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Also Featuring

Courtney Brit ney Chloe Meg Camilla Claran Michelle Jasme ine

1 0 pa g e s o f g i r ly g l itz & glamour


i t Deta Fligh: Flight BA3451

Out /07/11, wick 14 om Gat Depart fr pm 10 1.

then at 3pm, Airport arlo to Nice Monte C to Arrive in h ac to a co jump on A3463 Flight B Return: 7/11, ice 17/0 N om Depart fr 11.25am


3 Welcome Get in the mood for fun girlies! It’s naughtiness from here on… 4 who’s who Your party pals, shy and retiring they are not – oh god! 5 dEAR Diary A sneak peek at some of the events planned for the fun-packed weekend in Monte Carlo 6 Let the games begin… Game number one is Must Haves – you have been warned! 7 Drinking Games Game number two is good old Truth or Dare! 8 drunk far too much games Keep your wits about you and remember the rules – or else 10 the Monte Carlo 411 The location lowdown: times, addresses, ideas… 11 Emergency Emergency Just to be on the safe side girlies

Welcome, welcome, welcome! You are one of the fortunate few privileged ladies invited to play their part in Jasmine’s wild and wonderful Monte Carlo Hen Party! I for one cannot wait to enjoy some magical (emotional) moments, create some happy (drunken) memories and, well let’s face it have a jolly good time (dance and laugh ’til we ache!) Remember what happens in Monte Carlo… Read on for a sneak peek into the hush hush plans for the weekend ahead, and get to know a few more of Jasmine’s dirty little secrets (oops how did they get in here?)


Jenny McCormack

(Maid of Honour & Head Mischief Maker)

Editor’s Note

Jenny Cey n nour ittHo Brof Maid

Courtney J Bridesmaid

JasmineBe) (Bride To

Who’s Who

Megan B

Clare T Lisa B C


Michelle V

Camilla P e Bride Sister of th

Lola P e Bride Sister of th

DEAR DIARY Fri - Casino Night the Well, we are in n legendary casino tow The of Monte Carlo! the gambling den of e rich and glam – La Bell our Epoque – will be g, haunt for the evenin t, with a gourmet feas of endless cocktails and es course loads of gam and gorgeous guys! r, 7.30pm Rendezvous - Hotel Foye Sensational Dress code - Strictly

Sat -Day Spa After the journey and then the wild events of last night, we will be in need of some well earned R+R – at our hotel’s 5* Spa! Massages, manicures and brunch are already booked – so just relax and enjoy! Rendezvous - Hotel Foyer, 11.30am Dress Code - Relaxed and Comfy

Sat -Male Escorts ing After a day of pamper e and shopping, it’s tim t, to turn up the hea , with an evening of fun frivolity and frolics! ss No naughty busine – honest! 7pm Rendezvous - Hotel Bar, d and Dress Code - Refreshe Radiant

Sun -Cocktails For our very last day in Monte Carlo, we will sleep late and then enjoy a boat trip to a nearby lagoon for a long and decadent picnic before returning to land for cocktails until the small hours... Rendezvous - Hotel Bar, 1pm Dress Code - Beachwear

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Also Featuring

Courtney Chloe Camilla Michelle

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11 Ju ly 20

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pink lipstick

Britney Megan Clare Jasmine

s e v a h t Mus


f Rule o me the ga

Must haves

d are to be carrie at ALL times. Failure to show these items n upon inspectio WILL result in punishment! ed. been warn you have



1) Who was the best sex of your life – except for your current partner!

1) Go and ask a nearby man if he likes your outfit and if you are really daring get a token to keep!

2) If you had to date any one of your friends boyfriends. which would it be?


3) 4)

Truth Dar e

Which one of the girls here would you snog? Who is your dream date?

Down a shot of the bride-to-be’s choice!

5) Who is wearing the worst outfit here? 6) Rate the groom out of 10! 7) Rate the best man out of 10!

3) Sing the wedding march to the whole room! 5) 6) 7)


o o t k n u Dr Vodka Roulette


Get a shot glass for everyone, fill one with vodka and the rest with water. The glasses are mixed around and everyone must take it in turns to choose a glass. On the count of three, everyone downs the contents of their glass. Depending which half Then start again.

Clock Game


of the clock the minute hand is in, you must drink with the corresponding hand. All weekend! If you’re caught out, drink two fingers.

Much Games Thumb Master

gam rul e es aPPtLy o comp AT reALL sults in ly doing TIMES a dare (Unl ucky !

3 4 5

Jasmine can put her thumb on the table at any point. The last person to copy and put their thumb on the table must down their drink!


Chicks on Parade

When ever she feels like it, Jasmine can shout “Chicks on Parade” All hens must show their Must Haves!

I Have Never

Each person takes a turn to announce something they have never done, if anyone has done it, they must drink!

At any time, Jasmine has the right to shout “Chicks on Parade” for an inspection of your Must Haves. Don’t get caught out now girls!!

The Fairmont MONTE CARLO

12 Avenue des Spélugues

Monte Carlo, Monaco T 98000T

The Monte

carlo 411

OUT & ABOUT No visit to Monte Carlo is complete without checking out some the local attractions, if we have time, we could do any of the following: • Take a helicopter tour over Monaco • Visit the Princess Grace rose garden • Stroll around the yachts at Port Hercule • Climb aboard the Azur Express tourist train

just to be on the safe side...

Emergency contacts If you lose your passport

If you

Jasmine la il Cam ey Courtn Jenny Lola


ur mobi

o losE y

64 43 3335 +(44) 73 96 71 5228 +(44) 79 34 6 2 65 7 5 +(44) 79 38 8 2 82 37 +(44) 77 70 8 77 667 +(44) 79

The British Ambassador to Monaco resides in Paris. Routine consular matters are however covered by the British Consulate in Marseille. In case of emergency contact this office. Address: 24 avenue du Prado, 13006 Marseille, France Tel: +33 (0) 4 91 15 72 10 Fax: +33 (0) 4 91 37 47 06

emergency services Police: dial 17 / +377 93 15 30 15 Fire: dial 18 /+377 93 30 19 45 Ambulance: +377 93 30 19 45 SOS (all services): 112

Remember girls, we’ve go to stay alert at all times, and as heavenly hens we all have to look out for each other. Do however feel free to lose your inhibitions as much as you like hee hee!

We understand you will want to have as much fun as possible but...

Please Drink Responsibly

thehang Ž Š thehangova 2011


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