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Things to Know This summer NBA star, Kevin Durant, shook the league with a big decision. Shortly after falling to the Golden State Warriors in 4-3 series, Durant chose to sign with the Golden State Warriors for a two-year, $54.3 million contract. Catching backlash from Oklahoma, another NBA star leaves his drafted team to pursue a championship.

Over the summer, the athletic store Sports Authority filed for bankrupcy. Everyone was questioning what the new Broncos stadium would then be called. There were rumors flying around about the stadium’s name reverting back to “Mile High” or even “Broncos” stadium. As of right now, there is no name or company in place to buy the stadium, however there is a small possibilty of the Broncos buying the stadium. Who knows? Maybe by the end of this football season the Broncos will be playing at “Broncos Stadium”.


So far, no senior over the age of 18 has approached Mrs. Carpenter about voting registration. The underwhelming response to this election may be because of the dissatisfaction for either

of the two party candidates. The New York Times reports that only 14 percent of eligible voters in the US voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be their party’s frontrunner.

Cherokee Trail’s freshman class has 802 students. This Fall, Starbucks introduced a new, never before seen item to their menu, the Chile Mocha. Starbucks describes their newest drink as “Cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla satisfy your sweet tooth while ancho and cayenne chile spices answer the call for something warmer. .. for those mornings that need an extra kick.” Some students seem opposed to the new drink “I saw an ad for it I thought it sounded really weird, I probably won’t be trying it,” said sr. Sarah Fangrow. However other member of the CT community are more adventurous when it comes to trying new things “I thought it was pretty good when I tried it, but they make it from a powder so I couldn’t tweak it to how I like it, ” said English teacher, Mr. Martin.

The new iPhones are out and there is lots of buzz spreading about them as well as the new “Air Pods.” The two new iPhones have changed almost nothing. Apple just filled

there trash bin with parts you won’t need anymore, like the headphone jack and the physical home button. The new “button” is just a fingerprint reader with “force touch” and a taptic engine behind it. Apple helps remedy the problem of no headphone jack by giving you a headphone jack to lightning adapter and giving a pair of earbuds that go to the lightning port. The new iPhones are also water resistant with two cameras on the back. These two cameras will help you zoom in on the subject of your photo with more accuracy and much less pixelation.

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Frank Ocean, a soul and R&B artist, dropped an album titled Channel Orange in 2012, it was one of the hottest albums of the year. After all the fame and publicity from that album, Ocean suddenly faded out of the spotlight. Four years later he remerged from the shadows and came out with a 17 track album title Blonde, five of those songs reached the Billboard Hot 100’s.

Japanese clothing store, Uniqlo makes an entrance at the 16th Street Mall, offering even more options to consumers. Uniqlo may be unfamiliar to most but it is becoming widely popular globally, their bright colors and unique styling are what they are popularly known for. Uniqlo is expected to open in the fall and will be bringing fashion forward clothes to the palettes of shoppers.


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