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problems our society is facing; but in the second part of the poem, the tone changes to a more happy and joyful tone, as he is making reference to the innocent infant who is still too young to understand all the struggles human society is having, and therefore, the infant has no motive to be worried about anything. There is also a lot of imagery in this poem, that along with the tone helps give meaning and clearly marks the two different parts of the poem. During the first part of the poem, the imagery is more dark in general, with images like ‘hate explodes,’ ‘broken-neck heads,’ ‘war,’ ‘mortal explosion,’ or the ‘tremulous people,’ showing problems and violence. Meanwhile in the second part of the poem, the imagery changes, just like the tone, with images such as ‘son at the breast,’ ‘innocent infant,’ or the ‘emptied breast,’ showing a more calm and peaceful scenario. In the Catalan version of this poem, there is a clearly structured rhyme scheme; however, the translator chose not to include the rhyme scheme in the English version. This tells us that the rhymes did not play an important role in the original, so the translator chose to focus on the devices that really give shape to the poem, such as tone, imagery, and figures of speech. There is personification in “the broken-neck heads drip blood,” showing violence and the dark side of the poem, which ends making reference to “dividing the world” through violence and terrorism. In conclusion, I would say that Joan Maragall, one of the best poets in the history of Catalan literature, makes good use of tone, imagery and literary devices to give meaning to the poem. The main theme of the poem is that the violence is causing problems and dividing our society, and that the next generation is happy and peaceful because they still don’t understand what’s going on; so maybe we should all be like those innocent children, and live in peace and happiness.


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