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English Language Institute Summer 2014

The Harker School | 4525 Union Avenue, San Jose, California 95124 | USA | 408.553.5738 |

The H arker School English Language Institute The Harker School has earned a worldwide reputation for being among the finest schools in the United States. Students from the Silicon Valley and beyond participate in our intensive academic programs and are well-prepared to go on to the best schools in the nation. Each summer, Harker offers special programs for international students interested in improving their English and writing skills. International students often attend Harker’s English Language Institute to prepare to go on to an American boarding school or an American international school. Our program offers a 5-week intensive session that provides maximum opportunity for students to learn and practice their English skills. Students will receive an English proficiency certificate based on academic performance and progress during the session. A comprehensive teacher report and testing evaluation is offered to all students. An additional six-day excursion packed program is offered at the completion of the 5-week session. Students will follow a specific course of study designed by their teacher to continue their development of reading, writing and speaking while they visit interesting and fun places, university campuses, Silicon Valley business and treasured landmarks!

Secondary Program - Saratoga Campus (Ages 12-16) This program offers three levels of academic instruction on our upper school campus. Classes are designed for international students ages 12-16 to develop language skills in a challenging and stimulating learning environment. Students are evaluated and placed according to their skill level once they arrive. Classes meet Monday- Friday from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Beginner/Intermediate Preparation Students work in small groups on a comprehensive curriculum designed to match instruction to their individual needs and English ability. All levels will focus on reading, writing and speaking skills. Lessons are designed to promote improvement and encourage confidence in all areas of English. Homework is assigned as appropriate as practice and reinforcement outside the classroom. Advanced Preparation This program offers instruction for international students who possess advanced English skills. Students in this program will follow a comprehensive curriculum with the focus on mastery of writing, comprehension and oral presentation. Students will be tested upon arrival to be placed in the advanced level. • Native “conversation partners” are part of the advanced classroom from 3:30-5 p.m. so a student can engage in academic discussions about their writing and language projects, work on their homework and receive assistance as needed. Recreational Activities After a full day of instruction, students will join the regular summer activity program for a recreational period from 3:30-5 p.m. During this time they can make new friends, practice their English with native speakers, learn and play traditional American games and engage in additional study sessions. Recreational options include swimming, basketball, hockey, soccer, dance, arts and crafts and more! Recreation programs are optional for our advanced learners.

Elementary Program- Bucknall Campus (Ages 6-11) Beginner/Intermediate instruction (6-11 year-old) This program offered on our Lower School campus provides a dynamic and age-appropriate learning environment for international students. Leveled instruction and a stimulating curriculum combine to develop a variety of language and social skills Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced instruction is provided to match the skill level of our youngest learners. • English classes meet Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. each day and focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The classroom environment and teaching methodology is age and ability level appropriate and takes advantage of the on-campus resources like the library, computer labs, music halls, playgrounds, etc. Students are evaluated and placed in levels that best suit their needs. • Recreation periods are offered after lunch and from 3:30-5 p.m. Students will interact with similarly aged native speakers in our regular summer camp programs and participate in a variety of activities including swimming, sports, cultural games, and arts and crafts. Casual and friendly interactions will provide additional opportunities for oral English practice.

Program options Option 1: 6 weeks, July 7-August 16 • 5 weeks of academic classes • 1 week VIP tour Option 2: 5 weeks, July 7-August 8 • 5 weeks of academic classes



July 7-11

July 14-18


July 21-25 July 28-Aug. 1

Aug. 4-8

Aug. 11-16

Option 1 - 6 Weeks Option 2 - 5 Weeks

Aca de mi cs Eligibility Students who are admitted to the English Language Institute must be highly recommended, have a record of good behavior and be motivated to be actively engaged in the learning process. Classes are small and teachers provide personalized individual attention, support and evaluation. Students must meet age requirements as of June 1, 2014. n Elementary level students must be ages 6-11. n Secondary level students must be ages 12-16. n Students must demonstrate good behavior in and out of the classroom. n Students who do not meet behavioral or academic effort expectations may be removed from the program.

Curriculum The areas of study offered are:

n Vocabulary Building n Grammar

n Study Skills n Writing/Composition

n Reading Comprehension n Oral Presentation

International students can earn a Harker English Language Proficiency Certificate and comprehensive evaluation which can complement a student’s application for admission to an American boarding school, day school, or an English international school.  A special Boarding School Prep feature is available to secondary students who are interested in applying to boarding school in the future. Students preparing to apply to American boarding schools will benefit from: n SSAT/TOEFL Preparation

n Guidance Counseling

n Interviewing/Oral Presentation

n Personal Essay/Composition

Cultural Adventures Students will travel to local places of interest to learn about Californian sites, enjoy typical American summer adventures and have a great time. These trips will be worked into the curriculum and students will use their off-site experiences to create written and verbal projects that will be presented during the session. Places of interest include: Santa Cruz Natural Bridges, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Tech Museum, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

6 Day VIP Tour The VIP Tour offers an additional 6 days of excursions at the conclusion of our 5 week program. Students will enhance their cultural understanding and continue English development through daily cultural visits, academic tours and fun adventures. The VIP Tour will conclude with an overnight stay in Yosemite National Park. Places of interest include: Whale Watching, Professional Baseball Game, Six Flags Theme Park, Jelly Belly Factory Tour, 2 days in Yosemite National Park and Stanford/Berkeley and High School Boarding tours (if chosen)

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ACCOMMODATIONS Our ELI program is a day-only program. Harker provides no housing for students. Options for housing include: Stay in Local Apartments The Harker School maintains relationships with local apartments to offer quality accommodations for families. Please check our web site for the most up to date information. Stay with Local Guardian Students may stay in the area with family or friends acting as their local guardian. Many of our families have local relatives or friends and make their own arrangements for accommodations.

APPLICATION INFORMATION Applicants must submit the following documents to complete their admission file: n Application n Teacher Recommendation Form and/or School Transcript n Behavioral Expectations Form n Health History Form n Permit to take Medications Form n Consent to Travel Form n Student Questionnaire Form Submit information online or fax the application forms and information to ELI admissions at 1.408.553.5735. Students are accepted based upon their academic and behavior records and not on how well they speak or write English. Students are placed in the appropriate class level according to their age, assessment and performance. Placement is based on teacher evaluation and testing upon arrival. Our goal is to have each student in an age-appropriate class that is challenging but not stressful in order to maximize the learning experience.

APPLICATION dates Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning January 21, 2014. Due to limited class size, space is limited. An I-20 can be issued for students who are applying for F-1 student visas. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. Visa processing time varies with each case. Students must come highly recommended and have a good behavior report from a current school. Student registration confirmation issued after all documents are received.

payment policy A $300 deposit is required with applications and is nonrefundable unless the visa is denied. Full payment is due by May 30, 2014. No refunds are given after May 30, with the exception of denial of visa.

For more information contact: Harker Summer Programs Phone: 001.408.553.5738 | Fax: 001.408.553.5735 | Email: O of C: 1/17/14 (RM) 700 DQP

ELI Brochure 2014  
ELI Brochure 2014