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Spring Training Part 1.


Find a tailor. Make him/her your BFF. Its amazing the magic that a good tailor can bring to your closet. Anything straight off the rack probably fits a bit off, from suits to chinos. Bring them to your tailor of choice and feel like a new man. You’ll thank us, then you’ll thank your tailor.

Embrace the Lint Roller. Carry a mini version in your bag for days you wear all black.

A mans’ eyewear should not make him look smarter than he actually is. We like Moscot Originals and Warby Parker brand frames. Look “smart”, not like Steven Hawking.


Most servers make less then $5 an hour. We don’t need to say “put yourself in their shoes” for you to catch our drift. Tipping properly is essential to being a true gentlemen.

“Skinny” jeans. Only if you’re skinny. If you do squats more then twice a week, you probably shouldn’t be wearing jeans fit for a courier. Going slim is a must, but there is a difference between slim and matchstick. Know yourself, thunderthighs.

If it fits...

The most important aspect to clothing is “the fit”. You can have Old Navy on, but if it fits properly, most will be hard pressed to tell the difference. Don’t buy the size that gives you a lot of room. If you can wiggle around in it...size down broseph.

Chivalry... not dead. Going the extra mile to hold the door for the laggard (lady or bro) behind you won’t cost you a darn thing. If you’re getting coffee, offer to pay for the person next in line. If she’s cute, it can’t hurt the cause.

Acknowledge beauty. Walk Away. You see plenty of gorgeous women everyday. And everyday you wish you had said something. Why hold back? Let her know that she looks “magnifique”. Just don’t be a creep about it. Oh, and walk away playboy. Your job here is done.

Get a scent.

Nothing compares to finding your signature scent. Every season calls for a different one, which means that you should have at least 4. And no, Bod Spray or Axe Chocolate is not appropriate if you have reached puberty. Trust us.

Thou shalt wear white. White jeans, white t-shirts.* The whole shabang.

*Avoid wearing simultaneously however.*

Live by this: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” “This is what I believe...and i’m willing to die for it”

“Stay thirsty my friends.”


Man Law  

Man Law.The first In a series.

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