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Michigan The state that I did a project on in third grade. All I remember about the project is that the capital is Detroit and a lot of cars used to be manufactured there before its economy died.

Maine I go to Maine every summer for either a week or a month, depending on our other plans and where we are staying. Last summer I stayed in Wells for about one week, yet I usually stay in Boothbay Harbor on an island for about one month.

Mets My favorite Major League Baseball Team. I went to three of their spring training games this spring break and even though they lost all three it’s okay because none of them counted. It also rained during two of the three games that I attended and I learned that many people will not sit through the rain and get soaked while watching sports.

Needles I have a big fear of needles. Once my doctor asked if medical students could observe me receiving a shot and I straight up said no without even thinking about it for more than a second.

Ocean I’m terrified of videos under the water and sharks and many other sea creatures. The ocean just looks scary to me and I never enjoy having to go to the beach because of it.

Pitbull When I was about ten, I had a neighbor who owned a pitbull. One day the pitbull was outside and decided to chase me around my yard which resulted in me being terrified of pitbulls.

Procrastination I procrastinate with all of my homework and I do not start anything until the day before it is due unless it is a big project that I would not finish in time.


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017