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The Executive Education of

as a European Business Institute promoting close as world’s a European Business Institute close As emerging powers movepromoting centre stage in the as acollaboration European Business Institute promoting close and exchange in Executive Education collaboration and exchange in in Executive Education new economic order the natural question arises: collaboration and exchange Executive Education amongst European partners we hold a firmcan belief amongst European partners wewe hold a fiarm belief European businesses still afford to think and act local? amongst European hold fiEurope rm belief in the need for apartners stronger Business brand. in the need for for ainstronger Europe We that toBusiness stay relevant andbrand. compete inbelieve the need aorder stronger Business Europe brand. againstour high growth markets European entrepreneurs experience has shown that the pan-european ourour experience has shown that the pan-european have noapproach other choice but adopt a pan-European experience shown that the tohas global business ispan-european simply “a must” approach toglobal global business is simply must” approach to business. approach to global business is in simply “a must” for European entrepreneurs the“a21st century for for European entrepreneurs in in the 21st century European entrepreneurs the 21st century if they want to maintain relevance in the world if they want to maintain in in the world This has been fundamental for forging if conviction they want to maintain relevance the world economy and fairrelevance well in competition from close the high economy well in competition from high economy andand fairfair well in the competition from thethe high ties with European business schools. Together with our growth markets of BrIC & MIst countries. growth of Executive the BrIC &Campus, MIst countries. growth markets of the BrIC & MIst countries. partners atmarkets the Paris the Executive Education arm of Rouen isBusiness Reims Entrepreneurship the trueSchool engineand of economic Entrepreneurship iswe the true engine economic Entrepreneurship the true engine of of economic Management offer our candidates European growth School andisprosperity. however, today ina the midst growth and prosperity. however, today midst growth prosperity. however, today in in thethe midst business view, globaluncertainty insights and network. ofand economic many businesses suffocate of economic uncertainty many businesses suffocate of economic many suffocate as theyuncertainty prefer to tread thebusinesses tested grounds rather as they prefer to tread the tested grounds rather asThe theyHague prefer to tread grounds rather At Executive Campus we combine most than venture intothe thetested unknown terrain of high than venture into unknown terrain of high than venture into thethe unknown terrain high advanced academic research the of latest in& business growth markets. But it iswith exactly daring vision, growth markets. But it is exactly daring & vision, growthsupported markets. But iteffiisthe exactly & vision, practice to assure that candidates and their by cient anddaring transparent business supported cient and transparent business supported by by effi cient and transparent business organisations geteffi maximum return on investment. practices that can re-create sustainable growth. practices that can re-create sustainable growth. practices that can re-create sustainable growth. In our approach andmatters. mentorship play a pivotal the study mentors of business at the hague Executive study ofaccomplished business matters. the hague Executive thethe study of business matters. at at the hague Executive role. Mentors, business practitioners, Campus we combine most advanced academic Campus combine most advanced academic Campus wewe combine most advanced academic Leadership, performance, value and follow closely professional development of practice each to research with the latest in business We believe in knowledge that is deliverable research with the latest in business practice to We believeinin knowledge thatofisisexecutive programmes research with thetheir latest in business practice tobest outcomes are atWe thebelieve heart candidate, steer growth andgetprovide career We believe knowledge that assure that our students value and results. applicable! in practice! assure students get value and best results. applicable! Webelieve believeininpractice! practice! We do not view assure thatthat ourour students value and best results. at The Hague Executive Campus. advice and support whenget necessary, often well beyond applicable! We management disciplines from theleadership, academic stand graduation. We advocate action learning and collaborative and in practice it is inspiring advocate action learning and collaborative and practice inspiring leadership, WeWe advocate action learning and collaborative point only. Weit itdirect our focus on applying and inin practice isisinspiring leadership, learning approach, sharing of insights and technological innovation, knowledge ofthe latest learning approach, sharing insights andof classroom technological technological innovation, knowledge ofdevelopment learning approach, sharing of of insights and in management knowledge into theofuse We go experiences outside traditional learning methods innovation, knowledge where entrepreneurs with a different cultures and optimum of human of experiences where entrepreneurs with different culturesand andoptimum optimum useofofhuman human experiences entrepreneurs with a a collaborative organisational strategy and shaping the leadership teaching, we where advocate action learning and different cultures use proven track record are as important on the resources that help you grow and transform proven track record are as important on the resources that help you grow and transform your your proven track recordas arethe asillustrious important onand theexperiences talent tothat achieve this strategy And therein learning approach, sharing of insights resources help you grow andnow. transform your lies our programme professors. organisation. starttransformation the transformation programme as the illustrious professors. organisation. start the now! now! programme as the illustrious professors. purpose! start the transformation now! where entrepreneurs with a proven track record are organisation. as important on the programme as the illustrious professors. After all, it is entrepreneurship that is the true OeDiTh JahaRia, OeDiTh JahaRia, OeDiTh JahaRia, engine of economic growth and prosperity. Today in the midst of economic uncertainty, many businesses suffocate as they prefer to tread the tested grounds rather than venture into the lesser known terrain of new markets. But it is exactly daring & vision that can re-ignite growth and achieve high performance.




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WELCOME TO WeLcOme to thE haguE EXECutIVE CaMpus! THE HAGUE EXECUTIVE CAMPUS WeLcOme to haguE CaMpus! WeLcOme tothE thE haguEEXECutIVE EXECutIVE CaMpus!

OUR MISSION To shape highly motivated talent with intellectual capacity, mental strength and personality into business leaders capable to deliver outstanding performance in the new economic reality Motto Practice comes first! We use cutting edge knowledge and most advanced research and distill it into the language of practice Core Beliefs • Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic growth • Lead with passion, dare to act and think different • Think European act global • Learn from professors, follow mentors’ advice • The value of learning is in its applicability

OUR VISION To impart a strong pan-European commitment, knowledge and understanding of high growth markets and pre-eminent global network to a new generation of business leaders Focus The unique individual and fostering of his/her talents Key Expertise Developing leadership talent, strategic capacity and cultural agility to achieve high performance in high growth markets What makes us unique It is the mentorship system and the personal attention the candidates get from seasoned business professionals that accelerates the transformation of high potentials into high achievers


WHY CHOOSE THE HAGUE EXECUTIVE CAMPUS? The Hague Executive Campus is a boutique style European business school with FT ranked programmes, academic faculty at the forefront of business research, diversity of participants, and a strong focus on personal development of each candidate. Here you get the practical tools and the skills’ set to enhance personal performance. You gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of high growth markets and build European network. But even more so you have a mentor, a senior business professional, who will spend time with you to offer guidance, advice and support when needed. At The Hague Executive Campus you will get: • Outstanding international faculty- a balanced mix of academics and accomplished entrepreneurs; • Access to premier corporate network in the high growth markets, Europe and worldwide; • Board level executives from across industries as dedicated mentors and career coaches; • Flexible part-time programmes, easy to fit into busy professional life; • Possibility to follow part of the course programme in Paris, Beijing, Bangalore and/or 68 other partner locations across the globe;


• International degree from prestigious business schools, FT ranked, with Triple Crown accreditation; • World class education at a fair price. Apart from that: • You will be learning in a truly international environment with other professionals in the field, each bringing own perspective and contributing to exchange; • You will greatly improve your interpersonal and communication skills; • You will considerably increase personal network and gain access to the School’s network of some 40.000 alumni worldwide. Moreover, you will be studying in the heart of The Hague, the most international city in the Netherlands, the centre of diplomatic and political life, home to international organisations, international companies, big consulting firms. The experience is life-changing. It will leave you with lasting friendships and lay the foundations for an accelerated career growth.


DISCOVER THE WORLD Maarten Plokker, Executive MBA class 2011-2013 alumni, shares his experience of studying at The Hague Executive Campus

The teamwork is very special and I made very good friends. The high level of professors, the variety of subjects, the international experience is certainly intellectually challenging, but it is the next business level I am What is your professional background? aspiring to. I am currently sales manager at n-store /narrowcastinHas the programme presented you with the global gonline . picture and how did study trips effect your thinking What made you decide to pursue an MBA and why about the world and business? to 131 international organizations and is a challengthe hague isdid theyou political andThe diplomatic capital of the choose Hague Executive Campus? the city is host It has for sure! Dealing with other cultures agencies and as such is now the world’s second un city. netherlands.IItstudied is also International the seat of the Dutch royal family. Business and languages but ing experience. However, adjusting your business and the hague has always been an open city, a city without at this point in my career I realised that an advanced yourself culturally is an absolute requirement today. I feel for centuries the in hague has been a city open to Iand walls. It has always attracted artists, business degreethinkers, would help me merchants, reach higher. If I want to that the course of the programme strongly enhanced for business. so it is not surprising that companies politicians. this was a free haven where hugo grotius, become a CEO one day I need a more substantive lugmy capabilities to take on an executivelike role. Study tours shell, aegon, t-Mobile and Kpn chose the spinoza andgage. fatherEMBA and son Constantijn and Christiaan at The Hague Executive Campus seemed to siemens, abroad helped me gain knowledge, confidence and hague for their corporateI was headquarters. huygens flourished. tick all the boxes on my list: flexible schedule of classes, experience seeking. great contents of the programme, international exposure, Has the programme lived up to your expectations? It makes perfect sense And that even such more open than conducive the hague isstudy hometours to 144 nationalities. the hague, City to Cape Town, Shanghai, Beijing Definitely! that! Apart from the international environment has attracted the hagueintense interacof peace and–justice, carries an international mandate it felt like a unique opportunity! valuable international experience, Executive Campus, ation European Business Institute to resolve confl icts and to help societies Would a local Dutch schoolaccommodate not with other students in my for group and the differences. tolerance and open-mindedness are vital to Executive Education and leadership Development. be a more obvious choice? natural expansion of my personal network, the a city withoutYes, walls. but none of them were programme content provided the applicable offering the same unique knowledge I was looking for. For example, international experience. This after 4 days with the French Navy Seals I is what I was really looking for. mastered the subject of leadership. DurDescribe your initial exing a study tour to New York we worked perience. Was it exciting? at Bloomberg which gave me a deeper Intimidating? Intellectually understanding of financial managechallenging? ment tools. Sessions with a career It has been the best decision of coach and public speaking classes my life! From the first moment it helped boost my confidence. I am felt like I am on a mission really looking forward to with a great group of an exciting future people. ahead. 7


OUR PROGRAMMES We offer a diverse, vertically integrated portfolio of degree and non degree programmes to suit executives at various stages in their career, and namely: • Strategic Management for Senior Executives • Executive MBA • Master of Science programmes • Professional Master programmes • Non degree Executive programmes • In-company programmes All our programmes combine cutting-edge academic research with the latest in business practice. Strategic Management for Senior Executives is a peer group programme for individuals with high level of responsibility in organisations. It is a superb platform to discuss and exchange views on burning issues of General Management, Strategy, Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. Not only does it provide for an excellent networking opportunity among peers, it empowers participants by challenging accepted thinking and equips them with new skills and competences to drive innovation and change and enhance team performance for better results.

Executive International MBA Flexible part-time programme -18 months is for highly ambitious individuals in pursuit of an international career who aspire to assume a leadership position. They already have a number of years of professional experience but need to sharpen their competences and develop strategic leadership skills. This programme delivers a prestigious dual degree from our academic partners- Rouen Business School and Reims Management School. Master of Science in Finance A state-of-the-art part-time programme -18 months- is for driven, carefully selected, young finance professionals who aspire to enhance their competencies and gain better career choices. Master of Science in Global Management A part-time 18 months programme is for young professionals to acquire across the board management skills and up-to-date business insights that will prepare them to perform successfully anywhere in the world. Professional Master in Human Resource Management A part-time 24 months programme for HR professionals looking to expand their career into managing one of the HR functional areas or a general HR unit and get involved in an exciting organisational change, be it mergers, acquisitions, or re-structuring. Professional Master in ICT and Business Innovation A part-time 24 months programme where the focus is on ICT and management alignment. It is for ambitious professionals from ICT or related field who look to significantly increase competence and skill-set along the ICT value chain, from production of software to delivery of business innovation through ICT. In company training programmes At The Hague Executive Campus we understand that one size does not fit all and that organisations have different needs and priorities. We can design and deliver a programme for your organisation to address your specific concerns. In company programmes are designed to • create and implement strategy • introduce management innovation • develop and retain talent pool



OUR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS • Paris Executive Campus • Rouen Business School (est.1871) • Reims Management School (est.1928) • A vast global network of some 68 academic institutions

OUR DUTCH ACADEMIC PARTNERS • Avans+ Executive Education • Avans University of Applied Sciences, a leading university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Language of Instruction : English Intensive language training in business Dutch for nonDutch participants and/or a third language for Dutch speaking students is provided. Non-French speaking students will have the option of intensive French language training.

Degree: EMBA- dual degree from Rouen Business School and Reims Management School, FT ranked, Triple Crown accreditation from AMBA , AACSB, EQUIS Master of Science in Global Management - a degree from Rouen Business School Master of Science in Finance - a degree from Rouen Business School Professional Masters - a degree from Avans University of Applied Sciences The Hague Executive Campus and the Corporate World We have close links with the corporate world and have a network of some 200 high-calibre executives across industries as guest lecturers and mentors/supervisors for various programmes. Regular clients of the group are : • Royal Shell • Total • KLM/Air France • Cofely GDF Suez • AKZO NOBEL • Philips • Rabobank • ING • Randstad • Unilever


THE The HAGUE hague execuTive campus The Hague is the political and diplomatic capital of For centuries The Hague has been a city open to and for Enjoys support of thE CIty of thE haguE the Netherlands. InstItutIonal It is also the seat of the Dutch Royal business.

It offers programmes that meet triple Crown The Hague, city of peaceItand justice, carries an accreditation standards. offers international internationaland mandate to resolve conflicts and untold to help companies professionals from this region societies accommodate differences. The city is host opportunities. to 131 international organizations and agencies. 144 different nationalities live and work in The Hague.

So it is not surprising that companies like Shell, Siemens, Aegon, T-Mobile and KPN chose The Hague for their Wecorporate are proudheadquarters. of our collaboration with the paris

Executive Campus. the hague Executive Campus It makes that open matches theperfect global sense attitude of such our city, theconducive international has attracted Hague international Cityenvironment of peace and justice. theThe hague Executive a European School feels at homeCampus, in the world, and theBusiness world feels at for Executive home in the Education hague!” and Leadership Development. Ingrid van Engelshoven, Deputy Mayor and alderman for Education and service Delivery

partner of

lange Voorhout 31 2514 EC the hague phone: +31 (0)70 392 763 9 fax: +31 (0)70 345 086 8 E-mail: Internet:

the Executive Education of

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family. The Hague has always been an open city, a city without walls. It has attracted thinkers, artists, merchants, politicians. This was a free haven where Hugo Grotius, Spinoza andExecutive father andCampus son Constantijn and Christiaan “the hague is a European Institute Huygens flourished. for postgraduate business education.

The Hague Executive Campus  
The Hague Executive Campus  

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