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Hilton Head Island • Ridgeland • Beaufort, South Carolina • Hardeeville • Savannah

Apr 25 - May 08, 2013

Volume XVI, Number 20

Community Announcements

Black Chamber Events First Friday

The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce (BCBCC) will hold its First Friday Networking Event on May 3, 2013 hosted by the Nu Delta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs is the theme. Chamber organizers are seeking women who are interested in having a display that represents their business or service. To secure a booth, call 843-252-3863 or 843-707-9031. The meeting will be held at the Charles “Lind” Brown Center (formerly the Green Street Gym) located at 1001 Hamar Street in Beaufort beginning at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited. For more information call 843-986-1102.

Free classes on starting a business

The Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce (BCBCC), a micro-lender, and SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is teaming up to offer a business class focusing on developing a business plan. Information on accessing a business loan and other financial strategies will be discussed. The class will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday which began on May 20th at 6:00 p.m. Classes are being held at the chamber office located at 801 Bladen Street in the City of Beaufort. Chamber officials say that the free class is offered to help small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals For enrollment information call (843) -986-1102.

Sheriff’s Office investigating Youmans Drive shooting


Gadson to receive Doctorate Degree in Theology “Voice of the Lowcountry”

Gullah Sentinel News Paper

BEAUFORT - Jonas Gadson was born and raised on St. Helena Island, attended St. Helena Elementary and High School, graduated from Beaufort High, inducted into the Beaufort High School Alumni Hall of Fame for distinguishing himself in his profession, leadership and service, will receive his Doctorate Degree in Theology on Friday May 10th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the Carolina Theological Bible Institute in Bowman, South Carolina. Gadson is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, radio personality, author and Minister of the Beaufort Church of Christ He has been teaching, preaching and helping thousands of people across the


country for almost 40 years in his ministe- friends and well wishers to come out and rial work. get, what he calls, “Your Bonus from Retired from over Jonas!” at his gradua30 years with Xerox tion celebration on Corporation and Saturday May 11th, Eastman Kodak 2013 at 4 p.m. at the Company in Rochester, Quality Inn Town New York, Gadson said Center, 2001 Boundary that he has always Street in Beaufort. worked a full-time job Formal dinner and has never been on for young adults and the Churchs’ payroll. adults only! Formal attire is recommended. He will also graduFor additional informaate from the Leadership tion, please call (843) Class of 2013 through 524-4281 or (843) 379the Beaufort Regional Jonas Gadson, 8145. E-mail: jonasgadChamber of Commerce in May, he says. DTM - Minister He invites all of his & Author

On the lighter side

Gullah Sentinel News Paper

LADYS ISL, SC - The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a recent shooting incident that left one man wounded on Lady’s Island. Just after 10:00 pm, Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of Youmans Dr in reference to reports of shots fired. During the course of the investigation, deputies were notified that a gunshot victim had arrived at Beaufort Memorial Hospital seeking treatment.

Deputies made contact with the 25-year old male victim at the hospital who advised that he had been shot by an unknown individual in the area of 27 Youmans Dr. Following the shooting, the victim fled to a nearby family member’s home, and was transported to the emergency room by a private party. Several witnesses reported hearing a gunshot and seeing the victim running down Youmans Dr, as if being pursued. At press time, no motive or suspect(s) have been identified; however, investigators are following up on several leads. The victim was flown to MUSC for treatment where he remains in serious, but stable condition. The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers.

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S.C. Lowcountry Gullah Peoples Movement

Jay-Z and Beyonce become first billionaire couple in music history

Gullah Sentinel News Paper

NEW YORK - Entertainment power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are being recognized as the first billionaire couple in the history of music, as they also recently made the 2013 Time Magazine list of the 100 most prominent figures over the past

year. Jay-Z, 43, who is highly successful as a rap artist, fashion entrepreneur, and sports investor, makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year. His wife, Beyonce, 31, also makes hundreds of millions each year as a singer and from endorsement deals. In fact, she is set to earn about $116 million from her current "Mrs. Carter" world tour

Young Boys Mentoring Program “Saturday Young Boys Academy”

For boys 6-10 years old (older boys considered on a case by case basis) “Let us be the absent father or the big brother”

See “Mentoring Program” details on page 5


this year. Together, according to the International Business Times, the couple has already crossed the billion dollar threshold. The calculation was done after adding in the expected revenues from Beyonce's tour, and her recent $50 million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi.

KKK Christians seek to rebrand, say they are misunderstood

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVI , Number 20 Page

Entertainment Briefs

Civil Rights group wants Fox to cancel ‘Cops’



Thursday, Apr 25 - May 08, 2013

Abrahamson, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Mason City doesn’t agree. She says that Jesus never supported any form of separatism and that the rules of the KKK are not compatible with Bible teachings. Abrahamson continues that if the KKK local group is trying to show a new image to the general public, they should start by getting rid of their violent reputation and maybe choose a new name

Gullah Sentinel News Paper

NEW YORK - Color Of Change has asked Fox not to renew the unscripted lawenforcement show and is calling upon advertisers to withdraw support. The group sent supporters an email in which it asks them to sign a petition to that effect. “Although marketed as unbiased, ‘Cops’ actually offers a highly filtered version of crime and the criminal justice system — a ‘reality’ where the police are always competent, crimesolving heroes and where the bad boys always ge caught,” the email reads in part. It goes on to charge “Cops” and shows like it with over-representing Whites as police officers and under-representing minorities as authority figures. In its criticism of “Cops,” ColorOfChange points to research it says media representations such as those on Cops can lead to stigmatization of Black men.

IOWA - The Ku Klux Klan has attempted to change its image in Iowa and has contacted residents to join them. This has drawn the anger of those in the area, who have no interest in being a part of what they represent. The local group, although tracing its ancestry back to the KKK of old has a new focus, so it says. According to the group’s leadership, they are now concentrating on being more patriotic and showing their faith in Christ. The group is distributing flyers that are consistent with their new public image. However, Reverend Wendy

Sean Penn’s son allegedly calls Black journalist a “n*gger” and a “f*ggot”

BEVERLY HILLS - Sean Penn’s son is in hot water in the public eye for making remarks that are both insulting and racist. After being hounded by a photographer in Beverly Hills, the young man handled the situation in the way that his father did when he was young. Upon being approached by the photographer, who was Black, Penn hit him and yelled the words “f*ggot” and “n*gger.” According to TMZ, 19-year old Hopper Penn is being scrutinized for his behavior. At the time, he was heading into a medical building with his father. Everything was caught on tape, with the man yelling Serving Beaufort County over 30years! the words, F*** you … you’re a f***ing f***ot … shut up you f***ing n***er.” “HOT” Bites $4.49 Includes: 1 side & roll Police were nearby when the incident took place, and * LIMITED TIME ONLY inquired about the exchange. EG HIGH When asked what happened, SPECIALS!!! the photographer said that it was just a verbal altercation Chicken Pork Chop and that he didn’t want to press Strips Dinner charges. $5.50 $7.50







Address: 909 Bladen St. Beaufort, SC • 20% COMMISSION! • NO PHONE CALLS!

The Beaufort County School District

is soliciting Proposals from qualified firms in response to RFP #13-019 On-Line Student Registration System.

Proposals are due by 2:00 PM on May 23, 2013. Specifications of RFP #13-019 may be obtained electronically at (click on “Community”, Bids & Awards) or by contacting Sandi Amsler, CPPB, Procurement Coordinator at 843-322-2349 or via e-mail at Bids from Minority and Women Business Enterprises are strongly encouraged.


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Brick Baptist Church Theme: Spirit of Oneness

I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name - the name you gave me - so that they may be one as we are one. (John 17:11)

Sunday School ....................... 8:45 AM Sunday Worship ..................... 10:00 AM Wednesday Bible Study ........... 7:00 PM

Reverend Abraham Murray, Pastor Chairman of the Deacon Ministry Marvin Ladson

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Rev. Alexander McBride, Pastor

United Church of Jesus Christ

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Tabernacle Baptist Church 911 Craven Street Beaufort 29901 Rev. Kenneth F. Hodges, Pastor

Service Times

1801 Duke Street Beaufort, SC 29902 (843) 525-6269

Rev. Arthur Thomas, Pastor

Sunday School ..................... 10:00 AM Sunday Worship .................... 11:30 AM Tuesday Prayer Service .......... 6:00 PM

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Friendship Holiness Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

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Thursday, Apr 25 - May 08, 2013

National News Brief

Mitt Romney says he Lost because minority voters love Obamacare

NEW YORK - Mitt Romney made a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday in what some could call the Apology Tour, or at least the Explanation Tour. This is where the failed politician seeks to explain to anyone listening why he isn’t in the White House, and the other guy is. Not only did Romney not lead the best campaign he could have, he also said that his campaign was unable to reach out to minority voters in an effective way. More directly, Romney mentioned the minority love for the Obama Healthcare plan as the primary dividing point for his loss.

Obama’s cabinet appears to be “Whites Only”: CBC isn’t happy

WASHINGTON - President Obama is getting a bit of a backlash for not appointing any African-Americans to his cabinet. Despite having a bi-racial president, the Obama Administration has kept African-Americans out of the picture on high-level appointments by the White House. The Congressional Black Caucus isn’t happy with these moves, or lack thereof, by the administration. According to Al Kamen from The Loop, the denials of Black appointees by the administration has led to some degree of disappointment among some of Obama’s most loyal constituents.

NCAA charged $1.5 Mil for 30 second ads in championship game: Athletes get scholarships

NATION -Those who oppose the idea of the NCAA sharing it’s billions with the families of student athletes tend to cite the scholarship as a fair and primary form of compensation. The problem for the NCAA is that it’s difficult to rake in more money than the NBA and NFL, yet give the families of your workers nothing to show for it. Advertisers paid big for the chance to showcase their brands during the big dance. The cost of a 30-second ad for the championship game ran about $1.5 million. The costs for ads during the opening rounds of the tournament were over $100,000 apiece, and clients paid roughly $700,000 for 30-second ads during the national semi-finals. To put things into context, some say, all of the coaches who appeared in the Final Four received several hundred thousand dollars in bonuses for their accomplishments. Simultaneously, again some say, the mother of Louisville’s Kevin Ware (who had a bone rip through his skin and may never play again) won’t receive anything for her family’s major financial and emotional loss. All of the millions that this family had hoped to earn from Kevin’s professional basketball career may disappear in (a literal and figurative) snap, even though he has already earned millions for his university on the court. something has to change.


Gullah Sentinel News Paper

MEMPHIS, TN - He may be diving for trash, but this guy has a heart of gold. A Tennessee man who found $3,800 during a dumpster dive decided to return the money to its rightful owner. Joe Ellis was scrounging through a Dumpster in a Speedy Mart parking lot on Saturday night. He was looking for cans to recycle when he found a wad of cash tucked inside a plastic bag. There were several hundred dollar bills and three bank deposit slips, WKRN reports. “I didn’t think it was real,” the Murfreesboro, Tenn. man told WKRN-TV. The bank deposit slips didn’t have a name, so Ellis had no way of searching for the owner himself. Ellis said he considered pocketing the cash, but decided to turn the bag into the Speedy Mart managers. Ellis found almost $4,000 in this Dumpster. “I told them about what happened and I gave them the money and he was counting it out,” Ellis explained. “They said it was almost $4,000."

“That's too much money for me to find and not turn it in."

The managers contacted the police, who traced the bills back to their owner on Monday. Ellis said the money was thrown into the trash accidentally while the owner was cleaning his car. The owner swung by to meet Ellis. Before he left, the unidentified man placed $400 in Ellis’ hands. Store manager Maulik Patel called Ellis a Good Samaritan. "I can tell he's a trustworthy person, you know,” Patel told WKRN. “He's a nice guy."


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Fool or Nice Guy


Tennessee dumpster diver turns in $3,800 found in the trash



The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVI, Number 20 Page


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Obama uses child ‘Props’ for gun control propaganda

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVI, Number 20 Page



Thursday, Apr 25 - May 08, 2013

Katie Kieffer

President Obama would make a terrible stand-up comedian. He would need a teleprompter to deliver his jokes. And he would need a traveling caravan of smiling children to serve as live props. Sen. Rand Paul was right to say that Obama effectively uses children as ‘props’ to promote his anti-2nd Amendment gun control agenda. On December 14, 2012 a mentally unstable young man named Adam Lanza took the lives of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Kieffer Recently, Obama rallied several family members of the 20 children who died in the Newtown tragedy to flank him in the Rose Garden as he gave a speech pouting about the failure of the Manchin-Toomey bill to expand mandatory background checks for gun purchases, including firearms bought online or at gun shows. The bill failed by six votes in the Senate. At the same time, Paul pointed out how Obama politicized the failure of the background checks bill, saying: “I am a parent, I have three boys and I hate to see using people, I think, as props and politicizing people’s tragedy. ... I know they [family members] are coming voluntarily and they want to come and be part of this debate. It still saddens me just to see them, and I think that in some cases the president has used them as props. That disappoints me.” Paul further explained on the Glenn Beck Program: “…I think one of the things that attracts mad men to schools is the fact that they are gun-free zones. … he [Adam Lanza] didn’t go to the local police station to kill people because he knew that they would shoot back.” Even beyond Paul’s observations, it is important to point out that not every parent who lost a child in the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy believes that gun control is the answer. Mark Mattioli, the father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary School victim James Mattioli testified before a gun violence task force: “I think there’s much more promise for a solution in identifying, researching and creating solutions along the lines of mental health issues. … I believe these issues, especially gun violence are not as complex as you’ve been told, there’s been a lot on TV, a lot of politicians telling you the way it is. … It’s a simple concept, what we need is civility. What we are seeing is a symptoms of a bigger problem. … The problem is not gun laws. The problem is a lack of civility. Mattioli is right. The problems our society faces do not come from guns. Owning a gun, a knife or a baseball bat will not turn you into a mass murderer. But a sick conscience or a mental illness can. Every young man who committed mass murder over the last few years has been mentally ill. More gun control laws will not stop mentally ill people from acting irrationally. By definition, irrational people do not do ‘rational’ things, like follow laws. Furthermore, mentally ill people do not always use guns to commit violence. They use their own hands (think Erika Menendez who said she pushed a man in front of New York City subway train because “I thought it would be cool”). And they use hammers: many FBI reports show that more criminals have used hammers than rifles to commit murder. And they use knives (think the female blackjack dealers who broke into a stabbing fight at the Bellagio). Dr. John Lott has written that: “There is no real scientific evidence among criminologists and economists that background checks actually reduce crime.” But better parenting and a more loving society that proactively addresses depression could potentially reduce violent crime. There is absolutely no evidence supporting more gun control laws. So, President Obama is using children as props.

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Time to embrace ‘Blackopoliticonomics’

James Clingman

I cannot resist speaking on our penchant to choose sides when it comes to economics versus politics. It seems we cannot understand, nor act upon, the fact that by combining the two disciplines and leveraging the resulting power from such a sensible strategy, we could build a stronger base and finally put an end to being ignored and taken for granted. I made up a word “moodymood” in an effort to indoctrinate us, to condition us, to program us, or whatever you want to call it, so that Black people can stop being sacrificial lambs led to the political and economic slaughter. We do not have to choose between the two, but as I always say, if I had to choose I would definitely take economics over politics. Why? Isn’t it obvious that while politics runs most of our lives (because we have no real economic base) it certainly does not run the lives of those who are economically empowered? Whatever Wall Street wants Wall Street gets. The stock market hits record highs; but Black people are sinking lower in net worth and income. Black people are too busy watching the Wives of … or Scandal, or all of those BET award shows to recognize the subordinated consumeroriented role we are playing in the economy. Like sister Sweet Brown said about the fire on YouTube, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” As the war machine cranks up once again, the moneychangers are rubbing their greedy hands together in anticipation of another windfall from supplying the tools of war, the food for the troops, the equipment, the uniforms, and all the accoutrements necessary to dispose of those

Then and Now

Herman Gaither

When I was young every child, Black and White, loved the game of Baseball. The game was an integral part of most conversations and most recreational activity. So it was with mixed emotions that I sat and watched the movie “42.” This viewing brought back memories from a time when life was very restricted for those like me but the chance to play Baseball enhanced our everyday experience. Baseball is an old game and yet it still holds sway over many generations. Baseball was old when the setting of the movie “42” was defined. An old game played by old and young men with different interpretations as to what was acceptable and what was taboo. The time is after World War II and men of all colors were returning home to a world unchanged by their sacrifice, and that was a notion that some would no longer accept. To fight and die on foreign soil was acceptable to some who refused to accept that those same individuals should be able to vote, live where they wanted

pesky Koreans, Syrians, and Iranians. This is the country of the Golden Rule—He who has the gold makes the rules. Blacks aren’t making any rules; we are just playing by them, and being used as grist for profit mill. Sadly, some of us are so entrenched in the political shenanigans in Washington, so enamored by the celebrity of our president and those with whom he socializes, that we either ignore the weightier things in life or simply refuse to listen, even though we know that the road we are on leads to destruction. Just watch the dueling news channels, MSNBC and Fox, and you will get a steady dose of Obama love and Obama hate. He can hardly do any wrong on MSNBC and can seldom, if ever, do anything right on Fox. I often wonder if these newscasters have a life outside of the bashing they do of each other’s political parties. Even sadder is the fact that Black people, who have little or no skin in the game, take sides and start fighting one another over emotional rhetoric centered on who likes or dislikes the POTUS and his policies. It makes little sense for us to spend 90 percent of our capital and time on 10 percent of our problem, as Khalid Al-Mansour suggested in his book, Betrayal by any other name. When it comes to choosing instead of combining and leveraging, AlMansour says, “Blacks feel helpless because they hear so many conflicting voices and so much empty rhetoric.” It’s easy to throw up one’s hands, get drunk, and have another baby. “The African-American has been hearing about the problem and the solution since he can remember and yet, his condition always continues to disintegrate,” says Al-Mansour. We get a daily dose of political rheto-

ric and hardly ever take any economic Clingman medicine; it’s no wonder that many Black people see no way out of our economic/political dilemma. We have chosen political rhetoric over practical tried-and-true economic initiatives to free us from psychological bondage—a prescription that has not and does not work. The political hacks are doing what they do because they get paid to do it, not because they necessarily believe in everything they promote. Our problem is allowing these jokers to dominate our thinking and our actions, as though what they say, or who they support, or what ideology they promote will move Black people to a position of real power rather than mere influence. And if that happens at all, whatever influence we attain will have to be channeled through them, because they are the political gatekeepers. As Malcolm X said, “…you are chumps…” when it comes to politics; and I say we are pawns when it comes to economics. However, if we combine politics with economics and not be led around by the ears by so-called leaders who only care about themselves, their political connections, and the money they make from selling us down the road, we will be much better off than we are now. So, turn off the television and start reading more, start learning more for yourself, and start initiating and participating in efforts, where you live, to combine and leverage your collective economic and political clout—a winning strategy for sure. In other words, start practicing “Blackopoliticonomics.”

and participate in life to the fullest. So in the spring of 1947, a bold Baseball executive decided to Gaither allow the Former first man Superintendent of color Bft. Co. Schools to play professional Baseball. The magnitude of this decision may seem small to many today but it was earth shattering for those living in that time. The repercussions of that decision and the experiences that followed transformed a game and a nation. So the emotions I felt watching history included the good times playing ball, the pride my father, uncles and other men exhibited, and the fear that was expressed in the friendly confines of home. We all became Dodger fans and Jackie Robinson was a hero equal to any one before him. He gave hope to many that were bumping against the barrier to Baseball on the big stage. So while this was a time in the distant past there were still connections to the

times of today. As the first person of color to achieve a coveted position, Jackie Robinson was hated by some for no other reason than the color of his skin. He was attacked in the press and experienced every obstacle possible in the bid to make him fail. There were states where he was denied basic human respect and threatened with bodily harm. (Sound like someone we all know today?). So, then and now, the game has changed but some of the players still host their resentment. One of the towns that was particularly hostile to Jackie Robinson was Sanford, Florida. Then it was he, now it is Trayvon Martin. The states that were most hostile to the idea of Blacks playing Baseball on the big stage in 1947 were the same states that routinely denied basic rights including public accommodations, education, voting rights and access to health care to their citizens of color. And now that those barriers have been removed they are banding together as “Red States” to curtail voting rights, access to health care, education, and other available initiatives that can help the most lacking of their citizens. Then and now…much has changed but parts of America just do not seem to be able to get over the first 300 years of our existence.

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Forbes’ top 5 wealthiest ‘Hip-Hop’ artists

Thursday, Apr 25 - May 08, 2012

community as well. Studies have proven that if AfricanAmericans (collectively) invested in Blackowned businesses, Black unemployment would significantly decline, which could also decrease crime.

Gullah Sentinel Entertainment Service

NEW YORK - Every year, Forbes releases its highly acclaimed list of wealthy athletes, businessmen/women, entertainers, etc. One of its popular lists is “Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists.” This year’s list is practically identical to last year’s list of “heavy hitters” in the music industry. This year and last year, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs ranked number one, with an estimated 2013 networth of $580 M, which is a slight increase from his estimated networth of $550 M last year. In second place for this year and last year is Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, with an estimated networth of $475 M — a slight increase from $460 M last year. In third place this year and last year is Dr. Dre, with an estimated networth of $350M, which is quite an increase from his estimated $270 M networth last year. In fourth place for this year and last year is Bryan “Baby/Birdman” Williams, with an estimated networth of $150 M — a slight increase from his estimated networth of $125 M last year. Concluding the list for this year and last year is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, with an estimated networth of $125 M, which is a slight increase from his estimated networth of $110 M last year. Now that the numbers are behind us, let’s talk about what this means for the Black community. Before becoming some of the world’s wealthiest entertainers and businessmen, all of these brothers allegedly rose from troubled backgrounds. If all of these mens’ life stories are true, we should acknowledge them for turning their tragedies into inspiration. Some argue that it’s no one’s business where people spend their money. And to a certain extent, that’s true; however, when you have lived tragic lives like these men and are placed in a position to empower the lives of others who share similar stories of tragedy, one should feel obligated to extend their resources to rebuild their community. N o w would be the perfect opportunity for these men to lever-

The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVI, Number 20 Page

age their resources and brands to restore our Black youth through education. Would it be too much to ask of these men to partner with one another and create jobs and/or candidly discuss Black unemployment on their platforms? These suggestions do not solely apply to these men, as athletes and exceptionally wealthy African-American business owners should be interested in contributing their resources and/or time to the

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The Gullah Sentinel Volume XVI, Number 20 Page



Thursday, Apr 25 - May 08, 2013

The Gullah Sentinel Newspaper (Vol. XVI, No. 20)  

The Gullah Sentinel's readership consist of the general public, but most specifically, the African American community. We spotlight news and...

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