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Bruce A. Dixon

Detroit elects first White mayor since 1970′s

Volume XVII, Number 8

DETROIT, MICH - Detroit is an 80 percent Black city and has traditionally elected Black mayors, but that has recently changed with the election of Mike Duggan as Detroit’s new

Jon Jeter

Hilton Head Island • Ridgeland • Beaufort, South Carolina • Hardeeville • Savannah

Nov 07 - Nov 20, 2013

Gullah Sentinel News Service

Morgan Brittany

said, “and I said from the beginning that the only way I could get past it was to sit with you … and get to know you one by one.” Duggan says he wants to convince Gov. Snyder and Orr to turn the reigns of the city over to Detroit’s city leaders,


Sheriff’s Office investigating Land’s End, armed robbery, carjacking

“Voice of the Lowcountry”

Gullah Sentinel News Service

ST HELENA ISLAND – The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office is still investi-


gating an early morning armed robbery and carjacking that occurred outside a home on Lands End Rd. Just after 6 am, deputies responded to 35 Lands End Rd in reference to a

reported assault. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with a 30-year old female bleeding from a laceration to see CARJACKING page 5

Another Good Deed

Detroit Mayor-Elect, Mike Duggan mayor. Duggan, a former hospital chief and prosecutor, trounced Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon 55 percent to 45 percent, making him the first White mayor in the city since Coleman Young served in 1974. He campaigned as the most competent leader in the race and vowed to send emergency manager Kevyn Orr packing. “I’m going to try to shorten Kevyn Orr’s stay,” Duggan told the Associate Press. According to the Detroit Free Press, Duggan addressed race in a speech to supporters. “When I started on this campaign, I was not under any illusion about the racial division in this country,” Duggan

but first he will create a relationship of trust with both the governor and city manager. “At this moment what we have in common is much more powerful than what divides us. And now the real work begins,” Duggan said. Detroit’s previous mayor, Dave Bing, did not seek reelection, but he was opposed to Detroit having an emergency manager as well. “In this time of important change for the city, Detroiters have come together to voice their desire for progress,” Orr said in a statement. “I look forward to working with Mayor -elect Mike Duggan to build the vibrant and strong future the citizens of Detroit deserve.”

Little Red Dog Foundation donates therapeutic cycle to DSN

Gullah Sentinel News Service

BEAUFORT - The Little Red Dog Foundation recently donated a therapeutic cycle to Beaufort County Disabilities and Special Needs. This is the fourth cycle the group has donated to DSN proud clients. “To see the smiles on the faces of those we donate to is just priceless. These cycles really can change someone’s life and I’m just proud to be part of the joy that is passed on to each and every one of them,” said Anne Guthrie,

founder of Little Red Dog Foundation. “In the past Little Red Dog Foundation has donated to DSN allowing some of our clients to move freely and gain a feeling of independence. I’m thrilled the foundation is coming back to give more of our clients the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment that these cycles offer,” said DSN Day Program Director Bill Love. Little Red Dog Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides specially equipped therapeutic three-wheeled cycles for children and adults who have

Republican counties gobbling up Food Stamp growth Gullah Sentinel News Service

NATION - As a key provision of the 2009 Stimulus Act expires and food stamp recipients experiencing cuts, it must be pointed out that, although African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by poverty, White people are the largest growing segment of food stamp recipients. A July article published in the Associated Press drove home the impact that the Great Recession is having on White America: While racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to live in poverty, race disparities in the poverty rate have narrowed substantially since the 1970s, census data show. Economic insecurity among Whites also is more pervasive than is shown in government data, engulfing more than 76 percent of White adults by the time they turn 60, according to a new economic gauge being pub-

lished next year by the Oxford University Press. And a Bloomberg article from November 2012 drove home the fact that most of the food stamp growth in America is coming from Republican heavy counties: “Seventy percent of counties with the fastestgrowth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg.” This means, some Black people say, “that most of the rhetoric you’re hearing from the right wing as it relates to food stamps is patently false. We should keep this in mind when right wing blogs distribute photos of African-Americans getting more than their “fair share” of food stamps due to a computer glitch.” Cuts to food stamps are being painted as mostly impacting

a mobility challenge. Since 2006, almost 400 cycles have been donated to various organizations and individuals across the Lowcountry. The Kiwanis Club of Beaufort was also at the donation event. The club’s members help put the cycles together and help maintain the cycles. The Lady’s Island St. Helena Fire Department has also helped in making the donations possible. Once the cycles are shipped, the cycles are then delivered to the Firehouse and put together before being donated.

African-Americans when nothing could be further from the truth,they added. “The truth is that White people are falling into poverty at a record pace and White Republicans have no idea what to do about it. Instigating Whites to turn on Blacks and is just the usual deflection strategy.”

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The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVII , Number 8 Page

National News Brief

Opinion: Saving the White man



Head of New Black Panther Party announces resignation after 13 years

Margaret Kimberley

ANN ARBOR, MICH - On June 22, 1996, a small group of Ku Klux Klan members gathered for a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, only to be outnumbered by a much larger group of Black and White protesters. A White man in the crowd, Albert McKeel, Jr., was not wearing a KKK hood but had an SS tattoo on his arm and a shirt decorated with a Confederate flag. He was on the verge of being assaulted by the larger group when he was saved by Keshia Thomas, an 18-year old Black woman. This story was forgotten but recently came to public attention again thanks to a BBC online series about teaching kindness. The little known event gained new life and so did a standard meme which is treacherous for Black people. In a recent issue of Black Agenda Report and this issue of the Gullah Sentinel, this columnist wrote about the inexplicable determination of some Black people to forgive any harm done to them by Whites. Jonathan Farrell was shot to death by a White police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina yet his mother and fiancée forgave

WASHINGTON, DC - New Black Panther Party leader Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz recently shocked thousands when he announced that effective immediately, he would be resigning as National Chairman, a post which he has held since the passing of former National Chairman Khallid Abdul Muhammad in 2001. He made the announcement during a radio address on his organization’s blog talk radio show, “The Black Power Hour”. Shabazz said that taking his place will be NBPP National Chief of Staff Hashim Nzinga. He also mentioned that he will be forming a transitional team to ease the changing of leadership during this time. Although Shabazz does not plan to hold any other leadership positions within the organization, he stated that he will still remain affiliated with the group and serve as its legal and spiritual adviser.

Halle Berry gives birth, 47 years old

NEW YORK - It is time to begin celebrating with Hollywood star Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez. They recently welcomed their first child to the world and it’s a boy! This is the first child for Oliver Martinez but the second for Halle Berry. She also has a daughter whose name is Nahla. Oliver Martinez and Halle Berry were married in July of last year. She announced her pregnancy in April of this year. She said that it was the biggest surprise of her life but it was a wonderful one. She didn’t think that she was going to be able to have children anymore because of her age. But even at 47 she delivered a healthy baby and is doing well herself!

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his killer. When I discovered their comments I was perplexed, but I should not have been. The reaction to the Keshia

Thomas story explains it all quite well. Michigan newspapers called her

see OPINION page 6

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Top 22 ways another government shutdown could ruin your Life

Thursday, Nov 07 - Nov 20, 2013

Gullah Sentinel News Service

WASHINGTON - For the first time since 1997, the U.S. government had shut down and could possibly happen again on January 15, 2014. happens This when Congress fails to pass authorization to sufficiently fund local and federal government operations. During a shutdown, the government will usually stop providing all services except those that are deemed "essential". Here are 22 ways that another government shutdown will affect your life:

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#1 - If you get the flu: During a shutdown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will not be receiving funding to support its annual flu vaccination program.

#2 - No pay for milipersonnel: tary Members of the armed forces (Army, Navy, Marines, etc) will have their paychecks put on hold while they continue to work.

#3 - Little assistance for troubled boaters: The Coast Guard will cut back on routine patrols and navigation assistance if you have trouble while on the water. see SHUTDOWN page 5

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVII, Number 8 Page


Worse than Apartheid: Black in Obama’s America The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVII, Number 8 Page



Thursday, Nov 07 - Nov 20, 2013

Jon Jeter

For every dollar in assets owned by Whites in the United States, Blacks own less than a nickel, a racial divide that is wider than South Africa’s at any point during the apartheid era. The median net worth for Black households is $4,955, or about 4.5 percent of Whites’ median household Jeter wealth, which was $110, 729 in 2010, according to Census data. Racial inequality in apartheid South Africa reached its zenith in 1970 when Black households’ median net worth represented 6.8 percent of Whites’, according to an analysis of government data by Sampie Terreblanche, professor emeritus of economics at Stellenbosch University. Widely recognized as an expert on inequality, Terreblanche described the racial wealth gap in the U.S. as “shocking,” in an email, and noted that it would exceed apartheid’s by an even larger margin had the White-minority not categorized mixed-race South Africans as “coloured” during the White-minority’s 46-year rule. Household wealth is the accumulated sum of assets – houses, cars, bank, investment, and retirement accounts – minus the aggregate value of debt, including mortgages, auto loans, and credit card balances. It’s more comprehensive than income, which measures the year-to-year earnings from wages, dividends, and profits. Since the US Census began publishing the figures nearly a quarter century ago, the chasm in wealth between whites and blacks has always yawned far wider than disparities in income, but narrowed to a ratio of 7 to 1 in 1995 before ballooning to 22 to 1 following a housing market collapse five years ago. African-descended people account for about 14 percent of the population in the US but only 1.4 percent of the wealthiest 1 percent. Inflated largely by speculators’ frenzied investments in usurious mortgage loans, the real-estate bubble’s inevitable implosion triggered the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and, the most profound dispossession of African Americans’ material wealth since the slave trade. What’s most astonishing about America’s yawning racial chasm is that the U.S. has eclipsed apartheid-like levels of inequality within a political economy that is at least nominally democratic, and a generation of Black post-civil rights elected officials that includes the sitting head of state. Fifty-three percent of all Black homebuyers in 2006 were saddled with subprime mortgages, compared to 49 percent of Latinos and 26 percent of Whites. Treating Black South Africans as essentially guest workers, apartheid “pass laws” required Blacks to produce employment documents for any White person – gendarme and 11year-old White girls alike – who demanded it. You need not be a Marxist to see the clear parallels between that Draconian measure and the stop-and-frisk policies employed by the New York City Police Department, or the wide berth afforded White vigilantes such as George Zimmerman. Similarly, payday loan stores began to materialize in the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and New York at roughly the same time they began to open for business in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The result is that South Africa’s Blacks, wanting the good life that was denied to them by apartheid, are today sinking in consumer debt just as are Blacks are in this country. Much like the ubiquitous payday loan shops, racial inequality in the US is so profound that it has become unremarkable, almost banal. There is seldom a single White passenger on the weekday 295 bus that leaves the Menlo Park train station at 7:32 am, dropping off mostly Latinas who clean million dollar homes in the Silicon Valley neighborhood. At the New Orleans airport, the jazz trio that greets passengers appears phenotypically all White men, while all the employees at the Copeland’s Gourmet Kitchen are African-American, save one, the shift manager. Similarly, if you ride the uptown 5 train and get off at 51st and Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan during the afternoon rush hour, you will see a study in contrasts: the mostly Black and Brown homeless people in tattered clothing huddled, still and silent, in the soup line at St. Bart’s Episcopal Church, while across the street, the chatty White employees pour from the Bank of America office tower, dressed to the nines. “Our nation is moving toward two societies,” the Kerner Commission concluded in its 1968 report on the causes of the nationwide civil disturbances that had begun three years earlier in Los Angeles, “one Black, one White— separate and unequal.” Forty-five years later, it’s a wrap ADDRESS: 909 Bladen Street, Beaufort,SC 29902 PHONE: (843) 982-0500 • FAX: (843) 982-0631 EMAIL: WEB: Operations Manager ................................................ B. Ballentine Senior Staff Writer .............................................. 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The Gullah Sentinel prides itself as being the Black voice of the Lowcountry. AfricanAmericans are approximately 33% of the Lowcountry’s total population. The Gullah Sentinel offers to advertisers a unique readership that consists of professionals, educators, clergy and the general community. The Gullah Sentinel spotlights news and events about and for African-Americans, in turn keeping our readers informed about their concerns. We also cover a variety of local and national news, editorials, social columns, church news and sports. The Gullah Sentinel has started a tradition of being informative as well as entertaining. Opinions expressed by the writers are not necessarily those of the publisher, advertisers or the policy of this paper.

The difference between Truth and Lies

Morgan Brittany

Why do a vast majority of the American public continue to fall for the constant lies coming out of Washington?What is it that they just don’t see?Time and time again the rug is pulled out from under them and they still fall for the same old “bait and switch”.Politicians know it and now they have no qualms about continuing the lies even after we know they are lies! I remember a time when at least they tried to cover it up, (Richard Nixon), or they came clean after they were caught, (Bill Clinton).Today however, they fabricate a lie in order to further their political agendas and then after they are exposed, they continue to spout the same lie as though it were the truth!Are we all crazy?Am I living in The Twilight Zone??? I know I heard Barack Obama say time and time again not to worry about Obamacare.“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…period. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan…period.” That came through pretty clear to me and the message stayed the same for the last three or more years. He looked the American people in the eye and gave them his word. If he had just said it once maybe I could have been mistaken or thought that perhaps he misspoke, but I heard it dozens of times especially during the last Presidential campaign. Now this colossal whopper has smacked people right in the face.They

know what he said, and even if tion dwarf those from the they thought that they heard past.The “Fast and Furious” wrong, they can go to the interlies, the “Benghazi” lies, the net, television, radio, or the “IRS” lies, the “NSA” lies and print media to find it again and now the biggest of them again and again just to assure all…the “Obamacare” lie.This themselves that they had heard may be the one that finally right. knocks the king off of his I guess it just doesn’t matthrone. ter anymore.The Democrats in This one affects all of us Brittany Washington believe that the end in one way or another and now justifies the means. This phrase, that it has been exposed, you originating from Niccolo Machiavelli's can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.They book "The Prince," is interpreted by some will have to spin it to place blame on someto mean doing anything whatsoever that is one else and then ask “Who do you required to get the result you want, regard- believe?Me or your lying eyes?” The chillless of the methods used. It does not matter ing thing is that they are comfortable with whether these methods are legal or illegal, deception and have no remorse about it at fair or foul, kind or cruel, truth or lies, all. democratic or dictatorial, good or evil. This is not the basis upon which this All that matters is that they win nation was built.This is not the vision that because they believe they are morally the Founding Fathers put forth for superior to the rest of us and we are just too American freedom.This country was built stupid to understand. No matter who it on truth and liberty, not lies and decephurts, no matter who it destroys, if their tions.We can’t afford to let those in power agenda is advanced it was worth it because get away with this because as we can all they know best. see it is escalating out of control. All politicians lie. In a fit of frustration during We know that, we accept that and we Congressional hearings, Hillary Clinton can give them a pass on some of the prom- blurted out, “What difference does it ises that they don’t keep.Some of them lie, make?!” make mistakes and then repent for their It makes a tremendous amount of difactions, but others never admit their decep- ference if we want to keep the America we tions. They build on them and then it all love.The America we would fight for, becomes so easy to deceive that they don’t and die for.The America respected in the know the difference between true and world as a place where truth, honor and false. integrity means something. The lies coming out of this administra-

Roll over & die, or Shut up & Sell out: HBCU’s

Bruce A. Dixon

If there is a talented tenth, the phrase W.E.B. Dubois coined a century ago to denote the Black elite whose success will enable them to somehow lift up the other 90% its beating heart lives in those Black colleges and universities. But the first Black president is no fan of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Back in 2011, the Obama administration, more in tune with what its Wall Street contributors want than what its voting constituents need, made student loans significantly more difficult to get. Its new policies immediately caused 28,000 mostly African-American students to drop out of historically black colleges alone for lack of funds to continue their education, and denied Historically Black Colleges and Universities a crucial $150 million a year in revenue. In the two years since, historically black colleges have begged for the restoration of the old rules on college loans but to no avail. The Obama administration has compounded the injury by releasing what it calls “college scorecards” that rank schools by graduation rate at a time when poorer students are dropping out in huge numbers nationwide due to economic stress. Under these circumstances, the only

way for historically Black colleges to survive is to do the impossible --- to attract ever wealthier students at a time when overall Black family incomes are dropping. This is a financial crisis that HBCU trustees across the country know they cannot survive unless something changes. HBCUs constitute three percent of America’s colleges but produce 20 percent of Black graduates, 50 percent of Black public school teachers and lawyers, 80 percent of Black judges, and 90 percent of Black BA’s. Many have noted the past two years that if these things happened under a BushCheney administration the Black colleges, their alumni and traditional civil rights organizations would have been in federal court a long time ago. But the Black misleadership class's true causes are the careers of its own members and seeking the favor of those in power. So despite the title of an otherwise pretty good New Republic article “Why Black Colleges Might Sue the Obama Administration.” the spectacle of Black colleges suing a Black president to restore their students' access to higher education is just never never never going to happen. What's their alternative? Jarret L. Carter of HBCU Digest is absolutely in tune with a large section of this class when

Dixon he suggests that Condoleeza Rice be named the next president of Howard University, bringing her blood-stained rolodex of contacts from the board of Chevon, which once named a doublehulled oil tanker after her, and her record of lying and promoting genocidal warfare around the world to that office. Rice, he contends, can sell corporations on the proposition that “investing in” --- basically taking over the cream of Historically Black Colleges and Universities will somehow benefit them. How any of this “uplifts” more than the tiniest fraction of AfricanAmericans who become admirals, generals and corporate fixers is unclear. Those are the choices our Black misleadership class sees for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They can roll over and die. Or they can shut up and sell out. This is the corner they've led themselves into, and why we call them the Black misleadership class.


Thursday, Nov 07 - Nov 20, 2013


#4 - Delayed death benefits: Families of soldiers killed in action will have their death benefits delayed.

#5 - Delayed applications for gun permits: Applications for gun permits will likely be delayed due to furloughs at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. #6 - Delayed passport and visa applications: The processing of passport and visa applications will be delayed at the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs.

#7 - National parks closed: All 400+ national parks around the country will be closed. People temporarily or permanently living in national parks and forests will have to relocate.

#8 - Delayed small business loan applications: Due to reduced staff, the Small Business Administration (SBA) will be processing and approving applications at a much smaller pace. #9 - Problems with employ-


the head. The victim advised she was walking to her vehicle after dropping her child off at a family member’s house, when she was assaulted by an unknown Black male. The victim stated that the suspect approached from the nearby woods, wearing all camouflage clothing, a black

ment verification: During a shutdown, the Department of Homeland Security's e-Verify program will be offline.

#10 - Mortgage application problems: The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the USDA won't guarantee new loans.

#11 - National museums closed: Most governmentfunded museums, including all Smithsonian Institution museums in Washington, DC, will be closed. #12 - No pesticide regulation: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will shut down.

#13 - Veterans' pensions will run out: The Department of Veterans Affairs says it will run out of funding for regular payment checks after a few weeks.

#14 - No more food assistance: The USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) will no longer issue payments to needy families.

#15 - No automobile recall inspections: The Dept of Transportation (DOT) says routine defects and recall infor-


mation from manufacturers and consumers would not be reviewed.

#16 - Reduced food and drug research: The safety Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) will reduce their staff by up to 50%.

#17 - No energy assistance: If it continues through the winter, people without heat will have trouble receiving assistance from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

#18 - Reduced consumer protection: The Futures Trading Commission (FTC) will greatly reduce it's staff and maintain only a bare minimum level of oversight and surveillance to stop fraudulent practices. #19 - No tax services: The IRS will shut down its tax hotline, and will stop processing tax payments. #20 - College funding cutbacks: Students applying for Pell grants and student loans

mask, and was armed with a handgun. The suspect pistol-whipped the victim and took her purse and car keys. He then fled the area in the victim’s vehicle, and was last seen heading towards Sea Island Pkwy. The victim was transported to Beaufort Memorial Hospital for treatment. At press time her condition was undisclosed. The stolen vehicle is a burgundy 2008 Chevrolet Impala bearing SC license plate 7264FN.

will experience delays from the Dept of Education.

#21 - Reduced welfare assis-

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVII, Number 8 Page

tance: Financial assistance for needy families will be discontinued. However, some individual states may help out.


#22 - No head start for Head Start: The pre-K child development program will stop giving out new grants.

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVII, Number 8 Page



Page 2

“courageous and kind.” The Huffington Post said the tale will “restore faith in humanity.” Media outlets not only in the United States and the U.K., but as far away as Australia, felt compelled to bring the story from obscurity into the bright light of day and to breathlessly extol the virtues of saving a man who didn’t deserve saving. This level of adulation isn’t ordinarily directed at Black people. Usually our actions are called into ques

Keshia Thomas,18 saves Albert Keel, Jr. from supposed protesters attack

tion, our successes are ignored and our missteps are punished disproportionately. What does

a Black person have to do to be praised? Apparently, saving a redneck from a beating is the only out. Ms. Thomas says she was motivated by her own experience as the victim of violence and that she didn’t want the man to be killed. Black people chased by mobs of White people nearly always end up dead. Women like Keshia Thomas were not spared from KKK terror either. There are at least 150 documented cases of Black women being lynched. It is interesting that in their zeal to exalt Ms. Thomas that no one in the media


attempted to give voice to any justification for the angry crowd. Neither the Huffington Post, nor the BBC nor the New York Daily News felt compelled to remind readers of the White supremacist terror that went on for decades in this country. Members of Congress and the Senate, governors and mayors, made no secret of KKK affiliations. Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia had been a klansman and was still serving in office when he died in 2010. The media who carried this resurrected tale had an agenda, and informing the pub


Thursday, Nov 07 - Nov 20, 2013

lic wasn’t on the to-do list. They see their role as protecting and upholding the privileges of the powerful and the number one power on earth is still white skin privilege. One cannot give license to that privilege and also tell the truth. The truth is that there would have been nothing wrong with McKeel getting a bloodied nose that day in 1996. The so-called mob wasn’t nearly as bloodthirsty as his compatriots had been historically. If they were, no 18 year old girl could have stopped them. Real reporting would have demanded at the very least a

debate about the events of that day, historical background and the presentation of a dissenting view from the swooning about kindness, courage, and forgiveness. But the deal was already sealed. The Black woman had to be lauded for saving the White man, no matter what he represented. It is little wonder that Black people are so forgiving. It is expected of us by the larger, more powerful group. We get messages both subtle and overt that White people’s feelings and wellbeing are very, very important and that our feelings count for nothing.

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