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5 Best Cook-wares for a Complete Kitchen

Cutlery Sets A cutlery set includes various knifes used for cutting, shaping and chopping vegetables and fruits, during the process of food preparing. Some cutlery sets also offer a pair of scissors for appropriate usage, as people use knifes for cutting edges of food packets.

Roasters Roasters are rectangular shaped trays which have grills and used for roasting meat and even vegetables. It is also used in ovens so that the roasts can be browned for some time. It is mostly used outdoors for hassle free grilling but used in kitchen and hotels as well.

Flatware Sets Flatware sets are an extended version of cutlery sets as it has spoons and forks added to a small collection of knifes. Like cutlery sets, flatware sets should be purchased as a whole set instead of buying some portions of it.

Warming Dishes This is not a dish but equipment which is used to keep your food warm enough to be popped in hot for hours. It has a 4 legged stand and comes with a lid to cover the dish. It keeps the food warm for longer durations of time.

Skillets Skillets are pans with long handles used for frying food ingredients. Popular skillets include Teflon coated non-sticky skillets, stainless steel skillets and oil core skillets.

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Five Best Cook-wares for a Complete Kitchen | The Handy House  

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