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She and I by Katie Broccoli She had fire in her eyes and passion in her heart While giving it her all and never giving up. Like MLK, she has a dream, And will not stop until she accomplishes it. She will grow from the lows and enjoy the highs. Even when she thinks she can’t, she will, Like The Little Engine That Could. No matter what happens, She will enjoy the ride. No holding back, except for the urge of quitting When things get hard and seem impossible. Her goals in life seem so far away, But that is no reason to not try. Just like Langston Hughes asks, What will happen if this dream of hers is deferred? Even though this world is a challenge like Harlem She will never know, Because this girl will reach her dreams. She has already started and won’t be finished for a while, And yes, I am ready for the challenge.


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017