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Work Experience Week

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Student Council’s CPC


HEY YOU. Student Council wants to know where you have been working. I’m joking. Student Council only wants to know where you have been working if you have something interesting to say about it. th

CPC has given you the opportunity to hold a presentation in next week’s assembly, Monday 4 February. However, we’re turning this into a challenge because we dislike boring presentations just as much as you do. SO. If you can read the requirements below and still think that you’re the perfect person for this, let me [Amanda, MYPD] know by mail (, on the MYP page, or tap my shoulder in school. Be quick: we allow a maximum of 6 persons to present; 2 from each grade, MYPB, MYPC, and MYPD.  

Your presentation cannot exceed (in other words, your mouth must be shut by the end of) 3 minutes. Your presentation must be based on a story of your experience. We all like entertaining stories (don’t lie, you do). Pick a story that you think highlights just why you wanted to talk about your work experience. o The presentation will not be like this: ‘For my work experience week I worked at a store and I helped clean the shelves which was boring (laugh) but it was OK because I could go home early (laugh) OK I’m done. Clap for me please, guys.’ You must support your presentation with a visual representation (e.g. a photo or a PowerPoint slide). If you opt for very short PowerPoint (containing slides that highlight the story you are telling), you cannot type up a single word. Not one. No. Don’t even think the thought. o Andreas’ golden rule: you shall not support the image, the image shall support you. IF POSSIBLE, THIS WOULD BE AWESOME: Of each grade, 1 person should really love the place he worked at, while the other should absolutely detest it. This’ll make the presentations much more interesting.

Can you pull this off? Of course you can. Be brave. IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHY CPC WENT CRAZY AND TURNED THIS INTO A CHALLENGE It’s because we’re tired of the old ways. We want presentations that are actually worth listening to to happen more frequently. Thanks (I await your responses, people, don’t be shy.)

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Assembly: Work Experience Week Presentations  

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