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Volume 9, Issue 2 | February 10th

Westboro Baptist Church Extremists to Protest GWU on Veterans Day By Dan Keylin Senior Editor

EXCLUSIVE - The Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing the George Washington University on Thursday, November 11th from 7:55 am to 8:35 am, according to the website, The WBC's justification for picketing GWU: “WBC will picket George Washington University to remind this nation that this next generation of young people have been raised for the devil himself. From their youth, the current generation of college students have been taught to disobey God and serve the lusts of their flesh. The parents and teachers, including college professors, are responsible for raising a generation of God-hating heathens. Continued on page 5

Sanity Restored? By Katharine Cook Contributing Editor

Several friends and I left campus at 5 am on the morning of Saturday, October 30, packing four blankets, one camping chair, a bag full of ice and snacks, and one Hell of a sign complete with Pedobear and Sarah Palin. We were pumped. We may not have slept, we may have been exhausted, and I may severely dislike Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but we were excited in the way five-year-olds are

on Christmas morning. Music! Rally! Signs! Interestingly dressed people! What else could we have asked for? Human freaking decency, for one. When we arrived, there were probably about 50 people there already set up. People were in sleeping bags and rolled up in blankets, having gotten there earlier to stake their claim so as to get the best seats. There was still plenty of room when we arrived. We laid out two of the blankets and set the chair on top of one of them so we wouldn’t take up more space than

warranted. We made sure the people behind us could see. We made small talk and bitched about the cold until sunrise, at which point we got overpriced and quite disgusting coffee just so that we could feel our hands again. So far, so good. Except for the cold. I’m from Mississippi, God damn it; anything below 50 and I’m shivering. Anyway, the sun rose and more people arrived. At around 8am the police closed the gates so that no more people could get into our secContinued on page 4

GW Goes Solar

Pedophile Professor

Lifton's Email Threat

If it saves GW money, it's a good thing in our book.

What's italian for pedophile?

SA President Jason Lifton sends The Patriot a threat

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The GW Patriot


The GW Patriot

A Journal of Politics and Culture at the George Washington University

November 1st, 2010 •


1, volume 9 •

By Will Frey and Dan Keylin

Editorial Board

Hit: The SA Test Bank During Midterms

Will Frey

Managing Editor

Hugo Scheckter

Senior Editor

The test bank is perhaps the only useful SA tool around. Go to the SA office in the Marvin Center on the 4th floor and ask for your particular class or section.

Dan Keylin

Executive Editor

Tom Bird IV


Erin Mew

Opinions Editor

Zachary Gorelick

Contributing Editor

Just make sure either Lifton or Maxim does the photocopying personally.

Katharine Cook

Mission Statement The GW Patriot is a non-partisan publication dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas in an environment where ideological diversity and serious debate are often lacking. As a journal of politics and culture, The Patriot challenges the liberal orthodoxy of university life by exploiting topics often ignored under the status quo. By giving voice to the endangered species of conservative and libertarian thought in our commentary, we seek to articulate alternate viewpoints for a truly balanced education. We defend individual freedom, intellectual diversity, and fundamental human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We strive to inform, engage, and perhaps even amuse our readers. We invite the active participation of any student who shares our vision and would like to join our cause.

Patriot The GW

Submission Policy The GW Patriot welcomes letters to the editor, letters to writers, or guest columns. They can be emailed to All correspondence with The GW Patriot is liable to be edited and published.

table of contents

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Stop Vilifying the TEA Party GW Goes Solar-thermal Lifton sends The Patriot an email... SA Finance Chair's Conflict of Interest Charity is Choice, Choose Wisely Top Ideas to Save GW money

Hit: SA Senator Kaplan stands up to Lifton. We'll continue to act in our "appropriate manor," thank you very much. Is Jason Kaplan the next Logan Dobson? Probably not. Miss: Ivory Vandalism. This is representative of college-aged immature brats. Don't knock down ceiling tiles or leave your Natty lite cans in the elevators. Miss: RPM – note to sender: get University approval before sending threatening emails to GW student population. Hit: Parents Weekend: relatively clutter free weekend for pedestrians, and Jimmy Fallon brought Wolf Blitzer on stage – his beard and monotone voice are always a hit for 50-somethings. Miss: Rules Committee Disbanding: Institutional legacy of SA toolbaggery won’t take a hit even without a Rules Committee

Disclaimer The views expressed in the articles herein are solely those of each respective author. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any other staff member, The GW Patriot at large, or The George Washington University. Especially The George Washington University.

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Hits and Misses

Editor in Chief

Volume 9, Issue 1

Hit: Karl Rove – former Bush strategist extraordinaire will come to speak at GW on November 5th, just 3 days after the midterm election. Opinion on Rove might be divided, but it’s a big pickup for the College Republicans. The last Rove visit to GW in 2008 sparked two separate groups to interrupt him, and after a likely GOP takeover of the House, emotions might be at a boiling point this time around. Miss: CR’s O’Donnell Listserv email asking for club members to join on a campaign trip? Standard. Mentioning that they’ll get $50 from the campaign if they go? Routine. Stipulating that the organization is “DESPERATE” for you to go. Embarrassing. Apparently the Hatchet and Politico thought so.

The GW Patriot

November 1st, 2010

Volume 9, Issue 1

The GW Patriot



Stop Vilifying the TEA Party

Rejecting the progressive doctrine of conformity By Erin Mew Editor-at-Large A few days ago while I was perusing, I came across a post reading “NAACP, Left-Leaning Media Groups Form Tea Party Tracking Site.” Certainly not surprised by this report, I visited the website in question, What I discovered was not really startling or original, but rather more evidence of liberal interest groups distasteful attack on conservative America. But what angered me the most was the unequivocal message displayed on the website’s home page: “ monitors racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.” Next to this claim is a thirteen minute video of a correspondent speaking with several rally attendees, some of whom make inarticulate comments.

the Tea Party goers about one quote? How is Beck’s comment relevant to them or their reasons for attending? And even then, the few people asked about this in the video couldn’t believe that Beck had made such a remark. If these people had been racists, they probably wouldn’t have been so quick to distance themselves from such an accusation. The correspondent then asked the same people how they felt about the Cordoba Initiative mosque at Ground Zero and illegal immigration. The more I think about it, I’m glad he took the time to ask such germane questions. Now that’s journalism!

many Tea Party attendees lack a philosophical justification for their unhappiness with their government. On top of that, when asked about why they assemble in protest, many simply reiterate what they think they hear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin preach. This not only makes the tea party movement appear vacuous, but it makes every conservative/libertarian who supports the movement look uniformed or unintelligent. It seems as though everyone agrees that the size of government needs to shrink. It seems as though everyone believes it is imperative to throw out most of the incumbents in November. While there is no problem with either of these premises, what we need to make absolutely clear is that we are rejecting the progressive intellectual conformity. We are choosing to think and then act on the basis that we must reverse the gradual advancing towards a social democracy. We need to reject the idea that a group of people or a government knows what is best for individuals (collectivism vs. individualism). Lastly, as I stated in my previous article, endorsing “life, liberty, and property” is essential to individual rights. Taking a page out of the Objectivist playbook, I believe Americans must do this with the conviction that our Republic, established on these ethics, is the only moral political system in the world.

Patriot The GW

Lastly, I always enjoy seeing powerful liberal interest groups behind such a “concerned” effort by all of you who cry racism at the sight of these gatherings. The NAACP and Media Matters are such unprejudiced entities that

A Journal of Politics and Culture

As I write this editorial, I am trying to restrain myself from scribbling down anything that would indicate my outrage at such an insincere assertion. First of all, I’ve always enjoyed watching the liberal media undercut their own message when they ask loaded questions to a few ignorant people from a group of hundreds of thousands. That’s always the way to belittle your opponent. Talk to them as though they are as foolish as you are.

The journalist in the video then caught interviewees off guard when he asked them about a remark made by Glenn Beck claiming that President Obama has an intense hatred of white people. While Beck certainly made this allegation publicly, he later admitted to jumping to conclusions, blaming the President rather than his “black liberation” ideology. Whether you agree with this or not, is it really pertinent to ask

I’ve always enjoyed watching the liberal media undercut their own message when they ask loaded questions to a few ignorant people from a group of hundreds of thousands

- Erin Mew

really have everyone’s best interests at heart. And of course, their agendas are anything but racial! I mean, they commend “multiculturalism” and “tolerance!” But an assembly with the majority being Caucasian constitutes a racist congregation on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech. Give me a break. What I do think is unfortunate is that

One final request, you pesky liberals: please stop badmouthing the Tea Party Movement in an effort to make your agenda and the people you support in the government appear less destructive for this country. I understand that maybe you are all getting a little antsy about the election; I imagine we all would be if we were afraid of losing power. GWPATRIOT.COM

The GW Patriot

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The GW Patriot

around campus Here Comes the Sun

Smart. Witty. Irreverent.

GW implements solar-thermal system By Tom Bird IV Executive Editor As of late October, GW has installed a test solar-thermal system on top of three student dorms. These systems are now in place on top of Building JJ, 1959 E St., and Ivory Tower. A solar-thermal system is a system that uses the Sun’s energy to heat water for commercial and residential use. If you live in one of the above dorms your water will now be heated with solar energy as opposed to burning natural gas. Your sink, shower, and dishwasher will all use solar-heated water. These systems are a part of GW’s Climate Action Plan. Indeed, these systems are already reducing GW’s carbon emissions by lessening the

amount of natural gas burned to heat water. Also, these systems are virtually guaranteed to save GW money. According to the Office of Sustainability the system was installed, at no immediate cost to GW by Skyline Innovations, locally run renewable energy utility. GW will instead pay by the amount of water heated just like it would with a natural gas heating system but will pay a discounted rate that fluctuates with the cost of natural gas. GW will pay the rate of natural gas with a 15% discount. This is a guaranteed cost-saver for GW and a very environmentally conscious way of going about it.

system is put into place. If this test system is successfully implemented and performs satisfactorily GW plans to expand the system to other student housing buildings. These systems would be particularly useful to student housing as these buildings have a constant demand for hot water yearround. According to the Office of Sustainability the key factors that will be evaluated are reliability, student and faculty feedback, and impact on GW’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, the University also intends to investigate other sources of renewable energy for use on campus including solar systems used for electricity generation and wind power.

Patriot The GW

The currently installed system is a test for now to ensure the viability of the system before a much larger

What's Italian For Pedophile? A Journal of Politics and Culture By Hugo Scheckter Managing Editor

With the shocking news that GWU had inadvertently employed a suspected Pedophile for at least the last semester, questions need to be asked. Diego Fasolini, a part time Italian professor at GWU was arrested Thursday evening, for those who haven’t heard. When you ask someone why they get into the teaching profession, most of them say it’s because they enjoy working with children, not wanking with them as Professor Fasolini allegedly does. The fact that he was hired at GWU, University of Miami and Tulane amongst others has to be a major wake up call to administrators and parents around the country. What is the point of background checks if they fail to protect us? In fact,’Ten years ago, as a 32-year-old graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fasolini was charged with stealing a wallet from the school library and using an automatic teller machine to steal $1,500′, according to the Washington

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I would like to also question the logic of hiring someone as an ‘academic’ who doesn’t see the issues in handing a hard drive with 100,000 pornographic images on it to an IT professional, asking for ‘technical assistance’? I mean, even the dumbest of criminals cannot be so stupid as to hand over evidence of their crimes to an unknown expert… I guess it isn’t surprising considering the quantity of complaints regarding the quality of the teaching at GWU. When I first heard of this story, I did what any sane human would do: Google them. I found his profile, and the raters on there describe him as a mix between a ‘great professor’ to ‘worst teacher I’ve ever had’, which is a pretty accurate representation of most of the comments on that website. I was fairly disappointed not to see a review which read ‘Odd guy. Often could be seen looking at pupils and saying ‘giovani abbastanza’, which translates as ‘young enough’. Invited me back to his apartment one day, said I could

The GW Patriot

take a shower after a long day. Weird clicking sounds throughout. Got an A even though I thought I failed, so highly recommended.’ I don’t think I’ve looked at 100,000 online images of any content (pornographic or not) in my lifetime, so for him to have a collection of 100,000 pornographic images is highly impressive, and had they not been of little children, props would be due. Most guys can only dream of a collection that size. It’s great that the police couldn’t detect a guy downloading 100,000 illegal pictures. Although this is different from a recent crime alert (alerting GW to a crime with a description of the suspects as ‘male’), it has to make you wonder what the police are actually doing. Maybe instead of pulling me over for only going 75mph in a 40mph, they should be trying to reduce the number of indecent images online. One thing’s for sure, I wont look at my French teacher the same way again…

November 1st, 2010


Volume 9, Issue 1

The GW Patriot

Campus politics

Lifton's Email Threat


SA President threatens to restrict media access to org The Patriot recieved the following email full of spelling errors from Student Association President Jason Lifton: From: Jason Lifton To: Daniel Keylin CC: William Frey, Rob Maxim, Megan Cunningham, Bradley Dlatt, Lara Gori, Bridgette Behling Date Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:42 PM Subject: Very Important Regarding Your Interaction with the SA Hi Dan,

your publication personally attacking members of my organization. In the past we’ve all enjoyed the humor associated with the blog, but things have changed this year. I say this with the upmost respect, but with total seriousness. If you continue to act in this appropriate manor I will make your access to our organization incredibly difficult. I do not want this to be the case, and I would hope that it not need to be the case, but the content of last week’s liveblog has left me no option. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to have a conversation about this, but I needed to share my thoughts.


If you continue to act in this appropriate manor, I will make your access to our organization incredibly difficult. I do not want this to be the case, and I would hope that it not need to be the case, but the content of last week’s liveblog has left me no option.

The GW Jason

– Jason Lifton Student Body President The George Washington University

A Journal of Politics and CultureEpsilon Chapter Sigma Chi Fraternity-

- SA President Jason Lifton via email to The Patriot

Sounds like a threat to me. Your thoughts, dear readers? I need to share some thoughts with you regarding the GW Patriot’s interaction with the Student Association this year. Your liveblogs have grown completly inappropriate. Your personal attacks on specific senators (especially freshman looking to get involved!) are not only unprofessional, but completly out of line and rude. I have the upmost respect for the reputation of the Patriot, however I will not tolerate

Will the SA use executive session to keep the media out of meetings, as Lifton hinted [above, in bold for emphasis]? Feel free to take a look at our recent SA liveblog and judge the “appropriateness” for yourself. A general consensus of the people I talked to said that this year’s SA liveblogs are pretty tame compared to years past.

WBC to Picket GW on Vets Day (continued from front page)

Because these rebels neglected to do their Deuteronomy 6 duty to their children, God pours out His wrath on doomed america.”

After making a friendly visit to Foggy Bottom, the Westboro protestors will then picket Arlington Cemetery to finish off their classy day of spreading the

message of their God. Make sure to mark November 11th on your calendars, the counter-protest is going to be fun!

Westboro Baptist Church will picket GWU on Veterans Day, Nov. 11th, at 7:55am near Washington Circle. Be there. GWPATRIOT.COM

The GW Patriot

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The GW Patriot

Campus politics

Smart. Witty. Irreveremt.

SA Finance Committee Chairman’s Unconstitutional Conflict of Interest

Access to revenue account violates SA bylaws By Dan Keylin Senior Editor SA Finance Committee Chairman Chris Clark’s position as president of the Undergraduate Business Association violates two clauses in the Student Association bylaws. The clauses essentially prohibit any member of the SA Finance Committee from being a chief financial officer of a registered student organization that receives funding from the SA. The chief financial officers of an organization as defined by both the SA bylaws and Student Activities Center (SAC) are both the president and treasurer of that org. SA Bylaw 401, Section 5 states,

mittee will have knowledge or access to the balances of any revenue account.” Clark’s position as both Finance Chairman and UBA President constitutes an overlap that violates both clauses since as president of the UBA he has access to the organization’s revenue account, putting his dual-positions in conflict with the SA Constitution. The UBA is a first year umbrella organization that was allocated $7,000 with Clark as after its associated organizations were initially allocated a grand total of $3,550 last year.

report on the Goldstein situation, Bonneau wrote, “While some would note that Mr. Brand Kroeger openly served simultaneously as both the Chairman of the College Republicans and as a Justice on the Student Court, that is not a justification. Failure to enforce rules in the past is no excuse to not enforce the rules in the present….On the whole, it would appear the SA, particularly the Senate, follows their own rules when it best suites them, and disregards or reinterprets them when it does not.”

Patriot The GW

Last year, a minor controversy brewed within the SA when it was “discovered” that Student Court Chief Justice Jen Goldstein was concurrently serving as the Political Activities Chair of Program Board. Goldstein resigned as courtesy to the wishes of the Bindelglass administration and several SA senators, who worried about a potential conflict of interest.

Ultimately, the legitimacy of a body is dependent on the enforcement of its own rules. If the SA wishes to be seen as credible organization, it must enforce the bylaws of its own constitution; Jason Lifton, Vice President of Judicial & Legislative Affairs Jake Chervinsky and the SA Senate should request that Clark resign his post as either finance chairman or president of the UBA in compliance with the SA Constitution.

A Journal of Politics and Culture

“(1) Only the following persons shall have access to information concerning an organization’s revenue account: the executive financial officers of the organization, the Student Association Vice President for Financial Affairs, and the Student Activities Center Principal Accounts Clerk. (2) No members of the Finance Com-

Taking a look at independent investigator James Bonneau’s October 2009

The Rally to "Restore" Sanity (continued from front page)

tion. “Fantastic,” we thought, “we’ll be able to see and won’t be crowded!” Oh, were we wrong. People began trickling in, leaping between blankets and elbowing across chairs. More signs were hoisted and waved. Soon, the entire area in front of us, which from 5am to 8am had contained tops 70 people, was a rolling crowd of hundreds. People were stepping on others’ plots with no regard for the fact that the only reason we had arrived at such an unbelievable time was specifically so that this wouldn’t

Page 6

happen and so we could see the screen. Soon it was standing room only. Soon after, it was standing on other people only. I wish I were kidding. I had lain down for a quick nap around 9am, planning on awaking again at 10, only to be stepped on by some hag from LA whose son I mistakenly took for a girl because his hair was so unruly. I mean really, people, androgyny is SO 1995! I dealt with it, though. I didn’t snap, I didn’t bitch. I stood up and shivered, instead. After all, we still had musical acts and wonderful speeches to look forward to! And it was already 9:45,

The GW Patriot

just fifteen minutes until the pre-rally began. How invigorating! Except that it wasn’t. It turns out that the pre-rally consisted of a sound check for one of the bands, a repeat of the original rally announcement, and then re-runs of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I made it to the rally announcement before I declared that I had to leave before I killed someone. It is beyond me how these men have a following. They have the humor of Continued on page 4

November 1st, 2010

Volume 9, Issue 1

The GW Patriot

Campus Culture Charity is Choice; Choose Wisely


Doing good on your own accord By Zachary Gorelick Opinions Editor

to Afghanistan tomorrow. He has been doing so for nearly four months.

There is a tall homeless man, shrouded continually by cigarette smoke and the contagious smell of gasoline, who stands outside the Gallery Place – Chinatown Metro Station. In his hand, day after day, is a notebook full of names and signatures. He asks you, as you approach, for help finding the cure for AIDS; all you have to do is sign you name on the dotted line. Who wouldn’t want to help? But wait, now he wants you to pay the ‘surcharge for the registry,’ with vague references to ‘being so close’ and ‘only needing a few more dollars’ to create major change in his community. Wow! What a trooper, standing out there all day for such a noble cause. When I see him out there nearly every week, though, and I notice that the sheets are always new and that the organization he represents has no website and surprisingly no public record, I begin to question his motives. Similarly, there was a homeless gentleman standing outside the Foggy Bottom Metro Station last week, posing as an American soldier just trying to get back to Fort Bragg in time to ship out

Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have never known the hardship of homelessness. I count my blessings every day and will never truly understand the pain that many hardworking people feel when they are down on their luck. That said, I am seeing a trend in the district (and more recently, in Philadelphia) of a specific group of homeless citizens willing to con their way to higher tips and donations. Somehow, we have grown to allow these abuses of situation even on the lowest financial level. Trust me, I would never turn away a person truly in need, but I refuse to be taken for a ride or harassed into charity. Philanthropy is inherently good, but if this is the year of accountability, when we are holding major corporations, Presidents and the entire US Congress responsible for their actions, why not widen the spectrum?

into my pocket to give this man a few dollars, to show him that I appreciated his approach to garnering change. He then stopped me short, demanding $20 before I could even handle my wallet. We gave the rose back and walked away. Am I a heartless monster? I prefer to think that I am essentially a consumer with a choice of where to allocate my charity. When it comes to people asking for help, I’ll admit I’m a pushover. It’s when my pocket change is demanded instead of requested that I begin to see a darker side to loving my neighbor as myself.

Patriot The GW

I’m not calling for a boycott of charity, and I urge everyone to keep some spare change for that man down the street with nothing to eat, but vote with your change. Donate to organizations or groups that you respect, dole out the dollars to honest people who have nothing left. Please don’t fall for deceptive schemes and don’t let anyone twist your arm into giving them charity simply because they make you feel guilty. Do good on your own accord, not on someone else’s schedule.

A Journal of Politics and Culture Recently, my girlfriend and I took a stroll near the White House, where a man laid a withered rose in her hand and said, “Have a nice day.” Immediately stirred by his kindness, I reached

Sanity Restored? (continued from page 6)

a thirteen-year-old and the creativity of a Southern Baptist grandmother, which we all know is nearly nonexistent. Their announcement was roundabout and bad-mannered, frankly. They made asses out of their fans as they waited, breath baited, for Colbert and Stewart to finally say, “Hey. Let’s have a party on the mall!” And the fuckers took their sweet ‘ol time to do it. If playing with the emotions of your fans for a laugh isn’t rude, I don’t know what is. As I left, I noticed that people were less than courteous. No one would


move out of the way, even after several pardon’s and please-move’s. The mall was trashed, litter everywhere. People were pushing each other and stepping on anything in their path. It was madness, which is quite ironic for a rally to supposedly restore sanity. In conclusion, the rally sucked. Well. What part of it I saw did. It was overcrowded, with all sections completely full and blockaded. Despite this, thousands still flowed out of the metro and into the streets because the zoning permit was severely underestimated. There was no respect for other people and no civility. “Please,” and “thank

The GW Patriot

you,” were phrases I didn’t hear except from my own mouth. The pre-rally was ridiculous and unnecessary, getting there early was useless, and it was overall not worth it. The hosts were unfunny and their fans were crude. If these are the men who influence our nation on the scale they do, and these are the people they influence, then I have fully lost all respect and hope I may have had for this nation. The epic Trololo was pretty great, though.

Page 7


The GW

Hey Knapp! Want Some Money Saving Ideas? By Hugo F. Sckeckter Managing Editor President Knapp’s frugality task force has met, and has given some ideas to save th University some money. While I’m sure we’re all delighted that the $55,000 a year we pay STILL isn’t enough to cover their spending, I’ve decided to come up with my own list of money saving tips. 1. Get the GW Band who play at Basketball games to record a CD. Then replace them with said CD. 2. Sell President Knapp’s house, and wait list him for housing. Then ignore his requests to live with his family, and instead put them in 4 Mitchell singles. 3. Give the kids from the ‘School without Walls’ an actual school without walls. In a field. In West Virginia. Then, use the building WE paid for for actual GWU activities. 4. Cut President Knapp’s salary, so he gets paid the 53rd highest in the country. When GWU is the best ranked school in the country, he can get paid the most out of any University President. Not before. 5. Introduce a $100 graduation fee. Because you haven’t already paid enough. 6. Dissolve all task forces around GWU. They are clearly not doing a great job, when they suggest to save money we should spend ‘$1.5 million on renovating the first floor of Gelman Library’. Interesting. Saving money by spending. Sounds like the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ we’ve all be waiting for. Inside: | Westboro Baptist Church | SA President Lifton's Email threat | GW Goes Solar | TEA Party Analysis | SA Finance Coverage | GWPATRIOT.COM

The GW Patriot 11/1/10  

The GW Patriot 11/1/10

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