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A Book by Belle Crocco

I fall open, and you fell in. I am opened, and my thousands and thousands of words run free into the wild They keep on running towards you and don’t stop. I am full of wonderful places and people of every kind I am the gate to your happy place, always around and full of new surprises. My pages are flipped, one by one as I glow in your eyes. I see my reflection in your tears, while telling you a sad story. I smell your breath as you laugh when I cheer you up with something funny. I begin to like you. We meet almost everyday, usually around night when it’s dark I can’t see much, only a flash of light and your eyes moving rapidly, reading me. We spend all of summer together. You let my pages fly, each one individually feeling free The time feels limitless. Soon enough my pages fly by, One by one faster and faster. The end is coming I feel it near, I see you laugh, cry, smile and bite your nails anxiously one last time. I say my goodbyes, folding back into one I only see darkness, my words clumping up together I close, and hope to see you sometime again. Thank you for letting my words run free.


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017