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late august.

late august. LP HARVIN

I love the rain...In Tehran

I would love to love love. Not just like it. I would love to see you be the happiest you’ve ever been. I would love to feel the breeze coming off the coast on a warm summer morning. I’ve felt the breeze before, just not like that. I would love to see the hair fall over your eyes in the sunlight. I’ve seen it fall before, just not like that. I imagine seeing your smile peek from under a sun hat on a picnic in Paris. See, I’ve seen you dress up before, but not like that. I would love to say I love the rain in Tehran and how we kissed in it. I’ve felt the rain before, but not like that. But above all, I would love to love...... You.

The Park. Passing the park where the rabbits ran. Where skins were darkened and lights turned tan. Passing the park where words where exchanged. The place where we made a match, struck a spark, and set our hearts ablaze. Passing the park where picnics were born. Now they lay silent and in passing, we mourn. Seeing such a place makes the thinking starts. These are the reasons why I don’t stop, I’m just passing the park.

Simple. The sun. A kiss. A simple happy wish. A nice and easy dish. A thought that makes me miss You, simple. A light breeze, Riding bikes with ease. Saying god bless you when you sneeze. Picking me up off my knees, So simple. A smile, Just staying a while. Wiping the tears from your eye laying under the sky. So simple. You, so peaceful and true Just like morning dew Red green yellow orange? I mean blue… I got tangled in the thoughts of you And didn’t think of nothing new Or on track Let’s take it back Simplicity, Simplify, Simple. A car ride, water ice in the summer Holding each other in the thunder. But my favorite, Kisses in the rain Taking away the pain, Simple. And that’s it. That’s You.


Pretty Penny. Perfectly put on this earth. Presenting herself in such a manner that anyone would love to place their eyes on. Pertaining to you, every sentence should end in “… and she is beautiful”. Mere narrow minding natives are peanuts to what Penny needs. Misleading Penny makes for a mindset that won’t fit her mold. Provoking thoughts and ideas, Penny is more than just a piece of art. Making more moves and managing to manifest massive amounts of praise than Mona Lisa, Penny is precious. Penny is more than a dime, and presenting a smile that shimmers and shines. Money isn’t everything to Penny; putting change in her palm won’t make the grade and permit you to pass the class. Plainly, Penny is Priceless.


Love Letter: Written by Roy G. Biv

Passionately loving with a twist of lust can stop you dead in your tracks. A tangy allure eludes you to a smooth warm feeling that you want. Sunny with a hint of a great big smile from the brightest of places. Placing no price and having no envy on such a wondrous flower that blooms beautifully. Singing touches the soul and washes away any uneasy feelings. Deep, rich, vibrant and strong. Enveloping and wrapping me with it and holding it till the end. These are all the colors and this is what I see when I see them. And also I see you in them. So I see you in everything.

Pretty Penny.

Light eyes, your sweet voice and the best of smiles. Walk an inch or walk a mile Can’t afford not to spend the time? Won’t you stay awhile? Just for a little, just for a few? Your soul is colored with the warm yellows and light blues Tangy oranges, deep reds and rich other hues. Many different shades but all remind me of you, True, do you? Think of me they same? Those light eyes glare, do they still look the same? Laughter from others, but they don’t fit the frame Thoughts of those light eyes still hits my vein, Still brings life, joy, uneasiness, strife, still brings pain. But those light eyes always remain, Light eyes, sexy lips and tight thighs Be with me in the low lows and the high highs More than late night hellos and good morning goodbyes. Deep longevity, autumn when I see you, slip and falling with the gravity. Thank you In advance, I’m grateful to you for having me But utmost importantly I’d take those light eyes, you can take my heart, my time, The part of mine that gleams and shines, you can take my breathe away, you and take some steps way, you can even pick up pack up and move away. But give me those light eyes, the look and calming; the ease. Better than a summer breeze, I’d get on one, and if called for both knees, for these Light eyes. With every new look a great surprise, yet the same sly shy glance, tangled in the romantic dance, the language of love and but not speaking a word, just a look, a simple small elegant beautiful look, with those Light eyes.

Light eyes

5 AM

Here. Yes. You. Birds singing melodious sonnets. For you. The sun waiting for a prelude to arrive. For you. The moon gracefully bowing out in accordance to your grace. For you. My inspiration. Newly found, in you. Taking a moment in the early stages of the dawn to recognize your beauty, to take a moment of silence to bask in your wonderment. The awesomeness of you. Starting my day off with this can lead to no wrong, no Hurt, no strife. You and your smile bring the sun to it’s position and make the happiness in my heart rise once again. Thank you. For I have no problem waking upon 5 am in this manner, each and every day


(It’s been a while, your hair is different; it’s pulled back and shows your whole face, cute. Still the same ridges on your face, some new one. Shape of your nose is still small and cute, your eyes still burn bright with ambition and dreams, lively with fires of a bright future built upon your striking past. Yet they still have that calming effect on me. That glance can make my heart beat rapid yet bring it back home. The sweetness dipped in the soft love coupled with the anger and frustration that is us, yea, it is still there. I can’t tell if your heart has passed, but in your eyes, it’s still there. And if it’s not, say nothing and allow me to believe it so. Let me relish foolishly in the memories that litter my mind and plague my emotions. I have no clue what you see in my eyes but again allow me to live in this moment. Next time our eyes meet, you can divulge unto me the truth; you can shatter my dream and preconceived notion of a blissful memory. Alas, you can say anything, do anything and peer into my eyes however you wish, but, for now please let this moment be mine, ours. For me to hold, to dance around and keep the heart afloat. All this I want to say to you but all that blurts out is………) “Hey”.


late august. ANDREW AYELE HIND GHAZZAWI late august. LP HARVIN I would love to love love.


late august. ANDREW AYELE HIND GHAZZAWI late august. LP HARVIN I would love to love love.