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And then FaceTime that never happened Because “I don't do FaceTime” It started with an "I like you" To a girl. And my whole life was ruined It was not “ruined” It was just picked up Turned around a bunch of times And dropped To say the least I was confused I sat down by my friend And my first words were “Hey” “I think I made a mistake” “But I am really happy about it” “I am kind of living my life the way I should right now” “Living” is such an unexplained term We make anything we want out of it And I suppose “redefining” myself was not a bad thing Confusing Messy Terrifying But in no way bad And my sexuality remains just a small part of me But you know that stupid question “What would tell your 12-year-old self” And you know I finally found an answer And I am gonna quote Rachel on this “f*$! it. it will be okay.”


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017