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Winter 2018 Newsletter

On the Cover

It’s not every day we get to use a 600 ton crane! This one put a new cooling tower on the roof of the old Sibley’s building to serve the new Redhouse Arts Center.

A Note from Jeremy

finished works

I drafted what I thought was a great note about safety for this quarter’s issue of the newsletter. Then I read a draft of the newsletter and saw what Stu Cavuto wrote for the “Safety First” section and realized I could not say it any better. He completely stole my thunder. Be sure to read that section, it is a great article. To echo Stu’s note a bit, safety is everyone’s responsibility and we want to promote that as much as we can. We had a great discussion at the last safety committee meeting. Some wonderful ideas came forward that we will be implementing soon that involve a return of a safety incentive program in a couple forms, and the institution of regular training and refreshers on safety for all employees. Stay tuned, I think the suggestions were outstanding and I encourage more employees to participate on the safety committee or share ideas to improve our safety culture. We were notified a few weeks ago that we have been named a Best Company to Work for in NYS for the 11th consecutive year. It is good to know that our team members believe we are a great place to work, because we try very hard to offer great benefits and to make our business a home for all employees. This is a stressful business and we place a lot of pressure on our people to make us the Constructor of Choice in the Markets we Serve. Some people may not always feel as though we are a great place to work, and I would encourage anyone that is feeling that way to speak up. We may not be able to fix or address every concern, but if we don’t know about it, there is certainly nothing we can do. Perhaps in voicing your feelings we can have a discussion that will improve the situation not only for the person that raised the concern, but for others that may feel the same way. When someone we value leaves, I take it personally because I consider the companies my home and a place I have invested a considerable portion of my life, as have so many others. I don’t want a valued team member to resign when we could have easily corrected what was bothering them. Thank you for being a member of the team; I appreciate everyone’s efforts and hard work. Jeremy Thurston President

nascentia health/VNA

The first day of operations at the new 47,000 square foot Nascentia Health headquarters was January 29. This three-story new construction replaces the old building next door which we will be demolishing to make room for a courtyard and additional parking. ProjectTeam: Team: Sam Jeff Indivero (PM), Vinnie (PS), Project Doss (PM), Dale CossMowers (PS), Luke Johnson (PE),(PE), Jerry Marlow (E) (E) Aaron Devereaux Jerry Marlow

tin woodman’s flask

Project Team: Fred Van Riper (PM), Brian Kiddle (PS), Matt Roner (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E)

The exterior of the 17,000 square foot Oneida Indian Nation liquor store features impressive LED lighting that mimics the cross section of a tree trunk against a reclaimed wood accent wall. The building is finished in grayish blue aluminum siding with concrete and cedar details.

nye volkswagen

A repeat client in Rome, NY, we completed a phased addition/ renovation project connecting two existing buildings on the lot to create a new service area, work space, waiting area, and renovated showroom and sales offices. Project Team: Maggie Werts (PM), Stacy Sheppard (PS), Jerry Marlow (E)

oin justice center

Project Team: Maggie Werts (PM), Tim Moran (PS), Aaron Devereaux (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E)

This 2,500 square foot addition to the Oneida Indian Nation Courthouse includes a grand, column-lined entry that leads into a tiled foyer and a brand new cherry-wood accented courtroom. Paint, flooring, and the asphalt shingle roof were made to match the original structure.

johnson school of management

The Breazzano Family Center for Business Education is the newest addition to Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management located in Collegetown in Ithaca. A combination of glass and steel, the modern 76,000 square foot, six story building opened in Project Team: Bob Mastro (PM), Kenny Crossway (PS), August 2017. Jacek Bartczak (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E)

Interior insights Although we are a bit slow at the moment, we are coming off a very busy 9-month+ run. During that time we called on our team members to work additional hours and some weekends to accomplish very aggressive schedules. Clients are getting more demanding and we have to be able to respond, or we will fail and damage a relationship. We know personal time is important, but we ask our team to also recognize that if we aren’t able to respond to our customer’s needs, they may go to other companies that will. A handful of people have always been there when we need them and we appreciate that very much. I would ask that those that have historically not been willing to help in our time of need see the position that puts us in and reconsider the next time you get the call. From this point forward, our bonus program will be weighted so that the individuals that are always there for us are provided a larger bonus than those who do not. In other news, we recently completed work at Division Street, Nye Volkswagen, Freemont Plaza, Lansing Methodist Church, Tetra Tech and a handful of small projects at Lockheed and we’re currently working at Redhouse Arts

Radius soffit and walls at Redhouse Arts Center

Soffits, ceilings and walls at Van Duyn

Center, Nascentia Health/VNA, Lockheed, Stewart Avenue in Ithaca and the Addis Building. Some upcoming projects include a project for CBD in Wide Waters, a small project for Parsons called ADP, Community Corners in Ithaca for McPherson, a job called Soft Count for Hayner Hoyt at the Turning Stone Resort Casino, and an upcoming project for Esposito. Remember to be safe and if you’re ever unsure about a situation, don’t hesitate to call Mike, Rodger, Steve or myself for help. Kevin Parkhurst

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to these new and Vice President returning employees: Adam Froelick, Chris Urtz, Lemoyne Interiors, Inc. Brian Field, Steve Whaley, Keith Garrison, Tyler Patrick, Trevor Nourse, Spencer Young, Harold Chism, Andrew Gilchrist, Dalton Sheppard, Nathan Faherty, Albert Merithew, Jordon Deyo, Ryan Riggall and Don Janovsky.

Masonry Mention In mid-November, Jim Polakiewicz co-hosted the first Hard Hats with Heart in the northeast with Al Marzullo of IBEW Local 43 in support of the American Heart Association. Part of the event was held in memory of Jim’s niece to share the message that heart issues don’t discriminate based on age and to raise money for life-saving heart health research. As active members in the MCAA, here are upcoming topics for future meetings: • February “Owner’s University” with a focus on subcontract language, lien rights, bond rights, notice of claims, accounting for construction along with insurance and bonding • March Mason Training Day & Certification focused on mortar for masonry, flashing for masonry, reinforcement and grouting

Van Rensselaer Apartments

We just began work at Van Rensselaer Apartments and are finishing up at Van Duyn. We’ve recently completed work at the Addis Building, Oak Knitting Mills, ACMG, 117 Main Street, City Center, and Saxton Sign. We’ll be wrapping things up at St. James Church, Nascentia Health/ VNA, and Crouse in the spring and starting work at St. Joe’s Cardio and O’Connell Electric. In employee news • Welcome to the team Mike Currier, Noah Gerbig, Jim Cziesler, Chris Howard, Ryan Howard, Marshall Simmonds, and Sam Gerbig • Happy retirement to Dan Weingarten who is working on his golf game in Florida • Wishing a speedy recovery to Greg Perry after his surgery • Congrats to Jim and Cynthia on their recent marriage • Chad Mikalunas and Greg Perry both had successful hunting seasons, good eyes guys.

Van Duyn

Just a reminder to stay safe. Avoid undue hazards by not wearing loose clothing and removing jewelry around the neck or fingers Jim (and Cynthia) Polakiewicz before starting work. Director of Operations Doyner, Inc.

Van Duyn

playing it safe

safety first with Stu Cavuto, Mark Foley

with Vadim Potorac Network administrator

and Jim swinnerton

Safety is a hard thing to quantify. How do you measure something that didn’t happen? If there were no accidents some people would say we “got lucky.” I disagree. The lack of accidents would be the result of a concentrated effort by the entire team. To be clear when I say team, I am not referring to the Safety Division. I am speaking about all of us here at the three companies. It’s been said that “Safety is the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk.” When I first heard that I thought, if we can recognize the hazard, why is there any risk? The largest and loudest dangers are rarely the cause of injuries. Workers are safest when they focus on the hazard. Awareness is highest when the perceived risk is the greatest. On the other hand, the workers most likely to be injured are the ones who do not recognize the hazard or underestimate the dangers around them. We can train workers to identify hazards, getting them to respect hazards takes continuous effort. An easy to understand example; Most anyone that is near a big Payloader instinctively looks up to the driver when the machine starts up. They want to be sure the driver has seen them and that they won’t be in the path of travel. Once the machine makes several trips by an untrained person they become accustomed to the commotion and may assume the driver sees them. This would be the time an accident is most likely to occur. What does all this mean? No one plans on getting hurt at work. Accidents and injuries occur when there is a lapse of safe operation or judgement. That lapse may be as simple as overreaching from a ladder or forgetting to wear your PPE. It could be as dangerous as walking into the path of the Payloader. In a millisecond your life can be altered forever. Consider how your life would change if you were paralyzed in a fall, or suffered a head injury caused by someone else’s carelessness. What would your legacy be if you couldn’t think, speak or see? The Safety Division is working daily to find ways to reduce the likelihood of an injury. Mark, Jim and I are looking at ways to improve safety at your jobsites. But the truth is, your safety starts with YOU. Hi-vis garments, safety glasses and hard hats are just a part of safe work. Other things to consider: How well prepared is the person next to you? Is the jobsite clear and free of debris? Are you aware of the site’s hazards and dangers? Each of us has a responsibility to be safe and work safe. As I have been out on jobsites meeting the team, I have been listening to your thoughts as to how we can do it better. Your comments and suggestions are truly welcome. Many of you have shared ideas as to how we can help make the sites safer as well as document your efforts. Please keep it up. The next great idea may be something YOU are already doing. “Safety First” is not just a catchy title for a newsletter section; at our companies it really is the way we do business.

What makes today’s technology so much more effective for cyber attackers is you cannot physically see them; they can easily pretend to be anything or anyone they want and target millions of people around the world, including you. In addition, social engineering attacks can bypass many security technologies. An example of this is an email from someone you know that comes out of the blue. It will look like their email address and ask you to open a file attachment, or click a link. If it is not something you were expecting, DON’T CLICK ON IT! Also, don’t reply to it because hackers can use an identity that looks identical to someone you know, and if you reply to the same email it may be redirected to the same hacker that is trying to get into your computer and they will respond. Instead, create a new fresh email to the person that claims to have sent the original email using the address you have on file and simply ask if they sent you the email. Chances are they didn’t and they were hacked by a similar tactic. If you suspect someone is trying to trick or fool you, do not communicate with the person anymore and be sure to report it to your information technology team right away. Remember, common sense is often your best defense.


in the community

Salvation Army Distribution Day

SOCIAL ENGINEERING A common misconception most people have about cyber attackers is that they use only highly advanced tools and techniques to hack into people’s computers or accounts. This is simply not true. Cyber attackers have learned that often the easiest way to steal your information, hack your accounts, or infect your systems is by simply tricking you into making a mistake. It’s a psychological attack where an attacker manipulates you into doing something you should not do.

United Way Shoebox Project

Here’s a glimpse of the February newsletter from 1988. 30 years ago we were being praised by Schopfer Architects and Schoeller Technical Papers, Inc. for our hard work and dedication that “delivered this project on time, under budget, and with no major plant disruptions.” It’s nice to know some things never change.

work in progress Point place casino

Colgate Residence Halls

Project Team: Maggie Werts (PM), Andy Stoffle (PS), Bob Young (PS), Conor Utter (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E), Tim Dunn (PX)

Project Team: Steve Benedict, Bob Mastro (PM), Matt Herron (APM), Ken Crossway (PS), Zach Bates (PE), Jeff Uryniak (E)

Point Place Casino is set to open March 1. The 65,000 square foot facility will have nearly 500 slot machines, 20 table games, two fast-casual restaurants serviced by a commercial kitchen, two bars, and a chocolate shop.

Progress is being made on the twin residence halls at Colgate University. Constructed of native stone, each 100-bed facility will also have study lounges, classrooms, and office space.

The Arch at syracuse university

Project Team: Sam Doss (PM), Pat Swain (APM), Tim Kelley (PS), Adam Wood (PS), Shawn Bryant (PS), Mike Speach (PE), Jeff Wrobleski (E)

Archbold Gymnasium is undergoing significant renovations and an addition to transform into The Barnes Center at The Arch, a comprehensive recreation and wellness facility that will open for the fall 2019 semester.

redhouse arts center

Project Team: Sam Doss (PM), Dale Coss (PS), Aaron Devereaux (PE), Jerry Marlow (E)

We’re getting ready for our close-up at Redhouse Arts Center! We’re wrapping up the finishing touches on this 40,000 square foot multi-theater performance complex that includes a scene shop, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, offices, laundry, and more.

benefit spotlight – our 401K plan with Terri Anderson Director, Human Resources

Every snowy January in Central New York, I start dreaming about retiring to a SUNNY beach somewhere—no snow, sleet, or ice in sight. Of course, that is still just a dream, but I am planning and saving for it. If you also have retirement dreams, you may want to review the benefits of your 401K plan. 401K plans allow employees to save for retirement on a pre-tax basis reducing your taxable income for the year you contribute to the plan. The IRS imposes annual limits on the pre-tax amount an employee can contribute. For 2018, any employee can contribute up to $18,500 annually, and employees age 50 or older can make a “catch up” contribution of an additional $6,000 annually. The company will also “match” employee contributions. For every $1.00 an employee contributes, the company contributes $0.25. If an employee contributes 12% of salary, the company will

contribute 3% of an employee’s salary. For an employee earning $20.00 per hour or $41,600 annually, 3% of salary is equal to an additional $1,248 per year. Employees are immediately vested in their own and the company’s matching funds. Employees can change their 401K plan contribution level at any time. You can also change your investments to reflect your risk tolerance at different stages of your life. I have reviewed lots of retirement planning information and I have not found any consensus on the magic amount to save. However, most sources do agree that it is better to start retirement savings as soon as possible. The Principal Financial Group is our 401K plan administer and offers many retirement planning resources at www.principal.com. You can also contact them directly at 1-800-547-7754.

employee highlight Gus Hernandez was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer. As COO he will be responsible for all construction operations.

625 Erie Boulevard West Syracuse, NY 13204

Mike George is providing renewed focus on safety, quality, productivity, and schedule performance in the field as the Vice President of Field Operations. Tim Dunn has been promoted to Vice President of Pre-Construction where he will lead the estimating and pre-construction side of the business. Stu Cavuto joined the team as our Director of Safety in our continued commitment to provide a safe work environment that is accident and incident free. Jim Condon has filled a new position as the MEP Manager where he will heavily guide the planning and implementation of new mechanical systems. Jack Barni is our new Pre-Construction Manager and he brings a wealth of hotel, retail, healthcare and higher education construction management experience. Jacek Bartczak is moving into a new role as our BIM Coordinator where he’ll focus on creating digital models of buildings to aid the build process. Vinnie Mowers is looking to expand his experience and is transitioning from field work as a Superintendent to an in-office Project Manager. Traci Rio is moving to the first floor where she’ll continue administrative work in addition to taking on a support role for upper management.

welcome to the team Andrew Henderson

Bruce Williams

Nolan Reeves

new additions Bentlee Rain born February 9, 2017 to Mike and Cheryl Currier.

Oliver Ross born January 16, 2018 to Tim and Erica Brzuszkiewicz.

company anniversaries December Kevin Sartwell (12), Tom Kiselica (9), Nate Hopkins (8) January Steve Gordon (11), Jack Dauler (23), Erik Mott (13), Mike Lacey (11), Tim Hourihan (22), Jim Polakiewicz (31), Charlie Monnell (20), Ben Blackwelder (5) February Joe Cutro (5), Richard Dixon (13), Rick Howley (12), James Smith (15), Jim Swinnerton (6), Maggie Werts (7)

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The Hayner Hoyt Corporation 2018 winter newsletter  

News from the last quarter from The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, Lemoyne Interiors, and Doyner, Inc.

The Hayner Hoyt Corporation 2018 winter newsletter  

News from the last quarter from The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, Lemoyne Interiors, and Doyner, Inc.