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Strangers by Bella Byrne I welcome you to my house There isn’t a thing I don’t know Though just strangers in the street There must be blood in the passing snow Please, please come in Turn me inside out Put a pillow under my head Let it lift me up from doubt Tell me all your stories Let me see your eyes Your darkness is blinding Don’t you dare let in the light Soon now you’ll leave me But you will leave your mask behind Now I know nothing Now I’ve thrown away my mind It is all over The end has just begun The sight of you knows no mercy Your soul the darkest part of the sun Will you see me as I am? Not just strangers on the street? I cannot not see your shell It’s your heart now I will meet Do you listen to my voice? Do you understand my words? Or just merely see my skin My gender or my clothes I know nothing now About everyone I meet I am forced to listen To the strangers in the street


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017