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F i r s t f o r H e n s e v e ry w h e r e E x c l u s i v e pa r t y E d i t i o n • j u ly 2 0 1 1

World Exclusive

inside : semhar Aman michelle sandra naomi charlotte Jess

They Partied all NIght

wild burlesque

corset partyfor bride-to-be





Hotel Élysées Regencia 41 Avenue Marceau 75016 Paris, France

+33 (0) 1 47 20 42 65

Ladies – you are expected to carry this book at all times. It’s as important as your heels and hairspray – you could say it’s a real must have!

Hen! The girls, the girls


Travel News Eurostar Train PA3453

Depart St. Pancras @ 12.35pm!!

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th Jan 2011

Ooh la la!

p3 hopes you have a very pleasant weekend hen do. Enjoy it to the full and don’t get up to any naughtiness your mother wouldn’t like. If you would like us to make a photo album when you return, simply get in touch with us and we will happily create a beautiful book of memories for each of you.

weekend round-up

3 The chick list a who’s who of the hottest hens in town 4 definitions what it means to be a hen 5 Welcome Note... Miss Amanprat Johal of Sutton Coldfield explains it all 6 paris is burning games that will really set the party on fire! 7 truth or dare you know the rules, but how far will you go? 8 must haves the weekend-long game that is not for the scatterbrain – unlucky Charlotte! 9 THE PERFECT PLAN The venues, times, addresses of our amazing activities for the weekend in Paris. 10 Emergency contacts just in case we need them 11 Friendly advice just to help you naughty ladies keep on the straight and narrow

The chick list


Semhar o h W s ’ o Wh


a Semhar Aman MBriadresmth Bridesmaid aid ride to be B





Bridesmaid Sandra




hen (hn) – noun 1 the female of any bird 2. a female who is looking for fun, fun, fun 3. Informal: often disparaging and offensive a woman, especially a busybody or gossip.


wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS

Welcome from the

Chief Bridesmaid terribly grown up world of A warm word of welcome to married life, babies, all the sexy HENS. home decoration I hope you are all getting excited S E M sem and dinner parties (yawn). So let’s about celebrating get ready to send Semhar Khan’s her off in serious fantabulous Hen style! That’s right do! This weekend will certainly be Aman girlfriend, you’re gonna love it, live it one that she will and maybe even lick remember forever. Our darling friend it! Eugh! Ha ha ha! Semhar has this one party left before she enters the

get ready to dance!

Aman Johal

wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS


firing up Paris with a load of british

Drinking Games

Semhar and co. show france how its really done “let’s SHOW THESE oh-so chic parisians WHAT WE’RE MADE OF” says charlotte

Drinking Game 1

I Have never

Players in the group take turns. On their turn, they must say a statement beginning with the words “I have never…“, the idea being that this statement is true about themselves – that is, if they don’t want to have to drink! Whoever in the group the statement does not apply to then has


to drink a penalty amount of two fingers. Drinking Game 2 Power Hour

This game requires no skill at all. The object is to take 60 shots of beer/cider in an hour – that’s one each and every minute. Watch the clock and play away! If you miss a shot you are out. The person that downs the most

shots wins, the person that gets through the least has to down a shot of vodka. Drinking Game 3

A or B

This is a drinking game where you vote in a group. Whoever is in the minority receives the drinking penalty chosen by Semhar! Taking it in turns each person asks a question and

gives two possible answers. Examples of typical questions could be:

What do you prefer: Lemonade or Coke?

Would you rather live in: Sydney or Florida?

Would you rather kiss: Semhar’s fiancé or Johnny “ugly fish face guy”? (If you’ve forgotten who Johnny is just ask Sandra!)

wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS

Dare 1

Dare 2

Dare 3

Dare 4

Find a nearby male (can be working their or just a total random) and tell him he reminds you of your dad – then chat to him and finally ask him for his number! Major embarrassments here!

Go to the bar and politely ask the barman if he can make you the most vile and disgusting shot he can think of – buy it, say thank you, and drink it in one. (No spitting!) Lick your lips, say “mmmm” and return to the group!

Let one of the other hens draw a moustache, mono brow or beard on your beautiful face and keep it on for 30 minutes during which time yo have to talk to someone you don’t know very seriously – barman, hotel concierge etc.

Choose an opponent from the group of hens and when Semhar shouts “GO!” you both have to run off and find something blue the first one back to the group wins. Oh, and blue can be the colour blue or something really rude see what you can find.

daddy issues

the worst drink

hairy mary

something blue

Truth or dare? – you know the rules ladies –

wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS



a lipstick

F i r s t F o r H e n s e v e ry w H e r e E x c l u s i v E pa r t y E d i t i o n • j u ly 2 0 1 1

World exclusive

inside : semhar aman michelle sandra naomi charlotte Jess

they partied all night

Must Haves for the weekend

wild burlesque

corset party-

for bride-to-be


in paris

Keep these items on you at all times hens, because if you misplace one, Semhar will punish you – and you know what that means! Semhar get your list of really evil punishments at the ready!

a condom Sunglasses


wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS






All-Day Spa rest

Pub crawlers

girly brunch

Venue - Glam&Fit Pole Dancing School

Venue - Guerlain Spa

Venue - 10 specifically chosen pubs across central Paris - route will be given out on the night

Venue - Ladurée Salon du Thé

Time - private class starts at 6.30pm, meet in the hotel foyer at 5.30pm Address - 163 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris (metro line 5, Ourcq) Bring - comfortable clothing, nothing too loose. Plus clothes to change into for dinner and drinks afterwards near our hotel

Time - We are booked in at 11am. Meet in the hotel foyer at 10.30am Address - 68 ChampsÉlysées, Paris, a short walk from the hotel Bring - Swimwear and comfortable clothing. We will return to the hotel around 3pm for rest, food and getting ready for the evening’s entertainment

Time - Meet in the hotel bar at 8pm for first drinks

Time - 11.30am (meet in hotel foyer with luggage which we can leave with the concierge)

Bring - The ‘London look’, money and bags of enthusiasm!

Address - 75 ChampsÉlysées, Paris, a short walk from the hotel

the perfect plan…

Don’t forget your must haves ladies - any loss or damage sustained will be Punished!


wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS


just in case we need them

Emergency contacts In case we lose a passport Ambassador: Sir Peter Westmacott KCMG, LVO

In case we lose each other Semhar

+(44) 7343 543564


+(44) 7793 735244

Aman Jess Michelle Sandra


+(44) 7244 638892

Address: British Embassy, Paris 35, rue du Faubourg St HonorĂŠ 75363 Paris Cedex 08 Paris

+(44) 7977 986201

Switchboard: (33) 1 44 51 31 00 Phone: (33) 1 44 51 31 00 Fax: (33) 1 44 51 31 27

+(44) 7824 647738

Office hours: Local Time: Mon-Fri: 0930-1300 / 1430-1800

+(44) 7791 302673

wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS

Surviving a hen do. Here are some tips to help us have a safe weekend: 1. Eat a proper meal. Not only will the food help to soak up the alcohol, but it’s also a good opportunity to catch up on all the girlie goss. Alternating alcoholic drinks with water will also give our bodies the chance to catch up. 2. Opt out of the drinks kitty. Handing your cash over to the best man or head hen is a sure-fire way to end up drinking

faster and spending more money than you mean to. Avoid drinking in rounds for the same reasons – if you’re in a large group of people, the rounds will be equally as big. 3. Volunteer to video the event or act as the official photographer. It will give you an excuse to stay sober – and of course to embarrass the girls who don’t. 4. Look out for each other. Hen parties should be all about friendship: make sure your friends are safe.

5. Plan your escape route. Make sure everyone knows how they’re getting home at the end of the night – particularly if you’re staying in an unfamiliar city. Arrange a meeting point in case anyone gets lost. Store some taxi numbers in your phone, and make sure your battery is charged.

•Entrée interdite – No entry •je voudrais…, s’il vous plaît – I’d like…, please •à ta santé – cheers •je suis pompette – I’m tipsy •servez-vous encore? – Are you still serving •je voudrais un taxi pour aller à… – I’d like a taxi to take me to...

Here’s some helpful French phrases: •je suis perdue – I’m lost •lâchez-moi! – go away! • où sont les toilettes? – Where are the toilets? •je ne parle pas français – I don’t speak French

wild burlesque corset party for bride-to-be semhar in PARIS


We hope you have as much fun as possible but...

Please Drink Responsibly

thehang va com .

thehangova 2011


"ok" Booklet

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