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Winter 2019 Newsletter

On the Cover

The Commons at Turning Stone Photo by Revette Studio

A Note from Jeremy In 2003 the companies started the first annual service awards banquet recognizing our team members’ years of service at 5 year milestones. Hard to believe that this spring we will be having our 15th banquet, and more importantly will be recognizing a combined 475 years of service, including a 45 year milestone, a 40 year milestone, and two 30 year milestones. Since the creation of the service awards, over 3,600 years of service have been recognized and approximately $360,000 has been awarded to team members. There have been many memorable moments at the Service Awards Banquet. At our very first banquet, after Jeff Malay accepted his 10 year service award, he proceeded with an acceptance speech that involved a Love Boat reference where Gary was Captain Stubing, Rich Harmatuk was Gopher… but I can’t remember who Jeff was, primarily because I was laughing too hard to hear the balance of the speech. Then after he finished, he proceeded to give Gary a big kiss… We banned acceptance speeches after that first banquet. Then there was the Comedy Central style Roast that Doug Way prepared for his last banquet before he retired. He made his way through the senior team and several co-workers with funny jabs that clearly demonstrated he put several hours of preparation into his content. If you have not had an opportunity to join us at the awards banquet, I highly encourage you to attend. It is a great opportunity to see your fellow team members outside the daily hustle of the construction sites and I am sure those folks receiving awards would appreciate the recognition and support of their co-workers. And, of course, the Turning Stone always does a great job with the banquet and prepares an outstanding meal for us. In early January we received word that the Companies have made the list of The Best Companies to Work for in NYS for the 12th consecutive year. We attained our highest ranking ever at #3 in the medium sized businesses last year and I am eager to see how we do in 2019. As I have said in the past, it takes all of us to create a Best Place to Work, and I am proud to work with everyone on our team. I look forward to seeing everyone at the service awards this spring.

Jeremy Thurston President

What is an Estimate? with Tim Dunn Vice President of Pre-Construction estimate noun

1. R  ough calculation – A tentative evaluation or rough calculation as of worth, quantity or size. 2. A  pproximate price – A statement of the approximate cost of work to be done, such as a building project or car repairs.

An estimate is not a fact and it is not an absolute. A construction estimate is our best conclusion at how a job will be built based on the best information we have at hand. Different people who look at the same project will come up with different approaches. So just as no two superintendents would build a job the same way, neither would any two estimators. No one knows exactly how a project will be constructed in advance. What we do is make our best projections to cover the scopes as we see them based on the bid documents, owner input, and past experiences. After 25 years on the construction side of operations in addition to my pre-construction experience, I find it safe to say that projects never exactly match an estimate. The great thing about Hayner Hoyt is the team/family atmosphere. We all do our best to help each other succeed. We know that no two people approach a project exactly the same way, so often times the estimators look at pieces of projects in ways the field teams may not have considered. That said, I would like to encourage everyone working on projects to share concerns if they think an estimate is missing information, before we proceed with the work. Sometimes there is something as simple as a conversation with a subcontractor/supplier/ owner that didn’t get passed on, and a timely question can spark that insight and assist with the overall project. Of the more than 250 estimates produced per year, there is sure to be some information that falls by the wayside. Sales and job start up meetings, post job reviews, unit price tracking, and Project Engineer rotations in the Estimating Department are just a few of the things we do to try to improve the quality of our work. I encourage everyone to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you feel may add to the value of our processes. Thank you.

Company Events

Thanks to everyone who helped out and attended our annual children’s Halloween party! Stay tuned for details on the spring service awards banquet.

2018 at a glance JANUARY

FEBRUARY KeyBank Rebrand NYE Volkswagen

Barre3 City Center Crane

Redhouse Time Capsule

Nascentia Health Phase 1

Interior insights with kevin parkhurst vice president

The holidays have come and gone and I think everyone enjoyed some extra days off. Hope everyone got a little R&R. LeMoyne is in for another productive, busy season. We’ve recently completed work at ARC in Newark, Skana Spa at Turning Stone, Smith Hall at SU, Retorix for Oneida Hospital, Cortland Biomedical, Eye Consultants in Fulton and Cicero Eye Center. We’re continuing work at Community Corners in Ithaca, The State Tower Building, SU Archbold, Planned Parenthood and some smaller projects.

Skana Spa at Turning Stone Tom Kiselica

We’re looking forward to working at Utica College Dorms, The Tailwater in Pulaski, Casella in Geneva, The Richland Building, The Truway Building, both of the AXA Towers, Hamilton Hospital, a job in Oswego Hospital and some work in another KeyBank. Remember to work safe, we want to send everyone home at the end of the day. A happy customer is usually a repeat customer. In other company news, wishing congratulations to Chris and Megan Chism who welcomed a baby boy, Tyler James Chism, on 10/27/2018 weighing in at 5lbs 15 ounces and to Kody Parkhurst and Carmella Rinaldo who welcomed their second daughter, Sydney Rose Parkhurst, on 11/13/2018 weighing in at 8lbs 4 ounces.

Syracuse University Archbold

Mike Whalen (PM) and Kody Parkhurst (S)

Masonry Mention

Kevin Agostini Project Manager/Estimator

Jim Cziesler General Field Superintendent

After a busy fall wrapping up TCG Player, TSRC Commons and Iron Pier Apartments, the balance of the late autumn saw Doyner busy at work on numerous projects for DeStefano Development, Smith Structures, Hospice, The Effect Group, and Hayner Hoyt. 2018 wrapped up with Doyner completing concrete work for Gardner Denver in East Syracuse.

Concrete pour for Gardner Denver

Looking into winter and early spring, Doyner will be starting the Retina-Vitreous Surgeons in Liverpool, followed in March-April by the masonry work at Phase 2 of G&C Foods. We are hopeful for positive news on numerous projects we have bid recently, and have been speaking with the general contractors and construction managers on a regular basis. 2019 looks like it will be a busy year! Thanks to the whole Doyner Team for the increased focus on project safety—we cannot be too careful! Keep up the good work!

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Concrete pour for ARC of Onondaga


APRIL Crouse Staff Drop

Redhouse Opens Point Place Casino

Van Duyn

Best Companies Award

Archbold Demo Begins

Featured Projects

Cortland Companies Biomedical Manufacturing Facility 40,000 sf new construction half of which is clean room space

St. James Episcopal Church Handicap-friendly entry and walkway addition

Maggie Werts (PM), Tim Moran (PS), Nick Kier (PE), Lou Poletto (E), Jason Smith (LI-S), Mike Whalen (LI-PM), Tim Hourihan (LI-E)

Glenn Peryea (PM), Myungjoo Park (PE), Jerry Marlow (E), Jim Cziesler (D), LeMoyne Interiors

The Commons are anything but common At the entrance to the Tower Hotel at Turning Stone guests are now greeted with The Commons, a pleasantly modern space featuring four boutique shops. The project kicked off at the beginning of August with Hayner Hoyt leading as construction manager and Doyner handling the masonry work.

It was a fast-track renovation that required extensive last-minute coordination due to a number of long-lead time materials that arrived towards the end of the project. We had crews working on installation in double shifts to meet the November 1st opening date. The 4,500 square foot area previously held two large 1.5-story waterfall features made of concrete that needed to be demolished to make room for the new stores. Of the 10-week accelerated schedule, it took six weeks to complete the demolition leaving just four weeks for the physical construction of the new space which included new flooring, masonry work, custom carpentry and unique lighting features that needed to be installed. Work was scheduled to minimize disruption to the guest experience and to accommodate busy times at the casino which remained open for the duration of the project. With metal, wood, stone, and glass accents, the shops create a welcoming addition to the resort’s Winter Garden. Project Team Jim Polakiewicz (PM), Tim Brzuszkiewicz (PS), Aaron Devereaux (PE), Mike Whalen (LI-PM), Tom Kiselica (LI-S), the entire Doyner team



Service Awards

Old VNA Demolition

Turn-Around Jumpers

Utica College Student Tour

Progress at Archbold

St. Joe’s Hospital Crane

Crouse Hospital Emergency Services New walk-in service of the ER to replace PromptCare

Wayne ARC 10,500 sf renovation to office space, retail shops and kitchen

Adam Legg (PM), Caleb Cramer (APM), Jamie Stoffle (PS), Myungjoo Park (PE), Lou Poletto (E)

Fred Van Riper (PM), Dale Coss (PS), Myungjoo Park (PE), Jeff Beckwith (E), Jack Dauler (LI), Marty Livingston (LI)



Benton Hall

Crouse Health Main Entrance

Stewart Ave

Nascentia Health Phase 2

St. Joe’s Cardio

Pump it Forward Friday

Safety First with Stu Cavuto Director of Safety

A year ago I joined the Safety Team at Hayner Hoyt. At that time, our goal was to refocus the safety efforts throughout the company and reduce injuries. When we met at the supervisors meeting in March of 2018, we talked about how we were going to change the “Safety Culture” of our company. With the support of all of you, we have begun to make that happen. Each day we have been visiting jobsites and reviewing Safety Audits. With three full time inspectors we are able to visit sites more frequently and assist in identifying potential hazards. Once identified, on site personnel have been diligent in removing the hazards, eliminating the danger proactively. Talking with the crews and seeing the pictures, it is obvious we are upping our game. This year we saw increased use of the Safety Team as a resource. Mark, Jim and I spent many hours on hazard analysis and helped create best practices to eliminate injury potential. We even took part in our first “multi-media conference” to assist a site supervisor in creating a real time solution for an intricate problem. We are always available to answer your safety questions. Our unique Safety Bucks™ program has been a tremendous success. It is the Company’s way of rewarding individuals for their extra efforts to create safe work sites. In every facet of the company, from the office to the field, our folks have been recognized for identifying or correcting hazards. In 2018, 124 incidents were nominated. Every recipient gets recognition and safety bucks that can be used to obtain cool items of their choice. Each of those folks are also entered in a monthly drawing. Drawing prizes included gift cards, a Yeti cooler and an apple TV. Also, everyone who has been nominated is entered in the drawing that will be held at the awards banquet this spring. That night, one winner will receive cash money! At Hayner we were able to prove that ZERO ACCIDENTS is possible. Not to be left out, LeMoyne reported just one minor


Safety Bucks Recipients

Aaron Devereaux Adam Wood Albert Merrithew Andrew Henderson Andrew Schermerhorn Ben Winstead Ben Blackwelder Bill Enright Bill Barker Bob LaBarre Bob Mastro Bob Young Brian Alguire Caleb Cramer Carmen Pontello


Chad Mikalunas Chris Bullock Chris Burkey Chris Chism Chris Blake Dale Coss Dale Clark Dalton Sheppard Dan Phinney Dan Jamerson Doug Hammond Eddie Monnell Eric Metzger Eric Taber Erik Mott

injury and Doyner has taken measurable steps to eliminate incidents as well. When the workers and management make safety a priority anything is possible. “Safety First” is not just a catchy title for a newsletter section, for us it is the way we do business. The Power of Zero In December I was invited to attend a sales meeting with a potential new client. This prospective customer is a large manufacturing business that places a premium on their safety record. Safety was a big part of our presentation. At the end one of the corporate members asked the question, “What would this year’s OSHA 300 look like?” I took great pride in being able to say “0 and 0”. The customer was very impressed. YOU should be too, YOU made that possible. You might ask, what do those numbers mean to us? First and foremost, zero accidents meant everybody went home safe every day. Zero also means a more favorable insurance rate, making us more competitive when bidding jobs. A lack of lost time accidents is one of the benchmarks customers look for when evaluating a construction company. Simply put, zero means safe, zero means more opportunity, zero means a positive outlook for the future. We know our safety is in YOUR hands. It’s more than safety glasses and hi-vis clothing. It’s a mindset knowing that injuries are preventable. It’s developing a safety routine. Every day you should think, “How well prepared is the person next to me? Is the jobsite clear and free of debris? Am I aware of the site’s hazards and dangers?” Each of us has a responsibility to be safe and work safe. We are all in this together. I have been listening to your thoughts as to how we can do it better. Your comments and suggestions are truly welcome. Many of you have shared ideas as to how we can help make the sites safer as well as document your efforts. Please keep it up. The next great idea, may be something YOU are already doing. Fred Van Riper Gordon Hilts Greg Frigon Jacek Bartczak Jack Barni James Stokes Jason Wheeler Jerry Everson Jim Condon Jim Cziesler Jim Swinnerton Jim Lostracco Jimmy Smith Joe Cutro Josh Synder

JT Malone Ken Crossway Kim Rossignol Kody Parkhurst Kyle Robinson Laurie Warner Mark Burkey Marshall Simmonds Matt Herron Mike Currier Mike Sanders Mike Speach Nick Schermerhorn Nick LaLone Noah Bishop

Randy Shantel Ray Searle Rich Dixon Ron Decker Ryan Howard Sam Gerbig Shawn Bryant Silvana Oliver Tim Brzuszkiewicz Tim Moran Tom Kiselica Vadim Potorac Vinnie Mowers Zack Bates


Company Golf Outing

Thurston Hall Dedication

St. James Church

Crouse Health Emergency Services

Archbold Student Tour

Cortland Companies

AwithBrand New Year Terri Anderson

New Year. new beginnings.

with Joyce Dennington Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

It is always exciting to welcome in a new year with all the hidden potential, new opportunities and, of course, the everyday fire drills. For me, 2019 is certainly a VERY BRAND NEW YEAR as I leave full time employment with Hayner Hoyt and begin retirement. I will be available to remotely assist Joyce Dennington, our new HR Director as she joins the HR team. However, Joyce and I have known each other professionally for several years so I am confident she will quickly assimilate into the Companies.

2019 is off to a great start as I joined the team on January 7th. Although the construction industry is new to me, I bring 20+ years of experience in all areas of Human Resources and hope to contribute to an already well-established company reputation.

In my last newsletter article I would like to say many thanks, especially to Gary and Jeremy, who had enough confidence to invite me to join the team 6 years ago. It has been a challenge, a joy and certainly a learning experience during my tenure. It is amazing to me how much the company has changed over a few short years yet how much it is still the same. Our Mission, Vision, and Core values, and the employees who live and model them every day, really separate Hayner Hoyt, LeMoyne Interiors and Doyner, Inc. not only from other contractors but from many of the companies I have worked for. So to all employees of all three Companies, all my best wishes for continued success.

The start of each year provides us an opportunity to shed old habits and begin anew. Whether it’s a renewed focus on physical health, getting organized, or finally taking that class or learning that long-desired skill, there isn’t a better time than now to begin. Need to update your 401k contributions or beneficiary information? Need clarification on your health benefits? Wondering if our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and counselors can help resolve family or financial problems? Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have these or similar questions. In the words of Coach John Wooden, “no matter how fine a person is at anything, he can always improve.”

It’s only day two on the job (as of the writing of this article) and the work environment already feels like a close friend—you know, that friend who greets you with a smile, is supportive in your goals, and whose honesty and integrity is unwavering. I want to thank the Senior Leadership team for this opportunity and wish Terri a happy and WARM start to the retirement life.

I look forward to meeting ALL of you!

playing it safe

with Vadim Potorac Network administrator The way that people interact in their personal and professional lives has fundamentally changed in the last few years—the world has become one giant network that is constantly and instantaneously connected. People expect to be able to get things done at work in the same way. We recently implemented Office 365 to help our employees work together more efficiently. The new system offers: • Stability. Let’s face it. If our in-house system crashes or our office building is destroyed by a fire or flood, we’re stuck. We have no data, servers or website. If we keep our data in the cloud, all the business documents and applications, such as email, will always be available. We’ll be up and running, no matter what happens. •D  ata security and control. Data security in the cloud is no longer an issue. Office 365 has built-in security and continuous

compliance so our businesses can focus on the right things. We always know where the data is and who has access to it. Storing our data online also keeps it safe in case something happens. Imagine losing your laptop or breaking it. Thanks to 1TB of online storage, our data is safer than ever before. • You can work anywhere at any time. With Office 365, you don’t need any special configuration or IT skills. All you need is an internet connection and you can start working on word documents or excel spreadsheets. •L  arge mailbox storage. Each user gets 50GB of storage for email, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts and attachments. You can save more space in your mailbox by using the OneDrive cloud storage to share attachments, so no more Dropbox or FTP accounts. •C  ollaboration tools. Office 365 can help us accomplish more, faster with simple file sharing with OneDrive, real-time co-authoring with SharePoint, and online meetings like Skype for Business—all accessible from desktop and mobile platforms. Office 365 allows us to become more connected, collaborative, structured, and safer in how work gets done.



The Commons at Turning Stone

Career Day in Phoenix

Wayne ARC

Salvation Army Distribution Day

Build NY Award Benton Hall

625 Erie Boulevard West Syracuse, NY 13204

Happy Retirement!

welcome to the team Joyce Dennington Josh Ringen

Tatiana Salisbury Bill Nelson

company anniversaries September Shawn Bryant (1), Mark Burkey (20), Mike George (11), Justin Hayward (1), Tyler Horton (3), Marshall Livingston (22), Robert Maiura (15), Eddie Monnell (10), Kody Parkhurst (9), Peter Scheftic (6), Eric Taber (12), Katie Weaver (1), Ben Winstead (11) October Kenny Crossway (30), Judy Grant (38), Kris Hatch (10), Cory Hilts (2), Dalton Sheppard (1), Laurie Warner (19) We’d like to express our gratitude and wish a very happy retirement to Maureen Barry, Judy Grant, and Terri Anderson who combined have provided almost 75 years of service! Wishing you all the best on this new chapter.

November Jimmy Dimitrievski (30), Sam Doss (8), Bill Enright (29), Mark Foley (38), Keith Garrison (1), Noah Gerbig (1), Andrew Hilts (2), Greg Janovsky (4), Tom Kaulback (6), Jeff Malay (25), Chad Mikalunas (26), Keith Miller (10), Carmen Pontello Jr (28), Kevin Rodford (20), Frederick Young (4), Spencer Young (1) December Stu Cavuto (1), Jim Condon (1), Tim Dunn (2), Andrew Henderson (1), Nate Hopkins (9), Tom Kiselica (10), Vadim Potorac (5), Stacy Sheppard (3) January Steven Gordon (12), John Dauler (24), James Smith (16), Mike Lacey (12), Jack Barni (1), Tim Hourihan (23), Albert Merithew (2), Nathan Faherty (1), Charles Monnell (21), Ben Blackwelder (6), Jim Cziesler (9), Adam Legg (4)

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2019 Winter Newsletter  

Check out the latest happenings at The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, Doyner Masonry Contractors, and LeMoyne Interiors.

2019 Winter Newsletter  

Check out the latest happenings at The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, Doyner Masonry Contractors, and LeMoyne Interiors.