it speaks highly of everyone that puts on a Hayner Hoyt, Doyner, or LeMoyne hard hat and goes to work each day. It takes all of us to create a culture that is considered a Best in Class work environment. Being a supportive team member, taking the time to help someone to learn our industry or a skill, and being part of a team that delivers a quality building to a happy customer all create a rewarding environment that make coming to work a little easier. After all, this is a very challenging industry and having the reputation we do, we place a heavy burden on our team to always be accountable to our customers and exceed their expectations.

They start by calling #27 in the small company category, then work their way to #24 where they start alternating between small and large company announcements, and finally #19 when they begin calling medium companies, now alternating between all three

I am proud of all of you, and I appreciate your efforts and contributions that make us one of the Best Companies to Work for in NYS. Let’s claim #1 next year!

Jeremy Thurston President

featured work

redhouse arts center

point place casino

van duyn center for nursing

crouse health staff drop-off

Project Team THHC: Sam Doss (PM), Dale Coss (PS), Aaron Devereaux (PE), Jerry Marlow (E) Lemoyne: Kody Parkhurst (S), Mike Whalen (PM)

Project Team Maggie Werts (PM), Andy Stoffle (PS), Bob Young (PS), Conor Utter (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E), Tim Dunn (PX), Caleb Cramer (APM), Jack Dauler (S), Chuck Monnell (F)

Project Team THHC: Pat Swain (PM), Eric Taber (PS), Jacek Bartczak (PE), Jerry Marlow (E) Lemoyne: Tom Kiselica (S), Marty Livingston (S), Steve Gordon (PM) Doyner: Jeff Malay

Project Team Adam Legg (PM), Ben Winstead (PS), Caleb Cramer (APM), MJ Park (PE), Jeff Beckwith (E)

The 40,000 sq ft arts center held its first performance on March 9th. The center claims three adaptable theaters with flexible seating arrangements and showcases some wall tile and re-purposed salvaged windows from the original Sibley’s building.

After an aggressive 9 months with construction and design running concurrently, the 68,000 sq ft casino was completed ahead of schedule. Unique features include an indoor wood burning fire pit, custom canoe lighting fixtures, and heated outdoor patios.

We completed a 5,000 sq ft addition/renovation that closed off what used to be a drive-thru drop-off to create a new main entrance and reception area that includes seating, a cafe area, a couple small conference rooms, a water wall, and electric fireplace.

The newly renovated staff drop-off location includes seating and a canopied entryway to protect from the elements. We’re also currently working on Phase 2 of the Emergency Services project to move the urgent care center next to the main emergency room.

the transformation from VNA to nascentia health



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It takes a village. The transformation from VNA to Nascentia Health brought all three companies together to construct the headquarters for the new Nascentia Health brand directly adjacent to their old office building that was originally built in 1921. The first phase was completed back in January when the new 47,000 sf facility became operational. Highly energy efficient, it was constructed with layers of rigid spray foam insulation and an energy recovery unit that makes it easy to heat and cool the building. Many breakout huddle rooms and shared common

spaces, including a kitchen, break room, and gym, facilitate higher employee engagement. Designed by King + King Architects, the new facility is 15,000 sf larger than the old space with color-coded floors. The whole facility was developed with a calming atmosphere in mind. Now we are well into phase two. After extensive asbestos abatement, the old VNA facility is being demolished to make way for a courtyard and additional parking.

** *

Interior insights with kevin parkhurst

We’re online!

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vice president

Redhouse Arts Center

Kody Parkhurst (S), Mike Whalen (PM)

Van Duyn Center for Nursing

Tom Kiselica & Marty Livingston (S), Steve Gordon (PM)

VNA (Nascentia Health)

Buddy Maiura (S), Mike Whalen (PM)

As you all know, safety is the companies’ number one priority. To kickoff employment, new recruits undergo a 7-hour safety training with Mark Foley. The safety training we do are for your benefit—we want to keep you alive and well! One of our new hires was very attentive during his session and the awareness he gained helped him avoid what could have been a bad accident in the field. Always work safe. If there’s ever any doubt, contact Mike, Rodger, Steve, or myself for help. Summer is finally on the way. We recently completed some exciting work at Redhouse Arts Center, VNA (Nascentia Health), Addis Building, St. James Church, Van Duyn, and Casino Blu (at Turning Stone), along with several small projects at the State Tower building, and G&C Foods, and several for Parsons McKenna, CBD, and Esposito. We’re currently working at Stewart Avenue in Ithaca, Archbold at Syracuse University, ARC in Newark, the Bank Tower in Ithaca, and a two-story office building in Ithaca. We also have ten KeyBank remodels around central New York and several small projects at Syracuse University and Colgate University. In an effort to maintain our momentum, we recently bid on work for a new building at Utica College, a manufacturing facility in Cortland, Everson Museum, and another project for Esposito. We’re anticipating a productive summer with plenty of overtime. Enjoy the season!

Masonry Mention with Jim Polakiewicz Director of Operations

Above: Jeff Malay and Noah Gerbig repairing the historic Oak Knitting Mills Below: Scissor and boom lift training at Van Rensselaer apartment complex

It’s been a productive season of work with repeat customers, training and giving back. Between various on-site safety sessions, new and continuing projects, and the 2018 Syracuse Heart Walk, the Doyner team has been keeping busy and making a positive impact in the community.

Above: Doug Hammond demonstrates fundamental masonry techniques for a Utica College class Below: MCAA training day for local masons

Above: Hilti safety training on powder-actuated tools Below: Team Doyner raised over $6,000 for the Heart Walk! Nice work!

safety first with Stu Cavuto, Mark Foley and Jim swinnerton

On May 11, THHC participated in OSHA’s national fall protection Safety Stand-Down. At 10 AM, all of us stopped what we were doing to think about fall protection safety. Much like a moment of silence, the stoppage was meant to make people think. In this case, we were thinking about injuries. We thought of the people that have suffered, the causes of injuries and ways to prevent them in the future—from the largest projects to single person jobs. At each site, as well as here at headquarters, everyone partook in training and review of fall protection standards. The goal that day was to focus on preventing injuries by increasing awareness of potential hazards. Working from a common theme, Hayner Hoyt, Doyner and LeMoyne team members, as well as some subcontractors, discussed safe procedures while working at height. It was exciting to see how different crews worked to sharpen their fall protection skills. Some sites reviewed policy and procedures, others demonstrated tools and equipment. Everyone shared and learned from one another. Probably the most rewarding was seeing senior workers mentoring the newest, so that they may enjoy a long and healthy career. The fall protection Stand-Down was our most ambitious safety effort. Over 120 workers on 15 sites joined in the Stand-Down. It was a dramatic way to highlight our fall protection efforts. I am happy to say the Stand-Down was a success. I am even happier to add it was just one small part of our company-wide effort to ensure everyone goes home safely. Each day all of our sites are inspected for hazards, daily meetings are conducted and weekly “tool box” talks are held to ensure the safety of everyone at work. The Safety Division works closely with the team to identify potential hazards and ensure site safety. “Safety doesn’t come by accident” is more than just a play on words, it is how we approach each day. Our safety record is not a matter of luck. Reduced injuries and accidents are achieved by a combination of planning and training. It is a team effort. All of us at the three companies are committed to creating a safe work place. Your loved ones count on you coming home every day. We are dedicated to making and keeping that a reality.

playing it safe

with Vadim Potorac Network administrator To expand on the subject from last quarter’s newsletter, email is one of the primary ways we communicate. We not only use this technology every day for work, but also to stay in touch with friends and family. Since so many people depend on this technology, it has become a primary focus for cyber-attacks. Phishing is a type of attack that uses email service to fool you into taking an action you should not take, such as clicking on a malicious link or opening an infected email attachment. These messages are often convincing and have a level of urgency or curiosity that is difficult to resist. They may look like they came from someone or a trusted company you know and may even have the correct logo or a forged email address to increase legitimacy. Protecting Yourself In almost all cases, opening and reading an email is fine. For a phishing attack to work, you typically need to be tricked into taking some kind of action. Fortunately, there are clues that a message is an attack. Here are the most common ones: • A tremendous sense of urgency that demands “immediate action” before something bad happens, like threatening to close an account or send you to jail • A generic salutation like “Dear Customer.” Most companies or friends contacting you know your name. •R  equesting highly sensitive information, such as your credit card number, password, or any other information that a legitimate sender should already know •T  he message says it comes from an official organization, but has poor grammar or spelling or uses a personal email address like @gmail.com •T  he message comes from an official email (such as your boss) but has a Reply-To address going to someone’s personal email account • You receive a message from someone you know, but the tone or wording doesn’t sound like him or her. If you are suspicious, call the sender to verify they sent it. Ultimately, common sense is your best defense. If an email or message seems odd, suspicious, or too good to be true, it may be a phishing attack.

safety bucks program In early March the Companies rolled out a new safety incentive program called Safety Bucks. The program is designed to encourage all team members to go above and beyond to protect the Companies and individuals from potential safety hazards, look ahead and recognize potential safety hazards in the work we are about to start, develop a new idea to improve our safety performance, or any other idea that generally helps us be safer as a whole. Individuals can be nominated by Supervisors, Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Department members, and/or Senior Leadership. Any supervisory team member that would like to nominate someone simply has to send an email or make a call to Stu Cavuto to recommend Safety Bucks for another individual. Stu will let Jeremy know and Safety Bucks will be issued in $5, $10, or $20 coupons. The individual receiving the Safety Bucks will be tracked and can redeem the Safety Bucks when they have accrued enough to purchase something from a company sponsored catalogue. In addition to receiving the Safety Bucks, the top three earners of safety bucks at the end of the calendar year will receive a special gift at the following service awards banquet.

safety bucks rankings as of 5/1/18 Tom Kiselica $25 Tim Brzuszkiewicz $20 Jason Wheeler $20 Noah Bishop $20 (three separate awards on two different jobs, great job Noah!)

Chris Bullock $20 Kody Parkhurst $20

A total of 28 Team Members have been awarded Safety Bucks through 5/1. We have received some feedback that perhaps the program does not have the instant gratification it needs to be as effective as we would like it to be. The Safety Committee met and has created a couple additional incentives to boost the program. Moving forward (not retro actively), in addition to Safety Bucks coupons, recipients will receive raffle tickets in an equal quantity to the Safety Bucks they receive. For example, a $5 Safety Bucks recipient will also receive (5) raffle tickets, $20 will receive (20) tickets etc. Each month there will be a Safety Bucks drawing that the individuals receiving Safety Bucks during that month will be entered into. The safety department will draw a ticket on the first Monday of the following month and identify a winner. Those that don’t win will be put aside for a drawing at the end of the year for a grand prize, but will not be eligible for the subsequent months. The prizes will be the following: June (drawing July 2) = $100 Home Depot Gift Card July (drawing August 6) = Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler ($199 value) August = $100 Lowes Gift Card September = $100 Bass Pro Gift Card October = Apple TV ($179 value) November = $200 Home Depot Gift Card December = iPad mini ($399 value) December Year-End Grand Prize Drawing = TBD (this will be the re-entry of all raffle tickets that were not selected during the year. Previous winning tickets will not be re-entered.) 2019 to be announced In addition to the raffle aspect, we are also going to revamp the catalogue to reduce the purchase price of the content to stretch the Safety Bucks further. More to come! Be well and be safe!

all-company highlights You’re probably not surprised, but we’re kind of a BIG deal! We were ranked third this year on the Best Companies to Work in New York State list for medium-size companies— our highest rank yet! We also received the Spirit of Caring Campaign Commitment award from United Way for our extensive employee participation and corporate match workplace campaign. Thank you to all of our employees for helping to build our community. We’re quite the team!

think you’re a photographer?

If you take a cool photo in the field, send it to kweaver@haynerhoyt.com with a brief description for a chance to be featured on our social channels. Follow @haynerhoyt on Instagram!

The 2018 Service Awards Banquet was held on Friday, May 11 at Turning Stone Resort Casino. A huge thank you to all of our employees for their years of dedication and service. Turn to the back page for a list of this year’s honorees.

HR Corner with Terri Anderson

Director, Human Resources Do you have a student graduating from high school or college this year? As summer (finally) approaches, you may be making plans for a vacation or special family event. If you have a child graduating from high school or college, a child taking a leave from college or a child turning 26 in 2018, you have one more task to add to your summer to do list: making arrangements for your child’s continued medical, dental, and vision insurance. Medical, dental and vision insurance carriers have different rules regarding dependent coverage based on state and federal regulations and the dependent’s age and student status. All dependents are eligible to remain on their parent’s medical insurance until age 26 regardless of whether the dependent is attending college or not. Dependent coverage is canceled on the last day of the month in which they turn age 26. For dental insurance, dependents are covered until age 18. Dependent children enrolled in college can remain on their parent’s dental insurance but the enrolled parent must complete a student waiver each year to continue dental coverage. Dental coverage is canceled when the student is no longer attending college, reaches age 25, or graduates from college—whichever comes first.

Dependent children can remain on their parent’s vision insurance until age 26 regardless of student status. Coverage ends on the last day of the month in which they turn 26. If you have a dependent that will be losing medical, dental or vision insurance, there are a couple options for continued coverage. • The dependent is eligible to continue their current company sponsored medical, dental and vision insurance at their own expense through COBRA. The continuation period for medical insurance is 36 months and 18 months for dental and vision insurance. • If other coverage is available—hopefully the dependent’s own employer sponsors coverage—the dependent losing coverage is eligible to enroll in the new employer’s coverage as loss of coverage is a “special qualifying event” under the IRS rules. • The dependent can shop for medical coverage on the open market exchanges. Plan information and prices are available at www.newyorkstateofhealth.com.

employee scholarship program

Congratulations to Natalie Condon for winning the 2018-19 $2,500 scholarship!

2018 service awards To all of our employees for your years of hard work and dedication to the team, we thank you! We couldn’t do what we do without you. The 2018 service awards recognize anniversaries achieved in 2017.

625 Erie Boulevard West Syracuse, NY 13204


Jim Polakiewicz


Chad Mikalunas


Jeff Wrobleski John Murabito


Doug Hammond


Steve Gordon Mike Lacey Keith Miller Mike George Ben Winstead

welcome to the team


Jim Swinnerton Craig Duda Jeff Uryniak Mike Sanders Bill Clark Bob Mastro Bud Coon Peter Scheiftic Tom Kaulback

Mike Clemens Jr. Nicole Rio Rebecca Todd Igor Caterenciuc Lucas Floyd Daniel Jamerson

Thomas Peterson Jack Polakiewicz John Marshall Chris Burke Jon Livesay Mike Speach

Jake Bratek Dietrick Roberson Eli Meier Josh Ringer Brien Gorman

company anniversaries March Jerry Drouin (20), Graden Decker (5), Craig Duda (6), Fred Van Riper (7), Keith Clark (10), Glenn Peryea (32), Silvana Oliver (7), Ray Searle (5), Andy Stoffle (12), Jeff Uryniak (6), Kim Rossignol (3), Nick Schermerhorn (3), Andrew Schermerhorn (3), Richard Bates (3), Adam Wood (1), Robert Wood (1), Bill Barker (2), Randy Shantel (2), Tim Brzuszkiewicz (2), Chris Chism (3) April Jason Smith (9), Christopher Blake (9), Jamie Stoffle (5), Lou Poletto (24), Michael Sanders (6), Paul Bullock (8), Jack Buffington (8), Jeff Beckwith (13), Don Janovsky (1) May Rod Hilton (5), William Clark (6), Adam Froelick (1), Calvin Froelick (1), Jim Huxford (33), Gary Thurston (40), Luke Johnson (3), Gus Hernandez (13), James Stokes (3), Jacek Bartczak (3), Jeremy Thurston (20), Sheila Nelson (4), Mike Speach (1), Conor Utter (2), Bill Smith (7), Tim Kelley (14), Brian Alguire (8), Matt Herron (5), Bob Mastro (6), Dan Phinney (12)

A special congratulations to our leading father-son team. Gary Thurston celebrates his 40th anniversary and Jeremy Thurston celebrates his 20th anniversary this year. Thank you for making this a great place to work!

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Hayner Hoyt Spring 2018 Newsletter  

The latest news for The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, LeMoyne Interiors and Doyner, Inc.

Hayner Hoyt Spring 2018 Newsletter  

The latest news for The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, LeMoyne Interiors and Doyner, Inc.