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Poem by Kio Yoshinaga

I prefer emotions. I prefer abstract thought. I prefer irony and creativity. I prefer a comfortable silence than forcing to keep a conversation. I prefer a close companion than blabbering about bullshit no one actually cares about. I prefer to dig. I prefer to know more. I prefer to understand what's behind the facade that you carry. I prefer you. I prefer laughing with you as we walk along into the unknown, shit-talking about the world. I prefer lying in the grass, listening to music, watching the clouds roll by with you. I prefer you looking into my eyes, telling me you'll stay the night. I prefer feeling you gently. I prefer kissing your lips than having meaningless sex with one I’m not attached to. I prefer remembering this one moment, than wasting my time elsewhere.


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Stray Shot 2017  

Stray Shot 2017