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Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your hard work in the previous month will finally get paid off! This month, you will hardly find any reasons to feel worried, that is IF you’ve done your fair share of hard work. Apart from two or three minor issues, in general, your life will be rather stable and balanced. It is quite possible that in the absence of specific reasons for worries, you’ll decide to engage in your own project. You can expect a major success in this area as well, of course, provided that you will not show a tendency to laziness.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Unfortunately for you, November is looking rather uneventful. The middle of this fall will not be marked by any significant event, and this will make you plunge into the abyss of sadness. You will notice with discontent that none of your earlier launched projects have even the slightest tendency for growth. However, once you try to switch your attention to something else, the situation is going to repeat itself completely and you will once again have to admit that your plans are quite far from their realization. So you should maybe take a break and think up ways on how to approach things differently so that you could finally see your project take its fruition. Hit your friends up for a fun Saturday out, and most importantly, don’t hate yourself for not finishing up that project that’s been sitting cold on your school folder; bear with it and take that long-needed congratulatory nap after you’ve finished said project.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) This will be a month of letting go, for you Geminis. The good kind of letting go that is, since the middle of this fall will help you completely let go of old problems. You’ll also earn to forgive the mistakes of your beloved ones, and you will start finding something positive around you. However, in general, the month of November is not going to give you any vivid reasons to feel thrilled, meaning that its favourable character will be mostly caused by your inner state, rather than any specific events.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Be careful cancers, since November will be quite a big month for you. The middle of this autumn will repeatedly place you in rather complicated situations, meaning that it’s quite reasonable to protect yourself in advance. You should avoid trying to look for support from your beloved ones, and try to not share your inner fears with anyone. Make all decisions on your own, completely ignoring everybody else’s recommendations.

Leo (July 23 – August 22 ) November will be quite a surprise for you! If you work hard, the month of November might just grand your dream that you’ve been wishing to become a reality, however, if you’re not careful, a sudden and absurd incident will destroy your dreams of success. Best of luck, Leos!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) November blessings will bring you creative ideas! Are you used to stand firmly on the ground and having your head in the clouds is something totally out of character? The month of November will be a double pleasure for you to discover new traits of your own personality! Keep an eye out for that special something that’ll come to you in this month of November that will help you brighten up your grey autumn weekdays.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) Be careful, Libras; the month of November will make you forget about balance and peacefulness in your personal lives. You should try not to jump right into your least favorable circumstances, and most importantly, you should avoid assuming things before it becomes a bigger problem. Understand and accept that life does not always go the way you’ve planned and try to be more flexible, and then everything happening to you will no longer seem so frightening.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Good news for you Scorpios, the month of November will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions caused by the events in your personal lives! With some work, you will achieve everything you’ve been dreaming about for a while now. However, do not even think of stopping at this point, and once the joy slightly subsides, start moving towards new ambitious goals! If you’ve got that one crush you’ve been eyeing for the longest time, you should try and make a move as November blessings will help you forget about your loneliness!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Keep an eye out for November since if you’re lucky, a special surprise is coming your way! If you are single and have been complaining some time ago, several worthy candidates will appear in your life in this month of November. You shouldn’t make the final decision based on a first impression, give it time and trust your brain, heart and intuition. Are you ready to dig through a whole heap of problems in your professional and personal life? With a bit of luck, the month of November will be quite the month of change for you lucky people!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) The month of November will make it hard for you to focus on your personal life. With a bit of work, you’ll finally realize and understand who or what it is that’s been preventing you from fully enjoying the friendly affections later in the final days of November. People who you’ve always considered to be your friends will behave rather coolly towards you. Stay on the lookout even in your attempts to build a new romantic or platonic relationships. Do not rush into opening your heart even with the closest people, since you can never know for sure what will turn out of our communication.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Congratulations! November will be quite a relaxing month for your personal life. You will be pleased with just about anything happening in your personal life, you won’t have to find out about longing and loneliness. If you’ve been having some harsh time in your personal life, the month of November is going to give you a great chance to get rid of the oppressive emptiness in your heart.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Unfortunately for you, the month of November is not going to sound like the comfort you were looking for, instead, it will be almost impossible for you to avoid your worries and anxiety. The aspect of personal attachment is going to annoy a lot. Bravely face all the trials of November and once the period of troubles come to its logical end, you will realize that your nerves are not made of steel. To avoid a major emotional breakdown, you should take emergency measures to help your nervous system. Have some time for you to recollect yourself and after this November, you will become a much stronger person!


by vallin

B e a u i s a b a k e r y s h o p b y p a s t r y c h e f Ta l i t a S e t y a d i . B e a u c u r r e n t l y h a s 3 o u t l e t s i n J a k a r t a . T h e fi r s t o n e being in Plaza Indonesia, the second one in Grand Indonesia and the last one in Senopati. Beau is a modern western cafe that ser ves breakfast staples along with other mains. This cafe also includes all the scrumptious pastries and baked treats. This baker y focuses on ar tisan bread and pastries, Beau also uses fresh ingredients without preser vatives, a d d i t i v e s a n d a r t i fi c i a l c o l o r i n g . There are two separate seating areas, indoor and o u t d o o r. T h e o u t d o o r a r e a a r e w i d e o p e n s p a c e s with a veranda for people who like outdoor seats. It i s a l s o fi l l e d w i t h g r e e n p l a n t s a n d w o o d e n t a b l e s . The indoor area has a minimalist design with white walls, large windows, black frames, wooden furniture a n d l o t s o f g r e e n e r y.

M M OOONNNT TTV VIV IOI OOL E M LL ETE TT - i d r 5 0 K This cake is their newest addition to the already impressive range of cakes. The Mont Violet consist of Sable Breton, milk chocolate ganache, purple sweet potato mousse, mascarpone chantily and purple sweet potato cream. Smooth and tasty c r e a m fi l l i n g w i t h a l t o g e t h e r w e l l - b a l a n c e d s w e e t n e s s .

R A S P B E R R Y, R O S E a n d VA N I L L A B E A N É C L A I R

- idr 50K

T h e r e a r e s o m a n y fl a v o r s t o c h o o s e w h e n i t c o m e s t o t h e é c l a i r. I t v a r i e s f r o m c h a r c o a l t o g r e e n t e a t o v a n i l l a . W h e n y o u bite into the éclair the shell is crispy but the inside is soft. The fi l l i n g i s v e r y c r e a m y a n d l i g h t . N o t o n l y d o e s t h e é c l a i r t a s t e g o o d i t a l s o l o o k s v e r y p r e t t y. W h e n y o u l o o k a t t h e d i s p l a y o f p a s t r i e s i n B e a u y o u c a n’ t h e l p b u t w a n t t o b u y e v e r y t h i n g .

Beau HQ Jalan Cik ajang No. 29 Senopati, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12190 Opening hours: 7 AM-9 PM Phone: (+6221) 27517454 Instagram: @Beaujkt We b s i t e : h t t p : / / w w w. b e a u j k t . c o m

Are you in a hurry? Are you hungry? Did you have breakfast? Don’t have time? Well, don’t worry, cause I got you covered! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are 3 easy and quick breakfast recipes that you could easily follow in 10 minutes. Have fun trying it out!

Photo by: Bloesem

3 Easy & Quick Breakfast Recipes By: Joey

Banana Pancakes

Ingredients – 1 large banana 2 medium eggs, beaten pinch of baking powder splash of vanilla extract 1 tsp oil Maple syrup (optional) Other pancake toppings (optional) Method – 1. In a bowl, mash the banana with a fork until it resembles a thick purée. Stir in the eggs, baking powder and vanilla 2. Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat and brush with half the oil. 3. Using half the batter, spoon two pancakes into the pan, cook for 1-2 mins each side, then tip onto a plate. Repeat the process with the remaining oil and batter. 4. Put maple syrup or any topping if desired.

Photo by: Von Liz

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Photo by: Recipetineats

Microwave Eggs in a Cup

Ingredients 4 eggs 1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt 1/4 tsp cinnamon 4 slices of white bread Cooking spray or 1 tbsp oil Maple syrup (optional) Method: 1. Beat eggs, 1/2 cup yogurt and cinnamon in shallow dish until blended. 2. Cut each bread slice into 4 wide sticks. 3. Soak bread sticks in mixture, turning once. 4. Coat large nonstick pan with cooking spray or brush with oil. Heat over medium heat until hot. Place 4 bread sticks on the pan and cook over medium heat until golden brown and no visible liquid egg remains. It will take around 1 to 2 minutes per side. 5. Clean skillet. Repeat to cook remaining bread sticks. Spray cooking spray or brush oil in between if needed. 6. Serve French toast sticks with maple syrup if desired.

Ingredients - 2 eggs - 2 tbsp milk - 2 tbsp cheddar cheese - 1 tbsp chopped tomato - pinch of salt and pepper - Cooking spray or 1 tbsp oil Method 1. Whisk together eggs, milk, cheese, tomato, salt and pepper. 2. Coat the inside of a microwave-safe mug with cooking spray or with oil using a brush. 3. Pour in the mixture. 4. Microwave on high for 30 seconds; stir. Then put it back in the microwave for 70 to 80 seconds or until eggs are puffed and set.

Photo by: Incredible egg

Sekolah Global Jaya, Agustus 2008: Perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Almost similar but somewhat different to what has always been held these past few years, this year’s Independence Day celebration was focused on having many House games. The day started with a flag raising ceremony that was hoisted by senior years’ flag raisers or PASKIBRA (pasukan pengibar bendera) that consist of mostly year 11s and year 12s. The solemn ceremony was then followed by choir performance from our beloved teachers singing a couple of Indonesian national songs. After the beautiful performance, the most fun part began! House Games! Each of the houses competed fiercely especially during the Tug War. Teachers were also involved in the Tug War game, though they weren’t winning against the students. Too bad. But good job for the students! Several house games that were held in the gym was fully filled with cheering from the three houses, which were Garuda, Rajawali and Elang. Guided by the year 12s, each houses chanted their house anthem. Started from Garuda with their popular Tepuk Garuda, Rajawali with their slogan “Raja Punya Nyali”, and of course Elang with their Tepuk Elang as well. It was crazily loud and impassioned! The fun did not stop there. The most challenging and most fierce competition was Bowl of Knowledge that was held in the Theater.

School Event

Each houses was presented with several questions about Indonesian history that included a lot of areas, which are culture and tradition, common history, and the history of Indonesian music Industry! It was quite a surprise that students actually acknowledge their own history even though the questions were actually hard and because it was not a common knowledge. And it was surprising as well that Bu Regina and Bu Dani presented the information that actually our Indonesian Anthem, the Indonesia Raya has three verses, and that the first one was the only one that is sung in most of flag raising ceremonies. I bet you didn’t know that either, did ya?! The Independence Day Celebration that was held on Friday, August 18th, right after our actual Independence Day, was successfully filled with Indonesian spirits! The solidarity of students and teachers could be seen when they danced one of Indonesian traditional dance, Poco-Poco! Both teachers and students were having fun on the Theater Stage dancing the Poco-Poco while singing along with the Poco-Poco song. Though most of them did not know the lyrics, what important was the fun and togetherness! This year’s Independence Day Celebration has brought much fun and more people together. Now that’s the Indonesian spirit! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!



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As many of you might know, North Korea is a famous country with a strong dictatorship. The citizens are brainwashed to think the supreme leader, Kim Jung-Un, is God and must be worshiped 24/7 and 90% of its citizens are living in poverty. Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea lives the nation’s 1% privileged. Those who live in Pyongyang are the “royal” Kim family and soldiers with a high rank in the army.

But it’s not all that bad. You get to stay in a lovely hotel off an island in Pyongyang with a miraculous view of Pyongyang’s city lights (in a nation so dark - quite ironic actually). You will get to visit many murals of the Kim family and monuments of North Korea’s history during the World War. You might actually be surprised to find out that North Korea’s capital also has fun places such as skate parks and water parks!

Life in the DPRK is not as splendid as the government says it is. But if you are curious to see for yourself, then you are in luck! North Korea has recently opened a 7-day tour for those who are curious travelers, urging to see the “introverted” country for themselves. Sounds cool, huh? Well think again.

Travelling may seem like a blast but it is also important to follow the country’s rules and regulations as they apply to you too even as a foreigner. We must still respect the Supreme leader. As many of you might be aware of, not following these rules could lead to harsh consequences such as years of hard labor in North Korea’s concentration camps. So yes keep in mind of your safety and always follow the rules, especially in a country that is watching your every move.

If you decide to take a week tour in North Korea, you will probably be fed with lies. They only tell you things they want you to know and let you see things that they want you to see. The tour will probably show you North Koreans having a fun time at the city square, honoring the great leader compared to seeing those hunger in the country side. You will also have some of your personal belongings such as your phone and laptop taken away for safety and confidentiality purposes of course. You will also have people and cameras watching your every move so you must be extra careful.

So what do you guys think of the tour? Are you as crazy enough to join the 7-day North Korean tour?

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