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The Pressure to Succeed in High School



By: Reuben Evans

To be apart of Cherokee Trail means to be apart of Cougar Nation, it is no secret to anyone who walks up and down the halls of our schools that we have school spirit. The question though is how are we connected? What does it mean to be apart of Cougar Nation? Providing her opinion about what she thinks about CT and what it means to be apart of Cougar nation jr. Ruby Henriquez said, “I really like CT it’s like one big family here compared to my last school, we have a lot of pride and school spirit and you can be who you want to be here. It’s a really nice environment. I feel like being Latina I do stand out here because the majority of the kids here are white, and I feel like the black sheep sometimes, but I know that this is a welcoming place and school.” Henriquez said before adding this nugget of knowledge, “A message to everyone, don’t be scared to be yourself even if people see you as different. In the end you’re doing this for yourself and you’re not wanting to succeed because of them. You’re doing this for you.” Pride, Spirit, Grit is what’s vital to those who attend CT. This is evident at our sporting events and even throughout spirit week. These elements are what make up the characteristics of students at CT.

Photo by: Danielle Gordon Cheerleaders lead the student section in chants as they cheer on CT’s football team at the homecoming game against Chapparel High School.

Photo by: Reuben Evans Pictured above is a common and well-known place for a lot of students, as a myriad of cougars sit with their friends and enjoy their lunch period.

Photo by: Reuben Evans The freshman and sophmore compete against each other, hoping to earn points for their class and win the class competitions at the end of the year. A four-way tug of war was waged during the halftime of CT’s annual powderpuff game.

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